This story is a work of FICTION. The events described have only occurred in my mind. Any similarities to actual events or persons are strictly coincidental.


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Troubled Minds

Chapter Ten

"Best Served Cold"

When Chris awoke the next day David was nowhere to be seen. His bed was empty and had been made. Assuming David must have already gone downstairs for breakfast Chris went about his morning routine.

Ten minutes later he found himself in the bathroom, towel in hand, staring sleepily into the mirror. He was shocked to see his blackened eye but soon remembered the odd happenings of the previous night.

"That was weird," he thought.

He wasn't kidding either. David was certainly not himself anymore. Things had inevitably become too much for him and he had been pushed clean over the edge. However the extent of the change had yet to be realised by either boy.

Chris' eye wasn't hurting him, but that didn't make the bruise go away and he knew he would be getting questioned at the breakfast table. No harm in telling the truth though, Chris decided. All he had to say was his friend had hurt him accidentally, it happens.

He thought about David's behaviour yesterday and couldn't work out what had sparked the sudden change. He was fine all day at the Sandcastle, and even when Chris was ranting about Nathan, David still seemed his normal self.

By going through the day in stages Chris concluded that whatever it was that upset David it must have happened in that hour he had spent with Nathan outside.

"What the hell could it be?" Chris spoke out loud to himself.

Paranoia was setting in now, and Chris was sure it had to be something he had done, but couldn't for the life of him work out what it was. Maybe he had seen Nathan kiss him. That didn't make much sense, though, because David had had quite a lot to say about it the last time Chris kissed someone. No, Chris knew that couldn't be it either. He resolved to get to the bottom of it today, but now was the time to wake up in a nice hot shower.

He hung his towel over the radiator dropped his boxers, and stepped into the shower. He turned the water on, and waited for it to get warm before he stepped underneath. The water was nice, and instantly welcoming. He shivered pleasantly as the water soaked his hair, the change in temperature bringing him out in goose bumps. He let the water rain over him for a while, then he started to soap up, paying special attention to you know where.

A funny thought occurred to him as he started stroking his cock. The last time he had done this it had ended rather sourly and with a sore head all thanks to his best friend. This time, though, was completely different, as he had something more than a poster to think about, plus he wasn't imagining fucking a girl either.

As he played with himself, he thought about David sucking his cock, then his thoughts changed to images of David naked, standing in front of him, then lying on his bed, then he thought of...


His thoughts had changed to another individual. This person should certainly not be occupying his fantasies, this person was off limits, this person was Nathan. He shouldn't think about anyone but David, it was wrong, wasn't it? Well, if this was wrong then Chris could get used to being wrong more often. Thinking of someone other than David felt dangerous, and very, very hot. Or maybe not, maybe it was just the thought of Nathan himself that made him feel so good.

He now pictured Nathan as he often pictured David. In Chris' fantasy, Nathan was stripping for him, and he looked good. Of course Chris had seen Nathan practically naked many times before and, truth be told, he didn't match up to the fantasy. But in Chris' mind at the moment Nathan had the body of a model, and the cock of a porn star. It didn't take long to get to the good stuff, and now Chris imagined being fucked himself rather than dominating.

His hand was moving at lightning speed, and his legs were becoming weak as the sensations in his hard, swollen cock intensified. Cum came shooting from his dick as he reached his orgasm, and splatted on the shower wall. Breathless from the effort, Chris leant against the shower wall taking a few moments to recuperate. He instantly felt dirty as the anticlimax of his ejaculation took over, and hoped David didn't have the power to read minds, as this would undoubtedly result in another ugly encounter between them.

Chris furrowed his brow in thought. "Why Nathan?" he wondered. Was it because Nathan had admitted his feelings for Chris the day previously? That could be part of it, but Chris knew that wasn't the only reason. Why shouldn't he be curious? Nathan was a good looking guy, and they were best friends. Nathan had offered himself on a plate and Chris would be lying if he said he wasn't tempted. He wouldn't cheat on David, of course, that was different, that was love, David was special, but there's nothing wrong with a bit of lustful fantasy, right?

"Is that what this is, lust?" thought Chris.

Chris found it slightly funny as he pondered on it. He had a crush on his best friend. "Fucking brilliant! God I hate my brain."

