A Good Servant – Ch. 11

By Laura S. Fox

Copyright © 2018 Laura S. Fox

All Rights Reserved

Gay Erotica

Intended for Mature Audiences Only

This story contains graphic depictions of sexual intercourse, strong language and it is not meant for readers who are less than 18 years of age.

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Chapter Eleven


A single ray of light broke the unnatural darkness of the room.


"Our society is in danger," a deep voice resonated, as the quill relentlessly scratched the paper.


"Why?" the second voice inquired.


"It's creeping in, this flimsy ... emotion," the first one to talk answered. The last word was spoken as if it was foreign, unused in normal conversation.


"I don't understand. We gave them everything. They are conditioned to be content."


"Maybe this is where we were wrong. Contentment is not enough."


"Don't you think they have enough thrills? We offer them innocents and whores in equal measures. The world is at their feet."


"Not the world, just Drena," the first man corrected the other.


"Should we terminate the experiment, then?" the other seemed intrigued.


"Just for one person? It's just one single anomaly."






"If we are counting Lord Lucas."


"He's an outsider. It could be a slip on his part. Acceptable, to some degree. Chasing what is forbidden, in his case ..."


"Of course, there is also the servant."


"What about him?"


"I think he is the link, the connection between these anomalies."


"I truly believe it's merely a coincidence and nothing more."


"We are creatures of reason and logic. There is no such thing as coincidence," the voice was filled with contempt.


"Emotions are fickle things. We could manipulate them to serve our best interest," the other concluded.


"The servant is the key. We shall start with him," came the short conclusion and both men dressed in grey clothes fell silent, again nothing but the quill against the paper breaking the morbid quiet of the room.


~A Good Servant~


John was out almost every evening. It was driving Dion crazy with a feeling he could not understand. Back in Drena, he had always appreciated the times when he could be alone. Here, being alone was making him fearful, filled with apprehension, although there was no reason to be so self-aware. The house was silent, and he could not fill the silence on his own. John wasn't talking to him, either, since that night, ignoring Dion's clumsy attempts to make conversation. They sat together at the table to eat, and they went to work together, but that was all. John was doing everything in his power to avoid Dion, and the redhead had no idea what to do about it. The only moments they were close were when John was kissing him in the morning, before parting ways to head for their workplaces. That made things worse, as Dion felt like grabbing John and kissing him for real each and every time. Only he could not bring himself to do it, for fear of John's public rejection.



He was deep in thought while working the machinery in front of him, like a robot. Someone passed by him and stopped. It took him a few seconds to sense the other person's presence. He turned to see another worker from his section. He stared at the man questioningly.


"Everything's fine at home?" the man eventually asked.


"Yes," Dion nodded, feeling a lump in his throat. No, it was anything but fine at home.


The man tsked. "I don't get John. He has a fine guy like you at home, and still ..."


Dion grabbed the man's arm brusquely. "Still what?"


"Rumor has it he's spending all his paycheck down at Venusville," the man shrugged. "It's just one thing men go for down there."


"What thing?" Dion asked, although he already knew.


"You know," the man got closer and circled Dion's waist with a strong arm.


The worker breathed in Dion's scent. "Gods, you're beautiful," he whispered.


Dion pushed against him. The man seemed annoyed and didn't back down. "Is John really that stupid to forget what he has at home? Ditch that zero and come have some fun with me. If I were him, I'd make sure you won't be able to get up every morning," the worker continued to talk into Dion's ear.


"Let me go," this time Dion pushed against the man more energetically.


"Or maybe you're such a frozen bitch, you made him afraid his dick will fall off if he sticks it in you?" the man spat, but eventually let go of the redhead.


"Get to work!" both heard the foreman's booming voice, and Dion quickly turned to his job, his head reeling.


The worker walked away, not without cursing under his breath.


That night, when John went out, Dion waited for just a couple of minutes, then he got dressed and walked out the door, too. He had to see it with his own eyes and do something about it.


~A Good Servant~


Soft music filled the air as he was dancing around the house, seeing about his chores. Too few had been the moments in life when he could tell he'd been really happy. But being there, in Lucas's arms, meant everything to him, and he had a giddy sensation nestling in his chest telling him that this was it. The big L, the stuff dreams were made of. Lucas had put himself in danger to protect him. Lucas cherished him and made love to him like he was the most precious thing in the world.


He had been trained to serve for the remainder of his days back then, at the Institution. It was already ingrained in him to be obedient. But this, this was something else. It was not the respect he had had for Xavier. It was not like the friendship he had shared with Ayn and Dion, for a short time. It was bigger than that, stronger, quick to make his heart beat wildly, each time he was in the man's presence. Not like the now fading sensation he once had for another man before the wranglers dragged him to the Institution. That love had had no time to blossom.


