W.A.R. Part One - Black Summer

(2nd edition)

Chapter Four - With or Without You

by Jeff Wilson

"I wish I had braces," Brett sighed as he stretched out on my bed.

"You can have `em," I replied, slaying yet another elf on the video game we were playing. "I can't stand having them." I didn't get the fascination he had for my metal mouth. He'd never have to worry about braces. His teeth were perfect. He'd never even had a cavity!

We were hanging out at my place for the afternoon, even though it was brutally hot again. We could have gone to his place and had central air, but since I had a ball game later on, I didn't want to get used to comfort only to have to go back out into the sweltering sun.

As we played the game, I found myself sneaking more and more glances at Brett, almost paying more attention to him than the game. I was fascinated by him, almost to the point that I was worrying about myself. Everything he did seemed like the coolest thing in the world to me. I was so proud that out of all the kids he could have been best friends with that he'd picked me. I didn't have as many friends as he did, but he was the only one I really needed to have anyway. He was awesome. He listened to me when I was angry. He was there for me when I was sad. He picked on me when I got too serious. I could tell him anything.

Except how I felt about him.

I could never do that. It would destroy what we had together. He'd think I was weird.

It was so frustrating. It made me feel good just to be near him. When he wasn't around, I found myself thinking about him. When he was around, I couldn't help but stare at him. It was like I had to soak up every detail about him. I'd look at old yearbook pictures of him and watch him age year to year. I'd spend hours looking through my own photos of the two of us together. I was consumed by my thoughts about him. He was more to me than even a brother would have been. It always made me proud when people would ask if we were brothers. It made me prouder still when Brett would mess with them and say that we were.

All of this was going on with me, and I couldn't tell him about it. It would freak him out. I knew that it wasn't the way I was supposed to think about another boy. It almost physically hurt me when he wasn't around. If I would tell him how I was feeling and scare him off, it would kill me. I couldn't let that ever happen. It was better to keep my feelings to myself and have him around than to tell him something that would make him hate me.

"Want to stay overnight?" I asked hopefully.

"Nah. It's too hot over here," Brett said. "You could come over to my place."

"When's your mom going to be home?" I asked.

"How should I know?" Brett replied.

"Mom wouldn't let me go if she didn't know if your mom was going to be there. I guess we better not."

We played for a while without saying much. I was disappointed that I would have to be alone in the heat chamber that I called my room that night. Brett looked a little forlorn as well. He was staying over a lot this summer, even though it was so miserably hot at my house.

"Your mom sure does work a lot," I said as I wiped out another ogre.

"Tell me about it. She's never home since they made her department head. She does that and she still does her own work with the freaks." Brett called all his mom's clients `the freaks' when she wasn't around. "They see her more than I do and I'm her kid."

"They need somebody to be there for them," I suggested.

"And I don't?" Brett replied sourly. "She's my mom, not theirs."

"Well, it's kind of like over here. Mom's stuck over there at grandma's. Dad has to work twice as hard because she can't work. We almost never see each other anymore. We haven't done anything as a family in months. If I'd just been more reliable we could have avoided this mess."

"Well, what are we going to do about it? We're just kids," Brett replied. "I couldn't imagine having to do what your mom is doing. Having to take care of her mom like that has got to be brutal. And then she has to deal with you too."

"Yeah, and dad being diabetic doesn't help matters," I added.

"Yeah. I always forget about that. He eats so many donuts and drinks so much soda that I forget."

"What the hell is soda? It's pop!" I corrected him. "He smokes too. He doesn't take very good care of himself."

"He takes good care of the coin collection though, doesn't he?"

Brett was fascinated by my dad's collection of coins. He hand-built four wooden cases and was working on a fifth. Inside were displays of various coins. There were old quarters, nickels, and pennies from as far back as before the Civil War. Apparently, the coin collection had been in the Roberts family for generations. It was started by my great grandfather, who was also named William Roberts. But he was William George, and I'm William Aaron. It had been passed down to my grandfather, Earl Roberts, who died long before I was born. My dad was Earl George Roberts, Jr. but everybody called him George. He got the collection when his dad died, and built the cases that currently housed the collection. It would someday be mine. It was quite valuable, both monetarily and personally. That's why dad kept it locked up in the safe under his gun cabinet. He'd shown it to Brett more than he'd shown it to me!

