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'With Arms Outstretched' - Chapter 9

"Can I spend the night here?" Wes asked reluctantly.

"Sure, honey. But is everything okay?" my mom asked.

"No!" Wes began crying. "My dad yelled at me and sent me to my room!"

"Did he hurt you?" my dad asked worriedly.


"Then what's the matter?" my mom asked.

"I got scared!"

"Do you think he could hurt you?" my dad asked.

"I don't know! He found out I'm gay!" Wes cried uncontrollably.

That admission shocked the frick out of me. I was floored. My mind was spinning. I'd zoned out.

I don't know how long I'd been gone in my reverie when I heard my mom suggest, "Why don't you just go join Ty in his room."

I heard Wes' slow footsteps approaching the staircase. I shot up and ran into my bedroom. I needed to make myself look occupied. I went to my closet and pretended to look for clothing. Well, now I was seriously doing it as I needed to get showered and dressed. Wes knocked at my door and timidly came in. His eyes were bloodshot from the crying, but he smiled. I told him that I was gonna jump in the shower and that he could go on my computer. When I got out of the shower and back into my bedroom all fresh and dressed, Lenny was at the computer with Wes.

"You guys looking at porn?" I asked jokingly.

"No!" they both answered a little too quick.

In my suspicion that Wes and Lenny were actually looking at pornography online, I went over to them. They were looking at snowmobiles online. I'd never suspected them to be interested in such a sport.

I pretended to be reading my favourite book (The Giver by Lois Lowry. I know, it's a low reading level. I read it for English in the fourth grade and loved it). So I pretended to be reading the book while Lenny and Wes looked at those snowmobiles. But I was actually thinking about Wes and his sexuality. He told my parents that he knows he's gay. I, myself had told my parents about my own sexuality nearly two weeks preceding. Sure, I'd found Wes to be cute. His curly blonde hair was nice. I'd never really noticed his blue eyes before. I mean I knew his eyes were blue, but I never thought of Wes as anything more than a friend. But now that I know he's gay, like me, can I think of Wes as a boyfriend? He's got his looks, he's sexy. But then I'm in love with Lenny. But who am I kidding? Lenny is straight. Even if Lenny were gay, or at least bi, would he see me as somebody good enough for him? Would he think of me as a brother as he always had? But then I remember he's straight.

Leonard Alexander Joss is straight!

"How many times are you gonna read that book?" Lenny asked jokingly, bringing me out of my thoughts again.

I placed the book back on my bedside table. Lenny sat on the bed in front of me me. Wes was still on my computer.

"Hey," Lenny said softly, "where were you all day? I tried calling."

"Umm... drama," I answered meekly.

"Is everything okay? Wanna talk about it?"

"Everything's good. And I can talk about it tomorrow with that frickin' Dr. Remon!" I answered heatedly.

"Your mom?" Lenny asked about my mom making the appointment with Dr. Remon.

"So Wes says he has to spend the night here?"

As if to answer Lenny's question, my mom came into my room and asked Wes, "Would you like to sleep in here with Ty or by yourself in the guest room?"

Wes looked to me for an answer.

"That is totally your call," I pronounced.

"I'll take the guest room, thanks," Wes answered my mom shyly.

"Okay. Would either you boys like something to eat? Ty had breakfast not one hour ago."

"Breakfast?" Lenny asked skeptically. "It's six-thirty in the evening!"

"There was a... dispute last night. Ty slept seventeen hours last night. He woke up around five o'clock today!"

Lenny and Wes looked at me with concern.

"I'm fine!" I declared before either could ask anything.

"Votre ami est--" my mom began, glancing at Wes sitting at my computer. (Your friend is--)

"J'ai entendu ce qui a été parlé." I said cuttting my mom off. (I know what was spoken.)

My mom cocked an eyebrow at me. She was silently asking me if I had been eavesdropping.

"Je ne veux pas les deux de vous--" my mom began again. (I do not want the both of you--)

"Je ne suis pas attiré!" I near shouted cutting my mom off again. (I am not attracted!)

"What you guys saying?" Wes asked worriedly. My guess is that he was worried my mom was spilling his beans.

If you did not guess or it did not occur to you. Wes doesn't understand French as well.

"Pourquoi pas?" my mom asked astounded. (Why not?)

