Timber Pack Chronicles

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Chapter 4


The next morning, Colton picked Parker up for school again. He had lunch with Colton and his friends, but this time Shell made other plans. Parker felt bad, like he had ditched his best friend, but she insisted that he go. Parker suspected that she was probably interested in a new guy.

After cheer practice, Parker waited for football practice to finish up. When Colton asked him if he wanted to hang out for awhile, Parker quickly agreed.

Colton drove to the mall and they went to the food court. Colton bought each of them a cherry slushie and they shared a big soft pretzel with extra salt and cheddar cheese to dip it in. They found an empty table and sat down across from each other. As soon as they sat down, Colton stretched his legs out, trapping Parker's in between.

Parker let out an embarrassing laugh that sounded perilously close to a nervous giggle and Colton smiled at him. Colton had a way of putting Parker at ease. Parker was able to relax and enjoy himself.

After they finished their snack, they made their way through the mall, and Colton obviously had a destination in mind.

"Where are we going?" Parker asked.

"We're gonna play slot racers."

Parker looked up at Colton skeptically, but decided to go with it. He followed Colton into the slot racer shop. The store was one huge race track, which zipped and curved all around an elaborate miniature town. The little slot cars were remote operated and they sat on top of the grooved track. Aside from the shop's clerk, they were the only two in the store.

Colton paid for their time and they both picked out their cars. Parker chose a little red convertible, while Colton went for a yellow muscle car.

"Ready, pup?" Colton asked.

Parker nodded. When the light changed to green and the horn sounded, Parker pulled the accelerator trigger and his car took off.

It was a lot of fun. He and Colton were both laughing their asses off. They shoved each other with their shoulders while talking smack.

When the heat time was up, Parker's car was a fraction of a second ahead of Colton's. He jumped up and let out a whoop. "Yes! Eat my dust."

Colton growled. "Let's play again."

"Someone's a sore loser," Parker joked.

Colton didn't reply back, his mind was already concentrating on the game.

They played again, but this time Colton smoked his ass. Parker hadn't realized how competitive his new boyfriend was, but he should have known. They played three more heats and each time, Colton won. Colton didn't gloat, but he smiled smugly, clearly pleased with himself.

Parker poked his bottom lip out in an exaggerated pout. "You're supposed to let me win if you want me to put out."

Colton stared down at Parker with that intense gaze. "You'll put out either way."

Parker smiled. "Are you so sure of that?"

The corner of Colton's mouth turned up as he struggled to keep a straight face. "Yes."

Of course Colton was right. Parker laughed and Colton finally broke out in a smile.

Colton dipped his head down towards Parker's face. His voice was a husky whisper, forcing Parker to move in slightly to hear him. "What if I leaned down and kissed you right here, right now? Would you still let me, even though I just whooped your ass?"

Parker's face flushed and his laughter turned into a nervous chuckle. He cut his eyes sideways towards the clerk. His tongue darted out over his lips.

"One more game," Parker whispered.

They played one more game. This time, Colton pulled back at the last second and let Parker win. And when Colton took Parker home, he made sure their on-the-couch make-out session was hot enough to make Colton's loss worth it.

* * *

Somehow Parker managed to make it through the week. He was more than ready for his birthday party. He couldn't remember the last time he was anticipating a birthday this much. He wasn't sure what Shell had planned, but he was excited because it would be the first time that he and Colton would be hanging out together with other people outside of school.

Sure, everyone knew that they were dating. That was apparent on Monday morning and it didn't take long for the entire student body to know. He went to school with Colton every day, had lunch with him and then hung out after school. After just a couple of days, he seemed to fall in line with Colton's friends like he was born to the position. And Parker noticed that it was always the same configuration: with Parker always on Colton's right side, standing in between Colton and big Jed. Trey flanked Colton's left side.

Parker loved his time spent with Colton. The big guy was surprisingly sweet when the two of them were alone. While in public, he had a bad-ass persona to maintain, but he never treated Parker like he was a side-piece trick. In fact, he treated Parker like he was the most important thing in his world. Parker soaked up the attention like a sponge.

Parker took extra time getting ready for the party. He quickly decided on a pair of jeans that were a little tight in the butt. They also made his package look pretty good. He tried on a bunch of shirts before deciding to go with a simple t-shirt.

After several heavy make-out sessions with Colton, he was pretty sure that tonight, things would be going further. And Parker was so ready. He was eighteen years old now, officially an adult.

Tonight, he was going to get some dick.

And something told him that Colton would be more than willing to give it to him.

"Parker, can you come down here?"

Parker grabbed his phone and headed downstairs towards his mom's voice, following it into the kitchen.

His mother and father were standing at the kitchen table smiling. "Happy birthday!" they both exclaimed. On the table was a small chocolate cake with a single lit candle and an envelope.

He gave them both a hug. "Thank you."

Parker leaned down and blew out the candle. The cake clearly came from a grocery store and said "Happy Birthday" on it. It was the same thing he got every year. Parker didn't really mind. The grocery store cakes were a lot better than what his mom could have made, not that she ever attempted to bake anything.

While his mother sliced the cake, Parker opened his birthday card. It was your standard boring `happy eighteen' card with a picture of a cake on the front and a pre-printed `happy birthday' message inside. But also included was $300 dollars in three crisp one hundred dollar bills.

