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'With Arms Outstretched' - Chapter 5

"Ty. Lenny. Wake up. Boys." my mom said shaking me gently.

"Mom, is it time for church already?" I asked groggily.

Yeah, we go to church every Sunday morning. My family does, Lenny's doesn't.

"It's just about eight o'clock. Your dad and I were having coffee with Mags and Nate. Mags and I are cooking breakfast. Your dad went over to wake your brother to come over."

My mom got up off my side of the bed and walked around to the other side and sat down beside Lenny.

"Happy birthday, Lenny!" she said, then I heard her kiss his cheek. "Now get out of bed, breakfast will be ready in a few minutes. Go brush your teeth!"

My mom departed Lenny's bedroom to go help with breakfast, I guess. Lenny and I didn't move for a minute, still in our morning laziness. Lenny gently hit my side with his fist.

"Ty, wake up."

I turned over in bed and hit Lenny's side with little force. "I am up, ya douche."

"I didn't know, ass." Lenny said as he hit me again.

"Quit hitting. I'm not going back to sleep." I said with another soft hit. "Yet."

I was expecting Lenny to throw another hit. And I was right. Before his fist reached me, I grabbed his wrist. I threw another hit, but Lenny grabbed my wrist. Lenny and I tried overpowering the other by trying to connect our hits to the other and fighting off the other's fist. There we lay in Lenny's bed, trying with all our might to hit the other AND block their hit. Lenny and I were struggling and smiling and giggling, which was making it harder to fight. Lenny started moving around, trying to gain momentum. However, Lenny's rolling around on the bed caused him to roll on top of me. Lenny let out a gasp and at the same time, I let out of moan of pleasure. Our hard dicks were now touching, but through our underwear. And it felt GREAT! To me, we stayed like that, Lenny laying on top of me, for a LONG TIME. But in reality it was only two seconds. I looked into his eyes. Lenny looked into mine, and he got up off of me.

"Happy birthday, buddy!" I said as Lenny released his grip on my wrists and I his.

"Thanks." Lenny said back with a shy smile.

Lenny is not a shy person. But he does tend to be shy when shown more-than-usual attention. Specifically on his birthday.

Lenny and I grabbed our pajama clothes from last night on the floor and dressed in them for breakfast. Lenny gave me a little push as we descended the stairs, causing me to bump the wall. I gave the push back and Lenny regained his balance on the railing.

"We forgot to brush our teeth." Lenny said as we were near the bottom of the stairs.

We both stopped in our tracks, considering going back upstairs to brush our teeth.

"Fuck it. It's all the way up there." Lenny said still staring up the stairs.

Lenny and I turned to the left, and made out way to the kitchen. We could smell the eggs frying and bacon sizzling and bread toasting. Just as Lenny and I got to the entrance of the kitchen, Curtis and my dad came through the door in the kitchen.

"I went up there five minutes ago and you boys didn't even brush your teeth!" my mom exclaimed with a smile.

"How'd you know?" I asked with a bit of worry in me.

"I could smell your damn breath from home!" Curtis teased as he and my dad took seats at the table.

I made a face and stuck my tongue at him. Curtis responded by doing the exact same thing at me.

Lenny and Curtis sat at the table, where the dads were already seated talking amongst themselves with coffees. Before I sat down, I ran out the door with an idea.

"Wha-- Ty!" my mom called as I closed the door behind me.

I ran into our house and up the stairs, to my room. I ran to my closet and grabbed Lenny's birthday present. I had intended to give it to him tonight at his party, but what the hell, I'll give it to him now. I bounded with great speed (exaggeration) out of my room, down the stairs and out of our house to Lenny's. When I got back inside, the moms had just finished distributing the eggs and bacon to everybody. A plate of toast lay on the middle of the table.

"Happy birthday, buddy!" I said proudly as I handed Lenny the gift.

"Vous pourriez l'avoir donné ce soir." my mom told me. (You could have given it this evening)

My mom's mom is a Francophone, so we grew up with the language.

"Je pourrais avoir, oui, mais moi a voulu donner le premier cadeau." I told my mom quite proudly. (I could have, yes, but I wanted to give the first gift)

"Mm. Très intelligent!" Uncle Nate praised me. (Trés means very. Intelligent means intelligent or smart or clever, etc.)

