"I'LL KILL YOU OUT OF LOVE" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

I'LL KILL YOU OUT OF LOVE by Andrej Koymasky © 2018
written on February 23, 2003
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Rudolf

It was the tenth year of the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaton.

Sembeb liked it more and more when the strong man, who was looking after him, took him in his muscular arms and made love with him. But he was eager to become a soldier, for him to finally get to fuck a guy at his pleasure. In fact, while on one hand he was accustomed now to be penetrated by his man, seeing how much Abana liked to fuck, he trembled with the desire to try that himself.

Apparently the soldiers did not do it with each other, although Sembeb had the impression that sometimes a couple would disappear for quite a while, and it was always a mature man with a young soldier... Sembeb had learned to read a certain light in the eyes of those soldiers, and imagined what meaning that particular look could have, because after returning from those secret meetings, he saw that this particular fire in the eyes of the two had subsided, as if they were satisfied.

He had also seen that sometimes two or three of the younger soldiers, after completing their training and before meal time, went out of the barracks. When they returned, they were always strangely happy. He imagined therefore that they went out to find a peasant boy or girl with whom to vent their instincts and their sexual needs.

Sembeb wondered if it would be more fun to do it with a girl or a boy... Then, remembering that Abana had once told him that girls just didn't interest him, he decided it must be better with a boy. Anyway, sooner or later he'd try, as soon as he finally became an infantryman.

The continuous exercise Abana gave him was strengthening both his body and mind, which were developing rapidly. It was over a year now that the boy lived in the barracks. Everyone treated him with a pleasant camaraderie, even with some respect, partly because he was Abana's protégé, but also for his strong and brisk, frank and fearless character.

Of course everyone in the barracks knew that Sembeb was the boy with whom Abana took his pleasure. But this did not seem to matter to anyone. It was in fact quite common that boys, who aspired to become soldiers, also became the bed boys of their protector. And Sembeb had also noticed that, once one of those boys was recorded by the scribe as a full soldier of the Pharaoh, his patron continued to look after him, although - at least officially - their sexual relations ceased.

One day Abana took him aside. Sembeb thought it was for one of their usual meetings for sex, but the chief took him outside.

Sitting on the shore of the great river, Abana said: "Three things make of a man a good soldier, Sembeb. There are two things that a true soldier should have, and one more: a strong body, a strong will and a strong protector. Remember this, my friend! "

Sembeb noticed immediately that he had called him "friend" and this gave him an intense pleasure.

"Sorry, Abana..."


"I've already got a strong protector - you! My body is getting stronger, and my will does not waver. Therefore, am I ready to become a soldier?"

"Almost. But you see, for what you're worth, I'm not a protector strong enough. You deserve a patron stronger than me."

"But I don't want a protector other than you!"

Abana hit him with the handle of his bow. Sembeb protected himself with his arms, wondering what he had said wrong, but did not try to escape.

"First: you never say 'I want' or 'I don't want' to one who is above you. Second: it is not you who can decide about your own merits, but the one who is above you. If he says you're worthy, you're worthy, and if he tells you that you're not worthy, you're not. And third..."

Sembeb thought that when Abana scolded him it was always for three things, but that now he couldn't find the third, and smiled within himself.

"And third..." said the man frowning, "and third... you are almost ready to become an infantryman, but not yet. When you'll be ready, I'll take you to the scribe of the army to make him record you, and ask him to assign you to a southern garrison."

"Why not here with you? Don't you want to be my protector any more? Do you want to send me away?" the boy asked with concern.

"No, but here you could become at most a Chief of Ten, like me... In time maybe even a Master of Fifty, but no more. But you have what it takes to become something different, I see that clearly, although you must work hard and travel many roads. And anyway, though now you may think to be content to be a Master of Fifty... you will not be content for long.

"Here we never have acts of war, we just suppress some protests, we protect the stonecutters that delete the names of false gods from the temples, we imprison the priests of false gods, who speak against the true religion and the Pharaoh... all things of little account. In the south, however, there are occasionally some acts of war in which one can distinguish himself, even if our Pharaoh, the lord of the Two Lands, the beloved of Aton, does not want war...

