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CHAPTER 01 The Letter

[Dylan POV]

His hands were warm and I can feel his heart beating. I can feel him gazing at me though I cannot really see a thing. Then I felt something moist and soft touch my lips. It was him. His lips was touching mine slowly parting them with his tongue. I liked the sensation, it was delicious. I yearned for more and now his tongue was inside my mouth touching every part of it.

 I was grasping my breath when he stopped. I could have never been redder if he could see me. But I know he can't. It was really dark, not even a beam of light was present.

Before I could even recover from his addicting kiss, his tongue was slowly working his way down. He started licking my lips, kissing the tip of my nose, nibbling my neck and made continued to go to my lower body.

I wanted to resist. I do not want a random stranger to be the first to touch me. No! I cannot let that happen. But as he go along his way, my skin burned with every touch of his warm lips. With these sensation all courage to resist left my head. My mind told me I have to resist, to stop before it is too late but my body wanted more. Oh how I yearned to be touched, to be kissed just like this.

He felt the last bit of resistance left my body and he was restraining me no longer. I felt his hand focus on some sensitive part of my body, touching them. He was already near his target when...

"Hey..." I heard a knock on my door. It was the one which brought me back from that sensitive scene I kept remembering. What a really strange dream it was last night. It was like it really happened .It felt so true.

"Dylan are you there?" I heard a several knocks again before I opened the door.

"What's with you?" It was Jeremy. He was my childhood friend since I could remember. It's very unsual for him to go knockin on my door during weekends which made me irritated.

"Letter," he gave me a white envelope. "I'm guessing that would be trouble."

I was looking at the letter. How can this envelope be trouble, I asked myself. I carefully looked at the front part hoping to see the inside without opening it. Then I saw a hint of what Jeremy might have seen. And I thought that this enveloped brings trouble indeed.

"Open it," Jeremy was looking at me with concern. He tapped me on my shoulder. "It won't do you any good if you don't open it."

I sighed. He was right. The sooner I read the content of the letter, the sooner I'll get over it. I opened the envelope and there it was a piece of letter folded in half. The front part shows a red heart with a capital letter "A" inside it.

"The ace of heart," Jeremy stated.

I looked at him and then I felt my heart pound quickly. A letter from the ace of heart could mean something harmful to a rogue like myself. The possiblity that this is bad new is 99%.

"Read it." Jeremy told me.

I put the card back inside the envelope and closed it. "I don't think I can read it."

"You want me to read it for you?" He was still standing at my door. We were always that close. My problem is his probem and vise versa. It the way things work in this place. If you don't belong to a 'suit' then you better find a tructful friend to have your company for four years.

"Don't worry, I'll read it later and I'll tell you what it says." I told him. He was hesitant to leave but I was determined to be alone now.

A letter from the Ace of hearts. What could this mean? Did I do anything to offend him. One of the most powerful person in the School. Looking back at the front of the card made me remember my misfortune. I did not belong to any suit, I'm a rogue, the lowest class in this school's hierarchy.

The name of the school we study is The Empire. It is a school for the elite boys, only for the riches in the country. Besides studying, people here are more focused on the politics and arts. We don't study like normal student who get lectures and books. In this school we study our own interest at our own term.

Politics is one of the greatest factor in this school. There are four powers that clashes here, they were the four top guys. The riches of the rich and the most talented as well. They were called the Four Aces. Each one of them aims to be the emperor and no one wanted to lose. The emperor in normal schools is like the student body president but in our school the emperor is the policy makers. His word is law.

Being a member of a suit means having the privileged of staying in the suit dormitory. There luxury is flowing. But only few are chosen. If you were not chosen you will belong to the rogue, like I am. These are the people who doesn't exist in the eyes of others, the nobodies.

If a person have done something to offend an Ace, a letter will be given to warm them of the incoming danger they are about to face. And it usually involve physical pain, emotional assault and social degradation.

I laid in my bed and then put the card on my table. I was thinking really hard about what I did to offend the top guy in the heart suit, the Ace of hearts. I wanted to know but there is just no way I could have offended him. I have never even looked at him directly in the eye. I never spoke about him or his suit in public. What could have I done to offend Fried Mathers.

Still lying on my bed, I took the card from the desk, I closed my eyes, opened the card and opened my eyes.

There was only one line written on it and below the line instead of a signature was a star mark. My eyes went bigger as if the letters would changed the longer I stared at it.

"Last night was great, wouldn't you agree?" was written on the card.

And I thought that last night was just one of those many wet nights of my life. How wrong could I be.

 [Chapter Ends]


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CHAPTER 02 The Visit


Sneak Peak: Dylan receives a visit from the person who sent the letter with the heart emblem. Now what would happen if the two of them got into the same room together. Find out in this chapter.



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