Timber Pack Chronicles

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Chapter 3


Monday morning found Parker's nerves about to bubble over.

Was Colton really going to pick him up for school? Thinking back, it seemed like a faraway dream. Colton seemed to have done a complete one-eighty. The hunk didn't even know Parker existed, then he moved in on Parker, only to pull away. And now... now he was all possessive and aggressive.

It might have creeped Parker out if he wasn't completely and utterly turned on by it.

He had practically locked himself in his bedroom all weekend. A blush crept up his cheeks as he thought about how many times he had smelled Colton's shirt. Not to mention how many times he had worked his dick until it was practically raw while remembering the way Colton touched him and kissed him.

Parker took one last look at himself in the mirror, checking out the outfit that Shell picked out for him. Satisfied, he grabbed his backpack and gym bag, shut his bedroom door and bounded down the stairs.

"Mom?" he called out. "Dad?"

He didn't expect an answer, but when the doorbell rang instead, it startled him enough that he jumped.

Parker opened the front door to find Colton Butler standing there. Colton Butler! At his house! To see him! Oh man, he looked like a god dressed in his blue and white FVHS letter jacket, tight denim jeans and boots.

"Hi," Parker said. He bit his bottom lip to keep from sighing dreamily. He still couldn't believe that Colton was here.

"Hey, pup." Colton stepped inside the house and shut the door behind him. "Your parents around?"

"No, they're already at work."


Colton grabbed Parker by the shirt, yanked him close and then kissed him senseless. He worked his way down the left side of Parker's neck, then pulled the shirt collar aside and sucked hard on Parker's neck, darkening the fading mark. He sucked and bit at the curve of tender flesh and rubbed his bearded chin across the mark.

Parker let out a quiet whimper and grabbed onto Colton's hard body, his fingers digging into the arms of the larger boy's jacket as his knees buckled.

Colton groaned as he nipped his teeth along Parker's neck. "Damn. You taste so good."

"You didn't shave," Parker whispered. Colton's goatee scraped along Parker's skin, making him shudder with need.

Colton stopped what he was doing. "Is it bothering you?"

"God no," Parker moaned as his head rolled back, giving Colton more access.

"Good, because my beard grows fast and I always have stubble."

Colton continued kissing up and down Parker's neck. When Colton finally stepped back, Parker opened his eyes to see Colton's smug grin. Colton rubbed his thumb over the base of Parker's neck, seemingly pleased with himself.

Parker blinked. "It's warm in here," he muttered as he wiped his forehead.

Colton gave Parker one more quick kiss before picking up Parker's backpack and gym bag. "Let's go, pup."

Parker locked the door behind them while Colton tossed his bags into the wide back seat of his car. Parker jogged up behind Colton and grinned at the sexy man.

"Why do you keep calling me `pup'?"

Colton chuckled. "Because you're cute and eager to please. Just like a puppy."

"Oh." Parker ducked his head, trying to hide the blush that was creeping up his face. The nickname was all kinds of embarrassing, but Parker decided that he liked that Colton called him `pup'. He liked it a lot. "That's okay, I guess."

"Glad you approve," said Colton with a smirk.

Parker had the strong feeling that Colton would have kept calling him `pup' whether or not Parker approved.

"Hi guys!"

Parker groaned and turned around at the sound of his friend's sing-songy voice. Shell was bouncing down her front steps, waving her fingers. The scheming smile on her face was enough to make Parker very nervous.

"Hi, Shell."

"Hey," Colton said.

"See you at school," Parker said before he quickly got into Colton's car, hoping to save himself from any potential embarrassment at the hands of his best friend.

Colton pulled into the parking lot, taking one of the parking spaces that was miraculously empty at front and center. Parker wondered if people purposely left it open for him. He wouldn't be surprised.

Parker got out of the car and grabbed his bags from the back seat. "Thanks for the ride, Colton. Um... so I guess I will see you later... maybe? If you want... I mean... Um..."

Parker wanted to crawl under a rock and die. God, he was such a dork.

Colton pulled his phone from his jacket pocket and looked at the screen. "We got plenty of time. Relax a little. C'mere."

