A Good Servant Ch. 15

By Laura S. Fox

Copyright 2018 Laura S. Fox

All Rights Reserved

Gay Erotica

Intended for Mature Audiences Only

This story contains graphic depictions of sexual intercourse, strong language and it is not meant for readers who are less than 18 years of age.

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Chapter Fifteen

Author's note: Warning minor character's death.

~A Good Servant~

"Are you sure you don't want to stay?" Dion spoke, watching Andreas as the blond stood there, with his hand on the door knob.

"Yes, I'm sure," Andreas nodded. "For what is worth, though, Dion, thank you. You're really a swell guy. Who knows? Maybe back in Drena, we could have been friends."

"We're friends now," Dion offered and was rewarded with a small smile.

"Friends ... Yes, I'm ok with being friends. Take care of John for me, will you?"

"You know I will," Dion embraced him briefly.

After Andreas left, he headed back to the bedroom. Slowly, careful not to wake up the other, he slid under the covers. As John moved in his sleep, a bear like arm landed on top of him. Dion moved a little, trying to adjust to the weight, but the arm grabbed him and pulled him tighter towards the sleeping man. Apparently, there was no escape for him.

He shook John, gently at first, then more energetically. Eventually, the man woke up.

"Is it morning already?" John mumbled.

"No, not yet, but you're heavy," Dion complained, but he was smiling.

John blinked and looked around. "Is he gone?" he asked, and Dion didn't have to guess who John was speaking about.


"Good," John replied, without hiding a sigh of contentment.

"Hey!" Dion punched his arm.

"What?" the man looked at him confused.

"I thought you wanted him!"

"For a fuck, yeah, but not as a fixture," John spoke so genuinely, that Dion burst into laughter.

Now John was awake. With a small growl, he rose and grabbed Dion by the shoulders, pushing him into the mattress.

"Now, I should really have a talk with you, young man," he threatened, and Dion stuck his tongue at him.

"You're not that old," the redhead retorted.

"Older than you, that's all you need to know. Stop changing the subject. Now, enlighten me. Why did you call Andreas over?"

"It's too late to have regrets," Dion glared.

"I don't. So did you tell him to leave or did he leave on his own?"

"He left because he wanted to. I tried to stop him, but ..."

"Why stop him? Do you need extra help in the kitchen?" John raised an eyebrow questioningly.

"No," Dion shifted, feeling a bit uncomfortable under John's intense gaze. "Because I thought you and he ..."

"There is no he and I, Dion. There's only you and I. Understood?"

Something in John's tone would brook no contra-argument. Dion nodded. John continued to keep him there, with a thoughtful expression on his harsh face.

"Dion," John started. "It was a nice surprise, but let's leave it at that. Did I want to fuck Andreas? Yes, I did. But he went away, and I have no intention to have him back. The place is taken, and you should know better that I would not trade you for the world. Also, I am definitely against any kind of drama in my home. I had enough of it. Now, I want you to tell me, clear and straight to my face, if you feel like I'm not enough for you."

Dion's eyes grew wide. "W-what?" he stammered. "I thought it was the other way! I thought I wouldn't be enough for you!"

John chuckled softly. "Really?" he grabbed a few fiery strands and wrapped them around his fingers. "You're fucking gorgeous. And you always let me have my way with you. Every day, every time I need you. I should really get worried that I might break you."

"You cannot break me," Dion protested feebly, fascinated with the intense look in John's dark eyes.

"Yes, it looks like resilience is among your many qualities ..." John cooed, while planting small kisses over Dion's face.

"What qualities?" the redhead questioned. He might have looked pathetic for asking to be complimented, but he was hungry for it.

"Well, besides the fact that you are an absolute stunner, and that gets me in trouble at least a few times daily ..."

"How is that getting you into trouble?" Dion murmured, feeling a small giddy sensation growing in his chest.

"Mainly because guys at work keep pestering me with questions, like how good are you in bed, and if I'd be willing to share ... Yeah, in your dreams, fuckers!" John became a little agitated, and Dion hurried to caress the man's cheeks, covered in short stubble, and calm him down.

"Anyways, you are everything the doctor ordered from top to bottom," John let one hand wander over Dion's lithe form, caressing a naked hip and sliding beneath to cup the redhead's nicely shaped buttocks. "And what a nice bottom you have," he joked. "But it's more to you than just looks."

