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'With Arms Outstretched' - Chapter 14

"I'm a little jealous he's being eyeballed by you," I whispered good-heartedly.

"You ain't got nothin' to worry about," Lenny assured me.

I wasn't worried.

I noticed Jamie had been watching Lenny and I. She looked slightly amused. She then turned and answered whatever question Carla asked her. Sam was conversing with John, Kevin, Gary. Stephen, Noah, and Francis. After a while, all conversation came a silence. Most of us were now sitting in the shade of the tree while Sam, Jamie and Sophie stood.

"Je pense que ces deux sont des couples," Jamie informed her brother as she indicated at me and Lenny through the corner of her eye. (I think those two are a couple.)

That got my attention. My stomach tightened involuntarily. However, I was thankful Lenny's friend Quentin was not with us this morning. He understands French as well.

"Vraiment?" Sam asked his sister in amusement. (Really?)

Their discussion caught everybody's attention quickly. Nobody there understood French except me.

"Je peux vous comprendre," I informed then irritatedly. (I can understand you.)

Sam's and Jamie's heads turned to me in surprise.

"Parlez-vous francais?" Sam asked me astonished. (Do you speak French?)

"No," I frowned. "Je peux seulement parler anglais," I said sarcastically. (I can only speak English.)

"But--" Sam began, but was interrupted by his sister's burst of laughter.

"Ma famille est française," I informed them, dropping the sarcasm. (My family is French.)

Just then the bell rang. Everybody moved to get to their first class of the day.

"What was that about?" Lenny whispered as we made our way into the building.

"They know," I solemnly said.

Lenny's face clearly displayed worry and fear and anxiety. Then he gave me a look that could only mean he was asking if they knew. I slowly nodded my head gravely. The fear in Lenny's eyes became prominent.

"Meet me in the bathroom in thirty minutes," Lenny anxiously requested.

Before I could try to comfort Lenny, he turned a corner toward his first period class. I knew Sam and Jamie were understanding about us and our relationship. Don't ask me how I know, I just do.

Turns out I had Jamie in my first period, math. She sat in a desk three desks from my left and one ahead. Once, I looked over at her. She was looking at me, trying to cover her grin with a hand. Being a giddy girl, she wrote on a paper and folded it. She whispered to Carver Rose to pass it on to me via our neighbors. Carver passed it to Irena Wilson. Irena passed it to the guy in front of me, Adrien Smith. He read the top for the name. As he turned to give the note to me, he made to open it. Knowing that Jamie knew about Lenny and me, I snatched the note.

The top of the note read Tyler

"I think she likes you, dude," Adrien informed me, smiling ridiculously. "The new girl's pretty, too."

I ignored Adrien and he went back to listening to Mr. Barber drone on about whatever was going on in math. I opened the note.

never got your name. the boy is yours? don't worry that we know. is what Jamie's note read.

name is Ty. i know you know. Lenny is worried. eat lunch at our table and talk later. is what I wrote back to Jamie. I passed the note back to Adrien to give back to Jamie. When Adrien grabbed the note, he grinned at me. I was sure that these students involved in helping with the passing of the note or saw it happening would be telling all their friends, who were gonna be telling their friends and so on and so forth. When Jamie read the note, she tore up the paper and looked to me. She nodded her understanding.

"Dude," Adrien whispered excitedly after he saw my little exchange with Jamie. "She totally likes you!"

Again, I ignored Adrien.

"Mr. Barber, may I please be excused to the washroom, please?" I asked kindly and a little urgently for effect when I noticed it was time to meet Lenny.

Mr. Barber gave his permission and the hall pass. I hastily walked to the washroom. Lenny was inside pacing when I got in, biting his thumb nail.

"They fucking know!" Lenny whispered as soon as he saw me.

"Relax, I have math with the girl," I tried to comfort him.

"When do you have math?" he asked worriedly.

"Right now. I told her to eat lunch with us and talk when we're done eating. Relax, she's cool."

"How do you know she's cool?" Lenny asked testily.

I sighed and said, "I don't know if she's a cool person, but she's cool about us."

Lenny didn't look any better than when I first got in. In fact, his eyes were reddening, threatening to develop tears.

"Relax, Lenny," I further tried to sooth my boyfriend. "There's a small chance they will harass us. But if they do, I'll just start dating Sophie for you."

Lenny looked relieved and amused. He was trying not to let the smile crack on his face.

