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He's a Very Naughty Boy

Hugh Cox



The caravan stopped just before dusk and everyone busied themselves making camp. They could possibly have reached Jerusalem that night; but travelling in the dark was dangerous and the Roman guards would have closed the gates before they arrived, making entry extremely difficult. Thirteen year old Joshua, for one, was pleased by the decision; it meant he would have another night in his uncle's tent and the man had promised that it would be one that the boy would never forget.

The man was, in fact, his mother's uncle; but, as she had given birth at just sixteen and her uncle was only nine years her senior, the difference in age between the two was smaller than would normally be expected for two generations. Joshua loved his uncle dearly; his father was cold and distant towards him and the boy craved attention from an adult male. His father's behaviour confused Joshua, because he showered love on the boy's younger brother. He suspected that the man wasn't his real father; he once overheard a conversation between his parents, during which his father had described him to his mother as `your son' rather than `our son'. He often wondered who his father really was; he rather hoped that it was his uncle but somehow he doubted that was the case.

Joshua's uncle was a merchant and, for as long as the boy could remember, he had visited regularly; allowing the lad to sit on his knee, tickling and caressing him and generally providing the sort of affection that his father never did. Early each morning that his uncle was there, Joshua would go to the guest room above his father's workshop and climb into the man's bed; they would spoon together and his uncle would caress him gently, plant soft kisses on the nape of his neck and make the boy feel loved.

When he was about eight years old his uncle touched his genitals for the first time. After the initial shock wore off, the boy found that he thoroughly enjoyed the experience; his tiny penis had stiffened up under the man's ministrations and it felt surprisingly good to have it and his little ball sac rubbed and fondled. The only disappointment was that it always seemed to stop too soon; he was sure that he was missing something, that there should be more to the experience; he just didn't know what it was. That changed when he was ten years old. One morning as he lay in his uncle's embrace, his cocklet pressed against the man's hand as his scrotum was being rubbed; he felt an odd feeling build in his groin. It was ticklish and rather pleasant and he instinctively started to hump into the hand, which caused the strange sensations to increase. He humped faster and faster until, to his horror, he felt an urge to pee; it was too late to stop, however, and an incredible feeling overwhelmed him as experienced his first dry orgasm. After that he couldn't get enough of the wonderful sensation and, to his delight, he found that he could produce the feelings by rubbing his own penis; he did this several times a day, although it was always more enjoyable when his uncle did it.

A few weeks earlier there had been another major development. His uncle had come to visit for Joshua's bar mitzvah and during their usual morning routine the boy had felt wetness on his belly after his orgasm. By this time he knew what it was, he had cum properly for the first time. His uncle had pulled his hand up to his face and licked the boy juice from it; before rubbing a finger on Joshua's belly and placing it against the boy's lips. Joshua had opened up like a good boy, taken the finger into his mouth and sucked it clean; enjoying the tangy taste of cum for the first but by no means the last time.

"Good boy, now you are ready," his uncle had said, cryptically.

After Joshua's bar mitzvah, his uncle had informed him that he would shortly be transporting a shipment of goods by trading caravan, from the port of Caesarea to Jerusalem. As Joshua was now officially a man, he asked if the lad would like to accompany him. Joshua was only too happy to agree; the work in the carpentry shop bored him and relations with his father were cooler than ever. His mother was concerned for his safety; robbers and anti-Roman bandits were a genuine hazard; but his father didn't seem to care whether he stayed or went and that made his decision all the easier.


* * *


Travelling light, they were able to reach Caesarea in a single day's journey. Joshua found the bustling port fascinating; he watched as ships of different shapes and sizes arrived, were unloaded, loaded and then departed. Strangely dressed sailors and merchants from throughout the Roman Empire went about their business, trading goods of every possible type. His uncle supervised the unloading of the last of his goods from a ship that had arrived from Neapolis; he already had goods from other ships sitting at the dockside and all these goods would be transported to Jerusalem on pack animals, travelling together in a caravan. Eventually the unloading was completed, his uncle satisfied himself that all was in order and paid the outstanding fees.

