Tommy and Jake

My Kid Brother Tommy and His Best Friend Jake

So you may have noticed the title Nifty has for this story is 'Tommy And Jake'. Seems like the title I originally submitted (My Kid Brother Tommy and His Best Friend Jake) is too long. Okay, it is a little long but please somebody, anybody tell me it's catchy...

Well, anyways, on with the show.

This is a gay teenage love story. It is also about discovering and overcoming obstacles in life. There are going to be sexual situations depicted but that is not the purpose of the story, If you don't like gay relationships or are legally not allowed to read about them, please refrain from doing so. Do not copy without permission. Please enjoy!

Chapter 4: Outmaneuvered

We got to my room and Bastian was beet red. "Oh my god! I can't believe they heard that. They must think I'm awful."

I smiled at his discomfort and threw his overnight gear next to my desk. "Nah, they know you're a normal teenager, horny as hell and all talk."

Bastian blinked a couple of times, looked at me funny then blushed and gave me a lopsided grin. "Busted. I hope they don't think I'm a pervert."

"Who knows what parents think?" I snorted. "Mine are pretty cool as parents go though."

He sat on the edge of my bed as I continued. "I know we're supposed to be planning this self-defense class thing, but I usually workout after school. Would it be okay if we brainstorm while I workout?"

"Yeah, that's fine," he agreed. "Be okay if I join you? Maybe you could show me some moves."

I smiled, opening my closet door. It might be fun to `show' him some moves. Especially the naked kind. "Yeah, that way you can be ahead of the class when it starts."

I looked over at him expectantly. "That is if you plan on taking it at all, I know how busy you are."

"Are you kidding me?" He got up from the bed and looked me dead in the eyes. "I really want this self-defense class to work and so do a lot of others. We are tired of being picked on and bullied every day of our lives. We want to be able to enjoy school."

Wow. I was almost speechless. People were taking this thing seriously. I wanted to wrap him in my arms and protect him and put all his fears to rest. So sue me, I'm gay, okay?

"Bastian, have people been bullying you at school?"

"Most of it stopped last year after I became the webmaster for the school web site. They were probably afraid I would rat them out online." He was talking quietly with his shoulders slumped. "But it is still happening to so many other people at school. That's why this class is so important. It gives us hope."

"No pressure there, right?" I chuckled. Then I looked into his deep brown eyes and almost melted. I swear my knees were quivering. But not because of lust or love, but because Bastian really needed me. So did a bunch of other kids. I decided I couldn't let these people down.

About that time the other two 'kids' in my life walked in. Great timing. They had changed into shorts and t-shirts, ready to work out. Jake's looked a size too small and hugged his cute butt very tightly. I just stared, trying my best not drool. When I say he is perfect it is only because I can't think of any other way to describe him. He is one of those rare souls that everyone in the room is attracted to. He is just so amazingly charismatic that people want to know him and it doesn't faze him one bit. He is just a normal guy just like the rest of us.

"Like what you see, Josh?" he wiggled his butt, and I blushed furiously. He could be an arrogant ass sometimes too. Of course all eyes were on me at that point. I pretended to ignore him. Yeah, right, me ignore Jake. Not even a little bit effective.

"Seriously, Bastian you are going to have to help me figure this program out." I sat down on the bed and kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks. He sat next to me and did the same. The others sat on either side of us. Jake was next to me and put his chin on my shoulder and his arm around my waist. He is such a touchy feely guy. Of course I'm not complaining, I almost melt every time he does it, it feels so reassuring, but I am definitely not complaining.

"What do you mean?" Bastian looked puzzled. "You know everything about self-defense, not me."

"Yeah, but I've been doing it so long I don't even think about it. My body just knows what to do." I shrugged accidentally dislodging Jakey's chin, but he put it back. *sigh* "I need you to help me understand what will help the others the most."

I walked to the closet and stripped off my shirt and dropped my jeans, leaving me in my grey boxer briefs. I slipped on my cut off and tattered white exercise pants and turned to face them. Bastian gasped and his eyes got real wide.

"Josh!" He whispered.

"Yeah?" I asked uncertainly, quickly looking behind me.

"Wow!" He blushed. "I never knew you were in such great shape."

"See I told you he was ripped." Jake grinned, his eyes never leaving my body. "Nobody ever belies me until they see him without a shirt and in shorts."

I blushed self-consciously. Jake was telling people about me? "Sorry, I've never had an audience before. Except these two and they're both way hotter than me anyway."

"Yeah, right." Tommy giggled. "We wish!"