Any anxious thoughts, he had to himself, saying that this would not last, had been quenched during their latest love trysts. Now, he was living pure domestic bliss, as he was waiting each day for Lucas to come home, and spend the entire evening and night in his lover's arms.

Even if Lucas had avoided the subject ever since the day when he had punished Cory for lying, the servant knew, guessed at least, what the man wanted. With minutes passing on the clock, and the time for Lucas's arrival approaching quickly, he went to the bedroom to undress, wash and prepare. He made sure to apply plenty of lube, too, and did so with a fond smile, while looking himself in the mirror. Waking up the powerful lust in Lucas entailed being well prepared, after all.


Smiling, he secured the cuff on his left ankle and tied it to the bedpost. He proceeded to do the same with his right one. He knew he was not going to be able to tie both his hands in the same fashion, but that could be something left for Lucas to finish.


~A Good Servant~


The world outside the small window looked grey. Xavier could not help thinking of the beautiful colors decorating the streets of Drena as if each day there was something that needed celebrating. But the grey outside wasn't depressing or sad. Laughter filled the air, dogs yapping and children playing could be heard, and everything was striking him as unusual. Drena's false happiness had been wearing him down for a while now, and being so far away from the place he used to call home, he was starting to realize that he did not feel homesick at all. He tried to remember something, anything in particular that had made him happy there. Except for some of his most spirited discussions with Lucas, mostly contradictory, and some of the more sexual moments spent with his servant Cory, he could not remember anything else. Then Ayn had come, and his world had been upside down ever since.


He knew he was supposed to feel something about being abducted like that by the rebellious young slave. Fear, regret, anger; yet, he felt nothing of the kind. He moved his wrists against the rope cutting into his skin. Apparently, Ayn wanted to make sure he could not escape. He had worried when Ayn tied his wrists together so tightly that he might accidentally trigger the bracelet alarm. He did not want to do that, not yet at least. But, staying like this laid out on his back was getting boring, and his muscles were beginning to cramp up. Ayn had said he would not be long; he was just checking to make sure the car was being scrapped as he had instructed. Xavier found himself feeling anxious for his former slave's return, and not just because of his slight discomfort.



The door finally opened, and Ayn came in.


"So, how are you?" he asked smugly, as he climbed on the bed, next to Xavier. "Do you need to piss or something?" he pulled at the rope to set Xavier free, and the former Master of Drena winced while rubbing his wrists to make the blood flow again. "The bathroom is over there."


"Of course it's there, it is not like I am going to get lost in your vast apartment," Xavier commented, earning an angry look from Ayn.


"While you're there, take a shower," Ayn said shortly. "Oh, and come back naked," he added with satisfaction while laying back and placing his hands behind his head and smiling.


Xavier could feel Ayn's steady gaze on his body. "Should I dare ask why am I supposed to do all that?"


"Come on, Xav, you know the drill. It was what I was supposed to do while in your clutches whenever you wanted to fuck me."


There was something else burning deep in the dark pools measuring Xavier up and down. It was hunger, and Xavier felt elated. All the times when he had had sex with Ayn, he had wondered whether his beautiful slave was feeling anything for him at all. Now, the certainty that Ayn desired him, perhaps as much as Xavier wanted the former slave made him excited, even with the knowledge of what was coming. Ayn was undoubtedly not being coy any more about his intentions.


"If you are expecting me to just give up my body to you, you are wrong," he said defiantly, despite the giddy sensation nestling in his chest.


"Do you want to put up a fight? You're just making my day. I'm looking forward to it. I'm all for some naked wrestling," Ayn had the nerve to wink at him.


It was not going to be a conquest if there was not going to be a fight, Xavier thought as he closed the door behind him. The water was lukewarm at best, but it felt refreshing to be able to wash the road dust off his hair and body. He looked at his own clothes with disdain. They looked worn out and in a terrible need to be washed. He shrugged. He was naked, except for the bracelet. The odd thing was still silent. He squeezed his other hand over the bracelet, just checking if it was possible to take it off. The metal band seemed just to ignore his futile attempts. He needed to think about that more, later.


With his head held high, he stepped out of the bathroom. A whistle of appreciation welcomed him. He would have done the same, if the thought hadn't been ridiculous. But Ayn's beautiful naked body, as the man sprawled on the bed presented himself, was worthy of a praise just as much.


"What?" he said. "It's not like it's the first time you have seen me naked," he crossed his arms over his chest, defying Ayn with his eyes.


"It's all about perspective, my dear former Master," Ayn rose and moved gracefully, circling Xavier like a predator stalking his prey. "Now I see you from the position of a free man."


A single, impudent finger followed a small drop of water falling from Xavier's damp hair on his chest. The hand rose to tip Xavier's chin. Grey orbs clashed with dark ones. Ayn smiled and closed the distance for a kiss.