"Thank you," Parker said, giving each of his parents another hug.

The three sat down at the table and enjoyed a piece of cake.

"What time is Michelle picking you up for your party?" his mother asked, setting aside her cake after two bites.

"Shell's not picking me up, Colton is. But she said we needed to leave at 7:00."

Barney frowned. "Colton?"

"Parker's new... friend," Kate explained. She shot a look to Barney that let him know her thoughts on their "friendship" included more than just being friends.

"Have we met him?" Barney asked, looking between his wife and son.

"I've seen him around a couple of times this week," Kate offered.

"His name's Colton Butler," Parker added. "His dad is a sheriff's deputy."

"Carlton Butler's son?" Barney grunted. "I've heard about that kid. He's trouble."

"He seems like a nice young man," Kate said. "Awfully big, though."

"He is nice, Mom," Parker quickly added. "He's not a troublemaker at all."

Barney shook his head. "That's not what I heard. A golfing buddy of mine works in the sheriff's office and he's told me plenty about the deputy's son. Drinking, loitering, cruising, fighting. I don't approve of you hanging out with this thug. You know, our company handles the Sheriff's investments. He's quite wealthy and powerful."

Parker chose to ignore his father's boasting since it had nothing to do with what they were talking about. But he was shocked. Where the hell was all of this bullshit about Colton coming from? "That's not fair, Dad. You don't even know him. He's not like that at all."

Barney was interrupted by his BlackBerry. He looked down at the screen before looking back up at Parker. "We're not done with this conversation," he said, pointing his phone at Parker. He got up from the table, answering the phone as he left the room. "Montgomery... Go ahead..."

Parker sighed and turned back to his mother. "Mom, he's not like that. Honest. I don't know where Dad heard all of that from, but it's total bullshit. I'm eighteen years old now and I am not going to stop seeing him."

Kate Montgomery narrowed her eyes and hardened her voice. "You better watch the way you speak to me, Parker. I won't take that kind of backtalk under my own roof. Do you understand me?"

Parker dropped his eyes, realizing that he had pushed too far. "Yes."

Kate reached over and squeezed Parker's hand and softened her voice. "Now, why don't you have him over for dinner sometime next week and we can get to know him a little better, okay?"

Parker readily nodded in agreement. If his parents just got to know Colton, they'd realize what a great guy he was. They would be happy for him because Colton made Parker happy. "Okay. That sounds like a good idea."

"Good. Now put the cake away if you're finished and clean up the dishes."

She gave Parker a pat on his shoulder before walking out of the room.

After putting away the dishes, Parker sliced a nice, big piece of cake, wrapped it, and then set it aside for Colton. He covered up the rest of the cake, then went to the living room and laid down on the sofa and anxiously waited for Colton.

As soon as Colton's car pulled into the driveway, Parker jumped off of the sofa. He grabbed the plastic-wrapped paper plate from the coffee table and pushed his feet into his shoes.

"Bye! See you tonight," he called out to his parents, not that he expected a reply from wherever they were in the house.

He shut the door behind him and hurried into Colton's car. He set the paper plate on the seat between them.

"I brought you a piece of birthday cake," Parker said.

"Thanks, pup." Colton leaned in and gave Parker a smoldering kiss. "Happy birthday."


"Where's your jacket?" Colton asked with his brows furrowed and a frown on his face.

"Oh, I forgot it. I was in a hurry to get out here. Hold on, I'll go get it."

Colton shrugged off his hoodie and gave it to Parker. "Here. Put this on."

Parker pulled the jacket on without hesitation and zipped it up. "I think I have more of your clothes than you do," he laughed as he bunched up the sleeves.

Colton leaned over and pulled Parker in for another kiss. "I like you in my clothes," he said with a growly voice. "You smell like me."

"That was an odd thing to say," Parker thought.

He lifted the front of the sweatshirt and sniffed. "It does smell like you. It smells good." Parker leaned in and gave Colton a quick peck on the lips. Before he could pull back, Colton grabbed the back of his head and pressed his mouth onto Parker's, sliding his tongue inside, kissing him until he became lightheaded.

"I have something for you," Colton said. "For your birthday. I have more for later, but I want to give this to you now."

He dug into his pocket and pulled out a friendship bracelet braided with black threads, accented with silver. He took Parker's left hand and tied it around his wrist next to Shell's bracelet. He gave the bracelet a gentle tug, making sure it was fastened securely. When he did, the blue bracelet finally ripped.

"Oh no," Parker moaned. "It broke."

"Oops. My bad, pup," Colton said. He balled up the other bracelet and put it in the palm of Parker's hand.

"It should be fixable," Parker said as he examined the tattered ends.

"Probably. But would it be okay if you just wore mine?"

Parker studied Colton for a minute. "You broke that on purpose."

Colton didn't meet Parker's eyes. "Maybe," he mumbled.

Colton looked so cute right then that Parker almost laughed. He was surprised that Colton admitted that he broke the bracelet. But then, that was the kind of person Colton was. Maybe he wasn't perfect and could use a lesson in tact, but he was honest and loyal. Parker felt it deep in his gut that he could trust Colton, and he could show Colton that trust by returning his loyalty.

"Did you buy it?" Parker asked as he ran his fingers over the new bracelet.