Bastian recovered. "You wear such baggy clothes, I always thought you would be skinny like most guys. You are super cut. Your muscles have muscles. But you're not bulky like a body builder, more like a fighter, which makes sense. You must workout everyday for hours."

"Um...not really...just a couple of hours a day, for the last six or seven years..." I squeaked, embarrassed.

He got up and took off his shirt. I tried not to look but I had never seen him shirtless before and I wasn't disappointed. "Looks like you work out too, Bastian. You have a nice physique."

"Thanks, Josh." He laid his hand on my shoulder. "Coming from you that is a real compliment. I run a few miles everyday and we have free weights at home. My older brother taught me how to use them when I was thirteen. He's on the college baseball team and really works out hard so I have to work extra hard to keep up. I guess it has helped."

"You're like me then." I giggled. "You hide it too. I had no idea you were so solid."

"Yeah, well," He sighed. "I'm used to living in the shadows. Plus when you're smart nobody looks at you like that anyway."

"I never thought of it like that," I agreed. "I guess no one has ever bothered to look at either one of us. Too bad for them. I guess."

Sebastian smiled, looked at Jake and said, "I totally get it now."

"What?" I asked, confusion written on my face.

"Nothing." Jake said getting up and heading to the door. Before stopping and getting right in my face "You just really have no idea how many people look up to you. And even more would if you'd get out of your shell a little bit. You don't realize it Josh but you are one of my role models. I can't believe what you have accomplished in the last few years. Me and Tommy are in awe of you every single day and you have no idea. You just keep going out there and slaying more dragons and acting like it is no big deal."

I had a tear in my eye and so did he. I pulled him into a big bear hug and Tommy came over and we all had an emotional family moment, hugging and sniffling. Not to be left out, sebastian joined in. The whole thing blew my mind and humbled me at the same time. Jake and Tommy looked up to me. Like I looked up to them. It was all very humbling and uplifting at the same time. Male embarrassment finally overtook us and destroyed the moment and we released each other, blushing and grinning in an 'awe shucks' kind of way.

We headed down the hall to the workout room and Bastian gushed, "This is awesome!"

The three of us explained the history of the room to him and I proceeded to start my stretching. He tried to copy me and I ended up having to explain each stretch to him. He said his brother had never included stretching in their routines. After we stretched he ran out to retrieve a pencil and notebook.

Jake and Tommy were busy giggling and whispering in the corner. I could only imagine what they were saying. Problem joking about me perving on Bastian. Before I could think of a suitable reprimand for them, Bastian was back.

"So are you going to start each class with stretching?" Bastian asked as he wrote that down.

"Yeah, that would be a good idea. If we don't stretch properly someone could seriously hurt themselves." I continued as he wrote. "Then I think we should work on simple blocks and strikes."

I ran through four kinds of blocks and four kinds of strikes with him until he could do them repeatedly and at speed. I was going to show him a kata when Mom walked in.

"Looks like you boys jumped right in." She laughed then hugged all of us and continued. "I've left all the contact info on the fridge. There's a couple of hundred dollars on the counter so you guys shouldn't starve while we're gone. Bye boys, we love you and we'll miss you. Bye Sebastian nice to meet you."

Dad dragged her out and Jake ran downstairs to say goodbye to his parents. Tommy did manage to get in a last shot as they walked out.

"You guys be good and don't do anything I wouldn't do, one brother is enough!"

He was lucky they hadn't heard him. "Sorry about that." I managed to croak out to Bastian. I was so embarrassed.

"No problem, he's just doing what siblings do best."

I just looked puzzled.

"Annoying the hell out of their brothers." We both laughed and my mood lifted again.

"So, I can see where blocks and punches might be helpful in a tournament," he started tapping the pen against his bottom lip as he thought his question through. "But I think we need to start out teaching some moves guaranteed to stop a bully. Got any ideas?"

"I haven't really thought about it like that." I answered thoughtfully. "I was just thinking of how most martial arts is taught as a progression, block, punch and kick. Then move onto combinations. But that won't help anyone immediately, will it?"

"Probably not, and we need to grab their attention so they will keep coming back to the meetings." he sighed. "I really want everyone to get something out of this...besides, we're not really teaching martial arts, but self-defense"

"Let me think about this while you work on the weights and I focus on my routines."

He worked out on the free weights and the machines with Jake and Tommy while I tried to focus on my martial arts. Problem was, I kept sneaking jealous glances at Jake working out. His muscles flexed in so many interesting and disruptive ways. I hope Sebastian didn't notice, no need to make him uncomfortable. Finally I shook myself out of Jake's hypnotic spell and focused on the after school program and on what would help the other kids most.

