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This story is fictional, entirely from the imagination of the author.


Chapter Four

The boys arrived home at 6:00 PM. Carlos pulled into the circular drive going all the way around until he was headed back into the street, and then backed up the rig toward the large RV garage door. As he got close he stopped the truck, turned it off and said to Tyler "Okay lover, we are home." They both got out and headed into the house.

Entering the front door Carlos called out "Mom, Dad, we're home." Both Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez came in to the living room to greet the boys, everybody hugging each other.

Mr. Hernandez stepped back and said "Well, it's pretty obvious you stayed away from the water. Any water for that matter; you guys stink."

Mrs. Hernandez said to them "Both of you go get in the shower now, before you do anything else." The boys agreed and headed toward Carlos' bedroom as Mr. Hernandez went outside to back the truck and trailer into the garage.

In the bedroom the boys stripped off their dirty clothing and went into their bathroom. As the door closed behind them Carlos started the shower running to head it up. "It's going to be a while before we can do this again so I get one more sniff" I said with a grin. Carlos grinned right back at me. I stepped forward to him as he lifted each arm in turn for me to press my nose into his stinky pits. "Ummmm" I murmured as I enjoyed the ripe smell emitting from him. I then put my hands on his hips and turned him around. He stepped close to the wall and bent forward with his hands on the wall. I dropped down behind him, put my hands on his butt cheeks pulling them apart. I drug my nose down the length of his butt crack, sniffing all the way. When I got to his asshole I began to lick him again and again. "Let me in" I whispered. Carlos beared down relaxing his hole and I slipped my tongue all the way into his asshole, licking and sucking, tasting the inside of his asshole and sucking his ass juices into my mouth while I was jacking on my hard dripping cock.

Finished, I stood up and Carlos turned around displaying his hard cock which was smacked up against his belly and dripping. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me. I opened my mouth and he sucked my tongue into his mouth, me sharing his juices with him.

"God, that is so fucking hot" he whispered. "Let's get washed up, we can share the shower." Taking my cock in his hand and leading me to the shower with it he added "We can take care of these too." As he pulled the shower door closed he turned to me and said "How about I wash you then you can do me?"

"Great" I said.

Carlos got a washcloth fully soaped up and began to scrub every inch of my body, then he squirted some shampoo into my hair. "I'll be careful" he said as he began to gently wash my hair. When he had finished and I rinsed off he turned me around facing the wall and squired more shampoo into his hand then reached around me and grasped my cock and began to jack me off. It only took a few strokes and I began to unload ropes of cum against the shower wall. I turned back around and kissed him deeply.

"Thank you" I said. "Your turn now" I said as I took the washcloth from the hook and started the entire process again. As I finished washing his hair and he rinsed off he started to turn toward the wall. I stopped him and dropped to my knees and took his hard cock into my mouth. It didn't take him long either as after only a minute of me sliding my mouth up and down on his cock he began to grunt and fill my mouth with his hot cum. I swallowed most of it as I stood up. I kissed him and forced the remaining cum that was in my mouth into Carlos' mouth. He swallowed his own cum and grinned at me.

"You are getting adventurous, aren't you" he asked? I just grinned at him, opened the shower door and stepped out. We took turns drying each other off then went into the bedroom and Carlos got out clean clothes for both of us saying "We're about the same size; all my stuff will fit you except for long pants. Mine would drag behind you a bit I'm afraid" referring to the fact that he was five inches taller than me.

There was a knock on the door and Carlos' mom stepped into the room. We both were still stark naked. I instinctively dropped my hands to cover up my crotch, but Carlos made no such move. "Dinner will be on the table in five minutes" she announced and turned to leave.

"Okay. On our way" Carlos responded as the door closed.

"Damn man, she just walked in while we were naked!" I exclaimed.

"Oh that's no big deal" Carlos chuckled. "When no one is around we all swim and play naked in the back yard. Hell, if I've gone to bed and forgotten to get a drink or something I just walk out to the kitchen naked even if they are there. We just don't think about it much."

When we were all seated at the table and began to fill our plates, Mrs. Hernandez said "Tyler, I'm sorry I walked in on you."