The pack animals were owned by an old friend and long-time business partner of Joshua's uncle; it made good sense to work with people you knew and trusted in order to avoid being cheated. He arrived at the dockside in the afternoon to assess the goods and determine what he would need for the journey to Jerusalem. When he had done so, he suggested a price to Joshua's uncle who then made a counter offer. They haggled for several minutes, before coming to an agreement, shaking hands and retiring to an inn to seal the deal with a drink. Joshua and his uncle spent that night in the man's house and Joshua found himself sharing a room with the man's two sons who were about the same age as him. His uncle shared the guest room with another merchant, whose goods would be transported in the same caravan; this meant Joshua was unable to visit his uncle's bed, much to his disappointment.

Early the next morning they arrived at the docks to load the animals for the journey. They were an odd mixture of donkeys, mules and camels and it took some time to divide the load correctly; by the time all the preparations were completed and they got going, it was nearly mid-morning. It was approximately sixty miles from Caesarea to Jerusalem as the crow flies but they were going to travel down the coast before turning inland; much easier going but making their journey closer to seventy five miles. The caravan wouldn't travel very quickly but, as they would be on the move from dawn until dusk with only a single break in the middle of each day, they hoped to complete the journey in three days.

They made good progress southwards on the flat coastal plain; but, due to the late start, they had only travelled about twenty miles when darkness fell and they stopped to set up camp. The animals were unloaded, fed and watered and settled down for the night. Fires were lit, dinner was cooked and eaten and then people sat around the dying fires to talk for a time. Before long, however, they all retired to their tents; the days were long and tiring and nobody intended to waste time talking when they could be sleeping.


* * *


Joshua had a knot in his stomach in anticipation of what the night would bring; he and his uncle were sharing a tent and this would be the first time they had spent the entire night together. His uncle told him to strip naked, "We'll be warm enough snuggled up under the blanket," he said; and that thought got Joshua hard immediately. They adopted their usual position, spooned together, with Joshua in front; his uncle's lips brushing his neck, his right arm across the boy's chest and his hard cock pressed against the underside of his arse. Joshua felt his nipples being rubbed and tweaked before his uncle's hand ran slowly down his flank until it reached his hip and then moved to his groin. The boy took a sharp breath as his scrotum was enveloped in the large hand and his balls were kneaded gently. The hand moved again, gripping his hard, four inch erection; when the thumb caressed over his glans he shuddered and let out an audible moan.

Up until this point things had happened just as they usually did when Joshua shared his uncle's bed; the man had other plans for tonight, however. He pulled back a little, rolled the boy onto his back and sucked his right nipple into his mouth; teasing it with his lips and tongue and even giving it a little nip with his teeth. Joshua groaned and his uncle switched his attention to the left nipple, giving it the same treatment; before moving down the boy's torso, planting a trail of gentle kisses as he went. He stopped briefly to tongue the cute, innie navel and then continued down until he reached his nephew's hard, throbbing shaft.

He ran his tongue around the head of Joshua's cock before moving to his scrotum and suckling on first one and then the other of his balls. He licked up the length of the boy's penis a couple of times before easily engulfing his entire four inches. Kneading his nephew's scrotum with his hand he began bobbing his head up and down, sucking and licking the boy's cock and driving him to ecstasy. Joshua instinctively humped into his uncle's mouth and, within a few seconds, he exploded into his throat. The man pulled back in order to take the remainder of the sweet nectar in his mouth and then, when Joshua had finished cumming, he moved up and kissed the boy; sharing the prize with his nephew.

It took a few minutes for Joshua to come back down from the intense orgasm he had enjoyed at the end of his first blow job. "Thank you," he said, when he had recovered. "That was incredible. Can I do it to you now?"

"Of course you can," his uncle replied. "Just be careful to cover your teeth with your lips. Remember, this is your first time so I don't expect you to take my emission in your mouth."

