This story contains scenes of sexual interaction between minor boys. Because the story takes place before the onset of the AIDS crisis, the sex described is not protected sex. The author encourages you to always use a condom and practice safe sex. If you are under 18 years of age, or it is illegal to read this in your locality please proceed no further.

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This story is fictional, entirely from the imagination of the author. My other story on Nifty is Discovering Brent posted in the High School section May 14, 2010.


Chapter One

My name is Tyler Wilson. I'm 15 years old, a junior at the High School for the Performing Arts in Phoenix, Arizona. Having lived in this general area for my entire life, I'm pretty much of a desert rat; very tanned, light brown hair sun bleached to almost blond. I have blue eyes and stand 5'4". I'm pretty skinny but have well developed legs from all the hiking I've done. I was the soloist in my church's chorus and discovered I had a very good voice and loved singing which is why I enrolled this year in the performing arts school. I've known I was gay since... well, since as far back as I can remember. But I'm not "out" and don't have a boyfriend. I get lots of eye candy at school but the only sex I've had is with my hand.

About the second week of school a new student joined my homeroom class. The door opened and in walked the first boy that had actually stopped my breathing -- and my heart too for a second --, he was gorgeous. Standing almost 6' tall with a perfectly "V" shaped torso, olive skin, jet black hair and large brown eyes. I damned near creamed my pants just watching him walk over to the teacher's desk. After a few whispered words between them, our teacher, Mr. Jenkins, stood up and asked for our attention. He introduced our new class member as Carlos Hernandez. Mr. Jenkins asked for a volunteer to show Carlos around campus and my hand immediately shot up. "Okay Mr. Wilson, you and Mr. Hernandez may take the next hour. Don't be late for your next class." I grabbed my stuff and headed to the door with Carlos leading the way, my eyes glued to his perfectly clad ass.

As soon as the door closed behind us I said "Let's go sit under that tree and I'll look at your schedule."

Carlos replied "Cool."

As we approached the tree Carlos dug his schedule out of his pocket and we both sat down cross-legged Indian style facing each other. I unfolded his schedule, but must admit my attention was divided between looking at it and stealing glances at Carlos' well displayed crotch in his tight jeans. Yeah, it was distracting.

"It looks like you have four classes with me: Home room, history, voice training and P.E." I said.

"Well, that's a good thing. You can show me where they are for sure."

"I can show you where everything is. Let's get started." We got up and headed across campus, me leading the way. Little did I know that Carlos eyes were now glued to my butt.

I said "We've already been to homeroom, so we'll just take a loop all around campus and I'll point out where everything is." As we walked down the sidewalks (all the rooms opened to the outside) I stopped in front of each of his classrooms.

As we passed the boy's bathroom Carlos said "Let's take a detour in here, I got to whiz."

"Okay, me too" I offered.

We approached the urinals together. Carlos levies were so tight he had to unbuckle his belt and unfasten his pants in order to get his hand inside to pull down the front of his jockey shorts. I did the same and we both ended up displaying our cocks and balls to each other. Sometimes I'm a little bit "pee shy", but not this time. We both let loose with solid streams of golden piss. We made no secret of the fact that we were both watching each other, and we were both chubbing up a bit watching each other piss. Carlos was hung about like me, a good six inches, but he was quite a bit thicker. We were both circumcised. He obviously had more hair than I did. As we finished and closed up our pants, while still standing in front of the urinals Carlos said "Dude you were checking me out."

I was a bit embarrassed but decided to meet his challenge. "Carlos, you were checking me out just as much."

We let it drop and continued the tour, eventually ending up in the boy's locker room. Prior to opening the door I warned Carlos "It usually kind of stinks in here."

Carlos kind of mumbled his response: "I don't mind. Actually locker room smells kind of turn me on if you know what I mean."

"Well what do you know? A man after my heart" I said sarcastically.

"We'll see about that" was his quick response.

As we ended our tour of the campus back at our homeroom I asked Carlos "Mr. Jenkins didn't mention what grade you are in or your age." Carlos made no response, just looked at the ground. "Dude that was a question" I said.

"Well, the deal is I got held back a grade a couple years ago. I'm a junior like you, but I'm 16."

The next natural question was "So do you have your license?"

"Yep, sure do. And I've got the Mustang my dad bought me in the parking lot too. You want a lift home after school?" he asked.

