A Good Servant – Ch. 6

By Laura S. Fox

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Gay Erotica

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Chapter Six

Cory stood still, to let his assailant know he had no intention to fight. Slowly, the hand on his mouth moved away.

“I cannot open the cage,” he whispered, trying to rein in his trembling. “Master has the key. And even if you could get away, how far do you think you can get? Without any clothes, sticking out like that? You won’t make it too far. Master is home, by the way.”

The slave seemed to ponder, his arms going a bit slack. “I guess there’s more to you than just your looks. So, now should I just let you go and alert your master?”

Soft lips caressed Cory’s ears. He’d seen much better and more sophisticated attempts at manipulating him. His heart was beating wildly, but for once, he wanted to do what his own brain dictated.

“No, I won’t.”

“Really?” the lips continued touching his ear. “I can make it worth your while.”

“I am … really not interested in that. But I hate seeing a free man as you locked in a cage. Let me down, and we could talk.”

The slave released him, and then watched Cory as the servant was picking up the spilled food.

“Who are you?” Cory asked.

“My name?”

“That would be a start.”

“I am Ayn.”

“There are few free men in Drena. Are you from another city?”

“No, I am … from far away.”

“How did you become a slave?”

“They caught me. I’m robbing their transports for years, so I guess it’s only natural to pay what’s due,” Ayn shook his head while laughing, mostly to himself.

“What are you going to do?”

“Well, since you’re not going to rat me out, I think I’ll stick around here for a while.”

“If you earn master’s trust, he will let you out of the cage.”

“You’re sure? He seems to be a class A pervert to me. I think he likes it that I’m trapped like this. It makes him feel almighty and shit. The problem is that staying locked up makes a bit crazy. I was going to wait a bit more and be on my best behavior.”

“I’ll see what I can do. In the meantime, just let our master do what he wants. I will try to convince him that it’s not good for your health to keep you like this.”

“Why are you helping me?”

“Don’t you see?” Cory smiled. “I am nothing but a servant. But by helping you, I can do something different from what I usually do. Something that may be just a bit more meaningful than everything else I do in my position.”

“Oh, ok. I guess,” the youth shrugged.

The door opened, and both fell silent. With a frown, Xavier noticed the spilled food.

“What happened?”

“I stumbled and trashed the tray. I am so sorry, master,” Cory bowed. “I was just cleaning up.”

“Alright. Don’t fret. How’s our guest of honor doing?” Xavier got closer to the cage and touched the bars, as he looked at the beautiful slave locked inside, who was watching him with apprehension.

“I think he could use some time outside the cage,” Cory said simply. “He needs a thorough bathing, and also to move around for a bit. He is going to lose muscle mass if kept like this for too long.”

Cory was perfectly calm as he said all that. Xavier seemed to think it over for a while, but then, for a moment that stretched to eternity, in Cory’s mind, he spoke.

“Alright. Shackle him. Then let’s take a bath together.”

A short, meaningful look was exchanged between Cory and Ayn.

~A Good Servant~

With his hands bound together in the front, the slave could not do much. Cory helped him get inside the bathtub, while he was completely naked himself. Xavier watched them with burning eyes.

“What’s your educated guess, Cory, now that you have seen plenty of slaves used for pleasure: has this one been used before?”

“I don’t think so, master. He is still uncomfortable with being touched.”

“Good,” Xavier smiled and dropped the dark silk robe he was wearing to descend in the in-ground bathtub.

Cory made Ayn sit, and started pouring water over his beautiful black hair. The brunet laughed as water got into his eyes. He shook his head, splashing water everywhere. Xavier laid back, relaxed, and watched his servant going about his business. Above the water, the beautiful curve of Cory’s ass made his organ stir. His arrangement with Lucas had yet to be detailed, and he was not a man of postponed pleasures. In front of him, two gorgeous young bodies, one golden, another dark, were inviting him to take over and prove himself as master.

Cory was manipulating the slave, making sure to wash him everywhere. Ayn had to get up, to allow Cory to clean his lower part of the body. When hands filled with soap suds rubbed against his buttocks, he jolted. Xavier smiled, amused. As the servant knelt in the water to wash the dark youth’s front, he gasped.

