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'With Arms Outstretched' - Chapter 12

I woke in the middle of the night, or early morning, scared shitless.

It was a dream.

I dreamt Lenny kissed me. I dreamt that I kissed Lenny. I dreamt we made out multiple times.

But it seemed so real.

Well, dreams can seem that way. They can seem real, and not be.

My heart sank.

My heart felt heavier than a ton of bricks.

The tape holding my heart together gave way.

My heart broke.

The damn burst. The tears came.

I sobbed violently but silently lying in bed.

I had enough. I couldn't take it anymore. I was totally in love with a boy I could never have.

Leonard Alexander Joss is straight and I needed to accept that.

But I couldn't.

No matter how much I tried… it was impossible to me.

After minutes of the inaudible weeping and whimpering, it subsided. I looked over at my alarm clock. It read 4:22AM. I just stared dejectedly at the clock, not sure what to do. I was no longer in a sleepy state. My heart kept telling me it all wasn't a dream. But my mind... my mind knew it was a nocturnal fantasy. My heart and my mind were battling. And my heart was winning ever so slightly. I grabbed my phone off its charger and dialled Lenny's cell phone. It rang. And it rang. And then it rang some more. It kept me on edge. The suspense was eerily eating at me.

"Hello?" Lenny finally answered groggily.

"Was it a dream?" I asked quickly.

"Ty, were you crying?" Lenny asked after hearing my voice.

"Was it a dream?" I asked growing impatient.

"Was what a dream?"

My heart broke even further, shattering it well beyond comprehension.

"Well… the uhh..." I wasn't sure how to respond. Should I tell him I'm gay? "The kiss." I finally spluttered out.

Lenny sighed. "It was."

A pain in my chest, in my heart was, now physical. It wasn't a heart attack or anything of the sort. It was a pain to let me know that my heart was gone. It was broken and the maids had cleaned the remains and threw them out.

"It was a dream come true," Lenny finished, sounding dreamy but groggy.

I laid there, my cell phone held at my ear, frozen in shock. My mind didn't know how to process this bit of information after being told that the single most important event in my life was just my overactive creativity.

"Ty, I kissed you," Lenny stated proudly over the phone.

"And I kissed you," I said back in disbelief and relief.

"And we made out."

"And Curtis noticed our swollen lips."

We both went quiet.

"Ty?" Lenny asked, unsure if I was still on the line.

"It wasn't a dream," I stated, almost not believing it myself.

"It wasn't a dream," Lenny reiterated.

"Can you join me for breakfast in a few hours?" I asked, sanguine.

"I will," Lenny confirmed. "But, only if you get right back to sleep after we hang up."

"I'll try. Thanks."

"Then I'll see you in about three hours."

I giggled and said, "Alright, bye."

Surprisingly I did fall asleep rather quickly after hanging up the phone.

I awoke from feeling lips just leaving my own.

"You wanted me to join you for breakfast and you won't even get up," Lenny said before I could open my eyes.

I shot straight up in bed, thinking I overslept.

"Relax, it's only about seven," Lenny to soothe me. "I woke up at six this morning and I couldn't get back to sleep. So I showered and came here. I couldn't resist a kiss on your beautiful lips."

"My beautiful lips?" I asked astonished. Lenny laid down beside me, his body tight against mine.

"I still can't believe those eye lashes of yours are real," Lenny stated as he looked into my eyes and stroked my cheek with a finger.

"Your eyes, they just... wow..." I stated right back to Lenny starry-eyed.

Lenny stopped stroking my cheek and gripped the back of my neck. He pulled my face to his.

"I have morning breath," I hesitantly said, trying to stop the on-coming kiss.

"I don't care," Lenny said still bringing my face to his. "I just gotta kiss you!"

I let the inevitable kiss happen. Our lips pressed together. Our lips released for a split second as we turned our heads in a make-out session. Then our lips pressed together again, only harder. And then, but much harder. For the first time in my life, I felt another's tongue enter my mouth. Lenny's tongue swiped mine and came out, back into his mouth. I decided that I'd try giving Lenny my tongue, as he had so graciously offered me his. So I did. My god, it felt AMAZING!

"I better not find a couple of naked boys when I go up there!" my mom called from downstairs.

Lenny and I jumped apart, our smiles turning into grins. My mom made a spectacle of walking up the stairs. She intentionally made her high-heeled shoes 'clank' loudly in the hardwood steps as she ascended them.

