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'With Arms Outstretched' - Chapter 11

"Done!" Lenny called as he finished his algebra homework.

School had been well under way, two weeks in. Lenny and I were in my bedroom, doing our algebra homework lying on our stomachs on my bed. Lenny had finished his a couple questions ahead of myself. We compared our answers. Both of us had gotten one question wrong each. I turned over onto my back after I corrected mine. I placed both my hands under my head to pillow it. I only assume Lenny relaxes on his stomach.

We laid that way for a while, in a comfortable silence. After a minute, I felt movement on the bed, so I opened my eyes. What I saw caught me off guard. When I opened my eyes, I saw Lenny's face coming closer and closer to mine. Before I could react, Lenny laid his lips on mine.

LENNY'S LIPS CONNECTED WITH MINE!!!! I was not expecting to wake up from a dream. A totally wonderful, awe-inspiring dream.

To me the kiss lasted a lifetime or two. But in reality it was only two seconds. But holy, man, was it… FUCK!

I was still expecting to wake from a dream. But that feeling was less prominent.

"I'm sorry, did I do it wrong?" Lenny asked worriedly with a shaky voice as he broke the kiss.

Now I was more unsure that it was even a figment of my imagination.

"It was fine," I answered shakily from the pleasure I felt in that two-second-long kiss. "but you're not gay."

Lenny looked to be thinking. "Umm… uhh... I am."

"No you're not!" I nearly shouted.

Lenny cocked a smile, "Do you ever hear me talk about girls when all our other friends do?"

I thought about it. "No, why is that?" I asked more to myself than to Lenny.

"Because I'm gay!" Lenny stated with enthusiasm and a giggle.

That had gotten my hopes up. Way up! My heart picked up its pace a little. My head was filled with a million thoughts and so much emotion. Excitement, pleasure, ecstasy...

I moved my body closer to Lenny's, and moved my head toward his, cautiously.

Before my lips could touch his, I stopped. "I don't believe you," I stated warily.

Our lips were not two inches from the other's. We peered into each other's eyes. Lenny smiled goofily.

"Just kiss me you doofus," Lenny commanded lightly, homorously.

"I dunno..."

"Before my tongue rapes your mouth!" Lenny threatened.

Then I heard my watch beep, signalling the beginning of a new hour.

"Wha--" being young, I had no idea what his threat meant at all. I was about to ask him, but Lenny grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my face into his as he brought out lips together again.

We made out furiously. Every time our lips parted as we moved out heads, I drew in air, though the breath only lasted a second.

"BOYS!" my mom called from downstairs, "DINNER!"

My mom's outburst brought me out of my passion. I reluctantly disengaged my lips from Lenny's. I was lost. Our faces were still inches from the other's. I closely examined Lenny's face. His mouth was smiling as he panted for air. Then I noticed we were standing on our knees on my bed, our bodies tightly pressed together. I didn't even notice that we had gotten up from our previous lying position on my bed. I noticed my arms wrapped tightly holding Lenny. Lenny also held me tight. Then I noticed a discomfort in my groin, in my pants. My teen cock was rock-hard, straining to be freed from the confines of my underwear and jeans. Then, I noticed a hardness touching my clothe-covered erection. I looked down. Sure enough, Lenny's dick was also fighting to be free.

"Whoa," Lenny whispered, as breathless as I was.

We grinned at each other. They were shy grins. But grins none-the-less.

I looked at my watch. It was now twelve minutes past six. For twelve minutes, Lenny and I had made out with each other passionately and hard. So hard, my lips had a tingly sensation.

"BOYS! DINNER!" my dad called, growing impatient.

"How'd you know I'm gay?" I asked Lenny as we made our way downstairs.

"That day over the summer you came out to your parents, I heard. I was just at the door."

My dad said grace when we all sat at the dinner table. When we all said "Amen", Curtis glanced at me for a second and looked the other way. But he looked right back at me and just laughed his ass off.

"Dude, your lips are swollen!" Curtis laughed at me, then he looked at Lenny, who sat beside him, across from me. "Both of you!"

Everyone looked closer at me and Lenny. My parents and Curtis all looked shocked because of the fact that Lenny is gay.

I could tell my mom was holding back giggles. "You two better not have been kissing," my mom said trying pitifully to suppress her smile.