"What is your obsession with the coin collection?" I asked.

"I just think it's neat," Brett replied. "My family doesn't have anything cool like that, that I know of at least. How would I know? Maybe my dad is out there with some kind of neat family heirloom that he'd like to give me someday."

Brett would often talk about his father like he was some kind of hero out there just waiting to find him. It made me sad when he'd go into those fantasies in his mind. I just felt like he was building up his hopes to be disappointed. Brett's an optimist, and I just didn't want to see him get hurt when reality didn't turn out the way he'd like. I wondered sometimes if part of why he hung out at my house was to be near my dad. Dad treated Brett better than he treated me! I felt like Brett wanted to be in my family more than his own. I thought that was weird because my family was broke and always fighting. He had all the money he could ask for and his mom gave him anything he wanted but she was never around. All he really wanted was some attention.

"I'm bored. You think your dad would mind if we looked at it?"

"Looked at what?" I asked. I'd been so lost in my thoughts that I'd forgotten what we had been talking about.

"The coin collection, dumbass," Brett replied.

"Oh that!" I said. "I don't think he'd want us looking at it when he's not here. He keeps it locked up."

"Yeah, I know. So why don't we just open the gun cabinet and check it out? He'll never know."

"I don't know..." I protested weakly, "I don't even know where the key is."

"It's in his underwear drawer," Brett replied.

I looked at him suspiciously. Even I didn't know that.

Brett sensed my confusion, "I watched him put it away the last time we looked at the coin collection."

"You're sneaky," I scolded.

"So do you want to get it or are you scared?" Brett asked.

"I'm not scared. I just don't want to get in trouble. I'm the one who'd get grounded if he found out."

"Nobody's going to find out. We hang out here all day and nobody ever comes home."

"Do you really want to see it?" I asked. My defenses were beginning to crack.

"You know I do," Brett replied, smiling like an angel whose halo was being held up by devil horns. He knew he'd already won.

"Awww... Okay," I said. "But we have to put it away exactly as we found it. Dad's going to know we were in his stuff."

Brett walked much faster than me across the living room to mom and dad's room. He opened the door and walked right in. It was just as humid and miserable in there as the rest of the house. Brett opened dad's sock drawer and fished out the old skeleton key for the cabinet.

"I've got a bad feeling about this." I said. "Maybe we shouldn't."

"Don't be a pussy, Billy. This is going to be fun. C'mon."

"I guess..." I sighed.

Brett took that as a yes and proceeded to the large gun cabinet in the room. He slipped the key into the lock and jiggled it until we heard a click. Brett pulled on the door and it opened easily.

"Simple as that," he proclaimed.

"Don't touch anything!" I warned him. "We have to put everything back exactly the way it is."

"Chill out, dude," Brett replied. "I'm not going to get you in trouble."

Brett got on all fours and began his search, being careful not to touch anything. I watched the door to the room as if expecting my dad to walk in right at that moment and catch us in the act. My dad had never spanked me, but I didn't want him to start today!

"Oh shit!" Brett exclaimed from inside the cabinet.

"What?! What did you do?" I cried.

"You won't believe this!" Brett exclaimed. He pulled out a video tape and showed it to me.

"Breaking It: A Story About Virgins..." I read. "So?"

"So?" Brett asked. "Don't you know what this is?"

I still stared at Brett dumbfounded. I didn't get what he was so excited about.

"It's a porno!" Brett explained.

"Oh!!!!" I replied. I felt pretty stupid. "I... I knew what it was. The question is, what's it doing in there?"

"Uh, I don't know, maybe your dad likes watching porn like every other guy in America. Maybe him and your mom watch it together when he fucks her."

"Ew! Disgusting!" I laughed. "Maybe you should put it back."

"Put it back? Why?" Brett asked.

"Because we're not supposed to even be in here," I replied.

"Don't you want to watch it?"

"No! I mean... Well... Maybe..." I said weakly. "But we'll get caught. Mom could come back over here any second."

"Let's go to my house then," Brett offered.

"But I have a game soon," I whined.

"My god, Billy, you are such a fucking pussy!" Brett sighed. "Look, call Frank and tell him that something came up and you can't make it. He's got Dustin back. He's not even going to care about you. Then come to my house. My mom's not going to be home for hours. You can stay as late as you want."

