This story contains scenes of sexual interaction between minor boys. Because the story takes place before the onset of the AIDS crisis, the sex described is not protected sex. The author encourages you to always use a condom and practice safe sex. If you are under 18 years of age, or it is illegal to read this in your locality please proceed no further.

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This story is fictional, entirely from the imagination of the author.


Chapter Three

After getting permission to use the camper for a few days, Carlos took me out to the RV portion of the garage to start getting things ready. As we walked to the back part of the long garage I saw a Chevrolet Silverado with a Coleman folding tent camper sitting a few feet behind it. "Well, there it is" said Carlos.

"Sweet" was my reply. "So what do we need to do to get ready?"

"Well, clean everything out for starters. There is enough room in here to open up the camper if we are careful. Don't get caught between it and the wall though. That wouldn't be pretty." Carlos laughed. "It's got a small fridge and stove in it but no bathroom I'm afraid. We'll have to go and get whatever food we want to take. We have to get a couple rolls of TP from my bath. And the last stop before we leave town will be CVS." I looked at Carlos quizzically. He whispered "Lube, dude. Lube. I'll buy a fucking case of it." His last comment elicited a laugh from me. It was a nervous laugh.

We finished packing up and going over a final checklist. All was ready. We found Carlos' parents in the kitchen. "Well, we're all ready" said Carlos.

"You be really careful Carlos. You haven't had that much experience towing the trailer" his father said.

"We'll be careful" Carlos said as he hugged and kissed his mother. Then he stepped over to his father and did the same as I was getting a hug from his mom. I shook hands with Mr. Hernandez, but he pulled me closer and gave me a hug.

"Oh, and before I forget, make sure you don't get those stitches wet Tyler. I know the water is going to be tempting, but I mean it. You stay out of it. You don't want to get an infection."

We finished our goodbyes, and then we were off. As we headed north on I-17 I asked "So where exactly are we going?"

"Well, we talked about Lake Powell, but I think I'd rather go to Bear Canyon. It's only about two hours north and it's much more primitive. We'll have lots of privacy there. When dad and I want to really rough it, that's where we go. There is really nothing there, just some good camping and no people" Carlos explained. Then he added "Slide over here Ty. I want to be able to touch you." I unbuckled my seat belt as Carlos lifted up the console separating us. I moved over next to him and found the belt for the center position and put it on. Carlos dropped his hand to my lap, gave my crotch a good squeeze saying "That's better." I put my hand on his leg and rested my head against his shoulder. We caught more than just a few looks from passing motorists. It's like they had never seen two young men sitting together before.

After driving a while in silence I said "So you said you were going to fuck my brains out."

"You got that right" Carlos replied.

"Carlos, you know I'm a virgin. I mean, the only thing that's been up my ass is my finger, and that only recently at your urging. And I don't know how other assholes feel, but mine feels pretty damn tight on my finger." I was thoughtful for a moment, then added "You've got a huge cock Carlos. I really want you to fuck me man, but you are going to have to take your time and be easy with me."

"Fuck, Ty. You're making me horny talking about your little tight asshole dude." He waited a moment and added "Babe, you know I wouldn't hurt you. We're only going to do what you want to do when you want to do it. Okay" he asked?

"Okay" I said. "You've got me hard too just talking about it" I laughed.

We arrived at Bear Canyon Lake and it was just like Carlos had said it was. The area where we stopped was virtually deserted in a thickly forested section where the trees went right down to the water. When Carlos found the area he liked he stopped the truck and we got out. I mostly watched as he disconnected the tent trailer and moved the truck around beside it. I helped him unfold and open up the trailer. Then Carlos said "I gotta whiz."

"Me too" I responded. We walked several yards away and Carlos stopped at a large tree. He looked at me and I asked "What? You need some help?"