"Je suis dans l'amour avec quelqu'un d'autre." I answered confidently. (I am in love with someone else.)

My mom glanced at Lenny sitting beside me. Both Wes and Lenny noticed it but it looked like they didn't know what it meant. I, of course, knew my mom was asking if it was Lenny I liked in that fashion. I nodded my head up and down. My cheeks burned with embarrassment.

"Il ne pourrait pas être--" my mom began AGAIN. (He might not be--)

"Je sais qu'il n'est pas comme moi!" I nearly shouted cutting my mom off again. (I know he is not like me!)

"Protégez votre coeur." my mom said tenderly. (Protect your heart.)

I nodded slowly.

"What was that about?" Lenny asked when my mom left my room.

"Mindya own damn business!" I exclaimed in my best gangsta accent.

"That wasn't about me was it?" Wes asked fretfully.

"No. It was... family stuff," I lied.

My mom came back into my room.

"I forgot. If you boys want something to eat, then just dig around in the kitchen. Help yourselves to whatever," and she was gone again.

Wes was starving, so we went into the kitchen. Wes fixed himself a ham sandwich. Lenny just ate a couple peanut butter cookies. While they ate, I sat at the island actually reading The Giver.

That night, Lenny ended up sleeping over. Without letting anybody else know. My parents had been asleep when Lenny announced he'd be spending the night. So were his parents. With a 'fuck it' attitude, Lenny decided he would camp at my house. And Wes slept in the guest bedroom. Lenny and I did ask Wes if he wanted to sleep in my bed with Lenny and me, but he declined. I didn't fall asleep quickly. I kept thinking about Wes and his admission to being gay. I kept thinking about approaching him about my sexuality. But I was in love with Lenny. But Lenny is not gay. Even if Lenny was gay, there is a chance he would not be interested in me. If I did approach Wes, then to me, I'd be settling for Wes.

The next morning, Aunt Mags called our house to confirm that Lenny had spent the night here. Of course, just my parents had been awake at that time. Us boys were still asleep. My mom said Mags didn't sound concerned.

Don't get the wrong idea, Lenny and I have spent the night at the other's place without notifying our respective parents, so this was nothing new.

But Mags did sound pissed.

Yeah, our parents told us that we have to notify our respective parents when doing this. Or at least leave a note or a phone message.

That morning, I awoke to find myself very close to Lenny's body. My chest was nearly touching his back. We were nearly spooning. I found this very erotic. Very Sexy. Then I thought about the implications this could have if Lenny woke to find us in this position. He hate me for a really long time. And then he'd never wanna be friends again. He'd probably never wanna see me again. I rolled over onto my other side, right at the edge of the bed. The movement of the bed made Lenny grumble something. I checked the time on the clock sitting on my bedside table. It read '09:02AM'.

"You okay?" Lenny asked disorientedly.

"Yeah, sorry I woke you."

"Mmm. S'okay. You never move in bed."

'I never move in bed?' I thought to myself. 'He notices these things? Well duh! We spend so much time together.'

"I said I was sorry," I complained.

"No. S'not that. I was just checking. Now go back to sleep. It's too damn early!"

Lenny and I fell back asleep instantly.

"BOYS! PANCAKES ARE DONE!" my mom called from the kitchen.

I looked to my clock again. '01:29PM'. Neither Lenny nor I made a move to get up. We were both still tired. I heard my bedroom door open.

"I'm not going down there by myself," Wes complained, sounding groggy.

"Wanna bet?" Lenny threatened, his face nearly buried in his pillow.

I sat up with my legs over the edge of the bed and rubbed my eyes. I then grabbed my glasses, put them on, turned slightly and whacked Lenny's underwear-clad ass.

"OW!" Lenny screamed.

"Get up!" I commanded. "You know you hate it when my mom's pancakes cool!"

"You didn't have to hit me if you just reminded me that!" Lenny bitched while rubbing his ass.

"I know," I said nonchalantly while looking for my clothes strewn across my bedroom floor. "But that was so much more effective."

Lenny got up and slugged me on my right pec. Or whatever pec an average thirteen-year-old could have.