"We'll talk with them at lunch?" Lenny asked seriously.

"It's already all set."

Lenny and I stared at each other a foot from each other. I was studying his whitening face, his tan was fading as autumn approached. But he still looked marvellous. Lenny's eyes were flitting from my eyes, to my mouth, to my messy, wavy hair.

Before I could move in for a quick kiss, the door to the boys' washroom opened and a nerdy boy walked in. Daniel Gregon. He stiffened when he noticed others in there, but relaxed when he noticed I was one.

I had English with Lenny less than half an hour later. It was still too early for that gossip about me and Jamie to me be liking each other to be going all around the school yet. So I thought I'd wait until Lenny heard it from someone else so he could get some amusement from that.

I had social studies after English. A few of my classmates would smile at me. They had heard the gossip from someone. A few girls giggled really... girly, with a glance at me.

"The new girl likes him!" a girl behind me whispered to her neighbor all giddy.

I didn't understand all the hype about a crush. I mean, it's a rumour, but they didn't know that. People like each other all the time. I know a few of my classmates who have a crush on some other student. I don't go whispering to John, "Carla Demera likes my brother!" like it's some big news.

On my way to science after social studies class, Devin Welk, popular boy, patted my back once as he passes me in the hall. He didn't even stop to say anything, for which I was grateful.

"I hear you and Jamie Perry just started going out," Lenny amusedly whispered in my ear as we passed to take his seat behind me in science class.

"I have a date with her tomorrow," I jokingly whispered back.

Lenny couldn't contain his laugh after I'd said that.

"Is there something funny, Mr. Joss?" Mrs. Jones asked of Lenny irritatedly.

"No, sorry, Mrs. Jones," Lenny apologized.

"My boy's got a date tomorrow!" Lenny jokingly exclaimed as we went along the lunch line.

The girl behind us snickered.

"Lenny, shut up," I chastised smiling.

After hearing about those rumours all morning, I just wanted everybody to keep quiet about it.

When we to our usual table, everybody was there. Even the twins Jamie and Sam. That meant the table was bit crowded. Sam snickered as Lenny and I took our seats. I didn't know if it was because he knows about our relationship or because he's some bigoted moron. I hoped dearly it was former. Sophie had glared at Jamie. Clearly, Sophie heard the infamous rumour about Jamie and me. Jamie looked defiantly at Sophie.

"Two girls fightin' over ya," Gary, who sat to my left, whispered to me with a proud smile, as he patted my back a little too hard.

Noah, Stephen, Francis, John and Kevin had smiles on their faces. Stephen being Stephen, he wiggled his eyebrows at me.

"Nous devrions parler," I suggested when I noticed Sam's, Jamie's and Lenny's lunch trays empty. (We should talk.)

Sam and Jamie nodded simultaneously and got up grabbing their lunch trays. I gently elbowed Lenny and motioned for him to follow us. We both grabbed our lunch trays and walked out the cafeteria after returning our trays to the used tray pile.

"What's going on?" Shannon asked as we walked away.

I heard a collective murmur of 'I don't know's' from the rest of the table.

The four of us walked out of the school and sat under the tree in front of the main entrance.

"So we know that you're going out with each other," Sam stated flatly, but not coldly, which comforted me.

"And neither do we care," Jamie quickly interjected.

Sam nodded his head at his sister's sentiment. Lenny's worried and fearful countenance softened almost completely.

"Why don't you guys... you know... torture us with it?" Lenny asked awkwardly.

Jamie looked over at her twin brother for some sort of assurance. Sam nodded his nod in approval.

"Our brother is bi," Jamie informed us.

"Yeah, he's mostly straight but we've seen a couple of his... guy friends," Sam finished his sister's thought.

"So does anybody else know?" Jamie asked curiously, full of interest.

"Just his family," Lenny answered before I did.

"Then your secret is safe with us," Sam stated confidently.

Just then the front doors of the school opened with a thud. Noah and Clair came out looking worried.

"What's going on?" Noah asked urgently. "You alright?" he asked of me.

"It was just... a misunderstanding," I answered, a lie.

"But you good?" Noah asked for reassurance.

"I'm good, we're good."

"Good, I so didn't wanna kick the new boy's ass," Noah said. I didn't know if he was serious or not.

"Je doute de que vous pourriez," Sam sternly whispered to no one. (I doubt that you could.)

