Tommy and Jake

aka: My Kid Brother Tommy and His Best Friend Jake

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This is a gay teenage love story. It is also about discovering and overcoming obstacles in life. There are going to be sexual situations depicted but that is not the purpose of the story, If you don’t like gay relationships or are legally not allowed to read about them, please refrain from doing so. Do not copy without permission.

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Chapter 8: The Morning After

I had an epiphany. I love that word, epiphany. It sounds so intelligent and kind of musical all at once. Well, no matter what it sounded like, I had one. The most bizarre, surreal dream I had ever had revealed all that had happened to me and now I knew what I had to do. My life needed some real meaning. This ‘punishment’ I was facing was actually a gift I could give to all the other bullied kids at our school. Confidence and hope were what I could offer everyone through our self-defense club.


I smiled as I gazed longingly at Jake’s shirtless torso draped across my body as he slept so peacefully. How many times had I woken up just like this with my life-sized teddy bear draped across me? Too many times to count over the years.

I shook my sleeping beauty awake. Forcefully.

Jake groaned and croaked out. "Is it really morning already?"

I looked at the window near my bed and there was just enough light out that I could officially call it morning, if just barely...

"Yes Jakey, it is." I answered cheerfully, kissing him lightly on the cheek.

This was something I could get used to, kissing Jake awake. My lips smiled from the contact with his perfectly smooth body. The sun was barely even up yet and I was getting used to kissing Jake. Who knew what I might be used to by tomorrow?

"You're gonna make me get up and go for a run aren't you?" He grumped.

How many times had we replayed this same morning ritual? Him grousing about getting up and me making him get out of bed and head out for our daily run. Some things never changed and I secretly smiled at the chance to drag his lazy ass out of bed. I decided to change the routine just for today.

"No run today, Jakey.” I whispered in his ear.

"What? Why’d you wake me up then? Just let me stay in bed." He mumbled groggily halfway back to sleep again. Nope, definitely not a morning person.

"No, Jakey." I replied, stroking his hair with my chin. "Today I think we should talk.”

Jake raised his head slightly with a look of real concern on his face.

“Umm, wait, you mean you are actually cancelling a run? This must be a really important talk, cause you haven’t cancelled a run since...well I don’t think you ever have.”

I sighed and pulled myself into a lotus position with my back against my headboard.

“Jake, I know what everybody has been keeping secret from me. I just don’t understand why.”

“What do you mean? Who told you? I...I mean we aren’t keeping secrets.”

I smiled at him and pulled him up next to me, leaning against the headboard.

“Jake, you suck at lying...see, you’re blushing. I can always tell when you try to lie to me. You know that.”

“Well, who told you?” He crossed his arms over his chest and looked away. “Cause it wasn’t me. I don’t talk in my sleep... Do I?”

I grabbed his hands and pulled us both down onto the bed, face to face knee to knee.

“Jake, nobody told me. I remembered it on my own. Last night in a dream. At least I remembered enough that I could piece it all together. The attack, being in the hospital, almost dying and even some of the recovery. Why has everybody kept it a secret from me for so long?”

“Geez, Josh. I wanted to tell you a hundred times and so did Tommy.” A tear escaped his eye and I wiped it away. “Our parents said the doctors decided that with how you got hurt--”

“You mean attacked and left for dead.”

“Yeah, attacked and left for dead.”

Suddenly he buried his head in my chest and sobbed like a hysterical child. It lasted a few minutes, so I held him and rubbed his back until he calmed down.

The door flew open and Tommy rushed to the bed.

“What the hell did you do to Jake?”

“Nothing, Tommy, he just needed to cry it out.”

“Cry what out? What the hell did you do to him? I swear to God, Josh--”

“Tommy!” Jake hissed out, his sobs momentarily quiet. “He didn’t DO anything. I was just upset ‘cause I remembered how we almost lost him, you know, after the attack. It all came back and I was terrified all over again.”

“You mean you told him!?” Tommy screeched and started pacing around the bed. “Oh shit, we’re dead. Our parents are gonna kill us. Shit.Shit.Shit!”

I grabbed Tommy’s hand and dragged him onto the bed, so he was spooning Jake and facing me.

