A Good Servant – Ch. 7

By Laura S. Fox

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Gay Erotica

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Chapter Seven

Cory could not stop the feeling of dread engulfing him, as he was taking out the items from the hidden safe in the wall, as indicated by his master. He had seen some of them before; others, he could only guess what they were for. His knowledge on inflicting pain while striving to chase elusive pleasure was marginal, at best. Xavier hadn’t seemed so bent on playing rough, except for his usual domineering and arrogant attitude that made the man feel like he was entitled to everything and everyone happening in his path.

He started first to drape the room in deep rich red. New curtains had been delivered, and he knew what they were for. He threw the black silk cover on the bed, making sure to tuck it in, and adjusted a few creases. What was Xavier planning?

Lifting the strange iron stand from its box, he mused where to place it. Eventually, he opted for a side wall. He checked the cuffs, and trembled while imagining a strong, virile body bound to the contraption, taut with apprehension while the man in charge could approach it and check all its vulnerabilities. Take a man his ability to move, and he would be nothing but a toy. Fallen in the wrong hands, even a sturdy toy could break. Cory’s fingers fluttered for a second over the cold metal.

He took the silken blindfold in his hand, feeling the smooth fabric. After a short moment, he decided to let it hang on the iron stand. Most probably Xavier intended to take the man not only the power to move his limbs, but also his ability to see what was happening to him.

Next came a collection of objects that could be mistaken as jewelry, if they hadn’t been so heavy. The crop whip didn’t look too menacing, but a short tentative slap over his open palm convinced Cory it would hurt to be hit with it. He opted out the flail whip, though.

He arranged everything on the bed and withdrew quietly. He hoped Xavier would be pleased. Apparently, his master had lately become the master of mood changes, and he did not want to get on his bad side.

~A Good Servant~

Lucas’s bright green eyes looked serene as Cory took his coat and invited him in. He might not suspect what Xavier plans, the servant thought and he looked with unease at the guest.

“Lord Lucas,” he whispered softly. “Are you … are you planning to spend the night?”

Under normal circumstances, the question would have seemed out of line. But Lucas looked straight at Cory as he spoke.

“Yes, Cory, and I hope you will be able to join us,” he smiled. “Of course, if your master allows it.”

“But,” Cory’s face turned into a worried frown. “Master …”

He had no idea what he could say. It was not his place to say anything. A large warm hand came to rest atop his head. His eyes were a bit moist, and he blinked to look at the man he was secretly lusting for. In a world full of beautiful males, when he laid in his bed at night, his thoughts still wandered to the warm green eyes, the harsh, yet handsome features of Lucas’s face, and the god like body he had seen only once before in all its naked glory. There was no measure for the attraction and adoration he felt towards the man, and it made him wonder why in the whole world, he was singling this one out. And, why, oh why, the man was singling him out in return. It felt unfair. But, seeing how the ways of world went, what didn’t?

Maybe it was all happening because Lucas was showing a genuine interest in him and that was completely new to Cory in this harsh world dressed in silk and glitter. Lucas was not like Xavier, who cared only for dominance; he was not like Antoine, who wanted his ego tickled by sleeping with a servant belonging to the most powerful lord in Drena. He was not like the rest, who seemed to have their heads empty, or better said, filled with ambitions and perverted desires. In a world where he had so few friends, Ayn and Dion being the only ones not damaged and twisted to their core, Lucas seemed different, way above anyone else.

But it was so wrong to want him. Cory knew it and he knew it well. He could feel it in the marrow of his bones, in the last thread of self-preservation and common sense telling him to stop thinking about the man. But Lucas wanted him, too, and that made his dreams even more painful. Between them stood Xavier, never satisfied, always wanting and demanding more. Cory envied his master. He had Lucas’s friendship and he didn’t care for it. The servant could not understand the rich. Xavier was nothing but a spoiled brat, forever unhappy with everything that was handed to him on a golden platter.

“Don’t worry, Cory. I’ve known Xavier for a long time. There is nothing he can do or say to make me feel or think otherwise. Tonight won’t change a thing. But it may get me the one I desire for so long.”

Cory’s eyes grew wide. Lucas’s hand descended on his cheek, caressing it with tenderness. “Xavier is a man of honor. For tonight, for everything he wants to do with me, you will be mine for an entire night in fair exchange.”

There were no words to describe Cory’s surprise. “Lord Lucas, please,” he grabbed at the man’s arm, confused and scared in the same time. “I am not worthy of …”

His words were cut short by the sound of the main door opening and closing. Xavier was home. Lucas got up with grace, throwing a last meaningful look at Cory, and he exited the room, to join his longtime friend.

