This story contains scenes of sexual interaction between minor boys. Because the story takes place before the onset of the AIDS crisis, the sex described is not protected sex. The author encourages you to always use a condom and practice safe sex. If you are under 18 years of age, or it is illegal to read this in your locality please proceed no further.

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This story is fictional, entirely from the imagination of the author.


Chapter Two

I slept late on Saturday morning, which was really unusual for me. Normally on weekends I am up early and out for a run. When I awoke the sun was streaming in my window. I stretched and got up, started my shower running and then remembered the mess I left in my bed. While the shower was heating up I quickly stripped the cum encrusted sheets off my bed leaving them in a pile by the door, then went back in my bathroom, adjusted and got in my shower. I figured I would put the sheets directly into the washer and start it before my mom discovered them.

I finished my shower, brushed my teeth and took a quick piss, then went back in my bedroom to get dressed. As I started getting my clean clothes out I noticed the dirty sheets were no longer there and my bed was made up. "Fuck" I thought. Well maybe she won't notice. I went to the kitchen for breakfast.

"Well hi there sleepy head" my mom greeted me.

"Good morning" I replied, still not fully with it.

She asked "So you had a really good time last night?"

I was thinking about the sheets covered in cum and began to stammer "I uh, we, well."

"It must have been a good time for you to get that tongue tied over a date" she laughed.

"Oh, yeah, my date. Well, it was really special mom. I mean we just went to the show and got a bite to eat, but it wasn't like hanging out with one of my friends." Tyler paused then added "I really, really like him mom."

"Well, that's good dear" she said.

"But what about dad? I don't know what to say to him."

"Just be honest with him son. I'm sure he will understand. He may not like it, but in time he'll come around. Don't avoid him Tyler. He's your father. He hasn't changed, and neither have you. Just talk with him" mom advised.

"Okay. I'm not sure where to start, but I'll talk with him" I said.

And I did try to talk with him. I tried several times throughout the day, but every time I opened my mouth he just walked away. He wouldn't look at me or speak to me. As the day wore on into evening I finally gave up and went to my room to do some homework.

I sat at my desk and kind of half-assed tried to work on my assignments, but I really wasn't in to doing it. As dinnertime approached my mom came into my room. "So, any luck Tyler?"

I turned to look at her and just started bawling. My heart was breaking and I didn't know what to do. Mom stepped over to hug me and said softly "Give him time Tyler. Give him time."

After dinner passed in absolute silence it occurred to me that he wasn't talking to my mom either. When he finished eating he got up and went out to the garage. I looked at mom, tears starting to form again. "Enough of this shit" I said as I pushed away from the table. My mom looked at me with shock on her face. I just didn't use bad language around home. "He has to talk to me even if he only screams at me," I said as I walked out to the garage.

As the kitchen door closed behind me I stood there for a moment looking at my dad's back. He was just standing there in front of his workbench. As I slowly walked over to him I cleared my throat and said "Dad. We have to talk to each other." No response.

I stepped closer and said "I love you dad." No response. "Dad, please, look at me. Talk to me."

He quickly turned around and, glaring at me, yelled "No! I don't have to talk to you. Not now, not ever." He lowered his voice and as he turned away from me he added "Fucking faggot."

I started to turn away and then stopped, turned back to him and reached out to touch his arm saying "Daddy, please." He whirled back around and with an open hand slapped me harder than I could imagine anyone ever being slapped. As my head snapped to one side from the force of his slap he connected with my face with a closed fist knocking me off my feet. As I fell I struck my head on the edge of his workbench and fell to the floor, stunned. He drew his foot back and kicked me in the gut yelling "Get the fuck out of here!"

I staggered to my feet and started toward the kitchen door but instead hit the button to open the garage door. I ducked under the opening door and started running down the drive, turned and continued running away from the house down the street. I'm not sure how far I ran before I realized my right eye was stinging and vision was blurred. I was about six blocks away when I finally sat down on the curb and reached up to wipe my eyes. I looked at my hand and saw it was covered with blood. Scared, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone. I automatically dialed Carlos' number.

Carlos answered his phone, "Hey Ty, what's up?"

It was all I could do to finally get a few words out what with the snot, blood and tears flowing down my face. "I'm hurt. Can you come get me?"

"Tyler?" Carlos paused, and then asked in an urgent tone "Where are you?"

"I'm just a couple blocks down from my house. You'll see me. Can you come" I pleaded?

"I'll be right there. It will only take me a few minutes" Carlos answered.

I closed my phone, put it in my pocket, pulled my knees up and hugged them and just sat on the curb waiting. It only took him about 20 minutes to get to me, but it seemed like hours. As he came down the street toward our house I stood up.