"You help me and I'll help you" he laughed. I just smiled at him as I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He stood there with his hands on his hips, legs slightly spread. "Well, go ahead." I pushed his jockey shorts down below his balls then grasped his semi-hard cock and pointed it at the base of the tree. Carlos immediately let loose with a strong stream of piss. When he finished I shook his cock a couple times. "My dad says that if you shake it more than twice you're playing with it" he laughed.

"Okay, hurry up man. I really have to pee. Problem is, I don't know if I can with this hard-on" I said. Carlos unfastened my pants and pushed them and my jockey shorts down in one move. My hard cock popped up.

Carlos took it in his hand and pulled it down slightly so that I was pointed at the tree. "Damn dude, you are hard" he said.

"I told you so. I don't know what it is about watching you piss, but it drives me fucking nuts" I said.

"Well, we can deal with that later. Right now just concentrate and piss on that tree" he instructed. I eventually got a stream going and was able to empty my bladder. I fastened up my pants and we walked back to the camper.

Once inside I sat quietly for a minute thinking. Then I said "Would it be Okay if I wanted to suck your cock?"

Tyler kissed me and said "Yes, it would be very Okay if you sucked my cock. But only if I can suck yours too" he said. Then he put his arm around me and we kissed again, this time more gently and Carlos had his hand behind my head. What started slowly as unbuttoning each other's clothes quickly turned into a frenzy of yanking off everything we had on. We stood looking at each other's naked body. Carlos maintained eye contact with me as he bent over and picked up my jockey shorts. Staring into my eyes he brought them up to his face and smelled them.

"Oh fuck, that is so hot man. You're smelling my dirty shorts. Fuck" I moaned. Carlos looked at the shorts closely and made sure I was looking too at the pre-cum and slight piss stains in the pouch of my shorts, then he opened his mouth and pushed that part into his mouth and sucked on them. "Oh my God Carlos" was all I could manage to say as he pushed me over onto the bed. Without anything further being said we maneuvered into position so we could reach each other's cock. Carlos' cock was rock hard and some pre-cum was smeared on his belly. I pulled his cock down a bit, opened my mouth and slid it over his dripping cock. I tasted a guy's cock for the first time.

At the same time Carlos had engulfed my cock. It felt like he was swallowing it, taking it all the way into his throat. I only lasted for a minute or two before shooting the biggest load of my life in Carlos' mouth. I pulled off his cock saying "Shit. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cum that fast."

"Don't worry about it babe, you were wonderful and tasted so fucking good. But don't stop what you're doing man, suck me" he panted.

I went back to licking and sucking his cock, Carlos' hands in my hair. "Play with my balls babe. Play with my ass" he whispered. I kept sucking his cock, my head bobbing up and down on him. I began to rub and gently tug on his balls. "Oh fuck, here I cum babe" he panted as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth faster and faster, nearly gagging me.

Then I got the most wonderful taste in the world as Carlos flooded my mouth with his hot, thick, sticky cum. Shot after shot filled my mouth as I swallowed several times. I looked at Carlos. There was some cum dripping down from the corner of my mouth. He took his finger, gathered it up and fed it to me saying "You're going to gain ten pounds this week just from the cum I plan on feeding you."

"You can feed me anything you want man" I responded.

Carlos laughed. We curled up together on the queen size bed, me in front with Carlos' arms wrapped around me, and fell asleep. When we woke up the sun was just setting. "Want some dinner" he asked?

I kissed him and murmured "Can I just eat you?"

"Anytime babe, but we need real food to keep going" he replied.

We got up, pulled on some shorts and Carlos began to rummage around for the food he was looking for. He eventually opened a couple cans of ravioli and heated it up on the stove. When it was hot he sat down with me at the small table, ravioli still in the pan, and gave me a spoon. "We can share" he said. We ate in silence. I was hungrier than I realized.

When we finished eating I asked "Okay, so there's no restroom out here. I need to take a dump. What's the plan?"

"Haven't you ever been camping in a primitive area?"

"No, there have always been restrooms" I said.

Carlos opened a small cabinet by the door and pulled out a roll of toilet paper. "Come on. I've got to take a shit too, I'll show you" he said.