It felt overwhelmingly exciting to be the object of one's desire, instead of being the main actor dictating everything. Ayn brushed their lips together slowly, and Xavier could not remember his hands moving on their own accord to rest on the other man's waist while angling his head to deepen the kiss. He waited for Ayn to push his tongue into his mouth before he probed with his own.


Ayn withdrew a little and chuckled softly. "I knew you would be good."


"I'm not," Xavier suddenly pushed the other man on the bed and climbed on top of him. "How do you feel now, Ayn? Do you have it in you to start calling for your friends to help you?" he mocked, but Ayn quickly pushed up and turned the tables, capturing Xavier's strong, sinewy body between him and the bed.


"You talk too much," he pushed Xavier's legs apart with his thighs and dragged the man's hands up to lock them in his. Then he leaned in for another kiss to silence his former Master.


This time, Ayn bit Xavier's lips a bit too hard. Not as playfully as he intended in the first place. He licked them by way of an apology. Even if Ayn was trying to deny it in his own head, he had come to love Xavier's kisses. And this scene was not as much about punishment, as he had envisioned it would be.


~A Good Servant~


"This specimen," the grey ghost-like figure tapped a scrawny finger against the picture portraying a good-looking man, completely naked.


"Antoine, he is called," the other commented. "Should we use a wildcard so carelessly like this?"


"The events must appear as random. Do not forget who we are dealing with here. Lord Lucas's bright mind was not, unfortunately, molded by us. Unwanted surprises may occur in how he will interpret the events."


"Are you aiming for exclusion?"


"Spare the rod, spoil the child. Lord Lucas should understand what his privileged status means."


"Is there any hope of rehabilitating him?"


"That we will have to find out. But we should not act hastily. There is no need to make the others restless. Any punishment must come about and be viewed as truly deserved."


"Punishment is love," the grey figure bent curtly.


"Punishment is love," the other answered back.


~A Good Servant~


"Hey, sweetie, are you looking for work?" a man the size of a mountain blocked his path, as he was looking at the neon sign, saying Venusville.


"No," Dion shook his head.


"Really?" the man measured him up and down. "Then what are you looking for?"


"You know," Dion tried to sound confident. "The thing all men look for here."


The bouncer didn't look impressed. "You?" he snorted. "You're the type to get on his fours and take it nicely up the ass."


Dion didn't flinch at the rude comment. "I have money," he took some bills out of his pocket and shoved one of them into the man's hand.


The bouncer's attitude suddenly changed. He shrugged. "Then, please come inside," he gestured for Dion to move, as he walked out of the way.


Dion had to blink a few times to adjust his vision to the many strobe lights inside. House dance music was blaring, and most patrons looked pretty wasted, while a few naked bodies were dancing on the small stage in the middle of the large room.


He started searching for his partner with his eyes. A few hands touched his ass in passing, but he ignored them. He didn't have time or energy to waste on fighting off these advances. They didn't mean anything.


He looked at every table and every dark corner until he finally saw the one he was looking for. John was slumped on a coach that must have seen better days, a beer on the table in front of him. He had his eyes half closed, and he didn't care about the world around him.


Dion stared at him from afar. He approached John's table, his heart beating wildly. What was he going to say?


He stopped next to the table, but John didn't seem to notice.


"Another one," John eventually said in a gruff voice, while slamming the empty bottle against the table.


Only when he got no answer, he looked up. Dion was staring down at him, his arms crossed over his chest. John snarled.


"If it isn't my lovely partner ... What the fuck are you doing here?" he asked, as he made a small gesture to straighten himself, but gave up after the first failed try.


"I came to take you home," Dion answered, feeling a bit relieved that John was at Venusville only to get smashed and not for other reasons.


"Why?" John looked at him, with disdain written all over the hard planes of his face.


"You can drink at home if that's your choice of a good time," Dion insisted and stretched out a hand. "Come."


John laughed. The redhead felt embarrassed, his arm outstretched like that with John refusing to grasp it.


"Nah, I'm comfortable here," the man spoke and unglued his eyes from Dion to look around. "Who the fuck runs this place?" he called loudly. "I need another beer!"


"John," Dion said sternly. "People are starting to talk. Stop wasting your money like this. Come home with me."


"And do what? Watching paint dry is more entertaining than staying in the same house with you, princess."


Dion drew a long breath. That had stung.


"It's not my fault I'm such a bore," he said in his defense. "You don't even talk to me; you don't let me ..."


"Could you stop with all the drama already?" a muffled voice came from somewhere below, and Dion froze. "It's annoying to try sucking on a limp dick."


"Shut it," one of John's hands disappeared under the table.


The table moved a bit, and Dion saw a blond guy getting up from underneath. He was wearing almost nothing but glitter on his beautiful body, and a tight pair of shorts. He looked at Dion with disdain, while wiping the corners of his mouth.


