A Good Servant – Ch. 3

By Laura S. Fox

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Gay Erotica

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This story contains graphic depictions of sexual intercourse, strong language and it is not meant for readers who are less than 18 years of age.

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Ch. 3 – A Quarrel Between Friends


Really, Xavier, I fail to understand you,” Lucas commented, looking somewhat vexed with his friend’s determination. “You usually get bored rather fast with your servants. Please at least promise me he can be mine once you are through with him.”

They were talking over dinner, while Cory was tending the table quietly, trying hard to ignore the butterflies in his stomach upon hearing the masters’ conversation. It was a strange thing to find himself the cause of the disquieting atmosphere in the room.

I believe that it would be no issue for a repeat performance if you come visit us,” Xavier sipped wine from his glass, frowning. “What I do not understand,” he emphasized the ‘I’, “is why you are so keen on acquiring him all of a sudden. Never before have you expressed interest in any of my servants.”

You know I always speak my mind,” Lucas answered. “We’re not so different, you and I. We both take what we like when we like. Of course, in this case, I could never insist more than it is socially acceptable. If this is your final word, I will respect it,” he added sternly while cutting the steak on his plate with measured gestures.

Cory was observing the two masters in silence. Lord Xavier was graceful to the tip of his fingers, even as he ate, while it looked like Lucas was paying too much attention to his table manners. If he didn’t know better, he would have suspected the guest to have struggled to climb the social ladder to reach his current position, as opposed to Xavier who looked blue-blooded and born to rule.

I do not usually tell you ‘no’, and you know it,” Xavier’s voice grew softer.

Only when it’s about the not so little things,” Lucas commented, looking somewhat disappointed.

You see, I have taken quite a liking at Cory, and I would hate to part with him so soon. Plus, it is highly unusual for you to show so much interest in another human being, let alone a servant.”

There were inflections in his master’s voice Cory wished he could read. Could there be a chip in the man’s armor? Was he nurturing more intimate feelings towards his friend? Was Lord Lucas not responding in kind? He was so deep in thought that he forgot he was supposed to bring dessert.

His master looked at him, his half ironic, half indulgent smile back on his lips. Lucas coughed discreetly, to draw his attention.

He murmured an apology and rushed to the kitchen to bring the two servings of mocha pots de crème he had especially and carefully struggled with, while the masters were recovering from the sensual session from earlier. He had used the heart shape he’d found among the utensils. Somehow, his master’s choice had rung to him as romantic, so he had wanted to please him with a proper layout, as well.

As he placed the dessert in front of the two masters, Lucas chuckled softly.

You are always trying to seduce me with food, Xavier.”

This is not food, my friend, this is a pure delight,” Xavier commented, digging a small scoop of chocolate pudding and tasting it, half closing his eyes. “He is great as a cook, too,” he added and stared at Lucas with a meaningful look.

That is to be expected,” the brunet waved his hand like such aspects were trivial. “They are trained to serve.”

However, as he tasted his dessert, his green eyes grew a bit wider. “Well, I guess this is something …” he mused, and using his teaspoon to get another mouthful of pudding, he held it towards Cory. “Come here, Cory, have a bite, too. I suppose you deserve it. Doesn’t he, Xavier?” he challenged his friend.

Cory felt like a deer caught in the headlights. He looked at his master, feeling uncertain. Wasn’t it a breach of protocol to accept something from another master? So far, Xavier had been in charge, even in much more intimate matters, but right now, he felt as if Lucas was crossing an invisible line.

Go ahead, Cory, let Lucas feed you,” Xavier ordered shortly, pushing his own plate aside, his own appetite for dessert suddenly gone.

Cory tried to take the teaspoon from Lucas’s hand, but the man stopped him. “Not like this, Cory. You will have to take it with your mouth.”

The servant could feel his cheeks ablaze. He half closed his eyes, afraid he was going to embarrass himself. He gently took the teaspoon in his mouth and used his tongue to clean everything. He tried to straighten up right away as if he could feel his master’s eyes watching him.

Lucas grabbed him all of a sudden and placed the servant on his lap.

It is delicious, isn’t it, Cory?” the man placed the utensil on the table so he could caress the servant’s thigh.

Yes, Sir,” he said sheepishly.

Do you know how it tastes better?”

He shook his head slowly, trying hard not to look at Lord Lucas, overly conscious of the hand that had slowly caressed him, now resting on his waist.

From a pair of beautiful lips.”

He watched, not even daring to breathe, how Lucas unceremoniously dipped his fingers in the dessert. He stood there as his lips were gently painted with chocolate, and moaned softly when Lucas’s lips closed over his.

When he opened his eyes again, and Lucas gently put him down so he could stand, he noticed his master was no longer in the room.