~A Good Servant~

“So, what are you thinking?” Xavier sneaked on Lucas from behind, while letting his friend take in the setup before his eyes.

Lucas just shrugged. “I was expecting this. As always, you fail to surprise me,” he said, his voice laced with sarcasm.

“Really?” Xavier’s voice gained slithering tones, as he cupped Lucas’s cheek with one hand, forcing him to turn and look him in the eyes.

“Yes, really,” Lucas confronted him. “Everything must be a conquest with you, Xavier. Otherwise, you just grow bored. But you fail to see a simple truth.”

“What’s that?” Xavier asked, a bit taken aback by his friend’s determination.

“That force does not equal seduction. That you can approach one slowly, with kind words and soft touches, and get more than what you would by simply demanding submission.”

“Submission …” Xavier echoed Lucas’s last word. “Funny you say that. Because this is the only thing I care for.”

“So, are we going through with this or not?” Lucas asked, his head held high.

“And I thought you’d never ask,” Xavier mocked and pushed Lucas away from him. “Undress.”

With short, efficient moves, Lucas removed his shirt and pants. Xavier watched him, while his hands caressed the items carefully displayed on the bed.

“You know, I had Cory arrange the room for our rendez-vous,” Xavier spoke, watching Lucas closely to gauge his reactions.

The man just sighed. “I told you. You have to do better than this to surprise me. Of course you had him do that. He is your servant. Will he join us?” he asked.

Xavier chuckled. “Trying to play games with me, Lucas? You know you are as graceful as a brick when you try your hand at manipulation. Please leave that to me. I hope you will have no problem getting it up for me, even without Cory around.”

“That doesn’t answer my question,” Lucas said stubbornly, as he stood completely naked, his legs slightly parted, his hands to the side, not in surrender, but ready, as if their owner was prepared for an attack.

“Not until it’s due, my friend, not until it’s due. Cory will be here, at the right moment, to face your absolute surrender to me.”

“Absolute?” Lucas’s beautiful lips twisted into a snarl. “Don’t flatter yourself, Xavier. If I haven’t fallen for you until now, it is highly unlikely some rough play will change that.”

“Fall for me? Do you think this is what I am after? I only want your body. And once you will reach your limit, and have nothing but blinding desire engulfing whatever shreds of rational thinking you may still have, you will beg. Only then, I will have what I really want. I want you to submit, I want to have you in my power, and know that I can deny you what you have denied me for years.”

“Is this about revenge?” Lucas continued to stare at Xavier, unflinching.

“Yes, I think you could call it that. You want Cory, and you will have to pay a heavy price for him. I doubt your body will want the same amount of pain and desire ever again, after tonight. Unless you come to crave it.”

“You underestimate my resolve, Xavier. Mind is superior to body. There are places you cannot touch. They will remain closed to you, regardless of what you say or do.”

“But the mind cannot live without the body,” Xavier answered back. “And the conditioning you will feel growing into the very essence of your soul, the more you pin for that young piece of ass happening to be my servant, will eventually dictate, and you will be turned, just like anyone else, into a slave to my desire.”

Lucas snorted. “I think you should have your head checked, my friend. I will let you have my body. For the rest, I don’t think there is something you can do to convince me otherwise.”

“Do you want to fight me?” Xavier approached Lucas with a small strange device in his hand.

“I think we are well passed the ‘wanting’ stage. Isn’t it happening right now?” Lucas mocked.

With precise gestures, Xavier grabbed Lucas’s flaccid cock and started pushing something cold and hard into the small hole. Lucas hissed.

“Never been teased here before?” Xavier asked with a smile, only to be rewarded right away with a proud glance from Lucas. “This is a simple, yet very efficient device. It keeps everything inside, you see. And with the cage on top of it,” he continued as he slapped the small metal cage in his hand over Lucas’s member, fitting it snuggly under the man’s balls, “I will make sure that you will not be able to act on your desire. I hope you won’t strain yourself,” he mocked. “This is a warning.”

“If you think you will be able to make me aroused so that this would feel uncomfortable, you are wrong,” Lucas replied, although the corners of his mouth were starting to set in a deep harsh line.

“We will see about that,” Xavier took Lucas’s hand and guided him slowly towards the iron stand. “Please, be my guest.”

Lucas looked completely impassive as he stood straight, letting Xavier use the cuffs to tie up his hands, then his legs, while spreading them wide.