It wasn't Chris' fault really. He was young, hormones were haywire, and mixed messages and signals were flying around all over the place among the three friends. Anyway, Chris had more important things to worry about at the moment. The crush on Nathan he could cope with, but the mysterious behaviour of his boyfriend had to be explained.

He washed himself off, and pointed the shower head at the wall to clean up his mess. Chris then turned the shower off, got out and wrapped himself in a towel. He grabbed his boxers, unlocked the door and left the bathroom.

"Well that went a lot better than last time," he mused to himself as he walked back to his room to get dressed.


With purpose in his stride Chris made his way to the dining room/kitchen for breakfast, hoping to talk to David before other people came down. He had to double take as he walked past a window on the stairs with a view of the large back garden as he hadn't expected to see David (or anyone else, for that matter) out there so early.

It was still only 8:00am and most people should still be in bed, but David was definitely, without a doubt, sitting out there, coincidentally in exactly the same place as he and Chris had shared their first bit of conversation. As Chris made his way outside to meet him, he hoped that this discussion may go better than their last one.

As he approached David, it was clear from his distant expression he was deep in thought. Chris sat down beside him, but David showed no sign of acknowledgment and continued to stare into space.

"Hey, want to talk about it?" asked Chris in a soothing, loving manner.

David continued to ignore Chris' presence and maintained his intense stare which was becoming more unnatural by the second. Chris was worried he had disrupted a deep personal moment and remained silent for a few minutes, but still David did not falter.

"Dave, are you OK?" Chris asked anxiously, but was still ignored. "Dave, please talk to me."

For the first time since Chris had sat down beside him David blinked, but that was the only evidence that he was still living.

Gently shaking David, Chris pleaded with him to say something. "Dave? David! Please speak to me, let me help you, just tell me what's wrong."

The shaking brought David back to reality, or as close to reality as David's mind would let him. Seeing Chris sitting there beside him he began to smile. "Hello." That was it. Like the earlier blinking of the eyes, nothing more was forthcoming.

David's huge grin combined with his dilated pupils and obviously unbalanced mental state was downright scary. He continued to beam at Chris, as if the last five minutes he had been sitting there hadn't occurred.

Chris, very spooked by the situation, tried to approach it with caution. "Are you OK?" he ventured, warily.

"Of course I'm OK" replied David, over enthusiastically. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"You seem to be acting a bit strange. I'm just worried that's all."

"You don't have to worry about me. Everything is fine, I feel great." replied David, a big smile still plastered on his face.

Chris was, now, completely unnerved by David's strange behaviour, made even stranger by the way David actually seemed to be telling the truth. David was giving no indication he thought any of this was the least bit odd. With growing concern, Chris realised there and then he wasn't talking to "David" anymore, only some strange person who looked like David.

"Are you coming in for breakfast?" asked Chris, eager to change the subject to seem like he was satisfied with David's reply.

"No, no I'm fine out here thanks."

Chris couldn't help but stare at David, trying to see past the strange mask he had adopted, and into his mind, but all he could see was darkness and emptiness.

Thoroughly confused and upset Chris got up and backed away from David heading back toward the house. As he reached the door Chris noticed David had gone back into his trance-like stare, as though nothing had happened. It was painful for Chris to watch. The shift in David's persona was incomprehensible. How could someone change so much in a mere matter of hours? Chris didn't know what to do, and could only think of one person to go to. He entered the house and headed straight back upstairs to speak to Nathan.


It had been a tough morning by anyone's standards for Trish, and it was no wonder she was cursing and swearing to herself about her superiors and the police. She had barely stepped foot inside St Paul's, when her phone started ringing. Social services had decided it was time to notify her that one of the children in her care was at serious risk.

The snobbish lady on the other side of the phone had calmly explained David's father's escape from the hospital and assured Trish it was probably nothing to worry about. Nothing to worry about? Trish was livid, when she found out that it had already been on the news and, seemingly, everyone in Britain knew about it before she did. In her opinion this WAS something to worry about, and it could have a serious impact on David once he was aware of it.

Following this initial notification of the matter, Trish made several calls both to police, and social services trying to gather more information, without success. Apparently police were in no position to tell the public anymore than they already had, and instead assured her they were doing all they can to find Henderson as quickly and as safely as possible.