"Carlos kind of explained that and how things work around here, so it's all good. No worries" I responded.

"We are very informal about that kind of thing around here" she said.

Mr. Hernandez added "Hell, we couldn't keep clothes on Carlos when he was little. We don't have any more luck now. He wanders around here naked half the time."

Carlos whined "Dad..."

Mr. Hernandez, looking at me, said "Well, it's true. You'll get the hang of things around here in short order Tyler. There aren't a lot of rules, but there is one thing that is absolutely expected young man, and that is the truth. I want you to know that we will never lie to you and we expect nothing less from you."

"I understand sir. I promise I'll never lie to anyone here" I said.

Mr. Hernandez continued "Tyler, your mom came over for a visit while you guys were gone."

"She did?"

"Yes. Your father is back home, but for now he isn't allowed anywhere near you so you will have to stay here for a while, if that's Okay with you. The authorities said you had to be placed in foster care temporarily but I talked with them and they are agreeable to you staying here but only if you are good with that" he explained.

Carlos said "Of course it's Okay. He's not going anywhere as far as I'm concerned."

"Well, it's not your choice son" Mr. Hernandez corrected him.

"I think it would be best if I could stay here for now" I said as I placed my hand over Carlos' hand.

"Then it's settled" Mr. Hernandez said, referring to his wife, "Janet will order new twin beds and another desk and chair for your bedroom and you can both stay together in there if you like, or you could take one of the guest rooms" he said to me. Carlos and I looked at each other, both very disappointed about the twin beds, but we didn't say anything.

"Yes, I would like to stay in Carlos' room if that is Okay" I said.

Mr. Hernandez said "All right then, that's settled too." Then he added "Now why don't you two tell us about your trip." We did, but only the hiking part. We obviously didn't talk about the sex. After a couple minutes of my talking Mr. Hernandez interrupted me saying "Tyler. You are obviously very special to Carlos, so you are special to us too" he said, looking at his wife. "Why don't you call us George and Janet?"

I thought about that and it made me uncomfortable, so I asked "Could I call you Pop and mom?"

Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez looked at each other and she nodded. He then looked at me and said "That would be fine Tyler. That feels better for us too."

We finished dinner and Carlos and I got up to head off to bed, both of us exhausted. Carlos gave both of his parents a kiss and hug. Then Janet stepped over to me and gave me a long hug. The tighter she hugged me the harder I was fighting back tears. Eventually the dam broke and I began to sob against her shoulder. Carlos' dad took Carlos by the arm and led him out of the kitchen leaving his wife holding me while I cried. All the emotions, bad and good, just boiled over. The harder I tried to quit crying the worse it got.

As I began to settle down she said "Tyler, you've been through hell these last few days. I know it's hard, but you have a family here that cares for you very much. Our home is your home young man." She paused for a second then asked "You do know Carlos is in love with you, don't you?"

As I dried my tears and wiped my nose on the napkin I grabbed from the table I answered "I know. And I love him too, but I didn't know you knew."

"Moms know everything young man" she said with a smile.

I gave her a weak smile and said "Thank you. Goodnight... Mom."

"Goodnight Tyler" she responded.

I went to Carlos' bedroom and opened the door. Carlos was sitting on the edge of his bed and his father was sitting in Carlos' desk chair. I sat down next to Carlos and he reached to hold my hand. Mr. Hernandez looked at me and said "Carlos and I have been talking. I know you're tired, so we'll make this quick. I know you two are having sex, but I also know Carlos has kept his promise about sex in the house. I'm not sure I approve of the sex so soon, but what the hell, the world is changing I guess. Anyway, I'll talk with mom but I think twin beds are nothing more than us being blind. And, I've told Carlos not to worry about that promise he made" he said, smiling at me. Carlos squeezed my hand and we both grinned at each other.

Carlos looked at his father and said "Dad. Tomorrow is Friday. Can we take one more day and just veg around here?"

His father answered "Only if you call someone first thing in the morning to have them bring your missed assignments so you both can get them done over the weekend."

"Deal" Carlos said.

"Goodnight boys" his father said. As he got to the door he looked back at us and added "Now you guys be quiet for God's sake. I don't need noises from your room embarrassing your mother!" He smiled, then quickly closed the door.