"Okay, what are you guys talking about!? Why is Ty so smart?" Lenny asked frustratedly.

Everyone in the house at that moment knew French, except Lenny. His parents took French in high school, but they never taught it to Lenny. My mom learned both English and French at the same time growing up. My dad took it in high school and mastered it from my mom.

"Tyler, here, is a very smart man. He has given you your first birthday present this year." Aunt Mags told Lenny with a smile directed at me.

"It's Ty." Lenny told his mom with a teasing smile on his face.

"What?" Aunt Mags asked.

"Ty gets very bitchy when called 'Tyler'." Lenny replied.

"I do not. I just prefer 'Ty'. Now open your gift!" I said excitedly.

"Yeah! Open it, son!" Uncle Nate said eagerly. "And watch your language!"

Lenny started out slow unwrapping the box, but as he unwrapped further, he picked up speed. Aunt Mags got a little knife out of the drawer and handed it to Lenny. Lenny ran the sharp blade across the top of the cardboard box, cutting the tape.

"OH, MY GOD! Lenny yelled in pure joy looking into the box.

Lenny reached into the box and out pulled the knife he had given me three years prior. But this wasn't just a knife. No. It was so much more.

You see, when we were ten, I went on a camping trip with him and parents. It was about a two-hour drive, then a one-hour hike to a clearing. It was beautiful. Off in the distance you could hear a waterfall, but not so loud it would keep you up at night. So the day after we arrived at the camping spot, Lenny and I were running through the trees and the bushes, playing tag. At the moment, Lenny was 'it' and chasing me. There was a small distance of about six feet between us. I ran and ran. So did Lenny, trying to catch me. But I heard one of his feet slip on the gravel beneath it.

"OW! YOU SHIT!" Lenny yelled in pain and frustration.

I stopped running and looked back. I almost didn't see Lenny. Almost. I did a double-take on a shoe, that was connected to a foot, that was connected to a leg that was now hiding on a bush with the rest of Lenny.

"Hey, you okay?" I asked as I approached the bush-obscured Lenny.

"Yeah, I'm-- hey, cool!"

Lenny extracted the rest of his body from the bush and stood up. He was holding something his hand. Well, it was two somethings. It was piece of slate rock and a piece of wood with some sort of string tied around it.

"What is it?" I asked stepping closer.

I looked closer at the objects in Lenny's hands. It became clear to me that it was knife blade and it's handle that was kept together with the string-looking material. The blade was pretty much in tact, just a few chips that had come off over time. The wooden handle was aged, the color was faded and light-weight, and it felt very fragile. The string thing had also faded in color and also felt VERY fragile.

"It's a knife! Or it was a knife." Lenny said with pride.

"That is so cool!" I exclaimed with a congratulatory pat of Lenny's shoulder.

Lenny continued to examine the knife, a gleam in his eye. I felt happy for him.

"This is beyond cool. You've just made a discovery! You just found an artifact!" I told Lenny.

Lenny looked at me, grinned, ear to ear.

"I want you to have it!" Lenny said holding the pieces out to me, with the grin still plastered on his face.

"No. I co--"

"Happy birthday!"

"My birthday was two months ago!"

"And I didn't get you anything."

"Yes you did! You gave me my first CD."

It was that Happiness record by Our Lady Peace. My favorite song from the album has always been 'Is Anybody Home?' (Yeah, you may have your opinion, voice it.)

"Whatever, I just want to give it to you." Lenny said still holding the objects out to me.

I thought for a moment, but then I caved and excepted the gift. I said a very ecstatic 'Thank you'.

We walked back to the camp site.

"Oh, good. I was just about to call for you boys. Lunch will be ready in a few." Aunt Mags said stirring a stir-fry over the fire. Lenny and I had just come into view.

"Uncle Nate, look what Lenny found and gave to me." I said as Lenny and I approached Nate, who had just finished putting his gun back together. Before we left the site in our antics, Nate had been disassembling his shotgun to clean it.

"This is amazing! Where'd you find it?" Uncle Nate asked astounded.