"No. I made it. Jed showed me how." He smiled proudly.

Parker noticed several imperfections in the braiding and that made it absolutely perfect as far as he was concerned. "Okay. I'll just wear yours then." Parker pushed Shell's bracelet into his pocket, not wanting to lose it. He would put it in his box of mementos when he got home. "Thank you." He leaned forward, seeking a kiss and Colton didn't disappoint him.

Colton gave Parker one more intense kiss, then put the car into gear. He looked back as he pulled out of the driveway and sped off, heading away from town.

"Where are we going?" Parker asked. He ran his tongue over his swollen bottom lip. He could still taste Colton on his mouth. His chin tingled erotically from being scratched by Colton's goatee. And his dick was so hard he could poke a hole through a steel plate.

"To the old water tower."

"Oh, okay."

As Colton drove, Parker leaned back in his seat and discreetly pushed his dick into a more comfortable position.

Parker had never been up to the old water tower, but he had heard about it, of course. It was a notorious party hot spot for the popular kids at school.

The old water tower was located on the outskirts of town, up on a hill. It was still in use, but a new, larger, more modern water tower was built several years ago and now fed most of the city.

Colton pulled off the road onto the unpaved gravel tracks that led up to the tower. The chain link gate surrounding the structure was already open. Colton parked in the gravel lot next to Trey's sports car.

Parker got out of the car and walked around to Colton's side. Colton grabbed another hoodie from the backseat and pulled it on. He held out his hand to Parker. Parker grabbed his hand and the pair walked to the base of the water tower.

A small campfire was lit, bathing the area in a soft, flickering light. Shell was already there, as were Jed and Trey, plus a handful of the cheerleaders and football players that Parker was friendly with.

Jed was sitting next to a cooler on the tailgate of his pickup truck.

"Hey, birthday boy!" Shell squealed. She ran up to Parker and pulled him into a big hug. She gave Colton a smile. "Hey, Colton. Thanks for coming." She grabbed Parker's hand and tugged. "C'mon."

Parker let Shell drag him over to the campfire while Colton joined Jed at the tailgate of his truck.

* * *

Jed handed Colton a can of beer before pulling his own out of the cooler in the bed of his truck. Jed and Colton tapped their cans together in a toast and drank.

Colton never took his eyes off Parker as he stared at him over the rim of his can. Parker was standing with Shell and Trey and seemed unaware that he was being watched as he laughed with his friends. But Colton had been watching him for a long time now. His boy was fucking gorgeous. His big green eyes and messy blond hair. His happy smile. His tight body. Just catching a smell of him made his dick twitch.

"Congratulations, man," Jed said quietly. "Parker's cute. Quite the catch."

Colton shot Jed a look. "I already warned you once. You touch him, I swear to god, I will fuck you up."

Jed held his hands up. "Hey, I'm not trying to poach your boy." He took a drink of his beer. "So, you're both mating age now. What are you gonna do? Hey. Can you even mate a human? You gotta bite him to mark him, right? But if you bite him, won't he turn?"

"I don't know. I need to talk to Dad or Alpha Forrest. I don't really know how this shit works. I don't want to hurt Parker. No matter what, I won't let Dad or Alpha keep me from him. He is my mate. And make no mistake, I will have him."

Jed downed the rest of his beer, tossed the empty into a pile, and then grabbed another can. "I don't know how you do it. I can barely go a week before my wolf hormones go into overload."

Colton laughed. "I have more will power than you do," he said, tipping his head towards Jed's empty beer cans. "And it's not your wolf hormones. It's because you're a man whore."

Jed spewed beer all over the place. He laughed and flipped Colton off as he wiped down his shirt. "Fucker."

Colton snickered before turning back to look at Parker. "Besides, I know Parker will be worth the wait."

The truth was, it wasn't easy at all for Colton. When male wolf shifters go through puberty, their hormone levels spike through the roof. They spend as much time as they can sticking their dick into anything that moves. It was just before Colton's first change at fifteen that he lost his virginity. He had bedded more than his share of willing partners, mostly male, but there were a few females thrown in the mix. But after finding Parker, he didn't want anyone else. He physically ached with the need to feel Parker under him, submitting to him.

Colton felt a little guilty for snapping the bracelet Shell made for Parker. But he didn't want his boy to be wearing anything that came from anyone else. It didn't matter that Shell wasn't a threat to his claim. Yeah, it was a dick move, but he wasn't going to apologize for it.

"Are you sure he's the one?"

"Yeah. From the very first time I saw him and smelled him. I just knew. You'll know if you meet yours. You don't know how hard it was to control myself when he's near. Whenever I smell him, I want to push him to the ground and take him right there. We were making out a couple of days ago and he accidentally rubbed my cock over my shorts and I almost lost control and fucking shifted. Right then and there, full on furry."

"I ain't looking to get mated now or anytime soon." Then Jed chuckled. "I bet he would have shit his pants when he all of a sudden had an enormous black wolf on top of him, humping on his leg." Jed and Colton continued to watch Parker laugh with Shell and one of the other cheerleaders. Jed cocked his head to the side. "I bet he's a virgin. Yeah. Definitely."

Colton growled deep in his chest, directing a menacing glare at his friend. Jed had a lot of experience taking virgin boy ass. He'd better keep his eyes, hands, and anything else off Parker's ass.