"Some say that our Lord is wrong by not wanting war, but who are we to judge the splendour of Aton? On the other hand, to have a career without going to war is almost impossible for a soldier. It certainly is here, in this garrison in the centre of the kingdom. In an outpost, however, even more in the south than in the north, there is still some room for glory."

"So why do you stay here, Abana? Couldn't we go to the south together and fight?"

"My place is here, my friend. Don't ask me why, you're too young to understand it. But trust me, my place is here, like yours is to the south, when you are ready."

"I feel sorry to have to leave you, Abana... but I will do as you decide." the boy replied seriously.

"Why are you sorry? Do you like how I fuck your sweet ass?" the man asked jokingly, however looking into his eyes gravely.

"I'm used to it, although I'd like to be the one on top. I regret losing a protector and... a friend like you."

"Yes, oh yes, you're the one that will be on top one day. Do not hurry, my friend. Remember these words of mine: one day, please ask where my tomb is, and make offerings for my life beyond this one, so it will be at least as nice and good as the one I'm leading now."

"The gods will treat you well..."

"The gods? Now there is only one God in the Two Lands: the great Aton."

"It's like you say, but..."

"Not as I say, but as our great ruler says, the Pharaoh Akhenaton, the beloved of Aton. The other gods were wiped off the face of the earth, and their temples are now deserted, destroyed, or abandoned. Their effigies have disappeared, been broken into pieces... or hidden. However, do not forget my friend, a soldier should never meddle in acts of religion. Leave that to the scribes, the priests and the Pharaoh. "

"Can I ask you something, Abana?" the boy asked, looking into his eyes.


"Why don't you take me to that thicket of papyrus? There no one can see us, and I would love to do it under the sun..."

The Chief of Ten laughed: "So you like it! And you want to do it under the eyes and caresses of the great Aton! Do you hope for his blessing?"

"Your eyes and your touch are the real blessing."

"And my dick your private idol? The god Min, if he still were honoured, might be jealous of me." the man laughed again.

"Will you take me there?" the boy asked, excited. "It's already been two days that we didn't do it. And we've never done it under the sun..."'

The soldier stood up with a little smile and walked briskly into the thick grove of tall papyrus, until they were completely hidden from sight for any passersby.

Once there, the boy undid the strong man's skirt, and also his loincloth. He knelt and took the beautiful member in his hands. He began to kiss and lick it gently, to manipulate it together with the heavy balls, until it slowly rose. Then he slipped it between his lips and began to suck it, moving his head back and forth, making it go down his throat and teasing it with his tongue.

The man, standing with his powerful legs slightly apart on the sandy soil, was pleased with the skilful attention, and caressed the head of his boy. After a while he made him stand up, embraced him and kissed him deep on his mouth. Meanwhile he stripped the boy and patted his small, smooth and firm ass, and began to expertly rummage with a finger between his little buttocks, teasing the hidden hole.

"Fuck me, Abana, fuck me please," the boy sighed.

"Yes, my friend, with real pleasure. Turn around, and keep yourself steady with your hands on your knees." the man murmured, his voice husky with desire and manly passion.

With his powerful hands he seized Sembeb's waist, rested the tip of his strong, hard member on the hole and started pushing. The boy relaxed as he had learned to do, and pushed back. He felt dilated and received in himself the virile man's member, uttering a little sigh. He liked to feel it inside him, although he continued to think that he would prefer to be the one to penetrate a guy. Sooner or later it would happen... and he imagined the scene with great anticipation.

Abana began to move inside him with vigorous thrusts, while with his strong hands he teased the boy's nipples and manipulated his turgid genitals. As Sembeb had imagined, he liked to be able to finally do it under the warm rays of the sun, under the watchful eye of Aton, of the god Ra, or of whatever god who would enjoy watching them. But above all of the god Horus, of whom Sembeb was a secret devotee, because among all the gods Horus was the god who made love with another god, a male like himself...

The soldier continued to mount the boy with great pleasure, and Sembeb felt strong and powerful in being able to bring this man to drain his masculine energies within him. This, he thought, he had not understood when that soldier had forced him to his first sexual act: the soldier had blessed him by leaving his manly essence inside him. He had used him, believing to take advantage of his weakness, but in fact had spent his energy and fire to his advantage.