"You're fresh out of Drena, and you have no idea how to suck a cock?" he talked to the redhead. "Or no one there wanted to fuck your ugly face?" the whore added, placing a hand on his hip.


Dion straightened up. "Apparently, you're no good either," he served it right back.


The whore laughed, showing his beautiful white teeth. "Honey, trust me, he would have filled my mouth twice by now, if you hadn't appeared to make his dick die on me. I've never had an erection go so limp so fast in my mouth until now. You're really something," he turned on his heels, flicking his blond hair over his shoulders.


"Hey, Andreas, where do you think you're going?" John shouted after him. "Come back; I'm not finished with you!"


"Solve your domestic shit, John. I'm not paid to watch your drama," the blond continued to walk away.


Dion was seething with anger. Andreas? That was Andreas? The guy appeared to be very beautiful, even in the bad light of the club, he thought, but there was no time to dwell on how inadequate he was, compared to John's ex. He grabbed John's right hand and dragged him up.


"You, mister, you come back home with me right now," he said, determined.


John pulled at his trousers with his free hand. "Go back home now," he warned. "You don't want to make me mad."


"And leave you here to embarrass yourself? To embarrass me?"


Dion pulled at John's hand with all his might.


"Hey, John," they heard a voice booming behind him. "Don't make a scene. Go home with your guy," the bouncer warned, and John let out an exasperated sigh.


"All right," he agreed. He pulled his hand free from Dion's and zipped his pants. "After you, princess," he gestured at Dion, and the redhead walked away stiffly.


As they headed for the exit, Andreas stared at them, with a derisive smile, while leaning against the bar.


"Tomorrow, same time, John?" he asked, while slowly caressing his taut abdomen.


"Don't clear your schedule for him, honey," Dion mocked and reached back to catch John's arm and drag him faster towards the exit.


~A Good Servant~


There were strong hands in his hair keeping him in place, as Ayn was kissing his mouth and dry humping his body while still dressed. He pushed against Ayn's chest, and he was elated to discover how strong Ayn was. The young man had never been a tame slave; he had just waited for the right time to act. And this beautiful, strong being wanted him, Xavier, the man, not the Master of Drena, the one who had everything.


Now he had nothing, but Ayn.


He was suddenly yanked by his shoulders and unceremoniously turned on his belly. A hand traveled from his nape down his spine, eliciting small shudders in its wake. A playful slap on his ass ended the small journey, and he gasped. He turned his head to throw a contemptuous look at Ayn. How dare he? He found the almond-shaped eyes gazing at him were gleaming with mischief.


"So, Xav, should I ask you? Are you still a virgin? Or you're just a hypocrite about being always on top and all that shit? C'mon, say it. Who tapped your ass?"


"For starters, my name is Xavier, not whatever moronic contraction is crossing your mind. Secondly, no one had the impudence to ..."


"Blah, blah, blah," Ayn stopped him. "Xav suits you better. Didn't you want to give me a name, when I had one?"


The former Master of Drena froze. "How could you know such a thing?" he asked icily. "This is something I only discussed with ..."


"Cory," Ayn laughed. "Yeap."


"How?" Xavier felt blood thumping in his ears.


"Really, Xav, did you think I could escape without any help? Plus, he didn't burn my clothes, right?"


An unpleasant feeling curled inside Xavier's chest. Cory, the obedient servant, always welcoming him with a smile, never bothered by anything thrown his way, that serene smile perpetually on his face ... Cory?


"Don't sweat it," Ayn cooed. "Cory truly held you in high regard, you know? He is a good man, not like the likes of you. Without his advice and patience, I probably would have done something stupid and gotten killed by running at my first chance. By the way, if you hadn't come home a bit too early, I would have left alone, and you wouldn't have known anything. So, for your peace of mind, know he didn't want you hurt in any way. This," he punctuated his words by squeezing Xavier's round ass, "is all my doing."


"And what is `this' about?" Xavier asked bitterly. "Do you hate me? Do you want to prove you're better?"


"Prove? I don't need any proof to know that. And things are simpler than you think. I just want to fuck you."


"Sex is power. You're just asserting dominance with this foul act," Xavier squirmed, only making his ass wiggle a little, which earned him a pleasured grunt from Ayn.


"Whatever floats your boat," Ayn admitted. "The truth is I have been thinking for a long time how it would be to fuck you. I've only wanted girls before, you know? Now I can only think about having you and you alone. So just put your ass up, and I'll show you a good time."


"I doubt your experience with girls," Xavier said with disdain while breathing in, as cool fingers dipped in something slick started circling his hole, "will help you."

"You might be right, but the experience with Cory will make it better for the both of us, certainly for you."

Xavier sucked in a deep breath as he felt a finger breach his hole.

"Relax Xav; it's only my finger, I am not going to shove my hand in or just ram my dick in your virgin ass. Cory showed me how to make it better, you owe him your thanks if you ever see him again", Ayn chuckled as he stuck a second finger in and twisted them causing Xavier to writhe on the bed.