"Is it?" Dion whimpered softly. He wanted to hear more, but he was this close to begging John to take him. He seriously doubted the man could handle a conversation while ramming the redhead's bum hard and fast, as he liked it.

"You're kind. You're generous. You're a great cook, and you know how to listen. You're smart, and you always come up with ideas that would never cross my mind. You are good with people. But not even all these can explain."

"Can explain what?" Dion muttered, as John's mouth hovered closely to his.

"Why each time you look at me with those large warm eyes of yours, my heart starts beating faster. This has never happened to me before."

"Not even with Andreas?"

"Not even with him. I wanted to fuck him. Yes, I did. But, from the first time I saw you looking at me, that day, in the cafeteria ..."

"You remember!" Dion said excited.

"Of course I do. Stop interrupting," he warned, and the redhead bit his lip. John's calloused fingers brushed over his mouth. "That first time told me that I was in deep trouble. That if you were ever to get close to me, I'd fight a losing battle."

"Why? Why a losing battle?"

"I got a taste of bad medicine when I met Andreas. I thought I learned my lesson. I was seriously trying to tell myself you were just temptation in flesh and blood. That you were going to mess with my head and leave, too. I was pretty sure I wanted to stay away. But then you chose me, and there was no escape for me. Yet, the fool I was ... I still tried to fight my attraction for you. You seemed so eager to please, and that really got on my nerves, because I was running out of arguments. The only way I could protect myself was to see you as little as possible."

"Protect yourself?" Dion giggled. "You're double my size."

"And still you bring me to my knees. How do you explain that?" John challenged him, while pushing the covers aside and planting himself between Dion's long legs.

"I do not do such things," Dion denied sheepishly.

"You're still blushing," John kissed his cheeks slowly, while sneaking one hand between them, so he could guide his cock towards the secret entrance he was so enthralled with. "Why?"

"I'm not sure I deserve such praise," Dion murmured, feeling unsure and hesitant.

"You do. You deserve everything and more," John started to push inside, as Dion adjusted his position to allow the intrusion. "You deserve, Dion, because you made me fall in love with you."

For the briefest of seconds, Dion could swear his heart stopped beating. As John's tongue probed his mouth, while his cock sheathed itself in Dion's body, the redhead breathed deeply. In the man's arms, he was whole again. He was whole as he had never been in his entire life. He could not remember a time in his life, when he had felt so happy, not even as a kid. He threw his long arms to embrace the mountain of heat pouring over him, inside him, filling him. He had John, and John loved him. Everything bad he had ever felt in his life disappeared; there was nothing else but the absolute sensation of happiness that was unfurling in his chest.

He kissed John back with all his might. "I love you, John," he spoke, when they had to stop and fight for air. "You are the one for me."

The man didn't need any more incentive. As he voiced his release inside Dion's body, met by the redhead's natural spasms of his own orgasm, they both knew the world outside their small home didn't matter. The honesty of their emotions flooded them, making them feel clean, reborn anew, in a better place, built only by them.

~A Good Servant~

Ayn surely was a cocky one, Xavier observed his partner from the corner of his eye. With an arm thrown over Xavier's shoulders, Ayn was animatedly talking to everyone they happened to meet. Xavier could hardly shake off the sensation that the guy was parading him all over the place, looking forward to cause the others' envy. Apparently, the others had no intention to disappoint Ayn, either, and they were loudly voicing their opinions.

"You finally let your man out of the cave, Ayn?" one questioned, while his eyes raked over Xavier's body, like he was trying to scan him or something.

"Yeah, aren't you afraid he's going to get stolen, now?" another butted in, eyeing Xavier in a manner that left little to the imagination in regards to the man's intentions.

"You're free to try," Ayn waved his free hand, but he instantly pulled Xavier closer with the other. "But, I hope you are already making plans on how to dance a dickless jig," he threatened, and the guys laughed.

Xavier could not exactly tell whether they were just bantering or really wanted to make a pass at him. These men here were like no others he had met before. And he had thought himself to be a good judge of character. Ayn's place had different rules.

The men were not the worst, though. When a tall, slim brunette jumped in Ayn's arms, making the man lose his grip on Xavier for a short while, the former ruler of Drena felt like he wanted to go back to his "cave".