Parker moved around to the other side of the car where Colton was leaning.

"Have you ever had a boyfriend before?" Colton asked.

"No. Have you?"

"Not until now," he replied. He pulled Parker close and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

Parker blushed and glanced around. He couldn't believe that Colton just kissed him in the school parking lot. The public display of affection was so inappropriate, but Parker would never deny a chance to kiss the hunky man.

Colton pulled Parker to his side and leaned back against his car. He appeared to be casual and relaxed, but somehow Parker could tell that Colton was on high alert, taking in his surroundings. Was he worried about being seen with Parker? No, that wasn't it. If that was the case, he wouldn't have kissed Parker.

A loud pickup truck pulled into the empty space next to Colton's Lincoln. Jed shut the monster truck's rumbling engine off and hopped out. He spit onto the ground as he rounded the truck to join Colton and Parker. "Hey, bub," he said to Colton. He adjusted the backwards ball cap on his head as he looked between Colton and Parker. "I miss something?"

Colton put his arm around Parker's shoulders. "Yup. Parker agreed to let me be his boyfriend."

Parker smiled. Like he had much of a choice. "I don't think Colton would have taken `no' for an answer."

"I get what I want," Colton said, puffing up his chest.

Jed chuckled. "Good for you, man," he said with a nod of his head.

A silver sports car pulled into the spot on the other side of Colton's car. Trey got out and grabbed his backpack. He walked over and said `hey' to Colton and Jed, holding out his fist for each to tap. When he held out his fist to Parker, the smaller boy mimicked the others and tapped Trey's fist, feeling like a total dork, but desperately wanting to fit in with Colton and his friends.

One of the varsity soccer players walked past and caught Jed's eye. Jed leaned against his truck and casually cupped his crotch. "Hey, bud," Jed called out to him, his voice low and growly.

"Hey, Jed," he mumbled. His face turned red and he picked up his pace. Jed massaged his crotch as he stared at his retreating ass. He clicked his tongue, and muttered to himself, "That's some good ass right there. Gotta hit that again."

Parker had to pick his jaw up off the ground. He couldn't believe that Jed was acting so... open. But then again, he had just kissed Colton. Even if it was a quick peck and no one had seen them.

A pair of cheerleaders walked past. "Hey, Trey," they said at the same time before giggling.

Trey nodded with a lift of his chin and winked, flashing them a dazzling smile. "Good morning, ladies."

The girls giggled again and ran off, whispering to each other.

Colton shook his head. "You guys better not get anyone pregnant or so help me..."

Jed laughed. "Don't worry. He made me wear a rubber."

"No one wants to hear all that," Trey said with a laugh.

"I thought that guy was straight," Parker said quietly to Colton about the soccer jock. "Isn't he dating that girl on the basketball team?"

Jed snorted. "Straight. Yeah, straight onto my dick."

Colton ignored Jed's boasting and looked at his phone. "Let's go."

Trey and Jed flanked Colton as they started to walk. Parker trailed behind until Colton turned back and grabbed his hand. He pulled Parker next to him, forcing the smaller boy to walk in step with him, right between Colton and Jed. He tried to pull his hand away, but Colton wasn't letting go.

As they made their way across the grass towards the school entrance, Parker could feel everyone's eyes on him. They probably wondered how Parker had managed to get in the position he was in. With Colton's tight grip on his hand, there wasn't any doubt as to who he was.

He was Colton's.

Parker smiled happily.

* * *

Parker was surprised to see Colton waiting by his locker at lunch time. He glanced around. Was he really here to see Parker? Not that he wasn't happy to see him. Parker had daydreamed about Colton all morning, barely paying attention to his classes, and grateful that the desk covered his tented lap.

"Hi, Colton."

"Hey, pup."

The sound of Colton's deep, rich voice had Parker's dick pushing against the fly of his jeans wanting to come out and play. If he kept leaking into his underwear like this, he was going to need to change them before the day was through.

Colton grabbed Parker's hand, pulling him with a gentle tug. "Come on, we're going out."

"Oh. I usually eat with Shell."

"She's a big girl. She'll be okay."

