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'With Arms Outstretched' - Chapter 2

When I got into my bedroom, Lenny already had his pajama shorts on and had just pulled his pajama tank on. Damn, I missed the show! I've seen Lenny in his underwear a million times. It's just better to watch it live. I'm a perv, I know. But I'm only a perv for this boy.

Lenny and I brushed out teeth and washed our faces before bed. Before going to sleep, Lenny played video games while I watched. I much preferred this. I took off my clothes, except my briefs, and got under the covers. While I was watching Lenny play the game, I fell asleep.

Sometime later, I felt the bed stir. I guess Lenny was heading off the sleep as well. Then I felt lips on mine. I opened my eyes to see Lenny's eyebrow, temple and hairline. Lenny pulled his face away.

"I want you, Ty," Lenny stated simply, yet passionately.

"What?" I asked, unsure and confused.

"I want you," Lenny repeated as he brought his face closer to mine.

Before I could do anything, Lenny's lips connected with mine again. This time, I felt it. I really felt it. We made out furiously, running hands all over each others bodies. My dick was so hard in my pants. I could feel Lenny's was getting bigger and harder also. Lenny broke our kiss, but only to lift my shirt over my head. I also removed Lenny's shirt. Our lips met again, forcefully. Passionately. Lenny ran his hands all over my bare teen chest and stomach. I grabbed the elastic of Lenny's shorts and put my hand inside. But Lenny grabbed my hand.

"Wait," he said breathlessly.

"No, I want you," I said back, my voice full of the yearning.

"Then wake up," Lenny said, confusing me.

"What? I am--" I was interrupted by me regaining consciousness.

It was a dream. It was a damn dream!

I looked around my bedroom, noticing Lenny turning the television and PlayStation 2 off.

"Good dream?" Lenny asked, humour in his voice, as he walked to the bed.

I have a queen-sized bed for sleepovers. Lenny sleeps here a lot and it made sense for my parents to buy this bed. It can fit three people if I have two friends spend the night.


"You were... uhh... moaning a bit in your sleep. I'm guessing it was a good dream."

"I don't know what you're talking about," I denied.

"I knew it. I knew you liked Sophie."

"Shut up and get to sleep, foo!" I said in my best gangsta accent.

Lenny chuckled and started removing his shirt and shorts. We always slept in just our underwear. Yeah, before bed, we change into pajamas but remove them when going to sleep.

Lenny laid down on the other side of the bed. I don't know about Lenny, but I slipped into unconsciousness within seconds.

"BOYS! I SAID WAKE UP! PANCAKES ARE DONE!" was what I woke up to, my mom yelling from downstairs.

I groaned. I wasn't ready to wake up. Then I heard the footsteps of Curtis in the hallway, making his way downstairs. I groggily sat up.

"Lenny, you shithead, wake up," I said tiredly, froggy voice.

"Argh. What time is it?" Lenny asked, just as tired and groggy.

I looked at my alarm clock. "It's ten. Now leg's go, get up!"

Lenny and I got out of bed, with as much energy we could muster up. We grabbed out shirts from last night and walked out of the room putting them on. We got downstairs to find my mom dressed for work and tying the laces on her high-heeled shoes. Curtis was sitting at the island topping a couple pancakes with maple syrup.

"Mom, what are you doing all dressed up?" I asked. "It's Saturday. And where's dad?"

"Yeah, your father is driving to the cabin to work on the patio over there. And a client requested an emergency session. Which means...." She replied trailing, waiting for somebody to finish her sentence.

"Yeah, we know these emergency sessions pay more." Lenny said, his voice sounding not as tired as earlier.

"So hurry and eat up. You boys have lessons today." Mom said walking out of the kitchen.

Curtis learned to play the piano growing up. He also learned to play the acoustic guitar by himself. Growing up I learned the violin and cello. But recently we stopped the lessons.

"Mom, you know we quit those." Curtis complained.