"In a bush off that way." Lenny said with a proud smile pointing where we had just come from.

"You think you could fix it?" I asked.

"Yeah. Yeah. Tell you what. An hour after lunch you boys take Mags to the waterfall to swim while I fix it!" Uncle Nate instructed.

A half hour into the swimming, Uncle Nate arrived at the waterfall in his swimming trunks. I do remember finding his body admirable. Some fur on his somewhat defined chest, and mostly hairless navel on his four-pack abs.

"Is the knife fixed?" I asked hopeful.

"Yeah. Why don't you boys go back to the tent and check it out while Mags and I... have some alone time." Nate responded with a sly smile.

"Eeewwww. Dad!" Lenny groaned.

"You're ten-years-old, how can you know what I mean?" Uncle Nate asked with a bit of blush.

"Yeah, I'm ten but I'm not stupid!" Lenny groaned frustratedly.

"Je veux voir le couteau. Et je ne suis pas même dans l'humeur." Aunt Mags said. (I want to see the knife. And I'm not even in the mood.)

"What are they saying?" Lenny whispered to me.

"Your mom is not in the mood because there's no news on." I said.

"What's sex got to do with the news?" Lenny asked out loud.

"Your mom likes the news anchor."

"Tyler!" Aunt Mags scolded.

Well, you see, the news anchor is old and balding. I was messing with Lenny. Everyone but Mags laughed.

Me, Lenny, and Aunt Mags walked back to the tent with our towels wrapped around ourselves. Uncle Nate said he'd wait in the water for us to get back.

And the knife looked incredible! Uncle Nate had used sinew to secure the blade to the handle. The blade was no longer sharp over time, but the broken chips made it jagged, so it was still a caution. I grasped the blade with my thumb and finger and tried to wiggle it. But the blade was wedged in there and tied very securely.

"I think I'll name it Leonardo," I said jokingly.

Aunt Mags and Lenny erupted in their shrill laughs that only a woman and a prepubescent boy can laugh.

"There he goes again," Lenny said exasperatedly, bringing back from memory lane. "He's been really weird lately, always getting lost in his head."

"I was just remembering when you found that and gave it to me," I said with a reminiscent smile. "Three years ago, already."

"Two years, eleven months ago," Lenny teasingly corrected.

"Yeah, whatever,"

"'Kay, eat up, Ty," my mom sternly said with a clap of her hands. "We got church soon!"

Church was fine. The only reason I tolerate it is because one of the choir boys is FINE. Don't get me wrong, I am religious. But I believe that the Holy Spirit is all around us and you don't need to be in church for all that. And I'm not so religious I'm a fanatic. The only times I pray are at dinner or in church (to make sure my parents and everyone else know I believe. And I don't go preaching anywhere. I don't preach anything at all. So if I had my way, I'd never go to church but I know I'd still believe.

So the choir boy is named Dean. His light brown hair is curly. Not so curly it forms a fro or anything. It's short and curly. The freckles all over his brows and nose is frikkin adorable! He turned sixteen a few months ago. When he's with the choir he wears the choir dress or robe or whatever it's called. But when the prayers and songs are done, he joins the rest of us socializing. During which, he is no longer the choir thing and dressed casually like everyone else. Slacks and a button-up shirt and tie. His chest seems to have definition, but not bulging. He talks with my brother mostly, sometimes with me.

"Hey, buddy," a boy called behind me.

I turned around. It was John.

"Johnny-boy!" I greeted

"Hey, wanna come over? Wait for Lenny's party at my house. Kevin's coming over after lunch as well," John offered.

"Yeah, sounds good. I just gotta ask my parents."

My parents agreed for me to go with John and his family. John has an older sister who is a teacher somewhere out in another town or city, and an older brother who is in college. His sister's name is Tracey and his brother's name is Chad.

"So, how do you know our JJ?" John's dad asked of me as we drove.

John is actually Johnathan Bradley Forzine, Jr. His dad is Senior. So his family calls John 'JJ'.

I've been friends with John for about three years, and I've met his parents multiple times. They never remember me. I don't take it personal though, because they never remember John's friends. The only one of his friends they remember is Kevin, because they are best friends.

"You guys met the kid years ago," Chad said.