~A Good Servant~


They walked back home in absolute silence. Dion held the door open for John to come in and closed it shut. He waited for the man to sit on the couch and he knelt in front of him. The man looked at Dion, with an unreadable expression in his eyes.


Dion didn't break eye contact, as he fumbled with the man's trousers.


"What are you doing?" John demanded, in a thick voice.


"Anything you go looking for down at Venusville, you have at home," Dion explained and gently began rubbing John's cock, freed from the confines of clothing.


To his surprise, the man's organ grew hard in his hand right away. Without much ado, the redhead bent and took the man's silky cock in his mouth. It was making him feel a bit sick thinking Andreas had had his mouth on John until not longer than half an hour ago, but he pushed that thought out of his mind. He had to make John see that he had no reason to pay for sex while having Dion at home.


He had always hated when Antoine was forcing himself on him. But he had always done well with oral. It was easier to block everything and just make the damn thing squirt in his mouth and have it done with. It was a bit of control he could enjoy.


As he took John deeper and deeper, he heard the man exhale. Then it suddenly struck him; he didn't want just to make John get off. He wanted more. He withdrew very slowly, letting his tongue play on the man's shaft, eliciting short grunts from John.


The man's taste on his tongue didn't feel bad at all. There were no hands in his hair, to push him down, or make him choke in pain. John just sat there, letting himself be serviced, his only manifestations the restrained sounds he was making.


Dion rubbed the organ, milking it slowly into his mouth. He felt overcome by the sensation that he had to please that man, make him shout in ecstasy because Dion wanted nothing but to give something and receive something in return. This was on his own accord. It was not forced, and it was ... nothing short of amazing. John's cock was hard, large, but silky to the touch.


He held the organ in his hand a bit. It was hot and warm, and Dion wondered for a brief moment how it would be to have that thing inside him. He shuddered at the thought, but it was not really unpleasant to think of that. He angled his head to lick the man's large balls and suck them one, then the other.


"Do you want to come?" he asked softly, as he engulfed the large head in his mouth, enjoying the sensation of having to force so much of it at one time down his throat.


"Yes, please," John murmured, and Dion adjusted his position to allow the large cock to penetrate deeper, beyond his gag reflex.


He undulated his throat muscles around John's cock, and the man started to take in deep, sharp breaths.


"Fuck," John whispered, as he started to come, and Dion kept his hips in place with his hands, while gulping down everything.


He withdrew slowly, teasing the spent organ with his tongue and cleaning it.


"Don't ever go to Venusville," he said, and John stared at him with dreamy eyes. "Do you want a drink? Have one at home. Do you want your cock sucked? I'm here to suck you dry."


Dion had no idea he could talk like that. But he had to be in charge this time and set things straight with John. Desperate times called for desperate measures.


"Do you hear me?" he insisted, and John raised one hand to caress his lips.


"Yeah, I hear you," the man eventually spoke.


Dion rose and sat next to John on the couch. A large, warm arm dragged him close.


"Will you go again? There?"


"I see no reason why" John cooed and caressed Dion's head. "Need help with that?"


Only then Dion noticed the tent he was pitching. He was ... hard? John's hand reached into his pants and started rubbing him gently. The man's hand was so large, Dion's cock felt really small in comparison. No one had ever touched him like this; Dion came with a small grunt. It was nothing like the times when Antoine had forced him to come, to humiliate him further. This time was genuine; it was making his chest grow small for some reason.


"Better?" John whispered in his ear.


"Yeah, thanks," he said back.


~A Good Servant~


The pain was incredible; how did Cory stand it or Ayn for that matter? If this was what Ayn had felt the last time, he had taken it like a man with little complaint as he recalled and Xavier was determined not to let the pain or any weakness show. He gritted his teeth and let out a strangled scream.

Ayn had lubed Xav and his own cock. He didn't want to be brutal, but he wanted Xav now, he had waited too long. Suddenly he was in, and although Xav didn't cry out, the guy's whole body went stiff.

„Relax, relax, breathe Xav, you only have an inch or two in you", he whispered in his ear.

Xavier shuddered, either from the pain or Ayn's voice, he could not judge. Ayn was apparently taking his time to penetrate him, and Xavier was feeling his own breathing getting heavier and heavier. It was too much; the guy was too big. The more the man pushed inside him, the more he felt like he was full and could not take another inch. He was growing hard, despite the pain. He was no longer in control, a reality he had anticipated for so long.


"Please," he called in a raspy voice, and Ayn answered with a low chuckle.


"Please, what?" he mocked.


Xavier could not bring himself to say it. Despite the pain, he didn't want Ayn to stop.


"It will get better, you have more than half in now," Ayn caressed his back with slow, circling moves. "You fucked me, and I hated it. But even then ..."


