Timber Pack Chronicles

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Chapter 1


Parker Montgomery put his contact lenses in and took one last look in the mirror. He blinked twice, letting the plastic lenses settle over his green eyes. He ran his hand through his hair. The short and spiky dark blond hair was as good as it was gonna get. At least the messy style hid the stupid cowlick on the crown of his head.

He was dressed simply in a pair of blue jeans and a fitted white cotton button-down shirt. He wore a blue and green friendship bracelet on his left wrist, given to him by his best friend. He pushed his feet into a pair of black leather shoes, not stopping to bend and untie them, just wiggling his heels until they slid in.

It was the first day of school. He couldn't believe that it was his last year of high school. He was a little bit nervous, but at the same time, he was excited. Hopefully this would be a year to remember.

Parker shut his bedroom door and bounced down the stairs. "Mom? Dad?" he called out.

He listened for a moment. Not a peep. He let out a sigh. Nothing new there. His dad was a financial big wig at some investment company whose global headquarters was downtown in the city. His mom was a lawyer. Both of them were more concerned with their careers than their son.

Parker looked up at the clock on the kitchen wall and then quickly chugged down a glass of chocolate milk. He was going to be late if he didn't get a move on. He pulled on a hoodie and grabbed his phone and backpack and raced out the front door. He pulled the blue and white Forest View High School `Timberwolves' lanyard holding his keys and student ID from his pocket and locked the door behind him.

Shell was waiting next door in the driveway.

Michelle Wilson was Parker's best friend since junior high school, when her family moved in next door. Shell's parents were both successful business executives and the two kids often hung out together in the evenings and on the weekends. Well, when Shell was in between boyfriends.

Shell was wearing her blue and white FVHS cheerleading uniform. Her hair was permed straight and slicked back into a tight ponytail. She looked way cute today, with her flawless, mocha skin. Her uniform accentuated her curvy shape, complete with perky breasts and a tight butt.

Though Shell and Parker were the same age, she always acted like a big sister towards her shy friend. Parker had always been grateful to Shell for helping to break him out of his nerd shell. She was truly a good friend.

"Hey, Parker," she said with a grin. "Ready for the first day of school?"


They got into Shell's Honda and she took off, heading towards the high school.

"Hey, you should come to cheerleading practice after school," Shell said after she turned down the radio.

Parker looked at her like she had grown a second head. "Are you insane? I am not going to be a cheerleader. I'd really like to minimize the ass-kickings this year."

"We already had tryouts at camp last week," she said with an eye-roll. "And besides we don't have boy cheerleaders. We have mascot auditions today."

"Okay, now I know you're insane. I'm not going to make an ass of myself in a ridiculous `Tacky the Timberwolf' costume."

"Okay, first of all, you know damn well it's `Timo the Timberwolf'. Look at it like this, Parker. It's our last year of high school. This is your chance to be somebody. Get invited to the good parties. Have fun. Go on dates."

Parker shrugged. "I don't care about that stuff," he lied -- to himself and to Shell.

"I'm gonna keep it real, boo. You're my mission. I'm gonna get you out there. Get you a man. I'm gonna get you laid."

"Oh, yes. The best way to get myself a man is to wear that stupid costume. I don't know why I ever came out to you."

Parker decided not to mention the fact that he had given another guy a handjob the summer before eleventh grade. He had made the other guy come, so that counted as sex, right? If the other guy wasn't such a bastard, he might have told her what he did. No, if he told her, she'd demand all of the details and Parker wasn't about to go there.

"Boo, I hate to break it to you, but I knew way before you told me. You're a little zesty."

"Remind me again why I like you?" Parker pouted.

"You know you love me, boo. Look. You have to do this. You're a good dancer. I mean, how many years did you do gymnastics?"

"Up until tenth grade. When I got my ass kicked almost every week."

Shell shook her head. "You shouldn't have let those assholes win. You were good. Anyways, you're doing this. You just have to come and show off your dance moves and do some flips. They'll love you. Don't we have fun dancing in your room?"

"Yeah, but that's just fooling around. Not in front of other people!"

"Just pretend you're pumping some Madonna in your room by yourself. `Don't just stand there, let's get to it...'"

Parker rolled his eyes and sunk down into the seat. "I hate you," he mumbled.

A smile spread across Shell's face as she said in a sing-songy voice, "You'll get to change in the locker room with the football players..."

