"I'LL KILL YOU OUT OF LOVE" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

I'LL KILL YOU OUT OF LOVE by Andrej Koymasky © 2018
written on February 23, 2003
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Rudolf

Sembeb would not listen to reason. The next morning, when his family woke up, the boy was no longer at home. He was already walking briskly and decisively towards the great river, but, contrary to his custom, he did not make jumps, made no somersaults, and did not whistle or sing his usual song.

His beautiful dark eyes were gloomy, his expression hard, frowning. He had on himself only his loincloth, a small necklace of shells and nothing else. Before leaving home he took a piece of bread that would be enough just to appease his hunger once, not more. But he did not care. He just had to find a military barracks and ask to be accepted to become a soldier.

He walked for several days, asking for information in the villages he crossed along the road, begging or stealing a bit of food, drinking water that sometimes was not very clean or even a little salty. His mother had accustomed him to wash himself often and well, and to also wash his loincloth carefully, so whenever he saw a watercourse, he used the occasion to wash thoroughly.

Eventually he came to a garrison, not a very big one, but surrounded by good, solid walls and turrets. He stopped in front of the first soldier he met and looked at him.

"What do you want, kid?" the man asked.

"To become a soldier!"

The man nodded: "Ah, to become a soldier. Don't you know that a soldier's life is tough, boy?"

"Do you think the life of a peasant is easy?" Sembeb asked, looking at him defiantly.

"And do you know that a boy like you, while training to become a soldier, is worth less than a slave?"

"And what is the worth of a farmer, who only has to toil and suffer?"

"And do you know that a pretty boy like you becomes the plaything of all the horny soldiers, with which they give vent to their desires?"

"So what, don't all the horny soldiers give vent to their desires with the peasants? Then at least it will be me to be on top, rather than at the bottom." the boy replied firmly.

The soldier laughed: "I see you're determined!"

"Of course I am determined. What should I do to become a soldier?"

"Come, let me introduce you to the scribe of assembly - it is he who keeps the list of men. He will assign you to one of us for your training."

"And the one who will train me, will he also be the one who fucks me?" the boy asked seriously.

"It depends, maybe yes and maybe no. And maybe just he, or maybe also some others."

"It depends on what?"

"It depends on whom he assigns you to. Is it a veteran or a young guy, is it a soldier who wants you only for himself, or one who doesn't care..."

"And how can one be assigned to a veteran who wants me only for himself?"

"If a veteran presents you to the scribe, he can tell him that he wants you..."

"And if you tell him so? You're not a veteran, are you?"

"No, I'm not a veteran and I'm not interested in kids. I have a house and a wife here in the village."

"Couldn't you introduce me to a veteran who wants me?"

The man looked at him curiously: "You seem more like the son of a merchant than of a farmer. You're good with bargaining."

"Yes." the boy replied seriously.

The man laughed: "I like you, kid. I can try to talk to Abana..."

"This Abana, is he a veteran? And does he like young boys?"

"He's my friend... and yes, he is both a veteran and one that likes boys like you. But beware, he's a hard man, with whom you cannot mess around."

"If I wanted to mess around, I would do that with my friends, and I would not have come here to be a soldier." Sembeb replied dryly.

"Then wait here." the man said as he entered the barracks.

After a few minutes he came back with a tall, strong man, younger than himself. Sembeb looked at him, measuring him from head to foot. When the two men were in front of him, the boy said: "How can he be a veteran? He is younger than you!"

"But he has fought against the Nubians, he received the golden bee as an award, and his name was proclaimed by the herald of the pharaoh in front of his majesty! He is one of the strongest soldiers in this garrison, respected by all." the soldier said. Turning to his colleague he asked: "So Abana, what do you think of this kid?"

The newcomer looked sternly at Sembeb. He adjusted the red skirt that hung down in front of his loincloth, then fiddled with his collar, from which hung the golden bee.

"How old are you, boy?"

"I think fourteen. And you, Abana?"

"I? Does it matter? Well, I am thirty-six. And what's your name?"


"Oh, a big name for a brat. And you want me to train you? What would I gain by that?"

"Me." the boy said briefly, with some pride.

"You... and who tells me that you are a good buy for me? What are you able to do, boy?"

"Work hard for you. Learn well all you teach me to do. And be quiet while you fuck me... if yours is not too big."

Abana laughed: "How many have you already taken in that sweet ass, Sembeb?"

"Just one, but against my will. If I have to take it, I want to be the one to decide what suits me and who suits me. You have to promise you will not let anyone else fuck me."

"Do I have to? Boy, for sure it's not you who can tell me what I must do or not do."

"Either you promise that to me, or I'll go to other barracks until I find a person who promises this to me."

Abana cuffed his head: "Well, I promise. But you must promise me one thing in return."


"That you will always obey me, without discussions."

"Provided that you do not order me to give my ass to the whole garrison, and that you make a good soldier out of me... for the rest you can order me anything you want."