Parker bit his bottom lip and looked away. Parker didn't want to be mean to Shell, but he really wanted to go with Colton.

Colton squeezed Parker's hand and his voice softened. "She can come with us if you want."

Parker grinned. "Thanks."

Shell jogged up at that moment. "Sorry I'm late. Oh. Hi, Colton."

"We're going out for lunch," Colton said to her. "You can come with us if you want. Let's go, pup."

As they exited the school, they were joined by Jed and Trey, who took their normal positions flanking Colton.

"Wassup, girl?" Trey asked Shell as she moved up next to him.

"Boy, nothin'," she said with a giggle and a hair flip.

Parker coughed into his hand to disguise his laugh and Shell shot him a dirty look.

"You wanna ride with me?" Trey asked her.

Shell's face quickly changed into a smile for Trey just in time. "Sure."

Trey looked over at Jed. "You're in the back, bubba."

"Asshole," Jed muttered.

As soon as Parker and Colton got into his car, Colton leaned in and kissed Parker. He rubbed his hand over the top and back of Parker's head and then squeezed the back of his neck. His dark brown eyes stared into Parker's for a moment before he pulled away and started the car.

`Colton missed me,' Parker thought as he relaxed into the seat, feeling more comfortable.

They went to the burger place a couple of blocks down the street from the school. The place was crowded, but as soon as Colton walked in, it seemed like a table magically opened up.

Lunch was great. Parker couldn't believe how much food the three big guys packed in. Colton, Trey and Jed each had two double cheeseburgers with the works. That was like a full pound of meat! Parker could barely finish his single burger.

The burger was nice and juicy, one of the best he ever had. The juices dripped down Parker's hand and he leaned forward and swiped his tongue up his hand. Feeling like he was being watched, he looked up to see Colton staring at his mouth. "What?" Parker muttered, feeling self-conscious.

Colton's eyes lifted from Parker's lips to his eyes. He let out a quiet grunt and leaned in close to Parker's ear. "You're so fucking sexy," he whispered for Parker's ears only.

Parker didn't expect the lewd compliment, but he liked it. How could he not? Colton Butler thought he was sexy.

Colton nipped the skin of Parker's neck with his teeth. Parker scrunched his shoulders, hiding his neck from those biting teeth, and laughed.

He was quickly finding out that Colton was a very tactile person. Colton turned back to his lunch and Parker watched him for a moment. He had a feeling that Colton Butler was going to be a continuous source of amusement and surprise.

Shell and Trey flirted the entire lunch and it was funny to watch. Parker couldn't wait to get her alone to tease her. He was already positive that she was going to tease the hell out of him.

As they headed back to Colton's car, Colton opened the passenger door for Parker. As Parker moved to get in, Colton stumbled and spilled his entire to-go drink all over Parker.

"Oh my god," Parker gasped as the cold soda and ice splashed all over his neck and chest.

"Oops. Sorry, pup," Colton said. Before Parker could even do anything about it, Colton had pulled out a shirt from his back seat and held it out to Parker. "Here. Put this on."

Parker pulled his sopping wet shirt over his head, wiping off his bare chest with it as he did. When he looked up, he saw Colton staring at his chest and his hard nipples, his tongue practically hanging out of his mouth. Parker blushed and covered himself modestly with the wet shirt. Colton snapped out of his daze and they traded shirts. Colton casually tossed Parker's soda-soaked shirt onto the floor of the backseat.

Parker pulled the white polo shirt over his head and smoothed it down. He was swimming in it, but damn if it didn't have that distinctive smell that just screamed Colton. He looked down at the left breast, where the logo of the Timberwolves mascot profile was stitched. Below it was embroidered BUTLER and the number 66. It was the shirt they got after they made regionals last year.

Jed and Trey snickered. "He's smooth," Jed muttered to Trey, who nodded in agreement, clearly impressed.

"Are you sure you want me to wear this?" Parker quietly asked Colton, glancing towards Jed and Trey. "It has your name on it."


Colton held the car door open for Parker and shut it behind him.

