A Good Servant – Ch. 8

By Laura S. Fox

Copyright © 2018 Laura S. Fox

All Rights Reserved

Gay Erotica

Intended for Mature Audiences Only

This story contains graphic depictions of sexual intercourse, strong language and it is not meant for readers who are less than 18 years of age.

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There was a bad taste in his mouth he could not stave off. As so many times before, he looked across the conference room to search for his friend’s eyes. But Lucas, unlike the said many times, did not show any sign he felt Xavier’s eyes searching for his.

Something akin to pain squeezed his chest. He had no idea he’d been dependent on Lucas’s most simple gestures, such as meeting his gaze, whenever he needed support or encouragement. An acute sensation that he was in the same room with a pack of wolves took over.

Xavier sighed, running a hand through his hair. Every lord in Drena was expected to at least try to become the most important master in the city. There was a fragile balance, thin as a thread, seemingly kept by an invisible hand that was dictating the fights for power. For years, he’d been the one in charge; but right now, as he suddenly felt alone in the enormous room filled with men dressed all in black, he had an ominous feeling that his reign was coming to an end.

Fate was not kind to losers. Lucas had often said that he didn’t care about becoming lord protector because it would mean the end to him. He much preferred his lab experiments to power plays. Xavier had hurried to point out it would have been impossible for Lucas to be assigned the supreme function, as he was not born and raised in Drena. Nonetheless, he now knew Lucas had been right all alone.

He had to send Cory to Lucas. He was just stalling for no reason. Lucas was not pressing the matter, either. The conversations between them had been kept short, always focused on state affairs and nothing more. Xavier had tried to look at Lucas and imagine him as he’d laid there, bent over the bed, with Xavier’s semen pouring off his ass. It was supposed to be humiliating for Lucas. Yet, the man seemed as dignified as ever; instead, Xavier felt the one humiliated.

It was not even making him mad. If anything, he felt sadness, self pity even. He’d always been alone, but it had taken his ambition and obsession to drive him to the point of destroying the only thing that was durable and real in his world.

He could not stand the emptiness he felt inside. It stood there, like a hole growing larger and larger, gnawing at him from the inside. The only moments he’d managed to put the sensation to rest had been when he’d had Cory next to him in bed. The only person not judging him; but Cory had obedience forced into him, so his acceptance meant nothing. He needed something else. Someone else.

~A Good Servant~

“Cory, please have Ayn washed and ready for tonight,” he ordered shortly, while taking out his coat.

The servant tensed a bit, but, as always, bowed his head and replied. “Yes, Master.”

It had to be done sooner or later. In his search for a remedy, Xavier believed more and more that having his slave would set things straight once more.

~A Good Servant~

Cory tried to put on a neutral face as he broke Ayn the news. The beautiful brunet bit on his lower lip in annoyance.

“Shit. What am I going to do?”

“You just do what I told you. Relax, let him do his thing, and it will be over. There is no point in fighting. You will only end up hurt.”

“I’m going to end up hurt anyway,” Ayn said morosely. “There is no way he can put his fucking cock inside me, without breaking me.”

Cory sighed. Ayn could not understand and was incredibly stubborn, on top of it all. Cory had tried to tell him that it could be pleasurable, but the brunet had just frowned and shook his head.

“I’ll fucking bleed to death,” the slave added and Cory caressed his shoulder briefly.

“If he’s pleased with you, he’ll let you roam free. Even give you some clothes. At some point, he will let you come shopping with me. Then I will show you all the ins and outs of the city. You will be able to plan your escape.”

Ayn seemed to feel a bit encouraged by Cory’s words.

“Alright, alright, I’ll try. But I’m so sure he will have to strangle me first before fucking me.”

“Stop talking like that,” Cory chided him. “It hurts at first, but remember to relax. He is going to use lube, it’s not like he’s going in dry. Just think of something nice while he’s fucking you and it will be over in no time.”

The servant didn’t have the heart to tell Ayn Xavier had great staying power. The brunet was way too scared to hear about that.

~A Good Servant~

Xavier was naked in his bed when Ayn was gently pushed inside by Cory. His eyes lingered on the beautiful young body, his cock stirring in anticipation.