His chest was rising and falling rhythmically. Xavier traced Lucas’s collarbone with one finger, descending on pert nipples.

“If you don’t feel anything, how come your body is standing up to attention?” Xavier teased.

“If I’m a bit cold, being undressed, it cannot be helped,” Lucas continued stubbornly.

Xavier’s hands traveled on taut abdomen muscles, feeling every edge and harsh plane on his friend’s body.

“You are so beautiful, Lucas,” he whispered. “I would hate to destroy you completely. But, after tonight, you will prove what kind of man you are. Don’t worry. If you give up, I will take care of you. You will be mine forever.”

“Such big words,” Lucas commented. “I thought you better than this. Do you realize one thing, Xavier?”

“What’s that?” Xavier almost glued himself to the naked body, stretched over the stand.

“That I will not be the only losing something tonight.”

“Is that so?”

For a short moment, green eyes clashed with grey ones, heavy with the storm lurking inside.

“I won’t be your friend anymore. At night, when you’re alone, you’ll have to think if satisfying a mere fling was worth destroying the special bond we used to have.”

For a brief moment, it looked as if Xavier was ready to think everything over.

“A mere fling? I’ve wanted you for years. It is your newly acquired obsession with my Cory that is destroying our bond,” he hissed.

“He may be your servant, but he is not yours. I won’t be yours, either, no matter what you do,” Lucas said with his head held high, while Xavier took the silken scarf left on the stand to blind his friend for what was to come.

~A Good Servant~

Nothing could be heard from the perfectly insulated master bedroom, and Cory felt his heart growing smaller and smaller. Was Xavier going to hurt Lucas? Why was the beautiful man doing that for the likes of Cory?

He chose to roam to Ayn’s room, to settle his nerves a bit. He found the slave stretched on the bed, with a game pad in his hands, watching closely whatever action was happening on the small holographic screen summoned in front of his eyes.

The cage had been removed, but Ayn was kept on a leash welded to the bed, so he could move around, but not much.

“Hey, Ayn,” he greeted the man, and sat on the bed next to him.

“We’re alone, or something, Cory?” the slave immediately straightened up. “What the hell is he up to with this fucking leash?” he pulled annoyed at his collar to no avail.

“It’s better than the cage, right?” Cory examined Ayn’s neck, to see if the collar was not causing any chafing.

“Yes and no,” Ayn said with a frustrated sigh. “At least, in the cage, I did not feel something pulling at my neck all the time.”

Turning to look at the servant, Ayn noticed Cory’s frown.

“What’s with you? Why the long face?”

“Master is home. He is now in his bedroom.”

“Good for him. Let him stay there,” Ayn plopped against the fluffy pillows. “Please don’t tell me he wants to be entertained tonight. I could do another day without him trying to stuff that huge thing of his down my throat.”

“No, rest assured he won’t call on you tonight. He … I guess he is plenty entertained right now.”

“Something’s off. What’s with you? Who is he entertaining himself with?”

“Lord Lucas,” Cory said softly.

“That Lord Lucas,” realization dawned on Ayn.

Cory had told Ayn about his crush, feeling good to talk to someone about what he felt.

“So, Xavier and him … You told me they were down with some kinky threesome. Why aren’t you there with them?”

Like on cue, the servant just poured his heart out at Ayn. Was Xavier going to hurt Lucas? What was happening there? What were they doing?

“Wow, Cory, slow down,” Ayn raised his hands in surrender. “Frankly, I don’t know much about butt sex to begin with, because no one fucked me. But that looks like some batshit crazy stuff Xavier is doing over there. Still, you tell me Lucas is a tough guy, proud and everything. He’ll pull it off; who knows, maybe he’ll rip Xavier a new one,” Ayn winked at Cory, managing to draw a small smile from him.

“Ayn, is it really … you’ve never been with anyone?” Cory asked, blushing a bit. Ayn seemed comfortable talking about sex, but he was a virgin. At least, an ass virgin.

“I’ve been with girls. Plenty. Back home, they’ve always been fighting over me,” Ayn smiled. “Got a lot of guys interested, too, but I was like, nah, fucking a girl is much too awesome.”

Cory’s eyes were as big as saucers.

“You don’t have many girls around here, do you?” Ayn asked.

“No, the women are in a distant city. I don’t know why. They are brought here, to give birth, and, if is a boy, the child is kept here, but, if it is a girl, the mother takes the baby with her.”

“Shit,” Ayn commented. “That’s fucked up. Now I’m thinking I should have let some guy top me or something. Xavier is going to put that in my ass, eventually, right?”

