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With Arms Outstretched - Chapter 15

I woke the next morning at ten minutes past seven. A smile immediately plastered itself on my face, causing me to remember the naughty activities Lenny and I had committed not eight hours prior! That memory caused little Ty to stir and awaken! But I resisted the urge to spank my monkey. I wanted to save it for the next time Lenny sneaks into my room. I got out of bed and wrapped a towel around my waist as I made my way out of the bedroom and into the bathroom for a shower.

My mom was in the kitchen all dressed and ready for work. She was frying bacon and scrambling eggs. Curtis was sitting at the island reading his school book on learning Spanish. My dad was at the island reading the paper.

"Morning, baby," my mom greeted when she noticed me. "Your hair is gettin' long."

Curtis and my dad turned their attention to me. My dad smiled and nodded his acknowledgement. Curtis, however, lit up and flitted from the kitchen and upstairs. Shortly after, he returned with a red baseball cap. Without asking, he placed the cap on my hair backwards.

"You look much better!" Curtis complimented.

I made to remove the cap but my parents stopped me.

"No!" my mom cried. "The cap makes you look rugged and care-free!"

"It does," my dad chimed in.

I grabbed my mom's purse and dug through it. I grabbed her powder make-up for the mirror. The cap went well with my hair length and style. So I kept the baseball cap on.

At seven-forty-five, my dad left for work and Curtis left for school. My mom washed our breakfast dishes and I continued my bedroom door sign.

"Will you help me prepare dinner?" my mom pleaded.


"Great! Do you wanna dice the beef or chop the veggies?"

I chose the veggies. She diced the beef.

At eight-thirty, we drove to the eye clinic. My appointment was for nine-thirty. The optometrist was Dr. Nelson. He's old, all grey hair and increasingly wrinkly. But he's a really nice and patient man. Up until last year, he always offered a lollipop after the optical tests. Dr. Nelson wrote my optical prescription on the form and handed it to me to give to his assistant, Elizabeth, to look at which new frames I'd like. My mom and I spent fifteen minutes looking at all the different varieties of frames for new eyeglasses. We'd choose frames that we knew would look ridiculous on me and try them for a laugh. But we'd chosen black semi-rimless frames that looked great with my hair and bone structure. Elizabeth completed the forms for my new eyeglasses with my new prescription. Before Elizabeth left, my mom quickly suggested I choose another frame for extra glasses. I've never broken a pair of eyeglasses before, but I do like to be prepared. I immediately thought of Elvis Costello. I'd seen him on TV and those thick-framed glasses looked good. So I looked for similar frames and found them! Elizabeth informed us that the glasses should be ready within a week and she'd call when they were.

I didn't get back to school until lunch hour, as my mom suggested we go to the mall for a bit. She didn't say anything, but I knew she'd been wanting to go shopping with her gay son. Don't get me wrong, I'm not effeminate. But I had science class if I went to school then, and I'm not exactly a fan of science. My current grade in science is an A, so I do do good in science, I just don't like it. So I agreed to the shopping. My mom and I spent a majority of the shopping time in the Gap store, and American Eagle. My mom begged me to go to Reitmans with her. I thought that was too gay, so I declined. She went alone. She offered to pay for my stuff since she suggested the trip. But I declined again. Since I very rarely spend my allowance, it accumulates. I keep $200.00 in my wallet and I have $300.00 hidden in my room. Yeah, I never really had a need nor a desire to spend my money on anything. I've spent a little here and there, but nothing major. I've been saving for years.

So my mom drove me to school. She went to the office with me, so she could explain why I was late. Principal Roberts had no problems and dismissed me to lunch, as the bell was about to ring. Lenny's face lit up when he saw me sitting at our usual lunch table. He looked surprised by my appearance, me wearing a baseball cap backwards and my hair falling out of it. His smile told me he thought it looked good. He was walking to the lunch table with Howie (Howard), Gary and Francis. I could see Kevin, John, Stephen, Noah, Sam, Jamie, Sophie, Carla, Shannon, and Clair still somewhere in the lunch line.

"Ty," Howie greeted, "I like the cap!"

"Yeah!" Gary agreed.

Sam and Jamie sat down, John and Kevin right behind them.

"Where'd you get it?" Francis asked.

"My brother put it on me and said to keep it on," I explained.

"Suits you," Lenny said quietly, shyly.

"Why weren't you in school this morning?" Jamie asked.

"Eye clinic," was all I said in explanation.