"Ayn, I heard you were back! Why didn't you come by?" she pouted.

Xavier rolled his eyes. The brunette was talking to Ayn, but she was looking at him shamelessly. Xavier couldn't make much of the way she looked at him. He had met very few women, and even then, he had not conversed much with them. For him, they were strange creatures, of which, he would not have normally admitted, he was a bit afraid.

To his displeasure, Ayn's hands came to rest on the woman's tiny waist. "As you see, Myra, I am a bit busy," the man gestured towards Xavier.

Apparently, the woman took the gesture as indication she could inspect Xavier closer. Even worse, touch him. She rested her hands on Xavier's shoulders and looked him in the eyes. She didn't look an inch impressed with all the disdain gathered in eyes the color of the storm.

"I've heard you've taken a male lover, so I was intrigued," she smiled sweetly, while she was practically devouring Xavier with her eyes.

Xavier knew it would have been impolite to shake off the woman's touch. He was wondering, though, if there was any common sense rule against wanting to strangle her on the spot. The familiarity with which she was talking to his Ayn was putting his anger on a short fuse.

"But, seeing how fine he is ..." she bit her bottom lip, and laughed. "... I cannot hold it against you. You really got yourself a looker. Even so, this should not make you a stranger. Bring him along and stop by my place. The girls will go crazy over him," she emphasized the last words.

"I am afraid we will have to decline your invitation," Xavier spoke sharply.

Her dark eyes grew wide and then she burst into laughter. "Wow, Ayn, he's a tough cookie, isn't he?" she barely managed.

The good part was that she had eventually let go of his shoulders.

Ayn took his place again, by Xavier's side. "Sorry, Myra, you heard what my love here said. Maybe some other time. Plus, instruct the girls to keep their hands to themselves."

"Or what?" Myra flicked her long mane over her shoulder. "I heard you're ready to fight all the guys in Haven, if there was one crazy enough to lay a finger on your sweetheart. But what are you going to do against a bunch of horny girls?"

Ayn seemed to ponder for a bit. "Against them? Nothing. But I'll have to put Xav under key again. And then he will be miserable and hate all of you."

"Oh," Myra smirked. "Hitting below the belt, aren't you? All right, they will behave. After all, unlike the guys, we're satisfied with just having the pleasure to see him. Just come by some time."

Turning to Xavier, she caressed his cheek quickly. "Xav, is that your name, cutie?"

Before Xavier could say anything, Ayn answered. "For you, it's Xavier. I am the only one allowed to call him Xav."

The brunette giggled. "Ayn, you're really in love, aren't you?"

Xavier stole a furtive glance in Ayn's direction. He held his breath, waiting for his partner's answer. Ayn did nothing but laugh. Unlike Xavier, Myra thought she heard a `yes', according to her reaction.

"Oh, just wait until the girls hear this! It was time for mighty Ayn to be brought to his knees! I'll drink in honor of your love tonight!"

She winked at Xavier. "Later, Xav!"

"Xa-vi-er," Ayn shouted after her, as she ran away laughing.

"Can you please enlighten me what is she to you?" Xavier said in a far more accusing tone than he had intended in the first place.

Ayn cocked his head to one side and stared at him. "Why do you care?" he challenged, and Xavier could swear he could hear his own teeth grinding.

"She was obviously very familiar and she took some liberties in touching me," Xavier continued.

Ayn shrugged. "So? Myra touches everyone. Be thankful she didn't grab you in her arms and smooch you to death."

The guy started laughing seeing the horrified expression painted on Xavier's face. "Oh, that's right. You don't have women in that weird city of yours. They're a lot of fun," he winked and the former Ruler of Drena chose to ignore him.

"Aren't you going to ask me what kind of fun?" Ayn moved closer and touched Xavier's waist.

"I am not at all interested in your dealings with girls," Xavier glared in turn, but didn't shake off the touch.

Ayn took that as an invitation to invade his partner's space even more. Soon enough, their lips were locked together and they were kissing right there, in the middle of the street.

A lewd whistle interrupted them. Both stared in anger at the intruder.

"Ayn, what the hell, man? Didn't you have enough time to tell your girlfriend goodbye?" a man in his late 20s inquired. His words seemed angry, but his eyes were laughing.

