Tommy and Jake

My Kid Brother Tommy and His Best Friend Jake

So you may have noticed the title Nifty has for this story is 'Tommy And Jake'. Seems like the title I originally submitted (My Kid Brother Tommy and His Best Friend Jake) is too long. Okay, it is long but at least it's catchy, right? Right?

Well, live and learn. Anyway, on with the show...

This is a teenage gay love story. It is also about discovering and overcoming the obstacles in life. There are going to be sexual situations depicted but that is not the purpose of the story, If you don't like gay relationships or are legally not allowed to read about them, please refrain from doing so. Do not copy without permission. Please enjoy!

p.s. A special shout out goes to Alan in SC and Damien in AL for being the first to comment on the first chapter!!

Chapter Two:The Punishment

I pulled my black Jeep Patriot into my usual spot in the garage and the three of us piled out and headed to the kitchen. Tommy and Jake had been unusually quiet during the short drive home from school. Okay, not that unusual 'cause we were trying to process what had just happened at school. But unusual since these two were never quiet. I am the quiet one. So I obviously didn't add much in the way of conversation. I was still amazed the football players left school so quietly. They must have been in shock like the rest of us. Otherwise I think they would have been at us all over again.

Once inside, it was clear they were starting to calm down from the drama of the afternoon as Jake stuck his head in the fridge as he always does when he's over at our house. I swear he and Tommy are always hungry. Was I like that two years ago? I'm just glad they are able to stay in such good shape. I guess they burn it off pretty easily owing to the fact they are so athletic. They both run on the track team and are gymnasts.

The part that gets me is how popular they are. Everybody loves them even though they don't on any ball teams or hang with the jock crowd. I knew it boiled down to them being so extroverted and friendly. Unlike me, Mr. Introvert, they have friends in just about every social group at school. And, chances are, if you see one of them anywhere, you'll see the other one. Jake and Tommy have been inseparable best friends since our parents built houses next to each other when those two were still in diapers. Our favorite nickname for them is 'double trouble' or 'DT' for short because no one is safe when they are around.

Tommy takes after our dad. He has wavy brown hair and brown eyes. His smooth skin is always tanned, even in the winter. Unlike me who shares our mom's fair skin, streaky blond hair and blue eyes. Although we are two years apart in age, (Tommy is fifteen and I'm almost seventeen) we are only one year apart in school. I was held back in the fifth grade for some health reasons. My parents don't like to talk about it so I quit pestering them a few years ago. It is kind of cool that we are only a year apart in school, cause we got to be at the same schools more often. Since I am such a social retard, those two are my support system and best friends.

Jake is fifteen like Tommy but he is one month older and he never lets Tommy forget it. He has a slight olive complexion that tans a beautiful golden brown instantly in the spring and summer. His hair is about the color of Tommy's but it is straight instead of wavy and he constantly has hat head from wearing his favorite Crimson Tide cap that I bought him last year when we went to the LSU game (our families have season tickets). I think I mentioned earlier he inherited his mom's piercing emerald green eyes. His eyes are his best feature next to his incredibly friendly smile. You can not keep the boy from smiling. He smiles infectiously all the time. If he is around, people are just happier because of it.

Of course he is built like Tommy. Slim waist, strong chest, powerful arms and strong legs. A true gymnast build. When people see us together they assume those two are the brothers, and I am the friend. I guess in a lot ways they are. They are so much alike in temperament, looks and the way they are always teasing me. We all hang together and they are my best friends. They have tons of other friends but I mostly just have acquaintances. I have always been kind of quiet and a loner, never what you would call extremely social. Basically most people don't even know I exist. If it weren't for Tommy and Jake probably no one would.

There is one other reason I am kind of shy and quiet, why I feel uncomfortable around everyone else. I have known since I was really little that I was different from the other guys. You know what I mean, I'm gay (duh, like you hadn't figured that out already). Tommy and Jake, my parents and the Clayton's all know and they're all cool with it. My parents practically knew before I did, so it has really been no big deal. I'm blessed to have the built-in support group I do... usually.

You'll see what I mean by usually a little later. First I need to explain my obsession with self defense and martial arts. I've been doing martial arts for almost nine years and for the past seven years I have pushed myself as hard as I could. When I was in about the fifth grade some kids figured out I might be gay and they started picking on me. I hated being bullied and did not want be a target like so many gay kids you read about. Thus my obsession.

I achieved my first black belt pretty quickly like most kids do, in just under two years. Since then I've attained fifth dan or rank the dojo my parents enrolled me in which teaches a combination of Kung Fu, karate and Ju Jujitsu. My Sensei, Greg Anderson is the best! He is ranked in the top twenty in our mixed martial arts style in the country.