“Tommy! He didn’t tell me anything. I remembered it all by myself, last night. Most of it anyway. Enough to know I’m lucky to still be here.”

Jake rolled onto his back and tears were still coming out of his eyes.

“That’s why I was crying. When he told me what he knew it was like I was reliving that night all over again.”

I nodded at Tommy and we both hugged Jake. Tommy started crying and I was afraid we would wake up the whole house so I got up to close the door and in popped a concerned Richie.

“What the hell is happening in here?” He whispered, shutting the door behind him. “Jesus, you guys are gonna wake everybody else in the house up with all this caterwauling. It’s barely five freaking thirty yet.”

Tommy got up and went to Richie and Jake started giggling.

“What?” Richie snapped.

Jake grinned his evil grin. “Tommy’s boxers are on backwards. I can see his ass crack.”

Tommy whipped his hand back to check then blushed. Before he could say anything Jake cut him off.

“And Richie’s wearing Tommy’s boxers. What have y’all been up to in your room?”

Tommy and Richie both turned crimson then practically flew out the door. Jake and I were alone again and I brushed his hair out of his eyes.

“Feel better now?” I sighed.

“Yeah,” He nodded and pulled me down next to him again. “Josh, I never want to live through that again. What we all lived through when you almost died. I was sure I had lost you. I was so afraid.”

He pulled me into a hug and I started to say something but he put his fingers on my lips.

“No, I need to say something... Every day since then I have tried to remember to see you and smile at you and touch you and be there for you. I realized I can’t ever take you or anyone else for granted. Any of us could be gone in a heartbeat.”

He took a deep breath before continuing, his fingers still on my lips. I wouldn’t have been able to say anything anyway, a huge lump had formed in my throat.

“I know everyone knows me as the class clown and a joker, and that is what I want them to see, a happy person that loves life. But you need to know that I am not a clown about you...about us. I will never take you for granted and I will never let a day go by that I don’t tell you and show you that I love you.”

He released my lips and for a moment I still couldn’t say anything. I was stunned. Jake Clayton, the happy-go-lucky boy I had fallen in love with, was quickly proving how mature he really was. My heart swelled with pride and tears sprang to my eyes as I realized I was quite possibly the luckiest guy on the whole planet. I had somehow found and fallen in love with the sexiest, smartest and most loving guy in the whole universe. And, to top it off, he actually loved me.

We stared at each other through bloodshot, cried-out eyes and I felt a power rushing through me I had never experienced before. I was having difficulty containing all my emotions and I could tell Jake was feeling the same way. We were perfectly in tune at that moment and I prayed we always would be.

“Jake.” I whispered, my heart pounding in my chest.

“You feel it too?” He grinned shyly.

“Oh yeah.”


“Oh yeah....”


I leaned in and as our lips touched an electric jolt thundered through my body. His lips were so deliciously soft and firm all at once and he tasted like my favorite flavor in the world; Jake. I tasted Jake and I was suddenly a junkie. I knew I would never get enough.

His tongue brushed my upper lip and snaked its way through to my teeth until I opened my mouth. Stars exploded all around me the moment our tongues touched and stroked each other. His tongue filled my yearning mouth then retreated so I could fill his.

Oh God, I was kissing Jake and I was finally hard as a rock. Jake moaned as I reached through the waistband of his boxers and gently wrapped my hand around the head of his cock. I could feel precum at the tip and moaned into his mouth at the thrill of discovery.

Never releasing our kiss, Jake ran his hand up the inside of my thigh, then up the length of my shaft until he squeezed the head of my dick. He let go and pulled back from the kiss long enough to lick the precum off his fingers. That sight was so hot I almost came.

As soon as he licked my precum he rammed his tongue into my eager mouth and I tasted my cum for the very first time. Instead of being disgusted by it, I wished he would do it again, soon.

I squeezed the precum out of his dick and smeared it on my lips and sucked it off my finger. It was so incredibly sweet and musky, just like Jake. He yanked my fingers into his mouth then sucked and licked them clean one by one.

“Jake!” I whispered frantically into his neck while I simultaneously nibbled and sucked. “I need to see you naked. I have to see you naked.”