"Dude!" Lenny cried in a whisper, wide-eyed. "Your..." he indicated my exposed body. For the first time that day, I had noticed somebody had thrown my blanket off my body onto the other side of the bed. Sure enough, the hot snogging that Lenny and I done not ten seconds ago had caused TJR to plump up. I hurriedly grabbed the corner of my blanket and flipped it onto my body. I looked over at Lenny snickering.

"Dude! Your..." I indicated Lenny had also been aroused and his pants were tented out.

Lenny looked down and swiftly adjusted himself.

"So," my mom said as she reached my bedroom doorway.

Hmm, my mom looked good. She dressed nicely. She wore a dark blue, tight, elbow-length sleeved jacket over a white knee-length shirt. She also wore black leggings and cute black boots.

"I hope I was interrupting something," my mom finished with a sly smile, glancing from me to Lenny. When she looked at Lenny, Lenny averted his face to look to the side and down. He was smiling a tiny and shy smile that was too cute.

"You were," I replied, also with a sly smile.

"Hmm! Good!" my mom teased. "I must be doing my job as 'mom' and doing it good!"

"Right now I wish you weren't such an awesome mom!" I teased but complimenting her.

My mom laughed heartily. "Now come on! Or you'll both be late! Lenny, why don't you join me downstairs for a talk while Ty takes a shower."

Lenny's head snapped to me. He looked worried. I can imagine I had the same worry etched on my face.

"Now, now!" my mom called cryptically. "It isn't anything too bad!"

That statement did nothing to comfort either of us. Then, all of the sudden, startling the crap out of me, my mom burst into laughter. Her shrill laughter.

"Relax," my mom said laughing, "I was only gonna make Lenny something for breakfast!"

Lenny and I both relaxed a little. I was still a apprehensive about leaving my love alone with my mother. And I could see that Lenny still had some worry. But he left with my mom.

I was quick to brush my teeth and rinse with peroxide before jumping in the shower. The worry of my Lenny had caused the deflation of TJR.

Hahaha, funny, 'my Lenny', 'TJR'.

"And are you sure you're gay? You're not bi or curious?" was what I heard my mom ask Lenny as I made my way downstairs. I stopped in my tracks when I heard it.

"I've known about my sexuality since I was ten, I know I'm gay," Lenny affirmed.

"And what of your feelings for my boy?" my dad asked.

"I've always liked Ty," Lenny responded confidently. "More than probably what's good for either of us. I also always thought Ty was not gay and that I had no shot with him. Then I heard what he told the pair of you over the summer and I couldn't believe it. Then I decided that I wanted Ty to tell me himself so that I make a move."

"And what if he liked someone else?" my dad asked skeptically.

"As I told your son, I would have made my move on him. If he didn't feel the same way, then I would move on. Or try to. You see, I'm crazy about him."

"Ty might have told you this already," my mom began, unsure if she should say something, "but Ty has been terrified to tell you about his sexuality. We all thought you to be heterosexual. He feared immensely that you would hate him. Imagine his relief to find you, yourself are gay. Then imagine his delight that you want him as much as he wanted you."

"I think I want him more," Lenny gently argued.

"I beg to differ," I argued coming out of hiding. "A lot of my sketches are about you. I think that shows I want you more."

"That don't prove shit," Lenny said smiling.

"Uh! Language!" my mom scolded. "Now don't start with the cute 'I want you more' debate. You kids got school."

My mom handed me a plate of french toast with bacon on the side as I sat beside Lenny at the kitchen island.

"Ty," Lenny got my attention as I cut a piece of toast.

I looked at him. Lenny gave me a quick, dry peck on the lips. It was romantic none-the-less. He tasted of maple syrup and bacon. it gave me a humourous preview of the breakfast to come.

"I'll never get tired of kissing those lips," Lenny cooed, still looking intently at me.

"I'll never grow tired of tasting you," I cooed right back.

"Unbelievable! My little brother has a boyfriend before I get a girlfriend!" Curtis complained lightly, who was seated next to my dad.

"Argh!" my dad complained. "You're just kids! And, you're my son!"

"Yeah! You're my little brother!" Curtis chimed in.

"I love you, dad," I said softly.

My dad's face softened and he replied, "I love you, too, my boy."

My dad finished his french toast and he washed his plate along with my mom's. Then he gave my mom a kiss and left for work.

