Nobody knows for certain what became of the two young princes of the House of York who went into the Tower of London in 1483 and were never seen to leave it again, nor is it known for certain who their father was, or if, indeed, they had the same father, although they did have the same mother. What follows is an alternative look at history, mostly invention and designed for entertainment.

I can only hope it does entertain and causes no offence to any.


"Would you, Ned, think you, do it with a man?"

"Yes, I see why not why I should not."

"Wouldn't be like us doing it though, would it."

"It might be better."

"How could it be better?" Dickon was genuinely puzzled. What could be better than this?

"It might," Ned said again, "It may be they know more things that may be done for pleasure."

"Are there more?"

"You know there are."

"True," Dickon breathed slowly, knowing some little of the things his half-brother talked about. Not that he really knew them at all, less indeed than many another nine year old boy of noble birth knew of such things. He knew that many men indulged in what was called `lewd depravity', though what `lewd depravity' was he had no real idea. Uncle Richard had said they must be protected from it, and that was why he had taken them to the safest place in the whole of England.

Their mother, Uncle Richard had said, was much given to this `lewd depravity' and Dickon had some idea that this was because it seemed clear that his brother, Ned, was not his full brother, though they did have the same mother. Dickon's features were delicate, his hair long and golden, while Ned had almost black hair, was of a build far fuller than Dickon's slender frame, and though still but twelve years old, his face was not a face that could be called `delicate'. Their mother insisted that they had the same father, the recently dead King Edward of England, but Uncle Richard had said that this was not so, and Ned, in private with Dickon, had agreed.

"One look will tell that we come not from the same seed," Ned had shrugged as though this were a thing of no great matter, "Seed was planted in the same furrow, but it came not from the same cock."

"But you are the son of the king," Dickon felt a coldness in his young heart, "So I am a bastard."

"No more bastard than I," Ned shrugged, seeming unconcerned by this, "Know you nothing of the making of children?" Indeed, Dickon knew but little more than that a man swived a woman and a child was so made. "From swiving until birth takes a full nine months," Ned informed young Dickon, "My day of birth is in March. Twelve years ago the king was in France, fighting a war. He sailed from England in February, returned again in September. The records show it to be so."

Dickon's eyes had widened at this revelation and all that it had meant, though, for Ned, it meant another thing entire.

"Being not true brothers," Ned had proposed, "There is no bar that says we should not swive together."

"Those things you do with girls, though," Dickon protested, though his protest was one of unconvinced conspiracy rather than one of rejection.

"Don't swive a girl up her bum, do you," Mark disagreed, somewhat crudely.

"No, I suppose not. But suppose you could, though." Dickon let the thought run through his mind, trying to imagine the difference between swiving a girl up her bum and doing her in her cunt. The bum part was fairly easy to imagine, he knew what bums were like, well, boy bums anyway, not that he'd ever been up one of course, but Ned's he'd seen many times now. He and Ned often squeezed each other's bums, pretending, at Ned's suggestion, that it was the breasts of girls they were squeezing, though if bum felt anything like breast, Dickon had no idea. As for cunt, well, Dickon had no idea what one of those looked like, just that girls had them where boys had cocks.

"Never heard that a girl may be swived up her bum," Ned dismissed the idea, "Bumming's what you do with boys. Lords with their page boys, priests with altar boys."

"I suppose," Dickon agreed. He couldn't really see the point of bumming, though. Holding, rubbing and sucking Ned's cock, indeed there was a point in doing those things. You weren't supposed to do them, of course, but they were fun to do.

Dickon had seen little of the boy who was supposed to be his brother until the king had died and Uncle Richard had come for them and taken them to the Tower for their safety, to protect them from that `lewd depravity', and from another thing as well, though that other thing had also to do with `lewd depravity.'

"Many know you are not the son of the king," Uncle Richard had told twelve year old Ned, "Though, for a while it suits all to pretend that you so be. There are those who would seize you, hold you captive in their households and gain power over you by using you in their beds. This would they do with Dickon also, and how would it be if one lord held you and swived you, and a different lord did so with Dickon, and both had the same wish for the crown?"

This, though but twelve years old, Ned understood well enough; England had long been embroiled in civil wars, a peace of sorts established by King Edward, and now that king was dead. What better way for an ambitious lord to rise to power than having a son of the king in his hold, and swiving with that boy? Never could that boy, when grown older and made into a king, wield power for himself, for always would there be the threat that he had been catamite become known to all, and one who had been catamite could never be accepted as a king.

Whichever lord was successful in the wars that would come, would have a king who obeyed all his wishes, be that king Ned or Dickon.

"And how know I that you would not take me to your household and so do with me?" Ned had asked his uncle.

"I swore to Edward, my brother, though he was no more brother to me than you are to Dickon, that I would protect you both till you be of age to rule," Uncle Richard had said, "And, for all my many sins, I am a man of my word, and will, for that, and for the peace of this realm, keep you safe from such harm."

So it was that Ned and Dickon had come to the Tower where they were safe from harm until Ned be of age to rule, and while that time passed, Uncle Richard was Lord Protector of the Realm.

Never had Uncle Richard sought to make Ned nor Dickon into catamite, though secretly, Ned would have minded not if that had been so, for much he liked Uncle Richard, and, if asked, would willingly have gone to his bed.

Instead he had his younger half-brother, Dickon, for his night time company as well as such for the days, and for warmth and companionship they shared a bed at nights, and, as he was twelve and Dickon, though but nine, was a boy of more than comely look, soon did Ned persuade young Dickon to hold and rub his cock at nights and also to take it in his mouth.

The more this thing happened the greater did the desire grow in Ned to swive, and hard did he attempt to convince young Dickon to allow that thing to happen.

Though Dickon knew such a thing did happen, indeed was most usual for a lord to do with the pages in his household as boys could not be made with child as girls and women could, still did he think, at nine, that swiving was a thing declared by the Church to be a thing only married men could do with their wives, though he and Ned were evidence enough that this was a rule followed not by all men.

"Much do I wish that you would be a girl for me at nights," Ned urged his younger half-brother, "My cock you have much liking for, this cannot be denied, and more delight would I have from you if you but would let me."

Dickon could not deny that he did, indeed, have great liking for Ned's cock. He liked it, hot and hard and throbbing in his hand, he liked it much also in his mouth, and much he liked the pleasure he gave to Ned when he rubbed it in a certain way and when he took it in his mouth and sucked on it till Ned did squeal and gasp and trembled from head to toe. These things he liked and saw no sin in doing, but to be used as a girl as Ned so wished to use him, gave him pause and trouble.

"I know not why you should wish to kiss me in the manner you talk of," Dickon had said, "Nor of the pleasure to be found in doing that. Nor do I know if it be a pleasure to be swived or not, though for him who does the swiving I know it must be pleasure, for why else would men swive boys? But, Ned, I am a boy and not a girl, and have no wish to be a girl."

"Then be a boy," Ned protested, "And, I think I wish you to be boy not girl, but still I most long to kiss you and to swive you."


"Is it so, Uncle?"

The early arrival of their Uncle Richard was more annoyance to Ned than was the news he brought. Dickon had been sucking him with great enthusiasm and no little skill, so greatly did the fair-haired boy of nine like now his half-brother's small cock, that never had he to be asked to suck in the mornings, always it was Dickon's first thought upon waking, and his golden head had been down below the sheets when Uncle Richard entered their chamber.

That the younger nephew was intent on pleasuring the elder was not a matter that gave concern; indeed a smile broke on his face that the boys should so plainly enjoy being boys, for why should they not? Both were of an age for such pleasures, and harm it did none. Indeed, had the boys been sent as pages, as was the usual custom, both would have serviced far larger and older cocks by now, and not only with their mouths.

Uncle Richard had come with news of great import, and the boy pleasure had to end, and Dickon, with great reluctance, let the wet and delightful cock of his half-brother slip from his mouth, so he could regain a more traditional place in the bed they shared.

"The world now knows us to be bastards, is that so?"

Ned was calm on the outside, he was a boy brought up to face the slings and arrows of fortune, however outrageous that fortune may be, and it was a thing that was not new to him, nor was it to Dickon, for both knew in their hearts that their dead father, King Edward, was not their real father.

"It is so," Uncle Richard told them, "And it means that no longer do you need fear capture by some noble, for what noble would find use for a bastard?"

"And I no longer will be king?" Ned said.

"At this time, no, for Parliament will have me take the throne, but when the land is safe, and a few years have passed, it is my plan that new papers will be found, new discoveries made, and they will show you are not, indeed, bastards, but true sons of the late King Edward."

"And if that were done?" Ned asked, his young, but keen, mind working as hard as his years permitted.

"Then will I name you as true heir to the throne," Uncle Richard said, "But that can only be when the land is safe and all those who wish for the red rose over the white have no-one left who had any claim."

"There aren't any," young Dickon piped, "You've already killed them all."

"All but one, young Dickon, all but one, and he a man of great cunning and conceit who lives now in France. A man who has a claim to the throne no greater than a single strand of a spider's web, but, for many, that strand is strong enough."

"Uncle," Ned spoke slowly, considering well the words he spoke, "We are bastards, this we know. It needed no Parliament to tell us so, nor tell you so either. I think that since our births you have known we grew not from royal seed. Why then should you wish to make me heir to that throne, unless perhaps it be my reward for being catamite for you? And if you have desire for me in such a way, and for Dickon also, for that will be my demand, that Dickon also be  kept safe, then willingly I will grant your wish and bed with you."

That Uncle Richard did indeed have some desire of that manner he could not deny, for he was much a man of his time and was not unknowing of the delights of boys in his bed, and both Ned and Dickon were boys more than pretty enough to wish to bed, and both knew also why it was that men found pleasure in boys. Had not Ned's cock been in Dickon's mouth when he entered their chamber?

"And you both in my bed would truly be a night of much pleasure," Uncle Richard smiled at them, "Both of you are exceeding pretty boys, and you, Ned, have clear much of your mother in you, whoever your father may be, for certain it is that she became Queen by climbing in King Edward's bed before any priest gave sanction to that act, and you would, it appears, be willing to be king by climbing into mine."

"Ned has a wish to be bedded by a man," young Dickon giggled. Matters of state and politic he had, as yet, but little understanding of, but matters to do with cock excited much his nine year old mind.

"Does he so, Dickon?" Uncle Richard smiled, "And from what I have observed, he would find such no great hardship."

"Is it so, then, Uncle?" Ned asked, "You wish us now for your bed?"

"Do you, Uncle?" Young Dickon sat upright in the bed, his golden hair falling to his narrow shoulders, his young, slender chest naked, as he pulled not the bed sheet with him as he rose to sitting, his blue eyes atwinkle as much as any maid's would be were she attempting to capture a swain, his red lips apart so the whiteness of his teeth gleamed so he were a sight to stiffen the cock of any celibate monk, if such a person existed in the land. "You have wish for us in your bed?" Dickon asked again, wetting his lips with the tip of his tongue, though this he did in innocence and not with seductive intent.

"Would I be a man if I did not?" Uncle Richard grinned, "What man is there who would not wish for such as you in his bed? But my concern is for your safety, not for the delights you have to offer."

"Why so, Uncle?" Ned asked, "We are of no importance now, the bastards of a queen and not a king."

"It may be that Uncle has a wish to fill us with his royal seed, and being so filled that we will become royal again," Dickon giggled, for, at but nine years, he perceived not the reality of these matters.

"To do so, Dickon, would be some love, but little policy," Uncle Richard said, at once growing most serious, "For were I to take you to my household, all men would think you be catamite, if you be so in truth or not, and never then could crown be placed upon your brother's pretty head. Bastards you have been declared to be, and bastards, in truth you are, but being bastard has not prevented a man from becoming king before now, and when it suits men to doubt that bastards you are, then bastards you will no longer be."

"And how may that come to pass, Uncle?" Ned had more understanding of the ways of men than did his half-brother, and it was right he should for he was twelve and not nine.

"I am to be crowned as King," Uncle Richard said with care, "But such will not please all men, and of those that are not pleased, some will to this Henry Tedewr that is in France and has a spider's thread of claim to the throne, and, in time, he will come with army to make loud his claim in the name of the Red Rose. Should fate will that he make good his claim on the field of battle, it will serve not his purpose that two young boys who men may come to think be not bastards be alive and stand as threat to him."

The blood fled from the face of Ned as he understood those words.

"We are to be slain, is it so, Uncle?"