Xavier measured him from head to toes. His clothes were covered in dust and the man must have seen better days himself. He was rugged, with long, entangled hair that could easily become a home for birds. Xavier could not say he would have been surprised to see a flock of birds flying away from the guy's twisted strands.

Even so, he was not entirely unappealing. His eyes were light in color, somewhere between green and blue, and made a strong contrast against his tanned skin. The fine wrinkles around the man's eyes said the guy was really enjoying his laughs, as well as long journeys across the desert. He was a piece of work, and Xavier could not feel any antipathy towards him.

"Marcus, my man," Ayn let go of his lover to embrace the intruder in a manly hug. "I thought you were still out there," he gestured off in a vague direction.

"Came back, found out you got yourself a man," the man named Marcus looked at Xavier over Ayn's shoulder. "Where did you get him? Dress him up all you like, it's like he's screaming that he's not from around here."

"I am, as you can see, present," Xavier punctuated his words with a studied sigh, "so there is no need to talk about me in the third person. Any question you might have can be addressed directly."

Marcus laughed wholeheartedly. "If that's the case, who's on top? Did you get to bugger Ayn here really good? He always looks like he needs a good shag."

Xavier's jaw went slack. He was about to say something, when Ayn intervened. "Of course I'm on top, what the hell do you think I am," he pushed Marcus playfully. "And before you starting asking any other stupid questions, yes, he's all mine, and I'm not going to share. Live with it."

"I wasn't going to ask that!" Marcus grinned, a clear sign that Ayn's suspicions were totally right. "Anyways, Ayn, I'd love to chat you up, guys, but we need to get going. If you're game, I'm leaving now."

Ayn stole a quick glance in Xavier's direction. "I'm game, as always. Xav, you're coming, too."

"Xavier," Xavier said his name, with a sour expression on his face.

"Xavier? Where are you from?"

"He's from Drena," Ayn supplied the information before Xavier could open his mouth. "And he's coming."

If Marcus was surprised, he didn't show it. Instead he snorted. "Yeah, right. Leave Mr. Gorgeous Ass from Drena here. He'd only slow us down."

"He won't. He needs to come," Ayn insisted.

Marcus sighed. "All right, but he's on you. If anything happens, I'll leave your sorry asses behind like there's no tomorrow. Don't count on me."

"Like you'd ever leave someone behind," Ayn said knowingly. "Should I remind you how you dragged me across half the desert, with a bullet in my thigh? Why didn't you feed me to the coyotes?"

"I doubted they would have liked your flesh. Plus, you have tough skin. The poor coyotes would have broken their teeth in you," the man grinned and Xavier felt a bout of sympathy washing over him.

"And coyotes are your long forgotten kin," Ayn said ironically, but he was grinning, too.

"Who knows? I've fucked some strange creatures in my life," Marcus joked. "One of the damned women I've brought to bed could have been half coyote, for all I care. I only know I've been drunk plenty of times to not remember such details as too hairy legs or too many legs."

Even Xavier felt compelled to laugh. This Marcus guy really sounded like a good friend of Ayn, and Xavier felt like he could trust him.

"So, is he getting a gun?" Marcus questioned. "Sorry," he turned towards Xavier, "is Your Majesty getting a gun?" he faked a bow, balancing his enormous frame in a comical curtsy.

"Not yet. He needs to prove himself, just like anyone else," Ayn spoke and threw Xavier a strange look.

"If I am to come along, I should at least be informed of what is expected of me," Xavier said with a glare directed at Ayn.

"What is expected?" Marcus scratched his head. "Basically, we go in, we hit, we take everything we can, and we run."

Xavier looked at the man, obviously confused. "Where?"

"The first city we find that is not ours, and has nice fat warehouses waiting to be plundered."

"Oh," was the only short reply Xavier could issue.

"Are you ready?" Marcus slapped his hands together.

"I was born ready," Ayn boasted. "Xav?"

"Am I going to be involved in some criminal activities?" he questioned, trying to stall for time.

Ayn chuckled. "Well, if you consider shopping without paying, criminal activities, then this is exactly what we are going to do. You can always stay at home, if you want. Or I could leave you with Myra. She'll drive you crazy, but you'll be safe with the girls."