"That would be really nice of you man."

Carlos said "No problem. I think I want to get to know you better. Who knows, we might end up best buds. Thanks for the tour. I'll catch up with you in singing." He offered his hand and as I took it to shake hands he pulled me into a very quick hug, and then disappeared through the door.

It didn't take long for me to form my plan. I knew I would be late for my next class, but headed for the gym as quickly as I could walk. When I got there I looked around for Coach Stevens. I found him in his office. "Coach, could I talk with you a second?"

"Sure Tyler, what's on your mind?"

I blurted out rather quickly "There is a new kid that just started today. His name is Carlos Hernandez. I was asked to show him around campus and we hit it off pretty good. When he gets to class today is there any chance you could assign him a locker near mine?"

"So what's the deal Tyler, you got the hots for this new Carlos?"

"Fuck no coach. It just looks like we might end up being best buddies is all" I lied.

Coach thought about it for a minute then said "I'll see what I can do. Now you get your ass to class -- and watch your language young man."

"Yes sir. Thanks coach" was all I offered as I left his office.

Second period we didn't share, it was English. I paid no attention whatsoever in class, just thinking about Carlos and chubbing up some. The next class was singing. We stood on risers during this class and I attempted to participate but really couldn't take my eyes off Carlos' butt, it was driving me wild as I anticipated our next class, P.E.

We entered the boy's locker room and Carlos was met by Coach Stevens. Coach gave him a list of gym clothes required and told him to have them by tomorrow, and then assigned him his locker which was located right next to mine. "THANK YOU COACH" was my thought. It was soccer season and I began to get undressed. Carlos sat on the bench next to me. "I won't have any gear until tomorrow" he said.

"I keep a spare set of everything and it's all clean. You can borrow it today and you already have gym shoes on, they will work" I offered.

"Okay, works for me" he said as he began to undress. By this point I was naked and getting stuff out of my locker. I sat a clean jock strap, pair of shorts and tee shirt on the bench for Carlos and proceeded to put mine on. I really couldn't take my eyes off of Carlos. He was fucking gorgeous: tightly packed thick black pit hair, not much hair on his chest but his legs were covered in black hair. His butt was covered in a fine dusting of black hair and when he bent over to pull on the shorts I could see thicker hair in his butt crack. By now I was sporting a full hard on. Thank God for a tight jock strap this partially hid my condition.

We played soccer for nearly an hour then returned to the gym for showers and to get ready for our next class. I followed Carlos into the open shower room and selected the shower head right next to him. We finished up, got dressed and headed to history class. After history class Carlos said "Okay, my new friend, follow me to my car and I'll get you home."

"Cool" was all I managed.

I followed him to his car, a new red Mustang, got in and Carlos asked "Where to?"

"East Camelback. Do you know where that is?" We lived in a modest upscale older home in an established area.

"Sure do. We live in Paradise Valley. It's quite a drive to school, but I really wanted to go to the arts school.

"Paradise Valley?" I asked. "So what, is your dad a hedge fund manager?"

"No. He's an ophthalmologist and my mom is a psychiatrist."

We drove in silence for a bit. Then Carlos blurted out "So you're gay, right?"

"Yeah, but nobody knows" I said.

"Well, unless they were watching you undress me with your eyes all day" he laughed.

"You're gay too?" I asked.

"Yes. And you my man are by far the hottest, cutest package I've ever had the pleasure to meet."

"Come on, you're embarrassing me."

And so, our friendship started off on a very hopeful note for me and I think it did for Carlos as well. We shared our four classes every day and spent much of our free time before school and during lunch breaks together. The fact is, I followed him around like a puppy following his new master. We learned a great deal about each other as far as likes and dislikes, favorite TV shows, movies, games, you know the drill.

The highlight of each of my days was P.E. class, which I thought about almost constantly. Pretty much every day it was the same. I hurried to the locker room so that I was nearly dressed out by the time Carlos came in. That gave me more time to sit on the bench and watch him get dressed out. I couldn't believe my luck at making friends with such a hunk and getting to watch him naked every day as he would bend over to pull on his jock strap. His ass was driving me nuts; perfectly developed, firm -- hell, rock hard.

As with most teenagers, I jacked-off several times a day and had lots of mental pictures of Carlos' ass, as well as the rest of his fine bod from the showers to fantasize about while I jacked. What was even better was that we were really developing a good friendship.