Shortly after breakfast, while Lenny, Wes and I were sitting on the sofa watching TV, the phone rang. Curtis answered the phone and called to Wes that it was for him. Wes' eyes showed fear and uncertainty. Curtis told Wes he could take the cordless phone into a private room. Wes did just that. Two minutes later, Wes came down and said he was gonna take a shower if it was alright with us. His voice was hoarse with negative emotion. Within twenty minutes, Wes was gone.

"So what happened to that boy?" Curtis asked in a monotone.

"I don't know," I lied. "Mom and dad didn't say anything to me. Must have been something big."

Just then, Denise and Byron walked through the front door, tailed by my parents. Everybody greeted each other and everybody sat at the sofas.

"I hope you didn't tell any of the family about me yet," I said a little worried.

"No. We thought you'd want to tell them yourself," Byron affirmed.

"So what were--" Curtis began to ask of the twins.

"How are you, Lenny?" Denise asked of Lenny, clearly planning to ignore Curtis.

Lenny looked at everybody unsurely. But he replied, "I'm doing awesome," a little awkwardly.

"What were you two--" Curtis asked of the twins again.

"Ty, what happened to your other friend? Your mom said you had two friends over?" Byron asked, cutting Curtis off.

"His parents called. They wanted him home," I answered.

"What's your problem!?" Curtis demanded. "Oh, you're still mad about Ty!"

"Pouvez-vous nous blâmer?" Denise also demanded. (Can you blame us?)

"Mais il m'a pardonné!" Curtis complained. (But he forgave me!)

"Vous avez été censé être son frère!" Byron chimed in. (You were supposed to be his brother!)

Curtis looked confused, so he responded with, "Je suis son frère." (I am his brother.)

"Dans ici," my mom said pointing at her heart.

Once again, Curtis' eyes pooled with tears. He walked up to me and pulled me into a hug.

"Je t'aime beaucou, jeune frère." Curtis said earnestly. (I love you so much, little brother.)

"Ditto," I said back with a giggle.

Curtis and I sat back down. A silence fell upon us all. My dad grabbed my mom's hand, a loving gesture. Denise grabbed Byron's hand, I different loving gesture.

"Do you how we used to treat your uncle Peter before he found out he's got D.I.D.?" my mom asked to no one in particular.

My uncle Peter, one of my mom's siblings, had Dissociative Identity Disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder. He was diagnosed with it when he was in college. He has just one alter, he's a painter named Claude. But my uncle Peter is really a web designer.

"You guys started treating him differently when you learned?" Curtis asked astonished.

"NO!" my mom cried. "We didn't treat him any different than the rest of us. We all treated him like a regular person. Because Peter is a regular person, just with a condition. He can't help who he is. Just like Ty."

"YOU HAVE D.I.D.!?" Lenny asked fearful. "What's D.I.D.?"

"D.I.D. is commonly referred to as multiple personality disorder," Denise informed Lenny.

Lenny looked at me worried.

"I don't have D.I.D." I enlightened.

"Then what's going on?" Lenny asked perplexed.

Curtis was just about to blurt out my secret.

"You say anything and you're buying your own car when you get your license!" my dad nearly shouted.

I looked at Lenny and smiled. "Maybe someday I'll tell you."

Denise whistled once to get Lenny's attention. "Vous ne parlez pas français," she said to him. (You do not speak French.)

"What?" Lenny asked puzzled.

"Wow," Denise said amazed, "that is really convenient."

"I know, right?" my mom squealed.

"What are you talking about?" Lenny asked on the edge of frustration.

"They're saying it's easy on us that you can't understand what's being discussed," I answered Lenny. "We don't have to watch what we say when you're around, as long as we speak French."

"Umm... glad I could help," Lenny joked.

"So then what are you guys doing here?" Curtis asked Denise and Byron.

"We came to see if you wanted to go swimming," Byron replied.

"But you said--"

"You deserved it," Denise cut Curtis off.

Curtis went to his room to get his stuff for swimming. Byron asked if either me or Lenny were interested in swimming with them. I declined, so did Lenny.

That night, I was woken up by movement of my bed. Somebody was climbing in bed with me.

"Sorry, did I wake you?" a young teenage boy's voice said. I recognized that voice.

"Hey, Nicky. You okay?" I asked groggily.

"They're drunk and loud," Nick said back, referring to his parents.

"Okay. What time is it?"

"Umm... just after five. Ty?"


"Never mind. Good night."

