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So it’s three days before Christmas. The four of us are out having a snowball fight, the first one since last winter. It hasn’t snowed this winter yet, so we decided to take advantage of it. Probably seems weird, four high school guys playing snowball fight, but hey, we’re all four a bit weird.

I’m Kale. Yeah, weird name. But I fit it. I have curly dark-brown hair, brown eyes, and I’m the furriest of us. I got pubes first, and chest hair, and underarm hair before any of the other guys. I’m not the biggest, sort of small, but puberty hit me first of us. I have hair on my legs and arms, too. I was the first to shoot when we beat off together. Maybe that’s because I’m the gay one and I enjoyed it more than the other guys. So I thought.

Dan is the most normal, I guess. All blond and athletic and studly. Kind of muscular, but not much. He’s on the swim team, and will probably have a girlfriend soon. Deep brown eyes and really thin blond eyebrows. He’s the smallest, even shorter than me. And he got pubes and came the last, too.

Freddie is also blond, and thin, and sort of muscly. He’s also on the swim team. He’s about average in height in our class. He’s got this fuzzy, golden hair all over his arms and legs. It’s a bit longer on his chest. He has a girlfriend, sort of. He’d gotten some hand-jobs and a couple blow-jobs he told us about. We didn’t believe him at first, but we do now. He’s got the neatest green eyes ever. Not to mention an ass that melts asphalt. He’s the tallest, and has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen, even in gym class. We measured it at six and half inches the summer before we started high school, and he barely had pubes then. It’s skinny though for that long, and kind of bends to his left and upward. Nice sack and balls! Wow! Big ones that really hung, even then.

Mitch is the dorky one. He’s got red hair, but his whole body is so smooth you’d think he isn’t in puberty yet. Except he’s got a nice long, thick dick. Small balls and a pink sack. He’s skinny and tall, and the only color on him other than pink and white is his freckles, which are all over him. And he’s got ice-blue eyes, and the reddest lips you’ve ever seen.

Yeah, I know how they’re all built, and exactly what they look like naked. We’ve all been friends since we started kindergarten. We all live on the same block, and we spend every second we can together. The four musketeers.

We took baths together since we were little kids. We’ve changed clothes in front of each other. We’ve experimented with each other dozens of times. I’ve had all their dicks in my mouth, and I’ve had my dick in all their mouths. We even jerked each other off a few times back in the day, before any of us came or had pubes. I fucking loved it! The playing around naked has kind of slowed down since puberty, and since we started high school we’ve sort of not done anything together, just some show and tell to brag about sizes and for laughs.

So, three days before Christmas, it snowed like a bitch. Finally. We haven’t had a good snowball fight in over a year, so we’re outside making up for it. We all live close, the same big block in the same subdivision, so we all have big backyards, but mine backs on the woods at the end of the subdivision, so my yard is the de-facto place to go do such things. We’re running around in the trees, like since we were kids, throwing snowballs and laughing our asses off. Dan was actually staying over all night. His parents were out of town until tomorrow night.

“Kale!” my mom yells.

“What?” I scream back.

“You dad and I are going to do the last of the shopping. We’re going to go out and eat after. You want to come?”


“Okay. We’ll be back in a few hours. Probably after dark.”


We go back to the snowball fight until we’re tired and our nuts are freezing off.

“Need to warm up,” Mitch says.

He’s the wimp when it comes to cold or hot. We’re all cold and wet, though, so there’s no argument. We walk back to my house, and just as we get to the back door, Dan says. “Hey, guys. Remember you wanted me to sneak one of my bro’s joints?”

“Yeah?” some of us say.

He digs in his pocket, and sure enough, takes out a little baggie that has several joints in it.

“I was gonna just sneak one, but I asked. He gave me these and said have a blast. They’re the good stuff he paid tons for, so now I sorta owe him, but I think it’ll be worth it.”

“Holy shit,” Mitch says, his mouth wide open.

We’re all kind of shocked. We’d talked about trying it a few times, but lately, we’ve talked about it more and more. Dan’s older brother is a huge pot-head, and barely graduated last year. He still lives at home, works for the lumber yard and makes pretty good dough. I’d always sort of looked up at him as a sort of tough-guy hero.

“I thought we’d smoke ᾽em out here,” Dan says, opening the baggie.

“Yeah, no way we’re gonna in the house, even if my parents are gone all night. They’ll smell it for sure,” I agree.