Joshua scrambled into position as his uncle lay on his back. The man's cock was about average size; just under six inches in length, with enough girth that the boy couldn't quite get his thumb and fingers to meet when he held it. To Joshua, however, it seemed huge and he took a deep breath before continuing. Remembering what he had been told, he covered his teeth and took the glans into his mouth, sucking and licking it as his uncle had done to him. He attempted to take the full length into his throat but his gag reflex kicked in and he had to pull off, coughing and spluttering.

"Don't worry about that," his uncle told him, with a chuckle. "Just concentrate on sucking the top half for now."

Joshua did as he was told and tried to ape what his uncle had done earlier. Before long, however, his mouth and jaws started to ache and he became concerned that he would have to stop before he had satisfied the man. Fortunately his uncle hadn't cum for several days, in anticipation of this moment; and, just as Joshua thought that he couldn't go on, the man announced that he was about to cum. He expected his nephew to pull off but the boy had other ideas and stayed in place while his uncle unloaded six or seven ropes of jizz into his mouth. Joshua swallowed it as quickly as he could but there was too much for him and some of it dribbled out of his mouth and onto his chin. When he had finished, the man pulled his nephew down onto his body, licked the excess cum from his face and then gave him a deep, sensuous kiss.

Joshua eventually broke the kiss and asked, "Was that alright? Did you enjoy it?"

"You couldn't have done any better for your first attempt," the man replied. "I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm really looking forward to the next time."

"Me too," Joshua responded. They kissed again, resumed their spooned position and drifted off into a very contented sleep.


* * *


The camp was roused before dawn the following morning; they had to make up for the time lost the day before and Joshua's uncle was determined to start at sunrise. They ate breakfast, loaded the animals and, as soon as the sun appeared above the hills to the east, they got under way. The caravan was still moving south on the coastal plain, so they made excellent time; by late afternoon they had turned inland and, by the time dusk fell and they stopped to make camp, they had completed over thirty miles. Joshua's uncle estimated that they had a little under twenty five miles left to go but it was mainly uphill and he doubted that they would complete their journey the following day.

Joshua's excitement intensified when his uncle told him to have a shit and thoroughly clean his arse before coming to bed that night. He wondered what the man had planned for them; whatever it was he expected it to be fun.

They began in their accustomed position with the usual kisses and caresses; then, as he had the night before, Joshua's uncle turned him onto his back and used his mouth all over the boy's body. This time, however, he didn't suck Joshua to orgasm; he got his nephew to a heightened state of arousal and then pulled off and told him to roll onto his belly. Once Joshua was in the prone position, his uncle straddled his body and started to kiss his neck and shoulders; he worked his way down the boy's back until he reached the firm, round globes of his buttocks.

Taking one in each hand, he began to massage them; spreading them apart and exposing the boy's rosebud as he did so. He lowered his head and kissed each cheek in turn, working his way inwards until he was kissing and licking the sensitive skin close to the boy's crack. He switched lower, lapping gently at Joshua's scrotum and then more firmly at his perineum; he continued upwards running his tongue across his nephew's pucker, eliciting a gasp from the surprised boy.

Joshua was astonished, never in a million years had he considered that anyone would want to lick his arsehole; even more amazing was how incredibly good it felt. The feelings only got better as the rimming continued; his uncle licked around his anus, stimulating the sensitive nerve endings and causing him to groan. He placed his mouth over the boy's rosebud and sucked on it before probing it with his tongue; he continued with licking, sucking and prodding until his nephew's anus gave up the losing battle and opened up to allow the invading muscle to enter his most intimate place.

With his uncle's tongue wriggling in his rectum, sending waves of pleasure through his body; Joshua started to squirm, rubbing his cock on the blanket below him. Just as he was about to blow his load, however, the man stopped, removed his tongue and flipped the boy onto his back. The crisis was averted for the moment but his uncle hadn't finished with Joshua's arse. He pushed the boy's legs up and back and told him to hold them there; then he coated the middle finger of his right hand with olive oil, pressed it against the lad's pucker and pushed it home. Joshua felt a slight burning sensation as the finger entered but it passed in an instant and was replaced by pleasure as his uncle moved his middle digit in and out of the boy's hole, twisting it as he did so. After a few minutes of finger fucking his nephew, the man curled the invading appendage; rubbing it against the front wall of the boy's rectum until he found the firm bundle of tissue that he knew could turn even the stoutest of men to jelly.