"Oh, I know, I just wish you boys hadn't!" Mom called as she went out the door and shut it behind her.

Mom didn't want my brother and me to quit the lessons. But dad said we were growing up and it was our decision. Mom reluctantly agreed. Curtis quit his piano lessons before I did. I quit my violin and cello lessons three or four months later. My teacher was a Miss Jill. Nice lady, elderly, soft voice, very patient.

Lenny grabbed plates for ourselves while I got us both glasses of apply juice. As I was pouring maple syrup on my pancakes Lenny grabbed us forks.

"You two are like an old married couple." Curtis teased.

I willed myself not to blush. I hope.

"Shut up, ya bafoon!" I scolded Curtis.

Curtis giggled and asked, "What do you kids have planned for the day?"

"Kids?" Lenny asked.

"Yeah. What do you kids haves planned for the day?" Curtis repeated, emphasizing 'kids'.

"Nothing. I guess. I don't know." I confessed. "Do you have plans?"

"Nah. I was thinking to call Pete and go over there or something."

Pete was another one of Curtis' basketball buddies. He's cute, but his hair too long on him, I normally like long hair on a guy, but it doesn't look good on him.

"Oh." I said with pancakes in my mouth.

While we were eating, the phone rang. I went to pick it up.


"Hi, Ty. How are you?" Aunt Mags, Lenny's mom answered back.

"I'm doing well, Aunt Mags. How are you and uncle Nate?"

"Oh, we're fine. We were actually thinking to go see his mom this morning. So can you hand the phone to Lenny please?"

"Lenny....uhh...." I faked unknowing.

"Yeah, Lenny. Where is he? Is he not there with you?" Mags asked worried.

"Okay, don't be mad. Promise."

"Tyler Christopher Bernison, where is my son?"

"The three name thing. How is it that it signifies such authority over us?"


"Okay. He snuck out last night to go see this girl. He never came back."

Lenny snatched the phone away. "Mom, Tyler's just kidding. He's being a douche. What's up?"

Then his mom said something.

"Ahh, mom can I not go this time, please." Lenny said back into the phone.

Aunt Mags said something else.

"But mom. Fine. Give me an hour."

Aunt Mags said something else.

"Gramma will still be there. Yes, she will. Yes, she will. Okay, I'll be home in an hour." and he hung up the phone. "S'all good."

"Mommy wants you home?" Curtis asked Lenny, teasing him.

"Ha, ha. We haven't gone to visit gramma in a while, so they wanna go."

We finished eating our pancakes. Curtis phoned Pete and jumped in the shower. I guess Pete said it was alright for Curtis to go over.

"So whaddya wanna do for the forty-five minutes ya got left here?" I asked Lenny.

"Wanna shower together?" Lenny suggested.

I was shocked. So shocked I didn't say or do anything. I just stood there. Probably looking dumb.

"Helloooo? You okay, dude?" Lenny asked waving his hands in front of my face.

"What did you say?" I asked for confirmation, finally snapping out of it.

"I said 'I don't know'."

Damn, I was even day dreaming about this boy. This wonderful, sweet boy.

"Well... you should go." I said as convincing as I could. I guess it worked because...

Lenny looked a little taken aback and hurt. "Wait, what? But... do I have to?"

"No." I replied lightly.

Lenny realized I was messing with him. He slugged my arm and said "Bitch."

I wrapped an arm around Lenny neck, pulled him down a bit and rubbed my knuckles on his scalp. Lenny tried freeing himself from my hold, but was having difficulty. He finally did free himself and lunged at my midsection. The force caused the both of us to crash onto the floor. Lenny squirmed around until he was sitting on my abdomen. With one hand he held both mine over my head, and with his other hand he slapped my cheeks repeatedly. Not hard, he was doing it specifically to annoy me. And it was working. Quite well. I couldn't take it anymore. With all my might, I nudged my hands and they moved a few inches, causing Lenny to lose his balance. I took the opportunity and rolled us over. I was now lying on top of Lenny on the floor. I slapped repeatedly at his chest. Lenny pushed me off him with his legs. Lenny got on top my back and grabbed my arm. He did something that caused great pain. Well, not great pain, but more than we were experiencing earlier.