I began learning Akido when I was twelve because I was fascinated with Steven Seagal movies and his martial arts form. In just five years I have achieved my second level black belt there. My parents have been super supportive of my martial arts. They have paid for it all and allowed me to travel to tournaments all over the country. I'm ranked in the top one hundred in the country for my age group. Not bad for a timid boy from Alabama.

I spend two hours every afternoon training, an hour for each style. I also run five miles every morning with Tommy and Jake, who run about seven miles. While they run their sixth & seventh miles, I finish up with wind sprints. I learned early that the key to martial arts or any kind of fighting is stamina and lung power. You can be evenly or out matched by an opponent and better conditioning and stamina can be the key to victory. I refuse to poor conditioning to beat me. A nice side effect of all my training is how extremely chiseled my body is. Think of how Bruce Lee looked in "Enter The Dragon" and that's how my body looks.

So why am I not one the most popular hotties in school instead of another geek lost in the crowd? Part of it is I never call attention to myself or try to show off. Ever. I already mentioned I am super shy and reserved. The way I dress may also have something to do with me not being as popular as the other guys. It's weird, I am proud I get embarrassed when I get a lot of attention based on how well developed my body is, so I wear a lot of really baggy clothes. Not like track suits just loose jeans and big shirts. I think I like being anonymous. Wonder what that says about me...?

Well, back to the kitchen and back to now...

"Hey, Tommy want a coke?" Jake yells, half in and half out of the fridge. I love when he bends over to get stuff out of the fridge, his jeans hug his ass and I just stare at his perfection. (I said I was shy, not a saint!)

"Yeah, and get a bottle of water for the Perv here too." Tommy laughed, punching me to get me out my trance. "He's staring at your ass again."

"I am not!" I gasped, blushing furiously. Busted again.

"Bet you were too." Jake stood up and wiggled his ass at me. Slapping it, he laughed. "Perv! But who can blame you? I do have a really nice ass."

He and Tommy bust out laughing at my expense. They can barely stand up they're laughing so hard. "Hey Josh," Tommy snickered. "Take a picture it'll last longer."

I smiled as I headed to the stairs. In a rare moment of confidence I snap back, "Who says I haven't?"

"Oh gross, you are a perv!" Jake screamed. I dodge the wet sponge he throws at me. Some things never change.

"Hey Josh," Tommy rolls his eyes and hands me a zip lock bag from the counter. "Don't forget to take your meds."

I almost forgot the five pills I have been taking three times a day since forever. I scoop them out and down them with the bottled water. I don't know how I always seem to forget them. It's not like I'll die without them, they just keep my headaches under control. Otherwise I get wicked migraines. Mom says they're supposed to help my memory too. I doubt it though, 'cause I never can remember to take them.

"Okay guys I'm gonna workout." I announce as I reach the stairs. "I'll be upstairs in the studio."

Oh wow, let me tell you about our studio...

A few years ago our dads got together and turned the bonus room over the garage into 'the studio'. They ripped up half the carpet and put in padded gym flooring so Tommy and Jake could do gymnastics and I could practice my martial arts. They installed weight machines and two treadmills at the far end as well as a snack bar, complete with mini-fridge. In the front, there is a large flat screen TV as well as a sofa and chairs. It is every guys wet dream of a man-cave and we spend most of our time up there. Being next door neighbors has its perks!

For my martial arts practice, I strip down to a pair of old worn out gi pants that I cut off into shorts so I can stretch and move without any discomfort. I like to work out shirtless so I can watch the play of my muscles beneath my skin. Did I forget to mention one wall is mirrored like a dance studio? I am perfectly happy showing my body off so long as no one else is there to see it. Well, nobody except Tommy and Jake, but they don't count.

I start out with twenty minutes of intense stretching so I won't injure myself, then I work on forms or katas from my different disciplines. I do some heavy bag work with punches and kicks and then I execute nerve strikes on a life sized opponent dummy. I finish it all up working out on the free weights. I usually wind down and get showered about the time the 'rents get home, around six-thirty.

Most days 'double-trouble' will wander up and play video games and then work out on the weight machines with me. It has turned into a nice routine and we all look forward to it as a fun way to wind down our day. I get so caught up in my martial arts that I actually forget they are around until they try and prank me or start getting really loud on a game. Their favorite pranks are pantsing me or spraying cold water on me with a water blaster. Typical, little brother stupid fun.

Today, as per usual, the 'rents get home at six-thirty as I am toweling my hair dry after my post-workout shower. Tommy and Jake are still sweaty and playing a video game when Dad yells up to summon us to the family room for a family meeting

Uh oh. This won't be pretty.

The three of us double-time it to the family room and our four parents are waiting for us. We glance at each other for support, the last time all the parents were assembled for a family meeting, double trouble had just been caught surfing porn on the internet. They were nine at the time. We know we are in some big trouble when Jake's dad starts the meeting off.