Dan hands them out to us, and we all sort of look at them. I’ve wanted to try pot for ages, but now that I had a joint in my hands I wasn’t so sure.

We sit on the furniture on the back porch. Dan pulls out a lighter. He looks at the joint, like we all do. I feel like I’m about to get into trouble. I’ve felt that enough in the past, especially doing stuff with the guys. We’ve never got into real trouble, or done anything really wrong, but we’ve been yelled at enough for stupid stuff.

“Going to, or just going to look at it?” Freddie asks.

He’s usually the instigator, as my folks called it.

Dan gets his ᾽brave-ass dude’ face on, and flicks the lighter.

“Hurry up, I’m freezing,” Mitch groans.

Dan puts the flame to the end of his joint and inhales. He coughs like mad, and we all laugh. He passes the lighter. I’m last. It tastes like shit. It burns. I cough, like everyone else. None of us are going to chicken out. We get better at it. We know to hold the smoke in as long as we can. By the time half our joints are smoked, we’re not coughing out our guts any more. But we are laughing ourselves into fits.

When the joints are too small to hold onto anymore, we put them out on our tongues and hand them to Dan, who puts them into the baggie. We’re all like... stoned. It’s funny as hell. I feel like I’m in thick syrup. But enjoy it. I’m happy. And horny. And... I just feel great.

“Let’s go in and warm up,” Mitch says. “I’m thirsty as a mother-fucker.”

We go inside and take off coats and shoes. We go to the kitchen to get drinks.

“No food. Bro says it’ll ruin the buzz. Fight the munchies until the buzz starts to weaken at least.”

We down the drinks pretty fast. I’m so horny I could offer to blow them all right then. I even consider it. I even daydream about it. I notice we’re all zoned. Giggling at times. They all look happy and... spaced out. This is really pretty fun.

“I’m fucking soaked,” Freddie groans. He pulls his shirt away from his chest. “Anyone else?”

We all are, right to our underwear.

Then I got an idea.

“Take off your wet stuff,” I say. “The laundry room is right there, and I’ve got extra sweats and shit up in my room.”

We go to the laundry room and strip. Fucking hot! I have to fight not to bone up as I try not to get seen watching them strip.

“Throw whites in a pile here, and colors in the machine, and I”ll wash ᾽em and dry ᾽em.”

Pretty quick, we’re all naked. Fucking hot sight, I got to say. I’m gonna bone up any second, but I keep willing it to not bone, and think about boring stuff.

“Sweats are in the third drawer of my dresser,” I say, nodding upward.

They head upstairs. There’s no way I can handle their underwear and not check them out. I mean, come on, right? Dan wears briefs, the only of us who still does but me. Today they’re blue with white piping. They smell so spicy and musky, all damp with his crotch sweat. Freddie’s and Mitch’s boxers aren’t as interesting, other than their smells. I swear, Mitch’s smell like he blew a wad in them while we played outside. I know the smell of spunk, and I swear, his boxers smell like drying cum. Man, does that give me wood!

After I start the load in the washer, and get my boner to go down to something like a normal dick, I go back to my room. Freddie is standing there in all his glory, still naked, totally boned up, and showing it off.

“How did it get even longer?” Mitch asks.

“I’m a sex god,” Freddie says, and laughs, making his boner bounce up and down.

God damn! He’s gotten even hotter since the last time I saw his naked body. He’s toned up some, and gotten stronger, and his dick sure has gotten bigger. It has to be a full eight inches, at least.

“I’ve got that caliper still,” I say, all hopeful.

“Get it,” Dan says. “I wanna see if I’ve passed seven yet.”

He’s hard, too. They all are. And I’ve exploded to full mast in mere seconds.

The guys line up, like old times, and I grab the calipers out of my desk. I play official, and get on my knees.

Dan is all blond and athletic. He’s got some muscles, but not much. He’s the smoothest now, his blond hair barely showing up against his skin, and the smallest, still. He’s about two inches shorter than me, in height, and he’s just a little skinnier than me. He steps up in front of me and waggles his prick, laughing.

“Been a long time since we did this,” he says, still laughing.

I want to grab his dick, but they always held their own while I measured it. Now he’s got a nice thick set of pubes, all sandy-dark-blond. Dan’s dick is so straight and like a picture-perfect shape. The shaft is almost perfectly round, just a bulge below where the tube runs along it. It’s white for most of it, but gets all pink toward the head where the circumcision scar is. Then he has the most picture-perfect head. I mean, it could be right out of a medical book. The edges turn up just a little bit. The hole in the end is at the very tip, and slightly oval, tightly closed. His balls are nicely sized, but the sack is all tight and wrinkly from the cold. I put the caliper against his pubes, making sure they’re up against his skin there, and turn the dial.