* * *

Shell pulled into the school's student parking lot and parked the car. She and Parker grabbed their bags and weaved through the parking lot towards the school's main entrance. As they walked across the lot, Parker drew in a deep breath.

Colton Butler walked past, cutting across the grass, flanked by his best friends, Trey Williams and Jed Stone. All three of them had freshly shaved heads, looking totally bad-ass. They strutted across the lawn like they owned it. And for all intents and purposes, they did.

Colton was a total stud, one of most popular guys in the school, if not the most popular. He transferred in from out of state last year and quickly became the top dog at the school. He was smoking hot. He had dark brown eyes and a sexy black goatee and mustache. He was always sporting a five-o'clock shadow. The last time Parker saw him, he had a head of thick, black hair. The shaved head suited him, though. It made him look rough and rugged. He had an arrogant, dominant attitude that Parker thought was so sexy. Everything about him screamed MAN, and that made him very appealing -- not only to Parker, but the entire student body. The girls wanted to fuck him. And all the guys wanted to be him. Well, Parker was in the camp with the girls on this one.

The weird thing about that was that Parker couldn't recall ever seeing him date anyone. Though it sure seemed like every girl in the school threw themselves at him. That was fine with Parker. It fueled the boy's fantasies that he was gay and that he was saving himself just for Parker. The reality was that Colton didn't even know that Parker existed.

Colton's best friend was Trey, a tall and muscular black guy. Trey was insanely handsome and excelled at all sports. He was captain of the basketball team and the quarterback of the football team. He led the football team to regionals and state the past three years. Girls threw themselves at Trey, literally. The rumor was that he'd been through all of the cheerleaders and was working his way through the rest of the senior class. Of course that was an exaggeration, but not by much.

Rounding out the power trio was Jed. He was big and brawny, a total redneck, built like a power lifter. He was a defensive linebacker on the football team. He had a long, shaggy goatee of reddish-brown hair and sported a couple days worth of beard stubble. It would probably take two weeks for Parker to grow that much stubble and he sure as hell would never be able to sport any kind of beard. It wasn't a secret that Jed was gay, though no one talked about it for fear of getting their ass kicked. The rumor, according to Shell, was that Jed had turned out quite a few supposedly straight jocks.

After Parker was outed last year, he worked up the nerve to try to talk to Jed. Being the only other out gay guy at their school, he thought maybe they could be friends. The big jock looked at him wide-eyed like he was some kind of leper and practically ran the other way. That sure was a self-esteem booster.

"Damn," Shell whispered. "Trey can get it."

"It should be a crime to be that hot," Parker whispered back, but referring to Colton. "What happened to their hair?"

"The whole team shaved their heads at football camp last week."

"Huh. He's bigger, too," Parker noticed.

Colton had to have grown at least two inches taller over the summer, making him well above six feet tall. He also filled out a little more. His biceps were bigger and his chest muscles were bigger, too. Parker's eyes drifted down to the bulging crotch of the big jock's jeans.

As if he sensed he was being watched, Colton's eyes shifted and locked onto Parker. Just like every time Colton happened to look his way, Parker felt an electric jolt go right to his core. His knees went weak and his salivary glands began working overtime. He swallowed down the excess saliva as he struggled to put one foot in front of the other.

Colton's gaze burned into him and Parker automatically lowered his eyes. He bit his lip in an attempt to hold in a moan. How embarrassing to be caught staring. Again.

But Parker couldn't help it. Something about Colton drew the smaller man to him. His crush on the other boy had grown deeper and deeper over the past year. He really needed to get a grip. What started as a crush was bordering on becoming a full-on stalker obsession.

Once the three guys passed, Parker was able to finally let out a breath and breathe normally.

He lifted his eyes and watched Colton's retreating back. His eyes drifted down to that perfect, muscular bubble butt. If he thought the summer away would have cooled off his fantasies of the big stud, he was wrong. God, if Colton knew how many times Parker had beat off thinking about him, he'd kick his pervy little ass until nothing but pulp was left.

He was snapped out of his fantasies when the head cheerleader, Kim Reynolds, walked up to Colton and stepped in his path.

"Hi, Colton," she said sweetly. She thrust her chest forward, not so subtly, showing off her ample bosom.

"Hey," Colton said dismissively as he walked past her.

Parker watched with extreme satisfaction as her face turned red and she turned on her heels and stormed in the opposite direction. The little witch wasn't used to being ignored. Parker loved every second of it.