One day a few weeks later during lunch hour Carlos asked "Hey Ty, would you be interested in taking in a movie Friday?"

"Yeah, sure" I said. Then I added "Is this like, umm, a date or something?"

Carlos smiled. "Well, I guess you could call it a date." I think he was actually blushing!

"I am calling it a date. I asked what you were calling it" I said.

"Yeah, I'm asking you out on a date you little fag" he said smiling his cutest smile.

"And I accept" I said.

Carlos said "I meant it as a date Ty, you knew that."

So Friday after school Carlos dropped me off at my house on the way to his. He said "I'll be back around 7:00 to pick you up, Okay?"

"See you then" I said as I closed the car door and headed inside, pretty much walking on cloud nine.

At dinner that evening I was talking about my day with my parents and my conversation was peppered with comments about Carlos. I wasn't aware how much I had been talking about him over the last few weeks. My mom said "It sounds like you are Carlos are getting to be pretty good friends."

Without thinking I blurted out "Yeah. Actually we have a date tonight."

Oh my God what did I just say? You could have heard a pin drop right at that moment. I just outed myself to my parents. My mom said nothing but had a knowing smile on her face. Just the opposite was true of my dad. He sat there with his mouth open for a second, then slammed his fork down, pushed his chair away from the table and stomped out of the room without a word. I just looked at my mom, tears starting to fall from my eyes. I think I said "Excuse me" as I got up and went to my room. I flopped down on my bed and began to sob.

My mom was only a minute or two behind me. She gently knocked as she opened the door and came to sit on the side of my bed. I rolled over and just looked at her with my tear stained face. She took my hand saying "You know Tyler, it's not the end of the world. Did you think I didn't know?"

I asked "What about dad?"

"He'll come around. Give him some time. Now pull yourself together, take a shower and don't let this ruin what should be a very happy occasion in your life. It's your first real date! You go and have fun" she said. Then she kissed my forehead and was gone.

I calmed down, took a shower and got ready to go. At about 6:45 the doorbell rang. My mom answered the door. "You must be Carlos" she said. "Come in. I'll go get Tyler."

"Carlos is here" she said as she tapped on my door. I followed her to the living room where she made small talk for a moment with Carlos. It was obvious to me that my dad wasn't coming out of his room to meet Carlos. "Okay, you two get out of here and have a good time. Carlos, you have him home by 1:00."

Carlos responded "I will" and he took my hand as we walked out to his car. He opened the door for me and I got in. After he got in and pulled away from the curb he drove only about a block and pulled over.

I asked "What's wrong?"

"Nothing at all. It's just that I really would like to kiss you right now" Carlos said.

I looked at him and smiled. He took that as a "yes" and pulled me over toward him. He ran his hand through my hair, looked into my eyes, tilted his head slightly and ever so lightly brushed his lips against mine. He looked at me again and then gave me a kiss like I had never ever experienced. His tongue was exploring every part of my mouth and his other hand had dropped to my lap and was squeezing my hard on through my levies. The longer he kissed me the larger the wet spot appeared on my levies. I was shaking all over and tears had begun to flow from my eyes. It was the most erotic experience of my young life.

Carlos grabbed a Kleenex, but before using it he gently licked the tears from my cheeks, and then dried my face with the Kleenex. As we calmed down Carlos said "Sorry about that spot on your pants."

After the movie, during which Carlos' hand was alternately rubbing or squeezing my leg or gently rubbing my crotch feeling my cock harden each time he did it, we returned to my house. Carlos walked me up to the door and kissed me again.

"I'll call you when I get home if that's Okay?"

"Sure it is" I said perhaps a little too excitedly.

Carlos took me in his arms and kissed me again, this time my tongue doing as much exploring as his. He got in his car, started it and looked at me again saying "Bye Babe."

Shortly after I got home I got ready for bed, shut down the lights, stripped off my clothes and climbed in bed naked as was my usual custom. I put my cell phone on the nightstand. I didn't have to wait long before it rang.

I answered it saying "Hey Carlos."

"Hi Babe." He paused, then asked "Is it Okay if I call you that?"

"It's more than Okay, I like it." I thought about it for a second then continued "But just not around my parents yet."

"Well, if you are going to be my boyfriend I want the world to know it. But we can take it slow. I'll respect your limits" he said.