“Five inches and five-eighths.”

“Not even six?” he asks.

“Don’t worry, you still got a couple years to grow in,” Freddie says, laughing.

“Fuck you,” Dan laughs, and flips him off.

Freddie steps up. He’s also blond, and thin, and sort of muscly. He’s about average in height in our class. That fuzzy, golden hair all over his arms and legs has gotten thicker. It’s really filled in on his chest. He’s still the tallest. His balls look to be the biggest now. They hang down a little, but the cold still has them up tight, and it’s obvious they are really big in there. He wiggles his dick at me, then holds it still. It was six and half inches the summer before we started high school, but it’s fucking huge now. It’s skinny still, and bends to his left and upward quite a bit. His circumcision scar is kind of short, and really dark. His head is fat and rounded, the edges kind of prominent and protruding, and the hole in the end is just above the tip, almost on top. I put the calipers into his pubes, against his skin, and spin the little dial to spread the calipers open some more. And some more. A lot.

“Eight inches and three-eighths.”

“Monster!” Mitch says behind him.

Freddie laughs and says, “Don’t be too jealous, little boy,” as he steps out of line and Mitch takes his place in front of me.

Mitch’s red hair is invisible all over him, but his pubes are bright red and thick. His body is still really smooth. His sack is up really tight, and its so pink it’s amazing. Almost red. His dick is pale, like the rest of him, but his uncircumcised head is long under the skin. And when he rolls the skin back, his head is all pink and shiny. So long! It’s like a quarter of his entire dick length. Not really, it just seems so. The top of his head goes back so much further than the short underside, it’s pretty much amazing. The edges are soft and almost don’t exist instead of any kind of curled or rolled up. I put the calipers into his pubes against his skin, and measure his pale and pink dick.

“Six and three-quarters.”

“Not bad for a little boy,” Freddie laughs.

“Fuck you, mutant,” Mitch says, flipping him off.

Now, most of the guys have measured me, sort of taking turns. I wonder who’s going to volunteer. It was usually Mitch, because he got the crap picks and such when we were younger. But this time, Mitch holds his hand out and waits for me to give him the calipers. I hand them over and get to my feet.

I look down my front, seeing my furry treasure trail over my slightly tanned stomach, and the patch of brown pubes, and my skinny dork sticking out. I know it’s just over six inches, but I’m more than willing to let someone measure it.

Mitch gets to his knees, puts the calipers against my pubes, and turns the dial.

“Six and three-eighths.”

“So Dan’s the smallest boy in the room,” Freddie says.

“So get on your knees and suck it,” Dan says back.

“Why?” Freddie asks. “I’m the biggest, you all should worship at the shrine of the Great Fred and suck mine.”

“Nobody could suck that, they’d gag to death,” Mitch says, laughing.

“Just the tip,” Freddie says. “Though you might gag to death when I blow my massive wad down your throat.”

“I bet you don’t shoot enough to gag a bird,” Dan says back.

“Wrong,” Freddie says. “I can shoot enough to gag an elephant.”

“Kale can probably still out-cum you,” Mitch says. “He came the first, and always the most.”

Not bragging here, but I really did. First, and most. But that was when Mitch still had no pubes, and Dan was barely shooting anything at all. And I barely outdid Freddie most of the time.

“Still blow those huge wads?” Freddie asked me.

I felt my face go really hot. I knew I was blushing. I tried not to smile really big when I nodded. I also tried not to stare at the naked boners standing around me. I mean, I loved this shit. I really didn’t want my friends to know I did. Let alone that I was a homo.

I sort of felt the air shift. Or something. As we all stood there, boned up, looking at each other. It had been over a year since we’d done anything this sexy together. But I felt that electricity in the air again. They all giggled and looked around at each other, dicks in hands.

“Last one to shoot is the slave?” Freddie asked.

We started beating off. I was standing next to Dan and Mitch, and Freddie was across from me. We were all watching each other. I always watched them back when we did this stuff. Sometimes they would have their eyes closed, sometimes they looked around. Today they all looked around at each other, grinning and laughing and stoned. And man, was it hot!

“Let’s see who shoots most,” Dan said.

