W.A.R. Part Seven - Dustin's World

(2nd edition)

Chapter One - The Young and the Hopeless

by Jeff Wilson

The Monongahela – The very definition of a workhorse river. Propped up and bloated by years of technological advances in order to give the coal industry a thread to connect the rich coal country of West Virginia to the steel industry of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is said that George Washington once crossed the river on horseback. But in the hundreds of years since that day, a collection of locks and dams allowed the river to become navigable, thirty feet deep in some places.

But in the years since the steel industry moved out of Pittsburgh, the ‘Mon,’ as the locals call it, has become something of a lazy river. Oh sure, you’ll still see the barges roll down the river, past the quiet villages and towns that formed along the banks and hills of the river, but the best days of the Mon were long gone.

Many of the villages were named after the coal companies which built the towns to house the workers. Those were the happier times which so many looked back upon, yet the workers’ whole lives were controlled by the company. You lived in a company house. You spent your money at the company store. You were buried in the company cemetery next to the company church. And when the company left, the power vacancy was filled by opportunists who enjoyed the power of leadership but not the responsibilities. The cycle of decline accelerated.

First the steel ran out. Then the coal ran out. Then the people ran out. If anyone born in those small towns along the river had any ambition, they found a way to escape the black hole that became the Mon Valley. Once thriving and prosperous communities rotted away from the inside out. The generations that followed became progressively more hopeless, as progress seemed to have halted sometime in the 1950’s. The skeletons of industry which dotted the countryside stood like tombs memorializing the death of an earlier, happier time. Unemployment remained high no matter what the economy looked like nationally. A strategically placed Wal-Mart killed off many of the local shops. Without hope, a new scourge emerged to kill a generation of young people, as death from drug overdose became the number one killer of people under the age of thirty in the Valley.

Of course, not everything was hopeless. If one had power, money, and influence one could lead a very successful and happy life in the Mon Valley. The names of today’s leaders and influencers were the same as the previous generation’s leaders, and the generation before that. If one had the right last name, one was given a certain status and prestige that made it desirable to remain in the valley where one could be the biggest fish in the smallest pond. These people found ways to rise above the rest, both socially and physically. As the elevation rose along the banks of the river, so did the property value, sorting the poorest folks who lived along the river from the wealthier elite who lived amongst the hills and ridges. The poor rented their homes from the wealthy, who could then afford to move still further away from the river’s greenish-brown water.

For those on the bottom rungs of society, the view never changed. If you were born a poor river rat, you would die a poor river rat. The Mon Valley was a black hole along the outskirts of nowhere.

But of course, there were pockets of hope. After all, the river flows north, away from the Valley. The river carries with it the hopes and dreams of those seeking to follow its path away from the Valley to a brighter tomorrow. There is a university along the banks in a little town called California. There are those who have escaped the Valley and gone on to great success, but very few look back. The waters of the Mon whisper to the citizens of the towns in the valley, to the people of Brownsville and California, of Monessen and Charleroi, of Belle Vernon and Donora… “Come, follow me…”

Light travels fast, but even light cannot escape a black hole.

In the midst of the darkness we find one who had given up hope of ever finding the light. His arms bear the scars of his journey, and his attempts to cover over the regrets of his youth. Three white gashes on each wrist represented what he thought would be the end of his hopelessness. He watched helplessly as the one he thought was his hope followed the allure of the river and escaped the darkness of the Valley and found light and hope, while he was left behind. His dreams of escaping the Valley had died long ago, dreams shattered by a violent reality which had been far worse than his darkest nightmares. Such cruelty had been inflicted upon him, cruelty which he could never forget, nor forgive. That cruelty had led to the hopelessness which led to the scars, which led to the tattoos which attempted to cover up the pain, which reminded him daily that though his life had been spared, his soul had died a long time ago.

We find this young man right on the verge of beginning his journey out of the darkness. This is his story. This is Dustin’s World.

“Yeah, Dustin! Fuck me with that big cock!”