Cory stopped to look at his master. “Is there anything wrong, master?” he asked dutifully.

“No, not at all. Just finish your job.”

“All done,” Cory got up, waiting for orders.

“Kiss him,” Xavier ordered curtly.

Almond shaped eyes flinched for a split of a second. The master of the house looked at the young slave, a bit pensive.

Cory grabbed Ayn's neck gently and clamped their mouths together. With his hands bound, the slave could not do much, but whimper woefully, as his lips were slowly kissed, with infinite tenderness.

Xavier got up and grabbed both young men’s asses with his strong hands. His erection was standing up proudly, and he pushed it between the slender bodies, enjoying the warmth and the friction. Being taller than both, his weapon of choice was practically getting a full-length massage from the boys’ taut belly muscles.

Never a man to wait being served, he moved his right hands from Cory’s buttocks to the servant’s golden hair. He used his leverage to have the blond move his head, and let his master ravage his mouth.

Xavier’s left hand grabbed a fistful of dark hair, mirroring its sibling’s wanderings. The brunet, unlike Cory, seemed caught unawares, as the master abandoned the servant’s pliant lips, to attack less responsive ones.

Cory was slowly caressing Ayn’s back, to assure him. He knew Xavier could be a good lover, but he could feel how tense the slave was. He watched as the master was kissing Ayn with brute force. There was a war of dominance there Xavier hadn’t had to fight when taking Cory. But a slave made from a free man was a totally different matter.

“Show him,” Xavier demanded, without even taking his eyes off his prize, as he interrupted the kiss.

The brunet was breathing heavily, his eyes at half must. He was sensitive alright, Xavier mused. Trained well, he could quickly become a fantastic lover.

“What, master?” Cory asked, licking his lips unconsciously.

“How to suck my cock properly. I think there is no better teacher than you.”

Ayn was pushed to his knees, while Cory knelt on his own accord. He touched his master’s engorged organ and pushed the skin downwards to give the head an experimental lick. He gently guided the majestic cock towards Ayn. The brunet was staring at him, his eyes wide. He blinked and pursed his lips; then he grabbed the brunet’s neck to get him closer. He didn’t like it, either, to force the brunet like that, but it meant more time outside the cage and making his master more lenient towards the slave’s condition.

Reluctantly, the slave mimicked Cory’s move and licked the head a little. He withdrew with a small grimace, but Cory caught him and kissed him. He guided their entwined mouths towards the master’s cock. Ayn seemed more accepting of taking Xavier’s cock into his mouth, as Cory coaxed him.

Now Xavier could feel it, the glorious feeling of having two young mouths, one skillful, with perfect training, one inexperienced, reluctant, but more and more willing. Tongues and lips were now playing with his shaft, but his need was growing stronger, and he wanted nothing more but to stick his hardness in something hot and wet, applying just the right amount of pressure.

“Let him do it,” he ordered shortly, and Cory hesitantly withdrew.

Xavier grabbed the dark head and pushed through silky lips, only to be met with resistance. The young man writhed and tried to push against the invasion, but his bound hands didn’t allow him too much freedom to move and fight the assault on his mouth.

The master could not care less now what the slave was feeling or thinking. Cory watched, biting his lips, as Ayn tried to fight back, to no avail. Soon enough, his nape was against the edge of the bathtub, and his mouth was forced to open, his throat made to accommodate the large cock.

Without thinking much, he rose and embraced his master from behind. His hands traveled to the base of the man’s cock to pull back.

“What are you …?” Xavier whispered angrily, and Cory sank his teeth into his master’s shoulder, licking the bite and sucking at it right away.

“Take me, master, please,” he begged in a sultry voice. “I cannot … anymore …”

“Cory, you slut,” his master chided him, but he let go of his prey, who immediately started to gasp for air and cough.

Xavier’s eyes were burning darkly. Cory felt fear nestling in the pit of his stomach. The servant was turned roughly, pushed with his buttocks up, his chest resting on the edge. Cory took a deep breath. He knew that was going to hurt and voiced his pain, as Xavier impaled him without caring for any lubrication.