“You can go now, Cory.”

He sensed the hesitation in his servant for a brief moment. Cory was really growing attached to the slave. He was behaving quite like a mother hen around Ayn, and Xavier was finding it amusing. Right now, however, he had to send Cory off. He wanted to be alone with his property.

Almond shaped eyes followed him with apprehension as he rose from the bed and got closer. He could tell Ayn’s eyes were drawn to his sex, although the slave tried hard to avert them as soon as they got there.

The boy was scared. Unlike the first days, when he’d been clueless, now he knew what was going to happen. Xavier wanted to bury himself in that virgin ass and claim ownership. That would make him feel whole.

Still, Ayn’s lovely eyes filled with worry were forcing him to look back, at the moment he had taken Lucas despite the man’s warnings about loss. With Ayn, he didn’t want to lose.

He caressed the sinewy arms, going upwards, until his hands reached the young man’s neck. His thumbs caressed a very nervous Adam’s apple, bobbing up and down. Then he cupped the boy’s cheeks in his palms and drew him slowly in, for a kiss.

Apparently, it had not been what the slave had expected. A small whimper escaped his lips, as he was being kissed slowly, tenderly. Their eyes met briefly as Xavier broke the kiss.

“Cory tells me you are learning the language,” Xavier said softly.

The slave did not seem to understand. His face scrunched into a frown. Xavier caressed his chest slowly.

“Ayn,” he whispered and took the slave’s hand and placed it over his heart.

“Master,” the brunet whispered back, and Xavier pulled him back into his arms to kiss him again.

Slowly, he guided the youngster towards the bed, until they landed on it, Xavier on top, ravenous with desire. He loved kissing the men he brought to bed, but, in Ayn’s lips, reluctant, yet hungry, he felt something else that was fueling his hunger for tongue and kisses, instead of quenching it. He was not willing, at least not yet, to move forward.

His left hand traveled lower, finding purchase in Ayn’s member. He noted with satisfaction how the young man was starting to get hard. Slowly peeling the foreskin, he gave Ayn’s cock a tentative tug, and the slave arched into his touch.

Xavier pushed Ayn’s knees apart, to get closer. His own engorged cock pushed inside the slave’s thigh, making the brunet stiffen all of a sudden.

“I won’t hurt you,” he murmured, but the slave did not seem to understand, regardless of how softly the words had been spoken.

His hand searched blindly for the lube he had placed next to the bed earlier. He coated his fingers while trying to distract Ayn’s attention with another long kiss. At least this was something the slave seemed to enjoy.

Pushing between firm butt cheeks, his fingers found purchase in the tight puckered hole. The brunet’s body showed no sign of giving in, though. It remained hard and unyielding and Xavier was starting to grow frustrated.

He wasn’t going to repeat the same mistake he’d done with Lucas. He wanted the hard beautiful body beneath him to surrender on its owner’s accord, without the use of force. He withdrew his hand, resting it on the young man’s ball sack, caressing it.

“Waiting is maddening, you know, Ayn,” he spoke, while his deft fingers rolled the slave’s testes in circular motions. “But I will try,” he promised, oblivious to the small sparkle of surprise in deep dark eyes.

Soon enough, they were embraced tightly, rubbing their bodies against one another, Ayn merely clinging on Xavier’s slightly larger frame, as the master of the house was dry humping him with all his might.

There was a clash of wills there, and soon enough, the slave picked up the pace, meeting each heavy thrust with his own. The tender flesh of their organs was being abused in the process, yet it looked like they did not care.

Breathing heavily, Xavier let himself slide on Ayn’s body, until he reached the floor with his knees. Unceremoniously, he dragged the slave by one leg, forcing him to stand on his ass on the edge of the bed.

There was a short moment, of acceptance from Xavier’s part, and of realization from Ayn’s, as the most powerful man in Drena sank to his knees, and buried his head in his slave’s crotch. When wet lips connected with the smooth skin on the slave’s luscious with precum cock head, Ayn voiced his pleasure from the top of his lungs.