Carlos went out the door and picked up a small hand shovel on the way. I followed and asked incredulously "We're going to take a dump together?"

"Yeah, why? My dad and I do all the time when we are out here."

"I've never taken a shit in front of anyone before" I said.

Carlos stopped, took me in his arms and said "I'm not anyone babe. I'm the guy that loves you." He kissed me the tenderest kiss ever and naturally my tears started to fall. Carlos pulled back, looked at me, leaned forward and licked my tears away. "If it bothers you babe, we don't have to do it together, I can just show you how and leave."

"No. It's Okay. I just never thought about it before" I said. We continued walking a ways and then Carlos stopped.

"Alright, boy scout, what you do is dig a little hole, or a big hole if you have a problem" he said with a laugh. "Then drop your drawers, squat over the hole and take your dump. Drop the paper in the hole and bury it all when you are done. Be careful not to piss on your pants." As he was saying all this he was digging a small hole, then he handed me the shovel and began to undo his pants. I took a couple steps away and dug a hole and laid the shovel down, dropped my pants and squatted over the hole.

As we were taking care of business I couldn't help but get a hard-on. Here we were, out in the woods, and I was watching the hottest guy I have ever known take a shit. I thought "Fuck. Why is this turning me on?"

We went back to the camper. Carlos asked "What do you want to do?"

"What do you want to do" I asked?

"I want to fuck you" he said matter of factly.

"Before we do that, could we just get naked and let me look at you. I've never really had the chance to get a really good look at you." I grinned, saying "I want to explore."

"You bet babe, anything you want" he said.

We both dropped our shorts and climbed in the bed. Carlos took me in his arms and began kissing me. I sucked his tongue into my mouth and found he still tasted of ravioli. I ran my tongue slowly over every single part of his mouth and teeth, memorizing everything I felt. I rose up on my knees, straddling Carlos facing him. I just looked at him for a moment, then bent forward and explored his left ear with my tongue. Carlos began to giggle. "You didn't say anything about a wet willy" he said.

I raised his left arm above his head and pushed my face directly into his thick damp arm pit. The hair was so dense it was difficult to get my tongue to his skin. While I was smelling and licking at his pit Carlos said "Wait until we've been here four days without a shower. You may have second thoughts about doing that."

I surprised Carlos by saying "The fuck I will, that's what I'm waiting for."

"Oh yeah? So what, you're a little stink boy" he asked?

"I don't know what I am" I answered. "I just know what I've been thinking about every time I've jack off since that day you first walked in to class."

I moved down and began to lick and suck on Carlos' nipple, alternating between the two. Then I dropped down and started licking the hair that made up his happy trail, and ended up sticking my tongue into his belly button. Carlos giggled.

His hard cock was dripping precum on his stomach and I licked that up as well. "God you taste good" I said. I gently sucked his left nut into my mouth. I rolled it around on my tongue, then let it slip from my mouth and sucked on his right nut while slowly rubbing the underside of his hard cock. "Fuck babe, that feels so good" he said.

I felt his hard legs from where I slipped my hand in next to his balls slowly all the way down to his feet. I raised Carlos foot up and as I looked into his eyes I sucked his big toe into my mouth, slobbering all over it, then began licking between each of his toes. "So fucking hot man" Carlos mumbled.

"Roll over for me" I said. Carlos quickly rolled onto his stomach. I put one hand on each side of his butt and lowered my face slowly down. I slowly drug my face across his ass from left to right, feeling the light coating of hair there. I rubbed my face back and forth across his butt, then sat up a bit and put each hand on his butt cheeks. Carlos could hear me moan as I slowly started pulling his cheeks apart, looking at the thickening hair in his crack. I lowered my face to his butt and began to sniff his butt crack from top to bottom. "Fuck Carlos, your ass is so fucking hot man; I think I'm gonna cum."