“Why are you crying, Cory?” his master asked, his voice thick with desire. “You wanted it, didn’t you?”

“Yes, master, don’t stop,” Cory breathed out, wiggling his ass and adjusting, as fast as he could, to the uninvited invasion.

“I have no intention to,” Xavier slammed against the lithe body, again and again, like possessed.

There were far too many temptations around him, Xavier had a distant afterthought, as he slumped on Cory’s body, as the fading ebbs of his orgasm were leaving his body. He would have usually let Cory at least adjust a little, but this time, his body impaling the other’s felt so right and so fulfilling that he just couldn’t stop. Wouldn’t, he thought and kissed a damp smooth cheek in apology.

“Don’t tempt me like this ever again, Cory. Don’t bite me if you don’t want to see my beast,” he whispered in the servant’s ear.

Next to them, Ayn was looking at Xavier with pure hatred in his dark eyes. He was lucky Xavier was too busy kissing his servant.

~A Good Servant~

“There,” Antoine exhaled sharply as Dion was massaging his back.

It felt amazing to have the familiar hands working his body after a workout.

“When is the next party on?” he asked, enjoying his neck being skillfully massaged. Dion’s hands were wonderful.

“I believe there is still a week until then. The masters seem to be busy with something important, so they don’t have time to play.”

“What a bummer,” Antoine stretched and yawned. “I haven’t seen Cory in a while. What do you know of him?”

“His master took a slave, so Cory has his hands full now,” Dion said simply while using a towel to get rid of the massage oil on his hands.

“Xavier took a slave?!” Antoine’s good mood dissipated in an instant, his sudden move making Dion cringe. “Is he fucking my Cory?”

“Highly unlikely,” Dion said with a small sigh. There was going to be a cold day in hell when a slave more spoiled than Antoine was going to be born. “From what I’ve heard, there is no ordinary slave lord Xavier ordered to be installed in his penthouse.”

“What does Cory say?” Antoine straightened up, his eyes shining at the prospect of hearing some juicy gossip.

“The slave is kept in a cage …”

“Why? Is he a wild animal?”

“He was captured from the wild, it seems. He doesn’t speak the language, but he is gorgeous.”

Antoine’s blue eyes darkened with jealousy. “Did Cory say he was beautiful? Did he use this exact word to describe him?” he grabbed Dion’s arm.

It was funny to pull Antoine’s chain once in a while, but Dion knew he was going to be the one paying for the slave’s frustration.

“Actually, I think he said ‘exotic’.”

“Does Cory like him?”

If he hadn’t known what a bastard Antoine could be, Dion would have almost pitied him. The poor guy was really jealous.

“He just means more work for Cory. I don’t think so,” Dion said pensively. “Plus, his master wants to train the slave himself, and he is very adamant about no one touching his slave without permission. What? Do you think Cory’s that easy to fall for another slave so quickly?” he teased, smiling.

Rough hands were suddenly in his red mane, as Antoine got dangerously close. “Do you mean he fell for me?” he whispered against Dion’s lips, making the servant tremble slightly.

“You should know better,” Dion whispered back, trying hard to quench the familiar fear in his gut. Antoine could be cruel when angered.

“I know, of course I know,” Antoine said haughtily. “I’m so horny right now. I want Cory so badly,” he climbed on top of Dion, pushing the servant back on the bed and forcing his legs open wide.

“Let me suck you off,” Dion offered, hating how Antoine was ready to claim him, again. He did not enjoy sex, and he doubted he ever could. There was nothing but dominance on Antoine’s part and humiliation on his every time it happened.

“No,” Antoine refused like a petulant child. “Your ass, or nothing. And get ready fast, or I will tell master you burned the food today.”

“I didn’t …” Dion tried to protest feebly.

“You sure?” Antoine said menacingly.

Dion hurried to push down his pants. He was walking a thin line with his master lately, Antoine being the main cause. He was not ready to be sent down to the factories to work. Cory said it was not so bad, but he had been born inside the city gates, and he knew no other life.