"Then come with me boy." the man said, going back inside without looking whether the boy was following him.

Sembeb looked around with big eyes. The buildings were large and beautiful, built of well fitting stones and decorated with bas-reliefs. The large yard was full of soldiers who were training in various exercises and competitions. He saw Abana enter a door and followed him.

He found himself in a room where a man with a shaved head was sitting on a mat, with a tablet lying on his crossed legs. The man was using thin sticks, that he occasionally dipped into different jars containing liquids of various colors, to draw strange marks on a sheet of papyrus.

"Anherkhau, sign this boy on my team. His name is Sembeb, and I take responsibility for him."

"Slowly, slowly, Abana. What does your Master have to say about that? He is Djaper, right? He must first authorize you..."

"My word is enough, scribe! Don't make me mad or you'll feel my cane. Am I or am I not the Chief of Ten?"

"Yes, but without the approval of the Master of Fifty..."

"Sure! And if Djaper came here, you would have told him that he must have the consent of the Standard-bearer, then of the Supervisor and then... then you need the authorization of the Pharaoh, or would you also want that of the god Aton?"

"The regulations..."

"... say that if you do not sign him on immediately, I'll pour all your colored inks over your bald head, prior to giving you a good slamming. Do I make myself clear?"

"But if Djaper..."

"I will sort that out myself with him! Write, or I'll spill all your colors over you, make you swallow all your papyri, and then beat you properly!" Abana insisted in a thundering voice.

The scribe assumed an offended air, but took a papyrus, unrolled it and drew some signs on it. Abana checked it and nodded. Then he took the boy by the arm and pulled him out.

When they were in the yard, Sembeb said: "Hey, Abana, those strokes that guy inside did, was that my name?"

The man looked at him seriously: "First, you do not say 'Hey, Abana' but 'I'm sorry, Abana', and wait for me to give you permission to speak. Second, those strokes are called 'writing'. Third, do not say 'that guy inside' but 'the scribe'. Got it?"

"Yes... I'm sorry. But was it my name?" Sembeb asked again.

"Yes, it was your name, he wrote it next to mine. From now on you answer to me, and me only."

"And what does it mean that you are the Chief of Ten?"

"That I command ten men, that is a squad."

"But then you're important, you!" Sembeb exclaimed in a tone of admiration.

"Listen, there are three things a flea has to learn. The first one: think before you speak. The second: think again before you speak. The third: then shut up. Remember this, flea!"

Sembeb lowered his head and nodded. The man led him into another room, where was a low wooden bed with a box at its feet. Ten rolled up mats were placed around the walls, each with a basket beside it.

"Here I sleep with my squad. You'll sleep on the ground, as long as you do not deserve a mat. And you must keep everything clean and tidy in here."

"I'm sorry, Abana, but..."

"Did I give you permission to speak?"


"Well, you can speak now."

"I'm sorry, Abana, but... are you going fuck me here, in front of everyone?" the boy asked, looking worried.

"And if I like doing so? It was not in our agreement where, and when, and how I would do it, I think." the man replied dryly.

"I'm sorry, Abana..."

"Flea, don't mince your words! When I say you can talk, you speak your mind, ok?" the man said, pretending to be exasperated, but barely choking back a smile.

"Nothing, Abana. You're right, it was not in our agreement." Sembeb concluded with a firm voice.

The man nodded with satisfaction. He took Sembeb around the garrison, explaining how things were done and what were his duties.

So Sembeb began his life as an apprentice soldier in the infantry of the Pharaoh Akhenaton, in the ninth year of his reign.

Sembeb started to do his tasks and his training, but to his surprise Abana had not taken advantage of him sexually.

To train, he had to do racing, jumping competitions, fists fighting, as well as throwing wooden rods (not yet actual spears), and archery. Some exercises seemed to the boy more like fun games that a real military training, but Abana patiently explained him the importance of those games to develop alertness, intelligence and other qualities.

Abana had also got him a skirt and a loincloth like that of the infantry of the garrison, but white, and without the collar or wristbands that often adorned the bodies of soldiers.

One day Abana called Sembeb: "I'm happy enough I took you under my wing, flea. Sit here."

"Sorry, Abana..."


"Why do you say that you are quite happy with me, and not just happy. I'm doing my best. In what you're not happy with me?"

"I did not say that I am not happy. But for your sake, I have to ask more and more from you. So I said 'enough'. I want you to become a real good soldier, and I know that you can become one. But you see, to become a real soldier, you must first become a real man. Unfortunately, among us there are soldiers who are not yet real men. I do not want you to become one of those."

"I want to become like you..."

"Wrong. You can become much more than me."

"And what must I do to become a man like that?"

"You see boy, three things make a man stand out above the others. There are two things a man must take care of, and one more: his body, his soul and his relationships. Remember this, my boy!"

It was already for some time that the Chief of Ten did not call him "flea" any more but "boy", and this pleased Sembeb. He looked at the man, for whom he had an increasingly strong admiration, also for his beautiful physique. Almost timidly and softly he spoke to him again.