"Okay! Uncle! You win!" I screamed with laughter.

Curtis came out of his bedroom. "If mom asks, Pete's brother is driving us to the mall."

"Okay. Sure. No problem." I told Curtis whole-heartedly.

"Okay, thanks, lil' bro." Curtis said giving my shoulder a squeeze.

Yeah, Curtis and I have a great relationship. Most of the time. We're brothers, we're bound to step on the other's toes from time to time. But I love him and care for him deeply. I'm not ashamed to show it. He feels the same, just more reserved.

Curtis left for Pete's, leaving Lenny and I standing there in the hallway.

"So, draw anything interesting lately?" Lenny asked.

Another thing I learned growing up is that drawing allows me to vent in a non-violent fashion. I'm no artist, but my sketches and stuff are decent enough.

"You know I don't show that book to anybody..."

"One day, Tyler Christopher Bernison, you're gonna show me what's really on your mind." Lenny said looking longingly and serious at the same time.

That look he gave me... Gawd it did something to me. It nearly convinced me to show him my book of sketches. Nearly.

Yeah, not even my bestest best friend in the whole world has seen one of my sketches. I don't even allow my parents to see it.

~ Flashback ~

I came home from school one day in the winter last year. I got a bottle of water from the refrigerator. I took it and my backpack upstairs to my room to do my homework. I opened my bedroom door to find my mom holding my sketch book. She was just sitting on my bed, holding the sketch book on top both her hands. It hadn't been open. I knew right there that she was tortured with the decision whether to look into the book or not. My mom just sat there deep in thought, staring mindlessly at my sketch book, and I stood at the doorway watching.

After a minute, my mom finally noticed me watching her at the door. She looked panicked when she saw me.

"I didn't open it." she said quickly.

"I know." I said simply with a weak smile. "It isn't anything bad or crazy. I promise."

"I honestly didn't know what to expect. I was just curious. I actually contemplated betraying your trust. But then what kind of mother would I be? What kind of counsellor would I be? Your dad would be so angry with me if I did open it."

"Well, if you did open the book I would have hated you for a really, really long time." I said trying not to sound mean or angry. "But I would've understood. A few my friends' moms snoop through their stuff. I'm not saying you're a snooper. I just meant that... uhh..."

"It's okay. I know what you meant." Mom sat the sketch book down on my bed and looked at her watch. "Well, I have some wicked-strong will power. I've been in here for an hour and a half with that book of yours. Now it seems a little late to start dinner. I think I'll just order take-out."

I was brought out of my reverie by Lenny.

"Duuuude! Hellooooo?"

"Sorry, did you say something?"

"What is with you lately? You've been drifting off to La-La Land. You okay?"

"Yeah. Totally. I'm fine." I said, but Lenny looked unconvinced. "Okay, I've been having day dreams and flashbacks."

"Oh." Lenny said plainly. "'Bout what?"

I panicked internally. "Umm... nothing in particular."

"Man, you can't get Sophie out of your head, huh?"

"Dude, can you just not talk about her? I'm gonna say this one time; I don't like Sophie like that." I said as calmly as I could, hopefully showing I was serious.

"Okay." Lenny nodded seriously. "So you going to her party?"

"Nah. Like I said, I don't want her to get her hopes up."

"To me, it seems that if you don't want her to think you're into her, then you should talk to her. If you don't, she'll think you're into her, embarrassed about it and hiding."

I thought about it, I guess it did make sense. "I guess I gotta go to this party then." I sighed.

"Dude, you were supposed to be home ten minutes ago." I said looking at the clock on the wall.

"I still gotta pack up my stuff." Lenny said walking back to my bedroom.

