"I'LL KILL YOU OUT OF LOVE" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

I'LL KILL YOU OUT OF LOVE by Andrej Koymasky © 2015
written on February 23, 2003
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Rudolf

Our story begins about 3370 years ago, in the ninth year of the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaton, in a small village of Old Egypt, not far from the new capital of Akhetaton, that is the present Tell el Amarna.

The small village was so unimportant to not even have a name and was known as "the upper village of Harkhuf", from the name of the Lord who owned all the land surrounding it.

Here lived a boy of fourteen, named Sembeb, who later changed his name to Horembeb. He is the protagonist of our story.

Sembeb was the third of five sons, as the females did not count and were often killed at birth. The five brothers were called Huya, Iawy, Sembeb, Nekau, and Nimlot. The father, as well as the two older boys, were working the lands of Harkhuf, and from that they obtained a poor but decent living. The mother took care of the house, weaving and cooking, she traded the small part of the harvest which they received as payment, and supervised the younger children.

Sembeb helped his mother, while the two smaller boys were playing outside, completely naked, with many other kids of the village, under the watchful eyes of their mother and Sembeb. For a couple of years Sembeb was wearing a short loincloth, like all the peasants of his village. His bronzed skin made a nice contrast with his bright dark eyes, white teeth and the still white enough linen loincloth.

"Sembeb!" the shrill voice of the boy's mother rose from behind their hut.

"Sembeb!" the woman screamed again.

The boy turned and walked quickly in the direction of the voice.


"Yes, yes, I'm coming!" the little boy yelled.

"What, did you lose your tongue?" his mother scolded him.

Sembeb showed his tongue and his mother slapped him on his head with the broom with which she was cleaning the floor. "Don't stick out your tongue to me, or I'll cut it off!"

"But you asked me!" the boy replied, laughing.

"Asked you what?"

"If I had lost my tongue, so I showed you."

His mother gave him another little slap with the broom. "Listen, take that bag of grain and go down to the lower village to see Peraha. Make him give you in exchange at least three scaled half pumpkins. And be careful that they are not cracked, they don't have mould, and they sound good."

"Ugh, Ma! Why do I have to do that?"

"Don't ugh with me, or instead of dinner, I'll give you roasted ugh!" his mother scolded him. "And do not waste time along the road. Go!"

Sembeb took the bag of grain and left at a leisurely pace.

"Run, if you don't want me to throw a stone at you!" his mother shouted after him.

Sembeb ran. Not only did he know his mother would keep the threat, but also that she had a perfect aim.

When Sembeb had passed the last houses of the village, he began to sing out loud a song he had composed himself:

"Mom and Dad wanted a son,
And when they fucked, Huya did come.
He is strong, and he is cool,
But also stubborn like a mule!

I'm the best that Ma and Pa have got.
The middle one, the middle one,
That's me, a gift of God!

Mom and Dad were going on,
They sired Iawy, the beloved son.
He is smart, and quick, and sleek,
But his muscles are too weak!

I am the best that Ma and Pa have had.
The middle one, the middle one,
That's me - that's what I said!

Pa and Ma knew how to fuck,
And with the third one they had luck,
I was born, grew smart and witty
Strong and tall, and very pretty!

Of all five sons, I am the best.
The middle one, the middle one,
Is the champ of north, south, east and west!

Mom and Dad have once more fumbled,
So into the world Nekau has tumbled.
He is good looking, not skinny or fat,
But he is lazy like a cat!

For Ma and Pa, I'm the best they've got,
The middle one, the middle one,
Is the most perfect of the lot!

Pa to fuck Ma must have been tired,
Cause for the fifth one, Nimlot they sired.
He is quite nice, and pretty as well,
But he sure is stupid as hell!

Of their loins I am the sweetest fruit,
The middle one, the middle one,
Is always the best of the brood!"

While singing, Sembeb was throwing the bag of grain in the air and caught it again on the fly. He was fortunate that his mother had tightened the noose that closed it. Finally he came in sight of the lower village. While whistling his song, he arrived in front of Peraha's hut. The man was weaving some reeds, making a nice basket.

"Hey, Peraha!"

"Hey, Sembeb!" the man replied, raising his eyes for a moment, then down to his work again.

"For this beautiful bag full of good grains, how many pumpkin's scales will you give me?"

"Let's see..." the man said. He opened the bag and ran the seeds between his fingers.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Sembeb said. "So, how many half pumpkins you give me?"

"Three, fitting into each other, the largest of this measure," the man said, making a circle with his hands.

"Three? You're kidding, right? At least six! And the biggest at least like this!"