After these fruitless phone calls Trish went to her filling cabinet to seek out David's file, only to find that, for some reason, it was not there. This was odd since only she knew were the key was hidden. She checked again, sure she must have made a mistake and overlooked it, but no, still no file. This day was getting worse. Not only would a missing file land her in trouble, but due to the sensitive content inside this particular file, Trish couldn't help but be worried it had fallen into the wrong hands.

After a thorough search of her office Trish concluded the file was indeed missing. Regrettably she picked up the phone to make another unpleasant phone call to her boss. She would have to declare the missing information and an investigation would then take place. No doubt about it. This was definitely NOT a good day.


It was 9:00am and Ben and Nathan were still sound asleep oblivious to Chris' dilemma. The two hadn't spoken to each other since their fall out two days ago. And whereas both boys had individually decided it was a very pathetic and trivial thing to have such a big falling out over, still neither was willing to give in to the other. Blame it on testosterone, or blame it on sheer stubbornness, but it looked like this silly argument was destined to go on for quite sometime.

Nathan didn't think he should have to explain himself to Ben, as it was none of his business what David and Chris had argued about. He wasn't going to break Chris' confidence, and even if that wasn't an issue, explaining everything would eventually result in him coming out as "bi," something Nathan wasn't prepared to consider yet.

Chris was outside Nathan and Ben's bedroom door pacing back and forth unsure of whether or not to wake his friend. He needed to talk to someone, but at the same time he was afraid of talking about what was bothering him. Something had happened to David and Chris knew it must be something awful even if he didn't exactly know what it was. Talking to David just now had been like talking to a completely different person. A person who only looked like David on the surface, but hid a mysteriously troubled stranger inside. But at the same time Chris realised such thoughts were, well, ludicrous. Or, at least, that's how they'd sound to anyone else. How could it be a different person? Which explained Chris' dilemma concerning who to talk to, and what to say when he did.

Chris was getting more agitated by the second and decided, come what may, he had to spit this out. He was about to knock, but changed his mind so as not to wake Ben up. He didn't want Ben to hear any of this. So Chris opened the door as quietly as he could and cringed as it squeaked open sure that it would wake his friends up. It didn't, and he silently crept over to Nathan's bedside.

Both boys were still deep in sleep, with Ben lying on his side, facing into the wall and Nathan sound asleep on his back. Chris knelt beside Nathan, put his hand on his shoulder, and gently shook him awake whilst whispering, "Nathan... Nathan... wake up..."

Nathan awoke and stared at Chris beside him. Normally he would be pissed off and grumpy about being awakened before he was ready, but the sight of Chris instantly made him feel good, at least until he saw Chris' black eye and read the expression on his face indicating something was wrong.

"What's up, what's happened to your face?" asked Nathan sitting upright in his bed. In doing this he also let the duvet slip to reveal his bare chest. Chris noticed this straight away and felt a little twinge in his lower quarters. It wasn't what he had imagined in his fantasy, but it was still nice to look at.

"I need to talk to you, can we go next door?" Chris continued to whisper.


Nathan got out of bed wearing only a pair of black boxers and quietly followed Chris next door. He entered first and stood in the centre of the room, arms folded trying to block out the unwelcome cold.

"Its bloody freezing," shivered Nathan.

"Get in my bed then."

"You sure?"

"Yeah," said Chris, sitting on David's bed instead of his own."

"Thanks," replied Nathan, somewhat downheartedly after realising Chris wasn't planning to get into the bed with him. However, Nathan was still cold so, disappointed as he might have been, he crawled into Chris' bed, sat up and pulled the covers up to his chin. "Go on then mate, what's happened?"

Chris merely sat on David's bed fidgeting with his hands. He couldn't bring himself to look at Nathan much less answer his friend's question, yet. Chris kept replaying David's strange behaviour in his mind and the sudden thought that David might be mentally ill made Chris shudder and brought tears to his eyes. He turned his face away from Nathan in an attempt to stop him from seeing his distress, and swallowed down hard on a huge lump in his throat which was now also a reason for his continued silence.