"Not by me," Uncle Richard told him, "Whilst I live your safety is in being bastards and in being living bastards. Whilst I keep you safe and in the manner of the sons of a queen, though not of a king, men will know you to be bastards proper and I to be a man of some mercy for I will be seen to treat you as my bastard nephews and give you some station in life, but my catamites you cannot be thought to be. Nor can this Henry Tedewr take you as catamite, for to do so would serve him no purpose. You are of use to him only if you be dead."

"Are we not safe, though, here in the Tower?" Ned asked.

"Men have died in this Tower before now, and men will die here again. You have safety only whilst I live, and mayhap not even then, for how would it seem to men if it may be shown that I did have you slain? Would that not turn men from me and towards this Henry? We must, for now, follow a plan of some cunning, and you must away to a place of more safety than this, though here you must remain."

"How should this be, Uncle? To be here but elsewhere at the same time?"

"Tomorrow I will come again here, and all will be made clear. But, for now, I believe Dickon has some unfinished business with you, Ned, and I will leave that it may be completed."


Richard Mountboy, soon to be knighted for his service to the crown, sighed with pleasure as the mouth of a golden haired boy of nine suckled eagerly on his cock. None could deny the pleasures a boy could bring to a man, and Richard was not a man to deny himself pleasures. The sigh he gave was into the mouth of a dark-haired boy, three years older than the fair headed imp who sucked so delightfully on his almost knightly cock, a boy who kissed most lasciviously and knew well how to stir the passions of a man.

Both boys had he entered at some times during the night, a night intended not for sleeping, and both had welcomed his cock within them as they had welcomed the cocks of other men before him.

They were boys of common stock, boys of no importance, boys taken from amongst the novices and choirs of monasteries in the north of the land, boys who would be missed by none, other than by the monks who had before used them and trained them in more than Latin and the daily Orders of the Church.

Richard knew well the education these boys had received; had he not, as a boy with an angelic voice, learned how to use that voice in praise of God and how to use his arse in praise of the Bishop and how his mouth should open wide when he knelt before an Abbot?

Fortune had favoured Richard; when he came to an age when his voice could no longer produce the notes demanded, and at that same time his arse pleased no more the Bishop, that kindly prelate had placed him with a minor knight who had need of a servant for his bed chamber.

Willingly and skilfully had he performed those duties and when the years had passed and he beyond the age where men take pleasure in boys, he had taken the duty of providing for  the knight's bed, taking great care that only suitable boys were so provided. Always he chose boys from those who had been in church choirs, or from those orphans that monasteries maintained from their Christian charity, for well he knew the education such boys would have received, and that all such would have taken good instruction in the proper worship of cock.

Thus it was that when the knight he served received instruction from one of great importance in the land to find two boys, one nine years of age and with hair most long and golden, the other a boy of twelve with hair most dark, Richard knew well enough where he should find such boys. He was not told some great lord wished them for his bed, but for what other reason would a lord desire boys of nine and twelve? That he should also take these boys into his private care and teach them matters for some two weeks or more was not a thing that gave him dismay, for greatly did Richard Mountboy delight in boys.

That the boys were to have new names, would need to become other boys, was a strange thing, but Richard made conclusion that the lord they would serve had an affection for the boys he had grown tired of and wished that their replacements should be reminders of the delights they had provided for him.

Further, he, Richard Mountboy, would be placed as tutor to these boys with promise of a knighthood were he to perform his duties to satisfaction, and tutoring boys such as these was a position he gladly accepted.

"You understand well the duties I would have you do?" Richard asked of them when his seed had been eaten, "That you will become the boys I would have you replace?"

"Indeed, sir," the older, dark-haired boy declared, "And that we will live in comfort some while we so do."

"In comfort more than you were used to," Richard smiled and stroked the flanks of that boy, "A monastery is a cold and damp place."

"But one full of monks with cocks that need much service," the younger boy giggled, "Will we have such cocks where you place us?"

"Less in number, but none less in desire," Richard grinned, "But first you know you must teach those other boys the skills you have in such abundance. And I shall be also with you, and well you know my cock delights in the services you provide for it."

No such instruction had Richard Mountboy received, it was his own invention, but these two boys would be in the close company of the two they were to replace, and cruel it would be to deprive them of the pleasures of being boys.

"Gladly," the older, dark-haired boy also grinned, "Much I like to have a man in my bed, but much more do I like it when it is a boy."

Not till now had this Ned known a boy in his bed, but having one he found to be of great delight.

"That is because you are older," the fair-haired imp replied, "And much like to use the arse of a younger, but you do not those things to my arse that the Abbot did with his mouth and tongue before he swived me, and much did I like those things."

"Those, indeed, you must do, Ned," Richard admonished the dark-haired boy while he stroked in a higher place than flank, "And do them not for this Dickon alone, but also for the Dickon he will replace."

"And kiss me with your tongue also," the fair-haired imp insisted, "If you do not so then will I bite your cock when next it is in my mouth."

"That is not fair," the dark-haired boy, now to be known as Ned, protested, "This be the first night I have spent with you, and much was my mouth engaged elsewhere."

"As was mine," the younger admitted, "But now it is not so."

"This, Ned, cannot be denied," Richard grinned, "And I think it would be good that you showed now that you are fitted for the task you have been chosen for."

"You wish me to иии?" Ned asked.

"Indeed so, and I would see those things done," Richard insisted. Though he had no seed left to spend, still would he find some amusement in observing the two boys intimate together.

Ned, his young cock brought once more to hardness by the teasing fingers of the man who stroked him, found in himself no unwillingness to do as he had been ordered, and no care that he was to be observed in doing so, and straight did he take the younger boy in his arms and placed his mouth against the younger, a mouth that opened straight to admit the entrance of tongue there, and Richard thought what delight it was to watch two boys engaged so.


"Uncle Richard!" Ned exclaimed when Richard once again entered the bed chamber whilst young Dickon was below the sheets, his mouth full of half-brother cock.

"Do you never use a bed for sleeping?" Richard asked, though the smile upon his face betrayed that he was not displeased.

"Only when we are tired, Uncle," Dickon giggled, letting his half-brother's cock from his mouth and emerging above the sheets to grin at his uncle, "We find other purpose for it when we are awake."

"Truly, you are your mother's sons," Richard sighed indulgently; that the boys should find such pleasure in their intimate company displeased him not the least. It was a harmless pleasure and one that perhaps may compensate some for the altered circumstances of their lives. To be one day a prince and heir to a throne and the next to be a bastard and heir to nothing was no easy thing for a mind to accept, even for minds as young as minds of twelve and nine.

"This, then, is what must be," Richard told the two, snuggled and still naked boys, boys who showed no shame in being so naked and in each others arms before their uncle. "You, as I told you, must leave here for a place of greater safety, but here must you also remain, so all men may know you still are in the Tower. And, for this to be, two other boys must take your places, and be, for the world to know, Ned and Dickon, bastard sons of that Elizabeth who so deceived the King.
For some weeks will they live here with you so they can know of your manner and your behaviours, and when this lesson they have learned, you I will smuggle to safety and leave them here to be you.
Never must the four of you be seen together outside this chamber, and only one man, appointed as a tutor to these boys, will have any knowledge that you are four, not two."

"Then must they spend all their time with us," Ned said, "I must wonder, Uncle, be they pretty boys?"

Dickon stifled not the giggle that rose to his lips, but said out loud the thought that rose to his mind.

"There is but one bed, Uncle. I think Ned has no wish to share that with a boy who is not pretty."

"Must it be so, Uncle?" Ned felt some sadness, "Must it be that we can be not catamites for you? Such would I most willingly be and care not at all that I have lost a crown if it were so."

"That cannot be, sweet Ned, for if it were then you nor I would be safe and not England neither, and it is of the realm that we must think first. Our personal wishes and desires are as nothing set against that need. Bastards you are, but as princes were you raised to be, and as princes must you now think, as I must think now as a King, though never had I wish to be one."

"Is it forbidden for a king to have catamites, Uncle?" Dickon asked, lips pouting a little some, "All men like boys in their beds, do they not? Why should it be forbidden to kings?"

"I think it is that not all men do so, Dickon," Richard gave the boy a sad smile, "And many are that do speak loud against it, though doubtless they plough their pages and their choir boys most often. But, Dickon, a catamite is no mere boy in a bed for ploughing, he is part of the life of the man who swives him, more important to him than any sons he may have."

"But are we not that to you, Uncle?" Ned had the mind of a boy of twelve, not yet learned of the ways of men in thinking, "Do you not care for us and for our safety?"

"Greatly so," Richard said, "And that is why I must not have you close, place you far from me that no man can say I take my nephews to my bed and in so doing, take the crown from your head. You must content yourselves, each with the other, and, doubtless, Ned, those boys that will take your places in this Tower will be less pretty than you, but pretty enough, I warrant."


"I think they be pretty enough indeed," Dickon whispered with a giggle into Ned's ear when their tutor, old Master Limpnow, ushered the two new boys, along with their tutor, Richard Mountboy, into their day chamber in the Tower.

That thought was but little different from the one that rose in Ned's mind as he perceived that Richard Mountboy was a man more likely to provide lessons that were not Latin nor French, but of a different and more interesting nature entire, than were the dull episodes old Master Limpnow subjected them to.

Little different either, than the thought that entered the head of Richard Mountboy, who perceived in the two boys the possibility of such pleasant hours as only boys can provide.

Excitement rose in Richard Mountboy, excitement not just at the sight of two most pretty boys but also at the understanding that the suspicions he had entertained seemed to be most correct.

He had thought that when he received his charge to find two boys of passing prettiness, one of nine years with long, fair hair, and one of twelve with hair that was dark, that he but sought two boys for the bed of some noble of high birth, but when he saw the place where he was to take those boys and live with them as tutor, he saw at once that there was a different game afoot. All England knew that within the Tower were the bastard sons of the Woodville queen, and one was of nine years and with long, golden hair, the other twelve and dark haired, the like of the boys he had been ordered to find.

That a boy may be heir to the throne one day and be a bastard the next was a thing easy to be understood, and that a boy may be a bastard one day and heir to the throne some future day was a thing not hard to grasp also.

Richard Mountboy was not a man of great intelligence, but even he could grasp the possibilities of the profit that may be found in showing to a boy who may one day be king the wonders that are to be found for a boy in the cock of a careful man.

It is in the nature of boys to wish for the cock of a man, this Richard Mountboy knew well enough, for had he not also been a boy and found such wonders in the cocks of men? And was it not also in the nature of boys to find affection grew in them for the man who swived them with care so they delighted in their swiving? That he should have the prospect of swiving a boy of such status as a prince, even a prince now known to be a bastard, was more than any man of a birth such as his, was more than Richard Mountboy had even thought upon, but now that prospect stood before him, and the determination grew in him that he should bed that boy and have him in thrall to him.

This, he knew, could be no casual swiving as the swivings of village boys had been; the boy must be made to have affection for him, and he must show affection for the boy so that the arse he swived was offered willingly, but this, he knew, were a thing most easily pretended, for boys always were most willing to bestow their affections on any man who took interest in them, and interest would Richard Mountboy take indeed, for there was profit as well as swiving to be had.

That his plans to bed the boy who had been almost king came to naught were not to be laid at Ned's door, for greatly did that boy have desire to have knowledge of the cock of a man, and though he were but a man of common birth, Richard Mountboy was a most comely man and one most like to know the ways a boy may find pleasure in a bed, but old Master Limpnow had instruction that nor Ned nor Dickon must be permitted that indulgence, and so strictly did he obey that instruction that Richard Mountboy could do no more than wish for the chance to make advance on either.

Master Limpnow, though now of years too many to find use for boys in his bed, had, in his earlier days, swived many and knew full well the eagerness with which boys did go to the beds of men, but he were a faithful servant of the uncle of those boys and privy also to the thinking around them, that Ned may yet one day be King and so must it be that he must remain untouched by any man, and Dickon also lest he outlive his half-brother.

Stern words did he have with Richard Mountboy, that he may tutor the two boys he brought with him in any way he pleased, but never were he to be alone with Ned, nor even Dickon on pain of loss of life, though before his life were lost, first would his cock and balls be taken from him and stuffed into his mouth.

Such warning Richard Mountboy did heed and satisfied his natural needs with the boys he had brought, though that he had less opportunity to do than he had wish for.

Stern words did Master Limpnow have also with both Ned and Dickon, though they were threatened not with loss of life nor privates, but with the wrath of their uncle should they disobey, and Uncle Richard, neither boy had wish nor desire to offend. Though the cocks of men were forbidden them, such was not so with the cocks, mouths and arses of the boys who would be them, and pleasure with those boys they could take as often as they wished, for neither Uncle Richard nor Master Limpnow would deny them the natural pleasures to be found in boys.