"I don't know..." I whined.

"Okay, never mind, I forgot you were a big pussy," Brett said impatiently. "I'll just put it back..."

"No wait!" I cried. I could feel my head being pulled in two directions. I had the desire to do what Brett wanted and the duty to obey my parents. It was a situation that I found myself facing all too often. Brett was winning more and more of those battles. And he was going to win this one. After all, I couldn't let him think I was a pussy. "Okay. Let's do it," I said.

Brett locked the gun cabinet back up and replaced the key while I called Dustin's dad. Dustin's sister Amanda answered and I told her that something important came up and I wouldn't be able to make it to the game. She said she'd relay the message, and that was that. If I'd have known it would be that easy I might not have protested so much. I rechecked my parents' room to make sure that everything was the way dad had left it. If one of my parents came back, the only thing different was that the tape was gone. I planned to replace that when I got back, or when dad left for work the next day. I grabbed my book bag and put a change of clothes and the tape in it. I didn't want to look suspicious carrying a porno around.

Once I was sure everything was set at the house I locked the door and joined Brett outside. We began walking towards the woods that separated my house from Brett's place. It was possible to ride a bike on the many trails that kids had worn through the wild over the years. But Brett had a fear of bicycles ever since he'd been hit by a car while riding one when he was ten years old. He got knocked out, broke his collarbone, and cut himself up really bad. He'd come within an inch of severing his jugular. There was blood everywhere and he could have died. He was lucky, really. All he had to show for it was a little scar under his left jawline and his shoulders weren't quite symmetrical. So anyway, we walked.

What we called the woods was really a bunch of trees scattered about on a rather large hill. In the summer, you couldn't see much except leaves. But in the winter when the leaves fell you could see the whole town all the way to the river from the top of the hill. That was one of our favorite places. There was no direct road to get from one of our houses to the other. It was quite a journey if you wanted to drive because of the hilly terrain, at least a mile and a half around the hill. It was only about three quarters of a mile walking over the hill. It was amazing how different life was on the different sides of the woods.

Brett walked briskly up the hill and I struggled to keep up. He sure was excited about this whole adventure. I was still feeling concerned about getting busted. Brett never worried about getting caught.

We walked through the thickest part of the woods and came out right behind Brett's house. It was twice the size of my house. It had two floors and a basement. The foundation was covered by red brick. The walls were white and the deck and shutters were a dark red color that always looked like it had just been painted. Brett let us in through the back patio door, which wasn't locked. Brett never locked a door in his life. I'd been in his house enough times to know to take my shoes off at the door. There were two sets of stairs in the house. The ones by the front door were the fancy ones with a banister and carpet and all. The stairs by the back door and kitchen, which we quickly ascended, were just wood.

"Okay, give me the tape." Brett said as we entered his room. Brett shared his room with an assortment of animals which he had amassed. There were his two iguanas which he called "Iggy" and "Squiggy." There was a small family of guinea pigs, a rather large fish tank, and the snake he named "Sneaker." I often teased him that Sneaker was going to eat the guinea pigs if he had the chance, but Brett didn't think that was funny. He loved his animals like crazy. He was always adopting strays and his goal in life was to get a cat or dog, but his mom said he'd have to pay for it with his own money. There were lots of pictures on the shelf above his computer desk. His favorite one was the one of him and his mom on his latest trip to New York. It was taken from the top of the World Trade Center and you could see most of the city in the distant background. He would point to a tiny section of the city and proudly announce that it was where he used to live.

One of Brett's guitars was laying on the bed and another one was in the corner. He was becoming quite the musician. Music was Brett's greatest passion. He could hear a song on the radio and after a while he could play it on his guitar and eventually on the piano. It was very impressive. He was getting pretty good at playing piano, but he liked playing guitar a lot more. He wanted his mom to buy him an electric one.

I handed Brett the tape and he popped it into the VCR. I was quite jealous of Brett that he had a computer and a television in his room. I only had a small tv for playing video games that I'd had to buy for myself at a yard sale. The video itself seemed quite old, like it was out of the eighties. There were credits at the beginning that Brett fast forwarded through and stopped when he saw naked people.