Dustin smiled an empty smile. He’d had sex so many times with so many guys that the act had lost all meaning. There was no connection for him further than his dick plunging away at yet another willing hole. He liked to think the sex made him happy, even if it was only for a minute. But the high he got from the act of penetration and ejaculation was short-lived, and afterward he felt even emptier than he had been before. As if he’d given a piece of himself away that he couldn’t get back. It was all so meaningless. He’d been having sex with old men since he was fourteen, and he’d long ago lost count of how many of those encounters he’d had. They all blended together into a giant blur of meaninglessness.

On this particular evening, though, Dustin found himself with his dick inside one of his very first fucks, one that he had encountered at the very beginning of his sexual awakening. From time to time location and timing would align themselves for the two of them to reconnect, and they always quickly found themselves in the same familiar positions. Mike Evans had always had a special place in Dustin’s memory. He was the first. The first of many, yes, but there can be only one first time. Fucking Mike always reminded him of that simpler time when sex was something special and new, before it had become a monster which had consumed his life. Could it be that the one who could help Dustin find the light was the one who had been there right from the beginning?

Dustin looked down at the scene as if he were an observer rather than a participant. His eight-inch dick pumped slowly and deliberately, quite professionally really, into Mike’s eager and overstretched hole. Dustin’s dark auburn pubes were closely shaved, something he had been doing for as long as he could remember. He had always been tall and skinny, not too muscular and a tad scrawny no matter how much he worked out. He always looked a little bit like a starved animal. It didn’t matter how much he ate, he never looked quite healthy. He knew his brain was sending his body all kinds of good feelings, but rather than enjoy those feelings he always analyzed them… and rated them. He was giving this fuck a solid six on the scale of one-to-ten. Fun and energetic, but pedestrian and predictable. Your standard doggy-style fuck with a willing yet slightly tense bottom who was a little too tight for his own good. Mike wanted it, but Dustin could tell he was trying to hide his discomfort at accepting something so hefty into his backside.

Dustin had to admit, he was always proud of his big cock. It was one of his best features, he thought. It was strong, sturdy, and big. Not so massive so that it became intimidating, but big enough to make an impression. He could always tell other guys were impressed by it, even when it wasn’t fully charged. He enjoyed the stares in the locker room, the side glances in a public restroom, and the moans of pain and pleasure when he put it to use. He was circumcised, he never understood why. It’s not like his parents had ever gave a damn about him. He assumed it had been done because it was easier to clean, which meant it had been easier to neglect when he was younger.

“Oh my god, Dustin! You’re making me cum!” Mike squealed in ecstasy. Dustin had almost forgot Mike was there, he’d been so wrapped up in his own thoughts. Mike furiously pounded his dick with his fist and his semen spewed all over the bedsheets. Dustin liked the way Mike’s asshole milked his cock when he came, and he thought about raising his rating from a six to a seven. He thrust himself deep into Mike’s ass and rooted his entire eight inches inside him. He felt his balls tighten against his dick – launch position.

“I’m gonna nut,” he grunted.

“Shit! Not inside me, bud!” Mike said, interrupting the moment.

“What?” Dustin asked.

“Don’t cum inside me,” Mike repeated.

“Why not?” Dustin asked, his moment of glory now ruined.

“I’m sorry. I just…”

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” Dustin said as he pulled his cock out of Mike angrily. He grabbed Mike by the shoulder and flipped him onto his back. “You’re such a little bitch,” he said, scowling. “Hold still.” Dustin aimed his dick at Mike’s face and blasted him with an impressive amount of semen. It seemed nothing more than a spasm to Dustin. Mike’s rating had dropped to about two or three. Who the fuck begs to go bareback and then chickens out at the last second when the moment comes?

Dustin sighed and shook the last drops of cum from his rapidly deflating member. It was often a race to see which could deflate fastest, his dick or his euphoria. Often times, as soon as the last drop of semen left his body he was already on the hunt for the next encounter, like a junkie looking for his next fix.

Mike reached for a hand towel and began wiping the mess Dustin had made off his face. “That was fun,” he said. “Burned my eyes a bit when you shot me in the face.”

“Yeah,” Dustin said. He wiped his dick off with the bedsheet and looked around for his clothes. He never liked to be naked for too long after the moment for sex had passed. Suddenly, all the feelings of inadequacy about his body came to the fore. He hated being so skinny. He hated his red hair and freckles. He couldn’t wait to get out of there.