The prospect was not a very attractive one for Xavier. He dismissed Ayn's proposal with a flick of his wrist. "I think I prefer the criminal activities. I am afraid spending even just a couple of minutes in that woman's company will drive me to do something regretful."

Marcus was howling with laughter. "Did Myra scare him really good?"

"He's exaggerating. He hasn't seen many girls in his life."

"Oh, yeah, those Drena bastards don't have chicks," Marcus spoke. "Then he may want to learn what real fun looks like," the man offered and gestured for the other two to follow him.

~A Good Servant~

"And what is this supposed to be?" Xavier crossed his arms over his chest and looked at Marcus's self proclaimed means of transportation without hiding his disdain.

"This is our car," Marcus said simply.

"Do you call this a car?" Xavier gestured towards the old van that looked one second away from giving in and turning into dust.

"Never judge a car until you've seen what's under the hood," Marcus grinned and made a dramatic pause before lifting the rusty hood.

Xavier's eyes grew wide. "Is that a TS80DETT?" he barely managed.

"A man who knows a bit about engines," Marcus stared at Xavier with admiration. "Yeap, it's even an improved version."

"Improved? How?" Xavier leaned over to take a closer look at the shiny engine hiding inside the rusted carcass.

"You'll see," Marcus clicked his tongue in satisfaction for managing to impress the haughty man playing house with Ayn.

Ayn intervened. "Got the guns, now, let's go. I'll sit in the back with Xav."

"All right, but if I catch you make out while I'm on boring driving duty ..." Marcus threatened.

Ayn shrugged. "Then don't fucking look in the mirror."

A wholehearted laugh was the only response.

Soon, they embarked in the strange vehicle. Xavier looked out the back window at the cloud of dust raised in their path. His life was going to change forever. The former Ruler of Drena was going to be involved in a criminal act. He could give Ayn and Marcus away and return to his former life, if the city they were headed to was known to him. Chances were it was. But did he really want to do that?

From the corner of his eye, he studied Ayn. Despite the playful banter, the man looked serious, while he was checking two heavy pistols. Of course, neither were for him. Ayn had said that he had to prove himself. He was wondering what exactly that was supposed to mean.

Ayn rose and rummaged through a rusty box. He threw a grey garment at Xavier.

"We're supposed to look like delivery boys. Put it on."

Without a word, Xavier obeyed. Ayn was doing the same thing. After they were both dressed, their face half hidden under grey caps, Ayn took one of the pistols and handed it to Marcus, in front.

"We'll go inside, tell them what we need. Be prepared with the car. And put the shade on, don't let the fuckers see you."

"Roger that, chief," Marcus said playfully and pushed a button. The front window got darker.

"Where did you obtain this kind of technology?" Xavier questioned, impressed for the second time with Marcus's vehicle.

"Here, there," came the driver's reply.

That was a clear sign that he was not supposed to question them any further. That Xavier managed to realize on his own. Maybe he was going to question Ayn more later.

The car made a swift turn and Ayn gestured for Xavier to get out.

Xavier took in his surroundings.

"Is this Teran?" he asked.

Ayn threw him a sidelong glance. "You know your way around, it seems."

"I've visited here several times."

"Of course you've been. Now you're visiting again," Ayn slapped his shoulder and guided him towards one of the lateral metallic doors. "The difference is you're not taking the front door."

Xavier looked at the tall dark walls of the city. Teran was known for producing basic materials, but they were also specialized in making fine liquor and various foods.

Ayn knocked on the door loudly. Eventually, a man in his 30s opened the door and watched the two with dull eyes.

"Yes?" he eventually asked.

Ayn spoke. "We are here for a special delivery. Big party down in Drena."

Xavier threw him a venomous look.

The man at the door didn't budge. "I didn't get any notice."

"Well, it's last minute stuff. They took us directly from our beds, and we rode the entire night to get here."

"What do you need?"

Calmly, Ayn started enumerating the most expensive stuff Teran was producing. Xavier could not believe the guy's courage. Some of those things were rarities even at the most lavish parties in Drena. Obviously, Ayn was doing nothing by half.

The man eventually moved out of the way. "I don't have help around, since I didn't know any special order was on the way. Who do you say sent you?"

"The first Ruler of Drena, Lord Xavier," Ayn said bluntly and Xavier froze.