Lenny looked uncomfortable and the reddest I had seen anyone, as he had not yet come out of the closet.

"I'm gonna go," Lenny said as he climbed out of his seat.

"No!" my mom cried, now successfully suppressing her smile. "Lenny please stay. Curtis promises to be good," she finished looking sternly at Curtis.

"Do you?" Lenny asked my mom.

"You have my word."

Lenny took his seat again. He was still in his shy-red state. I could only guess I was in the same state.

After dinner, Lenny and I made our way back up to my room to finish our English homework. While doing our homework, Lenny and I would turn our heads to look at each other. Every time our eyes met, we'd both blush and giggle like crazy. Childish, I know. But we were only thirteen-years-old at the time.

"Can I ask you something?" I asked as I stared directly into Lenny's gorgeous eyes.

Lenny and I were sitting on my bed, homework in our respective bags.

"Shoot," Lenny replied looking a little embarrassed.

"Why did it take two months for you to come out to me when you knew I was gay?" I asked softly. Believe me, I was happy beyond comprehension that Lenny had kissed me.

"Umm... I was scared," Lenny answered reluctantly. "I knew I was into guys, but I couldn't figure out why I had these feeling towards my best friend. And I thought I was making myself obvious to you."

"Obvious to me? How?"

"Well, I was always trying to be around you. But then I realized we already did that. And I also tried doing everything I could with you. But then how is that any different than the way we did everything together growing up, right? So then I tried making these little but embarrassing skin touches, like with our feet, but I chickened out. I just decided to kiss you right here on your bed at the spur of the moment. I hope that wasn't too forward of me."

"It was," I laughed. "But in the end, I liked it. A lot."

Lenny brought his face closer to mine, slowly. All the while, looking intently into my eyes.

"Can I kiss you again?" Lenny whispered.

"If you want to kiss me, then kiss me. You don't have to ask. As long I don't have to ask permission to kiss you," I smiled.


"Then kiss me already."

Needing no further instruction, Lenny pressed his lips to mine. And my, were they delicious lips. I placed my hand on Lenny's waist. Lenny placed a hand on my cheek.

I don't know how long we were making out when my parents came into me bedroom without knocking. Lenny and I broke the kiss quickly in embarrassment. We turned our heads opposite the door, avoiding the eyes of our interruptors.

"This may take some getting used to," I whispered.

"What, kissing?" Lenny whispered back.

"Well that too, but getting caught."

"We need to talk to you boys," my dad said embarrassed at catching his son and his son's lover in a steamy make-out session.

Lenny and I looked at each other. Lenny's face depicted as much worry as mine probably did. Both my parents walked over and sat next to us on my bed.

"Boys... umm..." my mom trailed, unsurely.

"So, Lenny is gay as well," my dad stated, almost a question.

"Yes-yes sir," Lenny stuttered.

"How long have you known, Ty?" my mom asked me.

"Umm..." I looked at my watch, "one hour and thirty-two minutes now," I replied, not intending to sound mocking.

"How did you find out, Lenny?" my mom asked.

"I heard the conversation when Ty came out to the two of you," Lenny replied. "I wanted him to tell me himself, so I waited."

"So, you two are..." my dad trailed, asking about our 'status'.

"Boyfriends," Lenny finished my dad's sentence proudly, grabbing my hand, making my heart melt.

"What are your intentions with my son?" my dad sternly asked to Lenny.

Lenny and I looked to each other again, with more worry than earlier.

"Adam, stop it!" my mom scolded my dad with a chuckle. "Do you parents know about yourself?" my mom asked Lenny.

"No, not yet."

"Well, I am happy for you both!" my mom enthused. "You two always looked right for each other."

"But here's what's going to happen; we are giving you the same treatment any good parents would give their kid and that kid's partner. No more sleepovers and no making out under this roof. We don't mind sweet-pecks on the lips, but no more. You may see that as unfair, but those are rules we had so you get them as well," my dad stated authoritatively.

Lenny and I groaned in protest. 'What daddy don't know won't hurt him' I thought to myself.

"And further, this door will remain open when you two are in here alone," my mom finished. "I will not have teen-aged sex going on under my roof."

"Now, do you plan on coming out to your parents?" my dad asked to Lenny.

"Yes, sir."