"Oh cool," Brett said. There was a guy and a girl laying on a bed naked. It was the first time I'd seen such a thing. I felt an instant stirring in my shorts as I watched the guy try to slip his uncircumcised wiener into the girl named Suzie. Well, Suzie wasn't quite ready and asked the guy to kiss her down there a little bit. The guy agreed, only I wouldn't call what he was doing to Suzie kissing. It was more like licking. Then Suzie asked to kiss the guy a little bit. Once again, I couldn't figure out what kissing had to do with whatever it was Suzie was doing to the guy. Instead, she started sucking on the guy's big wiener!

"Oh Suzie!" he cried. "Oh I can't take it any longer! Suzie, let me put it in. I promise it won't hurt. I promise I'll be real gentle!"

"This is so awesome!" Brett said. "He's gonna fuck her!"

Sure enough, the guy whose name we never did find out gently put his wiener into Suzie. After a good push and a gasp, he was inside her. He asked her if it hurt, and she said it did. Then it didn't. Then the guy just started doing her.

I glanced at Brett while all this was going on. It wasn't until I noticed him massaging his crotch that I realized that my hand was on my crotch as well. I let go and put my hands at my sides, but there was no denying what was happening in my pants.

"Oh Suzie! Oh I'm gonna cum!" the guy cried passionately.

"Oh don't cum inside me I don't want to get pregnant!" Suzie begged. So the guy pulled out and squirted his white stuff all over Suzie's belly.

"Awesome money shot!" Brett cried. "I can't wait until I can shoot like that."

"You haven't yet?" I asked.

"Not yet," Brett replied, turning a little red from embarrassment. "I just started getting hair down there."

"Oh," I said. "I suppose that makes sense. I guess I started earlier than you."

"So you've done it?" Brett asked.

"I guess," I replied, sheepishly. It embarrassed me just how obsessed I was about my thing. It was never anything I'd planned on talking about with anybody.

"Awesome. What's it like?" he asked.

"I don't know... It's hard to describe," I replied.

"Well try. I want to know what it's like to ejaculate."

"Well, it's kind of like... Well, you know how it feels when you really have to pee? And when you make it to the bathroom and you finally let go, it feels so good you kind of shudder. It's kind of like that, only way better!" I explained.

"Cool. Is your dick getting bigger yet?" he asked.

"Yeah, I guess," I replied.

"My dick still looks like it has since I was a little kid," Brett complained. "I hate it. It's so small and useless. Everybody's dick is getting bigger except me."

"It won't stay that way much longer. You just turned thirteen in March. You're due for a growth spurt. It happened like overnight for me."

The video changed to a new scene where a young student was trying to seduce her teacher into doing her. Of course she succeeded and the guy was licking her privates in no time.

"Do you think you'd like eating pussy?" Brett asked.

"I don't know... I guess it'd be okay," I replied. Actually, the thought had never occurred to me that a girl might like that until I watched the video. I just figured it would be the manly thing to say.

"I don't know if I would," Brett replied. "There's just nothing there."

"Are you saying you'd rather suck a wiener than eat a pussy?" I asked, half-joking.

"I don't know... It's just... I think a blowjob would be more fun."

"More fun to give or receive?" I asked.

"I don't know... Both I guess. I'm just glad I have a dick and not a vagina. Could you imagine how boring it would be?"

"I guess so..." I replied.

"I'm glad we're boys and not girls," Brett continued. "We wouldn't be able to take a piss in the woods if we were girls."

"Speaking of that, I have to go to the bathroom," I said, rubbing my crotch and trying to adjust the bulge so I could walk properly.

"You don't have to go to the bathroom to masturbate," Brett said.

"I don't do that!" I lied. "Why would you think that?"

"Oh please. You are such a bad liar. How would you know what it's like to squirt your jizz if you didn't jack it? Look at your dick. It's so hard it's practically ripping your pants," Brett replied. "Besides, I know you jerked off in our bathroom before. I'm not as stupid as you think. And you're not as quiet as you think! You make this funny sound when you finish. You're all like, `aaaaggggghhhhh!'" Brett exaggeratedly moaned.

"No I don't!" I protested.

"So you admit you masturbate."

"I didn't say that!"