Jamie hit her brother's abdomen in warning. My guess is that Sam has had impulsive problems.

"So what is all this about?" Clair piped up.

"Nothing that concerns you," Jamie stated, not rudely mind you.

"What is it?" Noah persisted.

"Leave it alone, Noah," Lenny said calmly, yet with conviction.

"But is everything okay?" Noah asked, annoying me a little.

"Your friends said they're good!" Jamie declared exasperatedly.

"Noah, Clair," I said cautiously, "there is a delicate issue I need to discuss privately with Sam and Jamie and Lenny."

"So there is a problem!" Noah declared anxiously.

"Noah!" Lenny shouted. "Just... please..." Lenny indicated back inside the school.

Noah looked to me for confirmation. I nodded that he better leave.

"If he weren't straight, I'd think he was your boyfriend," Jamie remarked when Noah and Clair were back inside the school.

"How long have you guys...?" Jamie trailed questioningly.

"Just a couple days, actually," Lenny answered cheerily.

"A couple days!?" Sam asked astonished.

"You guys are so... close!" Jamie objected.

"Our moms were friends all their lives, so we got stuck to each other when babies," I'm not sure if that's entirely accurate, but I said it anyways.

"And your parents know, right?" Sam asked.

"Yep," I answered nonchalantly.

"Does anybody else know?" Jamie asked, fully interested for some reason.

"Just his brother and one of his aunts and one of his uncles," Lenny answered for me again.

"We got the house to ourselves after school!" I cooed giddily.

"You're grounded remember?" Lenny reminded me.

"But nobody will know!" I protested.

"My mom knows your grounded, your mom probably told mine. So my mom won't allow me to visit while you're grounded!"

That's right. If I'm grounded, my mom tells Mags so that she doesn't allow Lenny to hang or call. Mags does the same with Lenny to my parents.

The walk home after school was quiet between me and Lenny. It wasn't an uncomfortable silence, for your information. We walked looking anywhere but at the other. Anytime we did, I smiled shyly and looked away. Then my cell phone rang. The caller ID showed it was Francis.

"Hey," I answered.

"Hi, wanna come over after dinner or something?" Francis asked.

"Can't, I'm grounded."

"What'd ya do?" he asked curiously.

"I got an A on a math assignment when I was supposed to get an A+," I joked.

"What!?" Francis asked astounded, not realizing I was joking. "Your parents are freaks!"

"It was a joke. I was joking."

"Oh," Francis responded timidly. "So you wanna come over?"

"Oh I'm grounded, but for not doing my chores and homework."

"Bummer, kay, see ya." and Francis hung up.

"Gotta love Francis!" I called giggling, as I put my phone back in my pants pocket.

No sooner than I had my phone safely in my pocket, it rang again. It was Gary.

"This is Ty's voicemail and you know what to do," I answered my phone.

"Ty, it's Gary. We're all going to Francis' tonight, you should come."

"Can't I'm grounded," I interjected into Gary's 'voicemail message'.

"Ahh, dude, you bitch," Gary laughed at my prank. "Too bad, bye." and Gary hung up.

Then another call! My mom.

"Hey, mom."

"Hey, baby. Listen, I got a pork roast in the oven at 180ᴼ. When you get in, turn it up to 400ᴼ, please."

"Kay, no problem."

"See you later," and she hung up.

I held the phone in my hand, looking at it intently, expecting it to ring again. Alas, it did not.

"Is your phone okay?" Lenny asked after I had been staring at my phone for a few seconds.

I didn't answer Lenny's question. I just looked at him and smiled because I can't get enough of his looks. My smiling at him made him blush and smile back.

"I so wanna kiss you right now," I said quietly, shyly.

Lenny chuckled sheepishly.

"Hey boys!" his mother called from their front door. We waved our greeting. "Ty's grounded, so you better come home!"

Lenny nodded remorsefully. I guess he had been hoping to dear God his mother didn't know.

"Sneak into my room tonight," I whispered before parting ways.

When I got inside my own home, there was a note for me to mow the lawn. I groaned. Under that, it said to sweep the porches. I decided to tackle the hardest first; the lawn.

"There are a couple new kids at school I befriended," I excitedly said.

We had been eating dinner. As my mom had said, it was a pork roast with green beans, mashed potatoes, and gravy.

"Get this mom, they're French!" I said with more enthusiasm. "Well, they speak French."

"Really?" my mom asked with a lot of interest.