“Sorry about making you pull out,” Mike offered.

“Whatever,” Dustin replied, finding his shirt and tugging it on. “It’s not like I have anything, you know. I get tested all the time. I’m clean.”

“I know. It’s just… How many guys have you fucked since your last test?”

Dustin thought about it. “I don’t know.”

“Exactly. And when was the last time you went to therapy?”

“God, Mike! If I wanted to fuck my mother I would have! You’re such a nag! I don’t know why I keep fucking you. All you do is bitch about my life every time we get together.”

“Because I love you, you dumb lunk! I seem to care about your life more than you lately. You can’t keep bottling up everything. There’s no shame in getting the help you need.”

“Oh, you’re soooo concerned about my life! Which one of us had sex with an underaged boy again?”

“That underaged boy was you. And if I’m nagging it’s only because I love you. I always have.”

“Aw Jesus, Mike! Not that shit again! Love doesn’t exist. It’s a myth! God, you’re half the reason I needed therapy in the first place.”

Dustin found his pants and pulled them on, tightening his belt. He felt better now that he was clothed and Mike was still naked.

“Therapy will help you deal with all the shit that’s happened to you.”

“God, I don’t need fucking therapy anymore! I’ve gotten over what happened to me! I’m better now. I’ve never been better in my life. I don’t need some shrink to make me rehash all that shit again. I’m fine now! I just wish people would leave me alone.”

Dustin found his jacket and pulled it on.

“You don’t have to always run out of here afterward, you know,” Mike said.

“Why?” Dustin asked. “I already got what I wanted from you.”

“I just… You don’t have to go running back to that hole you call an apartment.”

“Hey, it’s mine. You know? It beats living at home with my mother.”

“I mean you can stay here, Dustin,” Mike suggested.

“Oh Jesus Mike! We’re not fucking boyfriends! I’m not a fucking queer like you. I like fucking guys because I don’t want to deal with all that relationship shit! I don’t do the whole “love” thing. I like doing whatever and whoever I want. Love is a joke and relationships are for losers.”

“I know how you feel. It’s just… I’m tired of the scene, Dustin. I’m almost thirty. I’m becoming the creepy old guy hanging out at the bars nowadays. I was graduating high school when these kids were watching Barney the Dinosaur. I can’t do the random meaningless hookup scene anymore. I can’t listen to one more Lady Gaga song and try to pick up some boring little twink more concerned with his hair than what’s going on in the world. I want something more.”

Dustin sighed. “Well good for you! Go find your magical soul mate out there then!”

“I didn’t expect you to understand.”

“Oh, I understand perfectly! You’ve gone soft! What’s the big deal about finding that one special someone? You like getting fucked. I like fucking you. You’re one of my favorite fucks, actually. Why should things have to change?”

“Because I’m tired of being just a ‘fuck’ for you. I need more than this. You know, you just turned twenty-one a few months ago. You’re still in college. You think you know everything but you really don’t know shit. You’re still a kid. All you worry about is your hair, your motorcycle, and getting laid. I need somebody more mature.”

“So you think I’m immature? Okay, fine. Go off and leave me all alone and go find that one special person you can’t live without. Story of my life. You think you’re going to be happy just having one guy to fuck? That’s fine with me! I’m going to live my life the way I want! I’m going to have fun! You hear me?”

“Yeah, I hear you,” Mike replied.

“Good. No more stupid talk. Yap yap yap… This is why I leave after I’m done. Hit me up when you get bored and want to play again.”

“I won’t, Dustin. I’m serious,” Mike insisted.

Dustin laughed. “Okay, sure. Whatever floats your boat, dude. Mark my words, in a month you’ll be begging for my cock again.”

Dustin left Mike’s bedroom and grabbed a Pepsi from the refrigerator before making his way out to the street. Dustin had helped Mike move out of his mother’s house the first day he met him. But when Mike’s mom died he’d moved back in. It still looked like an old lady lived there. He finished the soda pop and tossed the bottle onto Mike’s porch. He squinted his steel blue eyes until they adjusted to the early evening light. Dustin didn’t much like the daylight. He preferred the darkness. He sat on his motorcycle and looked at the kids playing happily in the street. The street lights had just kicked on, a sure sign to the kids of Belle Vernon that their parents would soon be expecting them home. That was usually about the time when Dustin got down to business.

