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Dylan thought it was all just a dream: the kissing and all the unspeakable thing that happened that night. He was very wrong, it wasn't just a dream and it keeps haunting him. He could not forget the stranger who went inside his room and never left his mind.


After that incident his high school life just got messier. In the Empire Academy where he is studying there seems to be endless politics and four powerful people are fighting to be the top boss called the emperor.

And who is that stranger?





[Dylan POV]


Everything was loud tonight. The Sound from the four other dormitories were loud. They were having a party while our dorm was staying idle as always. The loser dorm will never get any fun like the other prestige dorms. It was the way life is at the Empire Academy for boys. Looking through the eyes of the people outside the academy, this is the greatest school.  But for some of us who are actually here it is the most dangerous.


Okay, so I was complaining again because none of the four `suits' of the Empire selected me. Meaning I am one of the lower caste in this school and it would mean a hard life. But I decided to live with it. After all it would just be four years. And after that I can do whatever I want as my father said before he forced me to enter this god damn academy.

I was lying on my bed with pillows over my head when I heard a knock on my door. I know it was just Jeremy who couldn't sleep either because of the noise created by the sound system of the party.


"Come in," I shouted without lifting the pillow from my head. My eyes and ears were covered by the pillow but my mouth wasn't so I know he could hear me.


The door opened and Jeremy walk toward me closing the door behind him. "Can't sleep either huh!" I murmured when I felt the bed sunk where he sat. I removed the pillow from my face and there was darkness.


"Hey why did you turn the lights off?" I pulled myself up to a sitting position but I was taken aback when he pushed me back.


"What the hell Jeremy!" I blurted.


I haven't recovered yet when I felt his weight over me. He was pinning me down with such a force that I couldn't counter.


"This is not funny. This is really not funny at all Jer."


I cannot see his face only a bit of his silhouette  but I felt that his face was coming near mine. "What makes you think my name is Jeremy?" He whispered in my ear. At that instant I realized my mistake, this guy isn't Jeremy. His voice was different and Jeremy never play this sort of game.


"W-who are?" I try pushing him but he was stronger than me.


"Let's just say I'm an admirer." He whispered again making his voice a little bit slower. And I can feel his lips moving near my ears.


"Pervert!" I exclaimed and resisted again but it was futile.


I heard him chuckle. "I won't do anything you wouldn't like, I swear!" He said again near my ear and then I felt nimble on my ear lobes.


"What the hell, this is really..." I wasn't able to continue when his mouth capture mine in a kiss.


"Get off me, get off me." I was already shouting when I felt his hand on me. He was caressing me and I couldn't protest.


"Stop!" I shouted and he kissed me again.


"You're telling me to stop but your body is doing quite the opposite." He whispered and then tried to kiss me again. I closed my lips desperately but he took both my arms into one hand and the other hand pinch my nose. I couldn't breathe so I opened my mouth and that is when he invaded me again. It was sweet and I wasn't resisting anymore. I was trying to fight him but my body do not listen, instead my body is responding to his touch.


"Resistance is futile Dylan, just give in to your desire."


[Chapter Ends]



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CHAPTER 01 Letter


Sneak Peak: Dylan keep remembering the dream he had, the stranger and the night. But he soon realized it was more than just a dream when he received that letter. It was a letter with the seal of the ACE OF HEARTS.



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