I didn’t peg you for the jealous type,” Lucas commented while preparing to walk out the door.

Behind the door to the giant hallway, Cory listened. He knew he was not supposed to be there, as his master had ordered him to his quarters while he was going to see his friend out.

Jealous?” Xavier seemed to struggle to keep his cool.

You are so easily provoked.”

Or you are probably doing a fine job at provoking me.”

A simple kiss? Really, Xavier?”

Cory could not stop thinking Lucas was cruel. There was anxiety in his master’s voice, and he could not fathom why.

It was not a simple kiss, Lucas, and you know it,” Xavier said accusingly.

You always invite me to partake, and I usually decline. I thought you would be happy to see me so enthralled with your little toy.”

I thought so, too,” Xavier’s voice dropped a few notes.

There were kissing sounds, and Cory could only picture the two good-looking men in a tight embrace.

Why?” he heard Xavier speaking again.

You know very well why,” Lucas said matter-of-factly. “I’d rather be your friend forever, then your lover for a day.”

It wouldn’t be that way between us,” Xavier denied the accusation.

You always say that,” Lucas laughed. “But you forget that I know you very well. Xavier, you burn too hot, too fast. The only reason why you still want me is that except for these little trysts, I always say ‘no’. Plus, I would be a fool to give my heart to you. You are ruthless. You step on broken hearts like it is the most natural thing in the world.”

You’re painting me in so bad colors,” Xavier complained.

They are your true colors,” the other stated. “As a friend, I could not ask for anything more. You’re trustworthy, reliable, always ready to help or listen. But when it comes to love, you’re cold.”

At least, let me have you once,” the master’s voice grew hotter.

Xavier’s demand was received with a low chuckle. “Don’t even think about it, Xavier. No one fucks me. Not even my best friend.”

Cory hurried to reach his room. His suspicions had been confirmed, and now he was starting to feel afraid that his master’s frustration and anger with being so bluntly refused by his beautiful friend was going to have a target in his weak little person.


He heard the bell ring, and he knew he was summoned. He walked towards the master bedroom, with a nasty sensation curling in his belly. Lucas had commented on Xavier being ruthless with his lovers. Not that he was his master’s lover, which only meant the man could not even be bothered to have mercy while exacting punishment.

He knocked softly and then he entered.

Have you called for me, master?”

Xavier looked amazing, his pale skin a beautiful contrast against the black silk sheets. He was completely naked, in a relaxed pose, but Cory could not let his guard down. The man was certainly upset with what had happened over dinner, and there were not going to be pleasantries being exchanged between the two of them before going to bed.

I must have you know, Cory, that my appetite is quite difficult to quench. I usually require service before bedtime.”

He gestured for the young servant to approach, and Cory’s eyes traveled the harmonious, worthy of a statue, body, to rest atop the erection the man was sporting.

Yes, I see you know exactly what I mean. Use your mouth. I promised you I’ll feed you some more, didn’t I?”

Cory nodded and climbed the bed to sit between his master’s legs. He carefully took the engorged head into his mouth, but Xavier’s firm hand pushed him all the way down, making him choke in surprise. He struggled against the man’s thighs and focused hard on stopping his heaving.

He likes you,” Xavier commented, and the servant could not tell whether he was angered or bored while saying so. “Lucas doesn’t like anyone,” he continued while pushing Cory again to swallow him whole. “He is too busy with his work to care about such trivial things. It is rare to see him so worked up.”

Cory could sense an old fear growing deep and dark inside. Suddenly, he felt again as if he was in that strange dark room at the Institution while that long and hard device was steadily stuffed down his throat, to pass over his gag reflex. It drove the fear of gods into him, and now he felt the same, as his master was using his throat mercilessly.

Suddenly, his head was captured by two strong hands, and he was forced to look into his master’s eyes.

You are crying,” the man said, and Cory blinked, and tried to wipe his tears away. “You are beautiful even when you cry,” his master brought his lips closer and kissed him, long and deeply, with a gentleness he had not had before.

He had Xavier on top of him. His master made room for himself between the slender legs and kissed him slowly.

He will never have you. He doesn’t realize it, but by singling you out, he made a terrible mistake. For as long as he will want you, I will not let you go. I will fuck you every day, use you as I please, and only let him have morsels to keep him interested.”

Cory said nothing, trying hard not to tremble. His master seemed to be a dangerous, vengeful man. He knew nothing about him; nothing, except the fact that he was going to be used as a pawn in the strange game the two men played.

He will learn how difficult it can be to desire someone you cannot have. It is the only way that he will understand my pain.”

Cory arched his back, as his master penetrated him without too much preamble. The pleasure was there, naked, but cruel. He didn’t feel elated, like the first time; he was afraid, his body just responding to the new conditioning of being invaded like that.