Later, after we had showered, all four of us went down to the kitchen to figure out dinner. Tommy suggested we go out since the `rents had generously provided the much needed cash.

"Hey, how would it be if we invited some other kids to go with us?" Bastian asked.

"Uh...sure," I responded. "Tired of us already?"

"No, but I've been thinking we might want some input from other guys and girls that have been bullied or could benefit from this program."

"Oh, that makes sense, who have you got in mind?"

"Well," Sebastian grinned and leaned over the counter toward me. "I have been talking to some folks already, and they are meeting us at the Sammy's pizza place at seven tonight. I hope you don't mind, but this is really a big deal to us. None of us ever dreamed we might be able to stand up to our attackers and fight back."

"That's it!" I exclaimed slamming my hand on the counter.

Bastian ducked for cover, I startled him so badly. The other two just jumped. "What?!" They all screamed in unison.

"The name for our new program!" I explained animatedly. "Stand Up! Fight Back!"

"Don't do that!" Bastian laughed. "You almost scared me to death. Does he do that often?"

"Not usually," Tommy laughed. "Except when Jake is bending over getting drinks out of the fridge. Then he gets pretty excited."

Tommy and Jake found that incredibly funny and proceeded to laugh their asses off.

"Sorry, I was just excited." I hastily added, ignoring the other two.

Tommy and Jake just kept snickering.

"No problem. Just warn a guy next time. But the name does sound good. We'll have to run it by Ms. Williamson to see if it is okay. But I like it." Bastian grinned. "Glad to see you're finally starting to get into it. Hey, we better get going, if we hope to meet everyone at 7:00."

"Seems like three someones have been keeping secrets from me. You guys knew all along we were meeting at the Sammy's, didn't you?"

They just laughed and said secrets were not that hard to keep around me. We locked up the house and headed over to Sammy's. We got there at 7:01, but I was expecting a long wait for a table. It being Friday night, the place was packed! I expressed my concern about the wait and Sebastian just grinned and said it wouldn't be a problem. Tommy and Jake had disappeared as soon as walked in.

I followed Sebastian to the back of the restaurant where they had their private function rooms. He opened the one of the sliding doors and there was a large eight seat table with a red and white plaid table cloth on it. Four teens of varying ages were already sitting waiting for us. I spotted Richie, but I did not know the others.

I turned to Sebastian and asked. "How long have you been planning this? How'd you get a private dining room in the best pizza place in town on a Friday night?"

"That'd be on me. My family owns the place, remember?" Richie grinned and spread his arms expansively. "I am Samuel Brewster the third, after all."

"Samuel...?" I asked stupidly. "How do you get Richie from Samuel, anyway?"

I don't think I described Richie before, but he is so cute or handsome or hot or whatever you want to say. He has spiked short black hair and dark olive skin. Very Italian. His features are finely chiseled like a model, and he is Tall and thin and cute. Oh, did I mention cute already?

"My middle name. I didn't want to be called little Sammy or anything like that. This here is my friend Becka" He said pointing to the girl next to him. The best way to describe her would be Goth. Black everything. Must be his girl friend.

"Next to Becka is her girlfriend Samantha, but she prefers Sam. And finally our friend stephen, little Bastian's boyfriend."

The other three groaned and I just stood there with my mouth open. Bastian was gay? Who knew?

"What?" Richie asked looking around at everybody. "He needs to know why everyone needs his help. We've got no secrets here, right?"

"Apparently not." Bastian answered taking a seat next to and hugging his boyfriend Stephen. Stephen had shaggy blond hair and was pretty thin, too. He was over six feet tall and towered over Bastian. I think he played on the basketball team. They made a cute couple.

Richie patted the seat next to his and smiled, "You can have the seat of honor."

I sat down and before I could ask what his story was, the door opened and a huge Italian hulk of a man entered carrying trays of pizza and pasta, none other than Sammy himself, the owner of Sammy's Pizza and one of my dad's old college football teammates.

"Welcome, everyone!" he bellowed as he set the heaping trays down. Enjoy the food and the evening."

Turning to me he added in a thick and throaty Italian accent. "You must be Josh. Good to make your acquaintance. Your dad is my lawyer. A real stand up guy. I have nothing but the greatest respect for him and your familia."

My mouth dropped open. Oh my god! What the hell? Was he connected to the mob? In Alabama?