"Oh no, do you want to ruin me? Six, he says! Do you know how much work it takes to make a beautiful bowl from a pumpkin?"

"Beautiful, my ass! They are not even decorated!"

"Beautiful, yes, beautiful. No, not six. At most four... just because I like you, even though you're naughty."

"Oh, four! You are wasting your time! Look at these good grains, all first choice. Four are too few. At least you have to give me five, big and beautiful."

"Oh Sembeb, you really have no heart! How can you think that'll give you five? Look, take these four and leave me alone, before I change my mind and don't give you anything."

Sembeb did not take them and shook his head. "No, you want to fool me. Four, and even so small! We don't really have to feed a mouse from it, right? Or a stupid cat!"

"Don't say that a cat is stupid. Don't you know it's a sacred animal?" the man said, touching between his legs as a sign of exorcism.

"Stupid, stupid, yes, stupid. A fool and a thief. Yes, a thief like you. For those grains, these four bowls are a joke! Come on!"

"Impertinent as usual. Well, we will remove the smallest, and add a bigger one. Okay now?"

"Mm... not really. Come on, Peraha. At the very least replace a small one for a bigger one again."

"Your mother always sends you because you are a nuisance. She would have accepted long ago."

"Yes, for the sake your manly beauty! Even if you put a handful of kohl on your eyes, you remain an old fart!"

"And you have no respect for the elderly! I use kohl, only because it's good for my eyes, not for beauty, stupid!"

"Ha, ha! And who do you think to fool? You only hope to bring a woman into your bed. Come on, everybody knows it. When was the last time you fucked, eh?"

"Now you make me angry. Those four, that's all. Take it or leave it, that's my last word."

"Come on, Peraha! Do you like to be begged? Those four are not enough."

"Either those four, or nothing!" the old man repeated stubbornly.

"But they must be perfect. And moreover, you will also have to give me that little wooden box. And give me back the empty bag of the seeds."

They bargained for a good while more, but eventually Sembeb had the last hand. After beating on the pumpkins thoroughly with his knuckles and examining them carefully, he put the three smallest and the wooden box in the bag in which he had brought the grain, then put the biggest one on his head as a helmet. He greeted the craftsman, and happily resumed his way back.

He was more or less half way between the two villages and was again singing aloud:

"... That's me - that's what I said!

Pa and Ma knew how to fuck,
And with the third one they had luck,
I was born, grew smart and witty
Strong and tall, and very pretty!

Of all five sons, I am the best.
The middle one, the middle one..."

He stopped short and gaped, seeing a soldier who barred his way, who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. It was a not very tall man, but all muscle. He had a perfectly fitted loincloth, sandals, with his weapons and headgear attached to his waist.

"Yes boy, you grew up smart and witty," the man said, "and also very pretty."

Sembeb looked at him, wondering what a soldier was doing here.

"Come here boy..." the man said, grabbing his arm and pulling the boy toward him.

"What do you want from me, soldier?" Sembeb asked, trying to assume a bold expression.

"What do I want? Your sweet ass, boy! I'm so horny, that if I don't take care of it, I will burst. I want to fuck you."

"Fuck? You fuck me? I am not a girl, not me!"

"Sure, you're much better than that. I prefer boys, anyway," the soldier said. With a quick gesture he dropped his weapons to the ground and untied the boy's loincloth.

Sembeb struggled and the half pumpkin slipped and fell off his head. The soldier lifted him off the ground. Sembeb kicked out and the man laughed.

"I like you, I like to tame wild boys. Yes, you really have a nice little ass."

"Leave me! Leave me! I don't want to be fucked in the ass!"

"What you want or don't want, I just don't care." the soldier said gleefully, manipulating the boy's body as if it were a twig, and forcing it to land on all fours.

Sembeb struggled, trying to escape, but the man was upon him, holding him between his legs, while his hands forced him to stay on all fours. He pushed the boy's chest against the ground, and lifted his little ass. Sembeb felt the man's hard meat pole try to slip between his buttocks. He struggled with all his might, but he was helpless in the hands of the strong soldier.

"Leave me! Let me go or I'll kill you!" yelled the boy.

The soldier laughed. "The more you shout, the hotter you make me, handsome boy. Come on! I wonder how many you have already taken up the ass, at your age!"

"Your mother has taken a lot up her ass, not me!"

"Yes it can be. She was a whore, my dear mother." the man laughed and spat on his hand to wet his hard member.

"Only the son of a whore, like you..." Sembeb began to say, furious.

A strong blow to the head silenced him, and he shook his head, stunned.