"Abana... when you took me as an apprentice, you said it was also for fucking my ass, but you have not yet done so. Why?"

The man laughed: "Do you want me to?"

"As you took me for that too... why not?

"Even if I take you in front of my men?" the chief asked, amused.

"I'd rather not, but whatever you decide is fine with me."

"You're a strange guy, Sembeb. Come with me."

The boy stood up, ready to follow the man. He wanted to ask where he took him and why, but he had learned not to ask questions and to trust the man.

The chief took him into the room where his squad slept and closed the door, which normally remained open. Without giving the boy the time to turn around, the man grabbed him and squeezed him against his body, blocking him against his chest with one arm. Then with his free hand he began to inspect first his little ass and then his penis. Despite the surprise and a slight shame the boy felt, his little cock became as hard as ever under the loincloth. The man untied it, causing it to fall to the ground.

"Keep still boy, since this is what you wanted, right?" he said, then began to lick his ear, while masturbating him slowly with his hand.

The boy felt a strong combination of emotions - fear, shame, but above all a lot of excitement. He felt the man's hard member press against his ass and this frightened him, reminding him of the violence he had suffered at the hands of the unknown soldier in the field, but at the same time it excited him. When the man realized that the boy was fully in his power, he took away the arm that immobilized him, and with his hand now free, seized him by the short hair in his neck, turned him over and kissed him on the mouth, shoving all of his tongue inside.

Initially this caused revulsion in the boy, who was kissed for the first time by a male. But then that kiss turned into a new kind of excitement, and only a squeeze of the man's hand on his testicles prevented a premature ejaculation.

The man pulled away from the boy. It was semi-dark, but Sembeb clearly saw the silhouette of the man heading to the wooden bed. Abana invited him with a gesture to join him, and the boy approached slowly. The man sat on the bedside and had him approach more. He made him turn around a couple of times and, clearly pleased by what he saw, gave him a light slap and ordered him to go to the basin to freshen up.

Sembeb returned after a few minutes at the bedside, and found the soldier standing, waiting for him. The man drew him toward himself and kissed him again passionately, while his hands ran down the boy's body. Within seconds Sembeb's member was hard again and he too, a bit awkwardly, began to stroke the chief's powerful and muscular body. After a long and passionate kiss Abana ordered the boy to undress him, which he did with great care and attention.

Sembeb saw a growing arousal in the man's eyes. He first removed Abana's red linen skirt, then kneeling before him he also slipped off his white linen loincloth, freeing his beautiful cock; it was not too big, but very nicely shaped. The soldier had a beautiful and completely hairless body. When Sembeb had finished, Adana pulled him up and kissed him again with force, hugging him and rubbing his cock hard against that of the boy.

The sensation Sembeb felt was overwhelming. Abana pushed the boy on the bed, making him lay on his back. He took a small jar from under the bed, poured abundant oil on his hand and slowly began to masturbate the boy. Sembeb felt like being in paradise. With his hands he began to caress the man - he touched his legs, his strong muscled ass, and his penis that seemed to grow harder and harder.

When his penis was fully hard and erect, Abana went up on the boy's chest so as to block the boy's arms with his legs, stuck the hard pole in his mouth and fucked him like that for a few minutes. Then the man turned around and moved his body in reverse over the boy's, on all fours. Again he introduced his member into Sembeb's mouth, while with his tongue began to work the boy's glans, then went to the balls and finally took care of the boy's little hole, working it with his tongue with rare skill.

This was the moment the man had been waiting for, who knows for how long. He got out of bed and with great agility flipped the boy upside down. With two fingers he lubricated the hole and pushed his penis against it. Then he penetrated him with a few strokes. He fucked the boy in that position for several minutes, alternating the rhythm of the thrusts. When he realized he was going to come, he pulled out from the boy's ass, again turned him over, folded Sembeb legs against the youth's breast, filled him up once again, and finally came with a few strong thrusts.

Only then did he allow Sembeb to also reach the liberating orgasm. Both panting, they rested for a while. Then they began to make love again, for a long time and in every possible position, until the time came for the evening meal. The man allowed the boy to get out of bed, telling him to wash again, and to be prepared for the next occasion; something Sembeb promised with great pleasure.

The boy thought it had been very different from that first time with the unknown soldier. Abana had done everything to give him the utmost pleasure. He still felt a bit sore back there, but now the boy had an indefinable smile on his lips and in his eyes. When before he looked at the man, his chief, with respect and admiration, now he saw him in a new and quite pleasant light: Abana was a male, virile, and full of fire in his loins... The boy wanted to be like him.

More or less unconsciously Sembeb imitated Abana in everything: his way of walking, of moving, even of talking. And his chief, although strict with him, sometimes harsh, sometimes punishing him with lashes, and submitting him to a relentless and hard training, at the same time protected his boy, taught him many things, and guided him with a dedication that was even greater than a father could have had.


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