"Don't cum yet" Carlos said as he rolled back over on his back. "I want to watch you while you do this." He reached down, grabbing his ankles and pulled his legs back as far as he could, exposing his asshole to me. "Now, go ahead Babe. Smell my ass. You have wanted to do that since we met, so now's your chance. Do it Babe, let me see you smell my asshole."

I leaned forward slowly, shaking slightly, my cock almost running with precum. I finally pushed my nose against Carlos' asshole and sniffed deeply. I think my eyes were about to roll back in my head as I smelled him. It was the hottest thing I had ever done. We were both jacking our dripping cocks at this point. "Fuck Carlos. Your ass smells so fuckin hot man."

"Ty" he said, "lick it. Lick my asshole babe. Taste it." Carlos was jacking even faster now. I stuck my tongue out and dragged it across his asshole tasting him.

"This is so fucking nasty Carlos" I said. "You just took a shit an hour ago."

"I know babe, it's so nasty and so hot. You like how my ass tastes" he asked.

Between licks I answered "Fuck yes."

"Then push your tongue up my ass babe, tongue fuck me. Stick your tongue inside my asshole and really taste me" he said.

I pushed my tongue as hard as I could into his ass. As I began to taste his ass juices we both started spraying cum everywhere.

After catching my breath I moved up next to Carlos and he leaned over to kiss me. I opened my mouth and he sucked my tongue into his mouth. "Ummm" he murmured. When we broke the kiss he said "I could taste my ass on your tongue Ty."

"Do you like tasting that" I asked?

"Hell yeah" he answered.

"Good. Next time you eat my ass out then" I said, snuggling up against him.

"Better enjoy it now because after we've been out here four days without a shower or even a bathroom we are both going to be pretty ripe. And I don't mean just our pits. I'm not sure anyone would want to get within five feet of my hairy asshole then" Carlos said.

"Ummm. You're making me hard again talking like that" I said.

"You are going to be a stink boy, aren't you?"

"We'll see. Life is short, you've got to experiment. Right?"

We spooned together under a cover and lay quietly for some time. Before drifting off to sleep I said "Carlos?"

"Yeah" he mumbled.

"I love you too" I said.

Carlos heard me but said nothing. Now it was his turn for tears to fill his eyes. He was happier than he had ever been in his life.


I awoke at sunrise, but it wasn't the sun that woke me up. It was Carlos' mouth moving slowly up and down my hard cock. I reached down and began running my fingers through his hair. "Ummm. What a nice way to wake up" I murmured. As Carlos continued to suck my cock I held his head more firmly and began gently thrusting up into his mouth. It felt so good. As I got closer to climax my thrusting became more aggressive and I could feel my cock slipping in and out of his throat. Just as I was about to shoot I pulled out until just the head of my cock was in his mouth, then I began to fill his mouth with several shots of sweet/salty cum. Carlos swallowed every drop then allowed my cock to slip from his mouth. He lifted my cock up and examined it, stripping down and then licking up the final leakage of cum from the tip of my cock.

"Damn Carlos, that was one hell of a way to wake up. I could get used to that" I said.

"Glad you enjoyed it. I need my protein too you know" he joked. "Speaking of which, it's your turn to cook us some breakfast."

I sat up and reached for my shorts. "Just leave them Ty. That way I can look at that hot bod while you cook" Carlos said.

I pulled out a can of hash and four eggs and began to cook breakfast. This time I separated our portions onto two plates and put them on the table. Carlos got up and came to the table naked, sat down and was ready to eat. I retrieved a couple forks and knives, sat down and began eating.

"I thought me we do some hiking this morning, then after our nap we can just look around and explore. How does that sound?" he asked.

"Sounds great" I responded. So when we finished eating we headed up the tree covered hillside reaching the top in short order, then hiked along the highest point as we started around the lake. After a couple hours of hiking we dropped back down to the water's edge and started back toward the camper. We went in and lay down on the bed.

"There's no one around Ty. Maybe our next hike we should go naked. Well, except for shoes" Carlos said.

"Hey, I'm game if you are" I responded.