"Any changes?" Lenny asked, referring to my vision.

"Yeah, my left eye is weaker by fifty. Right is weaker by twenty-five."

By now, every one of our other friends sat down. We were pretty much shoulder to shoulder, but it was not uncomfortable.

"Why aren't you eating, Ty?" Shannon asked, seeing no lunch tray in front of me.

"My mom took me to the mall. We ate at the food court."

"You got to miss school for the mall?" Carla asked, surprise and envy evident in her voice.

Lenny crossed his left ankle with my right. It felt comfortable and content. That little gesture made me blush, and I fought to suppress the smile.

"Anyone wanna come to my house after school?" Howie called from his seat. "My brother gave me his GameCube and we could play games."

Gary, John, Kevin, and Francis agreed. Stephen, Noah and Sam declined. Naturally, the girls also declined.

"Tyler? Lenny?" Howie asked, since neither of us answered.

"I can't," I replied. "Strict parents, chores." I lied, I'd been grounded, remember?

Lenny looked to be contemplating his answer too hard. He couldn't make up his mind.

"I've got chores as well," Lenny finally answered, a lie as well.

"Why didn't you wanna go with everybody to Howie's?" I asked Lenny as we walked home after school. After school, I had to go to my morning classes to get the work and homework they had my classmates do.

"I dunno," Lenny shy responded. "But that cap makes you look really sexy."

"Ya think so?" I shyly asked.

"Yeah, c'mere," Lenny said and grabbed me into a kiss.

I couldn't believe it. Lenny kissed me out in the open. It wasn't a long kiss, neither was it a short peck.

"Pretty soon, I'm gonna need your help to come out to my parents, okay?" Lenny asked when he stepped out of the kiss.

"Lenny, I hope you know that I'm not making you come out to anybody," I hesitantly confessed.

"Yeah, I'm scared of what my parents will do," Lenny quickly said. "But, I really want you and I know that you will dump me if I stay closeted."

"I'm sorry," I said on the verge of tears. I had gone from ecstatic one second, to sad the next.

"Don't be. I wanna be with you so bad that I'll do anything," Lenny said, grabbing my hand. "Including risking my parents disowning me."

Lenny and I continued to walk, holding hands. Nobody was around to notice us and our affectionate gesture.

"Last night was amazing," I stated with a grin.

"Yeah, that was so hot."

"We haven't done anything in your room yet," I slyly stated. "I'll sneak into your room tonight!"

Lenny agreed right away. Five minutes later, we went to our respective homes.

My mom sent me a text saying that Martin and Vince would be joining us for dinner that night. She also asked that I throw the beef pot pies from the fridge to the oven at 375ºF and they'd be done by the time everyone was here for dinner. After placing the pot pies in the oven, I did my chores and homework.

"You're gay?" Martin asked astounded.

My parents had invited Martin and Vince over for dinner that night. I didn't discuss it with my parents, but I decided I'd tell them about my sexuality. I let it slip that Lenny was my new boyfriend. I was fearful inside, as I had outed Lenny to someone.

"So is the boy Lenny?" Vince asked, also astounded.

I merely nodded shyly. Martin and Vince were unable to believe that I was gay and had a boyfriend.

"I never woulda guessed," Martin said more to himself.

"Sure caught me by surprise!" my dad said with a laugh.

"Are you guys okay with it?" Vince asked of my parents.

"Yeah!" my dad answered looking at my mom and nodding his head. "You know we've always been okay with homosexuality."

"But are you guys okay with your son?" Martin asked with emphasis.

I had thought that my parents would've answered without hesitation. But… they didn't.

They didn't.

Instead, they looked to each other and shared a brief, ominous nod of the head.

"Of course!" my mom said with laughter. "We love him!"

What the fuck? I thought as I sat there. Did they suddenly have a change of heart about my being gay? Or were they ever actually okay with it? Either way, they hate me. My fucking parents hate me. They can have gay friends but they can't accept a gay son?

My heart was breaking yet again. It was a bone-crushing, earth-shattering metaphorical pain in my heart. The oh-so-familiar stinging sensation behind my eyes came as I was about to cry.

"I'm gonna--" I cleared my throat, trying my damned hardest not to allow the tears to escape the pools of my eyes. Unable to finish my sentence, I abruptly got out of my chair, causing it to fall to the floor.

"Ty, just--" my dad began, but I cut him off.