"Parker's virgin status is none of your damned business. Don't make me tell you again."

"Sheesh, Mr. Sensitive. Don't shoot the messenger. I'm just saying. Are you gonna tell him... about us?"

"Yes. When the time is right." He sipped his beer, watching Parker over the rim of his can.

"Just be careful."

"I won't tell him anything until after I talk to my dad or the Alpha."

* * *

Parker had a great time at his party. He was glad that it was just a small gathering, nothing crazy, just people standing around talking.

Colton let him have a taste of his beer, but Parker decided he didn't like the taste at all. Jed seemed to drink half of the case, but didn't seem to get drunk. Even if he had a high tolerance to the stuff, if he kept drinking like that, he was going to end up with a huge beer gut.

Jed left right after Trey disappeared with one of the cheerleaders. Jed had said he was meeting one of the baseball jocks for a little "batting practice," complete with air quotes and a devilish grin. Parker didn't want to know any more details.

Soon Shell left as well as the others, leaving Parker alone with Colton.

Colton extinguished the fire by tossing sand into the firepit, then held out his hand to Parker. "Come walk with me, pup."

Parker walked with Colton through the woods. It was dark, quiet and a little romantic.

Colton pulled a plastic zippered baggie out of his jacket pocket and held it open for Parker. "Want some jerky?"

Parker reached in and pulled a piece of dried meat from the bag and bit into it. "Mm. It's really good. What is it?"

"Venison jerky. Jed's family makes it."

Parker gulped his bite down. "Like deer?" he asked with wide eyes.

"Yup." Colton pulled off a chunk of dried meat and chewed it.

"They shoot deer?" Parker asked. Not that he should be surprised. Jed was a total redneck. Of course he liked hunting.

"No, that's cheating. They like a more hands-on approach to hunting."

"Oh," Parker nodded. "Right. Like bowhunting."

"Something like that," Colton mumbled.

Parker took another bite of the meat. "It's really good, though."

The boys walked together in silence, enjoying the cool night. The sky was clear and the air was crisp. Parker wasn't cold, though. Just being near Colton made him feel warm.

They eventually doubled back around and made it back to Colton's car. Colton opened the back door and the two climbed into the back seat.

"It's roomy back here," Parker said.

Colton wiggled his eyebrows. "I know."

Colton leaned over the front seat and put his key into the ignition and turned on the engine. He set the radio to a quiet level and turned the heat onto the low setting.

He sat back, bent over and reached underneath the driver's seat and pulled out a small box. "Happy birthday, Parker."

Parker gave the big guy a quick kiss and pulled the top off the box. Inside was a leather cord necklace laying on a bed of cotton. Parker pulled it out and drew in a surprised breath. Hanging from the leather cord was a small charm: the side of a wolf's head in profile.

"Thank you, Colton. Is this silver?" he asked as he touched the charm.

Colton's face twitched. "No. It's platinum. I had it modeled after my tattoo."

"It's beautiful."

"Here. Let me put it on you." Colton took the necklace from Parker and clasped it around his neck.

Parker looked down and touched the wolf. "I love it, Colton. Thank you."

"Looks good."

"Yeah? I'll wear it always."

Colton's voice dropped an octave. "Good."

Colton shifted in the seat, easing Parker down onto his back. "Show me your belly, pup." His voice was deep and husky, sending tingles up Parker's spine.

Parker relaxed back against the seat and did as Colton requested. He didn't know why Colton liked his stomach, but he'd do anything that Colton asked. He lifted his shirt and closed his eyes. His breathing hitched as Colton kissed and nipped his belly. His warm breath and the whiskers of his goatee and mustache against his skin was so erotic. And Colton's head being so close to his crotch had him throbbing in his jeans.

Colton flicked his tongue across Parker's belly button, then slid up and laid down on top of Parker's smaller body.

Parker liked the feeling of the bigger boy on top of him. He shifted his legs a little bit, bringing his left knee up so that his leg straddled Colton's. Colton shifted, resting his groin on Parker's.

Colton pressed his lips gently against Parker's while he lightly stroked his fingers through the smaller boy's hair. "Are you a virgin, pup?"

Parker knew that he was starting to blush, not unlike a shy virgin, but he couldn't help it. "Yes," he answered quietly. "Well, I gave a guy a handjob once."

Colton made a rumbling noise in his chest that sounded like a growl. His eyes narrowed into slits. "Who? Tell me," he said between his gritted teeth.

The demand made Parker a little uncomfortable and he tensed, though Parker had to admit to himself that the jealousy and possessiveness was kind of hot, as was that growling noise he made. But still. "Colton, that's not fair. Are you a virgin?"

Colton closed his eyes and breathed in deep and let it out slowly, then opened his eyes. "You're right. I'm not a virgin, but I haven't been with anyone since I moved here. Since the time I first saw you, I haven't wanted anyone else."

"Wow." Parker laughed nervously. "I just hope I can live up to your expectations."

"You will. There's no need to be nervous. Just do what comes naturally."

"It happened before."

Colton frowned. "What happened before?"

"It, the... you know... the handjob. It happened before you moved here." Parker's voice shook as he spoke. He turned his head away from Colton. He didn't really want to go into the details, but he knew that Colton would know that something was wrong just from his voice.