So it was that the new Ned and the new Dickon found that they were not, as they had supposed, to be boys of pleasure for some lord, but were instead to find such pleasure with two boys their own very ages, and this did the new Ned greet with delight. Much had he found the liking for boys to be growing within him, and when he was obliged by Richard Mountboy, now their tutor, to show that liking in the manner that men show their liking for boys, with the fair haired boy who was now to be his brother, greatly had he found liking in those things and eagerly did he accept the duty that had been thrust upon him.

The new Dickon had less delight in this task, for much did he like the cocks of men and those of boys were greatly of less size and afforded his arse less pleasure, and though he knew he must perform his duty, still did he make vow to himself that he would find occasions many to mount the cock of his tutor, that being a cock he had discovered filled him most pleasingly.

"If you are to be us," Ned informed the new boys, "Then must you know that we do sleep together and always are naked when we bed and have some understanding of the pleasure to be found in doing thus. This thing must you also do, and, as I doubt not you have knowledge more than some of the things men do with boys, and of that knowledge have we none, in those things I command you to instruct us."

Though now he was a bastard, still had Ned been raised a prince and found it most natural to give orders to lesser beings than himself, though in this instance no such orders were of any need.

"Have you not yet swived?" the new Ned asked with some surprise, for both the boys were pretty and were of age and more to have known the cocks of men many times by now.

"Never," Ned declared, "Though much I wish to swive with Dickon, still he gives permission only for his mouth, though he has great liking to use his mouth in that manner."

"Then will I most willingly show to him what his arse is for," new Ned declared, "And yours also, be those arses clean and fresh."

"And with my arse you may make most free," the new Dickon declared, "Though I have doubt some your cocks be of sufficient size to be of use much."

Then did Dickon and Ned learn that the arse is for more than the expelling of shit, just as the cock has uses other than the passing of piss, and both boys moaned and writhed with delight when new Ned used his mouth and tongue there, and truly that new Ned feasted in those arses, it being that, although but twelve years of age, he was one who had discovered early the joys to be found in all the flesh of boys.

Soon also did Ned and Dickon learn that the tongue of a boy hardens much the cock and raises much desire when it is in the mouth and that the exchanging of tongues be a most wonderful way to begin a night in bed and makes the mind of a boy think of other places and ways that he may use his mouth and tongue.

Places where nor Ned nor Dickon had thought ever for their mouths and tongues to go did become places where they longed to feast and they discovered that their bodies entire and not just their little cocks, yielded great delight when kissed and licked, and delight also to kiss and lick the body of a boy from head to toe, both back and front.

The greatest pleasure were when the arse were entered by a cock, and though the cocks of Ned and new Ned were not much grown, still were they of a size to enter and give pleasure some, though Ned were in some confusion if it were he liked more cock in him, or his cock in the arse of another boy.

The fears Dickon had of being swived were licked away by both Neds, and soon he found his arse craved greatly for cock, though less than did the arse of new Dickon, who in some manner did contrive to have both Neds in him at the same time, one alone being, he declared, of size not enough to satisfy his need.

Such an idyll cannot last for long, and after but two weeks, Master Limpnow gave permission for the new Ned and the New Dickon to share the bed of their tutor, Richard Mountboy, and so starved were than man of the company of a boy in his bed that he retired early and rose late and thus did he have no knowledge that when he rose the two boys in his bed were now the only two boys in the Tower.

All was simple, as such things are when planned with great care; Master Limpnow had instructed Ned and Dickon to go not to bed, but to wait, full dressed, for him to come for them, and to have with them their warmest cloaks for they had a cold time before them.

Then had they been taken by Master Limpnow, together with the four men who had been servants to them in their quarters in the Tower, men who now wore swords and such is not the way of servants, taken to the dark depths of the Tower and there entered in a boat which sailed then out from the Water Gate and onto the great river till they came to a ship which all did board, and this all in the darkest of the night and seen by none.

When light came again and the tide was full, away they sailed, though to where they knew not, and none knew they were on a boat that sailed towards France, and none took notice of a boat that sailed so, for ever was the great river full of ships that came and went, and one ship looks little different from another to men who are used to the sight of ships.

Not till the ship were in the open sea were Dickon and Ned allowed up from the cabin where they had been concealed and it was with some trepidation that they looked about them, for never had they been upon the sea and the deck they now stood on did sway in a most alarming fashion.

"Where head we, Master Limpnow?" Ned asked, though he had to summon much courage to ask this and also do battle with his stomach which was in most unconstant mood.

"To where you will be safe and where no man will seek for you," their old tutor gave reply, "And no man would seek afar for two boys who still are in the Tower."

And then did Master Limpnow reveal the plan hatched by their Uncle Richard, a plan that would keep them safe and also provide them with a life they might enjoy.

"We sail to an island near the coast of France," he told them, "An island that be the property of the Crown of England and has been given as reward for service to one Sir Richard Mountboy, but as that knight has been given the task and duty to be both tutor and governor of two boys, believed to be the bastard sons of the Woodville woman and living now in the Tower, he has passed the governance of that island to his sons, Ned and Dickon Mountboy, under the protection of a man of repute, one Sir Hugh Limpnow, till they be of age to govern for themselves."

"Sir!" cried Ned, mortified that all this time he had addressed his tutor as `Master' and not by the title he held, "Forgive our manners! We knew not you are a Knight!"

"And in so addressing me you did no wrong, Sir Hugh smiled, "For that title comes not to me until we set foot ashore, "And fear not for Master Mountboy neither, for he will but today learn he has the reward he were promised and is now knight, but that he has two sons and has given governance of his lands to them, he knows nothing, nor will ever know. And know nothing of the land he has been granted and grants to those boys, but will content himself in the swiving of those boys who are now you."

"And did our Uncle Richard contrive all this, and all that we may be safe from harm?"

"This he did," still Master Limpnow smiled, "And more also, for well he knows that now you will live in exile, but would have it that you do so in some degree of content, for boys are you still and he would have you to enjoy being so."

What those things were that their uncle had contrived for them, the boys discovered not until they had come ashore and been established in the great house it seemed that now they owned, and had a night passed there to recover some from the ardour of their travel, though they slept less being together than they may have slept alone, for it were three nights then that they had been without sharing a bed, and much more had they learned now in the ways of giving and receiving pleasure.

"Soon, I believe, I may be making seed," Ned observed to his young half-brother in the morning when Dickon had sucked long upon his cock, "So great now be the feelings your mouth gives me, I am most sure it cannot be long."

"Soon enough it cannot be," Dickon said with deep feeling, "Much have I desire to know the taste of seed, and from no cock but yours have I the hope of tasting it."

In this, though, did Dickon soon learn that he had made mistake, for when they had bathed and made a breakfast, they were to present themselves in audience in the great hall of the house, there to meet with whatever worthies there were on the island they now were masters of.

The island was one of no great wealth and no great size and did, so the now Sir Hugh tell them, had but a thousand or so people living upon it, and most were tillers of the land or fishers of the sea. Still, though, were there some fifty men gathered in that hall to meet the boys who were now their new masters, but, to the boys' relief, it were Sir Hugh who spoke to them.

"It is the understanding of my lord, Richard, soon to be crowned King in England, that the Bishop who were master of this island until now, did sorely tax the people and grew most rich upon the profits of your labour. This my lord found a great displeasure, and thus he has taken this island from that Bishop and granted it, by letters patent and by consent of Parliament to these two boys, and, for they are as yet not of age to govern, to me has he given the power to speak and rule for them.
Those taxes that were levied upon you and all the people of this island, are hereby declared unjust and will not be levied more."

Great was the murmuring in that hall and some sound of cheering also at this news, and when there wee quiet once more, Sir Hugh did continue.

"All that is asked from you is that meat and fish and grain sufficient to feed the house and servants therein be given, and no more will be asked of you. This will be so upon condition that sufficient of the youths of the island do take position in the house as servants. No pay will they receive for their labours, but all will be housed and fed as well as any other in this house. Further," Sir Hugh held up a hand to still noise, "Master Ned and Master Dickon will have free rein to take any boy of the island for the purposes of pleasure, be that for a single day and night or for such a time as they may wish, provided that such boy is needed not to work the land or fish the sea for the time he is desired."

Again, Sir Hugh were forced to wait for quiet, and when there was so, he completed all he had to say. "A child becomes a boy when he be seven, and a boy becomes a man when he reach sixteen and upon this condition no taxes will be levied upon you."

Much talking then were done by the men in that hall, and all were agreed that their sons, and the sons of others, were fair exchange for the relief from tax, for no harm came to any boy that were swived by another boy, nor by a man neither unless he swived with one too young to open his hole for grown cock.

"There be some hundred or more boys in this island," Sir Hugh said in quiet to Ned and Dickon, "And surely that will be enough for you to find pleasure sufficient."

"And may we bed them all?" Dickon piped, for this to him did seem a wondrous thing.

"Every one," Sir Hugh smiled, "You need but beckon with your finger and straight will that boy come to your bed. Was this not well conceived by your uncle?"

"I think there be more delight in being bastard than being the son of a king," Ned beamed, his little, ungrown cock stiffening at the thoughts that chased around in his mind. "When may we begin?" he asked.

"Lord, Sir Hugh," a dissenting voice raised itself above the general, "Our Lord, the Bishop, from whom this land has been most unjustly taken by a cruel king, forbid the use of boys for pleasure ии"

"Not for himself, he didn't!" came a cry.

"Nor for you, priest!" another shouted.

"It is the Bishop's decree that boys belong to the Church!" the priest shouted, anger purpling his face.

It were clear that tempers were rising and that soon some harm may be done. That the men of the island had much anger that their sons had been used so by the Bishop and his priests seemed not a good omen to Ned, for may those men wish not also that he and Dickon should use those boys for their delight?

"That is not my decree!" Ned shouted, jumping to his feet, much to the consternation of Sir Hugh; Ned, being but twelve years of age, were not like to speak words of polity and calm. "No boy must be used against his will, nor no boy be denied the pleasure of being boy if he so wishes to know that pleasure."

A sudden silence engulfed that hall, and Ned grew most red of face as he perceived all men looked at him in some astonishment, but now he had begun, he would not stop. Greatly had he had wish to be catamite for his Uncle Richard, and much had he felt the hurt in his heart that it could not be so; it was not right that a boy should be deprived the pleasure belonging to a boy, nor was it right that a boy should be made to bed with any man his wish was not to be bedded by, for being so bedded could be no pleasure for any boy. All this he said, and more, while men gazed at him with open mouth, in wonder that a boy should address them so.

In vain did his tutor, Sir Hugh, make attempt to quiet him, but Ned would not be quieted, though the looks he received from that man did calm his mind somewhat so that he spoke more with some careful thought.

"By letters patent, Dickon and I are masters now of this island, and Sir Hugh will govern for us till we become of age, and by those letters patent the people of this island are our people and we will rule all with fairness." He took a deep breath and composed himself so he spoke only what he wished to speak, but what he spoke came more from his cock than from his head.

"Boys of this island belong not to the Church but to us, and following discussion with Sir Hugh, a decree will be issued as to how they must be treated. Already you have heard that no taxes will be levied upon you save only for your boys, and to this I heard no man object, save for this priest alone, and, being priest, he has no sons to pay his taxes with."

A burst of laughter greeted this remark, and Sir Hugh did relax somewhat, for anger and laughter go not together, and danger of unrest was there now none in the hall.

Time was it now for him to take control once more, and so he did, declaring that all should attend again on the morrow when discussion had been had with Ned and Dickon, but that all should spread word that youths were needed to serve in the great house, and if any man could spare a son for such service then that youth should present himself in this afternoon.


"I'm sorry, Sir Hugh," Ned humbled, "I know I should not have spoken so, but I was angered much when that priest claimed that all the boys were his, and the words came unbidden."

"But others that were bidden came after them," Sir Hugh made little attempt to look with sternness on the contrite boy.

"And they more from my cock than from my head," Ned confessed, finding it no shame to speak so. "You gave us promise of boys and it seemed that priest would deny us that. I fear I may have too much in me of desires for pleasure; it is good that I be bastard and may not be a king."

"Good that, not being a king, you could speak as you did speak. As a king, that you could not have so done. A king must think always of policy and speak not always what is in his heart. But here, as master of this island and master of all the people on it, there is no harm in you speaking what is in your heart, if what is in your heart is for the good of the people."