Cory nodded.

“Damn,” Ayn felt frustrated. “Does it hurt?”

The servant cocked his head to a side.

“I thought so,” Ayn rolled his eyes. “I hope my ass will be so hard that his dick will break when he tries to enter.”

Cory burst into laughter. Just imagining the almighty Lord Xavier, with a pained and surprised expression on his face, looking at his broken dick, was too much. Ayn joined him.

“Shit. I should try to take him more seriously,” the slave said, once they stopped laughing.

“Well, master told me to get you a bit adjusted. So, we can try some stuff, if you want to,” Cory said, blushing a little.

“What? Are you going to stuff things up my ass?” Ayn said, unconsciously shifting in his place. As usual, he was completely naked, but, apparently, he was getting used to that.

“Be grateful. There was no adjusting for me. He pushed it right up my ass. Well, I liked it, even if it hurt at first,” Cory admitted.

“And why is he so generous with me?” Ayn asked.

“He has this idea that you’re a complete innocent and he wants to break you in slowly. Of course, he has no idea what a potty mouth you have there,” Cory replied, with a grin.

“So, now I have to get some ass action?” Ayn asked, parting his legs slowly. “Should I ask you to be gentle or something?”

“No need to ask. You know I won’t hurt you,” Cory said sternly, while slapping Ayn playfully on his right shoulder.

He searched the nearby drawer for the smallest dildo he could find, and some lube.

“So, are you ready?”

“That thing looks big,” Ayn’s eyes were glued to the dildo.

“This little thing? Come on, Ayn, you’ll have to take Xavier, don’t be a coward.”

He gestured for Ayn to get on his fours, and the slave complied. He giggled as the cold lube made contact with his puckered hole. Cory pushed a finger slowly inside.

“Ouch,” Ayn wiggled his ass.

“Really, now, it’s just my finger,” Cory chided.

“Yeah, that’s one finger too many in my ass,” Ayn replied.

“It will feel better at some point,” Cory tried to assure the slave, but Ayn was just too tight.

The servant caressed the beautiful globes, as he tried to push a little more inside. Between Ayn’s legs, his dark member stood flaccid. Without thinking too much, Cory bent and took the dangling balls in his mouth.

A surprised gasp came from Ayn, as his member started to lengthen.

“Wow, Cory,” he whispered. “You’re good. I only had one girlfriend who used to do that to me.”

Taking advantage of having Ayn a bit distracted, he took the dildo and pushed it inside. This time, the phallic object slid in with ease. It was not much thicker than Cory’s finger and it was a good start for a beginner like Ayn.

Cory continued to tease Ayn’s balls with his mouth and tongue, while using the dildo to get the slave used to the sensation.

~A Good Servant~

In the meantime, frustration was growing in Xavier’s mind, expanding like a tumor. He was touching Lucas everywhere, teasing him with his fingers, but the stubborn man did not seem to react in any way.

He turned for the bed to seek what he was looking for. Grabbing the crop whip, he suddenly lashed over Lucas’s abdomen. A hiss was the only reply.

“Since I don’t seem to get anywhere with you the soft way, I think the hard way is much recommended.”

“What exactly do you want, Xavier?” Lucas replied, and gasped, when the whip connected with his right nipple, this time.

No reply came from Xavier, as he was apparently fascinated with the red welt making its appearance on Lucas’s flawless skin. He released his guest from the iron stand, and made him kneel next to the bed. With angry gestures, he pushed the man’s knees aside and took a step back, to admire Lucas’s round ass, sticking up in the air.

He came closer and pushed two fingers inside Lucas. This time, the man reacted, by clamping his butt cheeks hard on Xavier’s hand.

“No one had you, right, Lucas?” Xavier’s voice was growing thicker.

“You know that very well,” came the muffled reply.

Most probably, Lucas had to bite the pillow, Xavier thought dispassionately. He was going to take his best friend, and he was not going to regret it. But, for some reason, the thought did not appeal as much as he thought he would. There was something amiss.

“Since you are all almighty and in control, I think I must do something to tip the balance in my favor,” he commented icily.

Lucas heard him walking away, opening and closing the door briskly.

~A Good Servant~

Cory was nowhere in sight, Xavier noticed. He could have just called for him, but some sort of curiosity pushed the master of the house throughout the main hall, until he reached the door to the slave’s room. It was most probably natural for Cory to seek the slave’s company, especially since Xavier demanded him to train Ayn more in learning the language, as well as in other ways.