He would show Mike who was mature and who wasn’t. He revved the engine of his 1995 Yamaha Diversion motorcycle a few extra times to express his frustration with Mike’s domesticity and his disdain for the uppity neighborhood. People in places like this had always looked down on people like him. He was from the other side of the river, Donora. He was a river rat, somebody not sophisticated enough for high society. He never wore a helmet, preferring to feel the wind in his dark red hair. His hair was cut short, but it was long enough to catch the wind in the early evening. He zipped down the quiet suburban street and headed toward the interstate. Dustin didn’t feel much like going home so he rode around for a while as the sky darkened. It was after dark when he finally made it back to his Charleroi apartment. He parked his bike in the small shed his landlord had offered him to keep some of his stuff and locked it up. Dustin did some odd jobs for the landlord around the place for a reduction in his rent.

He sat down on the front steps of his apartment building and lit a cigarette. He never smoked inside, not because he couldn’t, but because he didn’t want all his stuff to smell like smoke. It was a quiet evening. There were usually kids and teens running around the neighborhood, but on this night there was nobody, just Dustin. That was the way he liked it. The next day he would begin his senior year at California University of Pennsylvania, or Harvard on the Mon as he liked to call it. He was looking forward to finishing his degree, something his parents had never done.

He threw the cigarette on the ground and crushed it out with his foot, then made his way to his second-floor apartment. It wasn’t much. It had a main room a bedroom and a bathroom. He spent most of his time in the main room, which had a small kitchen area, his tv, and his computer. He’d been out on his own since the summer he’d turned eighteen. He couldn’t wait for the day when he could move out of his parents’ house. It hadn’t taken long to move out, he didn’t own much of anything. Mike had given him the computer and the television. Of course, the tv wasn’t hooked up to anything. It was just there for decoration. Dustin couldn’t afford cable or satellite. He had spent a little on a good bed. His main connection to the outside world was his computer, and after he had shucked his shirt and tossed it on the couch he’d picked up at a yard sale for twenty-five bucks, he sat down at his keyboard and found his favorite internet chatroom. He looked at his chest and thought it was time to shave it again.

The chatroom was his place to find his latest connection. He thought of it as a game. It was hit-or-miss, mostly miss, but it was cheaper than going to Pittsburgh to check out the bar scene. He’d had many of what he thought were sure-fire wins, only for the guy to not show up. That was common. Everybody thinks they know what they want until it’s time to put up or shut up. Honestly, Dustin didn’t mind the misses all that much. It was all part of the game.

He found a name in the chatroom that intrigued him -CalBoy69. Could be some troll in his sixties, or could be a student who went to his school. The possibilities were endless in the world of anonymous gay chatrooms. Dustin was never shy about going for it, so he quickly sent an instant message to the guy.

“Hey CalBoy,” he typed. He waited for a response. That was the first step in the weeding out process. More than half of his fishing attempts came back empty. This time, he got a hit.

“Hey BigRed05,” CalBoy69 replied.

Dustin smiled. “You go to CalU?”

“Yeah, looking for some stress relief before I go back. You play?”

This was going better than expected. Usually Dustin had to coax the other guy along and play games. This guy was primed and ready!

“ASL?” Dustin typed.

“21, vers, Coal Center. You?”

“21, total top, Charleroi.”

“Not far,” CalBoy69 replied. “You host?”


“You wanna play?”

Dustin couldn’t believe his luck with this guy. “Yeah.”

“You packing?”

“8 inches,” Dustin replied. This was where he lost a lot of the timid ones.

“Sweet! I want it!” CalBoy typed. “You up for now?”

“Yes!” Dustin replied. Dustin gave CalBoy69 his address and cell phone number and CalBoy69 told him he would be there in a half hour. Dustin decided to take a shower and freshen up the place a bit while he waited. He made the bed and cleaned up the clutter. He didn’t want to look like a slob. Then he waited. The waiting, as Tom Petty once said, was indeed the hardest part. This was the last step. If the guy showed up, they were going to fuck. He’d never struck out after the guy had arrived. But it was the waiting that sucked. The anticipation of the arrival was torture. But Dustin had lucked out! Almost exactly a half hour after their conversation had ended, a green Ford Escort arrived outside Dustin’s building and Dustin watched a young man step out of the vehicle, look around, and then make his way toward Dustin’s apartment building. Dustin opened the door to his apartment and let it crack open as he listened to the sound of footsteps approaching his door.