Carlos turned to me, took me in his arms and kissed me. We fell across the bed and he kissed me more passionately that ever before. I was crying again, but they were tears of pure joy. We continued kissing and nuzzling each other. Carlos licked my tears away, which was beginning to become a habit, but I loved him for it, especially since they flowed so easily anymore and he never criticized me for that. I asked Carlos "Can we just snuggle tonight? I just want you to hold me."

Carlos pulled me into a tight hug whispering "I love you so much. I'll hold you forever."

I woke early but Carlos was still in a deep sleep. I carefully untangled myself from him and slipped out of bed, picked up my jockey shorts from the day before and pulled them on. I started to look for a pair of shorts then thought "What the hell, no one will be up." I quietly left the bedroom and walked into the kitchen. To my surprise both Carlos' parents were at the table having coffee.

"Good morning Tyler" they both said in unison.

"Good morning" I replied as I pulled out a chair and sat down.

"Do you drink coffee" Pop asked.

"Yes sir. I sometimes like a hot cup of coffee in the morning."

Pop got up and poured me a full mug then asked "Cream or sugar?"

"No thanks, just black" I responded.

He sat the cup in front of me then said to me, smiling, "Don't get used to this kind of service young man. You aren't a guest here anymore; you are part of this family."

We talked together for about a half hour, mostly me answering questions about school, why I was enrolled there, favorite foods, things I liked to do, my birthday (which was coming up the following week). It was nice being able to just chat, even if I was still in only my jockey shorts. Janet looked past me as Carlos entered the room and said "Good morning sleepy head."

"Morning" Carlos mumbled, still rubbing his eyes. He went to the counter and poured a cup of coffee for himself and sat down beside me. This was still new to me so I was a bit taken aback by the fact that Carlos was naked as a jaybird.

Mr. Hernandez said "Well boys, besides homework what do you have planned for the weekend?"

Carlos answered "Nothing really, why?"

"Well, I understand Tyler's birthday is next week. The Big 16. That's a big deal, don't you think" he asked?

I said "Oh, it's not necessary to make a big deal about it. You've already done so much for me."

"Bullshit. You're my second son, at least for now. And being 16 is a big deal" Pop said. Then to Carlos he said "You take my card and you boys go shopping. I expect Tyler to come home with a full new wardrobe, understand?"

Carlos grinned at me and then reached to take his father's American Express card from his hand. "Leave it to me dad" he said, setting the card down next to his coffee. He leaned over to me and gave me a kiss saying "Happy early birthday Ty."

We spent most of the afternoon shopping. I have no idea what we spent, but my guess is it approached a thousand dollars. I kept telling Carlos he was overdoing it, but he just ignored me and continued pulling me from store to store. We returned home around 7:00PM and loaded our arms up with all the bags we could carry. We headed into the house and immediately went to our bedroom. Carlos opened the door and as we stepped in we dropped the bags on the bed and just stood there looking at each other and around the room. There were now two new matching desks. Also matching them was a new large dresser, a chest and new king size bed replacing the full size Carlos had had in his room, and finally a new flat screen TV mounted high on the wall across from the foot of the bed. "Wowzer" was all I could say. We heard the door opening behind us and turned around to face Carlos' parents, both standing there smiling.

"Hope you boys like it" Mom said.

"Like it? We love it" Carlos exclaimed.

Then in unison we both said "Thank you so much."

"You're welcome boys" Pop said.

We had an early dinner so Carlos' parents were surprised that right after we finished eating Carlos said "We're tired. I think we'll turn in early." He pushed his chair back and took my hand to lead me out of the kitchen. As we passed Pop he said with a grin "Remember what I said about keeping the noise down."

We got into our room and Carlos said "We've got to initiate our new bed."

I pulled him to me and planted a sloppy kiss on him then whispered "Are you going to fuck my brains out again?"