Xavier moved inside him, slamming hard, but he didn’t cry out.

Does it hurt, Cory?” he demanded, his eyes burning.

Cory opened his eyes to look at him. “I take everything my master wishes to give me,” he said, and Xavier’s eyes grew wide for a split second. Hot lips descended over his mouth, as his master settled for a more forgiving rhythm, making him squirm in growing pleasure this time.

His cock was pressed between their hard bodies, the delicious friction making him spew his load. He felt the now familiar sensation of having his insides coated with hot manly seed. Xavier withdrew a little, and rested his head on his chest, breathing heavily.

You are very smart, Cory, very smart. You know what buttons to push. Then I will tell you just one time because I know there will be no reason to repeat myself. Cross me, let Lucas have you behind my back, and the consequences will be dire. Understood?”

Yes, master,” he said softly. It felt unnatural to be threatened just after having hot sex with his beautiful master, but now he understood once more his place in the world. He had no high hopes. After all, the rulers were masters to everyone else. They were above the law, corrupted by so much power entrusted in their hands, and ruthless.

Do I frighten you?” Xavier demanded, letting his body slide to one side to let Cory breathe.

Yes, master,” he said in a small voice.

Fear is a good thing, Cory. It keeps you alive,” his master commented.

May I go to my room now, master?” the servant asked carefully.

No, it’s been awhile since my bed was kept warm for the entire night. Remain here,” Xavier dragged him closer and placed the blond head on his firm chest.

May I wash?” Cory asked hesitantly, although he knew the answer.

No, I want you marked by me. Tomorrow, I will have the jeweler come. He’ll make you a beautiful collar. I’m thinking sapphires and gold. It will go with your eyes,” Xavier pondered, while gently caressing his servant’s back.

Cory could not understand how his master could be so gentle with his gestures and so cruel with his words. He stood there, listening to Lord Xavier’s steady heartbeat for a long time before he could fall asleep.


Preparations for a large party were underway, and Cory was buried in chores head over heels. Other servants had been brought along with their masters, and his otherwise calm kitchen was all a ruckus. He saw to his tasks with his eyes down, trying hard not to look at the young servants around him. He expected expressionless faces, like the ones they were trained to achieve while being educated at the Institution, but he saw nothing of the kind.

The young men seemed boisterous and carefree, and there was gossip flying in all directions. From the stolen glances, he could tell none of them had been with him at the Institution at the same time. They were probably from other units, he mused, as strict rules commanded that no servant in training was to roam the area as he saw fit. So, except for the dozen boys he had been with in the same room at the Institution, he did not know anyone else.

Isn’t he pretty?” he heard a tall, beautiful redhead commenting.

He continued to stack plates, just looking once at the young man talking. The servant was staring at him, but he could not say whether he was the subject of the conversation or not. The other three servants had stopped from their activities, and they were looking at him, as well.

He blushed and cast his eyes down.

Wow, so virginal,” another, with fair hair, like Cory, commented. “How can you be in Lord Xavier’s service and still be able to blush?”

The redhead punched the other in the arm. “Stop it, Kain. He’s obviously new.”

A smaller, attractive male, with a mop of black hair getting in his eyes, joined the conversation. “Cory, tell us, has your master fucked you?”

The question didn’t sound like an insult; actually, the offensive word sounded utterly natural, and the youngster’s question seemed just pure curiosity.

The rest laughed seeing his hesitation. The redhead took him by the shoulders.

Come now, Cory, we’re dying to know. All the servants in Lord Xavier’s service so far have been so thoroughly fucked, that you cannot believe the stories they said. So, please, please, with sugar on top, tell us all the dirty details!” he made a dramatic gesture as if their whole lives depended on Cory’s confession.

I …” Cory started, “I cannot say anything.”

You’re afraid,” the redhead commented. “How could you be? Your master has made the happiest servants in Drena so far. When he’s done with one, he sets him free with a pile of gifts. You could not believe those cocksuckers now, how they go to parties, and wiggle their tails to rich people, just because they had the chance to be in Lord Xavier’s bed,” he commented, expressing his disgust.

Your masters …,” Cory blushed, “don’t they all …?”

Another unanimous laughter was the answer. “No, sweetie. They have pleasure slaves trained at the Academy to satisfy their cocks. We’re just some glorified housemaids, that’s all.”

Despite the brazen attitude, Cory could tell the redhead was disappointed, and he understood why everyone was so interested in what he had to say. But he was still afraid. They apparently had no idea how scary the man could be. They had not been threatened as he had been.

The bell made them all stand to attention for a second, and then hurry to see to their tasks again. Cory went first to set the table.

Firm hands grabbed him from behind, as he bent over the table to place utensils next to the plates.

Hello, Cory,” he heard Lord Lucas whispering in his ear.



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