Colton rubbed his nose along Parker's neck, scraping his goatee down the sensitive skin along his jugular. "What happened?"

Parker paused for a moment, considering. He didn't want to lie to Colton, so he just blurted it out. "It was the week before school started. Eleventh grade. My gymnastics coach gave me a key to let me swim at the school's pool. It was pretty cool, you know, because there was never anyone there, so I had complete run of the pool."

Colton nodded along, but didn't say anything, so Parker continued.

"Well, one day when I was getting out of the pool, this guy was there watching me. He was one of the popular jocks, and never showed any interest in me before, so I was completely surprised. I don't even think he's really gay. Anyway, he cornered me in the locker room shower. He was a little aggressive. I liked it at first, but he wanted too much. After I used my hand on him, he wanted more. I pushed him off me and he lost his footing on the wet floor and I ran."

Colton had his eyes closed as Parker told the story. His body was tight and tense. Parker nuzzled his nose along the hollow of Colton's neck. "Are you mad?" he whispered.

Colton's eyes opened and he pulled Parker back to look him in the eye.

"Not at you. Never at you." Colton continued looking at Parker. "There's more to your story. He wasn't going to take `no' for an answer."

Parker looked away from Colton's piercing gaze. He nodded his head slightly, confirming Colton's theory.

Colton's fingers turned Parker's head towards him. "Never tell me who it was. I won't be able to control myself, and now that I have you, I don't want to risk going to jail for murder."

Parker let out a nervous laugh. But he didn't think that Colton wasn't kidding. It scared him a little bit to think of Colton being violent, but it also turned him on a little bit. Parker wouldn't want Colton to get in trouble defending his honor like he was some sort of "damsel in distress", but he realized that he loved it when Colton got all jealous and possessive and showed his protective side. It confirmed that Colton truly cared about him, and that this wasn't just some random hook-up.

Colton kissed Parker slowly and deeply, sliding his tongue inside his mouth. Colton pulled back enough to push the hoodie from Parker's shoulders and to lift the shirt over his head.

"Fuck," Colton moaned as his hands roamed all over Parker's exposed chest and stomach. "You're fucking gorgeous, pup."

"Your hands feel so good, Colt." He grabbed the hem of Colton's shirt. "Take your shirt off, too. I wanna see you, touch you."

Colton lifted up and tossed his shirt away. Parker rubbed his hands up and down Colton's muscular chest, feeling every rippling muscle. All that hair on his hard pecs that he had been dying to run his fingers through felt so good under his finger tips. "You're so sexy."

Colton laid on top of Parker, pushing his legs apart with his thighs. He began a slow rocking motion, grinding his hard cock into Parker's, while he kissed the smaller man. His tongue stroked inside Parker's mouth, aggressively chasing Parker's tongue, claiming every inch of his mouth.

Colton pulled away and kissed behind Parker's left ear, making the smaller man shudder. Colton slid his tongue down Parker's neck, stopping where the curve met his shoulder.

"Oh god, Colt," Parker whimpered as Colton began sucking at the base of his neck. It seemed to be Colton's favorite spot and it drove Parker crazy when Colton worked it. Colton sucked and chewed at the extra-sensitive skin, sending waves of pleasure down Parker's spine, straight to his balls. The big jock never let the dark hickeys there fade away. At least with the weather getting colder, it was easier to hide it.

Colton lifted his head, then lowered it onto Parker's chest. He took one of his nipples into his mouth and started to flick his tongue across it. It hardened instantly and Parker thought he might go insane as bursts of pleasure radiated throughout his body.

As Colton worked the other nipple, his hand slid between their bodies and unsnapped Parker's jeans. He lifted up and flicked his tongue across Parker's ear lobe. His breath was hot inside his ear canal as he whispered, "I wanna taste you, pup."

As Colton unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, Parker thought this was it. The object of his fantasies, Colton Butler, was going to suck his dick. Parker was going to just die and go to heaven. Right here, right now. He was so aroused, he was scared that he was going to shoot any second.

Colton buried his nose in the nest of dark blond curls at the base of Parker's dick. His tongue flicked out and tasted the musky flavor. He lapped at each of Parker's balls and the V of his legs. He buried his nose there, inhaling deeply. "Fuck, you smell so fucking good."

Parker's hands moved to Colton's head. He let his hands rub the short mohawk and the smooth shaved head. "Feels good, Colt." He tried to pay attention to what Colton was doing. He knew that he'd be doing the same thing to Colton very soon.

Colton's tongue slid up Parker's length and his lips captured the crown. Parker knew he wasn't very big compared to other guys he'd seen online and in the showers at school, but he thought he did alright for a guy of his small stature. He just hoped that Colton was pleased with him. As Colton's mouth slid down his shaft, enveloping him in wet heat, all concerns about his size disappeared as did any other conscious thought.

Parker bit his fist to keep from crying out. He had never felt anything so good in his life. As Colton sucked, he moved his mouth up and down, his tongue fluttering all over. Then he made a moaning and growling sound that sent vibrations through Parker's core.

"Oh god," Parker cried as his body shuddered.

Colton's free hand moved up Parker's body. His fingers found Parker's mouth and Parker took them inside and began sucking and tonguing them, mimicking what Colton was doing to his dick.