Sembeb vowed to become very strong, in order to experience himself the need to let off his steam to one, ten, a thousand boys! But he would explain it to them, and the boys would thank him. Yes, he would perform the sacred and mysterious ritual that the strong Abana was performing with so much male pleasure.

The soldier had accelerated his thrusts and, to keep his balance with the boy, now held him embraced by the waist and pressed against him. He pounded into him with growing energy, while his pleasure increased. And finally, with the wild cry of the victor fading into the soft moan of the defeated, the man unloaded into the hot depths of the boy. Sembeb also came, spilling his seed on the sand with strong, long jets.

The man pulled out of the boy, turned him around and kissed him for a long time, with vigor. The boy hungrily replied to that manly kiss. Then Abana parted from him and cheerfully looked into his eyes.

"You like the way I fuck you, don't you, my friend?"

"Yes, because I want to learn everything from you, also how to fuck. One day I'll have a boy in my arms and fuck him like this!"

Abana nodded: "Sure you will! You will become a strong and powerful man and will have squads of boys who will pray you to take them, like you pray me. Fucking women does not give the same pleasure, believe me."

"You've never been with a woman?"

"A few times, just to try. There is no comparison. Either you find a weak woman, and for a warrior there is no merit in subduing the weak, because it's like drinking a glass of water. Or you find a strong woman, who by her arts makes you her toy, and it's like drinking a glass of vinegar. No! Joining with a man is better, because he is of your own dough, he is your equal, and it's like drinking a mug of good strong beer. "

"But if it's a boy, isn't he weak also?"

"It's up to you to make a man of him, but you can never make a man of a woman. Remember my friend: distrust men posing like women, they are dangerous. Never trust eunuchs or priests, they are two times as dangerous. And finally, distrusts those who flatter you, because they are three times as dangerous! "

"And the scribes, Abana?"

"There are all kinds, my friend: the good men and the very bad ones, the trustworthy and the sneaky, the sincere and the liars. Choose carefully between those to team up with, and those to avoid. Show yourself strong with the bad ones, and be a friend with the good. Do not yield to their flattery, but listen to their advice. However, never lower your head in front of a scribe, be he good or bad. "

It was the eleventh year of the reign of Akhenaton. Sembeb finally became a soldier. The boy, now sixteen, was proud and thrilled. Shortly before the simple but impressive ceremony in which he was assigned the weapons and the red skirt, Abana took the boy aside.

"Sembeb, I want to give you one final lesson, before you are enrolled in the lists of soldiers. Remember - three things are always good for a good soldier. There are two things worth having, and one more: readiness to act, ability to read and to be a Loyal Friend. Remember this, my son! "

"Ability to read, Abana, why is that important?"

"For whoever knows how to read and write has one more powerful weapon. He can control what the scribes draw on papyrus. He can see if an order is true and how exactly it is written, to execute it well. He can send his reports to his superiors without fear of being misrepresented. At times a phrase drawn with a stylus and a bit of colour can be sharper than a sword, can hit the bull's eye better than an arrow or a spear, can tear down a difficulty better than a mace or an axe. "

Sembeb smiled - almost everything the man said was always in three points in three issues, in three sentences. The boy had long noticed one thing - if you look at things with a quick look, if there are only one, two or three objects, you know their number without counting. If there are four or more, you have to mentally divide them into groups of three, two, or one object. Therefore, he concluded, the three is so important.

Once enrolled with the soldiers of Abana's squad, the man did not cease to pair off with Sembeb. But now, instead of making him a gesture and expect a prompt response, he always asked the boy if he wanted it too. Sembeb had never said no, but this change pleased him and filled him with pride.

One day two young soldiers asked Sembeb if he wanted "to go hunting" with them. The boy replied that he would go willingly, and asked what weapons should he bring, and what animals they would try to kill.

One of the young soldiers laughed. He cupped his hands under the band that covered the front of his loincloth; holding his genitals, he said: "The only big weapon for this kind of hunt is this! And we do not kill the animals we take, although we plunge our whole sword inside them - afterwards we let them go free!"

Sembeb laughed and felt excited, and then immediately followed his two companions. Along the way, while they were crossing the fields, one of them asked the boy: "This is your first hunt, right?"

"It is."