"I thought not of the people, only of the boys were I thinking, and, I fear, thinking like a boy and not caring any of policy, only of the pleasures I may have."

"But now you know that it was of pleasure that you thought, but not your pleasure alone. Also did you think of Dickon and of all the boys on this island and their pleasures and delights also. Your Uncle Richard would have felt much pride had he heard you speak as you did, and hear you speak as you do now."

"Much do I miss Uncle Richard," Ned confessed, "Most willingly would I have been his catamite."

"This he knew," Sir Hugh spoke gently, "And great does he have affection for you. This life he did contrive for you, that you be safe from harm and that you may enjoy those pleasures your nature inclines you toward, both as a boy, and, if fortune has it so, as a man also. And now we needs must turn those words of yours into policy that men here will accept and thank you for."

"May we speak plain, Sir, and beg also that you cast back your mind to when you were a boy, and that you advise us both as the man of wisdom that you are and also as a man who understands the natures and desires of a boy?" This Ned requested when seated, along with Dickon, to consider the laws that they must give.

"Have no fears that I understand those desires, and know also some of the desires men have for boys, for I was not always old," Sir Hugh smiled, "And knew once and did greatly enjoy the delights a boy may offer to a man." Hard as he tried, Ned could not conceive in his mind his aged tutor bedding with a boy, for, to a boy of twelve a man of sixty some is ancient beyond all thinking.

So it was that many things were talked about, though all concerned the nature of boys and of the pleasures they sought and of the delights that were to be found in them and of how Dickon and Ned both may avail themselves of those delights, and how those delights would more be available if the fathers of the boys gave free consent to the laws, seeing them to be just and for the benefit of all.

"First, then," Sir Hugo wrote the decisions they had reached, "A boy is declared to be a boy when he is between his seventh birthday and his sixteenth, and whilst he is a boy he is the undisputed servant of the masters of this island, though this denies not the natural law that a boy is the rightful property of his father."

"What then of bastards?" Ned interposed, "For are there not bound to be bastards like us who have no knowing of their fathers?"

"Such," Sir Hugh thought quickly, "Shall then be deemed to be the property of the masters of the island, and the rights of a father shall be taken up by them."

Dickon giggled, his young but fertile mind conceiving that which he may be thought not old enough to yet conceive.

"Second," Sir Hugh continued, though he gave a look to Dickon that showed clear he had understanding of the thoughts in that boy's mind and gave Dickon cause to giggle more, "It is taken that no father should have wish to prevent a son from finding those pleasures that are natural for a boy to find, though he will have wish at all times to keep that boy from harm."

Ned nodded his agreement to this and Sir Hugh continued, speaking as he wrote.

"Thus," he wrote and said, "It shall be the law in this island that none shall seek to prevent a boy from natural pleasures upon these following conditions. One, that no man may seek pleasure with a boy not yet of an age to seed unless he first obtains consent of the boy in the presence of the boy's father, and by this it may be known that should harm be done to the boy what man it were that caused such harm and to justice he may be brought.
Two," Sir Hugh continued, raising a hand to prevent Ned from speaking, "No boy may seek to swive a younger than himself less he has first lain with the masters of this island."

"That's good, Sir Hugh," Ned clapped in admiration, "Much cock should we obtain from such condition."

"And more yet," Sir Hugh grinned, finding enjoyment much in so providing bed sport for his young charges. "Three, all taxes shall be deemed to be paid by any man when his son gives pleasure to the masters of the island, and with his sons may he also pay the rent for the land he farms. A man who has yet no means to pay his rent and taxes shall provide labour in such a manner as is required until he has the means to proper pay his dues."

"Oh, Sir Hugh," Ned beamed much with both delight and anticipation, "By this means will we have reason to lay with every boy upon this island!"

"And more oft than once," Sir Hugh grinned, delighted that the boys found his scheme pleased them much, "Rent is payable each quarter day, and all the land on this island is owned by you and all is rented, so each man who lives here must send you his rent four times each year."

"I think we could not manage all such rent on one day," Ned grinned and found himself to harden, "Though if it be spread out there will be at least one boy for us each day of the year."

"Records will I keep," Sir Hugh nodded, "And ensure also that every man pays what is due to you."

Much did Ned and Dickon approve of this, and Ned also felt himself to have grown somewhat in age, for he thought he had behaved and spoken in a manner older than he had done before, and, truly did it prove that he had indeed grown some, for that night Dickon did squeal in some extra delight for a new and strange taste was in his mouth when he did suck the cock of his half-brother.


"You mean not, then, to keep all boys for yourselves?" This from the priest and the only voice raised when Sir Hugh had spoke the words of the laws framed.

"Pleasures are there few enough in this life," Sir Hugh spoke, his voice full of reason, "And our wish be that boys gain whatever pleasure they may find in being boys, and that men, if they also find some delight in boys, as most men do no matter what they may pretend, may also take such pleasure if they follow the rules we have made."

"Should then I wish to take a boy as catamite, this may I do?" the priest persisted.

"If the boy does wish it so, and if permission from his father is sought and granted, our laws do not prevent it," Sir Hugh explained with patience.

"And if the boy be of seeding age?"

"Then the laws decree that boy be old sufficient to make choice for himself, but with the provision only that he may not be taken in such a manner as would deprive his father of his services upon the land or sea, or any other trade that father may follow, for the law is that a boy is the property of his father and no man may be deprived of his property unless it be by law or by his free consent."

"This I will raise not my voice against," the priest agreed, "And acceptance of your laws will I preach in sermons, for they do seem to me to be both just and fair."

Such acceptance by the priest, Sir Hugh had not thought to have, but was most pleased indeed to have it, for the island had need of a priest for the good of men's souls.

A man of middle years pushed forward through the assembled throng and made wish to speak.

"My lord," he spoke, "We pay now our rents and taxes with our sons, and nothing more is asked for by you?"

"Nothing," Sir Hugh replied, "Your boys are the only rent or tax we wish for."

"Then, lord, may I be first to pay my rent and tax, and pay for all the year at once, for my boy is now fifteen and will not be of an age where he may be used for the paying of taxes in but a few weeks time."

Huge bursts of laughter greeted this, but though he smiled some, Sir Hugh did treat the request as serious.

"Then time must not be wasted," he said, "Fetch your boy hither, good sir, as soon as may be. I perceive by the smiles upon their faces that Ned and Dickon are most eager to accept this first payment of rent and tax."

Indeed, both Ned and Dickon did have great smiles upon their young faces; a boy of fifteen were almost a man and were like to have a cock larger by far than any they had seen before.

More laughter followed, for all were now in great good humour, and the petitioner hurried from the hall to straight fetch his son and return with him that his taxes and his rents may all be paid.

Other matters were then to be dealt with; there was food to be organised and that a matter of much importance, for as yet there were no servants to cook and serve, and indeed, nothing were there to cook or serve for the house were stocked not with provisions.

This was a matter dealt with by one who had been, by common consent, appointed spokesman for the people.

"Fair you deal with us, and more than fair," he said to much nodding of agreement, "And it behoves us to be fair with you in return. You wish nothing of us but the use of our boys for the pleasure of the young masters, but, lord, nor you nor they can live on boys alone. Food and beer will you need also, and this we freely will provide, and a woman to cook for you and bake also, and youths as your servants."

"And a carpenter," Ned called with a great smile, "Our bed be not large enough at present."

"That be done, and soon," a man called out amid laughter more, "I will to work on it straight."

"That we should find ourselves in such a place," Ned said as the boys and their tutor feasted on a mid-day meal at the tavern, "Did Uncle Richard know the paradise he has sent us to?"

"I think he but sought your safety," Sir Hugh answered, "And though never would he deny you the delights of being boys, I think no idea had he how this place would be. I had thought but to make it possible for you to find pleasure with some boys of this island, never did I think they would queue up for you."

Ned made no more remark, for at that moment his eye was taken with the two boys who brought them food. Both were most comely boys, one seeming to be perhaps fourteen, the other maybe of age but little older than Dickon, and both did grin most broadly and did wait upon Ned and Dickon most closely.

"My lads serving you well, my lords?" the Host appeared silently and placed a fatherly hand on the shoulders of the serving boys, "And the meal be to your liking?"

"All is well, good Host," Sir Hugh acknowledged, "And most grateful are we for your hospitality."

"And most welcome are you to it, lord," the Innkeeper beamed, and noted also the looks cast by both Ned and Dickon on his sons who waited on them.

"My rents be twice those of ordinary men," the Host said with a careless shrug, " Being that this be the only real inn on the island and most profitable also. I suppose it would take both my boys together to pay that rent?"

"Yes!" Ned almost shouted, before calming himself some and also blushing some as well.

"Aye," the landlord sighed, "I thought that may be so, and eager are these two for the first quarter day to come."

"Paradise indeed," Ned sighed, his cock as hard as ever it got.

"No need there is to wait for quarter day," Sir Hugh smiled, "Rent may be paid at any time in advance and I will note the payment. Rent," Sir Hugh improvised, taking from his satchel a paper he made pretence to consult, "Is set for you at two boys together for one night each quarter."

At this, Ned did find need to reach a hand beneath his tunic, and, it being summer weather, he wore no leggings and great was his temptation to release not what he held.

"A most fair rent," the Host agreed, "But doubtless there will be taxes also required to be paid?"

"Those yet have to be decided upon," Sir Hugh made more pretence, "First must I make certain that all rents be paid and when each is to be due, for possible will it not be to collect all together on the quarter days. I see from their looks, good Host, your boys most anxious are you fall not into debt, and this does them and you, great credit. It being Wednesday today, and rents to be collected for tonight and three nights following, may I suggest that Sunday be a good time for you to pay?"

"Indeed it would," the landlord agreed, "Now leave I to your food."

"Is this really so?" Ned asked Sir Hugh, "That we have a boy in our bed this night and more, and then these two on Sunday?"

"I have great doubt that ever a night will be when a boy or two be not in your bed," Sir Hugh smiled, content and more with the joy he perceived in the faces of both Ned and Dickon, "And much doubt I have also that many of your days will be taken up with the collection of taxes. It would seem the people of this island are much willing to pay their dues with their sons and not with coin."

"Little need we have for coin," Ned felt emboldened to say, "But great desire do we have for boys. Wish you not, Sir Hugh, that boys were of some interest to you still?"

"Mistake not, young Ned," Sir Hugh smiled fondly, "Never have I lost an interest in boys; though age has taken from me the ability to delight in them as once I used to do, and sure it is no boy would have wish to submit to the attentions of one of so many years as I. My pleasure now is of a different sort, and much it pleases me that I can provide for your delight."

"Would the rent you ask for be of a different sort were you not so old?" young Dickon piped.

"Doubtless they would," Sir Hugh gave the boy a most fond smile, "And had I twenty or thirty years less old grown, not even the wishes of your uncle would drag me from this island."

"Nor would a crown upon my head," Ned said with deep feeling, "I am most happy now to be a bastard."


Happy indeed were both Ned and Dickon when that man who had wish to pay all his rents for the year brought for that purpose his son to the house. Straight did Ned find himself grow hard, a thing that now were happening most oft and seeming little cause were needed for it to do so, for the boy who were to be that rent were most strongly built of body, grown so from his labours on the land.

A simple tunic he wore with his legs bare beneath it and showing to some little above his knees and there were hair to be seen upon those sturdy legs and clear it were that this boy had but little time as boy left to him.

Easy was it not to discern which of Ned or Dickon had desire most, though the minds of both were of the same wonder, for both did think that a boy so near to being man must have a cock near also to being of the size of the cock of a man and neither yet were acquainted any with a cock larger than the one between the legs of a boy of twelve.

The boy, it seemed, were somewhat uncertain what it was that he should do, though this were not so for his father.

"My rent, sir," that man declared to Sir Hugh who stood with Ned and Dickon to receive that rent, "Four quarters will I pay with him and any taxes you will require from me also. On Sunday morn will I come again for him and until that time do with him what you will."

"Nothing will I do with him," Sir Hugh answered, though had he been a younger man there were much he would have wished to do, for boys of such an age as this were boys he had most delighted in, "To Ned and Dickon are rents payable and none are due to me."

At this the eyes of the boy did show less of nervousness and some of interest and his thought were that it may be less of a hardship to pay his father's rent and taxes than he had feared.

"He is not of the cleanest," Sir Hugh observed when the father had departed, and this were true for the boy had been brought straight from his father's fields and evidence of that were plain upon his legs and arms and face, "A bathing he does need before he goes to your bed," he told the boys and made arrangement that this should happen.