I asked "I'm your boyfriend?"

"If you'll have me."

"Carlos, you need to know something about me first. When you kissed me in the car today it was the first time I've ever been kissed, and, umm, I'm a virgin too" I explained.

"Well, that's certainly no problem, unless you intend to be celibate and enter a seminary" Carlos laughed.

"No, it's just that until now I hadn't found the right guy" I explained.

"Well, I know I've found the right guy for me, and I'm talking to him right now. So do you want to do something" Carlos asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Are you an adventurous guy?"

"Well, yes, I guess I am" I said.

"Okay then. Are you in bed?" Carlos asked.


"Do you sleep naked?"

I felt myself begin to blush and answered "Always."

"Me too. So while we are talking are you playing with your dick?"

"Yeah, you caught me" I laughed.

"Are you hard Tyler?"

"I am now" I answered.

"Me too. I want to jack off with you."

"Do you have any lube" Carlos asked?

"I always keep it handy"

"Well, lube up and grab your dick with your right hand"

"You doing this too" I asked?

"You bet. Got my hard cock all lubed up and I'm pumping slowly with my right hand" Carlos offered. "Get hold of your balls with your left hand, rub them, and squeeze them." I could tell his breathing was getting more labored, as I'm sure mine was.

"Oh fuck yeah, this feels good. I'm pretending you are doing it to me" I said.

"I am babe, I can feel every bump, every vein, the hard ridge on the head of your beautiful cock" Carlos almost whispered.

"Fuck this is hot Carlos"

"Gonna get hotter babe. Let go of your balls and bring your hand up to your face" he instructed. "Smell your balls on your hand; sniff your ball sweat babe."

"God Carlos, I think I'm gonna blow."

"Not yet babe."

"You said you were adventurous. Do you every play with your ass when you jack?" he asked.

"No. I've never done that" I replied.

Carlos said "Slow down so you don't blow yet. Reach down and use your middle finger to rub on your asshole while you jack."

I did and it felt awesome, just slowly jacking while rubbing my finger over my asshole again and again. "Feels great doesn't it?" Carlos said.

"Fuck yeah, it does. You doing it too?"

"Hell yeah. Now I want you to do something else" he paused, then said "You've been staring at my ass in school every day for weeks now dude. I know you want it. So sniff your finger man. Just pretend it's me -- go ahead, smell it" Carlos told me. I brought my finer up to my nose and tentatively sniffed at it. No surprise, it smelled just like I would have imagined an asshole to smell like, but fuck it was hot knowing Carlos was doing the same thing, and knowing that Carlos knew I would give anything to be touching and smelling his ass right now.

Carlos, breathing heavy asked "You about ready to blow dude?"

"Yeah. Fuck, this is so hot" I responded.

"Not yet man. Stick your finger in your mouth and get it good and wet, slobber all over it" Carlos instructed.

"What? I was just rubbing my asshole with it!" I responded.

"Don't be a pussy man, just do it" he said, "I am. I'm sucking on the finger I just rubbed all over my asshole."

Oh my God, hearing him say that and hearing him slobbering on his finger was so fucking hot. I began to slobber all over my finger, surprised that it didn't have any taste or anything. My jacking was getting faster and I was so close to cumming. "You ready to blow yet?" breathed Carlos.

"I'm so close dude" I responded.

Carlos said "Now! Shove your finger up your asshole Ty, now!"

I rammed my finger all the way up my ass just as I started cumming, shooting rope after rope of cum into the air, it landing all over my chest and face and dripping from my hand over my balls. I could tell from what I was hearing that Carlos had done the same thing and was cumming with me, both of us just panting and groaning.

After several moments of just heavy breathing on both ends of the phone call, Carlos spoke: "Tyler?"


"Was it good?"

"Absofuckinglutely unbelievable."

"Just wait till we can do it together. Goodnight babe."

"Goodnight Carlos. Carlos? I think I could fall for you."

I didn't bother to clean up my mess, just pulled the sheet over me, turned on my side and drifted off to sleep with my hand by my face so I could smell my finger and cum. Despite having had the best orgasim of my life, I had a fantastic wet dream.

I realize it's a short chapter. More will be coming soon. Comments, criticism good or bad, ideas or suggestions are all welcome. I really need your feedback. Address to Thanks, Brent