"And what is your favourite prey? You prefer to have under you a sister or a brother?"

"I do not know yet, I want to try both, so then I'll decide."

"Ah, I see. He prefers to find a sister, I a brother... and you, at least this time, you'll taste them both, if you are able to do it twice in a row."

Their companion motioned them to crouch down and be quiet. Sembeb saw two peasant children bent at a spring, who were filling some jars with water.

"Look, just what we need, a boy and a girl. I take the little sister, and he takes the little brother, okay? Then you too can try them, Sembeb," he whispered.

"And why not me first and then you?" the boy asked, already feeling excited.

"Because you're the youngest, that's why." said the other. "We surround them and when I make the sound of an owl, we approach from three sides, okay?"

The other two nodded. They separated and encircled their prey. Sembeb thought amused that the training he had done on how encircle the enemy without being seen or heard, turned out to be useful for such occasions... The closer he came to the two ignorant little peasants, the more he felt aroused.

When he heard the signal of the owl, he came out close to the two kids. They stood up and looked at them. Sembeb noticed that they didn't look at all scared.

"You want me or him?" the girl asked quietly.

"Both." said one of Sembeb's companions.

"Don't hurt us..." the boy said with an unsteady voice.

"No, you won't get hurt, if you don't try to escape." Sembeb replied, measuring him with his eyes: the boy was more or less his age, and slightly younger than his sister.

"Escape?" asked the sister with a smirk, as she undid her short tunic with her small hands in quick movements. "What's the use?"

Sembeb saw that the boy was unfastening his loincloth, as were his two companions. He was aroused to witness their coupling. He noticed that the girl seemed to almost enjoy the vigorous riding of the soldier, legs in the air, but the boy, who was on all fours, stayed entirely passive under the strong thrusts of the other soldier.

The one who had chosen the girl came almost immediately and Sembeb thought he must have been without it for a long time. The other partner instead continued to fuck the boy as if there were no tomorrow...

The girl started to get up, but Sembeb motioned her to stay down. He untied his loincloth and knelt between the wide-open legs of the peasant girl. He sank inside her almost without pushing. The companion who chose the boy had already come for some time, when Sembeb finally reached orgasm. He got up thinking it was okay, he liked it: she was hot, tight and moved so to enhance the pleasure of both.

The boy was tying up his loincloth, but Sembeb went to him and made a sign to stop that. The boy looked at him quizzically.

"Do you want me too?" he asked a little surprised.

"Yes. Lie on your back, like your sister was doing before."

"She is not my sister, she is my cousin." the boy replied, again taking off the loincloth and lying on the ground.

Sembeb went on top of him: "I don't care, she might even be your wife... Now put your legs on my shoulders. I want to fuck you from the front, as I did with her."

The farm boy obeyed. Sembeb, who was still aroused, slipped in with a single thrust. The channel, still wet of the seed of his companion, was slippery and hot. When it was all in, Sembeb looked into the boy's eyes, then began to move slowly back and forth, as Abana did with him... and felt that he liked it much better than with the girl.

He saw the boy's eyes express surprise, then his cheeks began to blush nicely, and before long he realized that he was also able to cause an erection to the young peasant - Abana's "lessons" were bearing fruit. The soldier had explained and shown to him that every man has a magical spot in his channel that, when expertly massaged with a good hard member, causes pleasure.

Sembeb realized that the reactions he had been able to awaken in the boy in rapid succession, duplicated his pleasure. His companions were encouraging him, but he hardly heard them. He was completely absorbed in that first experience. He moved so as to rub with his taut belly the boy's hard member. Finally, when the farm boy began to squirt his semen between their bellies and to contract his sphincter with each jet, blushing again, also Sembeb came into him, feeling a strong pleasure.

He slowly pulled out of the boy, took one of the jars and washed his penis, which was finally returning to its resting size. Then he put on his loincloth and the short red skirt over it. As he walked away with his companions, satisfied, he turned to look at the two young peasants. The boy was watching him pensively.

"So, Sembeb, have you decided? The next time you go hunting, which animal you choose?" asked one of the companions.

"The same as he prefers: a boy, for sure. But anyway, by lack of choice, I'll also settle for your game," the boy answered cheerfully.


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