"Ty, the chicken breasts are marinating in the fridge. After doing your chores and homework can you toss them in the original Shake N' Bake? I'll be home to cook shortly after." my mom asked as she looked through her purse. I told I would. "Lenny, your parents are joining us for dinner tonight. And you said you weren't out to them, right?" Lenny confirmed he wasn't yet but planning on coming out to them soon. "So you boys better not give anything away to them tonight. Be careful."

Then she left for work. That left me alone with my boyfriend, and my brother.

"I'm gonna… go to my room and get ready," Curtis stated awkwardly.

I ran upstairs and grabbed my backpack. I ran back downstairs to Lenny, who was sitting in the living room. We still had ten minutes before we usually started walking to school. I sat next to him, smiling shyly.

"You want to make out with me, don't you?" Lenny coyly asked. "Don't worry, I feel the same."

I placed a hand on Lenny's hand. Lenny placed his other hand on my cheek. We brought our faces together ever so slowly, romantically. We made out furiously, passionately again.

It only seemed like seconds that Lenny and I shared kisses when Curtis interrupted us.

"Whoa!" Curtis cried as he came into view. "Umm... sorry... we're gonna be late."

Sure enough, it was seven-forty-five. Classes start at eight o'clock. It usually takes us ten minutes to walk to school. With the remaining five minutes, we go to our lockers. We all headed for the door. Before stepping out, I stopped with Lenny and we shared a brief passionate kiss that was gonna have to hold us off for a few hours.

"So, what do you two crazy lovebirds got planned for today?" Curtis asked as we carried on walking to school.

I looked to Lenny for a suggestion as I suck at making plans for the day. But Lenny was occupied blushing at Curtis' reference to us. He was blushing so hard, it seemed he forgot how to speak.

"Umm… I don't know," I finally replied to Curtis' earlier inquiry. "Lenny, can you think of something?"

"Oh... umm... we could make out. Like crazy," Lenny teased.

I knew he was joking, but it made me exciting up in my head and down in my groin.

I was now in math class, daydreaming about my new boyfriend. Gawd, that sounded so amazing in my head. 'My boyfriend'.

"MR. BERNISON!" Mr. Barber called my name frustratedly. I guess he'd called my name multiple times.

I came out of my reverie with a jolt. I looked around the classroom. Everyone, I mean everyone, was staring at me. Some looked amused. Some looked wierded out. Others looked bored.

Lenny and I shared two classes a day out of our six. Math was not one of them. The classes we shared were English (second period) and science (fourth period).

"Umm... sorry, Mr. Barber, I missed that," I apologized pathetically.

"I imagine you did," Mr. Barber teased to try and humiliate me. "It would surprise me, Mr. Bernison, if you were able to come up here and solve this problem."

We had been studying pre-algebra at the moment. In fact, it was adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers. Nothing too complicated. The problem Mr. Barber had written on the board was:

3' ÷ [(2 x 5 + 34 - 7 x 5 + 9 x 6) ÷ 7]

"You are allowed to use a calculator, of course," Mr. Barber added as I got out of my seat.

I grabbed my calculator off my desk and walked up to the white board.

In a matter of seconds, I had answered 27. When I solved the problem correctly, Mr. Barber huffed smugly, despite my answering the math problem correctly.

"Congratulations," Mr. Barber complimented despite himself. "You got the answer right in a matter of seconds despite your evident inattentiveness not one minute ago. Very impressive, Mr. Bernison!" Mr. Barber badgered further, causing giggles to fill the room. Even I had to admit, I found the humour in it all.

"Noah told me you totally spaced out in math this morning," Lenny whispered into my ear as we went along the lunch line. I could hear the smile on his face.

Noah and I have math together. He sits behind me. It's quite common that Noah will look over my shoulder and copy my answers.

"If you're thinking that I was thinking about you... it's true," I whispered back.

Lenny averted his gaze onto his lunch tray as he pushed it along. He was smiling shyly and blushing HARD!

"If you blush any harder, kids'll start to suspect," I warned, not bothering to suppress my grin.

"Ahem!" Lenny cleared his throat as he fought to control his embarrassed state. "Did I hear correctly that you once kissed Sophie Graham?" Lenny asked loudly, either trying to embarrass me, or he was trying to make it seem like we were just two friends hassling each other. Either way, I found it funny. I laughed as we continued to saunter over to our friends at the lunch table.

"What were ya dreamin' about?" Kevin teasingly asked as I took a seat between himself and Lenny.

"Hmm," I said wily as I fixed my gaze on Noah jokingly, "I see the little bitch is running her mouth off again!" I teased.

