Galahad Rides Out Part Five

Van T Z Boi 2019

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From Part Four

Grunting Declan slid his dick so that it was almost out and then he shoved it back inside, hard and fierce, Juggs Minor growling and panting and twisting under him.

"Oh Declan," Juggs murmured throatily and for the first time added, "Fuck me Declan, fuck me."

Part Five

Declan smirked leeringly as he claimed his seventh `virgin' notch, `I so love a tight virginal boypussy,' he said to himself as he rooted back and forth inside Juggs Minor's newly opened boypussy. The fifteen year old champion fencer was as able with his teenage porksword as with an epee when it came to delving inside boypussy and he swivelled and rotated his hips with aplomb as he fucked Juggs Minor's opening boyflower. Juggs Minor quivered and trembled as he felt the first insertion of the throbbing spongy stiffness of an erect cock and his lips quivered and twitched as at times he did not whether to cry or purr as the squidgy hardness that worked away inside him first massaged in passing his sensitive nerve endings that surrounded his boypussy, the newly split lips, sending chilling pain aches shooting upwards before they sent the tingling delight that followed as those vulnerable nerves were stimulated by the satiny sticky skin of Declan's shaft. Inside the bulbous head atop Declan's prodder rubbed against his inner walls, Juggs's hidden muscles reacted to the invasion by coalescing around the delving fleshy tube, sending a different sensation of ecstasy billowing up inside him, then Juggs gasped as that plump soft roundness touched something inside him, the resultant tingling tickle fired and rocketed through him with the intensity of an exploding firework. Juggs himself saw the sparkling brilliant rays that flooded over his eyes, he closed his eyelids to see the glittering iridescence that flared and flamed just as his body rocked and shuddered as the delving teendick dug into his swollen boynub and caused even more of the spectacular flashes and starry sprinkles to explode inside his head. Declan moaned as the tight embrace of the virginal boyhole clamped tight around his impaling rod, the clenching vicelike grip making him want to feel even more as the sensations stimulated his hormonal charged desire.

Juggs Minor quailed as he inhaled the heady scent of the rutting teenager, the spiced aroma titivated his nostrils and invaded his head, making everything swim around inside mind, confusing and yet exciting him in this new experience.

"You'll love being fucked," his older brother Juggs Major had told him, "but make sure it's the right person." Juggs Major grinned at his younger brother, "I can tell you who's a good fuck and who's a bad one," he patted his brother on the head. Juggs Minor had looked up at his brother and the handsome youth who stood beside him, they were sitting in the compartment on the train that would take him to his new school.

"Come on Juggsy, I want to fuck you at least twice before we arrive at the School Station," the handsome youth had pulled at his older brother.

"See you later," Juggs Minor watched as his brother was hustled away down the corridor and now he understood why his brother had deserted him. `I want to feel like this every moment of the day' he told himself as the tingling delights inside him roared and billowed around his virginal body.

Declan felt the vibrations around his dick, `Fuck looks like he's gonna cum,' he grinned, and he battered even faster at the tight enclosure that gripped him. Declan threw his weight behind the fuck thrusts, battering his cockhead at the squidgy bulge he could feel pulsing as he rubbed up against it, the resultant compressing feeling as Juggs Minor's boypussy reacted to the battering was excellent, surges of bliss rolled up and over his body, the tingling up his spine making him fuck even harder.

"Oh! OOhhhhhHHHHH! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Juggs Minor screamed as he enjoyed his first dry cum from a fuck. He grabbed fiercely at Declan's pounding body, his fingernails digging into Declan's taut skin as the flares of boyjoy exploded and sent him soaring. `This is so much better than being rubbed or sucked,' Juggs Minor growled to himself as he underwent the spasms of orgasmic delight, Declan's throbbing lance remaining stiff and ready to fence him through another round of boyjoy delights. Declan gritted his teeth, ninety percent of him wanted to let fly and fuck till he came but his own experience of being young and fucked made him restrain his need.

"I'm gonna make sure you never forget your first fuck,' he told Juggs Minor who was well on the way to retaining in full the memory of what was happening to him. Juggs Minor writhed and juddered as Declan's insistent rutting quickly brought him to the boil again.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Juggs wailed as the white shooting lights of boybliss once more invaded his head and blinded his thoughts to anything but cumming and cumming and cumming again.