Joshua's eyes opened wide, his cock twitched and he emitted a loud moan as his uncle massaged his prostate gland. He'd been surprised numerous times by the way his body had reacted to his uncle's stimulations; but the fact that there was something buried deep in his arse, that felt so incredibly good when it was rubbed, was the biggest surprise of all. Joshua's uncle leaned over and swallowed the boy's cock to the root and began to suck it vigorously while still massaging his special spot. Within thirty seconds he'd pushed his nephew over the edge and he was shooting more boy cream into the man's mouth than ever before. As he'd done the previous night, the man kept a portion of Joshua's semen in his mouth and shared it with the boy via a kiss.

When he broke the kiss he rolled onto his back pulling his nephew over until he was partially on top of him. Joshua lay with his head on his uncle's shoulder and his left arm and leg across the man's body. He ran his hand through his chest hair and then down, across his belly until he reached his genitals. He grasped and kneaded the man's large balls before taking hold of his hard cock and jerking it several times.

"Suck it, Joshua," his uncle hissed and the boy moved into position eagerly. He licked the man's scrotum before sucking each of his orbs in turn; he then ran his tongue up his shaft, licking the drop of pre-cum that he found glistening at the top. Taking the glans into his mouth, he pressed the tip of his tongue into his uncle's slit before running it around the sensitive flesh; this time it was the man's turn to moan with pleasure. Joshua began bobbing up and down, maintaining the suction with his lips and allowing his tongue to rub the underside of the shaft; simultaneously he took hold of his uncle's balls and started to knead them again. It was only the second blow job he had given but he was a fast learner and it didn't take long for the man to feel the onset of his orgasm. He didn't bother to warn his nephew this time, he simply let out a groan and unloaded into the boy's mouth. He didn't have several days' worth of cum stored up this time and Joshua knew what to expect, so the boy was able to keep it all in his mouth; swallowing the first couple of ropes and holding the remainder to share with his uncle when he had finished.

Afterwards they spooned up again, the man nuzzling Joshua's neck and caressing his chest. "We'll have even more fun tomorrow," he promised the boy. "It'll be a night you'll never forget."


* * *


The following morning Joshua found it a real struggle to get out of bed in the pre-dawn darkness; the long, tiring days and the sex filled nights were starting to take their toll on a growing teenage boy who needed all the sleep he could get. Just as on the previous day, they ate breakfast, loaded the animals and set off as the sun rose ahead of them.

They were off the flat coastal plain now and the ground rose in front of them as they made their way inland, towards Jerusalem. The pace dropped and, despite their best efforts, they were unable to reach their destination before dusk fell. The owner of the animals, who was in charge of the caravan, finally called a halt about five miles short of the city. The boy was secretly pleased by the decision; he knew that his uncle had a house in Jerusalem but he was unsure of the sleeping arrangements; it might prove impossible for them to share a bed there and he didn't want anything to spoil the special night that the man had promised.

Joshua had a shit and cleaned his arse thoroughly without having to be told; he didn't know what his uncle had planned for that evening but he didn't want to miss out on anything good, on account of a dirty hole. With only five miles left to go the following day, everyone was aware that there would be no need to make such an early start in the morning; therefore, much to Joshua's frustration, people spent much longer chatting around the fire after dinner than they had on the two previous nights. Eventually tiredness won out and they all headed off to their respective tents; Joshua practically running to one he shared with his uncle, much to the man's amusement.

By the time his uncle entered the tent, Joshua was already lying on his back; naked, with his hands clasped behind his head. His four inch cock was standing to attention with a little pre-cum leaking from the slit. The man pretended to yawn and said, "I'm feeling tired tonight, maybe we should wait until another time." The look of horror on the boy's face was priceless and his uncle put him out of his misery by laughing and saying, "Fooled you!"