Sammy bellowed out laughter and slapped me on my shoulder. "Gets 'em every time. Stereotypes. Don't let them take you down the wrong road." He said in his usual southern drawl. "Okay skinny boy, how are you gonna teach my boy and his friends to protect themselves from those football assholes?"

He poked me on my chest for effect. What should I do? Didn't
he used to be a football asshole?

Sebastian came to my rescue. "I wouldn't do that if I was you, Sammy. He ain't so skinny under those clothes and he's got more martial arts trophies than you can load in the back of your pick-up truck of yours."

Sammy laughed mockingly and put me in a half-Nelson hold none too gently. This was exactly why I kept my martial arts a secret. Folks thought it was funny to test the fighter boy.

"How you gonna get outta this one karate boy?"

"Well sir..."

"Don't tell me, show me!" he boomed, tightening the hold.

And show him I did, to the crowing delight of everyone in the room. I stomped his foot dropped, twisted out of his hold and had him on the floor in two seconds flat.

"I give!" Sammy shouted massaging his arm after I released him. "You're for real boy. That's for sure. I think maybe you can help Richie and his friends."

"Damn!" Richie yelled jumping up and hugging me. "I don't know anybody that's ever gotten outta daddy's bear hug. That was so cool!"

Everybody at the table was congratulating and patting me on the back. Sebastian yelled across the table. "I invited everybody over to your house tonight so we can go over the program, I hope that's okay."

"I'll have to clear it with my parents, they have a strict no party rule when they are out of town." I held up my phone and headed into the hallway to call mom. When her phone rang my mother said hello from right behind me. I nearly jumped out of my skin. She was right behind me!

"Yes, dear you can have your friends over." she laughed and led me into the adjoining private dining room where Tommy, Jake, both sets of our parents, Sammy and a lady I assumed was his wife were sitting at a table exactly like ours. "Sorry, we all kind of set you up. You didn't really think I'd let you have that cute little Sebastian over for an unsupervised weekend did you?"

I just rolled my eyes and groaned. I'd been had all right. But good. Tommy and Jake were laughing so hard they could barely stay in their seats. How many people were in on this great charade? Saying hello and goodbye to the old folks, I dragged Tommy and Jake back to eat with the rest of us. Turns out Samantha, Becka and Stephen were freshmen with Tommy and Jake. Richie, Sebastian and I were all sophomores. We sat back down but Tommy slid in next to Richie, then Jake and finally me.

Richie looked at Tommy and laughed, "Why do I always end up next to you? Your brother is the guest of honor."

Tommy grinned and laughed. "Cause you're just lucky, I guess."

The room groaned and Jake interjected, "Or it may be because he is un-lucky, Tommy! You just like to be the center of attraction."

Everyone howled with laughter and Tommy play slugged Jake. God, once again I envied their relationship. Tommy was so lucky to have Jake as a best friend, then again so was Jake. They worked so well together, playing off each other's energy. Everyone focused on the heaping plates in front and polished off most of the excellent pasta and pizza. The whole table seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was a fun night. Mostly cause I had Jakey almost exclusively to myself since Tommy and Richie talked non-stop to each other. It was the most Jake and I had talked in a while and I loved it.

Later, Tommy announced that everyone was coming over for a sleepover that had been planned by him, Sebastian and Jake. Looks like I had been out maneuvered again. How did these guys keep ahead of me so often? My parents walked over and said they had taken care of the tab for everyone and for us not to worry about it. We left twenty bucks for a tip anyway and headed to the parking lot. Jake and Tommy would ride with me and the others with Richie. I used the time to grill Tommy and Jake who said they had been talking to Sebastian the last few days to set the weekend up.

"But I only invited him to spend the weekend today." I stated dumbly.

Jake answered for both of them. "We love you Joshie, but you are not the quickest on the uptake when it comes to social situations. If you hadn't invited him, one of us would have."

I started to defend myself against the two of them but Jakey scooted up from the backseat and put his chin on my shoulder, like he always does. Then he gave me his best puppy dog eyes.

"Forgive us?" He begged.

"Yeah, but..."

"Still love us?" He fluttered his eyelashes at me and I almost lost control of the jeep.

"Of course, but..."

"Josh, sometimes I can't believe we are brothers." Tommy laughed. "Me, Jake and Sebastian set this up Wednesday afternoon. The parents approved it all Thursday. Where were you?"

He was right, sometimes it was hard to believe he and I were brothers and not him and Jake. I don't know how they out maneuvered me so often but they did. Which was fine because luckily they cared about me and wanted the best for me. Who am I kidding, I am a social retard and they have their work cut out for them just keeping me involved.