* * *

When they got back to school, Colton pinned Parker in the doorway of an empty classroom, hiding him out of sight. He leaned in close, his lips hovering above Parker's. He wanted to ravish his pup, to feel his cock surrounded by Parker's body. All he had to do was move forward another couple of inches and Parker would feel his arousal. It took all of his control not to do that. He could wait. Just a little longer.

"Colton," Parker whispered as he looked around.

"Kiss me, pup," Colton whispered back.

Parker lifted onto his toes and pressed his lips against Colton's. He opened his mouth as Colton's tongue slid into his mouth.

Damn, his pup knew how to kiss. And that meant he'd be good with his mouth in other ways. Colton let out an involuntary groan. Just the thought of his cock sliding into Parker's mouth was nearly enough to make him come.

The clearing of a throat had Colton reluctantly pulling away. He didn't have to turn around to know who was behind him. He could smell him. He wanted to growl and snap at the intruder's interruption. Parker hid behind Colton, wanting to hide and shrink away.

Colton turned around, shielding Parker from Principal Shaw's probing eyes.

Shaw narrowed his eyes at Colton. "Don't you have class, Mr. Butler?"

Colton glared back at him. "I do."

The older, grey-haired man looked around Colton and lifted his brow at Parker. "Mr. Montgomery," he said with undisguised shock.

That only pissed off Colton more. As if someone as sweet and innocent as Parker wouldn't be caught dead with the likes of someone like Colton.

"Mr. Shaw," Parker muttered, not meeting his eyes. Colton could feel the trembles coming off Parker's body.

Colton moved to block Shaw's view of Parker. He ground his teeth together as he stared at Shaw. He didn't like that the man made his pup feel scared, made him feel small. Colton wasn't scared of the older wolf. Colton was bigger and stronger. He could take him without batting an eye. And Shaw knew it. Colton never moved his eyes away from Shaw's.

Finally Shaw averted his eyes, gazing down towards the floor. "Get to class."

Colton scoffed and sneered at the weaker man.

He turned back to Parker and rubbed his knuckles under his pup's chin. "Wait for me after practice, okay?" he said tenderly, trying to soothe Parker's nerves.

Parker's eyes darted to where Shaw was hovering, then looked back at Colton and nodded. "Okay. I'll see you later then."


Parker gave Colton a sweet smile, and Colton watched Parker wave and hurry off to class.

He gave Shaw one more glare before casually strolling to his own class.

* * *

After cheer practice and a quick shower, Parker met up with Shell in the parking lot. "Hey. Colton is giving me a ride home."

"I bet," she said with a snicker. "You're already the talk of the school, you know. Holding hands with the campus stud. Walking around wearing his regionals shirt."

Parker ignored her comments. "You seemed to get pretty cozy with Trey."

Shell shrugged. "He's hot and all, but he just wants one thing. And I, sir, am a lady." She flipped her ponytail and batted her eyelashes.

"Mm-hmm. That's not what I heard."

"I told you that in the strictest confidence, so if you bring it up, I get to kill you. And I told you that being the school mascot would get you laid, so you owe me big."

"I don't think the mascot has anything to do with that."

"People are shocked that Colton is gay, you know."

"Not as shocked as I am. I know people have been talking about it. When I walk into a room, it's like everyone suddenly stops talking. It's gonna take some getting used to."

"Well, I don't think you have to worry about anyone or anything-- Hey, I thought you said Colton broke TJ's arm."

"He did."

Parker turned towards the direction of Shell's gaze and watched the football team come in from their practice field. He got a nasty glare from both Seth and TJ. TJ, who was holding his helmet with his right arm -- the arm that should be in a cast.

Parker looked back at Shell, completely flabbergasted. "I... I swear, Shell. His arm was broken. I heard the snap and I saw the bone sticking out. He was all bloody."

Colton broke from the team and walked up to Parker. "Hey, pup. Gimme a few minutes to shower."

Parker got all flustered thinking about Colton in the shower, but was able to recover quickly. "Okay. Colton? I thought TJ.... Never mind."

Colton nodded and turned and caught back up with the rest of the team. Parker watched him speaking quietly with Jed and Trey, who both turned and looked at Parker. Parker immediately dropped his eyes.