Joshua giggled with relief and then sighed as the man placed his hand on his chest and caressed him tenderly. The hand moved lower until it reached the boy's groin and began fondling his genitals. Joshua's hard-on was gasped gently in his uncle's hand and the man used his thumb to rub the pre-cum over the boy's sensitive cockhead. He bent his head, licked the sweet fluid from his nephew's glans and swallowed his shaft completely. Joshua bucked his hips, humping into his uncle's mouth until the man pulled off; he didn't want the boy to cum yet.

"Turn round and get on all fours," Joshua's uncle told him and the boy obeyed immediately. The man stripped naked and then positioned his nephew how he wanted him; on his knees, legs slightly spread and pushed his head down raising his arse for easy access. He pushed a rolled up blanket under the boy's face and said, "This will hurt before it feels good. I don't want you to make any noise; if you need to cry out shove your face into this, bite it if you have to."

Joshua had a concerned look on his face but he managed a smile, nodded his head and whispered, "Alright."

His uncle lowered his face to Joshua's arse and ran his tongue up the length of the boy's crack. Then he attacked the rosebud with his tongue, working at it until the muscle relaxed enough to allow penetration. He pulled off, lubed his right forefinger with olive oil, pressed it against the boy's pucker and pushed it firmly into his tight channel. There was no pain this time and Joshua enjoyed the sensations he felt as the finger moved in and out of his arse. After a few moments his uncle removed the digit, applied some oil to two fingers and inserted them into his nephew. This time the boy did feel some pain as his passage was penetrated but, as the night before, the pain soon wore off to be replaced with pleasure. The man pushed in and out, twisted and scissored his fingers as he lubricated and stretched the boy's tight hole in preparation for the main event to come. After about five minutes he withdrew the two fingers, lubed three of his digits and pushed them into Joshua's widening chute. The boy felt a sharp burning pain and buried his face in the blanket to muffle the groans that he couldn't help emitting. The burning soon stopped but the pain never went away completely and Joshua started to worry about how bad it would be when his uncle started to fuck him; he had no doubt now as to what was about to happen.

Another five minutes passed and Joshua's uncle pulled his fingers from his nephew for the final time. He carefully applied a plentiful amount of olive oil to his cock and pressed it against the boy's open hole. "Push out as if you were taking a shit," he told Joshua and, when the boy obeyed, he pushed forward until his cockhead popped through the lad's sphincter and into his rectum. The burning pain was intense this time and Joshua had to bite the blanket in order to muffle his screams; tears streamed from his eyes and he seriously considered asking his uncle to stop. The man paused at that point; he massaged his nephew's back and then reached under his body and began to fondle his cock, which had gone soft during the penetration. Yet again the pain lessened and Joshua's cock stiffened under the ministrations of his uncle's hand. When the boy's penis had reached its full four inches, the man began to rock back and forth; gradually working the rest of his cock into the lad's tight passage. A few minutes later his pelvis was pressed against Joshua's buttocks; he rested again to allow the boy to accustom himself to the cock in his arse. Then it was time to fuck.

Joshua's uncle took hold of the boy's hips and pulled back slowly until only the head of his cock remained in his arse, then he pushed back in with a single thrust causing his nephew to moan into the blanket. He then repeated this over and over, gradually speeding up until he was sliding easily in and out to the sound of skin slapping against skin. Joshua started to enjoy the experience; the burning had gone, to be replaced by a deep, throbbing pain that was actually very close to pleasure. The boy reached back between his legs, grasped his cock gently and allowed his uncle's thrusts to move his hard, four inches back and forward in his grip.

The man could sense that his climax wasn't too far off; he pushed his nephew flat on his belly, leant across the boy, supporting his own weight on his hands and started to slam in and out. Suddenly Joshua was in heaven, his uncle's cock was rubbing over his sensitive spot, sending waves of pleasure through his body; at the same time his own cock was being rubbed against the blanket below him and this twin assault on his senses was bringing him close to orgasm.