Xavier moved his head as he wanted to hear Ayn better. Was this a confession? A final push was all that was needed for Ayn to bury himself down to the hilt in Xavier's ass. He slowly lifted up to an all fours position, as Ayn started kissing his nape, and shoulders.


"I think I get it now," Ayn murmured against his ear. "It's fucking awesome; you're so tight." Xavier tried to control his breathing and relax. He could feel every vein and bump on Ayn's cock as the man stayed motionless buried to his balls in Xavier's ass. If Ayn thought that this was tight, Xavier thought he might explode he was so full.


A hand was holding his chest, while another searched for his cock.


"You fucker, you're rock hard," the former slave whispered in his ear, as he withdrew for a bit, only to slam harder into Xavier's body.


"It's just a biofeedback response," Xavier answered, unsure if that was how things really were.


"Yeah, right," Ayn said under his breath, as he started to move in and out of Xavier's ass, and rub the other's cock in earnest. "Not so much fight left in you, once someone touches your cock, right?" he teased. "I thought you're all bite and no bark."


"You got it wrong; it's all bark and no ..."


Ayn used his other hand to angle his head and shut him up with a kiss. "You're talking too much for someone in your position."


Xavier got lost in the sensation. The discomfort was fading, replaced by pure raw pleasure, and he moaned shamelessly. Ayn was pounding into him hard now, and it was all Xavier could do to stay on his knees. The pain had not been strong enough or did not last long enough, he thought; Ayn was right, even forced like that, he had been hard in an instant. What made things worse, or more delightful, he didn't know for sure, was that Ayn's roaming hand was now twisting one nipple hard. Something like a strange electric shock went straight to his cock.

Ayn's breathing became ragged, and his sweat dripped like rain down onto Xavier's back. Suddenly Xavier went over the edge, coming long and hard, with Ayn's cock pulsing like living steel in his ass. His whole body stiffened and his ass involuntarily squeezed Ayn's cock even tighter.


"Fuck, I'm coming!" Ayn yelled as he followed Xavier.


Ayn collapsed onto Xavier, who was pushed flat to the bed, both men gasping for breath. Wincing at the soreness and stickiness in his ass, Xavier tried to adjust his position, but a strong warm hand stopped his butt from wiggling.


"You look good with your ass plowed like that; I so wanted to last longer this first time," Ayn laughed softly.


The man enveloped him in his arms and legs holding their sweaty bodies together.


"I should go wash," Xavier mumbled.


"No way. Get used to having me inside you," Ayn kissed him gently on one shoulder while embracing him with tenderness Xavier had never experienced in his life.


"Ayn," he called.


"Yes?" a sleepy voice answered.


"What do you plan to do with me?"


He had to know. At this point, he really had to know.


"Keep you here," Ayn answered matter-of-factly. "Make you like it."


"Why?" confusion and excitement crept into his brain again.


"Because I want you. You're here, and I want to make you mine."


"I don't belong here. You should just let me walk away. You got what you wanted, right?"


"What I wanted?" Ayn questioned.


"You got your revenge," Xavier pointed out.


"Did that feel like revenge to you?" Ayn's voice grew a bit hesitant, although the young man was trying to hide it. "Gods be my witnesses I wanted so much to grudge fuck you, but I couldn't. Unlike you, I'm honest. I have no idea why, but I like you. Now that you let me fuck you, I like you even more."


"You liked me before, then?" Xavier let his uncertainty slip out.


"I thought I hated you, but I guess my cum in your ass proves us both wrong. I've never fucked someone I didn't like. You would have been a first time for me."


"I am a first time for you," Xavier pointed out. "Unless ..." the thought felt uneasy, "you had another man before me."


"That's right. You're my first man all right," Ayn sounded happy as saying that. "So get used to Haven. And to me. Because just like you thought about me back in Drena, I have no plans to let you go."


~A Good Servant~


He heard the shower running, and he shook his head. He had eventually slept on the couch, on top of John, even if the larger bed in the bedroom would have been a better choice. Apparently, they had been both too wasted to care for that. How could John move so gently, that he hadn't woken Dion? The redhead jumped to his feet. He had to wash too. What was John thinking, letting him oversleep like this?


He rushed to the bathroom while shedding his clothes all over the place. When he got inside, his eyes clashed with John's. The man was holding his cock in his hand, rubbing it vigorously. Rivulets of water danced on John's hard as steel pecs, losing themselves in the coarse dark hair covering the man's chest. Dion looked his partner up and down, amazed, once more, at how big, and strong the man looked.


John's gaze burned as he looked at Dion's naked body. He was obviously not the only one enjoying what he saw. The redhead licked his lips and went straight for his prize. He took the man's organ from the large hand and stuffed it in his mouth. The second hand traveled over his back, resting on his ass.