"Fuck you're a real hot fuck," grunted Declan as the continuous climaxing of his deflowered virgin claimed at last its reward. Declan let out a loud howl of joy, the vulpine sound echoed and re-echoed in the bedroom as Declan's balls gave up their foaming contents. The hot teen spunk raced up from the spongy tubers that created them, flowing and flooding along the tiny seminal tubes, they seethed along Declan's shaft to explode and burst inside the hot grasping furrow that held Declan's porksword. Juggs Minor, even as he rocked and writhed beneath the powerful plunging thrusts of Declan's body felt the warm blasts as they hit his inner being, the moistness allowing the deep-rooted rod to slide in even deeper. Declan held his body firm and taut as his orgasm dynamited, his rocking hips extending his delight as the no longer virginal boypussy pulsed another hot joy around it.

Declan looked at his bedpost, the seventh `virgin' notch was acquired and Declan sounded a yodelling crow of triumph.

Galahad sighed and stroked Jack's back, running his fingers up and down Jack's backbone, tickling the little bumps and sending delightful soothing rushes running around inside Jack's trembling body. The two were in Jack's bed, the dormitory was quiet after the heavy double fucking session and Jack was balls deep inside Gladdy's teenpussy. His cockhead swelled slightly at the effects of Gladdy's tickling fingers and he breathed a heavy long drawn-out breath as slid his juicy teenrod back and forth with slow long-lasting motions. In the other beds, his dormitory pals, slept heavily, recovering from the combined delights they had experienced, all awaiting the awakening as Galahad slid into their beds for a final personal and private fuck.

"Come on Jack," whispered Galahad, "it's Terry's turn and you've been just lying there," Gladdy pushed gently at Jack's chest.

Jack griped and sighed, `I hate sharing Gladdy with anyone' he grimaced at the thought.

Gladdy whose head was as ever thinking about his next fuck, slid his hand between their bodies and knuckled into Jack's stomach, the teenager grunted and reluctantly eased his teendick out of the warm wet embrace of Gladdy's teenpussy.

"You will come back to me?" he whispered softly, his heart racing with the desire to completely dominate the teenager.

"Off course," Gladdy kissed him on the nose and naked padded towards Terry's bed.

Terry Mallpall whimpered as he sensed the warmth of Gladdy's body, the slight pinch of his nipple brought him out of his dream.

"Gladdy. It's you," he struggled with the last memories of the dream and the need for sleep.

"Course it's me," grinned Gladdy and putting his head under the covers found the swelling meaty tube. Seconds later Terry's teenrod was at full stretch and he lay quietly moaning and sighing as Gladdy's so expert tongue brought his lust to full passion. Languidly tired he casually stroked Gladdy's head as he felt his dick being licked and sucked, the swirling rasping tongue-tip was delightful on his teendick and he relished the bliss Gladdy provided.

`Wish Nancy was as good in bed as Gladdy,' he thought momentarily about the cute housemaid that provided the `extra' services beyond her duties as upper-housemaid in his parent's mansion.

Despite the earlier dick wrenching he had suffered, Terry was as many a teenager, rampant with youthful vigour and lust, all bad memories of the cock squelching battering his teenage dong had been put through were forgotten; he was happy and randy for more. `Nancy always tires quickly too' he thought as he felt the wet touch of Gladdy's teenpussy slowly enfold around his pulsing lance.

"Ohhhh," Terry moaned softly as his teenrod slid all the way in as Gladdy mounted him, stimulating his teendick as Gladdy's tenpusy clmamped around his upstanding shaft. Terry lay relaxed but excited on his back as Gladdy quickly realigned his body above him; his throbbing teencock butted the spongy swelling inside Gladdy's fuckhole as the fourteen year old manoeuvred himself into a comfortable position. "Oohhhh," Terry sighed again as the sensual slow ride began. Jack nearby heard the whisperings and imagined Gladdy mounting his own teendick which was quickly hard and stiff and awaiting encasement in Gladdy's teenpussy; Jack did his best to keep the jealous and envious thoughts out of his head and gripped the sheet below him as his jealous anger rose.