"No! It's fine!" I shouted as I stopped at the diner room entryway, the tears now falling on their own accord.. "I get it! But don't worry, I'm gone!" I shouted more as I went over and picked up my hoodie off the floor.

I was out in the front yard when my dad called my name. My dad's outburst caused Mr. Loman, who was taking out the trash, to pay close attention to us. He obviously saw that I was crying and leaving the house with my dad behind me upset. "Venez dans la maison et nous parlera," my dad said as he calmed down some so as not to cause any more alarm in Mr. Loman. (Come in the house and we will talk.)

"Fuck you!" I shouted in tears as I removed the baseball cap off my head and put it back on the proper way and started down the sidewalk.

Thankfully nobody followed me.

"Hello?" my uncle Peter greeted into his apartment buzzer.

As I walked earlier, I contemplated where to spend the night. I decided that since Peter is cool and single and has no kids, I'd spend the night with him.

"Uncle Peter, it's Ty," I answered back.

"Your parents called an hour ago!" Uncle Peter scolded, then he buzzed me into the apartment complex.

Yeah, it's about an hour's walk from my house to Peter's.

"I have to tell you something," I said, tears still falling from the ordeal. "I'm gay."

"Oh, umm... are you sure?"

"I have a boyfriend."

"Do your parents know?"

"They've known for a couple months or so."

"They don't hate you, do they?" he asked with a lot of worry. "I mean, my sister was raised better than that!"

"They don't hate me, but I know they are disappointed in me," I confessed, causing me to violently sob.

"Oh, Ty," Uncle Peter cooed as he grabbed me into a hug.

I cried into his chest and held onto him for dear life. That is how I literally felt. I felt like I was about dead on the inside.

After about ten minutes of sobbing, it died down.

"Don't worry, if your parents call I'll tell them I haven't seen you."

"Then they'll worry."

"And you don't think they deserve that?" Uncle Peter asked as he pulled out of the hug and looked into my eyes. "I think if they cried, it still wouldn't be enough punishment."

That caused my to laugh. I wiped my eyes. Uncle Peter grabbed tissue off the table and handed it to me for my nose. He led me to the living area of the apartment and we sat on the couch. He turned the TV off.

"How did your parents take you being gay when you told them?" he asked.

"They seemed fine. Tonight, they basically told a couple of their friends that I was a disappointment."

"How did your brother take it?"

"Curtis was another story. He was really distant for a couple weeks. But Denise and Byron smacked some sense into him. I mean, Denise literally slapped Curtis HARD!" I explained with laughter. "That's when Curtis changed and accepted me."

"Wow, so what exactly happened?" Uncle Peter asked, fully interested.

"I was lying in bed, unable to sleep. Curtis came in and laid down in bed with me to apologize. I screamed at him to get out and shoved him out of my bed. He got up and tried to apologize again. I got out of bed and hit him so many time as I wept. He held me to him and let me cry. When I stopped crying, I forced myself out of the embrace and decked him as hard as I could. Then I went to sleep."

Uncle Peter was laughing quietly. I knew he was laughing at the fact that I had even punched my brother. It's funny to him because Curtis and I had always been close and mostly non-violent with each other. Sure we wrestled and stuff, but that was just a game.

Then, Uncle Peter's cell phone rang. He showed the caller ID to me, since he didn't recognize the number. Looking at the caller's number and recognizing it, I told Uncle Peter to answer it. I told him if it was one of my parents, try to have a normal conversation. And if it was Curtis, to give it to me. Uncle Peter answered his phone and handed it to me the next second.

"Mom and dad aren't with you are they?" I asked with anxiety.

"Mom and dad went driving to look for you separately," Curtis answered.

"Okay," I responded in relief. "So what happened after I left?"

"Well, it's kinda funny," Curtis replied with a giggle. "Marvin and Vince got offended that mom and dad weren't sincere in their declaration of their love to you. They told mom to shove it. Mom told them she was sincere. The blonde one asked her why there was the discomfort. When mom didn't answer, they left."

"It's Martin and Vince. The blonde one is Martin."

"Whatever. But Lenny knows you're gone and is totally freaked."

"Where is he? Is he there with you?"

"No, he's at home. You know what? I'll give your phone to him and tell him to meet you."

I looked at the clock hanging on the wall. It was only seven-thirty. Lenny's curfew was ten.

"Give my cell to him and tell him to start walking here. Uncle Peter and I will pick him up."


"Wait, how did you know I'd be with Uncle Peter?" I asked perplexed.