However, there was no way Chris could hide such emotion from anyone at this moment, let alone his best friend and Nathan wasn't about to let his mate bottle things up like this. Not after their pact yesterday. No more secrets. Nathan swung round to the edge of the bed so his feet touched the ground but he was still wrapped up under the duvet. He leaned forward a little and gently rubbed Chris' leg.

"Come on mate, what's wrong?

Chris visibly bit back on the emotion determined not to give in and turned back to face his friend. "It's David," he finally said.

"What about David? What's happened?"

"It's hard to explain, I mean I probably sound crazy, but you didn't see it, you didn't see him. He's different."

"Different? Different how? What are you talking about Chris? You're not making any sense."

"Something's happened to him Nathan, it's made him change. I think he's gone mad. It's like... it's like it's not even him."

"Eh?" was all Nathan could muster. He was completely baffled by what Chris was saying and couldn't understand a word of it. "What are you talking about? Go back to the beginning," said Nathan, trying to slow things down a little.

"Oh for god's sake. DAVID HAS GONE MAD!" Chris practically screamed, a look of panic in his eye.

Barely pausing to breathe, Chris rambled on: "Yesterday, he was weird with me, and I mean really weird with me. I knew something was up, when he didn't want to come down for dinner, but he said he wasn't feeling good and I believed him, but when I came back up he was asleep so I tried to give him a kiss good night without waking him, but he did wake up and then he hit me, actually hit me, knocked me to the floor and he was going to hit me again before he realised it was me. But that's not even the weird bit. He didn't even seem to care that he had hit me, but he also seemed sort of scared at the same time and then I told him about the guy who has escaped who might be his dad and he did this fake laugh thing and said 'typical' and went to bed without even wanting to talk to me about it."

"O...K..." Nathan softly commented while trying to make sense of Chris' rapid-fire babbling.

"That's not all, because today was even stranger. I wake up this morning, quite early, you know what I'm like, and I look over at David's bed, but he's not there. It's a little weird for him, but I assumed that he was downstairs or something having an early breakfast. Anyway, I go for a shower, get dressed and go downstairs expecting to find him in the dining room or something, but going down the stairs I see someone sitting outside through the window and it's him, and he's just sitting there on the bench looking out into the distances all serious, like he's really thinking about something. Well by this point, I definitely want to find out what the hell is wrong with him so I automatically go outside and try to ask him what's wrong, but he completely blanks me as if I'm not there, so I have to speak to him several times before he acknowledges me and it's as if it's a different David. It was so creepy, he had this weird smile all the time and it just didn't sound like him. It actually scared me. He said he's fine, but he's not and I don't know what to do Nathan, I don't know what's happened to him and I don't know what to do, so tell me what I should do."

Following the verbal outburst the sudden silence seemed deathly. With nothing more coming from Chris Nathan slowly cleared his throat. "Maybe you should talk to Trish."

"What, so he can be thrown in a nut house?"

"Oh come on! They won't put him in a nut house because he's acting a bit weird. I mean if that was the case, they would have locked you up ages ago."

Chris gave him a stern look, obviously unimpressed with Nathan's attempt to lighten the mood.

"Wrong time for jokes? I'm sorry, it was just a suggestion. But, honestly, I don't know what to say Chris, I mean if it's really as bad as you say..."

"I'm not exaggerating," Chris immediately interrupted.

"Well then, what can we do? What do we know anything about psychology, and it's obvious that he's going through a lot of stuff. I don't know much about his dad, but from what the news said about sexual abuse? I can only imagine. If you really want to help David then you need to tell someone who really knows what to do about it."

"Maybe you're right. What the hell has happened. though? He was fine at the Sandcastle, he was so nice to me, and now this. It just doesn't make sense. Uh uh! Something happened to him before I told him about his dad. Something strange is going on, Nathan, I know it. You don't just turn crazy just like that. He was happy, we were happy. He was dealing with his past, with his dad, that can't be what this is about. He can't just switch off, we love each other, Nathan."

"I know you do, It's going to be OK, but we need to talk to Trish, or someone who knows about shit like this, for David's sake."

"I guess you're right."


When Nathan got back to his room Ben was already getting dressed. Nathan's mood instantly changed when he saw him, from concern for Chris and David, to severe dislike for Ben.