Colton pulled the fingers away and Parker felt them pressing into his crack, against his ass. Parker spread his legs wider. He knew he was acting like a total slut, but he wanted to experience everything with his boyfriend.

Colton's finger slid into Parker's virgin ass. It burned slightly at first, but the pain was quickly forgotten as Colton's head bobbed faster and he sucked harder. Colton's finger began moving in and out, twisting and turning. He wiggled the finger and tapped something inside Parker, making him buck up from the leather seat.

"Colton. Colt," he warned. "Babe, I'm coming. It's gonna shoot. Oh my god! Colt!"

Colton didn't stop, he kept working Parker. Parker bit down on his fist to keep from screaming as he emptied his nuts into Colton's hot, sucking mouth.

Parker stared up at the roof of the car. He blinked his eyes, unable to process what had just happened to him.

Colton moved back on top of Parker, pinning him down on the seat. He kissed him hard. Parker could taste the last, unswallowed remnants of his load on Colton's tongue and it drove him crazy with lust. He was dying to experience Colton the same way.

Parker broke the kiss as he reached for Colton's jeans. "I wanna suck you, Colt. I wanna make you come, too."

Colton growled in his throat and grabbed Parker. He flipped them over so that Colton was laying on his back. He unbuckled his belt and popped the buttons on his jeans. Parker gripped them and slid them down his hips.

When Colton's dick flopped up and slapped against his abs, Parker gasped. He knew that Colton was big, but he had never seen him erect.

"It's so big," he whispered.

Parker's hand was shaking when he reached for it. Colton's dick was heavy and thick and felt hot to the touch. Now that he had it in his hand, it looked even bigger. Colton's bush was grown thick and, like the rest of his body hair, was untrimmed. The dark hairs spilled down onto his sack as well. He slid his hand up and down, mesmerized by the way the foreskin slid back and forth across the head.

Parker leaned forward and gave the underside of the head a lick, causing Colton to groan. He mimicked what Colton had done, giving him the same treatment, licking his tongue up and down the shaft, then sucking each of his hairy balls.

But Colton was impatient.

"Suck me," he growled. He grabbed Parker's head and pushed it down onto his dick. "Take it in your mouth. Suck it."

The hot head of Colton's dick slid into Parker's mouth. His foreskin retracted and Parker tasted the musky sweat underneath. He let out a whimper and closed his eyes as the flavor burst across his tongue. He moved down as far as he could until he was about to gag, then pulled back up, sucking hard as he did so.

He quickly developed a rhythm. His hand stroked what he couldn't get into his mouth. Colton was right, he just needed to do what came naturally. And apparently giving Colton a blowjob was the most natural thing in the world.

He moved faster, but the hand on the back of his head slowed him down.

"Nice and slow," said Colton. "There you go. Slow and deep. Just like that..."

Parker slowed his pace. He slid down slowly until the head of Colton's cock bumped the back of his mouth. Parker choked and pulled back.

Colton groaned loudly. "Fuck... Don't stop..."

Parker had an uncontrollable urge to pleasure Colton. More than anything in the world, he wanted to make his man happy. He wanted to make him come. And when he came, he was going to let him do it in his mouth and he was going to swallow every single drop.

Colton's hand gripped Parker's hair tighter in his fist. Parker could feel that muscular body tensing and relaxing. Colton's hand pushed his head up and down, moving just a little faster. Parker tightened his grip on Colton's dick, using more hand motion, unable to take as much with the faster rhythm.

"So fucking good, pup. Don't stop. Oh fuck, I've needed you for so long, baby. I can't hold back."

Parker opened his eyes and looked up at Colton. "Mm-hmm," he consented around Colton's dick. He didn't want Colton to hold back. Colton's brown eyes were so dark with lust, they appeared black. His hand tightened around the back of Parker's head, holding him, keeping him from pulling off.

"I'm gonna come in your mouth," Colton grunted through gritted teeth. "Swallow it for me, pup."

Parker never took his eyes off Colton as he worked his big dick with his tongue, mouth and hand. Colton's balls drew up tight. His shaft grew even harder. It swelled in his mouth.

"Don't stop. Keep going. Like that. Just like that. Fuck! I'm--!"

Colton's body bucked and his eyes fluttered closed. He grunted loudly, muttering curses between his teeth.

Parker felt the head of Colton's cock pulse against his tongue and a burst of hot, creamy liquid flooded his mouth. He swallowed as the prick jerked and shot into his mouth again and again.

Colton didn't stifle any of the grunts he made as he came. He came hard and he came loud.

Parker managed to drink all of that thick semen down. No way in hell was he going to let any of it go. It tasted way too good: musky, sweet and salty, with just a tinge of bitterness.

Colton's body continued to convulse as Parker licked and cleaned him with his tongue.

Colton slumped down against the seat and his body went limp. "Fuuucck..."

Parker finally moved up Colton's body, kissing a trail up his abs and chest, until he laid on top of that bigger body. "Mmm. I really liked doing that."

Colton chuckled lazily, his eyes half closed. "Hm. I'm glad, because you're gonna be doing it a lot from now on. You give good head, pup. Best goddamn blowjob I ever had."