There was a light knock on the door, which pushed the door further open. Dustin opened it for him. Dustin almost gasped at the sight of the handsome young man before him.



CalBoy offered his hand and Dustin shook it.

“Nice to meet you,” CalBoy said. He looked younger than twenty-one, and Dustin wondered if he was getting ready for college or high school. CalBoy came inside and looked around Dustin’s apartment. He was shorter than Dustin. His hair was blondish brown, and he had adorable, puppy dog-like brown eyes. Dustin was impressed.

“Nice place you got here.”

“Thanks. Are you really twenty-one?”

CalBoy laughed. “I get asked that all the time. You want to see my license before you fuck me?”

“No, that’s okay. You just look younger.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment. This is a much better place than I used to live. My boyfriend’s got a nice place though.”

“Boyfriend?” Dustin asked.


“Does he know you’re out getting laid?”

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. I mean, I like him, but… The sex is kind of boring, when it happens at all. I need a little excitement. So does the carpet match the drapes, Big Red?”

“Huh? Oh… my hair. Yeah. I’m a natural redhead.”

“This is just highlights,” CalBoy said, running his hand through his hair. “My hair’s just boring old brown. So, should I just call you Big Red all night or you got a name?”

“My name’s Dustin,” he said.

“Nate,” CalBoy replied. “So, now that we’re on a first name basis…” Nate yanked his shirt off over his head and flung it on the couch. “Maybe we should get down to business.”

“You don’t mess around, do you?” Dustin asked.

“Hey, I just want to see how big Big Red really is,” Nate replied. He dropped to his knees and went for Dustin’s gym shorts. He pulled them down slowly and deliberately. Dustin’s cock sprung free and almost whacked Nate in the face like a club. “Wow!” Nate exclaimed. Dustin was used to that reaction.

“You like it?”

“Who wouldn’t?”

“You’d be surprised.”

“What? Too big?” Nate asked.

“Yeah,” Dustin replied.

“Not for me. Don’t worry!” Nate grabbed Dustin’s cock and stroked it gently.

“You ever been fucked by one that big?” Dustin asked.

“Sure. I’ve been on my own since I was fifteen. I know my way around a big dick like this.”

“Fifteen?” Dustin asked.

“Something like that. My dad caught me getting fucked at his workplace and he didn’t appreciate it.”

“Where’d he work?” Dustin asked.

“Church,” Nate said with a grin, continuing to stroke Dustin’s cock during the conversation, bringing it to full power.

“You fucked a guy in your father’s church?”

Nate laughed. “Yeah. That altar boy had me speaking in tongues.”

“I can see why they kicked you out.”

“Oh, they tried therapy and all, and sent me to this church camp for sinful boys, but that was like sending a fat guy to a buffet. All those young gay boys like me being sent by their parents to be cured… I never had so much dick in my life! But I did learn a few things. Like this…”

Nate tickled the underside of Dustin’s cock with his tongue. Dustin’s knees felt wobbly.

“Man, I need to go to church more often.”

“You haven’t lived until you’ve been spanked by a camp counselor,” Nate replied. “Please sir, may I have another?”

Dustin laughed. He’d never met anyone like Nate before. His mind searched his memories. He’d heard something similar to Nate’s story before in his past. He wondered. Then it clicked.

“What’s your last name, Nate?” he asked.

Nate stopped in his tracks. He stood up and looked at Dustin. “Why do you want to know?”

“Because I think I know who you are. You’re the son of that preacher up in Donora. You’re Nate Stevens, aren’t you?”

Nate smiled. “Does that make a difference?”

“No, it’s just… You’re legendary, dude.”

Nate laughed. “Legendary?”

“Yeah, you’re like the ultimate bad boy of Donora. We’re from the same home town, dude.”

“You’re a Donora river rat too huh?”