We don't meet too many people who speak French.

"What are they like?" she asked.

"They are really cool. They know I'm gay."

My mom nearly choked on her pork at my confession.

"They're cool with it because their brother is bi," I explained further.

My brother coughed the milk he had been drinking.

"Do these kids know of Lenny?" my dad asked with some worry.

"Oh yes! That's how they knew; they saw both of us whispering and giggling.

"You guys do that all the time!" Curtis objected.

"But they didn't know that!" was all I said in explanation.

"What are their names anyway?" my mom asked, finally gained her composure back.

"They're twins, a girl and a boy; Samuel and Jamie."

After dinner, I went up to my bedroom to do my homework. A minute after I started it all, my brother came into my room.

"Hey, mind if I play on the PS2?" Curtis asked hopeful.

I thought about it. It was only seven o'clock in the evening. I told Lenny 'tonight'. Maybe he won't be a couple of hours yet.

"Go for it," I answered my brother.

Just as my brother was about to turn the game system on, my mom came to my room.

"You done your homework, Curt?" she asked.

"Yep!" Curtis replied as he grabbed a controller.

"Show me," my mom challenged.

"Fine!" Curtis relented. "But I only got one sheet in math left to do!"

"No video games until it's all done!" my mom scolded.

"I'll be back in ten minutes!" Curtis promised frustratedly as he exited my bedroom.

"So," my mom piped up after a minute of silence.

I stared at her expectantly.

"Feel free to kick your brother out if he's a bother. You got homework to do!"

"He's not a bother. I can keep my attention to one thing and not be distracted! Besides, I missed just being around him."

With that, my mom retreated from my room. And as promised, Curtis returned to the video games after a little over ten minutes. His gaming did absolutely nothing to distract me. I'd hear him curse under his breath every once in a while. After an hour of gaming, Curtis shut the system off and bid me good night. He said he was going over to Pete's for a bit.

Pete Blanchard lives threes doors to the left from us. Curtis has been friends with Pete since kindergarten.

Twenty-odd minutes after my brother left, I had all my homework done! I contemplated playing video games or getting a couple sketches done while I wait for the covert arrival of my boyfriend.

I was in the middle of making designs on the paper that I was going to use as my bedroom door sign when Lenny tapped one of my bedroom windows. He was later than I had expected. It was after ten at night. I closed my sketch book and placed in it my desk drawer. I stroked a few strands of hair from my face. I walked over to the window and let Lenny in.

"Sorry I'm late," Lenny apologized. "I was scared."

"Just kiss me," I pleaded in desperation.

Lenny complied. He pressed his lips to mine with force. I felt his hands take hold of my waist and neck. I felt complete. To reciprocate, I held tightly yet gently onto Lenny's waist and arm. After a while of kissing passionately and running hands all over the other's body, I gently pulled Lenny over to the bed while maintaining the lip-lock. I laid down on the bed, pulling Lenny down with me, atop of me, all the while our lips stayed connected. I could feel and hear Lenny moaning into my mouth as he lay on top of me, running his hands gently on my body. I could feel his erect cock pressing hardly and pleasurably against my own.

There was one problem I could think of in this erotic situation; we were clothed.

I remembered the way the skin of Lenny's sides felt when I caressed his body under his shirt. That thought alone sent gratifying chills throughout my body. To satisfy my desires, I snaked my hands into Lenny's shirt once again. Lenny's touch on my clothed body gained more pressure as I stroked his skin. He also whimpered in pleasure. Quite to my surprise, I pulled Lenny's shirt up his body in my euphoric state. Lenny broke the kiss in surprise.

"Are you sure?" he asked cautiously and breathlessly.

To answer his question, I pulled his shirt over his head, removing it completely. He looked so beautiful, all shirtless. His teen body was slim and slowly developing muscle as we grew. His red-brown nipples were erect. Lenny pulled my body up so that I was half lying down and half sitting. He placed his hands on the bottom hem of my shirt and gently peeled it off my body. The collar of the shirt leaving my head caused my long hair to fall all over my head. I used my right hand to bring to my face and combed my hair hair back. When I regained my sight, Lenny was bringing his face back to mine. Before our lips could touch, Lenny stopped and looked into my eyes.

"You are so beautiful," he cooed in a whisper.

"No," I protested lightly, "you're beautiful."

"Fine, we're both beautiful. Now kiss me."