Parker blushed at Colton's lewd compliments, but at the same he swelled with pride. He so wanted to make Colton happy and he had done that tonight. Feeling Colton's hard, muscular body under his made Parker's dick start to leak. He loved the feeling of all that body hair against his smooth skin. He slowly rubbed his hips back and forth and felt Colton's cock start to re-stiffen.

"Fuck, I'd love to go another round, you little stud, but I need to get you home," Colton said with a sigh. "It's getting late and I don't wanna give your parents a reason to keep you from seeing me."

Parker pouted. "I know."

Colton stroked the back of Parker's hair. "I wish I could spend all night with you."

"Me too."

The two got dressed, pulling on their shirts and buttoning up their pants. They climbed out of the backseat and Colton opened the passenger door for Parker. Colton jogged around the front of the car, but kept going, heading away from the car back to the water tower.

Parker turned in his seat and watched his boyfriend run to the base of the water tower. He spread his legs shoulder width apart, tilted his head back, and let loose a torrent of piss all over the base of one of the tower legs.

Colton slipped into the front seat after he finally finished. Seeing the look on Parker's face, he simply shrugged. "When you gotta go, you gotta go."

* * *

Once Colton dropped Parker off, he headed home. He felt damn good. Nothing could ruin his mood.

He didn't expect to see his dad still awake. The brawny cop was sitting at the kitchen table, still dressed in his brown deputy's uniform eating a bowl of cereal while reading the newspaper. He looked up from the paper when Colton stepped into the room. "How was your party, son?"

"It was great, Dad. I had a good time."

"You stay out of trouble?"

"Yeah. I'm gonna go for a run," Colton said as he began pulling off his shirt.

"Sure. Be careful and don't be out too late. Also, I need you to take care of the lawn in the morning. I want it done before we go to the pack meeting."

"I will, Dad. Goodnight if I don't see you when I get back."

Colton stepped out on to the back porch and stripped the rest of his clothes off.

He closed his eyes and dropped to all fours. His bones snapped, his muscles reconfigured.

Seconds later, the black wolf tore off into the forest.

* * *

Parker couldn't sleep. He was just too wound up after his date with Colton.

He went down to the kitchen and poured a glass of chocolate milk, and looked out into the backyard as he drank it. Looking past the pool, he stared into the forest.

The back of the subdivision bordered on a small forest. It was pitch black past the treeline. Shell was always afraid of the woods behind their houses, but Parker liked the woods. They were protected and houses would never be built there. He always liked being outside and he loved to swim at night, when it was quiet and peaceful.

Maybe a swim would relax him. He walked over to the pool's electrical box and turned on the pump, the heater and the underwater light.

He went back upstairs and pulled on his swim trunks. He grabbed a big bath towel and slipped on his bathrobe and went back downstairs, out the back door. After he dropped his robe and set the towel aside, he descended the steps into the pool.

He hissed as the cool water hit his sensitive areas. Deciding to just go for it, he dropped down so that he was neck-deep in the water.

He closed his eyes and just treaded water for a bit while his body adjusted to the temperature. He moved into a back float and stared up at the sky. As he floated around, he thought back on his date tonight. He could feel his cheeks heating up and his dick started to harden in his swim trunks.

Colton had dropped Parker off just before curfew and they made out in his car for a bit. Colton wouldn't be able to see him the next day because he had some meeting to go to with his dad every Sunday. He said he'd call afterwards and maybe he'd be able to go out for an after-dinner snack or something, depending on the time.

As Parker recalled the memory of sucking Colton off, he let out a little moan. That was something he could easily get addicted to. Sure he loved getting sucked as well, but he really loved doing it to Colton. And Colton said he was the best. God, he could still taste Colton's come in his mouth. He needed to get a grip before he blew a load into his swim trunks. He pushed under the water and did laps until he tired himself out.

He moved over to the deep end and dropped to the bottom of the pool. He looked up at the moon through the water and felt a peace wash over him. He counted the seconds, seeing how long he could stay under the water.

A movement caught the corner of his eye. Someone was there, walking along the edge of the pool. He quickly pushed to the surface and drew in a deep breath of air.

He shook his head and rubbed his hand down his face, trying to clear the water from his eyes. "Hello?"

He turned in a one-eighty towards the diving board and gasped when he saw a big, black beastly animal standing at the edge of the pool. It was a huge, wolf-like creature. It stood there, unmoving, just staring at Parker with its coal-black eyes. It looked exactly like a wolf, but its fur was coal black and it was easily twice the size of anything he'd seen at the zoo.

Shit. Was that what was hiding in the trees? And Parker had fed it, practically inviting it to come back.

Parker's blood pounded in his ears and he was nearly hyperventilating. He floated back towards the middle of the pool. Surely the beast wouldn't jump into the water.

The wolf took a step backwards, away from the pool, towards the back fence. Its dark eyes never strayed from Parker. It then dropped to its belly and just kept watching.

"Good boy," Parker croaked. "Good wolf. Shoo. Be a good wolf and run off. Go play in the woods, back where you came from."

Parker couldn't believe he was talking to a freaking wolf. He giggled nervously. He clapped his hand over his mouth, stifling the girly noise.

The wolf tilted his head to the side, as if he was listening to Parker. His pointed ears twitched in a non-threatening way. His eyes were dark, nearly black, unreadable, but they watched Parker with a seemingly unnerving intelligence.