Brett laughed. "Billy, every boy masturbates. I do it all the time and I can't even cum yet. Come on, I want to see you shoot. I mean, we're like brothers, right? I won't tell anybody if you don't tell anybody."

"What? So you just want me to whip my thing out right in front of you?" I asked sarcastically.

"Why not? What's the big deal? I've seen your thing before."

"Yeah, but that's different."

"How is it different?"

"Because that was just taking a pee. We were both soft. You're asking me to jerk off and shoot my load! I've never done something like that in front of anybody before. You've never seen me hard since it got bigger."

"So today will be the first time. Come on, Billy! Don't be a pussy! What's the point of having balls if you're not going to use them? Okay, tell you what; I'll go first if you're scared." Brett said.

"I'm not scared."

"Then what's the problem?" Brett asked. "Why are you being such a pussy?"

I tried to think of something to say and said the first thing that came to mind besides what I was really thinking. "Isn't jerking off with another guy kinda weird?" I asked.

Brett almost looked a little hurt by what I'd said. "What? You think jerking off with me will make you gay or something?"

"I didn't say that."

Brett replied, "How about this? It's only gay if you touch the other guy's dick! Come on Billy, don't be a pussy. I'm doing it with or without you." With that, he tugged down his shorts to his ankles. Then he pulled off his shirt, leaving him in just his underwear. He smiled at me, then he slipped his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers and yanked them down to his feet. He stood back up, stepped out of the pile of clothes at his feet and smiled. Brett was naked. I'd imagined how he looked under his clothes. Now there he was, naked as the day he was born, and he was more beautiful than anything I could have imagined. He still had a purple bruise on his left upper arm from getting hit by that baseball. He was right about getting a little hair around his privates. It was faint, but a few little hairs were there. His short little wiener was hard and jutting straight out, maybe three or four inches, if that. His balls were bigger than I'd remembered, but they were pulled up so tight that they almost disappeared. He tugged his hat back onto his head facing backwards and smiled.

"There it is. What do you think?" he asked.

"I can't believe you just did that!" I exclaimed. "Brett, you're naked."

"No I'm not, I'm wearing my hat," he laughed. "Okay, Billy. Now it's your turn. I did it, now you have to do it too."

"I never agreed to that..." I replied. I was embarrassed enough seeing Brett naked. The thought of him seeing me naked was too much for me to handle!

"Don't be a pussy, Billy. Look at me. I did it and I've got this tiny little dick. I'm not embarrassed. What are you afraid of? Come on, let's have some fun!"

"I guess..." I said. Now that it had come to this point I was feeling really embarrassed! I'd never been completely naked in front of another boy before, not even at a public pool or any place like that. But since Brett was already naked, and since my wiener felt like it was about to rip a hole through my pants anyway, I decided to do it. I tugged at my belt and loosened it. Then I unzipped and let gravity pull my shorts down to the floor. I stepped out of them. Then I pulled my shirt off. This much of me Brett had seen before at sleepovers and such. But then I slipped my thumbs into the elastic waistband of my underpants and hesitated. This was it! No turning back! I closed my eyes for some reason and bent down to the floor, taking my undies for a ride with me. I hooked my socks off with my underwear and stood back up. I did it! I was naked like Brett.

"Wow! I can't believe you actually did it! I didn't think you had the balls, but obviously there they are! I used to think you were crazy but now I can see your nuts!" Brett joked. "Damn, you weren't kidding about getting bigger! Your thing is getting pretty big, isn't it?" His eyes were riveted to my thing as it was bobbing up and down with my heartbeat.

"I'm average for my age," I replied, trying to keep from being too embarrassed talking about my wiener with him.

"I'm sure not average. Look at this pathetic little thing," Brett said, shaking his `little thing' and looking at it disappointedly. Even though it was short it was still kind of thick. When it got bigger it was going to be a really nice one. I'd known he was circumcised like me, but this was the first time I'd really noticed. I suppose with his mom being a Roman Catholic it made sense. I'd never asked my mom or dad why they'd snipped me, obviously. Mom went to church most every Sunday, but we weren't the most religious of families. I never really thought much about it really. My wiener had just always been that way.

"Okay, so let's do this," I said.