They had no time for refined techniques. He pumped the man's cock with his hand and mouth, sucking in with all his force. A hand, gentle but firm, kept his head in place, as John came in his mouth. Dion liked it, how he was kept like that while sucking the man juice out of his partner.


Satiated, John leaned against the wall. Like before, he caressed Dion's lips as the redhead straighten up.


"Love feeding your sweet mouth," he spoke hotly, and Dion blushed.


"Out, I need to wash, too, and fast," the former servant babbled to hide his embarrassment.


"Oh, sweetheart, I'd wash you with my tongue everywhere," John smirked while getting out of the shower.


Dion drew a deep breath. The thought of John doing that to him suddenly made him lightheaded. That, and the proximity of the man's body. He was radiating heat, probably because he was stepping out of a hot shower, or perhaps not only because of that.


"That's a promise," John added, as he was drying himself with a towel. He grabbed Dion's left buttock and squeezed playfully. "I'll lick that hole like crazy. Gotta make it wet, to get inside," he whispered as he leaned onto the redhead to caress his ear with his lips, and Dion felt his stomach clench in apprehension.


Naturally, John wanted that, too. He just had to get over his fear and let the man do it.


"Why the long face?" John stopped, angling his head to take a good look at Dion.




"Jeesh," the man snapped and took a step away from Dion. "What? Did you suck my cock just to prove that you are better than Andreas? Should I go fuck him so that I can fuck your ass after that? You're so deranged up here, princess," he gestured at his head.


"No!" Dion cried out. "It's just ... you're big," he said quickly.


"Oh," John stopped and frowned. "Andreas used to complain about that, too," he murmured in defeat.


"Don't worry, we'll see," Dion offered, but the man shrugged and went out of the bathroom, visibly upset.


~A Good Servant~


"Cory!" Lucas called for his lover. It felt unusual not to have the gorgeous blond rush to welcome him. He looked into the kitchen, then into the living room. An unsettling sensation he had no intention to listen to was curling against his thoughts. It had been a constant presence on his mind lately, and he had been trying hard to push it away. The Trainers could take Cory from him. They could do anything, and, just like an obedient servant, Lucas could have no say in it.


He opened the door to the master bedroom and smiled, seeing his beloved waiting for him like that. His worries gone, he moved slowly towards the bed and caressed a cuffed ankle.


"And what is that supposed to mean?" he asked playfully.


Cory offered no answer, but he raised his free hand to offer Lucas the last cuff. He took it slowly and caressed a sinewy arm while tying the wrist against the bedpost.


"I must admit that you are looking quite fetching right now," he said wickedly. "Should I sit right over there," he pointed to a chair, "and just admire the view?"


Cory frowned. "Take a picture, it will last longer," the servant spoke, and Lucas laughed.


"Not as subservient as you pose to be, are you?" Lucas said affectionately, while slowly pulling his cock out.


He climbed the bed and straddled Cory's chest. "Do you want to be taught a lesson, my naughty servant?" he asked, this time arousal creeping into his voice.


"Yes, please," Cory breathed out, and the large organ was pushed through his lips, forcing him to open wide.


Lucas grabbed a fistful of hair and started fucking Cory's mouth. But, he was soon too close to coming, and he didn't want that to happen. He withdrew, reveling in how beautiful his lover's mouth looked, swallowing his cock like that.


He bent to kiss the pouty lips roughly. "Don't worry, I just want to fuck you crazy," he promised, and he pressed into the body he knew so well.


Cory squirmed under him, and Lucas laughed. "I bet you would want your hands free right now, don't you Cory?"


"Yes, please," the servant begged.


Lucas pushed a hand between them to squeeze Cory's cock. "I am afraid your little plan of making me aroused out of my mind will backfire a little. You are to remain like this while I have my way with you."


Lucas was hard and unyielding, as he started to fuck his lover. The pleasure was flooding his mind like a mountain spring. Yet, a slow, unwanted thought came to Lucas's mind, as he was getting lost in his beautiful servant's body. They wanted both this; they were trying to forget about the grey clouds gathering at the horizon.


~A Good Servant~


It was something they had to talk about. Only that Dion felt a bit of dread thinking about it. Could he trust John enough to tell him about Antoine? About all the others? About what it meant for him to be used like that? He shook his head. He would just manage to blow his chances with the man. Obviously, John wanted Dion completely, and there was nothing wrong with that.


He took a deep breath and sat on the couch next to John. The man seemed deep in thought and turned slightly to look at him, as Dion managed a small smile and entangled his fingers with John's.


"If you ever feel like going away, please just do it," John said, in a tired voice.


Dion grabbed the man's fingers tightly. "I don't want to go away. But, I ... I guess I have some explaining to do. I really like you, John."


Something akin to a bit of amusement mixed with fondness sparkled in the dark eyes. "That's good to know, because I like you, too."


Dion exhaled. "I thought you hated my guts."