Shell looked at Parker with a raised eyebrow. "Uh, `Pup'?"

"Shut up," Parker muttered, ignoring Shell's snickers and trying his best not to blush.

* * *

"Thanks for the ride home, Colton," Parker told the big guy as he pulled into the driveway and shut the engine. "Do you want to come in?"

"Yeah. I can chill for a bit."

"Cool. Um, maybe you should park your car in front of the house in case Mom or Dad comes home."

After Colton moved his car, he followed Parker into the house.

"You got a nice place," Colton said as he looked around.

"Thanks," he replied with a humble shrug. "My parents do pretty good, so..."

They went into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of water bottles, then moved into the family room.

Colton sat down on the sofa and pulled Parker down with him. He put his arms around him and gave him a blistering kiss. As he pulled back, he nipped Parker's bottom lip with his teeth.

"I like kissing you," Parker whispered.

"And I like kissing you." Colton moved them so that Parker was laying on his back. Colton laid on his side against the back of the couch. He cradled Parker's head on his right bicep and wrapped his other arm possessively around Parker's waist.

"We should talk. Get to know each other better."

"That's a good idea," Colton said as he planted soft kisses along Parker's jaw.

Parker closed his eyes. "It's hard to concentrate when you do that."

"Mm. You smell and taste so fucking good."

"Yeah? What do I taste like?"

"Like mine."

Colton kissed Parker again, then stared down at him with an intensity like Parker had never seen before. Parker was about to laugh at Colton's corny `mine' line, but suddenly it didn't seem to be funny. Heat was pouring off Colton. Parker could feel Colton's boner pressing against his leg.

"You don't even know the power you have over me," Colton whispered as he caressed Parker's hair and his face. "You could be my undoing, pup."

"I think I have some idea," Parker responded just as quiet. "I feel the same about you. I don't even really know you and..." It was already more than a crush for Parker. He couldn't very well say anything without sounding like a completely psycho stalker. He just shook his head. "Never mind."

Colton smiled. "It's okay. I understand."

Parker searched his mind for something to say. "So... um... You're an only child like me, right?"

Colton settled back and Parker cuddled up against him as the two got comfortable.

"Yeah. It's just me and my dad."

"Oh? What happened to your mom? If you don't mind my asking."

"No, it's okay. Mom bailed on us when I was a baby."

Parker took Colton's hand and squeezed it. "I'm sorry."

"Eh, it's okay. I don't even remember her. From the way my dad tells it, it's not like they were married, in love, or anything like that. My dad really wanted a kid -- and she gave him one."

Colton intertwined his fingers with Parker's, making Parker smile. "So what made you guys move here? From New Mexico, right?"

"Well... there was a shake-up at my Dad's job. When the sheriff got ousted, my dad was out of a job. He pulled some strings and got a job with the county sheriff's department here. He's Sheriff Forrest's chief deputy, just moved up to second in command."

"Oh. My dad is a finance executive and my mom is a lawyer."

"Are you out to your parents?"

"Yeah. I told them last year. After rumors started at school, I decided that I should tell them before they heard it from somewhere else. It didn't seem to bother them. But, to tell the truth, they don't really pay much attention to me anyways. They're pretty busy. What about your dad, does he know?"

"I haven't really talked to my dad about it, but he knows. He caught me with his boss's son a couple of years ago. Have your parents come to see you at any of the games?"

"Nah. They both work a lot," Parker said with a shrug. He decided to ignore Colton's admission of having been with someone else because the thought just twisted his guts.

"My dad is busy, too, but he always makes time to come watch me play."

He didn't say it accusingly, so Parker decided not to take it that way. "Well, that's different. You're the star of the team. I'm just a dork in a wolf suit."

"I'm not the star of the team. Trey is. And you look damn good in that wolf suit. I wanna get you down onto all fours, get behind you, rip myself a nice big hole in the back, and then fu--"


Colton chuckled. "You don't seem so opposed to the idea," he said. His eyes flicked down Parker's body before settling back on his face.