Carlos saw me as he pulled to a stop. I opened the door and got in. Carlos looked at me and asked "What the hell happened to you?" Not waiting for an answer he pulled a large wad of Kleenex from the dispenser on the sun visor and pushed it against the gash in my head saying "Hold that there. I'm taking you home because that will be a lot faster than going to the hospital." As he started the car moving he opened his phone and called his father. "Dad, I'm on my way to you with Tyler. He's been hurt."

Mr. Hernandez asked "What do you mean he's been hurt?"

"He's got a nasty gash on his head. There's lots of blood. I'm not sure what happened to him but he looks like someone beat the shit out of him Dad" Carlos said, then continued "We'll sort it out when we get there. We should be there in about ten minutes."

"Okay son. Drive carefully. Bring him in to my office" Mr. Hernandez said, hanging up.

There was virtually no more conversation in the car. I sat quietly, crying softly. Carlos was gripping the wheel tighter than normal and driving much too fast. When we got to his home he helped me out of the car and led me into the house and directly to his father's office. Both Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez were waiting.

As they were looking at my wounds Mr. Hernandez asked "What exactly happened to you Tyler?"

"I fell down in my garage and hit my head on the workbench" I said, adding "I really don't want to talk about it."

Carlos parents worked together quickly and quietly stitching up my head, cleaning me up and looking at the other bruises.

I looked at Carlos and asked "Can I stay here tonight?"

Mr. Hernandez answered for Carlos saying "We'll have the guest room made up."

Mrs. Hernandez addressed her husband "George. I think Carlos would like to stay with Tyler, and I'm sure Tyler would be more comfortable with him near."

"Carlos, do you want Tyler to stay in your room with you" his father asked?

"Of course. I'll take care of him" Carlos answered.

"Okay. You go get him in to bed and I'll be in in just a moment to give him something to help him sleep" his father said.

Carlos took Tyler by the hand and walked with him to his bedroom. He sat Tyler down on the bed saying "You just sit. Let me get you undressed." Carlos proceeded to carefully take off each piece of Tyler's clothing and shoes until he was down to his jockey shorts. "Can you stand up a minute" he asked? As Tyler stood up and Carlos saw the large bruise on his lower abdomen and hip. He gently removed his jockey shorts. Then Carlos turned down the bed and helped Tyler lay down and covered him with the sheet. In a few minutes Carlos father came in, and said "I'm going to take a look at you young man, then give you a shot to help with the pain. You'll sleep better."

"Okay" replied Tyler.

Carlos' father gently pulled the sheet down exposing the naked boy. He looked closely at Tyler's hip and lower stomach as they were bruised badly. He gently felt around his lower abdomen asking if it hurt as he pushed on him. Tyler said "Only where it's bruised."

"Alright. Roll over and I'll give you a shot." After giving him the shot, Carlos' father pulled the sheet back up over Tyler. Addressing Carlos he said "If you need me just give me a holler. Try to get some sleep now." He left the room, closing the door behind him.

Carlos stripped down, walked into his bathroom and leaving the door open he stood before the toilet and pissed. Tyler could hear him but was hurting too bad to even look.

Carlos crawled into the bed next to Tyler and asked "Can I give you a kiss goodnight if I'm really careful?"

"Yes" I said. Carlos very carefully leaned over me and ever so gently kissed my bruised lips. I rolled onto my side facing away from Carlos and Carlos snuggled up behind me. His cock was nestled up against my butt. Lying that way for a while caused Carlos' cock to stiffen despite his effort to control it. As he got hard he gently reached down and pulled his cock up against his stomach, then again moved against me so that his hard cock was laying in my butt crack. We both eventually drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile Carlos' parents were in the office, cleaning it up. Mr. Hernandez said to his wife "Fell down and hit his head my ass. That boy was beaten. I'll have to make a report, but it will wait until after I talk with him in the morning."

"Yes, I think that is best" his wife agreed.

The next morning Mr. Hernandez gently tapped on the boy's bedroom door as he opened it and went in. He couldn't help but notice how they were snuggled up together. "Okay guys, it's time to get this day going" he said.

Carlos stretched, sat up on the side of his bed for a second then stood up and walked naked past his dad, his normal morning piss hard-on leading the way, into his bathroom and closed the door. I was moving much more slowly, gently swinging my legs over the side of the bed and sitting there with the corner of the sheet barely covering my groin. Mr. Hernandez sat down in Carlos' desk chair saying nothing. They heard the toilet flush and Carlos returned to the bedside and sat down beside me.