"Hey now, just ask."

"Can I... hug you?"

"As long as I don't have to get up."

Nick scooted over and pressed his naked chest to my naked chest. To my surprise, I didn't find this arousing. It was nice and warm and loving, I guess, but it was not erotic. It was more brotherly. So then Nick laid an arm around my arm that was facing the ceiling, and laid his head atop the side of my head. I noticed wetness of Nick's face. He had been crying. I wrapped an arm around his body. We held for a few seconds.

"Should I stop?" Nick asked in whisper.

"Stop whenever you feel like it," I replied just shy of consciouslessness. (it's not a word but it makes sense to me LOL)

Sleep took me over seconds later. Nick and I were still in our embrace.

"Ty, wake up!" my mom said loudly as she came through my bedroom door. "Oh! Nicky!" she startled seeing Nick.

"Hey, Mrs. B, sorry..." Nick trailed.

"No, you never have to apologize. Ty, I said to wake up!"

I was awake, but I didn't feel like moving. I didn't even feel like opening my eyes. But I did, to get my mom out of my bedroom.

"Why are you not at work?" I asked a little groggy as I sat up in bed.

"I'm on my lunch break and thought I'd come get you and your brother up. It's just about one in the afternoon," my mom informed me as she retreated my room.

"Sorry about last night," Nick said shamefully as I put my glasses on.

"Eh, don't be, it's perfectly fine."

"So what's on the agenda for today?"

"Umm, why don't we call Noah after breakfast? I haven't seen him a few days."

"So whatcha doin today?" Curtis asked me.

"Ooooh, I almost forgot I was gonna call Noah. Thanks for reminding me," I said reaching for my cell phone. "What have you got planned?"

"A bunch of us decided last night that we'd go hang at the park. Toss a ball around (football), sunbathe, just kick back," Curtis responded as I waited for Noah to pick up his phone.

"Hello" Noah said into the phone.


"This is Noah. I don't feel like talking to you right now, so leave a message," it was his voicemail. Then the beep.

"It's Ty, call me back."

As I was drying off after my shower, I heard my phone ringing. I wrapped the towel around my waist and ran into my bedroom.

"Noah?" I answered my cell.


"Hey. You doing anything today?"

"No. Wanna come over?"

"Yeah, Nick is with me."

My mom had dropped Nick and I off at Noah's house on her way back to work. Noah was still only wearing his boxers. Mrs. Statt, Noah's mom, had scolded him to put something on. During the day at Noah's, we three just hung out in Noah's room and shot the breeze some. When we got bored, Noah whipped out his old Nintendo 64 system from their attic and hooked it up to his TV after removing the Nintendo GameCube. We played a classic, Mario Kart 64 before switching to Super Smash Brothers. It was good to play the old games.

"Hey, mom says to clean your room or you're grounded," Delia, Noah's sister said from the doorway.

"I guess that's our cue to leave," I said humorously.

"Yeah, okay. It was good hanging with you," Noah said as he turned his game system off.

It'd been a week since I was at Noah's when my dad asked us if we wanted to go camping over the weekend. We readily agreed. My mom had said that Mags and Nate agreed for them to take Lenny with us. Both my parents said that they could get off of work early on Friday so we could get to the site before sun down.

On the two hour drive, Lenny, Curtis and I talked and laughed.

"Did you tell Lenny?" Curtis whispered in my ear.

"No," I whispered back.

"Do you plan to?" Curtis whispered again.

"Someday," I said impatiently, but it wasn't a whisper.

"Someday what?" Lenny asked.

"Umm, nothing," I said dismissively.

"Est-il au sujet de vous-même?" my dad asked from the wheel. (Is it about yourself?)

"Oui," I replied to my dad unemotionally.

"I really need to learn French," Lenny said. I don't know if he was joking or if he was serious.

"Tôt ou tard vous devrez leur dire," my said softly from the passenger seat. (Sooner or later you will have to tell them.)

"Rien mauvais ne se produira," Curtis told me confidently. (Nothing bad will happen.)

"La voie vous--" I began but caught it. And Curtis looked hurt. "Vous ne savez pas cela." (The way you-- You don't know that.)

"Can I get in the loop here?" Lenny asked.

"Ty is in a dilemma and he won't let anyone help him," Curtis spoke.

