A Good Servant – Ch. 5

By Laura S. Fox

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Gay Erotica

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This story contains graphic depictions of sexual intercourse, strong language and it is not meant for readers who are less than 18 years of age.

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Chapter 5

Sampling the merchandise was not a habit for Vachiari. The merchant was used to see attractive males and females walking around naked, but this time, he felt more tempted than any other time. He touched the chained man, asking his assistants to turn him around, while he was feeling up the muscled body, the chiseled chest, and the round mounds, where his hands remained a bit more than he had first intended. He eventually pushed them apart, curious to see if the specimen had been used. The tight puckered hole showed no signs of assault, and Vachiari could count on his experience to safely say that the captured male still had a virgin ass.

Not for long, the middle-aged man mused and stopped his ministrations. The slave was now writhing against his restraints, and the muffled sounds that could be heard, despite the mouth gag, were a clear indication that the young man was not happy with being handled.

Vachiari took a step back and asked his assistants to turn the slave around again so he could take a good look at his front, too. The longish, raven strands, the deep, charcoal-like eyes, and dark skin made him exotic. Slaves born and raised to please had their benefits, but a beautiful specimen like this one could only be found outside of Drena, in the remote tribal camps located far on the mainland. And that was where he had been captured while attacking a caravan.

The merchant had little respect for the tribes living far away from the coast cities. They were just uncivilized apes, but, from time to time, such beauties would emerge, and he knew how to recognize value when he saw it. Staring at the chained male some more, he thought about how the master purchasing the youngster would have a tough time teaching this one not to bite. Still, his exquisite beauty naturally made any obstacle pale in comparison.

It was not just the young man’s beauty that was making him stand out. There was something about him, he exuded sex like he was made for it. His rebellious attitude was just making things even more exciting. Vachiari shook his head. No matter how much he felt the need to use the beautiful body, he was a man of numbers. Profit, substantial profit, could be made with him, especially if left untouched.

He signaled the men to take the slave away. He had some phone calls to make.


It was unusual for Xavier to receive such a call.

“Vachiari, as much as I value your business,” he said in a tone that suggested the exact opposite, “I do not see why I should move just to see this specimen you are talking about.”

He listened, completely bored, to the merchant’s well-crafted praise. “Alright,” he eventually said with an exasperated sigh. “I suppose I could resell him for a profit if he is as beautiful as you say. Please do arrange the sighting at my home. I have no intention to mingle with commoners at the slave market. A cage? Is he dangerous? Are you trying to assassinate me?”

He smiled thinly while taking his time to hear the man’s long string of apologies. Only a seasoned money handler like Vachiari could put together so many words to say a simple thing.

He put the phone down and called for Cory. A new task was to be added to the servant’s chores.


Cory looked fearfully at the heavy irons bars keeping the young male caged inside, and the ones outside out of harm’s way. Xavier was walking around the cage, seemingly trying to see the slave from all angles. The servant knew he was not supposed to stare, but he felt drawn in, compelled to look at the dangerous man inside.

To say the slave was beautiful would have been an understatement. He was dark, much darker than anyone Cory knew, although Lucas’s black hair touched his thoughts briefly. His skin was almost shining and the way he moved reminded the servant of the nature documentaries he sometimes watched featuring wild beasts observed in their natural habitat. Only the one inside the cage was not a beast, but human and this was far from the places he used to roam.

The slave stood stubbornly with his back to the audience, and both Cory’s and his master’s eyes traveled along the gracious back, on the round buttocks and lean, long legs. This was no ordinary slave. His muscles had not been trained by individual devices requiring mindless repetitions until the desired form was achieved. He was a creature of the wild, shaped by hardship. He looked a bit underfed, too, Cory thought. He wanted to ask his master if they could give the slave something to eat. When he had been a child, he had known hunger. He could not stand the sight of someone going through that.

Xavier hummed appreciatively. He took a long cane and pushed it through the bars to touch the slave. Apparently, his sudden move finally made the other turn, and Cory’s mouth formed a perfect silent ‘O’. The long dark hair moved against the shoulders as if it was made of silk. For someone born and raised in the wild, that seemed impossible. He doubted the slave took the time to brush or wash his hair. Or maybe he had just been pampered to be presented to his new master.

The man’s face was carved in dark marble. The hard planes of his face made him harsh and masculine, but the delicate nose and almond-shaped eyes could put him against the most beautiful odalisque in the empire. His mouth was sensual, with full lips, and Cory could not stop thinking how would they feel if the slave was to be kissed.

