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'With Arms Outstretched' - Chapter 1

"You know I love you, right?" I asked sincerely.

"Oh yeah. Of course I know. I love you, too." he responded quietly.

"Everything's changing... we're... completely... different people."

There was an awkward silence that spoke louder than anything at that moment.

And finally he responded, "Yeah."

~ Eight Years Earlier ~

Hi, my name is Tyler Christopher Bernison. I was thirteen-years-old and ninety-eight percent sure I was homosexual at the time. I hadn't come out to anybody for fear of my life. My parents are not homophobic. Far from it. They have a couple gay friends, whom they are very good with. But anyway, I had quite a number of friends, but I was not popular. I first realized I was gay when I saw a male couple kissing in a clothing store. I mean, I was attracted to boys growing up, but it was then that I realized it was my sexual orientation. My parents are not homophobic, nor do they have anything against them. They have a few gay friends. Two are a couple named Martin and Vince. Another is a woman named Dahlia. The reason for my hesitation to come out to my parents is not because they would do any physical damage to me. I think that they will think I'm a disappointment or something. They have no problem with homosexuality, but I don't think they'd want that for their kids.

My older brother Curtis is homophobic, but I couldn't care less of what he thinks. Curtis is two years older than I am, and we look nothing alike. We were close growing up. Very close. We still are. And, of course, Curtis would pick on me growing up. Once, he told me that our parents didn't have any more kids because I was too rotten that they were scared to have more. Yeah, gotta love siblings, right? But I wasn't a rotten child. Curtis just told me that anything I did was 'bad' in the eyes of 'big people'.

Anyway, my mom's name is Christine. She is the fourth child of the nine that my grandparents had. Yeah, I have eight aunts and uncles from my mother's side. From oldest to youngest; Gary, Violet, Eddie, Charles, Christine, Peter, Lillian, Lucy, Denise, Byron. Denise and Byron are twins, who are only twenty-six months older than I am. I know they are my aunt and uncle but we grew up so close in age it seems off. But I love them the same. Anyway, let me tell you about my mom. She is short, five-foot-four-inches but insanely fit. She has beautiful, long brown hair that she gets permed to wavy and she always wears it over one shoulder. I've always loved her big eyes, brown irises with green flecks in them that are only noticeable when looking close. I love her lips, not plump but not thin either. My mom is a very nice lady, very nice to everybody, even when they don't deserve it. She is loving and caring and can be a little bubbly. She works as a couples counsellor and family counsellor. She pretty much works her own hours.

Now, my dad's name is Adam. He is the youngest in his family, he has two older sisters, Pamela and Susie. It's amazing that my dad and his sisters are as nice as they are, considering they have assholes for parents. I know that's mean, they're my grandparents. But they have THE worst attitudes known to the elderly. One time, when we were kids, Curtis and I were running around, playing, outside of my grandparents' house while they were inside talking with our parents. Anyway, we knocked a chair down. It didn't even do any damage to anything. The chair was just a dinky little wooden chair with a woven seat. So our grandmother came out all angry. "Fucking kids! Get inside the house!" she yelled and us, very clearly pissed off. So yeah, my dad and aunts minimize contact with their parents. Some might see it as careless or selfish or whatever. So let me tell you about my dad. He is five feet, eleven inches tall. Over the years, growing up, I noticed his gut had started to protrude. No, he's not fat nor has he a big gut. Right now, it's barely noticeable. But I say this because when we were kids, he was always fit, he played basketball. Anyway, he has light brown, almost blonde hair that slowly receding, a widows peak. When my dad hit puberty at age thirteen, his eyes changed from sky blue to a vivid green. My dad is not the nicest person, but considering he has asses for parents, it's surprising he isn't extreme with punishments. He owns his own company, specializing in plumbing and heating.

One day, Curtis and I were walking to school. As usual, the walk was quiet and uneventful. Curtis and I used to be really close brothers. But that changed as we grew. I mean, we're still close, just not what we used to be. I love and care about Curtis no matter what. Even if he learns that I'm gay and hates me, I'm probably gonna care about him even then.

I usually walk to school with my best friend, but for some reason, he had to see the principle quite early today, for whatever reason. And he wouldn't tell me. It's gotta be something big because we tell each other everything.

"Tyler!" my name was called.

I'd know that voice anywhere, changing, getting deeper as we go through puberty. But I'd know it anywhere. My best friend since birth. Literally.

Leonard Alexandre Joss. Lenny for short.