"Cuz I know you," Curtis answered simply. "I knew you'd either be with Aunt Lillian and Alec, or Uncle Peter."

That made me feel a lot better. I did feel a lot better, but I still felt shitty as ever.

"I hope I don't have to tell you not to tell mommy and daddy dearest where I am?" I asked rhetorically.

"I wouldn't tonight, if I were you I'd really want my space from them," Curtis answered sincerely. "Besides, I think you just told me not to tell them."

"I guess I did," I stated with a chuckle.

"Good night, Ty, love you."

"Love you, and thanks for helping with the…" I stopped midsentence because I didn't wanna out Lenny to anyone else without his permission.

"Sure," and Curtis hung up.

"Who are we going to pick up and where is he?" Uncle Peter asked when I gave his phone back to him.

"My best friend Lenny," I answered. "He lives next door to us. Don't worry, he'll start walking and we should be there in no time."

With that, Uncle Peter and I donned our sweaters and left for Lenny. I rode in the backseat of Uncle Peter's black 2003 Corolla. The traffic was nowhere near busy. Within fifteen minutes, we spotted Lenny seven blocks from our neighborhood. Since the road was empty, Uncle Peter did a rather sudden U-turn onto the other side of the road drove up to Lenny. Lenny got in the backseat with me was surprised to see me there as well. His face lit up, but it still conveyed concern.

"Hey, baby," Lenny cooed as he grabbed my hand and held it. Uncle Peter continued to drive.

His pet name for me made all my worries melt away.

"Hey," I said back with a shy smile.

Lenny grabbed my face gently and pulled me into a kiss. I had forgotten how his kisses affected me because the next thing I knew, we were parked in Uncle Peter's apartment complex parking lot. Uncle Peter had to clear his throat to get our attention.

"So this is the boyfriend, huh?" Uncle Peter asked slyly.

"Yeah, hi Uncle Peter," Lenny greeted.

Lenny knows Peter is not his uncle. He just calls Peter 'uncle' because I do. Just like the way a doctor will call your mom 'mom' or your dad 'dad'.

I couldn't help but to laugh now. Lenny looked at me with the facial expression that clearly said 'What's so funny?'

"You are coming out to everybody except your parents," I said still giggling.

That caused Lenny to giggle along side of me. Shortly after, Lenny grabbed me into another kiss, his hands roaming around on my face and neck and hair.

"Hey, where's your sexy cap?" Lenny asked when he realized I wasn't wearing it.

I giggled and asked, "You think it's sexy?"

"Well not the cap," Lenny replied shyly. "But I think it looks… sexy... on you," Lenny finished shyly. The drive back to Uncle Peter's apartment was spent with me and Lenny making out in the backseat as Uncle Peter drove.

"I hope you didn't tell your parents you were meeting me," I stated with worry after sipping my glass of wine.

Yeah, my parents occasionally allow my brother and I a glass of wine. My mom says that it's part of our French heritage. My aunts, uncles, and grandparents know and they in turn allow me a glass once in a while. Ironically, they are very strict on the consumption of beer. Wine contains more alcohol than beer does, but whatever.

"I told them I was gonna walk over to Al's," Lenny replied, bringing my worries down completely, before sipping his wine.

"So when did the two of you start dating?" Uncle Peter asked with amusement.

"Not even a week ago," I answered with a giggle.

"A week?" Uncle Peter asked while laughing.

"What's so funny?" Lenny asked as Uncle Peter laughed a bit.

"Nothing," Uncle Peter replied. "The two of you just seem... so... close! Well, you guys were together in a totally different way for thirteen years."

"Ses parents ne savent pas," I informed Uncle Peter. (His parents do not know.)

Uncle Peter transfixed his full attention unto me. His face went serious. It didn't seem to portray any other emotion.

"Ugh!" Lenny complained. "I hate it when this family switches to French!"

"Au sujet de lui ou au sujet de vous?" Uncle Peter asked in response. (About him or you?)

"Tous les deux," I replied. (Both.)

Uncle Peter nodded knowingly.

"Va-t-il leur dire?" he asked with concern. (Is he going to tell them?)

"Oui," I answered. "En deux semaines." (Yes. In two weeks.)

Uncle Peter finally cracked a smile again. He placed a hand on my shoulder and his other on Lenny's. "Good!" Uncle Peter exclaimed. "I'm happy for you both!"

"What was that about?" Lenny asked near frustration.

Uncle Peter glanced at me, telling me it was up to me to answer.

"It was about you," I answered truthfully. "And us."