"In the meantime we could get naked now" Carlos said with a mischievous grin. We both stripped while lying next to each other in the bed.

Carlos got on his knees straddling my chest facing me. He was already getting hard. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"It's my turn. I told you I was going to feed you cum all week" he laughed. "I'm going to jack off into your mouth. I want to watch every shot pool in there" he said.

"So I'm just supposed to lay here with my mouth open and catch it, huh?"

"You got it my little stink boy" Carlos said as he began jacking his cock. "You don't have to just lay there babe. I'll move a bit so you can suck on my balls and lick my ass." At that I became very hard and reached for my cock. "No, you don't get to cum this time" Carlos said. As he jacked he scooted forward so that his balls were over my mouth. I opened up and began to lick and suck on them which elicited a moan from me. Carlos continued jacking and moved forward a bit more saying "Work on my asshole babe. Lick it for me. It is so fuckin hot knowing you are doing that." He moved forward, his balls resting on my face. I worked my tongue up and into his asshole and began tongue fucking him as he now moaned and began jacking furiously. He moved back so that he could aim at my mouth saying "Open up". I did, just in time to start catching the volleys of cum he was shooting in my mouth. Carlos was muttering "So hot babe, so fuckin hot." When he finished cumming he bent forward and placed his mouth over mine so we could pass his cum back and forth between us. He eventually pushed it all in my mouth along with his spit and said "swallow it for me Ty." I did in two massive gulps. Carlos moved off and layed down next to me.

Shortly after that I said "Potty time man, I got to go." We both swung out legs over the side of the bed and I reached for my shorts.

Carlos said "Forget them man. We can just go out naked. There's no one around."

"Okay" I responded as I got up and headed for the door. Carlos was right behind me and grabbed the hand shovel and toilet paper on the way out.

As he was walking behind me Carlos said "You know Ty, you have one very fine ass. I could look at it all day" he paused, then added "But you know about staring at asses all day, don't you?"

I looked over my shoulder at him and just grinned.

Carlos stopped and dug a little hole then handed me the shovel. This time I didn't step far away, but rather dug my hole directly in front of him. We squatted down about four feet apart looking directly at each other. And again, as Carlos began his dump I instantly got a hard-on. He couldn't help but notice. "Makes you hard, huh? Which is it, shitting in front of me or watching me take a shit?"

"Maybe both, I don't know. I already told you that you make me hard whenever I watch you piss. Go figure" I said.

"You're weird stink boy, weird." Carlos said, "But I have to admit you're turning me on too."

We finished up, used the shovel to cover the holes and started back to the camper.

We spent the remainder of the day just hanging around the camper naked. Carlos had brought a small DVD player and selection of movies. He went out to the back of the truck and started up a small generator there and pulled an extension cord back in to the camper. We selected a movie, put it on and settled down on the bed to watch. As we watched the movie Carlos occasionally nibbled on my ear or we kissed. At times we would gently rub each other's crotches; not enough to start anything really, just enough to keep us both kind of chubbed up.

It was a wonderful, relaxing day. As the sun began to set Carlos got up and made us both a couple of sandwiches and opened two Cokes. We ate in bed watching movies.

As darkness set in and the last movie ended Carlos gave me a very sloppy wet kiss and said "I really want to fuck you Ty."

"You'll be careful, go slow?"

"I told you I would" he said. "Can we do that?"

"I would love you to fuck me" I said.

Carlos got up and retrieved some lube. "I think it would be best if you laid on your back like I did yesterday" he said. "Pull your legs back."

I did. Carlos moved between my legs but had left the lube on the table. I said "How about the lube?"

"Later babe. Lube doesn't taste all that good and I want to taste that fine ass of yours" he said.

Without any hesitation Carlos pushed his face into my ass sniffing my asshole. "Damn man, you are getting pretty stinky all ready."

"You don't have to do this" I offered.