Shell nudged Parker's shoulder with her own. "You are such a hateful bitch," she whispered.

Parker's huge ass grin turned into outright laughs.

* * *

After school, Parker headed to the locker room to get changed into his gym clothes. He almost backed out twice, but he did promise Shell that he'd show up.

Only two other guys auditioned for mascot.

Parker had to admit to himself that his gymnastics background really helped him. He was able to do cartwheels, handstands and flips. After that, they had to do a simple choreographed dance routine, following one of the cheerleaders.

Parker was just barely voted in. The cheerleaders seemed to be split. There was Shell's group, who all enthusiastically voted for him. That wench Kim, the head cheerleader, seemed to have something against him right from the start. She gave him a nasty glare from his first step into the gym.

Of course, Parker knew exactly why she didn't like him.

The rumors started last year, at the beginning of his junior year, that he was gay. Parker knew exactly who started it. But he didn't deny it. Most people ignored him and left him alone. Unfortunately, not everyone in the school was tolerant of people who they thought were different.

Kim wanted to go for Donnie, the class clown. He wasn't as athletic as Parker -- not even close. But he was funny. His take on Timo would have been more along the lines of Goofy the dog.

But in the end, Parker won the vote and became the new school mascot. He was quite proud of himself. Of course, once they tossed the bag containing the costume at him and he looked down at the snarling wolf head, his smile evaporated. Had he actually volunteered to run around in a furry grey wolf costume?

* * *

Once cheer practice was over, Shell walked with Parker towards the locker rooms.

"I'll meet you outside the side door," she said, then jogged past into the girl's locker room.

Parker rinsed off in the shower, then got changed into his street clothes. He was grateful that he didn't have to wear the wolf uniform during practice. He grabbed his gym bag and the wolf uniform and headed out.

As he made his way to the locker room entrance, the football team started pouring in from the practice field.

Seth Forrest purposely knocked him hard with his padded shoulder. "Watch where you're going, fag."

Parker pressed himself against the wall, getting out of the way. He tried to avoid Seth whenever possible. The big, muscular jock made his life hell. He acted tough and macho, Parker knew from first hand experience that it was all a front.

Parker snickered to himself at his bad pun.

Not paying attention to where he was going, he turned the corner and nearly ran straight into Colton.

"Sorry," Parker mumbled, his eyes instantly dropping to Colton's feet.

"You're all good, Parker," Colton said, leaning slightly towards Parker's ear. His voice was deep, resonating in his chest and his breath was warm as it floated past Parker's skin.

As Parker stepped out of the locker room, the realization hit him like a ton of bricks. Colton had called him by name.

Colton Butler knew who he was.

He closed his eyes and savored the moment.

"What's got you all grinnin'?" Shell asked.

Parker looked up at his friend. "Huh? Oh, nothing."

"See something good in the locker room?"

"Of course not," he said defensively. "Don't be nasty." He looked around, making sure no one heard. He didn't need to be gay bashed by some jocks who thought he was checking them out.

"Well, something put a happy face on you."

"It's nothing," he said as they walked to Shell's car.

As Shell turned out of the parking lot, she turned down the volume on the stereo. "Hey, what do you want to do for your birthday?" she asked. "Besides Colton Butler."

Parker rolled his eyes and thought for a moment. "I don't know. It doesn't matter."

"Okay. Well, how `bout I throw you a little party?"

"Just a little party, right?"

"Yeah, sure."

The grin on Shell's face was his first clue that he was in trouble.

"Speaking of Colton," Shell said. The look on her face told Parker that she had gossip. "Did you hear about what happened at football camp?"

"No. What?"

"Adam was apparently about to faint from heat stroke. While everyone stood around in shock, Colton took charge. He got him cooled down by the time the paramedics arrived. They said he saved Adam's life."


Even though he had no right to, Parker felt a sense of pride at hearing about Colton's feats. And he found himself wanting him just a little bit more.

* * *

That night at dinner, Parker was eager to share his good news with his parents.

"Guess what happened today at school."

"What, honey?" his mother asked.

While Kate Montgomery looked up across the table at her son, Barney Montgomery's face was buried in his BlackBerry reading his never-ending stream of emails.

When Parker realized that his father wasn't going to look up, he continued. "I tried out for the mascot auditions today. I won the vote. I'm the new Timo the Timberwolf."

"Good for you, Parker. Isn't that right, Barn?"