What was Ayn thinking? Word of his disappearance from Drena must have been sent out already.

The man showed no sign that he knew anything, and Xavier slowly let out the air he was keeping inside his lungs.

They were guided along long metallic shelves. While Ayn was instructing him what to carry to the door, Xavier obeyed without a sound.

It looked like everything was going to work out. Xavier had to admit that he was relieved they were not going to use force.

"Wait," the man from the storage room spoke, when they were about to start loading their wares inside Marcus's vehicle. "What the fuck is this?"

Xavier felt his blood turning to ice in his veins. As he turned, an ominous feeling washed over him. His senses went on high alert in an instant. It was like he was watching the scene unfolding in front of his eyes in slow motion. He watched the man as his right hand went to his waist and he acted on instinct. He punched the man from the left, short but strong, and the man's head made a loud, crashing sound. Its owner fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

Xavier was breathing heavily, towering over his victim. The man was sprawled on the floor, in a weird, comical position, his hand still touching his holster.

Loud laughter made him turn with murder in his eyes. Ayn was staring at him, his eyes moist from so much laughing, his entire body shaking.

"What the fuck, man? Why did you hit him?"

"What?! He was going to ..." Xavier gestured towards the unconscious form on the floor.

"He was just going to call his superior. I could easily talk my way out of it," Ayn said with satisfaction, but there was something strange in his eyes, as his bout of laughter was dying out and he was looking at Xavier, as he stood there, his fists closed.

"What drew his attention?" Xavier questioned.

"Marcus's van always making a fine impression," Ayn grinned. "Come now, let's load these and fast. Soon enough, someone will come to investigate and will find this poor shmuck barely recovering from being hit by the first Ruler of Drena."

Xavier pursed his lips. His blood was still boiling and he didn't mind hitting another shmuck.

Soon enough, they had everything loaded in Marcus's van, and they were putting great distance between them and Teran.

"What happened back there?" Marcus questioned them.

"Xavier punched the guard," Ayn said with a satisfied grin.

Marcus turned to stare back at Xavier. "For real? You're shitting me, right? Why?"

"He thought the idiot was going to shoot or something."

Marcus laughed. "Good one, Your Majesty."

"How can you two be so careless?" Xavier ignored the ironic honorific Marcus was addressing him with. "Why don't you paint your van? And why don't you give me all the details in advance?" he turned towards Ayn.

"My van is gorgeous just the way it is," Marcus boasted and continued to stare at Xavier, challenging him.

"You turn back to your place and keep your eyes on the road," Xavier commanded.

Something in his tone offered no room for resistance or further comments, so, with a shrug, Marcus obeyed.

Xavier focused his attention on Ayn, now that he had Marcus back to his position. Although the man was still smiling, Xavier was not at all amused.

"Can you please enlighten me why you used my name?" he inquired.

"Don't you want to know if your people are looking for you? As you can see, Drena likes keeping its shit together. Either the idiot you hit didn't know anything, or the guys back in Drena don't give a rat's ass that you went missing."

There was some logic in what Ayn was saying, but Xavier was still mad. "It's the first and last time I intervene because I think someone is putting your life in danger," he no longer kept it in.

"Nah," Ayn stretched and yawned lazily. "You love me too much. Nice knowing you care," he looked at Xavier, his eyes at half mast.

"I certainly do not," Xavier looked away with a huff.

"Isn't love beautiful?" Marcus could not help commenting. He faked a sigh.

"This conversation doesn't concern you," Xavier chided him sharply, and the driver laughed.

"You got your work cut out for you, Ayn, with this one," Marcus added. "Soon enough, he'll boss you around, and you'll obey like a puppy on a leash."

Ayn continued to stare, the same mysterious smile twisting his beautiful lips. "I told you, Marcus, I'm the boss, not him."

Xavier closed his eyes and breathed deeply. He was in no mood to be the butt of the joke for Ayn and his friend.

~A Good Servant~

They were welcomed back like heroes. Xavier helped the other two men share the goods among the people of all ages that were gathering around them.

A kid with eyes big as saucers touched his arm. "Mister, can I have a candy?"

Xavier watched the small boy and tried, for a split moment, to remember how it was like when he was a child. He had nothing but the best. The best clothes, the best food, the best education. The kid before him was scrawny and could use some new clothes, and, although the people in Haven looked like they managed to carry on with their existence without complaining, it was obvious there was plenty of room for improvement.