Gladdy purred as the bulbous cockhead rubbed his passion nub, `I want to cum' he decided and caressed his balls gently, they hurt and ached, `probably be a dry one' he said to himself, `my balls feel so empty' he smirked as he recalled the hard orgy he had conducted. `That was a good night's fucking' he decided adding, `and the fucking night is not yet over.'

The bed and mattress creaked as Gladdy swivelled his hips, rotating his waist for maximum effect as his desire and need rose. Quicker and quicker his trembling torso moved and undulated, his hands caressing either his own teenprick or the taut muscular chest that lay before him. Terry grunted as Gladdy's strong fingers teased and abused his nipples, squeezing the taut nubs and creating even more happy surges of fuck delights running over and through his body. `Wonder if I could invite Gladdy back for a week or two in the hols' he considered. `Nancy is one thing but Gladdy,' he grunted as yet another sweeping surge ravaged his senses.

Gladdy purred as Terry's teen prick once more swivelled against his passion nub, `Cock for me, pussy for him,' he thought as he too swivelled and bucked against the teenage stiff fleshmeat that vibrated inside him. Gladdy's right hand captured his own teenprick and he gently stroked his precum sticky foreskin, drawing more and more of his personal lubrication out of its hidden gland, the tingles radiated through his balls, the small bulbs flamed and itched as they strove to replace the lost seedings, the aching pain informed Gladdy that probably he would be dry cumming this time, `but that's no problem, long as I cum' Gladdy chuckled and Terry twitched as his teenmember was gripped and blissfully abused by Gladdy's teenpussy muscles. He watched as Gladdy tossed himself, `I ought to help out' he thought languidly but as he felt the reaction from Gladdy's personal pleasuring he decided against helping, `Gladdy know what he is doing,' he smirked and placed his hand under his head, allowing Gladdy full control and mastery of their coupling. He closed his eyes and tried to recall Nancy's face, but it was Gladdy's he continued to see and it was Gladdy's teenpussy that continued to replace Nancy's cunt in his mind. `Now if only Nancy had Gladdy's pussy and half his passion,' he grunted as Gladdy's rising passion brought another seething wave of pleasure and he forgot everything except that his teendick was being serviced.

Gavin purred as the Junior School Porter Robert slid inside his teenpussy, he felt the soft fatness of Robert's cock as it pushed through his pussylips, the nerves sending surges rising inside his body, the surges of sensual delight and expectant bliss. Robert growled as he felt his cock squeezing and forcing open the narrow opening before he thrust gently; he moaned as his helmet met the satiny bulge that swelled into its path, the two membranes rasped sensually at each other, creating the ecstasy of blissful happiness. Gavin and Robert both chose to purr excitedly as their passion points met and massaged. Robert hipping his torso to great effect, his bulbous helmet scratching both their lustful itches and providing the tingling warmth and flares that urged them onwards for greater and greater satisfaction.

Robert kissed Gavin, his tongue invading the open mouth and tasting the boy's saliva. The eighteen year old delighted in the wanton openness that Gavin offered, he had been fucking the boy for two years now, at first it had been the odd time, after all he was a mere porter and not born of nobility but as they grew closer, their relationship more than encompassed the basic pleasure fuck that was prevalent within the school. Gavin in his own context would accept that he had a 'pash' on the handsome porter and preferred the youth's dick and company to his fellow students and adult teachers. He had met Robert's younger brother Eric and the three had engaged in joyful threesomes but Gavin was as a member of an ancient line and lineage very much aware that Robert was of his youth; he would have other diversions to please him when he was an adult.