Barney looked up from his BlackBerry for a split second. "Hm? Uh-huh." Before the grunt was out of his mouth, he was already looking back down at the screen, his thumbs tapping away at the keys.

"I'll be with the cheerleaders at every game. I have to go to the away games, too. Maybe you guys could come and see one of the home games?"

A cell phone started to ring. "Clear the table and take care of the dishes," Kate told Parker as she pulled out her phone and got up from the table and walked away.

Barney got up and walked out of the room, mumbling and cursing to himself as he typed away at his phone.

Parker sighed and finished up his dinner alone, though he didn't have much of an appetite anymore.

He cleared the dishes, putting them into the dishwasher. He tossed the last bits of food into the garbage, which was full. Deciding to go ahead and take care of it before his mom or dad yelled, he pulled the bag out of the garbage can and tied off the top. He dragged it outside and dumped it into the big plastic bin just outside the back door.

The night had cooled down some and there was a light breeze. Parker closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. It was so quiet and peaceful outside. He loved that the suburban subdivision they lived in was set against a forest.

Parker walked over to the edge of the kidney-shaped in-ground swimming pool. He looked at the moon's reflection in the still water, then dipped his toe into the pool and watched the ripples distort the reflection.

He stared up into the sky, wishing that his life could be different.

There had to be more out there than this pitiful existence. It would be nice to matter, to be important, to someone somewhere.

* * *

When the back door opened, the black wolf dropped to his belly. Though he was hidden at the tree line, on the other side of the black iron rail fence that surrounded the back yard, he didn't want to take any chances.

A sweet scent wafted through the clear, night air. That scent was forever blazed into his memory from the very first time he smelled it. It smelled like heaven. It smelled like his.

He watched the boy toss the foul garbage into the trash bin. He moved over to the swimming pool, then stopped to stare up at the sky longingly.

Soon, the boy would be his. He was tired of watching.

The wolf would no longer be denied what was his. He would no longer be denied his mate.

Very soon...

* * *

The next day at school sucked ass.

Parker totally regretted taking phys ed. His reasoning was that it'd help him keep in shape and it would be an `easy A'. He didn't factor jock abuse into his reasoning.

"Keep your eyes to yourself, faggot," Seth muttered as he walked by, knocking Parker with his shoulder.

Parker rolled his eyes and closed his locker. As if he was interested in Seth Forrest. "Asshole," he mumbled under his breath.

Seth stopped and turned back around. "You got something to say?"


"I didn't think so. Don't you got some cocks to stroke or something? Get the fuck outta here."

"You would know," Parker mumbled.

Seth froze in his tracks and made a grunt sound. A very pissed off grunt sound.

Parker quickly walked past Seth. He knew that statement would get him into trouble, but he didn't care. Seth was an asshole.

When Coach Carswell, gym teacher and head football coach, announced they'd be playing dodgeball, Parker groaned along with half of the class. The bigger guys were ruthless at dodgeball and it would quickly degrade into a pain-fest for everybody else. As Coach went over the rules they all knew and hated, Parker took the time to check out Colton like he always did, taking extra care not to get caught staring.

Damn, he looked good in that tanktop and those shorts. He had very well-defined biceps and pec muscles. The tank showed off his ripped hairy chest in the nicest way.

When Coach blew the whistle to start the game, Parker had to finally peel his eyes away from Colton so he could keep from getting creamed.

"Hey, Parker."

Parker turned towards Seth, who was holding one of the damned red balls, bouncing it between his hands. The smile on his face could only be described as evil.


Seth looked over at his buddy, TJ, and grinned. "Smear the queer."

TJ threw the ball using every one of his beefy muscles and Parker jumped out of the way in the nick of time as the ball went whizzing past his head. Parker looked up to get his bearings, but it was too late. Seth threw his ball and it slapped the side of Parker's head hard enough to knock him backwards. He slammed onto his back hard enough to knock the wind from his lungs.

Parker bit his lip to keep from crying out in pain as he grabbed at his eye and tried to pull air into his lungs. With his good eye, he saw a pair of muscular, hairy legs leap in front of him. He looked up, and oh god, he was faced with Colton's perfect ass. The big teen grabbed the ball laying at Parker's feet and with a loud roar, he launched the ball. It whistled as it soared through the air, slamming into Seth's face. Hard. The slap echoed throughout the gym as Seth clutched his nose and went down with a whimpering cry.

Colton quickly turned and pulled Parker up off the ground. "Are you okay?" he asked.