Of course, Lenny was packing up as slowly as anyone could.

Lenny is not exactly a rebel, but once in a while he'll do something to get on his parents' nerves.

I was in the middle of washing the dishes that Lenny, Curtis and I used for breakfast when my cell phone rang. Lenny had gone about a half hour ago.

"Hello?" I answered the phone.

"Ty, is Lenny still with you?" Nick asked on the other side of the phone.

"No, he had to go visit his grandma."

"Oh. My uncle Ken is taking me and his kids to their cabin to swim. Uncle Ken said I could take you and Lenny, so you wanna join?" Nick asked clearly excited.

"Yeah, that sounds awesome! When is he picking you up?"

"In an hour."

"Okay, I'll be at your house in twenty minutes."

I hung up the phone. I sent my mom a text saying where I'd be. I got a backpack out of my closet and packed swimming trunks, a towel, a change of clothes, and a couple bottles of water.

As I was walking to Nick's, I got a text back from my mom.

'k, b gud. luv u'

I have no idea where my mom learned to text. Actually, this is really embarrassing, I learned from her. When I got my cell almost a year ago, she already knew how to text. I learned from the text messages she sent me.

"My uncle should be in here an half an hour. Wanna play gin?" Nick asked.

"Gin?" I asked, I hadn't heard of the game.

"Oh, my god. You don't know what gin is? It's only the best card game ever! I'll teach you."

Nick did try to teach the card game to me, but we didn't have enough time for me to get the hang of it. We heard a truck horn. Nick and I grabbed out backpacks and rushed downstairs and through the front door.

"Nick! Good to see you, buddy!" a boy in his late teens said as Nick and I climbed into the truck.

The driver was a middle-aged man, Nick's uncle I guess. In the passenger seat was a lovely woman, Nick's aunt probably. There was a girl about five or six-years-old sitting in the middle of them. The teen was sitting in the back seats where Nick and I were climbing, me in the middle and Nick at the window.

"Scott! Been a while, dude!" Nick said with a grin. "Tyler, that's my uncle Ken, aunt Natasha, and my cousins Crystal and Scott."

Scott was so gorgeous! Short, pale blonde hair. Where did he get that hair color, I wondered. I looked at the adults again. Ken had brown but greying hair, Natasha had white hair. But she looked too young to have white hair. I looked again, really focused. Natasha's hair was platinum blonde as well. I looked back at Scott. I noticed me look from his parents to him, making the connections about them. He smiled. It was an amazing smile. Superb, white teeth, perfectly lined. His skin was perfectly tanned. I hate how people go really, really tan. It looks ridiculous. But Scott... oh, man. I looked away, but not quickly as to arouse suspicion.

Scott tapped my shoulder. I looked back to him. He was smiling that God-given smile. "I'm Tyler." I said holding out my hand.

"I know." Scott replied matter-of-factly, which confused me. Scott noticed my confusion and said, "We met once. Your brother is Curtis. He's gonna a freshman at my school and a teammate of mine."

I was so confused. Totally and utterly confused. I would have definitely remembered this fine specimen.

"You were on the basketball team with him?"

"Yeah, in middle school. You and I met at one of our games. You seem to have had a lot of love for your brother. Just an observation."

I was a little embarrassed. "Umm, yeah. Curtis and I are quite close. What position?"

Scott looked worried about something, but it dissipated quickly. "What do you mean?" he asked calmly.

"What position are you on the basketball team?"

"Oh." Scott chuckled. "I'm a power forward. You're brother is a small forward, and a pretty damn good one. Do you play?"

"Yeah, I play basketball but not at school. Just on our driveway." I replied with a smile.

Then I heard a seatbelt up front unbuckle. The little sat up on her knees, her chest leaning on the backrest.

"Hi, I'm Crystal." she said with a little, cute, shy voice.