“Yeah! Dude, your reputation is unreal. You didn’t just fuck in church. I heard you got fucked on the communion table.”

“Really? Wow, where do people get these crazy ideas?”

“You didn’t?”

“It was my father’s desk.”

“But it was in the church!”

“Look, I did a lot of stuff when I was a kid. I’m no saint. Hell, I’m literally cheating on my boyfriend with you right now. I didn’t come over here to relive my past. I came over here to get laid. You in or out?”

Dustin didn’t say anything, he just pulled Nate up to standing and kissed him. It didn’t take long for both of them to lose their clothes. Nate was a great kisser. Dustin often didn’t kiss the guys he was with, but there was something about Nate. He couldn’t stop kissing him. They had their hands all over each other. They ended up on Dustin’s bed and got into a sixty-nine position side by side. Nate handled Dustin’s dick like a pro. Dustin easily handled Nate’s nice dick, ably deep throating it and fingering his ass.

“Already lubed?” Dustin thought to himself. Boy, this kid did come to play!

“Your dick’s fucking huge!” Nate cried when he came up for air. He managed to go down further than most guys could on it without choking. Dustin lodged a second finger into Nate’s ass without trouble. He wasn’t the biggest fan of sucking dick. He preferred to fuck. But he really liked sucking Nate’s member. “You’re so much better at this than my boyfriend,” Nate complimented.

Dustin rolled over so that Nate was on top of him, then he pushed him forward, exposing Nate’s asshole. It was smooth and flawless, without question one of the very best assholes he’d ever seen, and he’d seen a lot of them.

“Sit that ass down on my face,” Dustin insisted. Nate pressed his ass back into Dustin’s face. His tongue explored the smooth crevice with lust. Nate moaned with delight. Dustin detected a hint of strawberry as his tongue dug in deep into Nate. Flavored lube… Dustin really liked this kid! He could have rimmed him forever.

Nate pushed himself off of Dustin and turned himself around. “How do you want to fuck me?” he asked.

“Let’s start like this. Sit on it,” Dustin said. “Then you can control how deep you want it.”

Nate laughed. “So thoughtful of you! I’ve wanted that dick in me since I got here.” Nate jumped off the bed and found the lube Dustin had set out and slathered some on Dustin’s cock and in his own asshole. Then he straddled Dustin’s hips and lined up his ass with Dustin’s cock. Before he went further he stopped.

“You don’t want a condom do you?” Nate asked.

“Uh, I can go bare if you want,” Dustin replied.

“Thank god!” Nate replied. He lowered himself onto Dustin’s cock. Dustin watched it sink into Nate’s body. Nate lowered himself all the way down Dustin’s entire eight inches until his ass pressed against Dustin’s hips.

“Holy shit! I’ve never had anyone take my cock in one try!” Dustin exclaimed.

“That’s because you’ve never had anyone as good as me before,” Nate grinned. He began to buck his ass against Dustin’s hips, riding him like a cowboy. Nate put his hands on Dustin’s shoulders for support. It was hard to tell who was having more fun. After a few minutes, Dustin flipped Nate over and they went missionary for a while. Dustin enjoyed watching Nate’s face. He was such a cute guy! He knew exactly what he was doing with his body. He leaned in and kissed Nate passionately. Dustin was glad he’d had an earlier load, because Nate would have made him nut at least twice by the time they switched to doggie style on the bed. The whole room was rocking as the two of them clashed like gladiators against each other’s body, daring the other to submit to the waves of sexual pleasure and spill his seed. Dustin could feel his animal instincts beginning to take over. He wanted to ride the wave of ecstasy for as long as he could, but his biology was conquering his reason. He withdrew his cock and flipped Nate onto his back, a little more forcefully than he’d planned. Nate didn’t seem to mind. His eyes were practically rolling up into his head with delirious pleasure.

“You want my nut in your mouth?” Dustin asked.

“Why the fuck would I have asked you to fuck me bare if I didn’t want you to cum in my ass?” Nate asked. “Breed me.”

Dustin smiled. “Excellent.” He grabbed both of Nates ankles and pushed them all the way up to his shoulders. Nate sure was flexible! Dustin thrust his dick back into Nate’s willing hole and fucked him mercilessly. Nate’s toes curled as Dustin’s balls slapped repeatedly into Nate’s butt. Every advance of Dustin’s beef into Nate’s body sent another shockwave of unspeakable bliss into both of their bodies.