Parker still had his right eye covered as he stared at Colton in complete shock. He pulled his hand away and blinked several times. The side of his face throbbed with the pain of the ball's impact. His vision was blurry out of his right eye and he felt an uncomfortable pressure on top of his eyeball. "I think my contact shifted. But I'm okay."

Parker realized that Jed and Trey had surrounded him, facing out and away from him and Colton. The three huge jocks had boxed him in, keeping him safe from any further hits.

Coach blew his whistle. "Parker Montgomery! You're out. Get off the court."

Parker cupped his hand back over his eye in case his contact lens decided to pop out. He stepped back from Colton, turned and ran off the floor and went into the locker room to fix it.

Parker looked in the mirror and used his finger to lift his eye lid while another maneuvered the lens back into place. He blinked a few times to settle and re-wet the lens. He turned his head to the side to examine the source of the throbbing on his face. The side of his face had a large red mark where the ball had smacked him, but otherwise he was unhurt. Parker splashed some cold water onto his face to reduce some of the stinging, then left the locker room.

While he returned to the gym, he couldn't help but think about Colton. It was like he had jumped in to not only protect him, but to avenge him. Not only that, but his best friends had moved in like they were guarding him. What the hell was up with that? He didn't think the guy knew him from Adam, but maybe he was wrong.

Oh god, what if Colton liked him?!

Yeah, right. You wish. He was just stopping a bully, because that's the kind of guy he is.

Parker felt someone move behind him and he tensed.

"You say anything to anyone about you know what, and I'll kill you."

The whispered words from behind him sent a chill down his spine, making Parker shudder.

He let his eyes flick to the side for just a second as he watched Seth slip from behind him and walk towards his friends. TJ had his muscular arms folded across his chest as he sneered at Parker.

Stupid meat-head.

Parker swallowed nervously and looked back to the floor. He took the opportunity to watch Colton in his element. The muscular teen easily cleaned up the court, ending up the victor when he deflected Trey's ball with one of his own, before hitting him out.

As he strutted off the court, it was like he barely broke a sweat playing the game. Parker watched Colton shoot Seth a smug grin. Seth's face turned red and he balled his fists. He was pissed.

Parker couldn't help but feel some satisfaction. Seth was a bully and an asshole. He deserved to be knocked down a peg or two. He used to be the big man on campus. The big muscle-bound jock ran the school and made everyone's lives miserable. That was before Colton transferred in last year. Parker didn't witness it, but he had heard from others that there was a huge fight and Colton kicked Seth's ass, knocking Seth down a rung on the popularity ladder.

After the fastest shower in history, Parker kept his eyes downcast in the locker room, not wanting to draw any unnecessary attention to himself. He quickly pulled off his towel and pulled up his boxer briefs and started to get dressed.

When he heard Colton's loud laughter, he couldn't help but look up. He was walking with Trey, coming out of the showers. He had his towel rolled around his neck, holding each end in his hands. He didn't care that his body was on display. In fact, he seemed to be showing it off, unintentional or not. But god almighty, if Parker looked like that, he'd walk around naked, too.

Colton had stopped and leaned against the wall while Trey animatedly told him a story. Parker didn't hear a single word Trey said, he was too focused on Colton.

Colton had curly black hair all over his square pecs. The hair formed a wide T-shape, trailing down to his belly button, where it flared out into the ridges of his six -- no, eight -- pack ab muscles. From there, it led down to his groin. A huge uncircumcised penis hung from an overgrown bush of hair. Even flaccid, it was a most impressive side of beef. Parker didn't need to look around the room to know that Colton had the biggest dick in the school.

Of course he did. Colton was the biggest and best at everything. He was only eighteen years old, but he had the body of a fully grown man. A powerful, muscular man.

On Colton's right bicep, he had a large tattoo, a large tribal pattern that formed a circle. As Parker stared at the ink, he noticed a pattern inside the circle. It was the shape of a wolf's head in profile. Their school mascot was a Timberwolf, but Colton's tattoo didn't really look like the Timberwolves logo. It was something else.

When he looked up at Colton's face, he found that the man was staring back at him. His dark brown eyes pierced straight into Parker's soul. It was like he could see every perverted thought in Parker's head.

Parker lowered his eyes and dropped his chin to his chest, where his heart was trying to pound itself through his breast bone. He grabbed his things from his locker and fled.

* * *

A week later was game day, the first home game of the season.