"What about me?" Lenny asked worriedly. "What about us?"

"About you coming out."

"Oh," Lenny turned his attention to my uncle. "Ty is gonna help me come out to my parents."

"Would you boys like something to eat?" Uncle Peter asked he refilled his glass of wine. "How about microwave popcorn and a movie? I rented 'Army of Darkness' the other night."

Lenny and I agreed somewhat enthusiastically. Uncle Peter microwaved the popcorn as I popped the cassette into the VCR.

In the middle of the film, I grabbed the VCR remote and paused the movie.

"Uncle Peter? Have you... ever... umm... experimented... with a guy?" I asked hesitantly.

"Your mother told you!?" Uncle Peter shouted in shock.

"Told me what?" I asked defensively.

"Oh, she didn't. Well, your mother was dating a boy named David Canley in high school. They broke up, but I had become friends with Dave so we hung out occasionally. One day after playing basketball, David and I went to my bedroom and rested, laying on my bed. We were shirtless and sweating. I noticed David adjusting his cock in his jock. He noticed me noticing. I don't know why he did it, but he reached out and grabbed my crotch. He fricking grabbed it and held it. I was surprised. I swatted his hand away, but it was too late. I was already hard. He reached again and I swatted, but he'd already grabbed it and it felt good. He asked if I wanted a blow job. I meant to say no, but yes came out. Your mom walked in on us. The look on her face... the way her eyes got so huge."

"How old were you guys?" Lenny asked.

"Chris and David were sixteen, so I was fifteen," Uncle Peter answered.

"Did you guys stay friends after that? Did you guys do anything else?" I asked.

"Yeah, we stayed friends. David said sucking was not what he expected and didn't like it. So we never did it again. But a few months later, I went to my first party with alcohol. I went with two friends, Freddy and Amanda. David was there as well. We got so drunk so fast. I don't remember how we got there, but the next thing I knew, I was lying in bed naked with my dick being sucked. After a while, David rolled onto his back with his knees to his shoulders. I got the message right away. David held a condom out to me and I slid it on. That was when I lost my virginity. To a guy. To my big sister's ex-boyfriend," Uncle Peter finished with laughter. "I've been bisexual ever since. More straight, but I like to get with a guy sometimes."

"What happened to David?" I asked with a lot of curiosity.

"Last I heard, David Lucas married a Gina, who knows about his curious side. David now lives in somewhere in the states."

"What did you guys do after that drunken night?" Lenny asked.

"I got a girlfriend named Tanis Frey and he got a girlfriend named Dawn something. But we still got together frequently. After high school, he moved away for college."

"Have you ever been in a relationship with a guy?" Lenny asked, totally enthralled, as was I.

"No," Uncle Peter answered. "Because of my D.I.D., I don't do relationships with anybody; no women, no men. It's just one-night-stands."

"Does it get lonely?" I asked, feeling some remorse for my uncle having to go through life that way.

"No," he replied confidently. "I made the decision not to go into relationships. I could if I want to because my D.I.D. is just a mild case. I very rarely have a transition."

If you remember, it's my uncle Peter that has Dissociative Identity Disorder. He has one alter that is a painter. But yes, Peter very rarely transitions to Claude the painter.

"Changing the subject," I said. "I hope you know I'm spending the night here. If need be, I'll spend more nights," I said to Uncle Peter.

"Stay as long as you like," Uncle Peter told me with warmth. "I still can't believe the way your mother treated you!"

"Can we not..." I said with tears beginning to form.

Seeing me on the verge of tears, Uncle Peter grabbed me into a hug. He kissed my cheek and held that kiss. I felt Lenny grabbing my hand as well.

"I'll adopt you if you're not comfortable with... those people!" Uncle Peter seethed with anger.

That brought the onslaught of sobs.

"I don't understand!" I said while crying. "For the past two months, mom and dad were really good and supportive! I mean I thought they were!"

Uncle Peter just held me and let me cry. It felt good. I felt the relief that came as you cried. The pain was still there but feeling that you need to cry was gone.

When I settled down, we resumed the film. Lenny released his hold on my hand but replaced it by wrapping an arm around my shoulders. Despite the genre of the film, Lenny and I made out a bit during.

When it came time for Lenny to head back home, Uncle Peter told him he'd drive him and stop a block before our houses. When Lenny was leaving, We kissed long and passionately at the door. I'd decided I wasn't gonna tag along.

"Tyler!" Uncle Peter shouted from the bedroom doorway.