The cane hissed through the air, hitting the slave’s legs.

“Kneel,” Xavier boomed, making Cory jump.

His master had never hit him. Threatened, yes, asserted dominance, yes. But he was not violent like this. He stared in stupefaction at his master’s eyes, shining with something new and frightful, as he continued to hit the slave, as much as the bars and the distance allowed, trying to make the male inside yield. But the slave stood still, only a small flinch in the muscles of his face a sign that he was registering every hit.

Without thinking, he grabbed his master’s arm, eyes full of fear as Xavier turned to look at him, seemingly too surprised with Cory’s actions to do something right away.

“Please, master, I don’t think he understands,” he cooed, caressing Xavier’s tense arm in apology.

“Of course, he doesn’t know the language. But this,” the lord of the house gestured towards the cane, “he can understand. He is nothing but an animal, and has to be trained.”

Xavier made a gesture to shake Cory off his arm, but the servant didn’t back down. “He may be uncivilized, but he doesn’t look stupid. I think there are other ways.”

“Then why don’t you show him, Cory?” his master whispered menacingly.

Cory turned towards the cage and looked the slave in the eyes, begging without words. He made a gesture pointing at Xavier; then he slowly knelt in front of his master. After that, he gestured at the slave. The charcoal eyes watched him with interest. A small smile started to spread on his face. He closed his fist and slammed it into his chest in a proud gesture.

Cory felt his insides torn. The slave understood alright. But what he meant, without words, was that he was a free man.

Xavier smiled thinly. “See where your good intentions lead, Cory? The animal thinks he has a say, although he is locked in a cage. Rest assured. I will make him yield.”

Cory kept his head down. “Why, master?”

“Why what?” the ruler asked annoyed.

“Why take a slave now? He is obviously not good for this, either. Why not release him?”

The servant had no idea how he dared to challenge his master like that. But seeing that beautiful youngster, a free man, locked in a cage, was making scream on the inside.

“You are quite chatty all of a sudden, Cory. What has gotten into you today?”

“He may be dangerous. He may hurt you,” Cory continued. “Why keep someone so dangerous in your home?”

“I doubt he could hurt me, Cory. As you can see, he is caged. He cannot do anything. He doesn’t have a weapon, and he is completely naked. And he could be no match for me.”

You cannot know that, Cory thought, keeping his head down.

“Now you just ruined the mood,” Xavier threw the cane on the sofa, apparently dissatisfied. “Let’s watch the specimen and observe him now since you are so sure you know everything about him.”


Xavier sent Cory to the kitchen to bring some food and sat on the sofa.

In his cage, the slave was watching him almost without blinking. Xavier could tell he was tense and ready to pounce. He chuckled and watched him, too. His eyes rested on the man’s organ. Quite endowed, he thought, and suddenly felt the need to adjust his position.

The beast inside the cage was making him hard with just his mere presence. Xavier wondered how that supple skin would feel under his fingers. For once, Vachiari hadn’t lied. This was a beautiful male, barely over 20, untouched, as the merchant vouched, although he had his doubts. He wanted to see for himself.

He rose and touched the iron bars slowly. There was enough room for the slave to draw away from his master’s touch, but he didn’t move when Xavier extended his right arm through the bars.

The ruler caressed the taut abdomen slowly, going lower. The slave’s breath became more labored when Xavier grabbed his cock and pushed the skin back to play with the sensitive head. Apparently, the beast didn’t mind being touched.


Cory felt his jaw go slack as he took in the scene in front of his eyes. His master, one of the most influential men in Drena, was slowly stimulating the slave who stood still, his eyes at half-mast, an expression of unhidden bliss on his face.

Xavier turned towards Cory. “See, Cory, maybe I know other methods, too.”

The servant placed the tray filled with goodies on the small coffee table and stood there, not knowing what to do.

“As much as this creature excites me, I would not get my mouth dirty. So, Cory, come here,” his master gestured for him to approach. “On your knees,” he whispered, gently this time, and Cory obeyed. “What do you say, Cory? Would you like a taste of this?”

Cory nodded slowly, fascinated with the dark cock rubbed steadily by Xavier’s elegant fingers. His master pulled the slave closer to the bars, to allow Cory easier access.

The servant didn’t need any more encouragement. His smaller hand closed over his master’s, taking over. As Xavier let go, he licked the engorged head slowly, reveling in the slave’s needy whimper.

“I think he likes it, Cory,” his master said satisfied. “Take care of me, as well.”