"Carlos, pull on some clothes and go help your mom with breakfast" his dad said. Carlos pulled on a pair of shorts and left the room immediately.

"Tyler, I know you are hurting, especially emotionally. But now is the time for the truth son. I want to know exactly what happened to you."

My voice shaking and tears flowing, I said "Mr. Hernandez" and paused, then said "I guess it should be Doctor Hernandez."

"You're my son's best friend. I appreciate the thought but Mr. and Mrs. is just fine for now" he said, adding "Go ahead now. Let's hear what happened."

I told him the whole story, leaving nothing out. "Your father is in one hell of a lot of trouble. You know that, right?" he said.

"I know. But let me call my mom before you do anything" I responded.

Mr. Hernandez picked up the phone next to the bed and handed it to me. He waited, obviously wanting to make sure I told her everything, which I did.

"Tyler, your dad isn't here. I told him to leave last night. He won't be back son" she said, crying. "I'm so sorry."

"It's Okay mom. It wasn't your fault. But could I stay here a few days with Carlos?" I asked.

"Yes, just keep me informed. I'll see you soon. Tyler, I love you so much" she added as she hung up.

Over the next few days there were interviews by the police and Child Protective Services. Carlos and I continued to share his bedroom, and as I got to feeling better it was becoming torture being in bed with him naked every night, feeling his body pressing against mine. On the fifth night together I couldn't take it any longer and when Carlos pressed up against me, his hard cock between my ass cheeks, I rolled over, kissed him and reached for his cock.

"Um, Ty, we can't do that man as much as I want to" Carlos said.

"Why? It's been six days since I even jacked off dude. I'm gonna end up with blue balls" I said.

"I promised my mom Ty. I told her we were not having sex. I told her I wouldn't promise not to have sex, but that we would respect her home and trust to be able to sleep together" he told me.

I thought about that for a minute, then asked "Jacking off isn't sex, right?"

Carlos grinned. Without comment he got out of bed, turned on his lamp and got a hand towel from his bathroom. As he was getting back into bed he pulled the sheet and cover all the way down, laid down next to me and handed me the towel. "Don't make a mess dude. I don't want any looks from mom."

"You left the light on" I said.

"How else am I going to be able to watch you? If you think I'm going to miss this after all the phone sex and sleeping naked with you, you're nuts" he responded.

So we both layed next to each other and began to slowly pump our hard cocks. "You are so fucking hot Carlos. I want to make love with you so bad. I want to lick you from head to toe" I said as the jacking became faster. As I was getting closer I reached over and tentatively touched Carlos' balls. He spread his legs a bit, encouraging me. I continued to jack with my right hand and rub his balls with my left hand. Slowly I was working my fingers closer to his ass and he knew it, spreading his legs even more. Eventually my middle finger reached its target and I began to rub it across Carlos' asshole.

"Fuck dude, that feels so good" he said. "Keep doing that Ty, play with my ass." We were both jacking faster and beginning to breathe harder and moan. "Are you close?" he asked.


"I want to watch you sniff your finger as you shoot Ty. Go ahead man, smell it. Smell my ass Ty" he was grunting the words out as his hand was flying up and down his cock.

I pulled my finger away from his ass and brought it up to my nose, sniffing deeply. "Oh fuck" I moaned as I began to shoot my load. I was watching Carlos' cock and he was cumming with me, his cum pooling in his belly button.

We laid quietly for a few minutes, then I took the hand towel and began to clean Carlos up first, then wiped up my cum and handed the towel to Carlos. He looked at me with his wonderful grin, sniffed the towel saying "God I love that smell." He dropped the towel next to the bed and pulled the sheet and cover up over us. He rose up on his elbow, leaned over and gave me the best kiss ever. We alternately sucked on each other's tongue and explored each other's mouth. He tasted wonderful. "Good night babe" he said.

"Good night" I replied.

The next morning over breakfast Carlos surprised me, as we hadn't talked about it at all before. He asked "Dad. Could Tyler and I take the tent camper up to the lake for a couple days?" He continued "Ty's had a hell of a week dad, it would be good for him" he pleaded.

"What about school? You have already missed three days" he said.

"We're both doing well and there is no school next week, don't you remember? It's teacher in service week or some such thing."

"Well, Okay. I think you're right. Just be careful and stay in touch with your mother. Call her every day" he told Carlos.

After breakfast when Carlos and I returned to his bedroom he grabbed me and kissed me. Then said "This is going to be the best week of our lives dude." He dropped his voice and whispered in my ear "I'm going to fuck your brains out."

"ummm" was all I said as we both rubbed our crotches together and kissed deeply again.

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