"Oh the hell I don't" he said as he stuck out his tongue and began to lick my asshole. "Fuck Ty, this is so hot" he murmured as he continued to lick at my hole and then he started pushing his tongue into my ass. "Relay Ty. Push out man like you're gonna take a shit." I looked at him with a worried look on my face. "It's Okay dude, you just took a dump. Just do it." So I did bear down as he pushed his tongue against my asshole and it popped in. "Ummm, Ummm, Ummm" was all I could hear as he furiously tongue fucked me. "My God Ty that is so fuckin hot and nasty. I love it." He then reached for the lube on the table. He generously squirted it all over my asshole and his fingers, then he slowly inserted his middle finger into my ass. He was finger fucking me and it didn't hurt. He was watching my face for any indication that I was uncomfortable. He pulled his finger out, put more lube on his hand and then gently pushed two fingers all the way into my ass. I could feel I was being stretched, but it still didn't hurt. He worked his fingers in and out with increasing speed. Then he added a third finger and I winced a bit. "I'll go really slowly now Ty. It's going to be uncomfortable at first, but it shouldn't hurt." He added yet more lube by squirting it on his hand and directly up my ass. Then he worked the three fingers back in and began fucking me with them. I could see his cock was rock hard and dripping. Mine, however, was not hard. Perhaps chubbed up a bit, but that's all.

"Okay Carlos. I'm ready I think. Fuck me now, please. Please do it now" I pleaded.

Carlos squirted a generous amount of lube in his hand and smeared it all over his cock. Then he wiped his hand on his dirty shorts.

He moved close behind me between my legs and began to rub the head of his cock around my asshole. "Do it Carlos. Just shove it all the way in" I said.

"I should really push in slowly Ty."

"No. Just shove it in. Go balls deep, just ram it in please" I begged.

"Hold your breath Ty" he said and with that he did just as I had asked. He rammed his full hard cock balls deep into my ass in one huge shove. Despite the preparation I saw stars; it felt like he had ripped my ass apart with a hot poker. I screamed. Carlos dropped his body down on mine and covered my screaming mouth with his. He was buried as deep as possible in my ass and wasn't moving at all. "I'm not going to move until the pain goes away. It will in a few minutes" he said.

And the pain did fade, but I felt like I had to take the biggest shit of my life I was stuffed so full. Ever so gently Carlos started pulling his cock back just a bit and pushing it back in. His strokes became a little bigger each time.

"Oh my God Carlos. You feel awesome in me."

"It just gets better babe" he said.

It seems like we fucked for over half an hour, speeding up and slowing down, all the while Carlos kissing me, licking and nibbling on my nipples, biting and sucking on my neck. Eventually Carlos said "Babe, I'm getting close."

I responded "Do it man. Breed me. Shoot all your hot cum as deep in my ass as you can."

"Fuck Ty. I'm gonna make you my man. You're gonna carry my cum in you all night long."

Then Carlos fucking became rapid. His balls were slapping my ass as he pumped furiously into my asshole. Then he stiffened and made a noise I had not heard before as he pushed into me as deeply as he possible could. I could feel his hard cock jerking, spasming, shooting his huge load deep in my ass.

Carlos left his cock in my ass as we calmed down, kissing and making out. Finally he pulled it out with a discernable "pop", then he moved down and began licking and sucking on my asshole. The more he sucked the more he moaned. When he had filled his mouth he moved back up and placed his lips against mine. We both opened our mouths and his cum mixed with my ass mucus and juices poured into my mouth. Carlos pulled back a bit, pushed my mouth closed and whispered "Swallow it Ty. Do it for me. Swallow it babe." After tasting the mixture I swallowed it down in two gulps. Carlos kissed me again.

We curled up the same way we had the night before. Carlos pulled up the cover. Then he said "Tyler that was the most amazing experience of my life. I love you so much."

I responded "I love you too."


The next morning as we awoke Carlos asked "How do you feel?"

I answered "Fine. Why?"

"I meant your ass after last night."