Lenny and I have been best friends through our mothers. My mom and Margaret (Mags for short) Haynen were best friends in high school. Mags moved away after high school but they remained very close friends. Mags moved back with her then fiancee Nathaniel Joss (of course, Nate for short). After a few years, my parents got pregnant with Curtis. Nate and Mags decided to wait a while longer to have a family. Two years later, my parents got pregnant with me. A month after that, Nate and Maggie got pregnant with Lenny. So naturally, me and Lenny were very, very close growing up, especially since our families lived right next door to each other.

So as I put the books I needed into my backpack, I turned from my locker to see the source of the voice. There, walking towards me, was Lenny, along with five of our other friends. Lenny looked gorgeous as always. His hazel eyes looking at me, to me he was looking into my soul. His bangs were getting a bit long, almost reaching his eyes. But it was so sexy. His AeroSmith t-shirt fit great on his teen body, and his torn jeans hung nicely off his waist. Gawd. And he's probably not even gay. But at least I have him as a best friend, right?

"Hey, guys. How's it goin'?" I asked to no one in particular, with a genuine smile on my face.

"No complaints. Yet. How was your night, ya nerd?" Lenny asked, with a teasing smile. Holy fuck it was sexy.

Yes, my friends tease me a bit because of my grades. I don't look like a nerd. I look like a skater. T-shirts, torn jeans and shorts, sneakers or skater shoes. But I don't skate. I don't even have a skateboard. But my allowance is tied to my grades. Anything below a straight A, I lose my allowance for the rest of the month. Same rules to Curtis. Our allowance was twenty dollars a week, every Monday. Even if a grade was a A-, no allowance for four weeks. I know, strict. Seemed unfair at the time.

"Ha, ha." I sarcastically replied. Then the bell rang for first period.

"C'mon, buddy. English, here we come!" Lenny exclaimed in mock excitement, putting an arm around my shoulders leading the way.

Lenny and I have four of the same classes together out of the seven throughout the day. English, Math, Science, and History. But since next week is the last week of school for the summer, we don't have a lot of work to do.

"See you guys at lunch!" I yelled over to the other guys as we all walked off.

"So, your place of mine tonight?" Lenny asked as we took our seats on English.

It is regular that I sleep over at Lenny's place, or Lenny sleeps over at mine on the weekend. Usually, on a Friday night, one of us will sleep at the other's place, then the next night the other sleep at the other's place. Already, one might think we were a couple. But no, the closest friends boy could be. And we didn't even have to ask our parents. We just told them that we were sleeping over and they'd say "Okay" or "Could you sleep at his tonight? Then he can sleep here tomorrow night."

"I don't know. You always ask and I never have an answer. You always decide in the end anyways." I replied a bit apprehensive.

"You're right. Let's sleep at your house tonight. Your mom makes THE BEST pancakes EVER!"

The morning went by rather quickly, without a hitch. In no time at all, Lenny and I were in the cafeteria standing in line with John and Wes, a couple of our friends, getting our lunches.

"Oh, man. Sophie Graham is so hot," Francis stated in a dreamy tone as me, Lenny, Kevin, and Gary took our seats.

Sophie Graham is an attractive girl with red-brown hair. She has a big, dreamy-brown eyes, a dusting of freckles across her nose and developing breasts. She was my first kiss. It happened last year at a school field trip to collect plant specimens. We were each others' first kiss. I found it quite hot, but just because it was my first kiss. After that, we decided that there was nothing for us. Now, we exchange greetings, but we're not friends. Nobody know about the kiss. Just me and Sophie, and Lenny. Of course I told Lenny. I don't know if Sophie told any of friends or family. We never agreed to keep it secret, I just didn't feel the need to announce it.

"Do you get hard thinking about that kiss?" Lenny whispered into my ear as I was chewing on my veggies, teasing me.

I didn't respond, verbally. I subtly punched his leg under the lunch table. Lenny whimpered in pain. John asked if he was alright.

Lenny cleared his throat. "Uhh... yeah. Ummm... cramp in my leg," he replied throwing me a devious smile.

Wes looked at me, silently asking for answers. I just shrugged my shoulders. I was smiling on the inside.

A bunch of the guys then started talking about basketball. I was listening but wasn't registering what was being said.

"Hey, guys," a female voice said approaching our table. We looked, it was Sophie. "Tyler." She said looking at me, bright-eyed with a smile she was trying to suppress.

"Hey, Sophie. What's up?" Gary asked, with a hopeful smile on his face.

"My birthday party is tomorrow. And you guys can come if you want." Sophie replied glancing at everyone at the table. "Well, see ya."