"Good. If you're in the closet, you will not be happy. And if you're not happy, how can you make my boy happy?" my dad rhetorically asked. "But then again, this is a teen romance."

"Thanks, dad, thanks for the vote of confidence," I sarcastically stated.

"Well, at least you got what you were so longing for," my dad said looking at the bright side for me, referring to Lenny.

Lenny's smile widened into a grin.

"You were longing for me?" Lenny asked sounding like he just won something.

I flashed a shy smile at Lenny. "Oh, this is embarrassing."

"Dites-lui la raison qu'elle l'a rendu difficile d'être autour de lui," my mom softly suggested. (Tell him the reason it made it difficult to be around him.)

"But mom!" I groaned in protest.

"What?" Lenny asked.

"Vous pouvez le faire," my dad encouraged. (You can do it.)

"What is it?" Lenny asked growing more fearful. "They're not breaking us up, are they? I mean, we just started. If they are, I'll kill them myself."

I didn't know if Lenny was serious or joking. Maybe both?

My mom cocked an eyebrow at Lenny in amusement.

"Notre nouveau beau-fils est courageux," my mom joked, eliciting laughter from my dad. and giggles from me. (Our new son-in-law is courageous.)

"I'm sorry, Lenny," I apologized. "My mom just wanted me to tell you... uhh... remember a few weeks back, at the Staples store?"

"Yeah," Lenny nodded his head.

"The reason I went ballistic was because I didn't want you to know anything until I was ready. But Denise blurted something out. It was difficult for me to be around you because I so wanted to tell you but I couldn't. I thought you were heterosexual and homophobic. I didn't want to tell you because I thought you'd hate me. And I couldn't have that, especially because I'm so in love with you." I finished with a grin.

Immediately, Lenny's worried expression flipped to a shit-eating grin. "Oh, Ty," Lenny cooed as he pulled me into a kiss. It was another passionate kiss.

"Ahem," my mom cleared her throat, forcing us to halt the make-out session. "Remember what the rules are. That was the only exception."

"Just so everyone knows, I've been in love with Ty as well," Lenny stated proudly.

Whatever problems, worries, heartaches or stressors I may have had before... just simply... melted away. I was now floating in bliss.

The next thing I know, I'm being released from a hug I didn't even know my mom held me in. I looked beside me to Lenny. He was being hugged by my dad.

"Just... you kids be careful," my mom said cautiously. "With each other. Inside and out."

"I've got my eyes on you," my dad said to Lenny as he motioned his eyes on Lenny with his hand. He was giggling. So I don't know if he was serious or joking.

So with that, my parents traipsed out of my bedroom, leaving Lenny alone with me. I slowly, shyly, looked to him. He was looking intently at me, grinning, blushing. When our eyes met, we quickly looked away, giggling.

"You are so hot when you blush," I unabashedly told Lenny as I quickly looked back at him.

Lenny inched his face to mine, looking me square in the eye.

"You have the longest eyelashes I've ever seen," Lenny complimented. "Natural lashes, anyway."

"You have a sexy smile."

"You... are so short!" Lenny joked, causing us to roar in laughter.

"I'm not short," I softly said, shyly grabbing onto his shirt with my thumb and forefinger.

"No, you're not," Lenny confirmed.

"Nobody will believe how happy I am right now," I explained, almost not believing it myself.

"Nobody will ever be able to comprehend the flood of... ecstasy flowing through me right now," Lenny excitedly whispered as his thumb nipped at my shirt sleeve.

"We'll have to talk tomorrow," I said quietly, not wanting to ruin the moment.


"Us. Our family. Our friends."

"Okay. You got it. Good night," Lenny replied, but still didn't move a muscle to move. Our faces still stayed inches apart, our breaths touching the other.

"Can I have a kiss good night?"

I didn't even wait for a response. I quickly closed the tiny, but huge gap between our lips. We kissed hard. So hard, I felt the tingling in my lips from the pressure.

"Ahem!" a female voice called from my doorway. Mom.

"Damn, busted!" Lenny exclaimed, chuckling. "Every time we kiss, we're caught!"

Lenny's statement induced amused giggles from my mom, and embarrassed giggles from me.

"Say good night, Lenny," my mom instructed to Lenny.

"Good night, Lenny," Lenny mocked.