"Luckily, you did invite Bastian for the weekend so we didn't have to rescue you." Tommy laughed again.

Changing the subject I asked. "So what is Richie's story?"

"What do you mean?" Jake asked shooting a covert glance at Tommy.

"I mean," I answered. "I understand why the other four would want to be able to protect themselves, since they're...well you But just look at Richie, he's in good shape, he can take care of himself."

"Nice diplomatic answer, by the way." Tommy laughed. "but we already knew everyone in the room tonight was gay. And--"

"You mean Richie is gay? I asked, finally putting two and two together.

"You didn't know?" Jake asked, shooting that same glance at Tommy again.

What was up with that anyway?

"No, why would I?"

"Because you're gay, he's gay, he's cute," Tommy sing-songed. "And more importantly because of him being beaten almost to death by the football team last year because somehow they heard he might be gay. He had to repeat as a sophomore this year because of it."

I gripped the steering wheel involuntarily. Damn those football players. They think they can do whatever they want, with no repercussions.

"Wow, I didn't know." I sighed. "That really sucks. It's shit like that that we need to keep from happening to anyone else. This whole bullying thing is out of control and has got to stop! I'm so sick of it!"

"I feel you, bro, I feel you." Tommy rubbed my shoulder in support. "Just relax, okay? Don't get too worked up. What we're doing is gonna help."

There was silence for a few seconds until Jake couldn't contain himself any longer.

"So you gonna ask him out?" Jake chortled from the back seat. Eliciting a smack from Tommy.

"No," I sighed morosely. He is cute but I've kind of got it bad for someone else."

Now what the hell made me admit that to them? Talk about opening a can of worms...I might as well have asked to be put under the third degree. I knew what was coming next.

"Who, who!?" Jake asked excitedly, his chin on my shoulder, once again. "Tell us, we can keep a secret."

I shuddered as the warmth of his breath gave me goose bumps where it tickled my neck. Is he so oblivious in his straight little world that he doesn't realize what he does to me? How each time he touches me my whole body vibrates? I know I try to hide my true feelings and desires from him, but am I really that good an actor and is he really that blind? Or is he messing with my head and my emotions on purpose? We've known each other forever and we are so much like brothers the touching and hugging and closeness just come with the territory. Yeah, that must be it. He wouldn't fuck with my head, right?

"It doesn't matter anyway, he is straight and I don't have a chance." I heave an even deeper sigh. If Jake only knew he was the one. Yeah sure, he'd just laugh and say I was a perv. That thought actually made me smile a little.

"Do we know him?" Tommy grilled me. "What grade is he in? Is he cute? Do we know him?"

"Apparently you two know everyone at our school," I joked. "So I would say you definitely know him. He is younger than me though, in your grade as matter of fact. So I guess that makes me a perv. And he is about the cutest guy ever."

"Oh my god!" Tommy gasped. "It's me! Sorry bro, but I'm not into incest!"

He and Jake had another laugh fest in the backseat, high fiving each other. So I retorted. "It couldn't possibly be you Tommy, I said he was cute remember?"

It was Jake's turn to crack up this time. I'm glad I could be so entertaining to these jokers. I pulled in the driveway and Richie was a little behind us. Before I could open my car door, Jake gripped my shoulders.

"You've got to tell us who the lucky guy is." His tone said wasn't kidding around this time. "We deserve to know."

"I wish I could Jake, but it would just complicate things." I turned to look him dead in the eye as I spoke again. "You don't know how hard it is for me not to be able to tell you. It's the only secret I have from you. I promise."

"But Joshie," He whispered, almost pleading. "I need to know. It's important. You have to tell me. You just have to. We don't keep secrets, right?"

That stung. I looked to Tommy for support but oddly enough he was staying quiet but he had his arm over Jake's shoulder nodding in agreement. My two best friends looked at me expectantly. One my brother and one the boy I loved. It tore at my heart that I couldn't share my deepest darkest secret with them. But I knew they would never understand. I could never share this secret. It would destroy everything we had. As difficult as it was, I had to be strong.

"I'm sorry Jakey," I sniffed. "But you have to trust me on this one, you don't want to know."

I reached to open my door again and he tightened his grip on my shoulder. "It's not fair, Joshie, it's not fair. You have to tell me...I have to know!"

There was a bang as Richie slapped my window. "Hey you guys coming in or what?"

I got out of the jeep and ran into the house. My secret locked in my heart. Tonight I almost spilled the beans and ruined everything. If I lose Jake's friendship because I'm in love with him, I don't know what I'll do. I can't exist without his light and energy in my life.

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