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CHAPTER 02 - The Visit

[Dylan's Point of View]


No I still can't believe that those things really happened. No I must still be dreaming. No! I was inside the shower, water was flowing through my soft white skin. And I remembered it again.


It was hot, his lips were warm and every bit of skin it touches burned. I don't want this, No I don't want this! But as he continued what he was doing, my body continue to ache. I yearend to be touched like this.

"No please, uhhhh, please stop..." I said in between moans. I still couldn't get away from his grip.

"Huhhh..." he stopped and now I can feel him atop me again. The darkness have blinded me but I can make out his silhouette. His face was again near mine. And then our lips met. "Maybe, what you meant is don't stop. Don't worry I won't." His voice was soft but it was still powerful.

His lips were moving back and forth, from my lips to my neck and back again while his right hand was travelling my body. It was touching my stomach and then moved lower until it found its target.

"No, uh... please." I was no longer fit to fight. With all he was doing, my force have left me. Or was I really fighting? "Stop.. this is-this is." I was speaking in broken words. "Stop!"

"I told you, Dylan resistance is futile." His right hand was now on his target. "See, even your body knows it. And it's willing to participate. Just enjoy it Dylan, you know you want too."

"Uhhhh..." I moaned again feeling his hand enveloped me. "Please..."

"What were you were saying?" He giggled as he continued to tease me. He was kissing me while busying his hand. "Come on I can't hear you."

"Please..." I was moaning louder as my climax came nearer. I wasn't able to control myself and even I can't understand myself anymore. Was I telling him to stop or continue?


 "No!" I yelled inside the shower as I came back to the present. "It didn't happened. It didn't happened. I kept chanting. "

Yes, nothing happened. The letter from the ace of hearts was just some kind of sick joke. I might have done something to offend him so now he is playing with my mind. Whatever he does, whatever Fried does, I wouldn't fall into his trap. I came out of the shower, drenched and then faced my life size mirror. I was looking at myself in the mirror, towel on my waste. it isn't possible. This body had not been violated. Then I noticed some red mark near my neck. I moved closer to the mirror to look at it. It can't be. No! No! But how can this happened. it was just a dream, no it's just a dream. And it came back to me again.


"Are you telling me to please stop, or please make it faster?" He was nibbling at my earlobes while whispering. "Which is which Dylan?"

"Uhhhhh... no." My heart was beating faster than I can cope up. My breathing was becoming rapid. He was caressing me slow now.

"No?" He sounded amused. "Are you sure?" He was now nibbling at my neck. His tongue was burning the skin it touched and he was gently biting a part of it.

"Plese... uh..." He was caressing me slow but tight and it was agony for me.

"Please what Dylan." He was still teasing me. "Tell me what you want."

I was no longer in control of myself. My hips were now moving on their own. And he giggled when he felt me move.

"Oh, so you want it after all." He was still suckling on my neck but his hands were now moving faster syncing with my hips. "All you have to do is ask properly."



"No!" My mind refuse to accept that. I was looking at the mirror, at that red mark where he put his lips. "No, it's just insect bites. Just insect bites." But even if I refused to accept it, some part of my mind got convinced.

It was like I lost all the force I have and I feel down on my knees looking at myself on the mirror. I was touched by a guy, a stranger. And I didn't do anything about it. I was an idiot. I was violated and I liked it.

Tears came streaming down my face as I feel pity on myself. I feel sick having this dirty body. Why does this have to happen to me, why. I went back to the shower room and immersed myself on the tub. I have turned on the hot water. It was painful, hot water streamed through the faucet into the tub touching my skin. But it did not stop me from immersing myself unto it. I rubbed myself hard until it turned red. Maybe if I do it like that, the dirt of last night would fade away. Maybe I won't remember at all. I scrubbed myself, my skin turned red but I did not stop.

I was still immersed in misery when I heard a knock on my door. I ignored it and it became louder.

"Dylan, Dylan!" I heard Jeremy's voice outside and I heard several people too.

"Dylan Mcmillan, open this door." It wasn't Jeremy now. I heard an unfamiliar voice. I also heard argument outside my door. "Mcmillan, open this door at once." I heard Jeremy argued with the person speaking my name and then a hard knock on my door.

The knock was getting louder as if the person knocking don't care even if he knocked my door down. So before my door fall apart, I decided to go get it. I wrapped a towel around my waste and went to the door. Water was still dripping through my hair when I opened the it.

It was then that I thought my world had stopped. I was there standing and the first thing I saw was him. The ace of hearts, Fried behind the man knocking. He was wearing a white long sleeves with open button at the top. He was leaning on the wall opposite my door with arms folded. Jeremy was being held by two guys on Fried's left and a guy with glasses was standing right in front of me. I assumed that he was the one knocking.

"Tcchhhh!" The guy with the glasses chided. "How dare you make the ace of hearts wait in front of your door. And then present yourself in front of him in this manner. Your absolutely disrespectful."

I was unable to answer. I was not embarrassed but I angry. Angry because I saw what they did to Jeremy. And angry because of what Fried did to me. That animal violated me.

"It's fine Jack, we did come uninvited into Dylan's room." The bastard said calmly as if he had done nothing wrong. "We came unexpected after all. Forgive us Dylan, we will come back when you are in your proper attire. For now we shall leave." And then he turned around and started walking towards the exit.

"But my Ace of Hearts..." The guy with the glasses resisted.

"You are in no position to question the Ace's decision Jack." Another man spoke he was taller than the guy with the glasses. "It was decided that we leave, and so we will." Then the guy looked at me. "Boy, we will come back for you later and make sure that you are in a state that deserved the presence of our Ace." The other two guys holding Jeremy freed him.

"Argggg." The guy with the glasses was stubborn but he followed. "You should be thankful our Ace is forgiving. Else, your mother won't even recognise you.

Jeremy came to me asking if I was alright and I told him I was fine and he need not worry. But it made him worry more. He didn't even want to leave my room but I insisted, he try resisting but later went out telling me that he would come anytime if he hears trouble.

It took some time before I heard a knock from my door again. I was already expecting them to come. I was in my school uniform, blue long sleeves and pants. I was holding the letter and folded it to fit the back pocket of my pants. I kept it there. I hurried to open the door and I saw two people outside. It the tall guy earlier, If he has higher authority than the Jack, then maybe he is either the King or the Queen.

Behind the guy was the person I despised most. He was the same as earlier.

"Stay at the door Gilberth," Fried told the guy and he nodded. Then without my invitation Fried entered my room.

I was just there standing there in front of him when I heard the door closed. "I think we need to have a little conversation, wouldn't you agree.


 [Chapter Ends]


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CHAPTER 03 Exchanged


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