Gavin had naturally been introduced to the ways of the school by his father, himself an 'old boy' and an 'old hand'

"Gavin m'boy," he had said as he took his son's virginity, "now you can enjoy and delight in all the 'extra' pleasures the school will provide. He kissed his son on the lips as he thrust his manly dick inside Gavin's deflowered boypussy. Gavin in a swelter of sensations and feelings was much in awe of his father and the bliss he was providing. His father had grunted as he rutted, he himself had lost his 'schoolboy' virginity to his father, who was also an 'old boy' "Your initiation is a family tradition," he had explained to Gavin as he ushered the boy up to his bedroom. After that introduction Gavin was free to explore his new found pleasure, the estate staff were always ready to pleasure the young Viscount, especially at the Annual Harvest Celebration where all the male members took part in a celebration of the Harvest of the Seed. Gavin had thoroughly enjoyed being 'planted' and had also enjoyed watching his father plant some of the handsome estate workers. Gavin's morning 'ride' with his groom became a morning enjoyment with his groom returning after a heavy 'jog' in Gavin's boy and later teen pussy.

Gavin had met some of the teachers and fellow students at the school at the Annual Founders Day event, where Gavin discovered the joys of being pleasured by a succession of students, some fathers and teachers. He had cast his eye at the young man who was introduced as the then assistant Junior School Porter, Robert a sweet sixteen definitely enjoyed his first romp with the young Viscount and the rest was pleasure after pleasure.

"Like you're 'bit of rough', don't you son," Gavin's father had ruffled his boy's hair, "real chip of the old block m'boy," he laughed recalling his own days with his Latin teacher when his own 'pash' had taken place.

In Robert's bedroom the brass bed creaked and rattled as the fuck neared its conclusion. Gavin ran his fingernails down Robert's thrusting back, he could feel the weal's left by previous passionate couplings and smirked knowing as he climaxed he would inadvertently be adding to the reddened stripes. Robert dug his hands down under Gavin's backside and grabbed the plump globes, spreading Gavin's legs even wider, Gavin yelping as the pain stabbed through him and making his smirk a broad smile. Gavin growled throatily as the arching pain shot through him, just at the exciting edge of pleasure and he gripped even tighter at Robert's pounding back. Robert growled too as the tingling warmth flamed, his dick swelled and throbbed and pulsed, the slit in his cockhead pouted and gaped as the streams of teenage sperms thudded through to crash-dive inside Gavin's teencunt.

"FUCK! FUCK! FUCKING GREAT!" Robert yowled to the rafters above his room, the tiles rattling at the power of his vocal delight.

"FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" Gavin grunted as his nails dug into Robert's arching back, a thin drool of blood welling up where he broke the skin.

In the ecstasy Robert had misty visions of his future, in his head he could see him bedding the eternal fourteen year old by the lakeside, Gavin's Manorial home rising and towering in the background. The visions slipped and slid into misty echoes as his rocketing orgasm fell back to earth and he lay on top of the quivering body as Gavin's own teenprick gave up his teenjoy, his less forceful offerings spilling between their rocking bodies to coalesce on both their skins. Gavin held Robert tight, his fingers relaxing and moving to caress and encourage Robert to fuck him again, his teenpussy still wanton and desperate for more hard dick.

Sam Cropley rocked his teenprick back and forth inside his young brother's teenpussy, the thirteen year old mewled and purred as yet another delightful rush surges through him and he kissed his elder brother with fervour, excited by the juddering sensations that soared inside him.

"Oh Sam," Jules sighed as the ecstasy rose and fell the more his brother's thick meatytube battered away inside him.

The door to the bedroom opened swiftly, no sound came from the well oiled hinges, it was more the cold draught of air that brushed over Sam's naked backside that alerted Sam.

"What the...?" Sam looked up from his brothers embrace.

Ellis Honeydew stared at him from the doorway.

"I'm lonely," Ellis stepped into the room, closing the door silently behind him, "I miss you," he added huskily as he stepped close to the bed and reached out a hand to caress Sam's naked back.

Sam stared back at the twelve year old dark haired boy, Ellis had been sharing his bed during the previous term and his teendick swelled as memories of the hot nights they had shared blossomed fully in his aroused state.

"Ellis, I said I was with Jules," he whispered quietly; Jules tensed and quivered as he turned his face to look at the interrupting youth.

"Who's that?" he asked tremulously, his bottom lip quivering.

"Sam was with me last year," Ellis staked his claim, his pyjama top opened up, the row of buttons making the flannel material fall to one side to reveal his silvery ivory skin in the moonlight that flooded through the open curtains of Sam's bedroom. Sam jerked at the sight, `Ellis has such a beautiful body' he reminded himself as Ellis's pyjama bottoms fell to the floor, Ellis smooth thin boydicklet glowing in the mysterious light. Ellis spread his legs and swivelled his hips making his three inch length of boymeat bob and sway.