After Parker got dressed in his mascot uniform, he walked out of the locker room with the wolf head in his hands and joined the gathered cheerleaders. Everyone's energy was nervous, but excited at the same time.

"Let's go," Kim called out. She turned back to Parker. "Oh, and Parker? Don't fuck it up."

Parker turned to Shell and rolled his eyes. "Or what?" he whispered. "She'll make me lip sync for my life?"

Shell laughed out loud. "Boy, you are stupid."

"Let's do this," Parker said with a grin. He took a deep breath and put the wolf head on.

`Timo the Timberwolf' ran onto the field, jumping and pumping his fist, bringing the crowd to their feet.

* * *

As soon as Parker rounded the corner into the locker room, he pulled the wolf head off. They had just won the first game of the season. Parker was so freaking hot and so damned exhausted, he wasn't sure if he would make it through the rest of the season.

"Shit," he mumbled. "Oh my god." He pulled off his furry gloves and wiped the sweat off his forehead and ran a hand through his soaked hair.

"Good job, Parker." Jed slapped Parker on the back as he passed him into the locker room, making the smaller boy stumble.

"Thanks," Parker called after him. Jed pulled his helmet off and flashed Parker a quick smile. Jed looked good with his new mohawk. Before the game, the entire team shaved the stubble on their heads into mohawks. It made them even more intimidating than they already were.

Parker made his way to his locker in the back corner. He tossed the furry wolf-paw shaped gloves into his bag and sat down on the bench with the head. He took his time getting undressed. He tugged the pawed feet off and then pulled the over-sized blue and white football jersey off the costume and over his head. Once the jersey was off, he could get to the zipper that ran down the front. He unzipped and let the over-sized furry suit fall to the floor. He folded it up and set it on the bench. The Timo Timberwolf suit was a bit large on his 5'6", 140 pound frame, but he had enough room to move easily. He picked up the jersey with "TIMO" and the number "00" across the back and folded it up neatly.

He had to admit to himself that the crowd did seem to like what he was doing. But then everyone was pumped because they wasted the other team 40 to 7. It was a heck of a way to start the season.

He wished his parents were able to make the game. He kept looking for them, but they didn't show up. Too busy, he assumed.

Parker slipped out of his sweat-soaked t-shirt and boxer briefs and grabbed a towel. He glanced around and was glad to see that the locker room was starting to empty out.

He stepped into the shower and as he turned on the faucets, Jed walked in and took one of the shower heads down the wall.

The jock mumbled, "hey, buddy," and seemed to go out of his way to not look at Parker.

Being the only two in the shower, Parker couldn't help but sneak a peek at the bigger man. The first thing Parker noticed was that Jed had a tattoo on his right bicep, the exact same one in the exact same spot as Colton. The second thing he noticed was that Jed was really hairy. Like furry beast hairy, covering his hard muscles. He was built like one of those power lifters he sometimes watched on ESPN's `World's Strongest Man' when no one else was home. And thirdly, Jed was hung like a donkey.

Parker looked down at his body. Okay, so he wasn't anything to write home about, but he was in good shape. Gymnastics and swimming kept his body toned. He had defined chest muscles and a flat stomach. His dick looked a little on the smaller side when it was soft; he was a grower, so it was all good when it was hard. At least he hoped so.

It seemed natural that being the only other out gay guy at school, that Jed would maybe take an interest in him. It wasn't that Parker was really interested in dating Jed, but still. It kind of stung his ego. Parker shrugged to himself.

Oh well.

Parker set about the task at hand and quickly washed the sweat off his body. Finishing up, he grabbed his towel and pulled it around his waist and held it closed with his fist. As he turned the corner, he smacked right into Colton.

A very naked Colton.

Colton stood there with his towel in his hand, hanging at his side, not even bothering to cover himself.

When Parker smacked into his chest, Colton's arm came around his waist. "Whoa. Careful, pup."

The heat of Colton's solid body was like a furnace and that heat went straight to Parker's groin. Parker drew in a sharp breath as his dick started to rise. He squirmed out of Colton's arm and raced to his locker. He opened the locker and leaned forward against the door, breathing in shallow pants. His dick was so hard it ached. He could still taste Colton's sweaty chest hair on his lips and feel the heat of his hand on his hip. He gripped the towel around his waist tightly and closed his eyes, willing for his dick to go down before anyone saw him.

A warm breath tickled the back of Parker's neck, causing his entire body to tense up. The hairs on his neck raised and his body started to tremble. Colton was so close, he could once again feel that intense heat rolling off his much bigger body.