The door opened slowly, without a sound. Cory stood there, fresh towels in his hands, taking in the scene before his eyes, his mouth agape. His master, the man he feared, along with most people in Drena, was servicing his slave with his mouth, while Ayn’s strong hands were guiding his head to take him in deeper.

The servant let the towels next to the door. He was supposed to act like a savior or something like that, to stop Xavier from ravaging Ayn. Yet it seemed that the master-slave couple was reaching an understanding he could not comprehend.

~A Good Servant~

“What do you mean, that was all?” Cory whispered, not believing his ears. Although he had seen some of it with his own eyes, that didn’t mean he was ready to accept it.

“I am telling you, man, he just sucked me off, swallowed everything like a good boy, and then jerked off and came all over my feet,” Ayn stretched and yawned. “He’s a fucking great cocksucker, this master of yours.”

“He’s your master, too,” Cory kicked him playfully in the ribs.

“Not when it comes to bedroom affairs, he’s not,” Ayn said triumphantly, raising enough from the bed to tickle Cory in response. “I am telling you, he’s a bit fucked up or something.”

“I don’t get it,” Cory shook his head. “He’s always so domineering and …”

He was lost for words.

“Maybe he could not resist my sword fighting technique,” Ayn grabbed his cock through his pants and gave it a squeeze.

Cory snorted. “It’s so uncanny, but since it’s true, I cannot argue with you. I hope you didn’t give yourself away by saying something.”

“Of course not. I’m playing the dumb as a brick routine like a pro,” Ayn smirked, seemingly very pleased with himself. “And he’s falling for it, which is nice.”

“He is falling for you, which is … strange,” Cory commented.

“Nah, he’s just a fucking perv,” Ayn replied, but the servant could tell there was something the young slave was not so keen on saying. Something he probably preferred to keep to himself for now. “All you guys ever did was to make nice to him, and he got bored. Now he wants to play for the other team a little.”

Cory laughed. “If you manage to top him, I am giving you the cock of the year award.”

“Well, thank you in advance.”

“Hey, you haven’t done it yet!” the servant said, somewhat alarmed.

“Maybe it’s all a matter of time,” Ayn grinned, obviously very satisfied with himself.

There was a short moment of silence, and Cory touched Ayn’s elbow gently. “So, how was it?”

Ayn squirmed a little. “A blowjob’s a blowjob. In other words, fucking awesome.”

“Besides that.”

“What do you mean?”

“Come on, Ayn, you know what,” Cory insisted. “Do you like him, at least a little?”

“I fucking love his mouth, that’s what I like,” Ayn rose briskly and started walking back and forth. The leash was gone, so he could move with ease, and he had been even given some clothes. Very tight and revealing, but still clothes. “As long as he keeps it up like this, he’s a winner in my book. If he makes a move for my ass, though, I’ll chop his dick.”

“You like him,” Cory teased.

“Shut the fuck up. I hate his guts. I barely wait to get out of this place.”

“Well, I guess you’ll need to put up with his blowjobs a bit more until he’s ready to leave you to roam the city.”

“Fine by me,” Ayn shrugged, but Cory could swear the slave’s resolve was wavering.

“No matter how hot he is, don’t fall for him, Ayn. He’s my master and I respect him, but staying because of him would not be a great idea. I heard he doesn’t care much for his toys.”

“Don’t worry, Cory, I have no intention to become one,” Ayn said sourly.

~A Good Servant~

“You will be spending the night at Lucas’s place,” his master let him know, as if he was dropping a casual note that he was to pick up the laundry.

Cory almost dropped the tray he was carrying in his hands.

“Whatever he asks, make sure he gets,” Xavier added, and turned on his feet, letting his young servant trying to quench the fast beating of his heart.

Those were some famous last words, Cory thought. What did Lucas want? If he was to believe the man’s blatant seduction, Lucas wanted Cory whole, and the servant had no idea what that meant. He was going to enjoy an amazing night, in the arms of the one he was dreaming of all the time, but what was going to happen after that?

He was glad Xavier was no longer demanding his services in bed. Each night, the master of the house was asking for his slave, and Ayn’s bedroom remained empty until the break of dawn, when an exhausted Ayn was leaving the master bedroom to rest in his own bed until late afternoon.