Knowing as now they did that, for the greatest pleasures to be taken and received, a boy must be clean entire, Ned and Dickon had made great insistence that their chamber should be close unto the kitchens where water could be heated and taken with some ease to where they may bathe, and it was to that place the boy who should pay the rent and taxes for his father were taken straight and heated water brought for him that he may clean himself proper and entire.

Most strange it was for that boy that he should remove his tunic and immerse himself in water, and stranger more that such water should be not cold, for never had water that was not cold touched upon his skin.

Stranger yet more for that boy was that he should be observed whilst so he washed his skin clean of dirt, for Ned and Dickon both had great longing to see his nakedness and feast their eyes upon his cock.

"So big!" Ned breathed in wonder at the sight before him, "And so much hair around it! Why have you hair around your cock?" he demanded of the boy. "None have I, and none has Dickon. Why is it that hair grows on yours and not on ours?"

"Does seed come from your cock?" Dickon asked with eagerness, for greatly did he want such to flow into his mouth, the little taste he had of Ned's first venture into seeding having delighted him greatly.

The boy knew not what he should do or what there were that he should say, for though he was a comely lad, by some unkind twist of fate had he escaped the attentions of the priest, and still were his body innocent of all the pleasures that every boy should know, and with his own hand had he been forced to satisfy his needs.

"It just grows, your lordships," he stammered, "I know not why, but I think it be that it does so when you are of age to seed."

"With so much hair, greatly must you seed if that be so," Dickon giggled with glee, and licked his tender lips thinking of how that seed would taste and how that huge cock would fill his mouth.

"My lords," the boy made effort to excuse his ignorance, " Truly, I know not how it is that I should pay the rent and taxes that my father owes. That it should be in your beds, that I know full well, but what to do there I know nothing of."

"Never have you lain with man nor boy?" Ned asked, his voice squeaking with surprise.

"Never, lords," the boy went red around his face at the shame of being so unknowing. "Forgive me, lords, but will I do my best to pay what it is my father owes."

Ignorant though he were of the pastimes of boys when not alone in a bed, still did that boy make no attempt to conceal from the eyes of Ned and Dickon that part of him that were the point of their attention, though sucked he in his breath in some surprise when, emerging from the water where he had bathed, Dickon did reach forth a hand and grasp his member, which to the delight of the nine year old Dickon, did straight begin to swell and grow.

In awe and in delight Dickon gurgled with admiration at the size of the cock he now held, so thick it were he could not clasp his young hand around it fully, but in wonder did he move his hand back and forth, much taken with the ease the ample skin moved around the hardness beneath.

This, for the boy who now began to pay his father's dues, were a wonder as great as for the young boy who handled him; that he must pay the rent he knew, but that it did appear the paying of that rent should be of great pleasure and delight gave him much excitement, and most amazing hard did his cock grow in the small hand that held him so.

Dickon, who had grown much affinity for the sucking of cock, sank straight to his knees and took the object of his worship in his mouth, and though much it filled his young mouth still did Dickon endeavour to consume it, and though he managed not more than just the head, the workings of his tender lips and the flickings of his tongue, working together with the movements of his hand, soon did result in producing gasps from the boy he sucked and then did his mouth fill most copiously with seed, and with a gurgling cry, Dickon did consume the feast that cock did give him.

When Dickon did at last release from his mouth the wet and glistening cock of the boy, it did slowly begin to lose its hardness, greatly to the dismay of Ned, who also had great wish to have pleasure with it, so thick and large it was.

"Why let you your cock soften so?" Ned demanded, `Did Dickon's mouth not please you?"

"My lord," that poor boy gave answer, "It softens not at my command but by will of its own. Always it does so when it has seeded."

"I like that not," Ned frowned, "Stays it now soft for long?"

"I know not, lord," the boy confessed, that confession causing him to go red of face, "Usual it is that I sleep straight after it has seeded, though when I wake of mornings it has restored again to hardness."

"I cannot wait till morning!" Ned declared, "If rent I cannot collect from your cock then I must do so from your arse."

Valiant attempt made Ned to do this, but of length he had not yet sufficient, and though his cock pushed most pleasantly against the hole of the boy, it were not of size enough to enter there in a manner the same as it entered Dickon, though, by the grunts and noises of the boy, it seemed the wish that it should do so, grew some within him.

Four nights must that boy pay his father's rent, and for three days pay his taxes also, and Ned and Dickon were most demanding in the collection of them, and quickly did the boy discover that the payment he must make gave him no dismay and much he wished he had been called upon to pay rent and tax in this manner before now.



Sir Hugh, knowing his young charges would be most busy for three days in the collection of taxes, took himself about the island with intent to discover any who lived in more remote parts and had the means to pay rent, for it was the determination of Sir Hugh that no boy living on the island should not make some stay in the bed of Ned and Dickon, and, were it to be possible, no night should there be in the year when those boys had not a rent to collect.

With him he took two of the four retainers that had come from London with them, for, knowing but little of the island, Sir Hugh thought it more prudent to travel with two men wearing swords than on his own, whilst two remained behind in the house, for no house can run itself.

As it were, Sir Hugh found he had no requirement for the swords those retainers did wear, but of their company he was most grateful, for no man does like to travel alone.

Most successful were his journeys and several he found that had land and the means to pay rent for that land, and on the third day he travelled homeward in good mood indeed, for he had encountered three who had most suitable means to pay and a fourth who was able to pay each quarter with a different boy, and found also no man who was averse to paying his rent in the manner required.

Then, as Sir Hugh made his way with his two retainers along a path from the sea towards the town, he saw ahead and seated by a tree, what seemed from the distance that he were first seen, rent that had escaped his reckoning, for the seated figure did appear to be a boy.

Indeed, on closer approach it were clear that the figure be a boy indeed, and upon reaching, proved to be a boy indeed and one of most slender and comely shape and appearance.

Clear it were, though, that he be a boy not of any of the men who held land that he had seen, and, indeed, it were most unlike that he be a boy of the island, for in appearance he were nothing like. His skin did seem of a darker and more olive hue than any Sir Hugh had seen upon the island; his eyes were wide and dark, dark almost to black, his cheeks, though of that olive colour, were also of rosy hue and his lips most full and red, his hair black and full of curls and for his features he did seem almost more girl than boy.

He rose to his feet when Sir Hugh did approach, and most gracefully did that knight think he did so. The clothing that he wore were of not the best repair, but it were plain that once it had been something of finery and not at all the simple tunic worn by the boys of the island.

The sleeves of what had formerly been a jerkin of some cost were puffed somewhat, and the leggings that he wore were cut in such a manner that they resembled a second skin and showed most favourably the slenderness of his long legs, and pouched so at the groin that there could be no mistake that he were a boy.

He gave a bow of such a flourish that no boy of the island could have known of, and greeted the knight in a tongue he understood not, but, observing this, the boy spoke again in French, a language Sir Hugh spoke as well as he did English.

It were clear to Sir Hugh that the boy had been seated for he had not the strength to walk further and was indeed, in some distress from weariness, and, there being some two hours yet of daylight remaining and but one hour or so left to travel, Sir Hugh, of his natural kindness, did seat himself also and bid the retainers produce what food and wine there were left, for they had brought with them sustenance enough for the day entire.

Then became it clear that lack of food were the cause of the boy's distress, and when he had consumed some and drunk a little wine, Sir Hugh did begin to question him and find who he were and why he walked along the path.

The story he were told were one of strangeness indeed. For it seemed that the boy had been apprentice to a painter and hailed for the city of Florence in far off Italy, and that painter had travelled from that Florence to Paris in France in hope to find some fortune there, and finding but little had embarked ship toward an island in the Channel Sea, an island somewhat to the west of the island they were now on, and one of larger size also, but whilst at sea an unkind storm had overcome their ship and all were lost save for the boy and two sailors who had clung to a raft of wood and been washed ashore upon this island.

For, he knew not how long, but only could say that it were at the very least some two full moons, those shipwrecked men had survived on fish from the sea and what animals they could catch, and then the men had left, declaring they would seek some port where they may find a ship to take them as crew, but as the boy no use would have been for such a life, they left him and departed.

The boy knew he must find some place inhabited and some way in which he might survive, had set out along the shore, but overcome with exhaustion, had set down to recover, and then, like an angel sent to rescue him, Sir Hugh had appeared.

The retainers had no understanding of the language of France and took no heed of any that were said, so it was in private that Sir Hugh and the boy did speak, and it was observed only by the boy that Sir Hugh did take much attention of the form and features of that boy.

By the grace and slenderness of his form, Sir Hugh did think the boy could be not more than fourteen years of age, and of the beauty of his face there could be no doubts, and Sir Hugh did begin to think that such a boy would be a delight to have as servant, and perhaps it was the boy saw something of this in the eyes of Sir Hugh, for those eyes were fastened oft upon his features and his form.

"I did but little more than mix the paints for my master," the boy told, willingly enough. "And little learned of the art of painting. Most did my master use me as his model, for he said my features may be those of boy or girl and so he saved the cost of hiring a girl to pose for him. You must know, sir," the boy said, "My mater was an artist of no great merit and did produce most paintings of a private sort such as are in some demand in Florence, but less, it proved, in Paris. Sometimes he did clothe me as a girl, but most he painted me sans clothing of any sort, and when he wished me girl he did contrive to paint me breasts, though posed me in such a manner as I could not be seen to be a boy. When as a boy he wished me, those parts he did paint most obvious and clear and in many did he have me aroused also, and much desired were such paintings in Florence."

"You cannot have been long with that master," Sir Hugh observed, "For now you are but some fourteen years."

"Not so, sir," the boy demurred, "With him as apprentice I were for some four years, and began, as apprentices do, at thirteen years of age."

"You look not seventeen!" Sir Hugh declared, astounded that this could be so.

"Indeed, sir, and that is why my master kept me as his apprentice and his model and as more besides also. Read and write I can in Latin, Italian and French, and have some knowledge of figuring also, and perhaps it may be I will find some employment here in that manner, for I think there be but few, if any, painters on this island that be in need of model or apprentice."

"Few, if indeed any such," Sir Hugh agreed, "But for a youth who can write and figure, some uses may be found."

"Know you of any, sir?" the youth asked with hope in his voice.

"Of one, I know," Sir Hugh gave answer, and because he was much taken with the form and beauty of the youth, he said also, "And that one sits here beside you now."

"Would you take me into your service?" the youth asked, "I swear by all the saints that should you so do I will serve you most faithfully and in any manner you may require of me."

"Alas," Sir Hugh said with deep regret, "I fear the only service I may now require is that of writing and of figuring. Too old I be for that other service now, though were I a younger man I would most surely find other ways for you to serve me."

"Never is a man too old to enjoy a boy," the youth smiled broadly, "And of ways that he may do so I know some of. Florence, sir, is a city where men of great age still find that there is pleasure to be found in the company of a boy or youth. Servant or catamite, sir, I will be both for you, and I care nothing that you be advanced in years. Indeed, sir, much do I like it that you are so, and my task shall be to make you young again."

Such temptation were too great for Sir Hugh to ignore, and with the aid of his retainers he did assist that youth, who he learned, bore the name of `Giovanni', to the house where he discovered that Ned and Dickon had left not their chamber for the whole of the day, so assiduous were they in the collection of their rent.

A woman had been found who had prepared supper for the house and word was sent to Ned and Dickon that they also must eat and the boy who was paying rent for his father also, for well Sir Hugh knew all boys must intake of sustenance if they be able to continue in sport of the bed, for such sport requires much the spending of energy.

Giovanni wished also to bathe himself, and, in truth, of that he were in much need, and in need also of clothing for that he wore were covered more in dirt that was the youth inside it, and for that purpose a tunic of Ned's was taken, and that it was somewhat small for Giovanni and did reveal more of his slender leg that was the usual custom, was a matter Sir Hugh found to be most acceptable.

Boys also found Giovanni to be of interest and both those who collected rent and he who paid it found much desire to conclude if that tunic be all that the youth did wear, the payer of the rent in but one night and a day having found much interest in cock and liking for it also, and as the cocks of Ned and of Dickon were yet ungrown, he found he had desire to make some sport with one that may be of size much like his own.

That Giovanni were much amused by the interest of those boys could not be denied, for greatly did he tease their eyes and minds, by seeming not to notice that at times he showed more yet of his slender thighs, sufficient to lead to thoughts that beneath the tunic was there nothing but naked youth, but never sufficient to reveal look proper at his prized possessions.