“Or the farthest,” Mitch asked.

“Stand next to the bed,” Freddie said. “And only last to cum counts for slave.”

Dan argued, “Last to cum is slave for the guy who shoots farthest. Guy who cums least is slave for who cums most.”

We’d usually beat off next to my bed back in the day, to see if anyone shot anything. I never told any of them that I’d be careful to keep the soiled blanket aside so I could smell and touch any remains on it later. This time, I hoped there would be four sets of remains on it. That would be a first.

Mitch was so noisy! His foreskin made this loud, wet noise as he jerked off. I could even smell him. Something from him. Dan was beating it like his life depended on it. So fast his hand was a blur. Freddie was rubbing his big dick really hard but not so fast, sort of twisting his fist around it too.

But I could smell Mitch. A musky, drying-cum kind of smell. I loved it. It really got me off. In less than a couple of minutes, I was shooting my wad right up against the wall on the other side of my bed. The first shot hit the wall, anyway. I barely kept from groaning out really loud. Barely. I think I shot about eight or nine times, and left a trail of white stings of cum across my bed.

“Fucking nice one!” Dan said. “But watch this!”

He stroked a few more times, then sort of groaned, then held his hand steady on his dick for what seemed a long time. Then a drop sort of dripped out, and he stroked his dick, and then another drop, and then a long string of jizz shot out halfway to the wall. Then he shot a thin string of cum that landed just under his dick and hand. I think more sort of oozed out, but not much.

“Not as much or as far as Kale,” Freddie pronounced unnecessarily. “Not very much at all, really.”

“I fucked up!” Dan said. “I tried to build up a ton of pressure, but waited too long, man. Fuck.”

Freddie and Mitch kept stroking. I went back and forth watching. I noticed Dan did too. And Dan and I kept playing with our wet, sticky pricks. I wanted to hold his so badly. I wanted to feel his warm, sticky, slippery cum on his smooth, hot dick so bad. I even stayed boned up. Dan didn’t, though he didn’t go all soft either.

Then Freddie goes, “And the winner is...”

And shot off a massive fucking wad. I mean, he put me to shame in sheer volume. It was like some of those porn vids where the guys shoots so much you have to think there is some kind of trick photography going on. Only six real shots, but they were so big and thick! The first landed just under him, but the second went almost as far as Dan’s first one. Then four shots that were each less far, but each so much! There must have been enough to fill a shot glass and some left over. Amazing!

“Damn!” I heard myself say.

“That’s amazing!” Dan agreed.

“If I came that much, my balls would have to turn inside out!” Mitch said.

We all laughed.

“Mitch is Kale’s slave,” Freddie said.

“I’m not done yet,” Mitch complained.

“What’s that matter? You’re last,” Freddie told him.

“Let me finish at least,” Mitch said. “I’ll probably cum more than Dan.”

“Even if you shoot less than Dan, you’d be my slave, and I’d turn you over to Kale. Otherwise Dan would be my slave, and I’d turn him over to Kale.”

He’d turn Dan over to me? And he’d turn Mitch over to me? He didn’t want a slave for a day? That was kind of odd to say the least.

“I’ve got a better idea,” Freddie said. “Stop pulling your pud, dude.”

“What?” Mitch asked, surprised.

He didn’t ask ᾽What?’ as though to ask what the idea was, more like ᾽What are you talking about?’ Though he did stop jerking it.

“Since you're my slave, and Kale’s birthday is this weekend, and it’s Christmas, too, I’m giving him my slave contract. You have to do whatever he wants, double.”

“Double?” Mitch asked, looking at me.

“Yeah. He came first and hardest. I might have shot the most-”

Might have?” Dan asked, laughing.

“Okay, I blew the most, but Kale won for first and farthest, So I’m turning your slavehood to me over to him. And I say, since it’s almost his birthday, besides Christmas, you’re Kale’s sex slave for a day.”

I felt my heart flutter inside my chest. And I couldn’t breathe.

“Sex slave?” Mitch asked, obviously as stunned as I was.

We’d been slaves before, but never sex-slaves. This was something brand new.

“Kale had the advantage,” Mitch said. “He really liked it way more than we did. He always did, being gay and all.”

I was thinking up a response to deny that, to put off any thoughts anyone had that I was gay. But all I came up with was, “I’m not gay!” hoping to sound really convincing.

“We knew you were gay in junior high, man,” Freddie said. “None of us care, man. You don’t have to pretend, you know.”