"Don't run from me, Parker," Colton whispered in his ear, his voice husky and growly. "I'll always catch you. And when I catch you, I'm gonna punish that hot little ass of yours."

Parker let out a stifled moan as his knees buckled. He felt his dick pulsing underneath the towel. He clutched at his locker to steady himself as the intense climax racked his body.

Shame slammed into Parker as he realized that he had just come all over himself in the boy's locker room. He looked around and let out a sigh of relief to find that he was alone.

He grabbed his towel and wiped the floor, then shoved it into the bottom of his bag. He got dressed so fast he probably set a world's record. He grabbed his stuff and ran, wanting to get away from the scene of the crime.

He hadn't imagined it. It had happened. Colton's body was practically on top of him, he was standing so close. Colton had whispered dirty things into his ear. And Colton apparently had the power to make him come without so much as a touch.

* * *

"You with me?"

"Huh?" Parker looked over at Shell.

She glanced over at him from behind the steering wheel. "Where'd you go?"

"Just thinking." About Colton.

"You did great tonight. I'm proud of you, boo."


"When you did our dance routine with us at half-time, I thought people were gonna lose their shit."

Parker laughed. "It seemed like they liked it."

"Trust me, they loved it. You had the whole stadium on their feet. I don't know how you managed to shake your booty in that wolf costume, but you did. Boy, you were dropping it like it was hot." Shell laughed loudly as she remembered some of Parker's moves.

"Oh god, that's so embarrassing," Parker groaned as he sunk lower into the seat. "At least most of the people in the stands didn't know it was me in the costume."

"We were all talking about it in the locker room. Even that bitter old hag Kim Reynolds had to admit that you were good."

"Well, since she hates me, I guess that's something."

"Trust me, being the mascot is gonna get you laid."

Parker rolled his eyes. "If you say so."

"So, a group of us are going to the lake tonight to celebrate. You coming?"

"No, that's okay. I'm really kinda tired."

Not to mention, he was totally freaked out by what happened in the locker room.

Shell sighed. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. Maybe next time."

* * *

The black wolf sat in the woods behind the house. He was restless again, just like every other night. He went for a run and ended up here. Just like every night.

He looked up at the dark window where his mate was now asleep. The sight of him in orgasm, the sharp smell of his semen, would forever be emblazoned in his memory.

Very soon he would have him.

Another couple of months. Then he could rightfully claim the boy as his. The rule was stupid anyway. Why should he have to wait? He wanted what he wanted and he wanted it now.

When the wolf's eyes started to droop, he gave one last look up at Parker's window, then turned and raced through the woods. He emerged several miles away in the backyard of his own house.

He scooped his clothes up from the back porch and went inside the house.

By the time he got cleaned up and crawled into bed, his cock was achingly hard.

Fuck, he needed Parker like he needed his next breath. He would wait until the time was right, even though the wait was killing him.

In the meantime, he would need to keep his distance, because if he got too close, he'd likely pick Parker up, throw him on the ground and fuck the ever-loving shit out of his hot little virgin ass.

He closed his eyes and remembered Parker's compact body, the way he felt against him, the way he smelled.

Colton gripped his heavy cock. He pumped his hand up and down, his loose foreskin making the movement smooth and fluid. He was so turned on, he wasn't going to last. Normally, he'd let his fantasies run wild and edge himself to make it last as long as he could. But after the events in the locker room, he just needed to come.

He pumped faster, letting the memory of Parker's scent play across his mind. He closed his eyes and imagined that it was Parker's hand on him. Or his mouth. Or, fuck, that sexy little ass.

He stroked faster, increasing the pressure of his fist. With a groan, he bucked his hips up into his fist and let loose, spurting ropey ribbons of hot come all over his chest and abs.

He brought his hand up to his mouth and swiped his tongue across his finger. He swallowed it down, tasting the salty, slightly bitter juice. Not too bad. He had never tasted another guy's load before, so he didn't have a comparison. His mind drifted back to Parker. God, he hoped that Parker liked the taste of his come... Because if Colton got his way, the boy was going to be swallowing a lot of it.

He laid there for a while, slowly recovering from his orgasm. But his cock was still rock hard. It wasn't satisfied with his hand anymore.

With a sigh, he rubbed the thick semen into his skin, then turned over and fell asleep. Erotic dreams of his boy filled the rest of his night.