"Shut up boy, or I'll knock you out, and then I butt-fuck you anyway! I'm running out of patience!"

The soldier began to push and Sembeb felt a sharp pain. He yelled, but the man laughed, and gave another strong stroke with his cock. The boy felt like cut in half, the pain was excruciating.

"You are nicely tight! Yes, nicely tight... it will be a good ride!" the man said, holding him firmly, and pushing to succeed in penetrating him.

All of a sudden he overcame the desperate resistance of the untouched sphincter of the boy and began to penetrate him. Sembeb screamed and wept, his body shaking with pain, and sobs. The man finished pushing it into him with vigorous strokes.

"Ha! You are hot and tight... I guess I really am the first! I have more luck than Seth with Horus! My seed will all be inside you, not in your hand!" the man laughed. He started to fuck the helpless boy with energy.

Finally the soldier came; with a loud cry of joy he unloaded into the hot, narrow and sore depth of Sembeb.

He got up, put on his linen skirt, took his weapons and walked away, satisfied and happy. Sembeb was left on the ground, still sobbing and sore. He ran his hand between his just violated buttocks, and felt they were wet. Anxiously he looked at his hand, but there were no traces of blood. There was only the soldier's semen.

He got up and went to retrieve his loincloth. He tied it on him, then recovered the pumpkin halves. Still sobbing, he checked that they were not broken, then slowly went to his village. When he was in view of the first huts, he angrily wiped the tears away with the back of his hand, then proceeded.

His mother welcomed him shouting: "Ah, there you are, finally! I told you not to waste time on the way! With whom were you playing, eh, lazybones!"

"I have four pumpkins..." the boy said with a shaking voice, handing them to his mother.

"And how did you get all dirty with mud, eh? And your hair is full of mud as well. I bet you came to blows and rolled on the ground with some other good-for-nothing like yourself!" scolded his mother, taking him by the ear.

"No, no, and no! A soldier fucked me in the ass, that's what happened! Are you happy? He knocked me to the ground, then he lay on me and fucked me. Are you happy now?" the boy yelled. He ran into the hut, threw himself on the bed and again burst into tears.

The mother shook her head and went back to work with a sad sigh. Later her husband and the older sons returned from the fields. The woman took her husband aside and told him what had happened to Sembeb.

The man nodded: "I'll take care of him... You keep all the others out of the hut, until I call you."

"But dinner..." she protested weakly.

"It will wait. Nobody will die, if for once we eat a little later. You hold the kids out of the way." the husband said and went to their hut.

He entered. Sembeb was motionless on the mat, in a fetal position. The man pushed back the stool, and sat on the floor, on the mat next to his son.

"Sembeb?" he said softly.

"What?" the boy answered in a faint voice.

"I know how you feel, you know?"

The boy did not move or answer.

"Your mother told me... I'm sorry... Come here, Sem."


"Come on, come here... I know how you feel..."

"How can you know that?"

"I know, as it happened to me too, when I was your age. It was also a soldier. So that's why I went here, because there are no barracks nearby. Me too, Sem, and not just once... So I know very well, how you feel."

The man put his thin, calloused hand on his son's shoulder and gently pulled him towards him. The boy threw himself into his arms and burst into tears again, while his father held him tightly.

"You see, Sem, I should have warned you, but I did not think that here too... There are no barracks nearby, and no important roads pass through here. But I should have warned you."

"Why, Dad, why did he do it to me?" the boy sobbed.

"You see, soldiers have the right to do so. Be it a woman, be it a boy, they just have the right to do so, with slaves or with us peasants. They can take us when and how and how often they want..."

"It's not fair!"

"Fair or not fair... it has always been like that."

"I'm not a slave, nor a woman," the boy protested.

"But the soldiers have the right... the soldiers and the lords. Nobody punishes them for that."

"It's not fair. Not fair!" the boy repeated.

"We're just farmers..."

"Then I don't want to be a farmer!"

"The dog can only be a dog, the fish can only be a fish..." his father said, caressing him.

"Then I don't want to be a dog, nor a fish or a peasant!"

"And what would you be then, my poor son?" the man asked in a sweet consoling voice.

Sembeb proudly stood up, wiped his tears with such force that the skin of his cheeks reddened. He looked into his father's eyes and in a hoarse voice exclaimed: "Then I want to be a soldier! So no one can do that to me, and nobody can say no, when I feel like doing that to them! "

"Boy, my boy... You cannot put things right by doing to others, what others have done to you."

"Oh yes! Yes, I'm going to be a soldier!" the boy repeated, stubborn and determined. "And if anybody gets fucked in the ass, it won't be me!"


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