“I’m not gay!”

They all stared at me. Right at me. Not looking mad or anything, just... serious.

“I’m not...”

“Dude, I know you’re gay,” Mitch said. “We got gym together. Your eyes lock onto guys’ junk all the time. If you’re not gay, you’re pretty confused.”

“I knew you were gay before junior high, when we did all that stuff together. You always wanted to the most. And you did the most. And you were the best at it,” Dan said.

Freddie said, “I felt guilty about letting you blow us. I knew you really liked doing it, but I felt like we was taking advantage of that.”

“I’m not...”

“If you’re not gay, then you won’t want me to be your sex slave,” Mitch said, grinning his evil grin. “But you are gay, and I’ll still be your sex slave. For one day. Anything you want. Except... I’m not getting fucked in my ass.”

I heard myself gasp out loud. Sex slave? Mitch? One day of sex, anything I wanted?

“And you guys can’t ever say anything about it,” Mitch said at Dan and Freddie. “No jokes, no referring to it, no talking about it. Nothing. And you don’t ask us what we did, ever.”

There were other times we had done the exact same thing. But that had been a couple of years ago. They all knew I’d done stuff with the others, just the two of us, but they never said anything about it, or asked.

All I could say was... “But...”

“Yeah, you can play with my butt,” Mitch laughed. “But you can’t fuck it.”

“Are you serious?” I asked, almost yelling.

“Sure. I liked playing around back in the day. It was a fuck of a lot of fun. I’m not getting laid anytime soon, so if I can only get sex with my gay best friend, I’m okay with that.”

He shrugged, and smiled right at me.

“You gave better head than Allison,” Freddie said. “She tries, but she’s not into it. I have to talk her into it, and she just sucks and stays there. You went to town, Kale. Fucking good head, man.”

“None of us ever sucked dick. You did all the time. I think you lost those times just so you’d get to,” Dan said. “The only times you lost was when it was loser gives head.”

“You guys... knew?”

“We’re not stupid, man,” Freddie said. “We were kids, true. But we’re not anymore. Looking back, it’s kind of obvious.”

Well, fuck, I thought. I was kind of sad, and kind of upset, and kind of... no, really relieved.

“And guys,” Mitch said, “I’m not gay. But I really liked everything we did. Being Kale’s sex slave is fine with me.”

He smiled at me. I could have hugged him. All of them. They knew, for a while, and didn’t care. Don’t care. And Mitch was even fine with it, and was willing to. I’m not the wussy type, but I was close to crying with relief and joy.

“Hell, Kale, you can blow me anytime you want,” Dan said. “Just don’t fall in love with me, ya homo.”

He laughed, all blushing and just... so cute.

“No blowing me,” Freddie said. “Allison and I are going to be going out together regular after New Years. We talked about it and decided to make it public. Official, sort of.”

“Cool,” we all said together.


We waited for him. He turned redder. And smiled.

“If you wanna, Kale, I’d like a real blow-job again, just once, before I lock things in with Allison. I don’t think I’ll be getting any decent head from her, ever. Probably won’t get any pussy for a long time. Just handies on the weekends when we go back to school.”

I didn’t even have a clue what to say. I mean, my three best friends not only knew I’m gay, they were all willing to do stuff again. At least once for Freddie, and Dan and Mitch were acting like it was something they wanted to do all the time. What do you say in that situation?

“Uh... okay.”

“You better hurry up and do Mitch. He’s probably ready to explode,” Freddie said.

I looked, and Mitch was still hard, still holding it, and the head was dark pink and all shiny. My stomach rumbled as if I were starving. And my mouth watered.

“Dan and me’ll go raid the fridge, then watch a movie downstairs. You two can come down when you’re done,” Freddie said.

“They won’t be long,” Dan laughed, as they put on sweats from my dresser. “We won’t even have time to heat up anything in the microwave.”

“Probably not, the way Kale gives head,” Freddie laughed.

I felt... well, it’s hard to describe. Two of my best friends were leaving me with the third, to give him head. They all knew I was gay. We had just jerked off together... again. Three of us had cum, one hadn’t, and I was going to blow him. And they all knew it. Talk about feeling confused!

I watched them walk out of my room. I looked at Mitch, standing next to me, his boner in his hand, grinning and red-faced.

“They’re right, ya know. You gave awesome head,” he said, turning even redder.

I was getting hard again.