"Go home, boy," I pressed jokingly. "I don't how I'm gonna be able to sleep with all this excitement, but I gotta try."

Lenny placed a quick, sweet peck on my lips and he left. I was so buoyant, overjoyed with bliss that it was nearly bringing on an adrenaline rush. I just wanted to scream, or run to the ends of the Earth. I settled for running out of my room, through the hall, down the stairs, and out the door. Lenny was halfway to his house from mine. I grabbed his shoulder and spun him around. Lenny didn't even have time to utter a sound when I planted the most passionate kiss a thirteen-year-old can give.

To me, we stayed in that lip-lock for years, decades. But I really have no idea how long it actually was. I was too light-headed from the state of euphoria I was in to interpret the flow of time. All I know, it was LONG!

"Mmm," Lenny said when our faces finally parted. "I wish that kiss didn't last so long."

"What?" I asked, my bliss coming down. "Why?"

"Cuz now my hard-on will never go down!"

Bliss picked right back up, ten fold.

"TJR is not so different," Lenny stated when he looked down at my pants.

Sure enough, my pants were tented.

"TJR?" I asked confused to his reference.

"Ty Junior."

We laughed.

"Tyler Christopher Bernison!" my mom called from the doorway. "You get to bed right now!" she wasn't angry. Or she didn't appear to be. But it was quite late in the night for a school night.

"Against my better judgement..." Lenny said circumspectly, "I'm gonna give you one last small kiss, hoping it doesn't... distract us."

It took every ounce of my will power not to hold the kiss too long.

"Night, aunt Chrissy," Lenny called as he walked the rest of the way to his house. Smiling ridiculously, I might add.

'Chrissy'. That's what Lenny calls my mom when he's joking around with her, or picking on her lightly.

"Sorry, mom, I just couldn't help it," I apologized as I walked back into the house.

"Listen, I understand that you've been in love with him. I still can't believe he's gay. What I think is that you can't stand to have your lips not touching his?"

I nodded my head giddily.

"And I did believe it when he said he was in love with you, as well. I'm just scared for you boys. It's a cruel world... Anyways, the next time you do something like that, you're grounded for a week."

I made my way to the bathroom to do my nightly rituals. I got the elastic band off my wrist and used it to sloppily tie my hair back with it. I washed my face, scrubbed it with a face cloth. After, I brushed my teeth meticulously, proceeding with rinsing with hydrogen peroxide. My aunt Violet is an orthodontist, she taught me that rinsing with peroxide keeps teeth healthy and whiter.

I quickly rid my body of its clothing confines and jumped into bed excitedly after turning out the lights. I was excited not for sleep, but to have some 'fun'. My teen cock had been rock hard since that hot kiss outside. I pulled my boxer briefs down around my knees, my cock enjoying its freedom. I thought of that first kiss Lenny planted on my lips earlier that afternoon. I gripped it just below the mushroom head, immediately sending jolts of pleasure throughout my body, making me gasp. Then I thought about that twelve-minute kiss we shared shortly after the first. Slowly, I slid the foreskin up and over the head, the intense pleasure sending a shiver to every muscle in me. Sliding the foreskin back down wasn't much different, still incredibly pleasurable.

After about five minutes of the very slow, methodic stroking of my cock, I placed my left hand to my testicles, gently rolling them and gently tugging them. Oh man, the pleasure turned to ecstasy. I then thought about how Lenny told us all that he was in love with me for a while as well. That thought nearly brought me to orgasm. But I quickly released the elative hold on my penis to hold off the eruption. After a minute of breathing to relax, I resumed the slow jacking of my dick. All the while, thinking about Lenny and all the kisses we shared that day. Faster than I had expected, I shot cum more than I had ever at that point. A wad shot as far up as my chin. I laid there, basking in euphoria, after a fantastic jack-off session after an amazing day. I had been curious before about the taste of cum, after seeing it a certain website. So I stuck my tongue out and down on my chin. After finding the gooey wetness lying on my chin, I brought my tongue back in. It tasted… well it wasn't as delicious as the website had made it look. But it was neither disgusting. I grabbed tissue and wiped the products of my pleasure off my body and off my bedsheet. As I laid in bed, falling asleep, I wondered how Lenny's cum tasted.

To Be Continued...


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