"What's goin' on with you and Sophie, Ty?" Wes asked.

"What'da ya mean?" I asked, trying to sound innocent.

"C'mon. You two aren't friends any more. What happened?" Danny asked genuinely curious.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Sophie and I are friends."

"Cut the shit, man. You and Sophie have severed nearly all ties with each other and you know it," said Kyle.

"Fine. But no ones breathes a word about what I'm gonna tell you. Got it?" I sternly commanded.

Everyone groaned their affirmation.

"Sophie and I were our first kisses with each other. Last year."

"NO WAY! YOU KISSED SOPHIE GRAHAM!?" Francis yelled, clearly in shock.

Everyone in the cafeteria heard. They were all staring at our table.

"Who?" someone else at another table asked in our direction.

"Hey! Hey! Everyone!" Steve called the attention of the whole cafeteria. I tried to beg him not to. No such luck. "My boy Tyler here, kissed Sophie Graham!"

There were gasps. Everywhere. I punched Steve's shoulder. Twice.

I chanced a look at Sophie over at her table. She was looking at me blushing. I was pretty sure I was red-faced also. Sophie shrugged her shoulders at me, apologetically. I mouthed I was sorry. She shook her head, letting me know it wasn't anything bad. Then the bell rang, ending lunch. I looked to Lenny. He was deep in thought. He noticed I was looking and he put a smile on.

Sophie caught up to us as we exited the cafeteria.

"Hey, I'm so sorry Steve is such a douche," I apologized to Sophie.

"Hey, don't worry about it. It's nothing I'm ashamed of. I know a few girls who have their eyes on you," Sophie confidently told me, with a grin.

"Oh." was I said in return.

"'Oh'? I tell you that you have admirers and all you have to say is 'Oh'?" Sophie laughed at my shyness. "Well, I hope to see you at my party tomorrow." she walked off.

"Tyler's got a date. Tyler's got a date." Kevin teased.

Francis was looking at me, he looked jealous. Lenny looked... something. I couldn't place it. All the other guys looked happy or excited for me.

"Well, I'm not goin' to the party. I don't want her to get her hopes up."

"You're not interested in THE Sophie Graham?" John asked in shock. "Dude, what's wrong with you?"

"Shut up. She's not my type." I replied. "Girl is not my type." I finished under my breath. No one heard it.

"Oh, come on. It's Sophie Graham!" groaned Steve.

"I know who it is. I just don't see her like that."

"Yeah, guys, just leave Ty alone. If he doesn't like Sophie then he doesn't like Sophie," Noah defended me. "I like Justine Warren. It wouldn't surprise me if one of you liked Hilary Nivine."

Hilary Nivine is a girl with black hair and always wears knitted sweaters. And Noah is my other best friend. Though, we are nowhere hear as close as Lenny and I are.

With that, we all went to our respective classes.

"Hey, Nick. Lenny is sleeping over tonight. Wanna join?" I politely asked Nick as I took my seat next to him in French 1.

Nick is a close friend. Yeah, he's hot. Blonde hair he keeps short in a buzz cut. His eyes change change color as the seasons change. They are brown in the winter and slowly change to hazel in spring and summer. Then back as fall/winter approach. Acne blemishes never ever bothered me. Nick has just a couple of them, but, as I mentioned, I don't care. But yeah, I also have a crush on him. He comes from a bad home. His mom drinks. She hasn't ever hit Nick, he just doesn't like being around her. His dad doesn't drink as much and has a better attitude. But when things get too hard for Nick to handle, he comes to our house. He doesn't even have to ask my parents. Mom just fixes a plate of dinner and all is good. He usually spends just the night. Once in a while, it's two night. Once, he stayed four nights. He is very comfortable in our home, Curtis plays with him when I'm busy. I don't know if that's out of pity or what, but I"m thankful Curtis does it. Nick is an only child.

"Nah. I'm good. I hope." he said as his smile dropped.

"Well, it's up to you. My mom will more than likely make her pancakes."

The teacher walked in, Mr. Gilbert and he did roll call.

Another two and a half hours passed by quickly. I was putting books away in my locker and replacing them with others.

"Dude, hurry up," Lenny impatiently said. "C'mon! Let's go! Move it!"

"Lenny, shut up, you ass. I'm gettin' there." I said as I stopped putting books into my backpack. "What's your hurry anyway?"

"Ty, you best move your ass along before I stuff you in your backpack and kick it all the way to your house!"

I continued putting books away laughing hysterically. Gawd, I loved this boy!