He rummaged through one of the boxes and chose a huge lollipop. He handed it to the kid, and the boy's eyes grew even larger. "Thanks a lot!" the child snatched the candy from his hand and ran away.

Xavier stared after the child for a while. Something scratched his hearing and his attention was drawn to a scene that was not at all to his liking.

Myra was loudly expressing her gratitude, embracing Ayn and making sounds that could easily compete with a rusty door.

"Ayn, you're the best! The girls will love these!" she was happily commenting.

"Nothing but the best for my girls," Ayn kissed the woman's cheek casually and handed her one box Xavier suspected was full of liquor.

He could not take it anymore. He turned on his heels and headed for the place he had to call home for now.

~A Good Servant~

Half an hour passed until Xavier heard the front door opening, signaling that Ayn was home, too. He jumped from the bed. He was going to have a talk with the annoying brat.

"Why did you leave?" Ayn questioned, while taking off his jacket and throwing it on the bed.

"And do what instead? Watch you rubbing against everyone like a dog in heat?"

Ayn stopped and looked at him, visibly surprised. "Are you jealous?" he grinned, and threw Xavier a sidelong glance. "C'mon, Myra's just a friend."

It took Xavier less than a second to reach Ayn, grab him and throw him on the bed with his face down.

"What the ...?" Ayn tried to get up from the bed, but he was pushed back, his words muffled, as Xavier kept his head down.

His pants were roughly pulled back over his buttocks, as an impatient hand reached between them and fingers probed him.

Xavier could hear the blood pounding in his ears. He wanted nothing but to teach the brat a good, hard lesson. It didn't matter that he was pretty much Ayn's prisoner. He could not take it anymore.

He clumsily pushed his own jeans down to free his engorged member. He spit and made himself slick quickly. "Who's on top now, Ayn?" he challenged through his teeth as he pushed inside, uncaring.

He had to bite back a low moan, feeling the familiar heat engulfing him like so many times before. He stopped for a second, just to enjoy the sensation. Ayn made no sound, but he moved, and Xavier didn't want to miss his chance to put things in order.

He slammed against Ayn's gorgeous ass fast. The sound of flesh against flesh ignited his desire further. He let go of Ayn's head so he could grab the man's hips and fuck him as hard as he wanted.

This was not going to be about Ayn's pleasure, but about his revenge. But the man was wiggling his butt beneath him, encouraging him, and his short, punishing thrusts soon became slower, gentler, as Xavier was falling back to the way he so much enjoyed when making love to his former slave.

His low moans resembled those of an animal. He could not believe that was him, he could not believe he could lose control so badly. He was a prisoner, indeed; but there were no chains or locks keeping him there. The arched back moving slowly to meet his thrusts, the beautiful raven hair, begging to be touched, and the almost aristocratic profile he could see from his vantage point as Ayn moved his head to the side so he could breathe, all were his doom.

He surrendered. There was no going back for him. As he voiced his pleasure as a cry of victory, he heard Ayn like through a haze.

"It looks like you're on top now, Xav."

The words were spoken softly, like a declaration of love. Xavier collapsed next to his lover, and covered his face with his hands, while still trying to regain his breath.

"I thought you had settled for being a bottom," Ayn commented, while touching Xavier's elbow, and pressing his lips against the man's ear. "It was kind of disappointing, really."

Xavier uncovered his face to look at Ayn. Almond shaped eyes were staring at him. There was honesty in them, and a lot of affection. Xavier felt his heart growing larger.

"Why? You missed having me ...?" he trailed off.

"Fuck me?" Ayn chuckled softly. "Yeah, I guess I did. I think I've provoked you on purpose, since we got here, just to have you react."

"I thought you hated it," Xavier mumbled.

"I did, at first. But, like your kisses... Just to be clear, I will continue to fuck you, too. You're really great at taking me," the man winked at him, and Xavier smiled. "Let's take a shower. I want to be inside you just as badly as you wanted me."

It was so easy for Ayn to express his wants and needs. Xavier wanted that, too; he wanted to be free.

"By the way," Ayn commented as he helped Xavier up. "It was really brave what you did for me in Teran. It was not such a big danger, but you proved yourself."