A low chuckle was the answer. "Nah, I just thought you're gonna give me a bad case of blue balls, that's all. Which you did, by the way."


Dion felt all ticklish on the inside, hearing the man's honest confession. He giggled.


"Not funny," John warned.


"Hey, it was not my fault you kept on rejecting me."


"I was just protecting myself!" John laughed.


"Really? You're like double my size!" Dion kicked him in the arm.


"Let's not exaggerate. I'm not that big," the tall man commented, but the smile faded away from his face.


Dion cast his eyes down.


"Look, John ... it's ok; I can go through with it. And adjust in due time, even if there is this ... difference between us."


"Don't dance around the subject, princess," John said bitterly. "I don't need another one to tell me how I ripped him in two with my big cock. That's why I'm telling you you're free to go when you want. And don't force yourself, it's the last thing I want."


"Hey," Dion cooed gently, using his other hand to caress John's cheek gently. "I think Andreas was exaggerating when telling you that," he found himself talking.


"You're basically telling me the same thing," John said morosely.


"I assume you had other lovers besides him. Before, I mean."


"Yes, I did."


"And did they complain?" Dion asked.


"No, actually, they kinda ... appreciated it," John said with a small smile. "But those were guys made of sterner stuff, like me. Not like you and Andreas. That's why I'm saying you're out of my league. A fine guy like you has to be treated right."


Dion felt his heart sinking at John's self-deprecation. "Do you really think I had a beautiful life before coming here?"


John shrugged. "It was all Andreas talked about. Parties, beautiful people, gifts raining from the sky and stuff like that."


"It was nothing like that for me," Dion spoke slowly.


"How was it, then?" John caressed Dion's hand with his thumb, as their fingers remained intertwined.


The redhead closed his eyes for a couple of seconds; then he started talking.


"I don't know if you know, but they keep us in training for three years. During that time, we are forced to understand that there will be ... no activity of sexual nature for us."


"Really?" John looked at him, dumbfounded. "Sorry, I don't want to sound rude, but you suck cock like a pro."


"Well, they do take care that none of us has any gag reflex left, by stuffing some really large things down our throats," Dion explained.


John shuddered. "That's fucked up."


"And not the only thing that's fucked up," Dion murmured. "I walked in Drena, once my training was over, absolutely clueless about ... sex, per se. We were severely punished for even trying to touch ourselves, while in training at the Institution."


"So, you were ... like a total virgin?"


"Pretty much, yes. That was going to change, though, and fast."


Dion took a short break, to collect himself. That was something he had only once told Cory and no one else. "Anyways, I was assigned to one of the Masters' households. I was told I was going to take care of the slaves. I entered their quarters. There I met ... Antoine."


John remained silent, aware of how difficult things were for Dion.


"He was very beautiful. But I seriously doubt I've ever met someone so beautiful on the outside, and so ugly on the inside. `Look, guys, a new bitch, fresh from the Institution, just for us', he commented when he saw me, and I absolutely froze. I tried to ignore him, I introduced myself, as I was taught. But he just grabbed me and started to undress me. No, that's not the right term. He just shredded my clothes apart. The others were laughing, while I had no idea how to fight him off. You have to understand; I was trained to obey my betters, for three years. He just bent me over and slapped my ass, once I was naked. I got panicked and tried to run away. But he caught me and slapped my face so hard, that I thought the world was starting to spin. The others came to help him, and I was kept down. When he ..."


Dion coughed.


"It's ok," John made a move to stop him, but Dion shook his head.


"No, it's fine, I have to tell you this. Well, he fucked me in front of all the others. I thought something was broken inside when he finally came. I had no more voice or tears in me. And, when I thought the ordeal was over, he ... he just told the others to have their fun with me. Fun," he repeated. "Now that's a word I don't really get. It was probably fun for them. When the Master of the house eventually came and saw what happened, he just told me to get up and get cleaned up. It was my `welcome to Drena' party, as Antoine said."


"Fuck me," John murmured under his breath.


"It's not all."


"Shit, not all?"


"No. For the time spent in Drena, Antoine found pure bliss in torturing me almost every day. I was his toy. At least, he did not let others fuck me. Not too often. But he was creative in making everything dreadful for me. One of his favorite pastimes was to choke me while fucking me until I passed out."


"Oh," John started massaging his forehead. "No wonder you were so scared when coming here. You thought you'd get jumped."


"Yes. But I liked you. Right from the start. I felt safe next to you. So, I want to try it with you. No, not just `try'. I want it to work."


John got up from the couch. "I want to get out a little," he said in a somber voice.


"Why?" Dion asked alarmed. Was John rejecting him now? After learning he had been nothing but a fuck toy for a sadistic bastard?


"I need to think and get my head straight. Don't come after me," John warned.


Dion remained there, completely devastated, while the door opened and closed with a small swishing sound.




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