"So, whaddya wanna do tonight?" Lenny asked as we walked along the sidewalk to our houses.

"I don't know. Why don't we play your new ATV game?"

"Oh, thank God. I was hoping you'd say that!" Lenny excited said with a giggle.

I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket.

'turn oven on 375. shud b fine' a text message from my mom.

"What did mommy want?" Lenny mocked me.

I shoved him using my left arm.

"Whoa! A car could've hit me... or something." Lenny said in a serious voice.

I giggled and quipped with "Yeah, on a road that has no traffic whatsoever!"

"So was it your mom who texted you?"

"Yeah. She said to turn the oven on when we get home. Looks like we're having roast."

"I''ll meet you inside, I gotta go get some clothes and stuff," Lenny said as he ran to his house.

Two minutes later, Lenny walked into the kitchen as I was making two PB&J sandwiches with his backpack slung over his shoulder.

Lenny and I took our sandwiches and glasses of milk with us to my bedroom to do our homework. As soon as I closed my bedroom door, we heard Curtis and his friend Gavin come through the front door. Lenny attempted again to persuade me to go to Sophie's party. I still refused.

"At least just go as a friend. If Sophie tries anything, you just politely let her down." Lenny pleaded.

"I dunno...."

Then Curtis appeared at my bedroom door. "C'mon, squirt. We got chores to do before dinner. Gavin said he'd help."

"You are such a douche!" I exclaimed in frustration. "You're only two older than I am and you call me squirt."

"Yeah, whatever. Let's just get this done." Curtis sighed.

"I'll help, as well." Lenny offered.

Lenny did the little bit of dishes that were sitting in the sink. Gavin wiped down the coffee table, dining table and kitchen countertops. Curtis vacuumed wherever there was rugs and carpeting. I swept the flooring. Lenny and Gavin sat the rest out by our request. Curtis swept the front and back porches and dusted the door mats. I cleaned the gutters. All done.

"Boys! We're home!" We heard mom call from the front door. "Ty, I hope you didn't forget to turn the oven on!"

I appeared from the family room. "Why couldn't you let Curt do it?" I complained.

"You didn't do it!?" my mom asked in shock.

"No, no. I put the oven on. I just wanna know why my douche of a brother couldn't do it."

"Tyler Christopher Bernison, you watch your tongue! And you know your brother never gets the temperatures right."

"Hmm, yeah. I remember one time the chicken breasts burnt because Curtis put the oven too hot." I said with a chuckle.

"Can you and Lenny go do your homework please? Dinner will be ready in an hour."

"How do you know Lenny's here?" I asked amazed.

"Hmm, I just know these things." she coyly replied.

I just stared at her, silently demanded the answer.

"I also know that Lenny will be spending the night." she said, again confusing me as to how she knew.

"Now you're scaring me, mother."

"'Mother' . I hate how you call me that when something is not right. Lenny hasn't eaten my pancakes in over a week. He's gotta be having withdrawals. Now go do your homework."

"What's the magic word?" I teasingly asked.

"Before I ground you."

"That's corrrrrrect!" I exclaimed, as if it was a game show.

She sternly looked at me for a second and pointed upstairs.

"I love you, too, mother!" I teasingly called over my shoulder as I ascended the stairs.

"Yeah, whatever." my mom replied with a devilish smile.

I love my mom so much. She is the best.

"Curtis!? Is Gavin here?" mom called from downstairs.

"Yeah! He is! How'd you know!?" Curtis yelled to mom from his bedroom.

"I just know these things!" she smartly replied.

"MOM!" Curtis yelled back in frustration.

Mom laughed heartily and said "His sweater is here in the kitchen! Is he staying for dinner!?"

"That's the plan!"

Within twenty minutes, Lenny and I had our homework done. Like I said before, near the end of the school year so not much to do!

Lenny got a video game out of his backpack. For the life of me, I can't remember the title. But we played it on my PlayStation 2. It was an ATV racing game. It was quite fun.

After about forty to fifty minutes of playing the video game,

"BOYS! DINNER!" my mom called.

Then I heard the front door open and close. Dad was home.

We all sat down at the dinner table. Everything looked so delicious, as always. Beef roast, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, and a tossed salad.

"Tyler, would you say grace please." my dad politely asked of me.

We all put our hand together and bowed our heads.

"Our father, who art in heaven, we thank you for the food we eat, for a warm shelter, for our loving family, and we thank you for taking care of us. In Jesus' name, Amen."

That has been me and my brother's prayer since we were little kids. Short, simple and to the point.

"Amen." everybody said in unison.