According to the brunet, things weren’t evolving too much between master and slave. Apparently, Xavier had developed quite a taste in taking care of Ayn’s needs with his mouth, and there had been no more attacks on his virginity.

“Man, I’ve never thought I was going to say that, but I’m getting sick of getting oral. Can you fucking believe it?” Ayn interrupted his thoughts, while walking through the door to the living room.

“How come you are up so early?”

“I’m hungry,” Ayn yawned and let himself fall on the sofa. “Make me a sandwich. Or two. Or more.”

“What on earth is happening between you two the whole night, if he only sucks you off?” Cory asked while setting the tray on the small coffee table.

“Well, first he is driving me mad by kissing me. Cory, this guy has spent like seven lives or so without kissing or something. He is so much into kissing that he’s making me nuts.”

“You like it,” Cory grinned. “He is a great kisser, though,” he mused.

A small frown clouded Ayn’s face for a second. “He no longer fucks you, right?” he asked, a bit worried.

Cory’s eyes grew wide and then he burst into laughter. “You’re jealous, I cannot believe it.”

“I’m not jealous, what the hell …” Ayn murmured, but he was obviously upset. “Anyway, we kiss and dry hump for like forever, and then he goes down on me, and starts to blow me. I think I’ll be able to write a book on oral sex, that’s how many techniques he has. He varies things lately, by licking my balls and my ass, too. I guess he still doesn’t realize he’s knocking at the wrong door, but whatever. So I have his tongue in my ass, on my balls and on my dick until I cannot anymore and I blow my load in his mouth. He’s eating everything like it’s his last meal ... Just seeing him doing that almost makes me hard again. Only that I fucking can’t, because he’s emptied my balls. After that, he starts talking.”

“Talking?” Cory seemed surprised. “About what?”

“About all kinds of crazy shit. Of course, I pretend I understand squat, so I just stay there, while he keeps my hand and goes about his stuff.”

“Could you please tell me more?” Cory sat on the sofa, next to Ayn, his curiosity picked.

“Yeah, it’s basically the same stuff, with some variations. At first, he starts telling me about his day at work, like I’m his wife. Then he starts talking about the jerk-offs in a committee or something like that.”

Ayn stopped for a second. Cory pushed him a little to make him talk again. Like awaken from a dream, the slave continued.

“He sounds a bit … scared sometimes. And sad. He talks about how he never knew his parents. Did you know that even the most powerful guys in the city are raised by some monks?”

“The trainers?” Cory could not believe his ears.

“Yeah, them. By the way, your Lucas is not from around here.”

“Good to know,” Cory murmured.

“After he talks and talks until I almost fall asleep, he jumps me again. This time, it’s about him though. He loves coming on me. I think he’s trying to mark me; I think one day I’ll get out of there with spunk in my ears. And he comes like a hose, the perv,” Ayn added, a bit embarrassed all of a sudden.

“That is so strange,” Cory mused.

“Hey, those sandwiches?” Ayn pushed him playfully. “They won’t make themselves. Just kidding, let’s go to the kitchen together.”

~A Good Servant~

Cory’s heart was beating wildly against his chest as the door bell chimed playfully. He had no idea who else was going to be around Lucas’s penthouse. Lucas most probably had his own servants, so that was announcing to be an awkward experience. Was alright for all lords to flaunt their preferences like that? Servants were not on the same footing with slaves who were meant for pleasure, and could be used by masters inclined to do so. Making use of servants was tolerated, but somewhat frowned upon. He’d heard on more than one occasion how Xavier’s proclivities with servants in particular were quite a gossip subject in most salons, at parties, or in private. Being lord protector had its perks, though, so Xavier didn’t really care about what others were saying. Or so Cory thought. Ayn was telling him some really crazy things he didn’t know about his master, like the fact that he was worried about his position, as the most important master in Drena.

It was Lucas, not a servant, as he expected, who opened the door. There was a short, intense moment, during which Cory’s baby blues sank in Lucas’s beautiful green eyes. The young servant was dragged inside by a strong hand, and he was pushed against the wall, as he heard the entrance door slamming shut with a loud thump. There were lips everywhere as he was lifted off the ground as if he weighed nothing.