The parents were in the front seat. I was in the backseat with Chad and John, with me in the middle. I was a little excited to be so close to Chad. Our legs touching.

Chad is nineteen-years-old. I don't know what he studies in college. But his semester ended in May. He spent two weeks with his sister and her family before coming back here for the rest of the summer.

Tracey is twenty-six-years-old, their parents got pregnant with her late in their senior year of high school. It must have been hell going to college with a baby, but they managed it. They had Chad seven years after Tracey, then John six years after that.

John's parents are only forty-seven-years-old, why do they forget so many things?

Anyways, back to the car ride. John, Sr. gave an apologetic smile.

"Apparently, we've met. I offer my sincerest apol--" John, Sr. tried to apologize but I cut him off.

"No. It's okay. I stopped taking it personal around the fiftieth time we've met," I said jokingly.

Everyone chuckled at my joke.

"So how are you in school, boy?" John, Sr. asked of me.

"He gets all A's, dad," Chad replied for me, exasperated.

"Apparently I already knew that," John, Sr. said to no one, controlling his frustration at his eldest son.

The car ride got uncomfortably quiet.

"So, Tyler. Do you have a girlfriend?" John's mom, Louise asked.

"No, but Sophie Graham has the biggest crush on him!" John excitedly said, leaving me in a deep chagrin.

"Sophie Graham, huh?" Chad said with a wry smile, congratulating me. " JJ has mentioned a girl by that name that he... carries a flame for."

"But--yes, there is a 'but' here--Ty here, doesn't like her the same," John said in disbelief.

"What!? Why don't you like the Graham girl?" John, Sr. asked with the same disbelief as his Junior.

I inhaled deeply, in thought. "I... don't know. I just... don't," I replied.

"Sophie told her friend Shannon, who told a bunch of people, that Ty has the hots for someone else," John said looking directly at me, silently asking me to confirm.

My face felt as if it had the worst fever it was so hot from embarrassment. My hands and fingers were fidgeting.

"My, my. Does Tyler care to elaborate on that?" John, Sr. asked curiously.

"Now, come on, you guys!" Mrs. Forzine scolded, giving warning looks to her guys. "Leave the poor boy alone. You guys should know better,"

"Now, why should I know better?" Chad asked with a smile.

Mrs. Forzine turned her head to look at her eldest son. She cocked her eyebrows and had a tight-lipped smile. She obviously had something on her boy.

"Oh," Chad said resigned with a deep blush on his cheeks.

"What? What is it?" John asked quite lively.

Louise turned to her youngest child, her baby. "If I tell you Chad's secret, I will have to tell him yours," she said in warning.

"Wha--" John thought a second. "Oh. Never mind." John said losing his smile.

"If I tell you my secret, will you tell me theirs?" I asked Mrs. Forzine. I was just trying to get a rise out of Chad and John.

"NO!" both Chad and John called out.

I laughed quite loudly. And I laughed some more. I stopped when Chad hit me leg with his fist.

"OW! You bitch!" I said rubbing my leg. It hurt but I was smiling because I had gotten in Chad's head.

"Oh! Does your mom know you speak in such tongues?" Mrs. Forzine asked turning in the car seat.

"Umm... no."

The car had made it John's house, pulling into the driveway.

"Lunch will be ready in an hour," Mrs. Forzine said as she walked into the house, John, Sr. and Chad behind her.

"So whaddya wanna do?" John asked as we slowly made our way to the the fence that brings you to their backyard.

"How about..." I said trailing off, not knowing what to suggest.

"You boys wanna play some ball? Two on one," Chad suggested as he came out of the backdoor carrying a black basketball.

John, Sr. had put up a basketball net over the garage door when Chad was barely a teenager.

"Yeah! Chad and me versus Ty!" John exclaimed with a mock villain laugh.

"Pft. Whatever," I said as I pushed John lightly.

The game was a lot of fun. Lots of laughs. Chad was sweating bullets, as were John and I, but Chad had to work harder than we did. John and I still had our slacks on, but we had removed our button-up shirts, so we were wearing our wife-beaters. Chad had changed into track pants and a black tee earlier.