Parker looked down and saw that he had an obvious tent in his sweat pants. He reached down and adjusted his dick so that it was laying flat against his belly. His face felt warm and he had to look away from Colton's grinning face. "Sorry," he muttered. "I can't help it."

Colton pushed his hips forward, pressing his hard-on into Parker's leg. "You do the same to me, pup."

Parker's face flushed and he felt hot. "I can't believe you want me. You could have anyone in the school you wanted. Literally anyone."

"And I got exactly who I want. You."

"Are you just trying to get into my pants?"

`Not that it wouldn't work,' Parker thought to himself.

"I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to be. Since I moved here, I've been watching you. Waiting."

"You have? Why didn't you say something sooner?"

"Um. Well, I'm older than you are. My birthday is in December, so I started school after everyone else my age. You're... underage."

"Oh. So you were just waiting until I turned eighteen?" Parker asked with a frown.


Parker thought that explanation to be a little odd. If Colton was really interested in him, why would he have to wait? None of the other kids did. I mean, look at Trey and Jed. And Colton practically admitted to Parker that he was no virgin.

Parker watched Colton reach into his pocket and pull out his cell phone. He was more interested in the large bulge pushing down the leg of his jeans. Damn, the boy was huge.

"We need to trade numbers," Colton said.

Parker looked away from Colton's crotch. "Right. Okay."

After they entered their phone numbers, Parker paused. He wanted to take a picture of Colton, but didn't want to sound like a total love-sick dork.

"I want a picture of you, pup," Colton said as he sat up. "Lay back."

"Okay." Parker smiled while Colton held his phone up and snapped a series of pictures.

Parker then took a couple of pictures of Colton. The big jock had a smug little smile on his face that was so sexy.

"You're so hot," Parker blurted.

Colton pushed Parker down onto the couch and laid down on top of him and kissed the hell out of him. Colton pushed up Parker's shirt. His fingers grazed Parker's belly button, making Parker giggle.

"That tickles." Parker laughed as he pushed his shirt down.

"Show me your belly, pup," Colton demanded in a deep, husky, and very sexy growl.

Something in the tone of his voice made Parker's insides turn to mush. He had no choice but to obey Colton immediately. He turned his head away from Colton as he pulled up his shirt. It was actually Colton's shirt he was wearing, he realized. He had gotten so comfortable in it, he didn't even realize. His eyes fluttered closed and he moaned softly as Colton sniffed and kissed the flat expanse of his exposed stomach. The scratch of the other boy's goatee against his skin made him quiver.

"So damned good," Colton grunted as he nipped the skin of Parker's belly with his teeth.

The bigger teen crawled up Parker's body, straddling his leg and covering him with his muscular body. He traced his fingers down Parker's arm and looped a finger through the thread bracelet around the boy's left wrist. "Where did this come from?" he asked as he tugged the fraying threads.

"Careful. Shell made it for me. After everything that happened last year, to let me know that I still had a friend. I was a little bit depressed."

Parker felt a little uneasy at having opened up like that. He didn't want to scare Colton away with his stupid baggage.

Colton looked at the bracelet for a moment longer, then took his hand away. "I'm sorry all that happened to you... If I knew what you were going through... You hid your emotions well."

Colton pushed him down into the couch, letting the smaller boy feel his muscular weight, letting him feel the arousal between his legs.

"You're heavy," Parker whispered.

"Am I too big?" Colton worried, pushing himself up onto his hands.

"No," Parker replied, and pulled Colton back on top of him. "How big are you?"

Colton raised an eyebrow. "How big am I?"

"That's not what I meant," Parker backtracked, much to Colton's amusement.

"I'm about six-foot-four, somewhere between 210 and 220 pounds."

"That's so hot."

Colton let his weight settle on Parker as he took his mouth, aggressively pushing his tongue inside Parker.

He sucked at the base of Parker's neck. Parker whimpered and clutched at the back of Colton's shirt, using his hands to feel those rock-hard shoulder and back muscles. His body trembled underneath the bigger boy's.

`Please don't stop,' he silently begged Colton.

They were in the middle of making out pretty heavy when the garage door rumbled open.

"Shoot!" Parker hissed. "That's probably my mom."