It had been really early morning, the day after the ordeal at home. I had shared Peter's bed with him during the night. And no, absolutely no sexual thought, much less activity.

"I just buzzed your parents in! They'll be in up here in a couple minutes!"

"Why'd you fucking let them in?" I complained.

"Watch your fucking tongue! I tried not to let them in, but they wanted proof that you're not here!"

With that, I hastily dressed in the clothes I'd worn the day before. Uncle Peter had hastily searched his bedroom, living room and kitchen for anything that might be mine. He returned to the bedroom with my cell phone, shoes and sweater. He also told me to hide somewhere. I made my way to the bedroom window and opened it. It was still dark. The sun hadn't even thought about rising yet.

"Are you stupid!?" Uncle Peter rhetorically asked. "You'll fall off the ledge!"

"No I won't!"

"Yes you will!"

Just then, there was a knock at his apartment door. My parents.

"Get the fuck back in here!" Uncle Peter shouted in a whisper while I climbed out the window onto the ledge.

"Go get the fucking door before they fucking suspect something!" I whispered back, closing the window behind me.

I was now standing on the ledge of the eighth floor of my uncle's apartment complex. I sidestepped away from the visibility of the window and stayed there. I was beginning to hyperventilate due to the fear of being so high with so little walking space. I closed my eyes and imagined I was standing in the middle of a grassy field. That calmed me down. Then I heard the voices of my uncle Peter having a shouting contest with both of my parents. I couldn't make out the exact words, but it was not good. After a while, the shouting ceased, leading me to believe that my parents left. I slowly sidestepped back to the window and opened it. I quickly got back inside my uncle's bedroom and breathed a sigh of relief. I was exiting the bedroom when I heard my uncle and parents still arguing with each other. The only difference now, was that they were no longer shouting. They were instead speaking at a normal volume, except that their voices were still seething.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Uncle Peter asked angrily. I'm guessing it was directed at my mom. "Your son, your baby, tells you he's gay and you fucking freak out!?"

"We didn't freak out," my mom defended calmly.

"Then what the fuck happened at dinner last night!?"

"How do you know it happened at dinner?" my dad asked in wonder.

"Curtis called here on his cell phone. He thought Ty might have come here."

"Did he come here?" my mom asked, excitement in her voice.

"I fucking told you he didn't! And that I'd fucking call if he did!"

"I know he came here last night!" my dad shouted.

"How the fuck did you come to that conclusion! You're just paranoid!"

"Fuck you, you crazy sonuvabitch!" my dad shouted in anger.

Holy fuck I thought, my dad did not just say that!

The next thing I heard was a fist connecting with flesh. My uncle had punched my dad somewhere. You see, nobody, and I mean nobody, mentions the word 'crazy' around my family. Especially around Uncle Peter.

My mom didn't even gasp or scream when my uncle hot my dad. That's because she's just as sensitive about my uncle's condition as he is.

Then I heard footsteps and another hit.

"Call me 'crazy' one more time!" Uncle Peter yelled. "Come on! Say it!"

"I'm sorry Pete," my dad apologized in a quiet voice full of shame. "It just came out."

Just then, Peter's phone rang.

"Hello?" he answered it. "Sorry Wayne… My nephew's gone missing, he ran away… Because he's got dumbasses for parents... They were just leaving."

"You shouldn't have said that, Adam!" my mom scolded my dad.

"I didn't mean it!" my dad tried to defend himself. "It just came out!"

"I want you out of my house!" my uncle said seething.

"If you see Ty…" my mom trailed.

"I'll ask him to adopt him!" my uncle replied with poison in his voice. I didn't know if he was serious or just wanting to hurt my parents.

I risked a peek through the open bedroom door. My mom looked horrible. Her hair was tied messily to the back. She had no make-up but that was barely noticeable. Her eyes had bags and were red with tears. Her face was sullen and looked hurt at my uncle's statement. She wasn't wearing her usual dressy clothes. She was instead wearing her college sweater and track pants with running shoes. My dad was already out the door. My mom began to make her way out as well. But she stopped and turned around.

"Last night at dinner..." she began, her tears falling, "it wasn't what it sounded like. It wasn't what he thought." and then she was gone.

As soon as the apartment door closed, I came out of the bedroom and rushed into my uncle's warm, safe arms. I just wept and wept into his chest as he held me.

"You have school in a couple hours," my uncle informed me. "Unless you plan on not going."

To Be Continued...

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