He giggled and responded huskily. “I thought you’d never ask.”

We got up on our knees and while we kissed, we fumbled and pulled until we had each others boxers pulled down and off. Our cocks dueled at the same pace and ferocity as our tongues. I was about thirty seconds from blowing my load so I pushed us apart long enough to catch our breath.

“Holy shit, Josh.” He sighed reverently. “You’re fucking huge compared to me. It must be at least six inches, maybe seven. I’m jealous.”

“Um, Jake, yours is just about as big as mine and I’m almost two years older.” I stroked his beautifully perfect cock and sighed. “You know that this is not yours anymore. It’s mine, all mine.”

He blushed and gently stroked mine as he answered. “And this is mine. It was always meant to be mine.”

With that he shocked the hell out of me by pushing me over backwards and licking slowly from my nipples all the way to my pubes. I moaned softly and he licked around the base of my cock and then tentatively licked my ball sack. My eyes rolled back in my head and I tried not to scream.

“Oh, frak, Jake, you’re driving me crazy!”

“Want me to stop?” He giggled.

“God no! Keep going. Keep going, ohhh!”

He firmly and slowly ran his tongue up the underside of my shaft until he reached the head and then ran his tongue around it then back down the top of my shaft. He hesitated for a second then buried his face between my legs and started tonguing my balls back and forth. I lifted my ass off the bed so he would have better access and almost screamed again when he sucked first my left nut then my right nut into his mouth and gave them a thorough tongue wash.

The sheets were damp from my sweat and I was panting in anticipation. This was so much better than jerking off. I never imagined I could experience such intense sensations with someone else.

Jake released my soaked balls and pushed my ass gently back to the sheet. He grinned, then slowly, teasingly lowered his mouth around my dick without actually touching it. His hot breath was enough to get an involuntary spasm out of it, then he engulfed me in his hot wet mouth and sucked his lips up my shaft one time slowly and I knew I was done for. If I died right now, I would die happy.

“Jesus, Jake. I’m about to shoot.” I panted. “Pull off or you’re gonna get a mouthful!”

His lips gripped tighter and he slowly rode down my cock until his nose was tickling my pubes. He slowly sucked up my cock again and shivers raced through my body and goose bumps jumped up on my arms and legs. He grunted something and increased his pace until he had a nice quick rhythm going.

Fire shot through my stomach and spread to my back and spine. He started massaging my balls and I realized I had been moaning incoherently for over a minute now. He swirled his tongue around my dick as he sucked up and down and lightning arced through my whole body. I slammed a pillow over my face and screamed as my balls finally exploded and shot after shot of cum pumped into Jake’s hungry mouth. He kept licking and swallowing until my dickhead got so sensitive I had to drag him off.

Our lips met and the heat of his sweat slicked body was a soothing balm to my soul. He passed a few drops of my cum into my mouth and my head spun from the sensual overload he was stoking. He started humping his cock between our sweat soaked bodies, and before I realized what he was doing, he started whimpering and his rigid dick pulsed at least eight shots of hot cum between us before he collapsed on me.

I was completely wasted and I knew Jake had to be also. Just a few minutes making love had wiped me out more than a five mile hard run. I never knew it could be like this. We both giggled and hugged onto each other as our bodies relaxed and cooled down.

“You know,” Jake sighed, finally lifting his head from my neck. “We never finished our talk.”

“We can talk when we wake up in a little while.” I yawned.

“Okay, that works for me.” He giggled. “You know I won’t turn down an offer like that. I hate to get up this early anyway.”

“I know,” I groaned. “But tomorrow we run.”

“Hey Josh?”

“Yeah, Jake?”

I love you, you know.” He whispered.

“I know, and I love you too.” I whispered back. “I kind of always have.”

“Yeah, I know.” He smiled and laid his head back down. “It’s the Clayton charm.”

“Actually,” I corrected. “It’s the Jake Clayton charm.”


In about thirty seconds we were both asleep again. Oblivious to the world around us, I was happier than I could ever remember being. Our talk could wait for a while and so could the kids sleeping down the hall. I had everything I needed right here and I just wanted to stay snuggled up with my Jake.

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