They moved upright and Colton reached over and straightened Parker's clothes and fixed Parker's hair with his fingers. Colton reached between his legs and tried to push that big steel bar into a less obvious position.

Parker grabbed the remote and turned on the TV.

"Do I look guilty?" Parker whispered.

"Yeah," Colton laughed. He ran his fingers under Parker's chin. "But damn cute."

Kate Montgomery walked into the house talking on her cell phone, carrying a briefcase and a plastic grocery bag in her other hand. Parker and Colton stood up so that Parker could introduce her to his boyfriend. Boyfriend. The thought made Parker smile.

She was clearly startled when she saw the big teen standing with her son. She held up her index finger and mouthed `just a minute', then walked into the other room to finish her conversation.

"That's my mom," Parker said with a shrug.

After a few minutes, it was apparent that she wasn't coming back.

Colton pulled out his phone and checked the time. "I should get going."

Parker walked Colton to the front door. "Maybe you can stay for dinner sometime?"

"Sure. That'd be nice."

"Bye, Colt."

"See you in the morning, pup."

After making sure the coast was clear, Colton leaned down and gave Parker a quick kiss. He rubbed the back of his knuckles across Parker's cheek before he left.

Parker shut the door behind his boyfriend. He touched his fingers to his cheek and his mouth, where he still felt a ghosting touch of Colton's warm lips. He looked out the window and watched Colton pull away.

Once Colton was gone, Parker walked into the kitchen where his mother was microwaving a bag of vegetables.

"Set the table, please," she said as she began slicing the rotisserie chicken she bought from the store. "Where's your friend?"

"Colton had to go home," Parker replied. He pulled the plates from the cupboard along with silverware for three.

"Oh. I was on the phone with one of the partners so I didn't get to introduce myself."

"It's okay. I'm sure you'll see him around."

"He's awfully big."

"He's on the football team. He works out a lot."

"That's nice."

"What's nice?" Barney Montgomery asked as he came in through the garage door. He set his briefcase down by the door and loosened his tie. At the buzzing sound, he pulled his Blackberry from his hip holster.

"Parker made a new friend at school."

Parker groaned. The way his mom said that made him sound like such a dork.

"Good for you, Parker," his father said. He looked at Parker and frowned. "What are you wearing?"

Parker looked down at Colton's polo shirt and ran his hand down the front and straightened the over-sized shirt on his small frame. "Oh. I spilled soda all over my shirt at lunch. Colton gave me this one to wear."

Barney walked out of the room, his head buried in his phone. Parker wasn't sure his dad had even listened to his response.

* * *

The black wolf crouched down behind the tree and watched his boy. The in-ground pool's light was on and it cast a shimmering glow over Parker.

He longed to get closer, to let the boy see him in this form, but knew it would be a bad idea. He didn't want to scare his mate.

Parker was skimming the pool with a long-handled net. He'd scoop up the leaves and then toss them over the back fence. After he finished, he walked over to the skimmer cover and squatted down. He pulled out the skimmer basket and walked towards the back fence.

Parker approached the back fence and suddenly froze, his eyes seemingly looking directly at Colton. "Oh shit!"

Overwhelming fear poured off Parker as he dumped the basket on to the ground and ran into the house.

Colton growled low in his throat, pissed off at himself that he had scared Parker. The boy couldn't have seen more than a shadow, or perhaps the reflection of his eyes. Clearly it was enough to unnerve him.

But still he waited. Some time later, the boy came back outside.

Colton moved back further into the trees, taking extra measures to be sure that he would not be seen this time.

The wolf watched his mate cautiously look around, fidgeting from side to side, trying to peer into the trees.

Parker picked up the discarded skimmer basket and emptied the wet leaves. He replaced the skimmer and its cover. He walked over to the control panel and turned off the pool light. Making his way in the dark, he walked over to the patio and sat down, then pulled out his cell phone.

Even in the pitch of night, Colton could see him clearly.

Parker sat in the dark on the back porch playing with his cell phone. The light from the phone's display lit up his face. He was still wearing Colton's shirt, which pleased the beast greatly. He smelled like his, just as he should.