Spying an inflatable beach ball near the ladder, Parker slowly floated to the edge of the pool. His body was tensed, ready to push away if the wolf came closer. He grabbed the colorful ball and floated back to the middle. "Go fetch," he called as he tossed the colorful ball towards the woods.

The ball hit the top of the iron fence and then bounced into the trees.

The wolf looked back at the ball as it bounced towards the treeline. He then turned his attention back to Parker. He huffed, tilted his head, then stared back at Parker as if to say "yeah, right."

Parker couldn't help but laugh. "Okay, you're not a dog. Sorry. If I get out of the pool, you're not gonna try to eat me, are you?"

The wolf let out a snort, but otherwise didn't move.

Parker continued to stare at him. The way he was laying on his stomach, he didn't seem at all threatening. He even had his mouth open, his tongue peeking out ever so slightly, as it panted. In fact, it looked like it was smiling. Parker slowly floated backwards, towards the steps, while keeping an eye on the beast.

When he got to the steps, he slowly got out of the pool and grabbed his towel. He wrapped it around his waist and looked towards the house. If he ran as fast as he could, he could maybe get to the back door before the wolf did. If the wolf didn't chase him. If he chased him and caught him, would he maul him or kill him?

He looked back at the wolf. He hadn't moved. He was still lying on his belly, just watching.

The wolf didn't want to hurt Parker. He was just curious. That's what Parker told himself, anyway, but he somehow knew it to be true. He walked towards the wolf, trying to appear as non-threatening as possible. He stopped about halfway and squatted down. He held his hands open, palm up.

"Hey, boy. I'm not gonna hurt you. You're not gonna hurt me either, are you?"

The wolf stood up and slowly stalked towards Parker. He sniffed Parker's out-reached hand.

"Jesus, you're a big fella, aren't you?"

The wolf licked Parker's palm. The slick and raspy tongue left a trail of slobber. Parker wanted to jerk his hand away and wipe it off, but the wolf might not like a sudden move like that. Parker turned his hand over and brought it to the top of the wolf's head. The hand was shaking with nerves as he lowered it. He touched the wolf's thick fur. It was soft to the touch, much softer than he thought it would be. He rubbed around the base of an ear, scratching his fingers there. The ear twitched and the wolf leaned into Parker's hand.

"That's a good boy. Look at you. You're so beautiful," he said with wonderment in his voice. "Wow..."

The creature was truly magnificent. He was so calm, so gentle. Parker wondered if maybe he was someone's pet, or a research animal. He seemed domesticated, as if he was familiar with humans. He wasn't wearing any kind of collar though and he didn't have any ID tags in his ears. Parker squatted down in front of it, then ran his hands over the animal's neck and chest, looking for any kind of marks.

The wolf pushed forward and licked the side of Parker's face. Parker was caught off balance and stumbled back onto his butt with a laugh. The wolf straddled Parker and pushed him flat onto his back. The wolf pressed his muzzle into Parker's belly, pinning him down on the ground. He licked a trail across Parker's belly, then laid his head on Parker's chest. He nudged at Parker's necklace with his nose.

"You like that?" Parker asked as he lazily rubbed the wolf's head and back. He let out a soft sigh. "My boyfriend, Colton, gave it to me. I bet Colton would have a first class shit fit if he saw me right now. He's kinda over-protective. But I don't mind. I kinda like it. Say, are you hungry? Is that why you came back? Looking for food? Let me get you something to eat, okay boy?"

The wolf didn't want to let Parker up, but Parker gave him one last rub, then gently moved him back. As Parker pushed up to his feet, the towel dropped away. The wolf snorted and pressed his nose into the crotch of Parker's swim trunks, poking around his dick and balls.

"Hey!" Parker cried out as he covered his groin.

The wolf made an unhappy noise and Parker stepped back slowly and held out his hand in a non-threatening manner. "It's okay. You probably smell my boyfriend. Tonight we... Never mind. It's private. Okay. Let's get you something to eat. I'll be right back."

Parker pointed towards the patio door and he slowly walked backwards to the patio door. Once inside, he hurried to the fridge to find something to eat. He found a pound of sliced roast beef in one of the drawers. He opened the baggie and dumped it onto a paper plate.

When he went back outside, the wolf was gone.

* * *

Colton laid in bed with this hands clasped behind his head. He stared up at the ceiling with a smile on his face. Tonight had been the best night of his life.

He had finally got to taste Parker and he wasn't disappointed. If anything, it was even better than he imagined. Then Parker returned the favor and gave him head. It was worth the wait. His boy sucked dick like a natural. Colton's dick was the first to be inside Parker's mouth and it would be the last. Colton lazily stroked his fingertips up and down the skin of his erection as he fantasized about Parker's skilled mouth.

But the real highlight was that Parker finally saw him in his wolf form, really saw him.

Colton watched Parker like he did every night. When he went underwater and didn't come up, Colton had panicked. He jumped over the small iron fence and peered over the edge of the pool and Parker saw him.

There were no words to describe the joy at being with his mate like that. Not only was Parker not scared of him, but he touched him, rubbed him, and scratched him and talked to him. He wanted to feed him, to care for him.

He said the wolf was beautiful.

That was the precise moment when Colton Butler fell head over heels in love with Parker Montgomery.