“You ready?” Dustin asked.

“God yes!” Nate squealed.

Dustin lost it. All thought of reason left him. He could only grunt and groan and thrust with everything he had. Nate ejaculated all over his belly, never once having touched his penis. Dustin buried his sword to the hilt. He opened his mouth but nothing came out but a cry of immense pleasure. His whole body shook as Nate’s ass milked every drop of semen from Dustin’s cock. Neither of them had ever experienced such orgasmic paradise. Dustin collapsed onto Nate, smearing Nate’s juices between their bodies. For a while, the two of them just lay there, Dustin on top of Nate, exhausted. Dustin had had a lot of great sex in his life, so many partners that he had long ago lost count, but this was the first time he was willing to give someone the perfect ten. It was the best he’d ever had.

Dustin rolled off of Nate and just lay there looking up at the ceiling. He was finally beginning to regain control of his thoughts.

“God, what a great fuck!” he sighed.

“Yeah,” Nate replied.

Dustin looked at him. God he was even cuter now than before, all sweaty and his hair all messed up. Dustin leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. Nate smiled.

“You, uh… You want a rag to clean up or something?” Dustin asked.

“I’ve got cum and sweat all over me,” Nate replied. “Can I use your shower?”

“Sure,” Dustin said. The two of them managed to will themselves off the bed. Dustin found a rag and cleaned his softening cock while Nate showered. He found his clothes and slipped them on. Nate returned to the bedroom, wet and naked with a towel wrapped around his slim waist. Dustin admired his body.

“That was a great fuck,” Nate said. “Thanks, dude.”

“Thank you,” Dustin replied. “So, is Nate short for Nathan or…?”

Nate smiled. “You know, for someone who just wanted a quick fuck you sure are nebby.”

“I was just being polite,” Dustin blushed.

“Nathaniel. Like the disciple.”

“Nathaniel…” Dustin repeated. It just felt good to say that name. It made his tongue feel good to form the sounds.

“Yeah, I hate that name,” Nate said. “It’s why I go by Nate. I don’t suppose Dustin is short for anything.”

“Nah. Some people call me Dusty, but I’ve never been a fan.”

“Well how about I just call you Big Red?” Nate said.

“Sure thing, Nathaniel,” Dustin replied.

Nate shook his head and smiled. The two of them kissed at the door of Dustin’s apartment, and Nate made his way back to his car. Dustin stood in the doorway of his apartment and watched Nate leave. He couldn’t understand why he felt so happy. He wasn’t likely to ever see Nate again. Nate had a boyfriend. Dustin was only interested in sex, and Nate had just blown his socks off with some really great sex. That was all it was. It could never be anything more.

He sure was cute though.

“Another victim, Red?” asked a gruff, yet weakened voice.

Dustin peered down the hall to see Mr. Johnston, the ancient old man who lived in the apartment on the other side of his bedroom wall.

“Shut up, Mr. Johnston,” Dustin scowled. He knew Mr. Johnston knew far more about Dustin’s love life than he cared to think about. The walls weren’t that thick. Mr. Johnston had surely heard more than his share of moaning and bed thumping since Dustin had moved in.

“Jesus Christ, son. You gave that boy quite a pounding. I would like to be able to eat without knowing who you’ve got your dick in for once.”

“You’re the sick pervert who’s listening!” Dustin protested.

“I’d have to be deaf not to have heard what you did to that boy tonight. I’ll have to put all my pictures back up on the wall after that.”

“Sorry,” Dustin said unapologetically.

“Isn’t it about time for a kid like you to settle down?”

“Why don’t you mind your own business you old fuck!” Dustin replied. He slammed his door and sat down at his computer. It didn’t take long, after playing a few games, to end up right back in the gay chatroom. This time though, he wasn’t looking for his next fix. He was hoping to see a familiar name.

“Nathaniel…” he said to himself. “Nice name.”

Okay, so we've got one last trip to the outskirts of nowhere. Wasn't going to do it, but here we go again.

Next time - The Beginning in the Ending