He stopped his licking to take his master’s cock out and sucked on it greedily. The slave seemed to mind being neglected like that, as his hand pulled a bit clumsily at Cory’s hair, to draw his attention.

Cory obliged right away, and, unconsciously, made the two move closer to one another. Soon, he was switching from his master’s long, thinner member to the dark, meaty one, taking one, then the other, deep in his throat, and using his hands to increase stimulation.

He saw Xavier sneaking a hand inside the cage again to grab the slave’s buttocks. It seemed that the sudden move triggered something in the young male, as Cory felt right away the tangy taste of ejaculate on his tongue. He swallowed quickly and turned to enjoy his master’s seed, too.

But Xavier took his cock from his servant’s hand and whispered: “I think I want to mark my slave a little, Cory. Come on up and help me keep him steady.”

He stood up and grabbed the slave’s naked ass, mirroring his master’s gesture from earlier. The slave’s skin was supple and silky everywhere. Xavier grabbed the youngster’s nape to draw him into a kiss, and started to ejaculate, through the bars, over the man’s taut abdomen.

The slave fought a bit against the kiss, but he slowly relaxed, as Xavier slowly spread his seed over the dark skin with his fingers.

“Cory,” Xavier spoke, “you are allowed to touch him only when I ask it. Do not do anything other than what is necessary to keep him fed and well taken care of. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master,” he nodded, and Xavier rewarded him with a short kiss.

The slave blinked, a bit confused. Maybe he could not understand the relationship between master and servant. Or perhaps he could not understand his role just yet.


It felt strange to serve Lord Lucas when Xavier was not at home. He could not take any threats lightly, especially when coming from his master. But he could not quench the longing he felt each time he saw Xavier’s beautiful friend.

“Cory, why are you so cold towards me?” Lucas asked.

The man loved asking direct questions.

“Please cut the crap about protocol,” the ruler added.

Cory’s eyes grew wide. Apparently, Lucas did not care about etiquette indeed. He had yet to hear such words from his master’s mouth.

“I …” he stuttered. “My master …”

Lucas shook his head. “I suppose there is no more need for words, then. But, he is not here. So do not fear. Come a bit closer. It has been a while since I looked at your lovely face.”

Getting closer was truly not an option. He felt his knees turning to butter when Lucas was around, and even from afar he could not stop daydreaming about him.

“Please, forgive me, if I cannot follow through with your request, master,” he bowed, to hide his reddened cheeks.

“You should use the honorific sparingly with me, Cory. Unless you want me to consider myself your master and whisk you away from here.”

The blond looked up a bit, surprised, once more, with Lucas’s direct manner of speaking his mind.

“What do you fear?”

“Myself,” Cory answered, and this time, he looked straight at Lucas.

“Oh,” the man lay back on the sofa. “Now that is an interesting conundrum … Why should you fear yourself?”

“Why do you want me, Lord Lucas?” Cory blurted out. “I am nothing but a servant, worse than a slave. I am everyone’s toy and …”

“Hush,” a strong hand caressed his head. “I know. But would you not, believe me, at least one tiny bit, when I tell you that I would be hard-pressed to name one person who caught my eye in a very long time?”

“I am nothing special,” he continued, keeping his head down.

“Even the fact that you say that makes you unique. In a world full of arrogant pricks, from masters to the most insignificant slaves, and even some servants, you see yourself like this. Xavier has always brought some new toys home, and despite their beauty, I have never found someone to my liking. It’s not the case with you. Join me on the sofa?”

“I don’t think I should,” Cory whispered.

“Then just stay where it’s comfortable for you. I want to talk a little with you.”

Cory took a large pillow and placed it on the floor, sitting gracefully on it, trying hard to ignore the green eyes following his every move. Lucas continued.

“I am a man of numbers, of cold hard facts. Emotions have always bewildered me, so I’ve preferred to push them away. But, ever since I met you, and Xavier allowed me to taste you, I cannot seem to be myself. Even when I am running an experiment, and my head should be focused, your face appears before my eyes like you are there, with me. You do realize you could compromise some very delicate data?” Lucas laughed softly.

Cory felt his mind in turmoil. No one had ever spoken to him like that. Not even his lover from before being sent to the Institution. He sat up brusquely.

“I am not worthy of your interest, Lord Lucas,” he said, his voice shaking. “I am nothing but a whore.”

“Because you are forced to copulate with anyone your master wishes?” Lucas rose and grabbed Cory’s arm, shaking him gently, as if he was trying to make him see.