There were no other pairs of eyes to witness their long waited communion. So Cory kissed back, allowing himself to pour all the passion he’d kept secret for such a long time. He felt strong hands cupping his ass, parting his butt cheeks, digging into the thin fabric of his uniform, almost ripping it. He whimpered against Lucas’s deft tongue that was skillfully probing his hot cavern. Cory wanted out of his clothes too, to be completely naked against the man’s powerful frame.

Slowly, Lucas put him down. “Sorry, Cory,” his voice sounded hoarse, uneven, “I seem to have lost control for a bit.”

Cory didn’t care. He wanted Lucas to lose control over him. There was nothing more fulfilling, mind blowing than to think that a man as beautiful and smart and kind as Lucas wanted him so badly that he was willing to forget his manners.

He was taken by the hand to be guided inside a lavish dining room. The dinner table had been arranged for two, and Cory felt uneasiness washing over him. There had to be a servant around, ready to wait on them. What was that servant going to think, seeing Cory being showered in so much attention by one of the most powerful masters in the city?

It looked as if Lucas could read his mind. “There will only be the two of us tonight. No one will interrupt us.”

Cory’s eyes grew wide, then he bit his lower lip.

“What is it?” Lucas asked, suddenly concerned.

“Would it be alright, lord Lucas, if I said …” Cory gulped, blushing, but continued, “that I do not care about food?”

Lucas turned him so they could face each other. Calloused fingers caressed Cory’s well defined lips. “Are you anxious to see my bedroom, Cory? And please drop the lord part, I’m just Lucas here” he joked, but his voice was becoming low, silkier, filled with innuendo.

The servant did not offer an answer. Instead he sank to his knees and searched blindly for Lucas’s zipper. He looked up, his hands trembling, wanting nothing but to see acceptance and encouragement in deep green eyes.

“Cory,” Lucas whispered, and placed a warm hand atop the servant’s blond head.

It was just what Cory needed. Eyes half mast, his fingers circling the man’s silky shaft, he brought his prize to his lips. It was amazing how males could be so similar, yet so different. Lucas’s organ felt real and hard in his hand, steel draped in silk, and its musky smell was making him dizzy. He could feel the expensive soap smell, but even clean, the man’s organ held a certain fragrance he wanted to imprint in his memory.

Along with its taste, he thought, as he engulfed Lucas’s member in his mouth, working the shaft with his tongue and his hand in the same time.

“Naughty Cory, do you want an appetizer first?” Lucas teased, as his hands were caressing Cory’s head, holding him steady so he could see about his little oral fixation.

It was not polite to talk with his mouth full, so he just tried to nod. Soon enough, his wish was granted, as Lucas came, with a small grunt, in his mouth. The hands continued to keep him there, not forcibly, but caring, caressing all the time, and he reveled in the sensation of having the man he’d wanted for so long, the only one who counted, whose smell and taste and touch wanted to remember forever.

He was made to get up slowly, as Lucas gently grabbed him with one hand, as he used the other to stuff his spent organ inside his black pants.

“Would you like to go to the bedroom, now?” Lucas asked.

“Yes, please … Lucas,” Cory avoided the honorific at the last moment. It felt strange, but good. So good that Cory could not remember anything being like this ever in his life.

He did not expect to be so ceremoniously lifted off the floor and carried by strong arms to Lucas’s bedroom. It was just going to be for one night, so he had to make it last. It was not common for servants in Drena to ever dream of being used by one of the masters. No, used was not the proper term. That was what Xavier was doing. Lucas’s hands were caring, loving, as he placed his sweet burden on the enormous bed and started to undress the young servant.

His mind became devoid of any thought, a simple vessel meant for desire, as Lucas’s lips descended on his neck, nibbling playfully along the collarbone, only to go lower, to tease the young servant’s erect nipples. A small cry left his lips.

“Is it good here?” Lucas lips captured one small bud between them again.

“Yes, please, more,” Cory said breathily, his hands moving on their own accord to run through Lucas’s raven hair.