Between the kisses he mumbled "At least twice." Then he started to undress me, all the while kissing me as he went, moving down my body as it was exposed. By the time he pulled off my shoes and sox and pulled my shorts down I had a rock hard cock. I started to get up to take Carlos' clothes off of him and he said "No. You just lay there and let me look at you." And he virtually stared at me as he removed his clothes. His cock too was hard, standing up against his belly and already starting to drip. We were making out furiously, our hands and mouths exploring each other's body. I felt Carlos finger probing at my ass. The he said "Oh hell. They moved all our stuff out of the old furniture. I wonder if they found my lube." He pulled open the nightstand drawer and there, on top of everything else, was not one but two tubes of KY. Carlos grinned. He took one tube and generously squirted some in his hand and completely lubed up his cock, then squirted some more on my asshole and began to work it in with his fingers. "God your ass gets me so fucking hot" he said.

"Quit talking and just fuck me, will you" I asked?

Carlos repositioned himself, lifted my legs up to his shoulders and began to rub the end of his cock around on my asshole. "Balls deep man, fuck me hard Carlos. I want you to pound my ass like you have never before" I breathed.

Carlos took me at my word and gave one hard shove pushing his hard cock all the way into my ass. He wasted no time at all waiting for me to adjust to the feeling, but instead pulled his cock all the way out and then rammed it in to me again and again. He was really being brutal, and I loved it. My cock stayed rock hard and was steadily dripping on my belly. After fucking me as hard as he could for it seemed like a half hour he pulled out and said "Get on your hands and knees stink boy." It wasn't a request, it was an order. I immediately obeyed and then he pulled my cheeks apart with his hands and without warning rammed his cock all the way up my ass from behind me. He held on to me by my hips, driving in and out roughly. "You're going to know you've been fucked when I get through with you" he grunted. He continued virtually pounding in to me, his balls slapping hard against me and him uttering a grunting sound with each thrust. When I had taken about all I could he actually started ramming in to me harder and faster, then more loudly he grunted "I'm cumming babe. Gonna breed your tight little ass." And with that I felt one last hard push and his cock began to jerk and spasm as he unloaded his balls, filling my ass with his hot cum.

He pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to me with me still on my hands and knees. I lowered myself down on my stomach and turned my face toward Carlos. He immediately pushed his lips against mine. I opened my mouth to accept his tongue and we kissed for several minutes, both of us moaning. I rolled over onto my back, my hard cock still standing up but soaked with precum. "Oh, my baby hasn't cum yet" he said. I reached for my cock to begin jacking and Carlos grabbed my hand, stopping me. "No, no, no" he said. You, babe, don't get to cum tonight" he said very seriously.


Carlos looked at me with a dead serious look for a minute or two, then broke into a smile and said "I'm just fuckin with you babe. Let your man take care of you." With that, he moved between my legs, took my cock in his hand and then sucked it in all the way to the root, swallowing my cock down his throat.

"Oh fuck Carlos, your mouth and throat are so hot. God yes, suck my cock man" I said, not as quietly as I probably should have. I took hold of his head and began to control the action, eventually literally fucking his face, driving my cock in and out of his throat. It only took a couple minutes but then I cried out "Cumming", and with that I unloaded my balls directly down his throat. Carlos pulled off, pushed himself up on top of me and sealed his lips on mine, kissing me deeply. I could taste my cum on his tongue. He then rolled off of me and we just lay there, our breathing slowing down. We were both soaked with sweat, as was the bed. "Carlos, we're going to have to change the bed" I said.

Carlos walked in to his closet and got clean sheets. Returning to the bed he said "If you help me this will only take a second." I got up and together we remade the bed. Then he said "How about a movie?"

"That would be Okay. But I think what I would rather do is just lay in your arms" I said.

"You got it babe" he said as he climbed into bed. I went to the other side and got in as well. As we laid there holding each other quietly I heard what I was sure was a muffled cough outside our bedroom door.

What neither boy realized was that when they retired early to their room, Janet went to the store to pick up a few items. While she was gone Mr. Hernandez had been standing outside their bedroom door listening to the sounds of our lovemaking. While standing there he had his right hand inside his shorts and was slowly jacking his hard cock as he listened to his son ravage my asshole. When he heard me say how hot his son's mouth and throat were he made an attempt to control the grunt that slipped out of his mouth as he shot his load in his pants.


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