The longer they ignored each other the worse the situation became. Nathan was pretty sure their friendship was over, as he wasn't going to back down, and why should he? Everyone is entitled to a personal side of their life, some things are private, end of story. Nathan was, of course, quite taken aback when he was spoken to first.

"I'm sorry, OK," blurted out Ben rather aggressively.

"Did I really hear that?" thought Nathan. "What?"

"You heard, I'm sorry. This is bloody stupid. We haven't spoke in days. I share a room with you, you're my best mate, it's boring without you. I have nothing to do, no one to talk to. I miss you, OK" said Ben, looking rather sorry for himself

"Well I hope you don't expect me to apologise to you, because I won't. I did nothing wrong. I was just keeping a friend's confidence, like the time you thought you'd caught something and had to go to the clinic. I didn't tell anyone, you would have killed me if I did. So what's your problem? It's OK for you to have private issues, but not others?" asked Nathan sternly.

"I said I'm sorry, I didn't look at it like that at the time. I was stupid."

"You were."

"Can we just forget about it please?"

"Can you stop being such a dick? You think you're better than everyone round here, like your some alpha male when it comes to me and Chris, but you're not. By the sounds of it you need us more than we need you. If you want me to be your friend, then you need to stop being such a prat, stop taking the piss out of everyone, and stop being so fucking selfish," Nathan stated, frankly.

"Jesus, Nathan, I said I'm sorry. Do you have to make it worse?" asked Ben looking quite hurt.

"Well I'm annoyed at you. This stupid argument didn't have to happen, and wouldn't if you had just considered other people for a change. If Chris had wanted you to know then he would have told you himself."

"I didn't mean for us to fall out, YOU were over sensitive."

"You wouldn't drop the subject!"

"I thought we were all friends, why wouldn't Chris want me to know?" demanded Ben, getting angry himself

"As I said before, some things are private. Chris is closer to me than he is to you, just like you're closer to me than you are to Chris. You don't go telling him your problems do you?"

"Oh for fuck sake! Are we going to keep fighting, Nathan? I'm sorry for being inconsiderate, and I want to keep our friendship. I don't know what else to say."

"Oh for god's sake Ben I'm still your friend, but I bloody wish you would think before you open your mouth sometimes."

"So we are friends?" asked Ben brightening up a little."

"That's what I said isn't it."

"Good, I'm glad. I suppose I should talk to Chris too?"

"That's up to you, he's not upset at you really, it's our disagreement."

"So we're OK then?"

Nathan paused a moment, affixed a playful smirk on his face and replied, "Well, until the next time, anyway."

"Would it be inappropriate of me to ask why you're walking around the house in just your underwear?"

Nathan now noticed that he had just had a full argument with his friend wearing nothing but his boxers and couldn't help but find the situation funny.

"What are you laughing about?" Ben asked

"I can't believe you took anything I said seriously. I had completely forgotten I had no clothes on."

"You still looked pretty serious to me."

"Well you do know how to piss me off."

"That's what I'm here for, " grinned Ben with a smirk of his own. "So, you've missed me really?"

"You think?"

"Course you have, have you?"

"Awwww, didums wants to feel loved and appreciated."

"Fuck off." growled Ben, but with a chuckle in his voice. In fact, to any casual observer who knew them well, the scene was quickly reverting to the Nathan/Ben banter typical of their friendship.

"OK, I might have missed you a little bit, it's funny having someone so stupid around sometimes."

"I don't see this rekindled friendship lasting very long at this rate."

"Oh shut up, you love it really." added Nathan, cheekily.


Nathan was waiting outside Trish's office for Chris. It was mid day, and after a little more deliberation with Nathan, Chris had decided Nathan was right, and the best thing to do for David's sake was to talk to Trish and tell her what was going on.

Nathan had been waiting nearly forty minutes for Chris to come back out and, with pins and needles in his legs, was starting to get a little agitated. He was glad to get up off the floor when he heard the handle turn on the door, but quickly frowned when he saw Chris' face.

Chris emerged from Trish's office with puffy red eyes. He had obviously been crying as he explained the situation to Trish. Still, he made an effort to smile at Nathan when he saw him.

Trish had followed Chris to the door. "Don't worry, Chris, you did the right thing by coming to me, I was worried that something like this might happen, it's been a hell of a morning. I'll have a chat with David, and see if we can't get things sorted." she offered, sympathetically.