Lenny didn't have to ask me twice. Nor did he wait. He laid another kiss on my lips. I wasn't protesting none, I went along with it with pleasure. Lenny was the first to return to massaging the other's now naked torso. That touch was ELECTRIFYING! One of Lenny's fingers brushed against my left nipple, causing me to twitch in a great pleasure. I remembered that I was no longer holding Lenny in my hands. Sure, he was lying on top of me. But I wanted to hold him. So I did. I placed a hand on the small of his back and the other on his waist. After holding for a few seconds, I began caressing his body, all over. Up and down his back, while my other hand explored his sides, his arms, his chest, his stomach. That was an incredible sensation! My hands exploring everybody part of Lenny's naked, exposed upper body... it was the most pleasurable ache my dick ever felt.

"Do you trust me?" Lenny asked as he moved his face away from mine by just an inch. He was really breathless, gasping for air.

"Of course," I replied, equally as breathless. I was already missing Lenny's lips. I tried to bring my face up to his. But her stopped me.

"Do you wanna try something?" Lenny asked softly, carefully.

I looked into his eyes, trying to search for whatever it was that he was trying to get at. Being a horny teenager, I thought of it! Without giving him an answer, I reached down and grasped his throbbing cock gently. When I gave it a little squeeze, the pleasure Lenny experienced nearly cause him to lose his balance on his arms. I brought my lips back to Lenny's and stuck my tongue in his mouth. We made out French-style furiously.

"Let's take our pants off!" I excitedly suggested. What's funny, is that it just came out of me. I didn't even think about that.

Lenny looked into my eyes for reason. He stood suddenly, it scared me. Well, the action itself scared me. But I feared that I may have rushed something. Lenny reached out for my hand. I took it. He pulled me to stand with him, in front of him. We stood before one another, shirtless, and breathless. The feelings that surged through me. GOD!!!

I could have died a happy boy!


I could have died an ECSTATIC BOY!

Lenny and I continued to look deep into the pools that were our eyes, fighting for breath while doing so. Lenny reached up and used a finger to brush a strand of hair out of my face, behind my ear.

"Unbutton your jeans," Lenny suddenly gently commanded.

I did as was told, Lenny unbuttoned his jeans jeans as I did my own.

"Unzip," we did. "Slide them down," we did, then kicked them off our ankles. We now stood before each other nearly nude. We were only clothed by our boxer-briefs and socks.

"You are beautiful," I said. Again, it just came out of me. Of course, it was true. Lenny's legs were slowly gaining hair. Well, his calves and shins were growing hair slowly. It was almost unseeable. His boxer-briefs hugged his hips snugly. His stomach was tight and hairless. His chest was slowly gaining more muscle mass as we grew. His nipples were still erect. His lips were swollen and redder than usual.

I then noticed Lenny was scrutinizing every part of my body, much the way I had been his. His eyes portrayed pleasure and a hunger of sorts. That made my heart flutter.

"One," Lenny started to count, it was obvious what the purpose of the countdown was. "Two," I hooked my underwear with my thumbs, Lenny did the same. "Three." We both slid our underwear down and kicked them off in one swift motion.


Lenny looked even more amazing! His erect penis stuck out from his pelvis. It looked to be about the same length as me; about four-and-a-half inches. But Lenny's looked to be thicker. Definitely thicker than my own. His balls hung freely, not very low but they hung down, in a hairless sac just like mine. The pubes above his cock were becoming more prominent as he went through puberty.

Then Lenny closed the distance between us and pressed his lips to mine again and hard. But it was the best pain my lips felt. I felt myself pressing the length of my body to Lenny's. Our exposed bodies clung to the others harmoniously. My hard and throbbing dick ground against Lenny's scrotum and dick shaft from our height difference. Lenny's dick ground against the tip of my own dick and belly. Lenny gently pulled me back to the bed and laid us down on our sides facing each other, all the while, maintaining the suck-face action. Without warning for either of us, my free hand grasped Lenny's erect member. In surprise, Lenny had to suddenly take in some air and moaned. Even his hold on me became more firm. For fun revenge, Lenny took a hold on my erection while giggling in my mouth.

And what a sensation! No wonder Lenny tensed. It was extraordinary to be fondled by someone other than yourself! Better yet, by the one you love!

So there we lay on my bed, in my room, making out with great passion (or whatever passion two thirteen-year-olds could muster), gently and lovingly stroking the other's dicks. My heart was filled to the brim with pleasure and ecstasy and contentment. I'm surprised I wasn't crying happy tears.