When he opened the door, the scene before his eyes made him hard almost instantly, something he had been struggling to acquire for the entire evening, while trying to get Lucas and himself in the mood. His servant was laying on one side, teasing the servant’s balls with his tongue, while Ayn was positioned on his fours, with a small dildo up his sexy ass.

“Cory,” he said sternly.

Desire was dictating him now to forget all about the man knelt on the rich red carpet in the master bedroom, and just climb the much simpler bed in his slave’s room and claim the young body presenting itself like that, ready for taking. He could have used Cory’s skill to play with both his and Ayn’s balls, to heighten his lust. But he had a promise to fulfill, and there was no time to play for now.

Cory looked a bit flushed, as he got up to greet his master.

“How is Ayn doing?”

The slave had moved, as well, taking out the dildo from his ass and throwing it on the floor, as if he feared the object could have continued to penetrate him, despite no longer having someone manipulating it.

“He is just starting to get accustomed with it, master,” Cory said breathily.

“I thought I told you to help him get used to it, but I don’t remember allowing you to touch him with your mouth,” he tried to quench his frustration by taking it out on his servant.

“I apologize, master, but he was so afraid that I thought I could convince him with a bit more stimulation,” Cory said hurriedly.

A bit more stimulation was exactly what Xavier needed to solve the conundrum in the master bedroom, so he just gestured for Cory to follow him, not without throwing a meaningful look in Ayn’s direction.

The slave tensed as their eyes met. Xavier smiled. Suddenly, he felt warmth where there had been ice. Maybe he could use a consolation prize in a few days.

~A Good Servant~

Cory’s mouth went slack when he saw Lucas bent so unceremoniously over the bed, waiting for Xavier’s return. His master obviously wanted to make the man realize who was on top. There was no seduction there, no sweet surrender. Xavier wanted to hurt Lucas.

“Go give him the same treatment you were giving Ayn just now,” Xavier ordered, knowing well Lucas would hear his words, and wonder what Cory had been doing until now.

Cory obeyed and knelt between Lucas’s parted knees. He touched the perfect mounds with reverence and slid his tongue on the ass crack, making sure to apply enough pressure so that Lucas could feel him. His head was spinning, filled with the sensation of touching Lucas, the man ever present in his dreams, in such an intimate manner. Except for that encounter, when he’d been a servant to Xavier for just a few days, he had never been so close to Lucas.

He kissed and licked the man’s secret entrance. He had heard how Lucas had never let anyone in there. He knew it was a matter of minutes until that was going to change.

Under his ministrations, Lucas’s breath grew deeper, ragged. Cory closed his eyes and caressed the man’s hole with his lips. He was not just giving a rim job; he was making love to his beloved’s prized entrance.

“Enough,” he heard Xavier, and suddenly he was pushed aside, to let his master enter Lucas in one go, making the knelt man gasp. “Don’t try to keep your voice down, Lucas. Feel free to scream or curse, or blame me for having Cory prepare you so you can get your body ravaged by me.”

No sound came, except for a few grunts here and there. “Quite the stoic, aren’t you?” Xavier slammed inside his friend’s body over and over again, like a madman.

Beside him, Cory was turning livid. The servant felt his chest aching, witnessing the vile ways of his master. His heart went to Lucas, but he could do nothing. Nothing. It was what he was, after all. Nothing else but a tool, to be used by an unforgiving master who held nothing holy in his heart. Not even friendship.

His master’s quickened breathing let him know that Xavier was close. As Xavier rose to his feet, one minute later, he heard the short order.

“Clean up this mess.”

He hurried to comply. With trembled hands, he caressed the man’s ass again and closed his lips on his now ravaged entrance, to suck out the liquid pumped by force into him. Xavier thought that was humiliating to them both. Little he knew that Cory thought of it as at least an attempt at healing. There was going to be no trace of Xavier in Lucas’s body. Not if Cory could help it, so he just pushed the man’s ass cheeks apart to gain better access inside, and clean the abused hole as much as possible.

“What do you say, Lucas?” he heard Xavier’s mocking voice again. “How does it feel to have your little toy thing clean up after I had you like I would have had the lowest of all slaves?”

“I only have one thing to say,” Lucas’s voice was proud and unmoving. “Are we done here already?”

The words had the effect of a bucket of ice water on Xavier’s mood.

“I fucked you. I think we’re through,” he spat. “Help him get dressed and get out,” he ordered Cory and turned on his heels to leave the room.

It had been a disaster, after all.


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