His wish was granted, as Lucas continued to devour him slowly, biting without breaking skin, just to make him arch into the touch. If Lucas wanted to eat him whole, he wouldn’t have minded.

His pants were dragged over his erection, making yelp a little in surprise, and he hurriedly opened his legs, wanting Lucas to get there as soon as possible. But the brunet had other plans, as his mouth descended on Cory’s cock, taking him in fast and easy. The servant moaned shamelessly, feeling the head of his dick hitting the back of Lucas’s throat. That was something no one had ever done to him. He had to tell Ayn he’d been right; getting a blowjob was, indeed, fucking awesome.

Lucas seemed skilled at it, too. Cory could not stop a short pang of jealousy as he wondered who’d been on the receiving end of Lucas’s amazing technique.

“Please, I want to come with you inside me,” he begged and suddenly he felt cold air hitting his organ where it had been only scorching heat.

Soon enough, cold slick fingers were playing against his hole, and Cory whimpered. It had been a while since he’d been penetrated. Xavier had been too busy with Ayn, and Antoine was only fucking him when they met at parties. For that, Cory was glad. He wanted to feel Lucas to the fullest.

“You’re tight,” Lucas commented, as his fingers continued to stretch him gently.

“Take me now,” Cory whispered. “I’m more than ready.”

A few tears came unbound, as something much larger than the fingers was pushed through his tight ring of muscles. Cory didn’t mind the small pain; soon, the discomfort faded away and he circled Lucas’s midsection with his long legs, to drag him closer.

Lucas caressed his cheeks with infinite tenderness. Then he suddenly stopped.

“Are you crying? Am I hurting you?” Lucas asked, alarmed, trying to withdraw.

Cory clamped his legs over the man’s frame in desperation. “No, you’re not. It’s just that … I’m so happy.”

There was a small exhaling sound. Lips connected once more, as Lucas moved inside the smaller body beneath him. They moved in the same rhythm, as Cory thought he’d never been so compatible with anyone. It felt as if Lucas fit there, as if they were two halves of a whole, finally gluing together to form something special and wonderful that was making Cory’s heart throb with excitement and happiness.

He came without even touching himself. Lucas knew exactly how to push to brush over his prostate over and over again, until he saw stars beneath his closed eyelids. His lover’s hot seed filled him soon afterwards and, unbound, words left his lips.

“I won’t mind if I die now…”

Teeth buried into his lips, making him yelp. “Don’t you dare talking like this while in my arms,” he heard the stern words, as soon as his punishment was over.

~A Good Servant~

In the meantime, in Xavier’s penthouse, Ayn was starting to feel restless. Even if Cory was not allowed to witness their trysts, it felt good to know he was around, when he and Xavier were going about their nightly business.

As the master of the house entered his bedroom, he felt his heart growing smaller. The man’s eyes were burning. He tended to look a bit wilder lately. Ayn knew he could not postpone the inevitable forever. And, in a way, he wanted it all to happen so they could get over with it.

“Master,” he rose from the bed, to welcome Xavier. He’d continued to pretend he only knew a few words. The situation seemed to be to Xavier’s satisfaction; apparently, the most powerful man in Drena needed nothing more than a silent companion.

Xavier kissed him greedily and pushed him onto the bed. Clothes were flying everywhere and Xavier was on his knees, servicing Ayn with his mouth, as he’d done it for the last weeks.

Ayn kept the man’s head there with all his might, bucking into his mouth. It felt good to assert dominance in this manner, even if it was short lived. Xavier seemed to enjoy it, too.

His climax came like a wave; he could not resist for too long, as his cock was being wrapped by the skilled tongue, always sucking him dry. In the haze that followed, he noted how something hot was pouring on his balls and dripping between his butt cheeks. His eyes snapped open, but it was too late.

Above him, Xavier’s eyes were burning brighter. Ayn let out a cry, ashamed of it, but too surprised to be taken so suddenly, and his mouth was covered by his master. His ass was burning as he was split open. Lubed with his own jizz, now how was that for irony?