Everybody was passing around the dishes to put food on our plates. Talking and laughing among the table. Pretty soon, seconds were being passed around. I refused. Of course, mom worried about that. She asked if I was alright.

"I'm fine. You know how my weight fluctuates." I confessed.

"But you've a great body." Lenny said without restraint.

Everybody turned their heads to him. He didn't seem to realize what he said. He looked at everyone. My mom cocked an eyebrow at him.

"I just mean that.... No." Lenny said.

"No?" I was confused by that statement.

"Ty, it's all in your head. You're having these issues because your growing. It's normal for teens your age. But your metabolism should keep your body in that shape or very close to that shape. Along with exercise of course."

"Should?" I asked, worried.

"Well, yes. Not everybody has the same metabolism. Kids and teens usually have high metabolisms. But if one has a condition that affects metabolism, it will be easier for that person to gain weight. And I'm positive you don't have such a condition."

For dessert, we had strawberry ice-cream with real strawberries.

Afterward, Lenny, Curtis, Gavin and I were outside in the backyard. Gavin was playing something on his Nintendo SP and Lenny was watching. Curtis and I were playfully wrestling. Since I'm smaller, I was.... not winning.

Mom and dad appeared at the backdoor. "Okay, boys. It's getting late. I gotta bring Gavin home." Dad called.

"Dad, can I drive Gavin home? Please? It's not far at all." Curtis pleaded.

Dad has let Curtis drive the car but not when he knows police are gonna be around.

Dad looked to be thinking it over.

"No, you're too little. Maybe next year when you get your permit, Squirt." I teased Curtis.

Mom let out a short laugh, but caught it. A little late, but she caught it. She covered her mouth with her hand.

Curtis looked pissed. He bolted towards me. I started running away, laughing hysterically. He chased me all over the backyard.

"Boys! Stop it! Settle down!" my dad commanded.

We didn't listen. Curtis just kept chasing me and I kept running and laughing.

Finally, Curtis leapt forward and tackled me to the ground. We wrestled for dominance for a bit. Again, since I'm smaller, I lost. Curtis was sitting on my abdomen, chuckling evilly as he tauntingly slapped me face. I had enough. I lifted my ass off the grass, lifted my leg higher and wrapped it around Curtis' chest, immediately using it to push him off me. He landed belly down on the grass. As soon as I was free, I straddled his back and grabbed one of his legs and hoisted it backward. He groaned in pain. Curtis used all of his might and pushed one arm up, throwing me off of his back. I softly landed on my side, going into fits of laughter. Curtis laid there beside me on the grass, laughing also.

"Kids." Lenny said with a coy smile as he walked by.

"What did you say, you punk?" Curtis asked getting up off the ground.

"I said, 'Ki--"

Before Lenny could finish, Curtis tackled him to the ground. Lenny landed facedown. Curtis straddled his back and pinned an arm behind his back. Lenny rolled over, causing Curtis to lie with his back to the ground and Lenny's back on Curtis' front. Curtis wrapped his legs around Lenny's waist, and wrapped his arms around Lenny's neck. Not choking him, just holding him in place. They were both giggling. Lenny struggling to break free.

It's so nice to see my brother getting along so well with Lenny. He's never like this with any of my other friends. Not even Noah. Maybe it's because Lenny grew up around us all the time. And I mean all the time!

"Okay, boys. Inside. Now." my mom said with conviction. "Your mother knows that you're spending the night, Lenny."

Lenny walked in a few steps ahead of Curtis and me. Dad had already gone off with Gavin. I wrapped an arm around Curtis' shoulder, looking at him with a smile.

"What?" he asked.

"You're my brother," I stated simply.

Curtis chuckled and said "I know. And?"

"Nothing. You're my brother." I said as I before bounding up the stairs and into my bedroom.

When I got into my bedroom, Lenny already had his pajama shorts on and had just pulled his tank on. Damn, I missed the show! I've seen Lenny in his underwear a million times. It's just better to watch it live. I'm a perv, I know. But I'm only a perv for this boy.

Lenny and I brushed our teeth and washed our faces before bed. Before going to sleep, Lenny played video games while I watched. I much preferred this. I took off my clothes, except my briefs, and got under the covers. While I was watching Lenny play the game, I fell asleep.

Sometime later, I felt the bed stir. I guess Lenny was heading off the sleep as well. Then I felt lips on mine. I opened my eyes to see Lenny's eyebrow, temple and hairline. Lenny pulled his face away.

"I want you, Ty," Lenny stated simply, yet passionately.

To Be Continued...

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