He had claimed the boy as his today. Everyone knew who Parker belonged to. Soon he would claim him as his mate.

The wolf yearned to throw his head back and howl for joy. He wanted to share all of himself with his mate. He longed to feel the touch of his hand stroking his fur. He needed Parker's acceptance, needed to come out of the dark brush and into the light of his mate's approval.

The boy's breathing changed subtly as he concentrated on the phone's screen. The faint, addictive scent of the boy's arousal wafted over the wolf's senses.

His boy let out a little moan as he looked at his phone and pressed his hand between his legs.

The wolf knew what he was looking at. When he got out of the shower earlier, he had texted photos of himself to the boy. He hadn't shown him anything below the waist, but he sent some chest, ab and bicep poses. And a face shot with the words: "miss u".

The boy jumped out of his seat and hurried into the house. The wolf watched the window where he knew the boy slept. He saw the light come on for a few minutes before going off.

The wolf took extreme joy in knowing that the boy was at this very minute in bed pleasuring himself to fantasies of his human form. For a split second, he thought about climbing that oak tree so that he could look into the bedroom and watch. It would take no effort on his part to leap up there.

When the wolf returned home, he shifted and gathered his clothes off the back porch. As he picked up his jeans, his pocket vibrated. He pulled out his cell phone and tapped on the missed message.

"miss u 2" it said, along with a picture of Parker in bed, bare from the chest up. His cheeks were flushed and his blond hair was mussed. He had a shy little smile. Even through the picture Colton could read his pup's nervousness. He clearly got over his nerves enough to snap the picture.

Oh, holy fuck.

He must have been jerking off before he took the picture.

Colton groaned and gripped his rapidly growing erection. With one hand holding the phone so he could see the screen and the other furiously stroking his cock, he let out a long groan and sprayed ribbons of come all over the back porch's floor.

He stumbled into a chair and fell down into it as he struggled to get his breathing under control. His cock remained rock hard against his ab muscles, oozing those last few drops of come, which pooled in his belly button. He could probably jerk off again and it still wouldn't go down.

He wouldn't be satisfied until he had Parker.

Oh yes, in just a few short days, he was finally going to take what was his.

* * *

Parker let out a cry as he sat straight up in his bed. His body trembled as he recalled the dream he had been having.

He and Colton had been in the backyard. The bigger boy was laid out on top of him as they kissed passionately. Parker opened his eyes and looked up at Colton. Colton licked his lips as his dark eyes looked down at him. A dark shadow fell over the two. Behind Colton, there was a flash of a pair of glowing amber eyes. Suddenly, Colton was pulled away. Parker reached out, desperately trying to grab onto Colton. But it was too late. Whatever it was had taken Colton and disappeared with him into the woods.

Parker shook his head and took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to forget the creepy dream. He got up and pulled on his robe and went downstairs to the kitchen.

He looked out the patio doors. He had definitely seen something in the shadows when he was cleaning the pool. He couldn't really see what it was, but he saw the reflection of its eyes. Whatever it was, it was big. A big dog, maybe?

He pulled a bottle of water out of the refrigerator. He noticed half of a leftover steak on a plastic-covered plate.

Maybe the animal was thirsty. The pool water probably looked awful inviting. Or he could have been hungry. It hadn't tried to hurt Parker. It was hiding from him.

He pulled the plate out and removed the leftover steak. He set the empty plate in the sink, then grabbed a flashlight from the utility drawer and headed into the backyard. He walked to the back fence and swept the flashlight across the treeline.

Not seeing anything, he tossed the steak over the fence and it landed by the trees. His parents would definitely freak out if they knew he was feeding stray animals.

Satisfied that he had done a good deed for the day, he turned to go back into the house. Sarah Mclachlan would be proud of him. The thought made him smile. Her "animal rescue" commercials could melt the coldest heart. Well, not including his parents. Parker begged for a pet while he was growing up. But doggie smells or cat hair had no place in his parental units' clinical, structured world.

As Parker climbed back into bed, the thought occurred to him that feeding a stray animal might keep it coming back for more.

And for some reason he couldn't fathom, that thought didn't seem so terrible.