John and I were beating Chad, but not by much. John and I had a score of 39 to Chad's 34. Chad now had the ball. I looked over to John, and he looked different. He had a small smile, despite the apparent exhaustion. I had the feeling he was gonna play dirty. Chad started making his way around the driveway toward the basket. John sprinted the short distance between his brother and himself. John's shoulder collided with Chad's midsection and they both flew to the ground.

"Hey! You cheater!" Chad yelled humorously.

John started tickling his brother's arm pits, sending Chad into fits of laughter. The tickling was getting to be a little much to Chad, so he pushed John away. I ran and jumped on top of Chad and started tickling his ribs. Chad pushed me off himself as well and I landed on my back. I didn't fall hard enough for it to do any sort of damage. Chad stood up, still giggling from the tickle attack he had just received. Then Chad just fell on top of me! Before his body crashed on top of me, he held himself above me with his arms. Then I noticed another pair of arms around his neck. It was then that I realized John had jumped onto his brother's back from behind, causing Chad to fall on top of me.

"Get off me, you dink!" Chad said laughing heartily. We were still looking at each other.

I had the image of me grabbing onto Chad's face and pulling him into a kiss, running my hands all over his college frat boy body.

I raised my hands, almost grabbing his head to kiss him. Then I realized he's straight. Besides, I'm too young for him. So instead, I put my hands under his arms and tickled him. Chad, unable to help it, lost control of his arms and his whole body fell onto mine.

There we lay; crotch touching crotch, stomach on stomach, chest on chest, faces mere inches apart. But I was still tickling his pits. Then I felt hands just below mine. John was tickling his brother's ribs as I tickled his pits.

Chad, having more than enough, rolled onto his back, taking John down with him. John was lying on his back on the grass, trapped under his brother's body. Chad was lying on John, limp, resting, catching his breath.

"Ty," Mrs. Forzine said as she approached us.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"You father called and said he'll be here to pick you up at four o'clock."

I looked at my watch. It was now 12:30pm. "Kay, thanks, Mrs. Forzine."

"Lunch is ready. Chad, get up off your brother, come eat," Louise calmly said. I guess it was normal for the boys to play like that.

Mrs. Forzine had made a vegetable tomato soup with macaroni noodles, along with turkey/swiss sandwiches.

"So, Chad, do you have a girlfriend?" I asked before taking a bite of my sandwich.

"I did. Her name was Lorianne. But we broke up 'cause I wanted to be home for the summer while she wanted me to stay. I didn't realize until then that she was a control freak,"

"Tyler, what do your parents do for a living?" Mrs. Forzine asked.

"His dad owns his own plumbing and heating company while his mom is a psychiatrist or something," Chad responded for me once again.

John, Sr. gave Chad a warning look with a sigh. Chad shrugged his shoulders at his dad.

"My mom is actually a counsellor," I said to try lighten things up.

"What type of counsellor?" John, Sr. asked, breaking eye contact with Chad.

"Mostly couples. But she also counsels children and teens, as well as family groups."

"Fascinating. For whom does she work?" Mrs. Forzine asked, quite curious.

"She also is self-employed. She has an assistant who does both the administrative work as well as janitorial for their little space. My mother rents an office, you see."

"My, my, you talk all grown up. I like that," Mr. Forzine complimented me.

"Yes. Other than his fantastic grades, Ty's other nerdy feature is his speech and vocabulary," John said sarcastically, making fun of me as only friends do. "Goes perfect with his four eyes."

In case I didn't mention this before, my vision is not a perfect 20/20. Yes, I wear eye glasses. Surprisingly, the school jackasses don't bother me too much. It helps that I was friends with some of them not too long ago.

"JJ! You know so much better than to call someone a name like that! Especially a friend of yours!" Mr. Forzine scolded John very sternly.

"Umm, it's fine. We all give each other hard times from time to time. It's quite the norm," I assured Mr. and Mrs. Forzine. Poor John looked worried. "Besides, if I wanted revenge on your JJ, I'd tell you guys that he..." I said trailing off, awaiting a reaction from John.

John was wide-eyed with panic, shaking his head furiously, begging me not to spill his secret.

"What is it!?" Chad asked enthusiastically.

To Be Continued...

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