Sam inadvertently reached out, as he had done so many times in the past to caress the demanding boycocklet, his fingers stroking up and down the silky skin, feeling the heat that stiffened the boytube.

"Sam," Jules was anxious and worried as he saw his brother's hand moving and then he caught the look in Sam's eyes. "Sam you said there was only me," Jules glared at his older brother, first there had been Galahad and now there was this stranger, `has my brother deceived me?' he angrily roared at himself.

Sam was torn between Jules and memories of Ellis. Ellis naked pushed himself up on the bed. Jules growled as he sensed his brother's teendick slipping out of his teenpussy but Sam was moving to make space for the intruder.

"Sam!" Jules quailed but Sam turned a different glance towards him.

"Jules, I'm a Monitor, I have my job to do and well Ellis here needs me," he spoke softly but determinedly.

"He just needs your dick," Jules raged and sitting up swung his feet, Ellis moving away to avoid being hit. Jules stood up and shaking he looked back at his brother, Ellis had lost no time and his mouth was already engaged around Sam's cockhead, Sam an absent gaze in his eyes, stroked Ellis's head as the twelve year old secured his dick for the time being.

Jules raged and seethed and seeing his brother's indifference, he grabbed his dressing-gown and threw himself into it; barefooted and enraged he stamped out of Sam's bedroom and into the dark corridor.

Ellis sucked hard at the spongy head, he swallowed the drool of precum that erupted from Sam's cockhead and eased his hand between Sam's legs to cuddle the hot pair of balls he found there. `Still plenty of spunk for me' he grinned as he swallowed further down Sam's teenmeat, feeling the spongy flesh stiffen and harden.

Sam somehow woke up as Jules disappeared through the door. "Jules!" he hissed as he attempted to stand up but the demanding mouth around his dick made him drop back. He caressed Ellis's head. "Ellis, I said I'm with Jules," he spoke hesitantly, tentatively as Ellis's squelching sucking revived his memories and his teendick bloated and swelled .

Ellis lifted his head, "You fucked Galahad in the common room, you can fuck me," he was insolently insistent.

"But, but,...Oh, ohhhh, ohhhhh Ellis," Sam mewled and fell backwards on the bed as Ellis manoeuvred him with his thrilling mouth.

Julius stalked down the corridor, his bare feet slapping angrily on the varnished floorboards, his head was seething as he inwardly raged at his brother. "He said I was his only one!" Jules muttered, "then Galahad comes into the Common Room and," he gestured at the empty air, "now this other boy!" Jules stamped down the deserted passage, the sound of his slapping feet echoing off the closed doors, "How many others?" Jules was ignorant of the lusting needs and horny desires of a closed school environment and his head was still full of the romantic images of Knights and the Code.

Mr Aster padded slowly along the deserted and dim passageways, he had checked the lower school and as Late Duty Master he was doing the rounds of the Senior Boys. He heard the slap, slap of bare feet and as he rounded the corner he almost knocked over the slim figure that was so preoccupied it had not noticed him.

"Copley Minor!" Mr Aster barked at the rocking figure and Jules was brought out of his angered reverie by the sight and sound of the English Master's voice.

"S, S, Sir," he quailed at the towering figure; in the darkness of the corridors Mr Aster appeared much larger and threatening than normal.

"What are you doing out of bed?" Mr Aster lowered his voice, he was aware that the school was `at sleep' so there was no need to rouse anyone, especially for a lone boy who may just be moving from bed to bed in search of dick.

Jules raised his agonised face towards the Master, "S, s, s, sorry sir," he quivered, "I was just...," and then he broke down into tears of angry disappointment.

`Heartbreak' thought Mr Aster and he placed a friendly and comforting hand across Jules shoulders, he had not failed to notice that underneath the loosely tied dressing-gown Copley Minor was naked, he felt his cock rise and thicken. `The Luck of a Late Duty Master' he smirked recalling several opportune meetings with the students over the years. His dick swelled even more.