"I will not not let anyone help me!" I said in frustration.

"Will you let your family help?" Curtis asked.


"Will you let any of your relatives help?"


"Will let any of your friends help?"


"Will you let any of mom and dad's friends help?"


"Will you let a doctor help?"

"Doctor!?" Lenny asked concerned.

"He means like a therapist or a shrink," I enlightened Lenny. "And no."

"There you go! You won't let anyone help you!" Curtis drove his point home.

"Your brother has a point, Ty," my mom said softly.

"I'll think about it," I said quietly. "And I will not see that Dr. Remon again! Nor any other therapist, shrink, counsellor, psychiatrist... none of those!"

"Well we're here to help if you need it, my boy," my dad smiled in the rear-view mirror.

"I know. Can we have a fun weekend?" I asked excitedly.

"That is on the program."

The sun was just about to set when my dad parked the car in the clearing before the bush. We all had backpacks full of our camping stuff strapped to our shoulders as we hiked the rest of the way to our camping spot. My dad and brother even carried small boxes and bags in hand filled with food and drinks.

As soon as we reached the spot, my dad and brother started pitching the two tents. We always brought two tents. One for my parents, the other for the boys. My mom started gathering wood from within sight. She kindly asked Lenny and me to go further into the woods to look for more fire wood.

"I'm here for you," Lenny said warmly as we were bending down to pick up wood.

"What?" I asked a little lost.

"You seem to be going through something. I'm here for you."

"I seem to be going through something?"

"You've been different... and don't tell me otherwise cuz I know you! You guys talking French, Curt almost spilling the beans, your dad scolding him for it. It's something big, I can tell that much. But I won't pry."

"When I'm done... thinking it all through, you will be the first person I turn to."

"Good. I'm already jealous of the fact that you told your family before telling me." Lenny complained with a laugh.

"I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. But I had to know how they'd react to-- I had to know how they would react. If they could react badly, how will everyone else be?"

"Ty, not everybody--"

"I know. I know," I sighed. "They are my family. My blood. They know and are somewhat okay. I'm just scared. If I die--"

"It's terminal!?" Lenny screamed, cutting me off.

"No! If I die before telling at least my friends, I'll die filled with regret."

"Such heavy matters for such young folk," my dad interjected as he approached, his arms filled with wood.

"Uncle Adam?" Lenny asked of my dad. "This thing with Ty, should I be worried?"

"No," my dad said to Lenny. He turned to me and said "Ne prenez pas votre temps. Mais quand vous êtes prêt." (Do not take your time. But when you are ready.)

I sighed softly and said to my dad. "Je sais. Je vais le faire. Tous en temps utile." (I know. I will. All in good time.)

Lenny muttered something under his breath.

"What was that, now?" I asked smartily to Lenny.

"You tell me what you said and I'll tell you what I said," Lenny offered.

Neither I nor my dad replied to Lenny.

"Mmm, I thought so," Lenny said mischievously as he picked one more small log. "Bitch," he finished as he walked past me.

I hooked my foot and Lenny's as he took a step, causing him to stumble and drop the wood.

"You better pick those up," Lenny seethed through clenched teeth, "bitch."

"Or what?" I challenged.

Lenny swiftly threw his hand up from under the wood I was carrying in both arms, causing them to fly upward and around.

"Or I might do that," Lenny cockily said back.

Lenny and I looked into each other's eyes. Both seething anger. Mock anger that is. Out of nowhere, I playfully slapped Lenny's face. Lenny immediately responded by tackling me to the ground. I landed on my side, my right arm under me. The tiny rocks crunched together as my weight, as well as Lenny's fell atop them. There was pain. Not pain so bad I screamed. I gasped in shock. Lenny's face read that he was regretful, fearful and ashamed. I looked at my arm and it had little cuts from the rocks. I touched a cut lightly. I stung.

"I'm ssoooo sorry! I didn't mean to be so rough! Ty, I'm sorry," Lenny rambled.


"I know! I'm so sorry! God! Fuck! I'm sorry!"

"You tore my shirt!" I joked.

Lenny and I looked at each other for a life time. Lenny looked unsure. When he realized I wasn't in that much pain and I was joking, we both busted up laughing. Yeah, it hurt. But we've hurt each other worse growing up.