As Antoine pushed inside, uncaring, he bit his lips hard, fighting the tears streaming down his cheeks. At least, this time, Antoine seemed to be in a hurry to finish, without playing cruel games. He just slammed into Dion’s lithe body, over and over again, until his breathing became ragged and he voiced his climax with a howl.

He rose, feeling dirty as usual.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Antoine grabbed him and forced him back on the bed.

“I need to wash,” he said curtly. “Master has to be home soon.”

“No, you won’t wash. Keep my jizz inside. Know it’s there,” Antoine said, his beautiful face twisted by a nasty smile. “Know who owns you, bitch.”

Dion’s lips trembled. He’d been too quick to think Antoine would finish with him so easily.

“Please, Antoine,” he begged, his eyes shiny with tears. “Master gets mad if I do not look perfect. He’ll know you and I …”

“So? Let him know. That keeps him on his toes. This is the difference between you and me, Dion. I don’t let anyone make a bitch out of me.”

~A Good Servant~

Ayn was resting his head against the cold bars of his cage, with a bleak look on his face. He jolted when Cory walked in.

“He’s going to do this until he’s satisfied, isn’t he?” he murmured, and Cory nodded.

“He wants to give you a name,” the servant spoke, looking sideways.

“Like hell he does,” Ayn spat.

“A name is nothing but a word,” Cory tried to appease the slave.

“I refuse,” the slave uttered through clenched teeth.

Cory sighed. “Look, I know it’s hard.”

“No, you don’t. He fucked you like an animal in front of me, and you got up from there as nothing happened.”

Cory cringed. “It’s not like I …”

“No, it’s admirable, I think. You have a strength inside you, Cory, which I don’t. I won’t let him have his way with me. He’ll have to kill me to do that.”

“Shut up,” Cory’s voice became sharp. “You know nothing. Do you think he’ll care if you die? He may get frustrated over it, but otherwise, you’ll be nothing but a stupid slave who’s never really cared about freeing himself. I will teach you how to enjoy it. Don’t waste your life for a fuck!”

Ayn stared at Cory in disbelief. Cory seemed surprised with his own harsh words, too. Breathing a bit faster, he continued.

“We’ll pretend I’m teaching you the language. I’ll let him know your name. I will tell him anything needed so that he goes easy on you, but you will have to do your part. Once you are out of the cage for good, we can start planning your escape. It won’t be easy, and there will be danger ahead. But I won’t let you …”

For some reason, his mouth became dry. Ayn looked at him in awe.

“You really are something, Cory,” he said with something akin to affection in his voice. “I’ve never let anyone, you know … I’ve never depended on someone else. But with you, I feel like I can trust you with my life.”

~A Good Servant~

Cory was waiting for his master’s arrival, sitting quietly in the large living room. He had to play his part convincingly. Xavier was no stupid man.

When his master entered the house, he hurried to welcome him.

“Great news, master,” he said excitedly. “I learned your slave’s name!”

“Really?” Xavier stopped from taking out his gloves to hand them to his servant.

“I am trying to teach him our language so that you can communicate with him.”

“That’s very thoughtful, Cory,” Xavier caressed the boy’s head. “So what’s his name?”

“He’s called Ayn,” Cory looked up, his face all a smile.

“Ayn …” the master let the name roll on his tongue. “What did you teach him so far?”

“I taught him the word ‘master’,” Cory added, and was rewarded with a smile.

“Very good, Cory, very good. You are, indeed, the best servant any master could wish for. Please prepare the master bedroom. I want something erotic, but not romantic. Behind the drapes on the left, you will find a hidden closet. Take what you find there, and use your imagination to prepare the room. I am counting on you.”

“But, master, Ayn needs more preparation to …” Cory started, alarmed.

“Worried about your friend?” Xavier smiled, and Cory made himself small. Luckily, there was no afterthought in that casually spoken word. “It’s not for Ayn,” he said mysteriously.

Cory felt his heart beating fast.

“It’s not for you, either,” Xavier added. “I can get you do anything I want with a snap of my fingers. No, it is for someone who must be taught a lesson. Someone I have to fight with to make him submit.”

The servant felt a cold chill on his back. He did not dare to guess who Xavier was talking about.


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