Brett sat on the floor next to his bed and I sat down beside him. There was a new scene of a guy who was getting it on with three girls. Brett settled in to jacking his pint-sized little thing furiously. I stroked mine at a more deliberate pace, sort of matching the movements of the guy on the video. Once Brett realized what I was doing, he matched my movements. We were sort of mirror images of each other's motion. I jerked off with my left hand and Brett with his right and sometimes we knocked elbows. I should have sat on the other side of him.

"What's it like doing it left-handed?" Brett asked.

"I don't know," I replied. "What's it like doing it right-handed?"

"It's okay I guess. I think it's cool that you're left-handed." Brett said.

"Trust me, it's not cool. It sucks. It's like living in a world that's backwards. It's like the world was made for people who are normal, and I'm a weirdo," I replied.

"Well I still think it's cool that you're left-handed," Brett replied. "I don't know a lot of other left-handed guys."

My body began building toward the inevitable conclusion. My face felt hot. My thing stiffened and tingled inside and down the pee hole. My guts twisted and my balls pulled in close to my body. I had primed the pump and now it was past the point of no return.

"Okay, I'm ready to shoot." I announced.

"Awesome! I want to see it!" Brett stopped watching the video and stared intently at my wiener.

It felt so weird having someone watch me jerk off, and it was even weirder having an audience to watch me shoot my load! I knew Brett had never seen a real live ejaculation before, and I had never done it in front of someone before, so I was super excited. My pee hole opened and closed like it was trying to breathe, and I knew that I was about to shoot. It felt really weird and really good. My mind hazed and my heart pumped furiously in my chest. I closed my eyes and lifted my butt off the ground. "Okay here it comes... Arrrrgggghhhh!!" Without meaning to, I groaned just like Brett said I would as a massive blast of white stuff exploded out of my wiener so hard it went up over my head and landed on Brett's bed behind me. The second volley landed in my hair and the third all over my chest and belly. Several more shots landed beneath my belly button, and the rest oozed down the shaft of my wiener and on my hand. Each blast was accompanied by a wave of pleasurable electric-like pulses that flowed through my body. I'd never ejaculated so much in my life.

"Holy shit! That was fucking awesome," Brett admired. He touched where the stuff had landed on my chest and gathered some on his fingers. Feeling his fingers touch my bare chest made me spurt a little bit again. He rubbed his fingers together, feeling the slimy mess I'd created. "It's warm." He said.

"I've never shot like that before," I explained. "I guess the movie got me pretty excited."

"Yeah, that was fucking amazing, dude. You shot it like a foot over your head," Brett said as he licked my spooge off his fingers.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked.

"What?" he asked.

"You just licked my splooge!" I exclaimed.

"I just wanted to see what it tastes like," he replied innocently. "Don't tell me you've never done it."

I looked at him suspiciously. That stuff was just in my balls and now he was licking it. Sure, I'd done the same thing before. But it was my own stuff, not from another boy. I wasn't sure what to think about what he'd done. I tried to think of something to say that wouldn't embarrass him. "So what does it taste like?"

"I don't know... It tastes funny, like a cross between bleach and Honey Nut Cheerios." Brett explained.

"Really?" I asked. "Wow, you're weird, Brett."

"Holy crap, you got it on my bed!" Brett exclaimed.

"Don't worry. It'll wash out," I replied. I'd had experience with that.

The phone rang. Brett ignored it like he usually did. People called his house all the time for his mom and it was easier just to let the answering machine get it. He got up to go the bathroom to bring me some toilet paper to clean myself up with, and a warm wet wash cloth to clean the little puddle I'd made on his bed. I practically drooled as I watched his butt as he walked. It was absolutely perfect. I was pretty impressed with myself by how much stuff I'd made. I hoped I didn't set the bar too high for Brett for when he finally would be able to shoot. It wasn't every day that I could blast a load up over my head like that.

"Can I use your shower to clean up?" I asked. "I got some in my hair." Brett led me to the bathroom, and the whole time I kept staring at his cute butt. I'd never thought I'd describe another boy's butt as cute, but that was the only word for the thing. I just wanted to reach out and grab it and feel it in my hands. It was mesmerizing, and I was embarrassed that I was thinking that way about another boy's butt. Especially my best friend's butt! I had to get a hold of myself, and when Brett left me to clean up that's exactly what I did. I vigorously jacked off until I blew a second time. I was impressed with myself that I'd squirted twice within the same hour, although the second time wasn't nearly as impressive. It just drooled out of me. When I returned to Brett's room, feeling a lot more relaxed, I found him again furiously jacking off watching another porno scene. He was pounding away at his thing even harder than before. Even though I'd just busted a nut twice I was beginning to get hard again seeing him sitting there naked.