I finally looked away from Scott. "Hi Crystal. My name is Tyler, but everyone calls me Ty." I said looking at Scott again, silently telling him that I'm used to being called Ty and not Tyler.

"So how do you know our Nicholas, Ty?" Natasha asked from up front.

I was about to answer when Nick did. "His family lets me stay over when... things aren't so... good at home."

Natasha turned around in her seat with a huge grin on her face. "I am so thankful to you and your family. We live way on the other side of town, but we do try to take Nicolai out whenever we can."

"Nicolai? I though your name was--"

"Nicholas, yeah. But these people call me a lot of things. Nicholas, Nicolai, Nicky, Nicky-bum, Nick-bob, Salohcin, Sal. Scott even calls me Nicole." Nick said glaring at everyone, more so Scott.

Than there was banter by everyone. Everyone lovingly arguing with everyone else. I watched. It was so good to see Nick free. I internally wished Ken and Natasha would adopt my friend.

I was brought out of my thoughts by Scott, "Ty? Tyler? Hey!"

I cleared my throat and asked "Huh?"

"We're here!" Ken said with excitement.

I looked out the truck windows and we were just parking outside a rustic, old log cabin. It looked beautiful. Right by the edge on a lake. The lake looked so calm, serene, and warm. We all jumped out of the truck. Ken and Natasha grabbed a couple boxes from the truck bed. Scott, Nick, Crystal and I ran to the edge of the lake. It then that I remembered that I gotta change into my swimming trunks. Scott had to change as well, he led me to the cabin. Inside, Scott went to into a bedroom and he pointed me to a bathroom. Once inside, I stripped off my clothes quickly. When I exited the bathroom, Scott just got out of his bedroom in nothing but his trunks. And OH, MY GOD he was beautiful. Nice pecs, not big but had definition. His areolae we big, but the nipples were tiny and erect. He had a outtie navel, with a light blonde trail going down. There was a bump in his red trunks. No, his penis was not erect, it just protruded from his pelvis. I looked away, hopefully he didn't notice my staring. And I fought the on-coming erection with all my mental strength.

"You ready?" Scott asked walking by.

I followed behind him out of the cabin and to the lake. When we got to the water, Nick was playing in the water with Crystal. They looked so cute together.

"You care about Nick, huh?" Scott asked watching me watch Nick and Crystal.

I smiled small but proud, and said "Yeah. He doesn't have it easy. Definitely doesn't have it easy. But you guys are so good with him. It seems he's a totally different person when he's around you and your family."

"You sound so much more mature than you look. I'd say you were born thirty-five-years-old." Natasha said politely walking up to us standing on the dock.

"Umm... thanks?" I said unsure.

Natasha gave a weak smile and said "You boys are dressed for swimming and all you do is talk."

Scott grabbed me, tightly wrapping his arms around my whole body, including my arms. Scott pulled us both into the lake. Before hitting the water, Scott made sure to release his hold on me. I resurfaced, lost in thought. You wanna know what I was thinking about? I recalled the moment Scott had held me. I could still feel his muscles and warm body wrapped around mine. "Wow" I whispered to myself. Then someone splashed water at me. I looked around and noticed Scott smiling devilishly at me. I splashed back as a distraction, and started chasing Scott before he regained his sight. He noticed me coming for him fast and he started swimming away laughing. I don't know how long I chased Scott in the water, but we had gotten pretty far but still in sight of the others. I put my hands on Scott's shoulders and pushed him below the surface. He resurfaced laughing, and ruffled my wet hair. Scott laid down on the surface of the water, totally relaxed. I followed suit. We just laid there, it was pure serenity.

"Boys! Are you alright!?" Ken called from the shore. Clearly worried about our stillness on the water.

Scott responded by sticking his arm out to the sky and waving.

"Scott, can I ask you something personal?" I asked timidly.

"Umm, shoot."

I didn't say anything for a few seconds, maybe even a minute. "Are you... are you gay?"

To Be Continued...

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