"Boys," he says, leaning forward in his chair. "After you guys left the school today and Mr. Linton was arrested, we stayed behind and put a proposal before the school board."

My mom continued, "In light of the upcoming football playoff game and the fact that the three boys that bullied you today were all starting seniors, we asked the board to consider alternative punishment in lieu of suspensions."

The three of us perked up a little as my dad took it from there, "The reason we did this was to keep you from being ostracized by the whole student body and us by their parents. The last thing any of us needs is to be thought of as the reason the team loses the next game in the playoffs."

The three of us agreed that reputation would be difficult if not impossible to live down.

"So," Mrs. Clayton interjected. "The long and the short of the situation is this. None of you has been suspended and the other boys will be allowed to start in Friday night's game against Austin High."

Jake leaped up and high fived Tommy and me. "Woo hoo! We are off the hook!"

"Not quite, son. Sit down." Jake's dad interrupted. "There is still going to be punishment."

That calmed us down in a hurry. The way he said it left no doubt we would not like the rest of the news.

"Don't look so glum." Mr. Clayton continued smiling at last. "Since all three of you have done well in school and you're all involved in sports in one way or another, the board decided that your talents should be put to good use. We agreed with them."

None of us spoke, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Mrs. Clayton turned to me. "Joshua."

"Yes ma'am...?" I gulped.

"You are going to have the most severe punishment. After all, you could have seriously hurt those other boys. Even though we are thankful you were there to help these two hooligans out. " She paused, probably for effect and I winced fearing the worst. My heart was pounding so loud I was afraid everyone else would hear it.

"You are going to be put in charge of teaching a self-defense class for any students that may wish to take it. It's time bullying ended at this school!"

I didn't say anything at first because so far it didn't sound like punishment. I already taught beginning martial arts two nights a week with Sensei Greg, so it couldn't be much different than that. I smiled and leaned back. Piece of cake.

Seeing my reaction my dad was quick to burst my bubble. "I know what you are thinking Josh, that this assignment will be easy, but it won't. You will offer the class two days a week after school for three months."

"That won't be a problem dad, I have Tuesdays and Thursdays free, I'll just do it then."

"Sorry son, this is punishment, remember?" Uh oh, Dad was using his consoling voice. "The board wants you to offer the classes on Monday and Wednesdays. Those are the days that no sports are usually scheduled."

"What? No way!" I yelled and jumped off the sofa. "That's not fair! I teach with Sensei Greg those days. He depends on me."

"Joshua Reynolds Hayes!" My mother hissed. "You sit right back down and apologize to us for your outburst."

I hung my head and muttered a hasty 'I'm sorry.' It's official, life as I know it is over.

"Tommy and Jake." Mom looked at them sternly. "You two will be working closely with Joshua to make this happen. You will be his assistants, responsible for anything he needs help with, like creating, implementing the program. "

The two boys groaned and flopped back on the sofa. "Assistants?"

Heh, heh. I have assistants.

"Quiet!" Mom commanded, her eyes and voice freezing them into place. "You will make this work and help Joshua with all the details. This is going to take a lot of planning. You know he can't do it all by himself."

What was that supposed to mean? 'can't do it by myself'? That was an odd thing to say. Did anyone else catch that? Looking around I could tell no one else was fazed by it. I was about to question Mom on that one when there were two meek `yes ma'ams' from the now quite subdued Tommy and Jake.

I raised my head and asked, "So what punishment did the seniors get?"

Mom answered again, "They have been enrolled in group therapy for anger management. They also must perform ten hours of community service every week at the after school day care until the school year is over."

The 'family' meeting did not last much longer and to cheer us up, the parents loaded us up in the Clayton's new Land Rover HSE and took us to our favorite restaurant, Sammy's Pizzeria to have dinner. Sammy had also played football with our dads. So they were all a tight group. He had a son about our age but I didn't really know him, I think he home schooled. Tommy and Jake probably knew for sure, they know everybody.

Life can be funny. You try your hardest to do the right thing and when you do you get knocked on your ass for it. That's what I was feeling like right now. I rescue Tommy and Jake and Life knocks me on my ass. I guess I am feeling sorry for myself but can you blame? I won't be able to help Sensei Greg with the beginners classes anymore. How was I supposed to explain this to him? He taught us that violence is not the answer, and here I was beating up our star football players.

God, life can be so unfair sometimes. Something very important had been taken away from me and I was going to have to let one of my mentors down in a big way. He is going to be so disappointed in me. Even great pizza can't make that better.


Life is unfair sometimes. We get our routine down and BAM! Our reality explodes and is scattered in the wind. We can either give up and wither away or learn from it and grow.

Sorry for how short the chapters are and the slow start. I hope you will stick with the three of them for the journey. I promise it will be worth it. Thank you so much for all your comments on the first chapter. You guys are my inspiration.