I figured I was even better at it since we’d played around before junior high. I’d discovered internet porn, and had paid a lot of close attention to them. I had learned some things, for sure.

“Can I ask you something?” he asked.

“Uh... yeah?”

“Did you always like... you know... that stuff we did?”

I swallowed, then nodded.

“Yeah. Me too. I mean, sex is good and all, and fun... it’s just...” He shrugged, totally red-faced. “I think I’m bi.”

“You... you like guys as much as girls?”

“Yeah. I mean, I don’t see the big diff. Sex is sex. It’s probably as much fun with a girl as a guy. I’d like to find out for sure, that’s for sure!”

We laughed.

“And I was... I mean... I was just covering... when I said you can’t... you know... fuck me. If you wanna... it’s okay. I think... you know, I might wanna.”

He laughed.


“Yeah. I mean... I’d like to do everything with you. If you want to.”

“You mean... you’d want to... uh... do it back, today?”


“Ummm... blow-job?”

His face lit up. I mean, he grinned really hugely.

“Hell yeah! I wanted to since we were doing stuff the summer before junior high, but... I was... too shy, I guess.”

He reached out and grabbed my sticky, slippery boner, and started rubbing it. I pushed his hand off of his and took over for him, stroking his loose foreskin back and forth. His dick was so hot it felt like fire.

“I always wondered what it was like to do it,” he said. “I envied you, having the guts to do that to us.”

“So, go ahead,” I said softly, unable to believe I was saying it.

He smiled and laughed a little, then went to his knees. I felt my dick dance in his hand, and I leaked a huge drop of pre-cum. Man, I was so turned on!

Then he leaned forward, and licked the tip of my dick. His tongue was so soft! Warm, and wet, and just awesome! Then his lips went over the end of it, sliding smoothly across my head. It was like perfect velvety smoothness. I watched my dick disappear into his mouth through his red lips, and felt the warmest, wettest, most wonderful feeling of my life. And then.... it was like... I can’t even describe it!

No one had ever sucked me before. They had licked it on dares, even kissed it, and had put the whole thing in their mouth, but none of them had ever sucked it. That first sensation of suction was...

It felt like my dick was throbbing larger, beyond the limits of the skin around it. Inside of it... it felt like... something warm and fuzzy and soft was being pulled slowly through it, drawing all my cum out behind it. And the place behind my nuts was hot and imploding and...

I blew. Not even ten seconds, and I shot off a wad that had my legs shaking and stars whirling in the back of my eyes. My dick felt like it was being gently stretched out to a foot long and six inches wide! My balls felt like they were on top of an Indy car engine as it raced around the track at two-hundred miles-an-hour! I couldn’t breathe, and all I could do was shake on my feet and squeal like a little girl.

Holy fuck!

And he kept sucking! He swallowed! All of it! My dick was on fire and submerged in ice water at the same time. My nuts were turning inside out! Every muscle in my body was tense and rigid and hard and ripping loose from their anchor-points.

And then I was sitting on my bed, panting. I didn’t remember sitting down.

“Guess I did it okay,” Mitch said, sitting next to me.

I couldn’t talk. I shivered all over.

“That was okay, alright,” I finally said, laughing.

“Blow-jobs rule, huh? Never had one?”

“No! I mean... yeah! That ruled! And no, never had one before.”

“Cool, I gave you your first one.”

“Yeah. Thanks!”

“No problem, Kay.”

He laughed. I noticed he was holding onto his boner. I had felt all exhausted and satisfied, until I saw that pink and scarlet head. I needed it.

I pushed him onto his back and fell onto his cock. It was huge compared to when I’d last sucked on it. Back then, it had been less than five inches of pink, almost hairless dick. Now it was six and three-quarters inches of hard, hot dick. With thick, red pubes. And it tasted of salty muskiness. And that heavy, thick, musky aroma. It was awesome!

The foreskin was long enough to cover his head if I didn’t push it back with my tongue, as before, but now there was much more of it than back then. His long, hot head filled my mouth. It was hotter, bigger, harder, but it seemed softer, too. And so fucking smooth on my tongue.

I slid up and down so far! Almost seven inches is a lot bigger than not quite five, and the difference is amazing. And it was so much wider. And tastier.

I curled up around his lap and suckled his tool like a babe at its first tit. I cupped his balls and gently squeezed them, rolled them around, explored them. With my other hand I felt the soft, warm, moist place behind his sack. I was gently rubbing him there, playing with his retreating balls, and sliding up and down on his long dick, when he groaned, and said, “Oh, shit! Gonna!”