"Oh. Well, it's a bit tender but Okay." I looked at him and added, smiling "But I'm very, very Okay." After some silence I added "I'm thinking you are right Carlos, I am going to be a stink boy. I really get turned on by the smells of your body, I think more than anything else. But you know, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm a bottom boy. I would really like to try fucking you."

Carlos said "Well, then you better get your energy up. It's your turn to cook."

"How did I know you would want me to cook breakfast?" I asked.

"Psychic" was his answer.

I got up and working around the trailer naked I found the eggs, bacon and bread for toast and got started making our breakfast. No one had warned me that when you are frying bacon you don't want to be naked. As the bacon grease popped I got a couple of painful stings on my stomach and one on my nuts. I'll remember that.

We ate at the table, then, as we had fallen into a routine, Carlos stood up and said "You coming?"

"Yep" I answered. "I'd come to watch you even if I didn't need to go" I add.

Carlos looked over his shoulder and said "Pervert."

I corrected him saying "No I'm not. But I've accepted it, I'm a stink boy, and your stink is what really turns me on."

"Well, you turn me on. And I love you. So you can get as kinky as you want Ty. I'm as adventurous as you are" Carlos said. Then he added "Besides, anything you can do I can do better" he laughed.

Carlos found the spot he wanted to use and dug his little hole and handed me the shovel. This time I dug my hole right next to his. Since we were naked we didn't have to worry about pissing on our pants. We both squatted over our respective holes and proceeded to take our dumps, but this time I had my hand on Carlos leg all the while. When we finished we walked back to the trailer, both of us sporting hard-ons.

As we approached the trailer I was walking just slightly to the right and a bit behind Carlos. I said "Hold up a minute man." Carlos stopped and I stepped up next to him, took hold of his arm and raised it up pushing my nose into his hairy pit taking a long sniff. "Yeah, I thought that was what I was smelling. You're really starting to stink."

Carlos dropped his arm and playfully pushed me away. "Get the fuck away from me before you get started." Then he laughed, pulled me back close and gave me a very sloppy wet kiss.

We got back in the trailer, laid down on the bed and began making out seriously. I reached for the lube on the table and Carlos said "remember what I told you, that stuff doesn't taste very good." That was his not so subtle way of letting me know he wanted me to eat his ass first. He didn't need to say anymore.

I pushed his legs up and back and virtually attacked his ass, sniffing, licking and poking my tongue at his hole. Carlos bore down to open up for me and I shoved my tongue inside him, sucking and tongue fucking his asshole. Then I reached again for the lube and copied what Carlos had done to lube me up. When I had him lubed I positioned myself and in one push went balls deep in his ass. Carlos just grunted. I began pumping in and out of his asshole but couldn't hold off and I knew it. "I'm gonna cum man" I panted.

"Shoot it babe, fill my ass up" Carlos said. As he was saying it I had started shooting, my cock throbbing. When I was done I stayed in him and laid down on his chest, laying my face in his sweat.


Our fourth and last day at the lake was pretty much like the others, except that by 3:00PM we had fucked each other twice, and sucked each other off at least three times.

Carlos said "Well dammit; it's time to pack up and get the hell home I guess." Without comment I helped him put everything away and fold up the tent. Carlos backed up the truck and hooked up the trailer and we were off.

We talked pretty much non-stop the two hours home.

"I love you Carlos" I said. "You are the hottest guy I've ever know and besides I really like you too. We seem to like all the same things. And my God, the sex. You have got to be the best lover in the world."

"You've had all that experience to compare me to, right?"

I answered "Don't be an ass. You know what I mean. I just really, really love you. And God, your body turns me on like I've never experienced before. You don't mind it that I get off on your stink, and you stink so good man, your pits, your crotch, your feet, and especially your hot ass man. There is so much I want to do with you."

Carlos said "I'm glad you get off on me. Believe it or not you are teaching me a thing or two about sex too. I've never even thought about how hot a stinky guy could be, but it is hot. And you stink pretty good too after four days" he laughed. "Ty, Babe, I love you too, very much."

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