"As a member of your tribe or something?" Xavier questioned, as he followed Ayn to the small bathroom.

"No. As my partner," Ayn helped Xavier inside the shower and kissed him roughly on the lips. "Don't worry about the guys. They're just teasing."

"I'm not worried about the guys," Xavier said with a pout, letting himself be turned by Ayn, and having his ass lavished with attention by strong hands.

"Myra?" Ayn questioned, as he knelt to rim the hole he so much enjoyed fucking.

"Yes," Xavier admitted meekly.

"We used to fuck," Ayn admitted simply.

Xavier had a mind to push Ayn away, but the man's strong hands kept him in place.

"Don't be stupid. It's all in the past. Now, we're just friends. And, even when we fucked, me and her? We were nothing like this."

"Like this, how?" Xavier almost begged, as Ayn returned to rimming him deeply.

The man stopped again. "I don't know exactly. Crazy, wonderful, like I'd never stick my cock in anyone else for the rest of my life."

Xavier threw his head back in ecstasy, as the deft tongue was soon replaced by Ayn's meaty organ. It always felt like a bit of a stretch to have the man inside, but it was making him see stars behind closed eyelids. Ayn's hands moved to tease his nipples, just the way both liked it.

They both took pleasure in the act this time. One of Ayn's hands covered Xavier's erect cock and started pumping it in the same rhythm. Xavier turned his head, so their lips could connect, and Ayn met him half way.

"Be my partner, always?" Ayn begged, as his breath accelerated.

"Yes, always," Xavier moaned his reply.

It did not happen all the time for them to come at once, but now it was one of those magical moments when time just stood still, and their love making was the only thing that counted.

For the first time in his life, Xavier felt truly loved. It was not the Trainers' cold caring, or his many trysts' fleeting affection; this was real.

~A Good Servant~

"For the last time, where did you get this item? Who gave it to you?" the Head Trainer's cold voice inquired.

It was not like Vacchiari to be courageous. It was never a good time for a merchant to be that.

"Why should I tell you? You're going to kill me anyway."

"Yes, you will be dead. The only question is when and how long is it going to take," the Head Trainer sat down on the high wooden chair, and took in the bloodied form hanging like a doll from the wall.

One of the grey forms looming around in the room moved with a torch in his hand.

"There are things that can make men go crazy with fear," the Head Trainer commented in the same cool, even voice.

"Death is death," Vacchiari said simply, but he was trying to keep track with his eyes of the Trainer approaching with the torch burning brightly.

"What could be your most important weakness? Fear?" the Head Trainer continued. "Could it be fire? Fear of drowning? Devoured by beasts? So many possibilities. It is a good thing we have so much time on our hands."

"How much time?" Vacchiari faked bravado.

"Endless," the Head Trainer answered and gestured for his brother to proceed.

Loud screams and smell of burned skin filled the room.

"Now, Vacchiari, who gave you the stone? We know it was one of the Rulers, because no one else has such precious things, but who? We don't want to cause any disturbance, questioning our most beloved sons. So, please, spare yourself the pain, and just say it."

"Fuck you," Vacchiari spat. For some unfathomable reason, he was suddenly no longer afraid. Death was to be feared when it was an uncertainty. Once it became unavoidable, fear became useless.

The torture continued. The Head Master came and went, and asked the same question over and over again.

Eventually, he sat down with a piece of paper in front of him.

"You were not supposed to be alive in the first place," the Head Master commented. "You were saved by miners who found you almost buried alive. We suppose you were one of the rejects. The ones who could not be used. We were obviously right. So, your biggest fear must be ..."

Vacchiari's heavy breathing was the only sound filling the room.

"Take him outside. Dig a hole and throw him there. He's of no use to us anyway."

A long howling sound was the effect of the Head Trainer's words.

"What? Are you afraid of being buried alive?"

"Don't, don't, don't," Vacchiari begged as his head lolled back and forth. He could no longer think straight. Who cared about him anyway?

"We can take pity and ease your pain right away. There is nothing beyond death. No suffering, my son," the Head Trainer spoke softly. "Who was it?" he demanded.

"Don't bury me alive!" Vacchiari shouted. "It was Lord Lucas!"

The Head Trainer sat back in his chair. "Thank you."

He gestured towards his brothers. "Finish here."


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