He tried to push against the man, but Xavier was strong, and Ayn’s senses were dulled by pain, as his virgin ass was used by the relentless cock pushing past his entrance. He bit on Xavier’s lips, for lack of a better way to make him stop, but the taste of blood in their mouths seemed to drive the man even madder. He increased his rhythm, and Ayn had no choice but to allow the invasion, screaming silently in his head, trying to remember everything Cory had taught him about getting relaxed to let the penetration happen. Who the fuck could relax with a giant thing up his butt, that felt so deep inside that it was making him want to puke?

Xavier adjusted their position, by dragging Ayn closer to him. The change in angle made something between the head of Xavier’s cock and something inside Ayn’s ass connect, and the slave’s breath hitched in his chest. What the fuck was that?

Xavier thrust into him, hitting the same spot. He moaned, something strange akin to a short-circuit making his thoughts halt, unsure of what he was feeling.

“Do you like it, Ayn?” Xavier breathed over his face.

Man, how he wanted to punch that handsome face! But it had to be done later, as now, there was something really strange happening, as he felt his ball sack tightened and fluid broke free from his cock, without any other stimulation.

“You do,” Xavier said haughtily and started grunting and coming inside his slave’s ass, his moves shorter, harder and harsher.

Ayn lay to one side, breathing heavily. He’d been stupid to close his eyes; he’d let his guard down. Now, he was nothing but the man’s bitch.

A hard slap on his ass made him jump. He turned to look at his master, reproach and anger written all over his beautiful face.

“What? It was obviously long overdue,” Xavier mocked. “I was stupid to let you go for so long. You’re everything my cock needs, Ayn,” he whispered and dragged his reluctant slave into an ardent kiss.

Ayn’s mind was set. He needed to get the fuck out and fast. There was no way he was going to like taking that guy’s cock up his ass.

~A Good Servant~

“So, I gather that your encounter with my servant was up to expectations,” Xavier probed Lucas for info, as soon as they were alone in his large office, overlooking the majestic Drena bay.

It was not a question, more an affirmation. Cory had been instructed to offer Lucas everything the man wanted, and Cory was an exemplary servant. Knowing his skill, Xavier doubted Lucas had been unsatisfied with the servant’s performance.

“Yes,” Lucas said with a small frown, after a short moment of hesitation.

“I no longer use him,” Xavier said abruptly and Lucas stared at him as if he was trying to make sense of the words. “So you can have him each night, if you are so inclined. Of course, I need him for daily chores, and Ayn is far too attached to him, to replace him at this point, so just make sure he gets enough sleep.”

Lucas’s eyes turned to slits. There was no such thing as free lunch. “Why the sudden change of heart, Xavier? I thought you to be a meager man when it came to sharing your toys.”

Xavier shrugged. “I think I finally see your point. And … our friendship seems to have taken the wrong turn, so I must offer something in return for your … discomfort.”

“Discomfort?” Lucas smiled thinly. “Xavier, you have a way with words that never stops to amaze me. And really? What did you hope for? I am not Chief Psychologist for nothing. I know the ins and outs of the human mind much better than you could possibly know.”

There was no self praise there, in those words. Xavier knew them to be the truth.

“Don’t you like my gift then?” he asked, not hiding his hurt this time.

“Oh, but I do. But you’ll have to sign a small paper. If anything happens – and I mean anything – requiring Cory’s release from your service, he is going to be placed in my care immediately.”

“It will be done,” Xavier admitted. “But he’s a great servant, I have no reason to dismiss him.”

Lucas nodded. “I know. I will see you later, at the meeting.”

He made a turn for the door then Xavier spoke again. “Lucas.” There was something there, vibrating and hurting that made the brunet turn.

“Yes?” He had no intention to make things easy for the man.

“Could I see you later? Outside work?”

“Yes, I guess,” Lucas shrugged. Xavier’s unexpected gift was not coming without any obligations.

“I’m taking my slave to bed,” Xavier continued, as that was something he’d been keeping inside for too long. “I believe he hates me, to some degree. But he enjoys my touch and breaking him is delicious.”