The lunch table erupted into noise of fun and humour. Oooh's from the guys and girly giggles from the girls.

"Are you ever going to cut your hair?" Sophie asked as she ran a hand through my hair AGAIN, reaching over Kevin's back.

Sophie's action caused nearly everyone at our table to turn their faces away from us.

"It suits him," John called from the other side of the table.

"Yeah!" Shannon chimed in as she reached behind Lenny's back to fondle my hair as well. "Ty pulls the 'long locks' look off quite good."

"I agree," Lenny said as he looked at me with a silly grin over Sophie running her hand through my long, brown locks.

"Umm, thanks," I said shyly. "Now stop dwiddling my hair!" I complained.

Sophie, Shannon, Carla and their friend Belle snickered. I wasn't sure if it was because of my shyness or Sophie's flirting.

Lenny leaned into me, grinning that ridiculous grin, and whispered, "I hope you find it strange that I don't mind Sophie flirting with you."

I didn't respond to Lenny's loving taunt. But I chose to instead kick his shin. He nearly yelped when I did so.

"You okay?" Gary asked Lenny.

"Umm," Lenny intentionally made his voice sound hoarse, "down the wrong chute!" Lenny lied.

"You're gay huh?" Curtis asked Lenny as we all walked home, as school had finished for the day.

I think I mentioned before that Curtis is a freshman in high school. His school is just a few blocks from my school. He starts school fifteen minutes later than I do and he also finishes school fifteen minutes before I do. So when he's walking home, it's common for us to bump into each other.

"Yup!" Lenny answered a bit proudly.

We looked at each other and smiled shyly, both of us blushing something bad.

"You guys are so mushy!" Curtis teased seeing us in our embarrassed state.

"So," I began, unsure and uncomfortable, to Lenny, "how do you feel about me?"

Lenny and I were sitting at the island in the kitchen. When we got to my house, we did our chores and did our homework. We had put our books back in our respective bags and we turned out stools to face each other.

"Well..." Lenny trailed giddily as he grabbed my hand with his own. "I've had my eyes on you for a number of years. Then when I heard you're gay, I made plans to go after you no matter what."

"Great," I smiled big. "So what is our plan now?"

"Plan?" Lenny asked confused.

"I don't think I want to be in the closet for long," I explained slowly.. "But you are part of our…"

"Relationship," Lenny finished my sentence enthusiastically, which warmed my heart immensely.

"Right. You are one half of our relationship, so you have a say in this decision. I want to come out to our friends. But I will not do so until you are ready."

"Well, I'm not afraid of coming out to them. If any of them are not okay with it, we don't need them. We got each other."

We stared into the other's eyes romantically.

"I still can't believe that I've got you to myself," I cooed in a euphoric state.

"And it's so surreal that I've finally got you to myself," Lenny stated in much the same state of mind.

"Mom and dad'll be home a few minutes," Curtis warned as he came into the kitchen. "Weren't you supposed to bread the chicken?"

I groaned as I got off my stool and made my way over to the refrigerator to prepare the chicken for my mom. Lenny graciously offered to help. He got the Shake N' Bake box out of the cupboard as I got the chicken breasts out marinating. To my delight, my mom had the chicken breasts marinating in ranch flavoured salad dressing. Lenny and I worked side by side at the counter. Before we began, Lenny's hand lightly grabbed my elbow. I turned my attention to my new boyfriend. He laid a kiss on my lips. It was long, nor was it short. It was passionate and arousing. So not what I needed when I was preparing dinner. But I loved it all the same.

"Ya think I'mma be popping boners every time I kiss you!?" Lenny laughed when we ended the kiss. We both laughed.

"Me too!" I exclaimed as I adjusted the front of my jeans.

Dinner that night was nothing special. Nate and Mags came over like my mom said they would. Lenny and I were extremely careful. We played 'footsie' under the table nonchalantly. We did our best not to giggle, but we did get a couple in there. My mom gave me 'the eye' to warn me. So to stop the game between Lenny and me, I held my foot against his. I got a bright idea.

"So, Ty," Mags got my attention, "how is school going for ya?" she asked as my foot slid slowly up Lenny's calf. Lenny glanced at me in surprise.

"School is going really well. Mr. Barber, the new math teacher, is kind of an ass," I replied as my foot got to Lenny's knee. Lenny coughed up the chicken he had been swallowing. My mom looked at me sternly through the corner of her eye.