"It's gonna fall off if you don't leave it alone," I warned.

He stopped his whacking and looked at me. My eyes worked overtime trying to absorb every detail of his naked body because I didn't know if I'd ever get the chance to see it again. "Can I ask you something?" he asked.

"You can ask me anything you want," I replied.

"Okay. Do you really think I'm weird?" he asked.

"Of course," I replied, laughing.

"No seriously," Brett said. "I need to know."

"Well, how do you mean?"

"I mean, I'm like thirteen and I still haven't hit puberty."

"That's not weird, that's kinda normal."

"Okay, what about my name?" he asked.

"What's weird about your name?"

"You don't think it's weird that I go by my middle name and not my first name? Going by your middle name is kind of weird, right?"

"I don't think that's weird at all. My dad's first name is Earl and he goes by George."

"I, like, don't have a clue who my dad is. Isn't that weird?"

"Lots of people go through life never meeting either of their parents," I explained.

"I just licked your spooge," he said.

"Okay, that was kind of weird," I replied.

"Yeah it was..." Brett frowned. "You must think I'm a real weirdo."

"You're no weirder than I am," I said. "You'll hit a growth spurt soon. You're just a little slower developing. But when you do, you're gonna be awesome. I can tell. You're a good looking kid already. You'll be coming along when the time is right. As for your dad, I don't know why your mom won't tell you anything. Maybe she's embarrassed about it. Maybe you're a test tube baby or something. Maybe your dad was somebody your grandparents didn't like and she had to break up with him to inherit their money or something like that. I don't know and I don't care. All I know is that you're a good kid and you're my best friend."

"What about the splooge thing?" Brett asked.

"Well, I guess there's nothing wrong with being a little curious about that kind of stuff. Who knows, maybe when you start to shoot I'll try to taste yours too."

"You're not going to tell anybody are you?" he asked.

"Tell people that I jerked off with you and that I came on your bed? No... I don't think that will be happening."

Brett smiled. "If we weren't naked I'd hug you right now."

"Yeah, naked hugging would definitely be weird," I replied.

"Seriously though, thanks Billy. I'm so glad you're my best friend. We're always going to be best friends too. So put your clothes on so I can hug you."

We laughed, but after we put our clothes back on he really did hug me. I went to hug him in return and bumped my arms into his because I was trying to hug him like a lefty. But I reversed my natural inclination and then properly hugged him in return. He smiled and thanked me again. I don't know what I said that made him so happy, but I was glad that he felt better.

The phone rang again, and Brett once again ignored it. Some day he was going to get his own phone, he'd explain. Until then, he wasn't going to be his mom's secretary. Instead, we played more video games for a couple of hours. We slaughtered each other in various ways. Brett's games were much more violent than mine were. I could never get my parents to buy the kind of games that Brett could get his mom to buy. It was after eight o'clock when I decided to head home. I put the video safely in my book bag. I didn't expect that dad would be home when I got there, as he always worked pretty late. I'd be able to put the video away and no one would ever know I took it.

"I wish you could stay," Brett said as I put my shoes on at the door.

"Me too," I replied. "It's a lot cooler here, that's for sure. But who knows when your mom will be home."

"Hey, Billy..." Brett said. "I really had fun being with you today. Not just the whole porno and naked stuff... I mean, that was fun, but, I mean the whole day. This was really fun. I wish you were really my brother." Then he hugged me again.

"Me too, Brett," I said. I didn't want to let go of him, it felt so nice to feel him so close. But I had to get home. We let go of each other and then we just kind of stood there for a minute unsure of what had really just gone on. I felt like saying something but the words just didn't come to me. So I nodded and he nodded back without saying anything. Then I started walking through his backyard toward home. When I reached the woods, I looked back toward the house and saw that he was still at the doorway watching. I waved and he waved back, then I stepped into the darkening woods.

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