“No, because I enjoy it,” the servant blurted out, and Lucas let him go, in surprise. “Please forgive this lowly servant,” he hurriedly added and almost ran out of the room, leaving the other to stare at him, in disbelief.


“You are indeed making my young servant lose his head,” Xavier commented, while entering the room, as he had just seen Cory pushing angrily against the kitchen doors without noticing his master coming home.

“No, he iss making me lose mine,” Lucas murmured. “Please, Xavier, name your price. I cannot take him out of my mind.”

“Good,” Xavier said sharply.

“How can you be this cruel with your best friend?” the brunet complained.

“It serves to taste your own medicine, doesn’t it, Lucas?” Xavier sat next to his friend and placed a small kiss on his cheek. “Plus, why would you want a hole as well used as his? You know I hold nothing back. And I let anyone who wants him have him.”

“Do you think debasing him will make me think less of him?”

“He is just a nymphomaniac. Don’t you think it would hurt your research, having to deal with his constant need for sex?”

“It seems to me you forget something, Xavier. I am qualified to appreciate Cory’s appetite as healthy.”

“You were the one using the term first. About his nymphomaniac tendencies?”

“Well, I did not know him then. It was a simple statement based on information provided by you.”

“Forget about him, Lucas. He enjoys enough attention from slaves. Plus, he has his place in my bed. Don’t just go for a prostitute like him.”

“I believe you are overestimating how many are fucking him. Or do you suppose he is gangbanged at every party you attend?”

“Why not? He is beautiful enough to make those overly sexualized creatures lose their heads.”

Lucas laughed. “You are wrong, Xavier, and that proves how little you care. Rumor has it that Lord Arnaud’s prized slave, Antoine, has the hots for him. He put the word out that no one should touch Cory, or else, he would strangle them to death. See? You throw him to the wolves, and he becomes the alpha’s favorite …”

Xavier looked surprised. “I should talk to Arnaud.”

“And tell him what? That he should command Antoine to stay away from Cory? And let the others fuck him? You know how much Arnaud is infatuated with that bawdy slave. People even say that it’s like he is running the household, that much power he has over his master.”

Xavier was apparently displeased.

“Cory stands out. It cannot be helped, even if he tries to keep his head down to the ground. Stop torturing him. Stop abusing me. Do you want me? Is that it? Then you can have me. But give him to me,” Lucas pressed.

Xavier stared at Lucas in disbelief. “You are serious,” he said, frowning. “You are willing to become my lover so that you can have that in your bed?”

“Not your lover,” Lucas spat. “I would let you top me if you let me have him.”


“Preferably yes,” Lucas grimaced, in apparent displeasure over the subject.

Xavier laughed. “It is obvious why you didn’t make it in politics, Lucas. Your negotiating skills are appalling. No deal,” he added shortly.

“What?” Lucas looked surprised. “I should have known it’s just a game for you. You have never really wanted me, then?”

“Oh, no, I have always wanted you. I still do. But your terms are unacceptable. I can offer something else, though. A more beneficial arrangement … for me, at least. If your desire for Cory is so strong, then you should pay the right price. One night with me equals one night of having him in your bed. And don’t expect leniency. I will be ruthless.”

“As many times I want?” Lucas seemed to ponder, a dark look on his face.

“As many times as your body can handle,” Xavier added with a small mischievous smile.


Cory took the food tray to take it to the slave. The exotic beauty locked in the cage had seemed pretty tame over the few days he had been there, making his job easy.

He placed the tray on the table and called softly for the male.

“Hey, I brought you some tasty treats.”

The man moved closer, and Cory brought a plate, keeping it up to allow the other to help himself at the neatly arranged appetizers.

“You like these, don’t you?” the servant said affectionately. He knew the slave could not understand a thing, but he liked talking to him nonetheless.

The slave was looking at him, as he ate like he was expecting Cory to take the plate away at any time.

“Don’t worry, there is plenty,” Cory tried to alleviate the slave’s fears.

He turned a bit to look what he should bring next. Strong arms suddenly grabbed him, and the plate fell from his hands. He tried to scream, but his mouth was covered with one hand, while the other arm was plastering his back against the iron bars. He was held in such a fierce grip that he could not move at all, even his feet being off the ground. The man seemed much stronger than he looked.

A silky whisper caressed his ear: “Now tell me, fuck toy, how the hell I open this cage? I’ll let your mouth free, but if you scream, I'll break your neck in an instant.”

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