"So..." Lenny was catching his breath from the laughing fit, "are you alright? Are you sure?"

"Yeah! This was nothing!" I replied but Lenny still looked unsure. "These are just tiny scratches! Remember when I broke my arm?"

"Yeah. We were playing tag on the playground."

"I wasn't watching where I was going. We were playing then and we were playing now!"

"Don't worry about it, kid," my dad assured. "Just some wash and Band-Aid will fix it!"

Lenny relaxed. We picked up our piles of wood and walked back to the camp site. Once there, my dad grabbed the first-aid kit. He washed my cuts and bandaged them. I had been hoping to swim, but it was too dark and the temperatures continuously dropped. Curtis had been fishing in the lake while the rest of the 'men' gathered wood. He had caught two nice-sized trout.

"We're having trout for supper!" my mom said in excitement.

My mom likes eating freshly caught fish when camping.

My dad had offered to teach us boys how to fillet a fish. I knew right off the bat that I would never keep that in my brain. I tend to do that. I all up for reeling in the fish, or shooting at deer, but when it comes to preparing them and shit, I never am able to retain that information. But I try. It makes me happy to at least attempt to learn. And it thrills my dad to teach this stuff to his sons.

"Ty, you don't--" my dad began but he realized Lenny was around. "Vous ne faites pas devez si vous n'êtes pas intéressé," he said kindly. (You don't have to if you're not interested.)

"J'ai été toujours intéressé," I said kindly back. "Il juste ne reste pas dedans ici," I finished with a chuckle pointing to my temple. (I was always interested. It just doesn't remain in here.)

I don't remember what exactly my dad said as he slowly showed us how to cut the fish. I do remember hearing words like 'here' and 'bones' and 'gills' and 'skin'.

My mom sprinkled lemon pepper atop the filleted fish and roasted them above the fire and wire racks. God, if you haven't ever had any kind of fish cooked with lemon pepper, you gotta try it. It's not gourmet stuff, but it's delicious.

The next day, we were swimming in the early afternoon. All of us. It was great. My parents played all lovey-dovey in the lake, giggling away like little kids. Curtis just swam freely, going further out into the lake then coming back. Lenny was in the shallower part staying under water. He was trying to get himself used to being without oxygen for longer periods of time. I, however, was just lying on the surface of the water. I was thinking about my fellow gay man, Scott. Scott Zanders, Nick's cousin. Sure, Scott is hot, but I wasn't crushing on him. It's just been a while since I last saw him. I was wondering how he was doing.

For supper that night, we roasted hotdogs, then made s'mores.

I woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare. It was the most terrifying nightmare I had. I dreamt I had a wife and children! I didn't shoot up awake. No, I just opened my eyes from the dream. I awoke to find my head resting on Lenny's forearm. I laid there frozen, unable to think about what to do. I just laid there on Lenny's arm, looking up at his gorgeous sleeping face. I finally was able to slowly lift my head and turn over in the blanket.

"Mmm, come back," Lenny said just as I was turning over.

I didn't know if he was sleeping or if I had woken him. Before I knew it, Lenny spooned me from behind and wrapped an arm around my waist. I was in heaven's heaven.

I just realized I am very comfortable with my sexuality. I just woke from a dream about being straight. I was just woken from a nightmare about being hetero. Here I am, cuddling with the straight guy I fell in love with. I am being spooned by the guy I've always loved. were the last thoughts in my head before I fell back into my nocturnal slumber.

The next morning, I woke to the sound of my mom giggling and softly moaning. Frikkin gross!

"OH, MY GOD!" Curtis screamed.

My mom's 'noises' immediately came to a halt.

"What time is it?" Lenny asked in his sleepy stupor.

"9:13" was all of Curtis' answer.

The three of us just laid in the blanket, too tired to move, yet unable to fall back into sleep.

I heard my parents' tent unzip and they stepped out. My dad whispered something to my mom, which incited more giggles from her.

"Boys, we're leaving here at three this afternoon!" my dad called. "So get your butts out here!"

Neither of us boys made an immediate move.

Curtis groaned as he stood up. The blanket fell of his nearly naked body. There he stood, in his tightie-whities. I'm not attracted to Curtis, but I do know a great body when I see one.

My mom cooked bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast. After eating, we all took one last splash in the lake.

To Be Continued...


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