"Come and tell me all about it," he squeezed his arm supportively around Jules and directed the trembling youth towards his rooms where he hoped to console the youth with his own fleshy implant.

"I missed this," whispered Ellis as he felt his boypussy lips being stretched to accommodate Sam's fat cockhead. The twelve year old spread his legs wider to accommodate Sam's thrusting body and he purred and sighed happily as the teenmeat split him open once more, the wet cocktip seeking his passion point. Sam groaned as the familiar delights surged within him as his teendick settled into place inside Ellis's boyhole. `I so love my brother' he thought, `but I can't give up all other chances of pussy' his wrenched teenage hormones worked fast to raddle his thinking processes, his lustneed drove all thoughts of `love' away; leaving just the heady demanding and exciting needs to fuck and fuck hard.

Ellis grunted as the breath was forced from his body as Sam increased the pressure of his fucking thrusts, his lithe taut body pounding the plumpness that cushioned him and pleasured him. Ellis adjusted his position on the pillow under his arse, the slight rearrangement brought Sam's teenprick right back on point and he shuddered and juddered as the surges of tingling flames lit up inside him.

"So good to have you back," Ellis sighed sweetly as the surging flames of desire and delight roared up inside him and he stroked Sam's back where he could. His young boycocklet, stiff and pulsing was trapped between their bodies, Sam's rough movements squeezing and rubbing the crimson tip which peeked out of the ivory pale shaft, the hairs on Sam's groin adding an extra level of pleasure to Ellis's bliss.

Sam grunted as he felt the vibrating tightness of Ellis's boypussy grasp and squeeze him, `I have missed this,' he thought as he rammed his pounding lance back and forth, slowing his pace, adjusting it to the well known pussyhole he was inside. The two rocked and bucked at each other, their long time couplings allowing them to extend and heighten the joy and delighting pleasures. Sam growled as he felt Ellis's dry cum rattle through him.

"Oh, Oh OOOOOHHHHH!!!!" Ellis groaned in Sam's ear as he trembled and shivered through his boyjoy, the meatypole inside him continued to rub his boynub and the orgasm was extended and flowed into another sweetly embracing passion bliss. `Sam is such a hot fuck,' Ellis told himself as the beginnings of another powerful delight rose and soared within him.

`Ellis is such a hot fuck' Sam repaid the compliment mentally as he thrust deep and fiercely at the containing membranes, relishing the constant undulating compressions and releases that excited him to greater and further plunges.

"Here drink this," Mr Aster handed Jules a mug of the hot sweet cocoa.

Jules sat before the slowly dying embers of the fire in Mr Aster's room took the cup and smelt the sweet chocolaty aroma before sipping it. "Thank you," he smiled up at Mr Aster and inadvertently gave the teacher a view of his nakedness as his dressing-gown opened up to expose his pale pink chest, the bright crimson pink ring of his left nipple sent a surge of desire raging inside the teacher as he sat down.

Mr Aster cleverly caught the material as he sat himself on the sofa; his settling body moved the dressing-gown further apart giving Mr Aster a good view of the small gristle of Jules's teenpricklet which lay dormant over the small bulge of his sac.

"Better now," Mr Aster patted Jules's exposed thigh uncovering even more of Jules naked form; all of which excited Mr Aster even further. "Now tell me what you were doing walking the Senior Boys corridor so late at night, what was troubling you?"

Jules paused shaken; his mug midway up between his hand and his mouth as he heard Mr Aster's question. `Can I tell him about Sam and me? Is this something I ought not to talk about? Oh I need Sam's advice,' he quivered and trembled as Mr Aster's comforting hand smoothed and patted his leg, the fingers slowly inching upwards with each gentle stroke.

"Come now boy," Mr Aster spoke softly, "You need not be in trouble about being somewhere where you should not have been," Mr Aster patted Jules exposed thigh and moved it further upwards where he gently squeezed the top part of Jules leg. His swelling dick, bloated and wept a tear of precum that tickled his crinkly hairs. `The boys skin is so silkily soft to touch and stroke,' his hand squeezed again and inched upwards.

End of Part Five

To Be Continued...????????????????????????????????


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