His legs straightened out a bit. I felt his balls pull up and go into hiding, and felt that place behind his sack convulse, and felt his cock flex in my mouth, and then I tasted warm, salty pre-cum flow into my mouth.

He groaned softly, heaving breaths that shuddered along with his body. His legs locked out straight, his hips bucked, his prostate pulsed, his cock flexed, his semen flowed. I felt a tiny amount of fluid spurt from the hole in the end of his head. It was thicker than pre-cum, I was sure, but not as thick as my own cum. It tasted salty more than musky, but it wasn’t just pre-cum. I suckled, licked, moaned.

Oh, God! I was in heaven! I felt my body responding to his orgasm, filing with silken warmth and sparkling tingles.


Pulse, flex, squirt.

His semen slammed into the back of my mouth. It was thick, hot, slimy. I loved it. Musky, salty, earthy. Satisfying. I swallowed.

Pulse, flex, squirt.

My mouth was filled with thick semen. I swallowed. The heavy fluids flowed down my throat.

Pulse, flex, squirt.

More cum flooded into my mouth. I locked my tongue beneath his shaft and sucked harder.

Pulse, flex, squirt.

My tongue felt the pulsation in his urethra as his semen flowed through it, into my mouth. I slid my lips up his shaft, my tongue rasping the underside of it, making room for more hot cum.

Pulse, flex, squirt.

My mouth was full again. I swallowed. I ran my tongue along the soft ridges on the underside of his hot head.

Pulse, flex, squirt.

I felt his urethra beneath his glans bulge as his cum shot through it and into my mouth. I licked upward across his hole. His body jerked in reaction to my tongue. His cum lubricated the motions, and added a smoothness to it.

Pulse, flex, squirt.

I had only his long, hot head in my mouth now, which was filled with his thick cum. I swallowed, then licked his head clean.

“Cripes! Kale!”

Pulse, flex, squirt.

Far less cum this time, but it was thicker and hotter. I swallowed, feeling it coat my throat, it was so thick.

Pulse, flex, squirt.

Not much this time at all, and I didn’t swallow. I swished it around his hot head with my tongue. He jerked all over.

“Shit! Oh, please!”

Pulse, flex, no squirt. Just a drop or two. I didn’t swallow, just swished it around with the other and my saliva, rubbing it into his head with my tongue.

“Holy Christ!”

Pulse, flex, no squirt, but I felt a bit more warm, thick fluid added to what I was licking and rubbing around his long, hot head.


Pulse, flex, no squirt. I was sure almost nothing came out this time. His legs folded to the floor. He pulled my head away.

I saw his cock flex again, and felt his prostate attempt to ejaculate more semen, but only a single drop appeared at the red-rimmed hole of his purple glans, and that quickly ran down his throbbing, red cock. It was lumpy and runny at the same time.

It flexed again, and again, and he panted. I tasted – savored – his semen still in my mouth. I felt his prostate give another two, small quivers, then rest. His cock throbbed several times, then began deflating rapidly. It was shiny with my saliva and his semen, and the foreskin rolled quickly over the long, purple glans. A blob of his last ejaculate filled the opening in his foreskin now.

“Holy fucking shit!” he rasped between heavy pants. “That was...”

I swallowed.

“That was awesome,” I said.

“No fucking shit!” he sighed.

His cock was at half-mast, heading toward flaccid. The foreskin now completely hid the long glans and hung in its customary small point. His cock still throbbed from time to time. A last drop of his semen ran down the underside of his cock, heading toward his puckered scrotum. His balls had vanished into him.

He shuddered from head to feet. He laughed.

“Good enough you’d let me again?” I asked.

“Hell yes!” he laughed. “Just not right now! I might not get hard again for days.”

I laughed.

“Well, not until later, anyway,” he added.

I sat down next to him. I could feel his body heat. We smiled at each other. I felt really... awkward. And happy. And satisfied.

My dick was almost half-hard, but it wasn’t going to stiffen all the way.



He laughed, then put his arm over my shoulder. I put mine over his. That felt... just really great.

Then he kissed me.

I’d never kissed anyone before. Not even my mom for years. Then it was more than a kiss. Our lips parted. Tongues. Then it was over.

I was looking into his amazingly icy-blue eyes.

“Wish I was staying the night, instead of Dan.”

“Me too,” I sighed.

Then I got an idea.

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