Such teasing and tempting of the boys went not unnoticed by Sir Hugh, nor was it meant to be, for well did Giovanni know that in teasing so the boys, he tempted more Sir Hugh also, for such was his main intent. Giovanni was a true son of Florence and that city were one more than any other in the Christian world where the pleasure men take in boys and boys also in men were part of the daily life of boys and men, and much skill had been learned there from the East in the arts of such pleasure, and Giovanni had apprentice been to an artist of more than paint.

So was it that when supper had been eaten and the boys most determined to return to the payment and collection of rent, also was Sir Hugh much given to the thoughts of younger days and greatly did desire to discover full the beauty of the Florentine youth that was so scarce concealed still beneath the little covering he wore. Only concerned was he that his body should rise not to match the desires of his mind, for it was some many years now that his cock had been of use only for pissing.

Such a fear he did confess again to Giovanni, for being a man of much honesty he thought it not well-mannered to seek for pleasure in the slender body of that youth but have not the means to return that pleasure, but dismayed not this Giovanni.

"Men older by far than you are brought to have delight by boys in my home city," Giovanni said, "And some things I know of the ways that this be done, and know you also that all pleasures you will take from me with your hands and with your mouth are also a delight to me, and rather would I bed with you than with those boys who so eager are for sport."

Then did Sir Hugh and Giovanni retire to the chamber of Sir Hugh and straight did the youth cease all teasing and removed at once his tunic, which was indeed all the clothing that he wore, and presented himself for observation full by the greedy eyes of the knight.

Fast then did the heart of Sir Hugh beat and pump blood, though little of such blood did reach his cock. The full beauty of the youth aroused mind if not cock, for the sight before Sir Hugh were one never had he set eye upon before.

Though still in form and face seeming a boy younger some than were his years, sans clothing the body of the youth did somehow give both lie and truth to that appearance. Slender he was as any boy of fourteen years, his shoulders narrow and his waist exceeding so, his legs most long and slender, but with shape to them more than is to be seen in a boy of younger years. His chest and stomach also, showed more of muscle and of strength than do the chest and stomach of a younger boy, and that his cock were that of a youth and not a boy never could there be doubt.

Of hair upon him there were but a tiny patch above his cock and none other upon his body to be seen, and that patch there was had been shaped so that it did no more than draw attention to the cock below it, and, indeed, did make that cock appear larger than it were, for all that hair were above it and none to the sides or venturing onto cock itself.

The mouth of Sir Hugh did fill with water and his eyes did fill with lust and with desire when he beheld the nakedness of the youth, and that youth did smile wide when he beheld that he was looked upon in such a manner, for Giovanni was a youth whose greatest pleasure it was to give pleasure to men with his body.

Greatly then did Sir Hugh feast with hands and mouth upon the flesh of the youth, and the more he feasted the more did he have wish to feast, for the skin of the youth were smooth as any silk, no single hair he found even upon the stones of Giovanni to spoil his appetite. And also the more he feasted the more did Giovanni make apparent he wished to be feasted upon, and led the mouth of Sir Hugh to his nipples and to the underside of his arms, and when his front had been consumed, he turned himself that his back and arse may be consumed also.

Never did Sir Hugh believe he had tasted such wondrous flavours as he found on that youth's body, and with greed did he savour and suckle cock and stones and thrust his tongue as deep as it could go into the arse, and smooth and hairless was all that arse also, and when at last the youth gave out his seed, Sir Hugh did truly think it were the food of the gods that he ate.

Much also was Giovanni content, for the knight had stinted not but feasted with passion and desire upon the body of the youth and much satisfaction had he gained from that and doubtless had relived some of the joys of his younger days, and such had been the intent of Giovanni. More yet had Giovanni to offer to the knight whose catamite he had so willingly become, for there are pleasures more a man may find in the body of a boy or youth and Giovanni was determined much that Sir Hugh should find all those pleasures, and being a youth of Florence, he had understanding some of how that may come to be.

On the next day, knowing that his charges would be all day engaged in the collection of rent and taxes, Sir Hugh set forth again to search the island for men who lived on land and must rent pay for that, but with him he took only Giovanni, feeling no need were there for retainers wearing swords, though his own sword he buckled round his waist, feeling no more to be too advanced in years to wield such a weapon should the need arise.

Giovanni wore but that tunic he had worn the night before, and nothing else he wore, it being his intention that the knight should know him to be naked beneath that tunic and that, in so knowing, would the body of Giovanni be always in his mind.

With him he carried the satchel of Sir Hugh and did make insistence that he should now keep the records and do all the figuring, saying that he would be servant and assistant to the knight as well as catamite, and thus was Sir Hugh obliged to inform the youth of the nature and purpose of their journey, and how he had decreed that rents and taxes should be paid by boys to Ned and Dickon, and even some he told Giovanni of how the boys had been once of high estate but had, for their safety, been exiled to this island and how he had determined that the loss of high position should find compensation some in the natural pleasures of boys.

Being of quick mind and well versed in all the pleasures that boys did partake of, Giovanni did suggest that careful organisation should be made in the paying of rents, and that Ned and Dickon should have rent to collect from boys of different ages on different nights.

"The younger will they wish to swive," Giovanni did declare, "And those of age to seed will they desire more their cocks, both for their mouths and for their arses also, for all boys have desire to feel cock inside them, and must those needs be in a balance, so one night they swive and the next they are swived. But also must care be taken that, for as yet they have been swived not, only the youngest of those of age to seed be sent to pay their fathers' rents, for the arses of Ned and Dickon be not yet able to take cocks that are nigh full grown."

So did Giovanni make a list of all the days of the year, and another list he made of the ages of the boys they discovered who must be used for rent, saying to the knight that when the second list were complete then could the days each man's rent must be paid be determined.


Three days and four nights spent in the collection of rent and taxes made somewhat the thought grow in the minds of Ned and Dickon that, bastards and former princes they may be, but now the purpose of their lives was in the proper running of the island they were obliged to live upon, and no land may be run in proper manner if rents and taxes be not collected.

Such labours as those they had been engaged upon may leave any who are of more years exhausted somewhat and sated also, but Ned and Dickon were boys of twelve and nine, and boys of such ages tire not for long when engaged in such duties as they were called upon to perform.

The hours between the departure of the boy who had paid all that his father owed for a year entire and the arrival of the Innkeeper's sons to deliver his rent with their persons seemed long indeed for the boys, and much did they discuss their labours and the delight they took in the performance of them.

"His cock I had great liking for," Dickon did say, "So large it were and did deliver such quantities of seed. Would that yours would grow so big and seed so proficiently," he said to his half-brother.

"Mine, I think, there will be little need for you to suffice yourself with," Ned grinned in reply, "I think the intent is of Sir Hugh that never will be alone now in bed at night, and though much liked I also the size of that boy's cock, and the manner in which the skin of that did slide so easy up and down, and, also, truly, the quantity of seed it did produce, I liked not all the hair around it, nor the hair on his legs also."

To this did Dickon agree, confessing that he also found that hair much diminished the delight when sucking cock and made the sucking of stones also a thing he had little wish to do with that boy.

"Think you Sir Hugh hath taken that boy from Italy as catamite?" Ned asked, jumping from one thing to another as boys of his age are like to do.

Dickon giggled with delight, finding the thought of their aged tutor bedding a boy a most delicious thought. "Think you, being a man of so many years, still can he find pleasure in boys? Never has he made suggestion to us that he has wish for us in his bed."

"As many tutors do," Ned agreed. "Perhaps it be that Sir Hugh likes cocks more grown than ours."

"I know not of his cock," Dickon said with regret, "But his legs be most wondrous free of hair, and if his stones be any like the same, I would take them in my mouth most willingly."

"Think you of nothing but the sucking of cock?" Ned made pretence of annoyance some, "There is a place other than but your mouth where cock may go."

"I mind not when you swive me," Dickon declared, defending his honour, "But to be swived by cock that is grown to man's size, I think it not be possible."

"Much do I have longing to be swived," Ned confessed, "But like you I see not how it may be done, though that it be done we well do know, though perhaps it be that to be a priest a man must have a cock no bigger than that of a small boy."

"Priests may have small cocks," Dickon agreed, "But the Richard Mountboy who brought those boys to the tower were no priest, though much he swived those boys."

"And greatly did they like it," Ned agreed, "And much did they talk of being swived and what delight it were, and I have great longing to know of that delight. Should we make enquire of Sir Hugh if he have that Giovanni as catamite now, for ever are they close together and catamite I do think he may be, and if he be, how is it that cock may enter in his arse?"

So it was that Ned did ask the knight as they sat at the midday meal if the youth from Florence were now catamite to him, though this he asked in English, knowing that the youth spoke not that language and though well enough he knew Sir Hugh to understand such a question were possible for him to make, he was of manners sufficient to have no desire to cause embarrassment to the youth if, indeed, he be not catamite.

Sir Hugh would have none of this and did upbraid Ned most firmly for speaking in a tongue that Giovanni knew nothing of, and bid Ned he must repeat his question in French, and this Ned obediently did, though he went most red of face for fear he may cause distress.

Distress Ned caused not, though Sir Hugh did seem at some loss as to what he should reply, though this were not so with Giovanni, for that youth did laugh out loud and did declare that he was indeed catamite now to Sir Hugh and was much pleased to be so, for, he said, Sir Hugh had great understanding of how pleasure and delight may be given to a youth such as he.

Dickon, being but nine years of age and seeing not why he should not voice what he did wish to know, as is the custom of boys of such an age, did straightway ask how it were that they could swive, for a cock full grown were greater by far than the hole that it must enter.

Sir Hugh did mutter some and cough and say such was not a matter to be talked of whilst at food, but Giovanni did smile much and said that this were a thing he would talk of with them later, for swiving were, he said, a thing men may do, but boys and youths may talk of.

Sir Hugh did give consent that Giovanni should  speak with the boys on the matter of swiving, and somewhat pleased he were that this he had not to do himself, but speak with them straight did Giovanni not do, but said the he would begin such talk on the morrow, for more rent had they to collect that night and did some rest require before they did so.

That the sons of the Innkeeper were most eager to pay their father's rent were clear to see from the smiles upon their faces and also from the way they made it most apparent that nothing did they wear beneath their tunics, and the older boy in especial gave Sir Hugh and Giovanni both much chance to see that part of a boy that men always wish to see.

Ned and Dickon had little need to attempt such looks, for the moment those sons of the Innkeeper were in the proper chamber they did divest themselves straight of their tunics, waiting not for any words to tell them they should do so.

To the lust filled delight of both Ned and Dickon, those naked boys were already hard and upright, and the cocks of Ned and Dickon stiffened both at the sight before their eyes. The younger boy, who bore the name of Piers, was of ten years, and his brother, one Giles by name, of fourteen, and to the eyes of Ned and his half-brother, both did promise much delight to be found in the collection of rent from them.

Piers, as was natural for a boy of ten years, had not a hair upon his body, and his cock, though small still, yet was of more size than that of Dickon, sufficient to provide pleasure some for the mouth of that boy. Giles were of greater size, but in no way so large as that of the boy who had paid rent before, and nor was he with over-much hair spoiled, for though there were some above his cock, it spread not much nor was there any to be seen upon his legs apart from some below his knees and in no way like to despoil the pleasures Ned would take with him.

Nor did the boys display any but happiness that they were naked so and were to pay their father's rent, of shame and shyness showed they nothing.

"We are much accustomed to the pleasures of the bed," Giles did say, "Always do we share a bed and nightly do we take delight each in the other. Have no fears, lord," he said to Ned, "Piers is much used to being swived and does like it much, and never does he wish to sleep unless I have swived him first."

It needs not much to be said about that collection of rent, save that for many of the hours of darkness was the cock of Giles in the mouth of Dickon, and that of Ned near as often in the arse of Piers and that rent were most willingly paid and gratefully were it collected.

Disappointing it were for both Ned and Dickon only that Giles would not consent to swiving them, for much they did wish to be tupped, but Giles, he said, had been instructed most fiercely by his father that he must not do that thing with them, for he was the son of an Innkeeper and they lords of the island and fitting would it not be for him to mount them, though both Giles and Piers could be ridden as oft as those young lords desired.

This were a thing Ned and Dickon did determine they must speak of with Sir Hugh, for if all fathers on the island were of like mind as the Innkeeper, never would they be swived, and being mounted and ridden were a desire growing much in the minds of both, as was only natural, they being boys of ripe age for swiving.