Stepping outside her office Trish closed the door behind her, this time locking it to ensure no one could enter and steal more files. Leaving Chris and Nathan in the hallway to continue their discussion she went off to see if she could locate David outside where Chris had last seen him.

"You OK, mate?" asked Nathan

"I'll be OK, I just want things to go back to normal, I still can't get my head round it."

"It will be fine. Trish makes everything work out. Look at us, we were complete fuck-ups when we came here, now look at us."

"Is that really the best example you can come up with?" groaned Chris, bursting into laughter.

"No, probably not, but you know what I mean. I don't think we're bad people, but I think we could have been if it wasn't for her."

"I guess you're right."

"I'm always right."

Chris raised his eyebrows. "Whatever."

"I am, I'm always right. It's a curse really being so smart and intelligent, not to mention good looking."

Nathan's attempt to cheer Chris up by being a little silly were working. Nathan knew how to appeal to Chris' corny sense of humour and had him laughing in no time as he continued joking about himself. Changing the subject, Nathan asked out of the blue, "Want to go for a walk or something?"

"Where to?" asked Chris, his laughter, subsiding.

"Anywhere, just to get away from here for a while."

"Go on then, I could use the exercise."

And with that the boys left St Paul's, Nathan doing his job as best friend by attempting to divert Chris' mind away from worry over David. Chris knew what Nathan was doing, but was quite flattered that he cared so much. He wasn't acting it either, for some unknown reason Nathan just knew how to cheer him up, make him happy.


When Trish found him, David was still sitting outside in exactly the same place he was when Chris left him earlier. He'd barely moved.

"Hello, David," greeted Trish, sitting down next to him. "Is it OK if we have a little chat?"

David was still dwelling in his own little world, but through his mental mist he could hear Trish speaking to him and alarm bells started going off. He looked up and smiled at her but with much more control than he had had with Chris. He couldn't let himself be caught out. In his mind Trish was trying to get him, to hurt him and lock him up, and he couldn't let that happen. No, he had unfinished business to attend to and he couldn't let Trish or Chris or anyone else get in the way.

"Hey Trish, What's up?"

"I could ask you the same question. You've been out here for quite a while I hear. You got something on your mind?"

Thinking fast David decided he had to do what he could to control the conversation.

"Haven't you heard? My dad's on the run, and he's probably trying to find me as we speak. I just want to be alone, I need some space."

Trish peered at David, trying to discern what, if anything, might be lurking behind David's smile. "I've heard about your Dad this morning and it's something I would very much like to discuss with you."

"You don't have to discuss anything with me," David shrugged. "I already get it. He's escaped, and he probably wants to find me and finish what he started. I don't mind though, I've been doing a lot of thinking out here today and I think I'm ready to die."

Trish stared, aghast at David. It was heartbreaking to hear this coming from a kid. It was the opposite of what she tried to maintain in St Paul's. She had worked hard to create a safe, secure, happy friendly atmosphere and yet here, right in front of her, someone had slipped through the net and was talking of death at the age of 16.

Now it was Trish's turn to take control of the conversation. "Hey, I'm not having that, David. That's stupid talk, no one is going to die. Your dad won't find you here, you're safe. Why would you want to die? You have made a fresh start here, you have new friends, a new boyfriend as I hear, and let's face it, Chris is quite the catch. He's a nice lad, and he cares about you so much. You wouldn't want to leave him now would you?"

With measured, calm determination David continued: "I didn't say I want to die, I said I'm ready to die. I don't want to leave anyone, but sometimes things change and you can't stop it. I already know this first hand; and as for Chris, were only 16, we both know that me and Chris wont be together forever. As you say, he’s a nice lad, he'll find someone else.

"You're looking at this situation all wrong, David. Please trust me, I promise you you're safe here. No one is going to hurt you."

"Oh right!" David got to his feet and was looking down on Trish, now. "Don't make promises you can't keep."

And with that David walked back to the house leaving Trish sitting outside feeling both shocked and very sorry for him. Little did she know how bad the situation really was.


David was heading for his room, but didn't get far before he realised he was being followed. He was on the stairs now and when he got to his floor he waited to see who it was. In his gut he already knew who it would be, but that didn't make it any easier when he found himself face to face with Steven.