It was a close run thing but it was the boy who came first; the tingling sensation grew and grew until his cock exploded, squirting his thin boy juice between his belly and the blanket. The boy's orgasm caused his sphincter to clamp down on his uncle's cock; the man was right on the edge and the increased pressure pushed him over. He gave one final thrust as his balls tightened, then his climax hit and he unloaded rope after rope of thick, creamy cum into his nephew's tight, thirteen year old arse.

As he came down from his orgasmic high, the man's cock softened and Joshua's arse pushed the invader out with an audible pop. The boy whimpered with frustration as he felt the sudden emptiness; the earlier pain completely forgotten. His uncle rolled onto his side, pulled the boy into their favourite spooned position and they drifted off into blissful sleep.


* * *


Joshua and his uncle rose at the normal time the next morning, which allowed them to clean up before the rest of the camp woke from their lie-in. As people bustled around, breaking camp and loading the animals, Joshua got several grins and even a wink; clearly their nocturnal fun had not gone unnoticed, despite the boy's use of the blanket to muffle his moans. Eventually all was ready and an hour after sunrise the caravan got under way and started on the last five miles to Jerusalem.

For the first couple of miles Joshua's uncle walked with another merchant, leaving the boy to converse with some of the other travellers. One man, who had previously been friendly, glared at him and walked away; which started Joshua thinking about what he and his uncle had done together over the three previous nights. The first two occasions didn't bother him; they were merely an extension of the fun they'd been having for several years. Last night, however, had been different; although he had thoroughly enjoyed the experience, his conscience was now bothering him.

"Have we been sinful?" he asked, when he was able to speak to his uncle privately.

"I don't believe so," the man replied. "We've merely expressed our love for one another in a physical way, how can that be a sin?"

"Didn't God punish the Sodomites for doing what we have done?" the boy persisted.

"According to the Torah, yes," his uncle replied, "but the Holy Book is a combination of history, legends and laws. I believe that the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is a legend."

"Isn't sodomy against God's law?"

"Laws are made by men; specifically by rich and powerful men. The rich and powerful are few, while the poor are many and therefore the laws are designed to control the many. If the rich and powerful make bad laws the poor might reject them; but if they say `these are God's laws' no-one will reject them, or they will be accused of blasphemy and put to death. The whole purpose of religion is to allow the elite to control the people."

"Is it wrong for men to love one another?" Joshua asked.

"Love can never be wrong," his uncle replied, "but not everyone believes that."

The boy was quiet for a while as he considered what he had been told. "I think I shall become a rabbi when I'm older," he said eventually. "I'll teach that God loves each of us unconditionally, because we are all his children; and that men should love one another."

His uncle laughed, "I wish you the best of luck with that; but be careful what you say publicly. Love is a powerful emotion but so is hate; and men find it very easy to hate what they don't understand. If you challenge the orthodox thinking, the elite will attempt to destroy you."

Their conversation had to end at that point as they neared their destination; passing the hill of Golgotha on their left, they approached the western gate of the city. The Roman Prefect of Judea was having one of his periodic clamp downs on rebel activity; so everyone who wished to enter Jerusalem was being searched and had to register their name and the reason for their visit. A group of Roman soldiers were carrying out the search just before the gate; in the gateway itself, a table had been set up, where a centurion was questioning those who wished to enter and a Greek slave was writing down the relevant details.

The queue was long and slow moving but eventually they reached the table and the centurion asked Joshua's uncle his name and why he wished to enter the city. "Joseph of Arimathea," he answered, giving his first name and home town in the standard way. "I'm a merchant and I'm bringing goods to sell in the market." As he spoke he gestured to the caravan behind them.

"And what's your name?" the Roman asked, turning to Joshua. The boy gave his name and home town and then watched as the Greek scribe wrote it on his sheet of papyrus. The script was different from the Hebrew and Aramaic that Joshua was used to but his uncle had taught him some Latin and he was interested in how the scribe wrote his name. He expected the Greek slave to write his Hebrew name, albeit in Latin script and was surprised, therefore, to see that the man had translated it into his own language before writing it down. For the first time Joshua saw his name written in a foreign language; there, in black and white on the sheet of papyrus, he read the words, Jesus of Nazareth.


The End


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