Giovanni had words also to speak with Sir Hugh, both in the matter of the education of his charges and also in the matter of the bringing back to life the full desires of the knight so he may find unbounded pleasure in his catamite.

Again Giovanni presented his naked body to Sir Hugh, though this time even those few hairs that had been above his cock were there no more and smooth and hairless was he from eye to toe, and much did Sir Hugh find desire rise in him at that sight.

"I am of Florence," Giovanni said to the knight, "And Florence is a city that pays much respect to art. Some say that art doth but hold a mirror up to nature, but all in Florence know that art doth improve on nature, be that art in painting, sculpture, music, or the greatest art of all, the enjoyment of a boy in bed.
I know that looking upon my body raises desire in you, and much doth it please me that it does so, but would my body raise such desire were it covered all in hair?"

That it would not, the knight had no choice but to agree, an agreed also that it were so because the body he saw before him had, in its smoothness, the appeal of the body of a much younger boy, but that it were the body of a youth grown with the cock of a youth and with stones most filled with seed were of desire greater than the body of a boy with ungrown cock and empty stones, or of the body of a youth with the hair of a man upon it.

"By simple art have I not improved upon nature?" Giovanni asked, "Doth not my body promise more delight to you presented to you so?"

To this question could the knight answer only that it did, though he wondered some at the lesson he were being taught.

"And why is it that a man should think his body raise desire in a boy or youth when it be covered all in hair?" Giovanni asked, "Would there be not more pleasure for that boy or youth were his mouth and tongue to find smooth skin to kiss and lick rather than fur like is on a dog?"

That a boy should seek for any pleasure other than the delight of being bedded was not a thought Sir Hugh had ever had, but, that being explained to him, he did see the sense of.

"Men of Florence keep their bodies smooth," Giovanni said, "This did they learn from the East where men and boys take pleasure open each with the other and raise that pleasure to art of the highest form."

Thus did Giovanni persuade Sir Hugh to submit to the shaving of his body, for that knight were so entranced by the finding, at his advanced age, of a catamite for his delight and pleasure that he were like to consent to all that catamite did wish of him.

Some fear he had when open blade came to those parts he had thought were now but for pissing with, but skilful and most careful was Giovanni that his fears were needless, and shortly was he smooth again as he had been so many years before when he had been first bedded by a man.

A thing of wonder it were for Sir Hugh how different then his body felt, for it were as though the removal of the hair had removed also years, and eager now was he to feel the hands and lips of his catamite upon his body and when he did, that also were a wonder to him, so deep were the delight he felt.

So great was the delight in the contact of bodies now that his had been cleansed of hair, and so great also the wonder of the exchange of tongues, that much longing did Sir Hugh encounter to know the delight of his catamite's mouth around his cock, but although that organ had filled some, still in no wise were it hard, and what boy is there who would wish for cock in his mouth that were limp and soft?

"Now will I show you what wonders there be that a boy of Florence may do," Giovanni told the knight, and he did produce a cord that he then did tie most tight above the stones of Sir Hugh, and another that he did wind and tie also most tight around the very base of his cock.

All this the knight protested not at, for now he was but as kneaded dough in the hands of his skilful catamite and willingly would he have permitted any tortures the boy inflicted on him, and tortured he were indeed, for that which followed were of pleasure so exquisite that the knight did think it like he would not survive.

His stones hung not now loose between his legs but were bunched up tight like two ripe monstrous grapes, and those grapes now did Giovanni lick with slow care, and for there now no hair were upon those grapes, nothing were there to lessen the wondrous feeling of a boy's tongue upon them, and Sir Hugh did draw in great breaths and did grip hard at the sheets of his bed as he submitted to this torture of delight.

More yet were the knight subjected to, for when the youth had sucked some upon his stones, his mouth did go then to his cock, which by some magic had begun to harden some, and did rise more still when once it were in the hot and wet mouth of the youth and did become once more the sword of a knight.

"By what magic have you done this?" Sir Hugh did gasp when the youth took his mouth from the cock of the knight and laid that cock across the soft and silken cheek of his face. Once, in years now past, had the knight owned a sword of such might and power, but that were in a time too distant for the knight to recall and he looked in wonder at the mighty weapon the youth held close to his face.

"By no magic," Giovanni smiled, "But by the art of a youth of Florence. The cord around your stones," he did explain, "Is but to delay the flowing of your seed, for nor you nor I have wish, I think, for that seed to flow in haste." No more he spoke but did return his mouth to cock and licked and sucked and suckled with such exquisite skill that indeed the knight would have expended seed had not the cord tight around his stones prevented that.

Twice did his stones prepare his cannon to fire shots, and twice did Sir Hugh moan in near agony when no fire were brought to the touch hole and then did Giovanni release cock from his mouth and place himself astride the body of the knight, and reach behind him to take cock in his hand and guide it to his hole, a hole he had, in secret, greased well with mutton fat so it would permit the entry of cock inside it.

Slowly he lowered himself upon that cock, and slowly did his hole begin to open and Sir Hugh felt the opening and the wonder as his cock went, little by little into the arse of his catamite until it were buried all inside.

Then did Giovanni begin to move himself up and down with motion such as he were mounted upon a horse and so did he contrive to swive himself upon the cock of Sir Hugh and knight and catamite both did make much noise of pleasure and delight, for always is there pleasure and delight when man doth swive boy, and though Giovanni were youth and not boy, still did he seem as boy for no hair was there upon his body.

At last did Giovanni take himself from the cock that pierced him, and untied he then the cord that bound the stones of Sir Hugh, and placed he himself then upon his belly and bid the knight to again enter him and swive with all the vigour he wished until his seed did flow from his cock, as now it could, his stones being no longer tied.

"Swiving be a thing of nature," Giovanni spoke to Sir Hugh when all was done, "But far greater pleasure be it when it is a thing of art also. If it would be of your pleasure, then would I something teach of this art to your young charges, for clear does it appear that both have much liking for cock, and shame would it be if they were to know not of the delights of being swived, and many cocks are too large still to enter them with ease unless they do know something of the art that is required."

"Promise I gave to their uncle that no man should use them," Sir Hugh protested, "And that for polity and not to take away delight from them, and you, my Giovanni, are no longer boy."

 "I wish not to swive them," Giovanni said with a smile most sweet, "My pleasures are yet to be found in the body of a man and not of boys, though I do confess that those bodies are a delight to view, and doubtless, when some years yet have passed, I will delight take in them with more than with my eyes. Swive Ned and Dickon will I not, but teach them how they may be swived by any boy who hath a cock they do desire to take within them."

The morn after Giovanni did seek the carpenter in the town that were making the bed for Ned and Dickon that were to be larger some than was needed but for sleeping in, and did request from him the use of the lathe he had for the turning and shaping of wood, for more had Giovanni learned from that artist he had been apprentice to than the mere mixing of paint and the posing of his body.

The construction of an instrument of a particular sort, and the selling of that item had been one of some income to that artist. It were a thing the knowledge of which had come from the East where men delighted greatly in the pleasures to be found in boys, lands where boys were young taken as slaves and trained to give delight to men, and all men of some wealth kept many such slave boys in places called `hareems', and greatly were those slave boys prized for the pleasures that they gave.

The instruments that Giovanni did make were shaped as in the shape of a cock, and most cunningly were they constructed so all that is in a cock were in those instruments also, and that one were of wood and the other were of flesh were all the difference an eye could perceive. Finished they were then with the finest leather that could be found, and this so the hardness of the wood were concealed beneath a softer covering, much as is the hardness of a cock concealed by the skin around it.

Of these did Giovanni several make, growing from small to large, so that the smallest were like unto the cock of a boy of some thirteen years and the largest that of a boy of nigh to sixteen and grown near to the size of a man. With these did Giovanni mean to teach the arses of Ned and Dickon how it should be that they may learn to open to take cock inside them, a thing done most often with young boys of Florence, for in that city it were thought no thing of shame for a boy to sell his arse for use by men. Indeed, in that city it were that a boy could rise from being most poor to one of some fame and fortune by selling so his arse.


"How is it then that men may swive boys?" Ned asked, "Dickon is most tight about my cock when I do tup him, but I know it be that boys of fewer years than he are tupped by men, and some most often so. How is it that this may be?"

Then did Giovanni expound most clearly how it is that the arse is a most cunningly designed thing, created by Him that did create every thing that is upon the earth, made it so that it be for the most part most tight and closed indeed, for if it were not so then would not shit just fall from it at any time like shit falls from the arse of a horse?

"The arse is something like to this," he explained, and tightly did he curl his finger and over that finger his thumb so no hole between them were to be seen. Then placed he a finger of the other hand between and as he pushed that finger forward so a gap did appear and finger go in the hole so made. But when this he made attempt to do with three fingers bunched together no progress could he make.

He then produced the instruments he had made and much delighted were Dickon and Ned both by those things that seemed so like unto cocks that they did giggle much and laugh, but when Giovanni again made thumb and finger tight and gave Ned the smallest of those instruments and did bid him move it as he had before with a finger, and Ned did find that with some effort he could drive that instrument forward and make a hole for it, some understanding did the boys make of how it is that cock may enter arse.

"Thus doth the arse open when cock must in it go," Giovanni explained, "And, indeed, must it also so do when shit is expelled from it, so that it doth open and close again is a most natural thing, but the inside of the arse is most slippery and wet and shit doth come out with some ease, but for cock to enter arse the outside must also be made slippery or great pain will there be when cock do enter it."

So did Giovanni make most clear the need to grease first the outside of the arse with mutton fat and the cock also that should enter it, and bid the boys do this and make attempt each to enter the arse of the other with those instruments he had made.

Such he bid the boys that they should do most often till no pain they felt when even the largest of those instruments did enter them, and most eagerly did Ned and Dickon take this instruction, for both did much delight when one did enter in their arses and both had much longing for the cocks of boys to tup them.

"Also I like it not that there is much hair on the bodies of boys that are grown to be almost men," Ned declared and Dickon did support him, saying he liked not at all the sucking of cocks with hair.

"Then should you this say," Giovanni told them, "For are you not the lords of this island, and as lords, is it not your right that those rents due to you should be paid as you desire them to be paid?" Then lifted he his tunic so the boys may observe that which they did have some desire to observe, and at once did Ned and Dickon find great wish to hold and take the cock of Giovanni in their mouths, for it were a cock of some size but no hair was there to be seen.

"Sir Hugh likes it much that there is no hair upon me," Giovanni said, "And so I have no hair upon me, for my duty is to give pleasure and delight to Sir Hugh, and also it is the duty of the boys of this island to pay the rents of their fathers in a manner that pleases you, and some cunning way must we devise that all so do."

Giovanni did indeed devise a plan most cunning, and of it he spoke to Sir Hugh, who did think it a plan devised only for the delight of his young charges and, though it were a plan somewhat strange, did give his assent to the assaying of it.

"Men may wish it not were you to declare it a new law," Giovanni said, "And better would it be if none did object but all consent that this should be so, and be thought the right and proper thing to do."

Giovanni was from Florence, and in that city was it the natural thing for men to do to scheme and to devise and all for their own profit, but in such a wise that no man should think that were the true purpose of the scheming. Giovanni much liked the island he had found himself upon, for the manner there that rents should be paid were worthy of the best scheme that Florence itself could devise, and though as yet his mind were more attuned to the pleasures he found in the bed of a man, in years to come he knew he would be the man and the boys of the island prove pleasure in his bed, and it were for this he did devise this scheme more than to satisfy the wishes of Ned and Dickon.

"The priest is the key that will unlock this door," he told Sir Hugh, "And the text for him is `Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's," and so it was.

The priest had taken for himself an `altar boy', for such was the name by which priests were used to call their catamites, one of some fourteen years of age who had consent from his father to live with the priest and serve him in all the manners an altar boy should serve a priest. This boy were one most fair of form but not so of face, and doubtless it were the priest had chosen him for his form and not his face.

"This boy," Sir Hugh did begin, "Is of an age where still he must be used in the paying of his father's rent."

"Not so," the priest declared with look most smug, "He is now an altar boy, and priests pay not any rent."

"Such is the law," Sir Hugh agreed, "But still is the boy the property of his father, as all boys are the property of their fathers, and is it not also the law that men should pay their rent?"

"It is so," the priest accepted, "And on this island has a manner of the paying of rent been devised that makes no man poor, and this, you know, I have not spoken against in any wise."

"That you have not," Sir Hugh did confirm, "And know I seek not to take from you your altar boy, but seek only a manner that will determine in a way most clear those that are to be sent as rent and may, perchance, also add somewhat to the service your altar boy can give you."