Before he knew it he was up against the wall, Steven grabbing at his top practically lifting him off the ground.

"What did you tell her you little fag?" Steven demanded

"I told her nothing, she doesn't have a clue," replied David more calmly than he felt."

"Then what did she want to talk to you for? I've been watching you, and you have been sitting out there all day."

"Well if you must fucking know my dad escaped from hospital last night."

Steven slapped David across the face with the back of his hand quite dramatically. It might as well of been a punch with the force he used as it knocked David unsteady.

"Don't ever fucking talk to me like that again you little prick."

David steadied himself and turned fear into anger.

"No! Fuck you! If you're going to try and fuck me, I'll speak to you any fucking way I want you fucking bastard, you fucking cunt! Fuck you, cunt! Cunt Cunt Cunt!

Steven punched David, this time knocking him to the floor. David didn't even get a chance to retaliate as Steven had started dragging him by the legs to David's room with surprising speed. David called out for help, but no one could hear him as everyone else was either out for the day, or downstairs several floors below.

Steven got to the door and burst into the room forcing David up to his feet by his hair. He pushed him onto one of the beds. And slammed the door behind him.

"You're going to fucking learn a lesson or two, David!" sneered Steven as he eyed his prey with a perverted lust.

"'David'? What happened to 'faggot'? Finally realised you might be one too, huh?"

"Shut your fucking mouth?"

"Well what would you call it? Making another guy suck your tiny little dick, I'd say that was pretty gay."


"Raw nerve, Steven? Just admit it."

Steven charged towards David who tried to cower against the wall, but there was nowhere to hide in the tiny room. This was happening, end of story.

Steven was so much stronger than David that he really couldn't put up much of a fight. Steven ripped off David's jeans even though he was struggling.

"No Steven, Stop... Please! GET OFF ME" David started panicking and sobbing. "HELP...HELP ME... GET OFF ME YOU BASTARD."


Steven made short work of David's boxers, practically ripping them off. He forced David to bend over the edge of the bed and expose his arse. He ran his finger over the tightly clenched hole, and was obviously enjoying it regardless of his homophobic attitude.

"Your gonna have to slacken up a bit or this is going to fucking hurt."

Steven spat on his hand and rubbed his saliva into David's hole. Forcing his middle finger in further and further.

"AARRRGHHHH!" Screamed out David in pain.

Steven was right about one thing, tensing was making this a lot more painful, but David couldn't give in, he couldn't let this happen.

Steven was still holding David down with one hand and with his free one was struggling with his belt. He couldn't get it undone with one hand and released his grip on David to use both. It wasn’t much, but that couple of seconds was all David needed for a desperate attempt at escape.

David quickly forced himself back pushing Steven away from him using his arse. He then swung around and with all the strength he had in him and pushed Steven right off his feet. He stumbled backwards into the sharp corner of the chest of drawers separating the two beds causing him to gasp in sudden pain. However David didn't have time to notice as he ran to the door, opened it, and was now sprinting down the hall in nothing but a t-shirt.

Steven hadn't stayed down for too long, and was hot on his tail and catching up fast. David made it back to the stairs and started leaping down four and five at a time. He made it down a flight and a half before Steven grabbed him again, pulling him back and forcing him against the wall.

"Big mistake, you little prick. I told you last time if you tried anything I would fucking kill you."

"If I'm going, you're going with me." glared David with pure hatred.

Tired from the assault as well as the brief chase, David didn't have a lot of energy left in him. But with his life at stake and survival instinct kicking in he forced Steven off him for a second time, and this time charged into him forcing him to fall against the landing banister with some weight. There was a loud crack, as the wood snapped and gave way under the pressure and both boys plummeted head first onto the flight of stairs bellow.

Both boys smacked their heads into the hard floor and then continued to tumble down the rest until landing in a heap at the bottom.

Immense pain coursed through David's body and, winded, he was finding it almost impossible to breath. He didn't know what had happened to Steven, and couldn't even move his legs or arms to find out. Everything started going dark and his eyes were heavy. Every part of his body ached and he wanted nothing more than to give into this overwhelming, overpowering lethargy. He let himself slip into oblivion. Eyes closed, mind empty -- Nothing. David was gone.