Lucas shook his head. “Mend your ways, Xavier. The act is growing old. Is breaking this boy what you are really after? I’ve told you many times before. That feeling of emptiness you feel inside won’t fill with sex, especially not the forced kind. There is no love by force. And it won’t bring anyone back,” he ended and this time he walked away, knowing too well Xavier was not going to listen to reason.

~A Good Servant~

In the meantime, Cory was walking back home feeling like on cloud number nine. His happiness faded, though, the moment he met Ayn’s eyes.

“What happened?” he asked, his heart in his throat, while hurrying at his friend’s side.

Ayn was on his belly, his head on his folded arms, with a morose expression on his beautiful face. “He fucked me. The sneaky bastard, he just fucked me. And it hurt like hell, and I fucking came when he did,” he blurted it all out and squeezed his eyes shut to hide the storm of emotions raging inside.

“Let me see,” Cory touched him gently.

“No, please,” Ayn said breathily.

“Come now, I’ve seen you a thousand times. I need to see if you’re hurt,” he said gently.

Reluctantly, Ayn gave in to the gentle touch. Cory inspected him, without touching much. “Nothing’s torn,” he exhaled. “I’ll prepare a bath. I’ll have you relaxed and better in no time.”

“I’m clean,” Ayn murmured, as he pulled up his pants. “Spent hours in the shower, trying to take him off me. Fucking scumbag,” he said through his teeth.

Cory caressed his shoulder.

“It’s not the pain that’s bad,” Ayn talked. “It’s the fact that the jerk thinks he owns me. That I’m his bitch now.”

“Ayn, it’s not like that,” Cory tried to stop the torrent of self deprecating words pouring from Ayn’s mouth. “He likes you. He will take good care of you. And it gets better after the first time …”

“No shit,” Ayn retorted. “The last thing I want is to moan like a slut in heat as he stuffs his cock in me. You don’t understand, Cory. Where I come from, if you’re settled to being a bitch, that’s all you will ever be. If you sleep with a guy, you better make fucking sure you top the guy, too, or else everyone will stare at your ass and think how it would be to ride you.”

Cory opened and closed his mouth a few times, but no sound came out. He had no idea what to say.

“Don’t worry. I’ll set this straight. I’ll fucking jump him, too. See how he likes it with a cock up his ass.”

The servant shook his head, horrified. “Don’t do it by force, Ayn. If you try, he can have you executed. He can have you in chains, torturing you and no one will save you. Please, I beg you, don’t do anything rash. Look, I’ll call him and ask him if I can take you out. You’ll see the city. Please, you’re so close to being free.”

“Shit, Cory, you do have a way with words,” Ayn squeezed the pillow beneath him in his arms. “You’re right, I need to get out of here, before I smash his head in.”

There was a small sigh of relief from Cory. He could not let Ayn do anything stupid.

~A Good Servant~

Dion’s arms were flailing, as his throat was slowly squeezed by powerful hands. The knee in his groin was worse, or he could not really tell.

“Now, Dion, for the last time, why is Cory no longer allowed at parties? Talk or we’ll take this a bit further this time,” Antoine warned.

He went slack. He had to surrender. There was no choice for him. Eventually, the slave let him drop to the ground in a heap, coughing and spitting.

“Lord Lucas claimed him. No one is to touch him anymore.”

He knew he should have kept his head down while saying that. But he could not quench the desire to look up and see Antoine’s surprise at hearing the news. Even hurting so badly, he managed a small smile. Antoine looked devastated upon learning that Cory could no longer be his.

The slave’s fist connected quickly with his jaw. He slumped back to the floor, as Antoine kicked him with his feet. In reflex, he covered his face. Antoine pulled his head back by the hair. Still, his fist stopped just when he was about to connect with his face again.

“Let’s not mess with your face. A cutie like you, down there … I think you’ll have your ass full of cock from your first day as a recycled servant.”

Dion’s heart sank. There was no turning back then. Antoine had to vent off his frustration somehow.

“No, please,” he tried to beg.

“Not this time, Dion. I’m going to tell master I’ve grown bored with you. I won’t even make up anything. I’ll just ask him to send you away, ‘cause I can’t stand your face anymore.”

He doubted he had tears left to cry. But they came unbound, nonetheless, while Antoine laughed and pushed him away.


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