Lenny and I had been making out and jerking each other off for a long time when his breathing became irregular, well more irregular, and I felt his cock twitch slightly and a second after that, I felt a hot wetness hit my stomach and more running down my thumb and fingers. He had ejaculated. We maintained the kissing, but Lenny's breathing was heavy and he was moaning into my mouth. Lenny came and some of it shot onto my body. All the while, Lenny remained to be stroking my cock. I felt the familiar stirrings in my goodies. I was about to cum! Just the same as Lenny, my breathing was heavy and the moaning was involuntary. My mind was also having trouble containing the amount of ecstasy and euphoria being registered throughout my body.

Then an overwhelming sensation passed through my dick, more specifically, the head, as cum shot out of the slit. It had been the most I had ejaculated at that time, and it had felt like nothing I had ever felt. Some shots landed on my arm and belly. I could only guess I had shot onto Lenny, like he me.

After a few minutes post ejaculation, Lenny and I were still laying there making out and still holding onto the other's softening erections. No, not stroking, just holding. Our breathing was still laboured as well.

"Our stuff is really cold," Lenny whispered, trying to contain his laughing hysterics, as he pulled out of our kiss.

I was giggling as I reached and grabbed the tissue out of the bedside drawer. We wiped our semen off each other's bodies, seizing the chance to feel the other's body a bit more. It seemed like a lot of ejaculate! I'm sure my body had both mine and Lenny's. When we were done, we laid on our sides, facing each other and gazing into the other's eyes. There was a grin on Lenny's face, it was big and bright. The muscles on my face told me I was grinning just as much. Then Lenny's feet started playing with mine.

"I wish to every god that I could spend the night with you," Lenny dreamily whispered.

"You could," I whispered back, my grin expanding more if it were possible.

"But what are the chances of either of us actually waking up before somebody catches us?" Lenny asked, his grin shrinking slightly. "We'd get into so much more trouble."

We continued to lay there on my bed, transfixed on each other's eyes, still grasping on the other's now nearly flaccid dick.

"But that was amazing!" I excitedly whispered, my grin growing again.

"Yeah," Lenny giggled his agreement. "Let's make out a few more minutes before I go." Lenny suggested as he brought his face back to mine.

So that we did, we made out. Again, we used tongue. Lenny brought a hand to my head and combed his fingers into my hair and held them in place. The smacking sound of our lips sounded like heaven! I'd never grow tired of hearing that!

"I should get going," Lenny reluctantly started as he reluctantly broke the kiss.

"Will you join me for breakfast in the morning?" I asked hopeful.

"No," Lenny sighed. "My parents will get suspicious, I'm sorry."

"It's okay," and I meant it. "My mom told me how--" I stopped, not wanting to scare Lenny.

"What?" Lenny apprehensively asked when I didn't continue my sentence.

"Nothing," I tried to dismiss it.

"No, not nothing. Tell me."

I sighed. Lenny was not gonna let it go.

"My mom told me how your mom is not friendly to my mom's gay friends," I answered, almost a whisper.

"My mom was mean to them?" Lenny asked a little loudly.

"No. I didn't say that. I just said she was not friendly."

"Well, I'm still gonna tell my parents. If they hate me, I can beg your parents to adopt me!"

"They'll adopt you for sure. Then they will send you off to one of my mom's cousins in France!" I joked.

"What!?" Lenny asked alarmed, thankfully he didn't shout.

"Relax, I was kidding!" Lenny looked relieved.

"I'll see you at school in the morning!" Lenny said in a chipper mood.

"Shit. I forgot my mom is taking me for an eye check-up tomorrow morning! I'll only be to school around ten-thirty or eleven!"

"Aww, I'm gonna have to walk to school without my boyfriend!" Lenny complained.

"Maybe you could walk with my brother," I suggested.

Curtis had been good. He'd been back to playing and kidding around with me. So I was optimistic he'd be good with Lenny!

Lenny chanced a look at my alarm clock. It read 10:35pm. Lenny got off the bed and it already felt empty! He started getting dressed. I just watched him with a happy smile. Lenny and I made out for a couple minutes before he climbed back out my bedroom window. I fell asleep quickly, completely nude and my dick was hardening thinking about Lenny and what we had just done. But I didn't wanna jack off.

To Be Continued...

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