"Are you alright, son?" Nate asked of Lenny. Lenny was still coughing, all he could do was nod his head affirmative.

"Well," my mom called to the table, "I think that's enough chicken. I'll get the cake. Ty, will you grab the saucers and forks please?"

I hated to leave Lenny in the middle of our game, but I complied with my mother.

"You cunning little boy," my mom scolded jokingly as we walked into the kitchen.

"I don't know what you mean," I lied.

"Nuh-uh! You get your ability to act innocent from me!"

"Why don't you boys go to Ty's room?" Mags suggested.

Dinner had been over for a while and we were all sitting in the living room.

My dad gave me a look that said 'I dare you to', with a devious smile plastered on his face.

"Actually, why don't we go to my house to play video games?" Lenny suggested.

I gave Curtis a look that said 'I dare you to' with a devious smile.

"I've got homework to finish!" Curtis called as he made his way upstairs to his room. I knew it was lie, and I was thankful to him.

My mom was about to protest. But I gave her a look that said 'Careful now', pointing my head at Nate and Mags. She relented.

Lenny and I didn't actually play any of his video games. We just turned on his Nintendo GameCube system but left it on the welcome screen for in case his parents come home. Instead, we made out with abandon. We sprawled our teen bodies on his bed, mine on top of Lenny's, our faces (more specifically, our lips) connected with passion and lust and, for me, love. As Lenny and I kissed laying down on his bed, he ran his hands all over my clothed body. I ran my hands all over his clothed hips and legs. I was so aroused, so hard, my dick ached. It was a good ache. It was a great ache.

Suddenly, we heard the front door shut downstairs. I looked at my watch. It was now 8:28pm. One hour had magically gone by. Lenny was now lying on top of me.

"Wow," Lenny said breathlessly, still on top of me.

"I know. And it's already been an hour!" I said in excitement, equally as breathless.

Just then there was a knock at Lenny's bedroom door. Lenny flew off of me.

"Hey, you guys," Mags greeted as she opened the door. "You're both sweating and breathless."

"Umm… yeah, wrestling," Lenny explained untruthfully.

"Why is your game system on?" Mags asked.

"We were about to play when I started hassling Lenny," I lied. "That ignited a match between us."

"Oh. Well is your homework done?" Nate asked, standing beside his wife.

"Got it done right after school," Lenny explained.

"Were you planning on sleeping here tonight, Ty?" Mags asked.

"My parents wouldn't allow me," I blurted unthinkingly.

"Why is that?" she asked, surprised.

"Umm..." I was fucked. "I punched my brother the other day and I'm not done being punished," I lied.

They bought it. They left Lenny's room. Lenny resumed his position on top of me. His lips right on mine to boot.

I was the one who broke our second very long kiss of the night. I looked at my watch. Another fifty minutes had mysteriously disappeared.

"I better go, it's getting late," I said reluctantly, absolutely not wanting to depart from my Lenny.

"Mmmm! No!" Lenny complained as he pulled me back down to his bed.

We made out furiously for another twenty minutes before I pried myself off the bed once again. Again, with great reluctance. I stood near the bed, eying Lenny with great admiration. Lenny stood beside me.

"You have great hair," he complimented while running his hand through a lot of it.

My hair was growing long. It had now reached below my chin. After I shower, I scrub it with a towel to get the excess water out. After that, I don't brush it. I just pat it down and let it dry that way. So when my hair dries, it looks messy. Not too messy, i don't wanna look like a slob. If one were to try combing or brushing my hair, the teeth of such a grooming tool would break.

"It looked so good this morning when it was wet," he said with a sexy smile.

That compliment made me blush. My face was looking up at his face, but I was unable to look him in the eyes.

"You are so sexy when you're shy!"

"Lenny, stop! It's torturing me!"

"Well I wish you'd spend the night!"

"Believe me, I want to. But my parents would ground me. And if they ground me, you won't be able to come see me. And if you can't come see me, then I can't kiss you. And if I can't kiss you..."

"I get it," Lenny interjected, "neither of us would survive."

With one last passionate kiss, I bid Lenny good night and left.

"How's your boyfriend?" my mom asked when I walked into the house through the kitchen. She was sitting at the island with my dad drinking tea.

I giggled at her reference to Lenny. Of course, I now think of Lenny as my boyfriend, and I'm still exhilarated about it all.

"My boyfriend is great!"

"I actually wanted to talk to you…" my mom said warily.

To Be Continued...


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