"He serves me well enough," the priest did give sly grin, knowing well the services the knight were speaking of."

"I know that well enough," Sir Hugh did also smile, "For if he did not, then not you would have chosen him, but be he not of an age where he doth show signs of becoming man and be no longer boy?"

"As all boys do," the priest shrugged his shoulders, "That is thing that cannot be changed unless a boy be deprived of that which will make him man, and such is not a thing done in Christian lands."

"Indeed, it be so," Giovanni did say, "For is not the great cathedral in Rome itself served by castrati who sing still the high notes of a boy though they be of age as men?"

"Such as they serve the Church," the priest declared, "And give up their stones most willingly to do so."

"And no wish have I that any boy of this island should be deprived of his stones," Sir Hugh did say most fervently.

"Sir priest," Giovanni did say then, "Is it not so that a wall of stone may be built and look in somewhat fair? But a wall of rough stone be less pleasing to the eye that one that is made of stone cut smooth?"

The priest followed not the reasoning of Giovanni, for they had been speaking of boys and now were it of stone Giovanni spoke.

"Does not a little art improve what nature made?"

"In stone, it does," the puzzled priest replied.

"And might not a little art improve also the body of a boy who grows towards a man?"

Still did not the priest understand, but now the matter had returned again to boys he were attentive once more.

"Have you liking for the hairs growing around your altar boy's cock?" Sir Hugh then asked, "And on his stones, and perhap also in the crack of his arse and some upon his legs? Take those hairs nothing from the pleasure you find in him?"

"That is the cross I must bear," the priest sighed, "For though the skin of a younger boy be most sweet to caress and kiss, it is the cock of an older boy I most enjoy, and an arse also that I may enter with some ease."

"Indeed," Sir Hugh agreed, "And I also find the same as you, but let me show you how both the younger and the older you may enjoy in the same boy."

With this did Giovanni, as had been before agreed with Sir Hugh, divest himself of the tunic that he wore so he stood now naked before the priest and easy it were to discover that priest liked much what he saw displayed before him.

"Would not you have your altar boy in such a guise?" Sir Hugh asked, "No hair upon him to spoil the pleasure you find in his body?"

"Much indeed would I have wish for that," the priest agreed, and straight did call for his altar boy, that he may be observed and it be seen if Giovanni may work some art upon him.

The boy did obey the call and made appearance, and, truly he did seem an altar boy for he were clad in white surplice, that covered all his body, showing only his ankles and his hands.

Most demure and innocent he did appear clothed in such a wise, but of innocence it were appearance only, and that he were filled with the lusts that fill all boys was shown most clearly by the manner in which his eyes did fasten on the nakedness of Giovanni.

The eyes of Giovanni fastened also on the altar boy. In Florence had he been much acquainted with boys of a certain calling, and in this altar boy did he straight espy some signs the boy were of that nature that leads boys to excel in that calling.

That he were plain of face were true, and that in form he was no more than many other boys of his years were true also, so that, in appearance, he were a boy like any other. But clear it were to Giovanni that this altar boy did know most well that men have great desire for that which hangs between the legs of a boy, and that, if wisely used, the cock of a boy can bring him fortune some.

Covered though he was from neck to ankle in white surplice, the boy composed himself in such a wise that did make plain to all he knew that what men desire lay hidden by that surplice, but that hidden it need not stay.

The boy had knowledge some of French, as all who live upon that island do, for close is that island to the land of France, and from France were there more commerce than from England, and in French, being that he spoke no English, did Giovanni beg some moments alone with the boy, for, he said, though he were most happy to use some art upon the boy, so would he not do without the consent of that boy.

"I see you have some great liking for cock," Giovanni said to the boy when alone they were, "And have understanding some of the fortune your cock may bring you."

"Men like the cocks of boys," the boy gave answer somewhat defiant, "Why should I not use mine to advantage some?"

"Why not indeed," Giovanni smiled, "And mine I have also used in such a way and do so still, as you may see."

"All know here this priest has great liking for boys of a certain age, and living with a priest is a better life than one of shovelling shit and digging fields."

"Most right you are, and I commend you for understanding that, but find you also pleasure in the use that priest does make of that cock of yours, and doubtless of your arse and mouth also?"

"Indeed so!" the boy declared, "With my cock he does no other that I would do myself, and with my arse he does that I cannot do myself, though if I could I then most certain would."

"And should I make your body like as mine, no hair upon it, think you your priest would like it more?"

"I said he doth like most boys of a certain age," the altar boy did grin, "And that age is such that seed they can produce, but hair upon them they have but little. In my cock and stones and arse he finds great delight. But more delight would he find I think, if they were as yours. And longer also may he wish to keep me for his pleasure, and I have desire none to return to digging fields."

The boy did then divest himself of his surplice so that his attractions may be seen in full, and as the altar boy gave permission, those attractions did Giovanni take in his hand and in his mouth also before he worked his art upon the boy, and so again he did when his art were completed that the boy may understand the improvement art may make on nature.

"Though much would I like to taste your seed," Giovanni told him, "Your priest, I believe, will want your cock in his mouth straight, and will take it not kindly if all your seed be spent."

The boy did laugh with delight and said he doubted much that his cock would ever again be free from the priest's mouth, and thanked Giovanni most profoundly for working his art upon him.

That the priest were much delighted and aroused also by the sight of his now hairless altar boy there could be no doubting, and readily did he agree to use his sermons so as to expound the need for all boys to have this art worked upon them.

"By the laws of this island," the priest said, "A boy is a boy until he be sixteen years of age, and as a boy is it right and proper that he should appear, and as a boy must he be presented for the proper paying of rent and tax, as boys are the means by which all rent and tax is paid upon this island."

This did the priest most fervently preach, and his altar boy gave help also, and did reveal himself to such friends as he had, bid them feel how delightful he was to hold, and told them also of the greater pleasure it were to be held and taken in a mouth now there were no hair upon him.

The exhortations of the priest, though they had effect some, were as nothing to the desires of boys, for do not all boys seek most ardently for the pleasures of the flesh, and that those pleasures were greater by far when a boy was sans hair were all that were needed for boys to demand that art be worked upon them.



News from England came but little to the island, and that knowledge of that land there were came most from France, brought back by fishers who sold there the harvest of the sea, and from those who brought wine from France, though, if truth be told, most of that wine did come with those fishers who took it in exchange for fish.

In such a wise it were that news did reach Ned and Dickon that they were dead, murdered at the behest of their wicked uncle Richard so the he may seize the crown  and on his own head place it.

That he were now dead concerned Dickon none, for well he knew that he lived and rent he collected most often. Twelve years of age he were when he made discovery of his death, and doubtless it was that he be the most beautiful boy upon the island. His golden hair were most long and below his shoulders did it reach, his features delicate and his frame exceeding slender and with great eagerness did boys of the island desire to pay their fathers' rent with him.

For cock did Dickon have desire greater than that of other boys, and he did oft declare to his half-brother, Ned, that the taking of cock in both those places where a boy may take cock within him were all that he did wish for. His own cock, he being now twelve, had begun to grow a little also, enough that he could swive all who came to his bed, though greatly did he have preference for the older boys who filled both his mouth and his arse with seed.

Ned were in form and feature nothing like his half-brother, and that they grew from different seed they had no doubts of, and no cares of, for now it mattered not to them, nor to any other, that they be bastards, for none there were upon the island that did object in any sort that they be lords of that place, for no man there did other than live in some comfort, his rents and taxes paid by his sons and that most willingly and eagerly also.

"Think you that Uncle Richard did have those boys that were us slain?" Dickon asked his half-brother.

"Not so, I think," Ned replied, "Though Uncle Richard made great endeavour for our safety, I think not that he would have boys slain. Always were he a most kindly man, not one who would slay boys."

"I think he has no great care for boys, else would he have had you for his catamite," Dickon stated, "Willing enough and eager were you that he should do so."

"Indeed, I have much liking for our uncle, and true it is I would most willingly have had him mount me, and that he did not is a matter of much regret to me, but, Dickon, he did not so for polity and not for that he has no liking for boys."

"I have no understanding of this polity," Dickon shrugged, and being that he were but twelve years of age, it were not a thing of surprise that this were so, "A man should be free to swive a boy if that be his wish, and a boy have right to take a man's cock within him if that be his wish also."

"And so it is on this island," Ned smiled, "And most willingly will I forgo the taking of a man's cock if I may continue to collect rents from boys."

"I also," Dickon gave a great grin, one that seemed to go from ear to ear, "Much liking have I for cock, in my mouth and in my arse also, and great have I affection for the eating of seed."

"Then should we rejoice that we are dead, and no man will seek for us, but boys will come always to our bed and we may take delight in them."

"And thanks also to Giovanni," Dickon reached a hand for the cock of his half-brother, "That he did plot and scheme with his art that boys now come to us with no hair upon their bodies to spoil the pleasure of taking cock and stones into my mouth."


Further news did then come to the island that King Richard were no more, but that he be slain in great battle nearby a town called Leicester, and that the Henry Tedewr that he had warned of to the boys, now wore the crown in his stead.

"Think you we must leave now this island, and you go to England and take back the crown?" Dickon, now of thirteen years did ask.

The sixteen year old Ned did think on this and consider if that indeed be now his duty, for with the news that Henry now were king came also news that they no longer bastards were. The king, having wish to marry the older sister of the boys, had declared all not bastards be, and had no fear of doing such, being that all the world knew the boys to be dead.

"This Tedewr would not unbastard us if he had no knowledge of our death," Ned thought carefully, "Therefore is it most like it were he had those boys slain, and if now I were to appear in England, think you I would have long to live?"

"But are you not king by right?" Dickon questioned, "Being no longer bastard?"

"No man who looks upon us both could have belief that from the same seed we came," Ned said, "For nothing of us is there alike, and, beside, this Tedewr now doth have the crown most closely held, and war would there be again in England were I to claim that crown."

"Have you no wish then, to be king?"

"Rather would I be simple lord of this island with my bastard brother and collect the rents here till I grow so old my cock is once again but for pissing with."

"I also," Dickon agreed, "But even when my cock is so, still, I think, will my mouth take delight from the hard cocks of boys."

"Then let it so be," Ned declared, "And let us have no wish for crowns and war, but wish only that this island be our paradise, for, truly, I also have great liking for the delights of boys."

Sir Hugh did then shuffle off his mortal coil and in his stead were Giovanni made Steward for the young lords, and he did take that boy who had been altar boy for the priest as his apprentice, being that he were grown too old to serve more at the priest's altar, and that Giovanni did assistance need to work his art on all the boys of the island, for now were it proclaimed that it be both custom and law that no boy should permit the growing of hair upon his body.

Ned did then express desire that only those boys who could make seed should be used for that paying of rent, for he found that, as he older grew, he had but little pleasure in the tupping of boys of younger age, and struggle some did he have with his conscience that this were so, for all knew it were a most natural thing for men to swive boys of young age.

To the priest Ned did confess this weakness of his character, but that holy man, who suffered from the same condition, did use his knowledge of ancient writings to dispel doubt from the mind of Ned and in discourse with Giovanni, did devise a thing of great cunning.

Sufficient number of boys of the ages Ned and Dickon did delight most in, the island did not have for every man to pay the rents and taxes he must pay and fall not into debt.

"Little difference, I think there be, in the delights to be had from a boy of fifteen and another two years more of age," Giovanni suggested to Ned and Dickon, "If they be hairless still and suitable for pleasure; and for the younger, may it not be that, though you delight but little in their mouths and arses, some pleasure may you find in seeing them as they discover and learn the arts of sucking and of swiving?"

Thus it were that boys who were not yet able to seed were still for the paying of rent, but now they paid that rent each upon the body of another and much entertainment they did provide for the young lords as so they did, coupling together in all the ways that boys may couple in plain and open sight of their masters.

So it were also that a boy now came not to be a man until he reached eighteen years of age, and much pleasure did Ned and Dickon take from those boys who had cocks grown to man size, though still were they hairless boys.

Natural it were that also both Ned and Dickon did take for themselves the mouths of those younger boys, and forbid not the use of such mouths to Giovanni and his apprentice both, for though it be some years yet till they could seed, still were their young mouths a delight to cock grown.

So was it that two boys who had been princes once, did grow old on an island close by the coast of France, and never were there night when a boy of that island climbed not into their beds for pleasure, and did not so but for the paying of rent, but for the delights and pleasures that all boys find in the beds of men and all men find in the bodies of boys.