"THE BLACK CLOVER" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE BLACK CLOVER by Andrej Koymasky © 2018
written on 3rd of April, 1986
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by an Australian friend


The road cut the Uwairedh massif at mid height towards the north-west. As evening approached we stopped in a place from where could be seen several fissures and caves. We explored for a while, moving away from the road, and decided to choose one of them to shelter with our donkeys for the night. In the last of the daylight we visited some until we found one wide enough and comfortable. While Amin laid out the rugs, I lit a small fire and prepared mint tea, then we ate part of our provisions and sipped the warm tasty tea. Amin was talking about my family, about the impression he had had and I listened with pleasure the analysis he did of my relatives character, the good qualities and faults he had noticed in each of them in those few days. His remarks were keen and accurate, and I agreed on the opinions he was expressing. Then we went to sleep. The following morning we were woken up by our donkeys brays. I was carefully putting away our belongings when my Lord said:

"You know, Nadim, I was thinking that it could be wise to hide in one of those caves our court attire and our weapons. They are a big problem: already at your home the bundle made your family curious. If someone ever discovers what they contain, it would be difficult for us to explain their possession without revealing our identities. If we hide them well, when we need them we can always come back here..."

"For our garments I do not see any problem. But what about weapons? We cannot go around disarmed. And your sabre, more than your attire, is the symbol of your rank..."

"Donkey breeders do not go around with scimitars and even less scimitars covered in precious stones! If we have to live for a while as two donkey breeders, it would be better to be disarmed. It is anyway less risky than to be caught with beautiful weapons in our luggage, do you not think?"

I thought about it and in the end I agreed with him. I decided to keep with me my short dagger, and remade the bundle of our fine clothes and weapons. We explored several fissures and caves until I discovered a deep cleft, almost horizontal, near the ceiling of a small but high cave. Climbing, I was successful in slipping the bundle into it, then I blocked the entrance with some stones pushed in carefully. From below it was not possible even to suspect the existence of the hidden equipment.

Then we went back down to the road and from there we observed carefully the spot in order to find it without problems, when the day came that we would wish to retrieve our belongings. Finally we resumed our journey. Along the road I taught to my lord some traditional songs of my people. I liked to hear the contrast and the harmony that sprang from our two voices; mine that was becoming deeper and warmer, that of Amin, still clear and crystal like.

In the afternoon we approached a well where some women were drawing water. When they saw us, they suddenly and carefully veiled their faces and looked at us whispering and chuckling among themselves. I dismounted from my donkey and asked them if they could kindly fill up with water my almost empty goatskin. One of them held out her hand, I gave her the goatskin and she immediately started to fill it up with the small well's bucket. Another asked me where we were coming from and where we were going. While I was answering I noticed that one of the girls did not take her eyes off Amin and feared that, in some way, she could have recognized him: she could have been one of the harem servants that fled the night of the slaughter... The girl whispered something to a companion and I was more and more tense and was on the point of drawing my dagger from inside my clothes, when her friend approached me and said in a very low voice:

"Aziza is really struck by your handsome friend... how old is he?"

I was still tense and answered immediately: "He is not my friend, but Khaled, my little brother and is just thirteen."

"Oh! He looks more adult. I had thought at least sixteen..."

"No, he is just a boy."

"What a pity. Aziza liked him so much... but of course, if he is so young..."

On one hand I was relieved, but on the other astounded for the shameless behaviour of these women. They could not have been serious... The young woman gave me back my goatskin, full. I thanked her and remounted my donkey. Then she said to me:

"Why don't you stop a little to rest with us, my handsome young man? The day is hot and nearby there is a nice secluded shady spot, very quiet..."

"We are in hurry, we have yet a long way to go. Thank you again," I answered and spurred my donkey, immediately imitated by Amin.

When we had travelled some distance, my Lord asked me: "Why did you say I am just thirteen? I am almost fifteen now, you know it very well."

"Because I was afraid they could have recognized you..."

"That girl was attracted by me, is it not true? Hers was a sexual proposition, right?"

"Yes. Would you have liked to withdraw with her?"

"No... I do not know. I never went with a woman. That is to say, yes, in the harem I was surrounded by women, but it was different, you see? You already have been with a woman?"

"No, never."

"Do you not feel the desire?"

"Not yet."

"But you are almost twenty..."

"But I am at your service."

"This does not means that the sexual urge does not awaken in you."

"No, of course, but man is the master of desire, not vice versa."

"But when desire is too strong? When blood becomes like fire in your veins and all your body quivers and the skin becomes more sensitive than a wound..." said he thoughtful.

"There are other means to find a little relief..."

"Of course, this is true," he answered without saying more. But after a while he asked: "Are you annoyed if I talk to you of these personal matters?"

"Not at all."

"You know, I never could talk of this with somebody, before... and you are to me more than a brother, more than a friend, now. I trust you, I am not ashamed with you..."

I felt a pleasure course through me with those words so sweet and flattering: so my Lord also was glad to be with me! This declaration of friendship did not at all make me proud, did not make me forget that I was a subject, and of a low rank, but gave birth in me to a great joy and in my heart I thanked Allah for the gift I was receiving.

"You always can rely on me, you know, for whatever..." I simply said.

And he, just as simply, answered: "Yes, I know."

At evening we were in sight of Tabuk gates. We decided to spend the night out of the city, in the open, in fact we would not have known where to find accomodation. Even if the nights were cool, it was not yet really cold. We were settling under a small tree where we had tied our donkeys, when an old man, a boy around twelve with three donkeys laden with baskets arrived. The old man greeted us and asked:

"Do you mind if we two spend the night here? We did not manage to arrive in time to sell our merchandise in the bazaar and will have to wait till tomorrow morning..."

"Certainly. The land is for all, and just one fire will be enough for all four of us," I answered.

The man thanked me, tied his donkeys near ours and introduced himself. He lived in the mountains, where he harvested roots and herbs he sold to the city dyers. He was left alone with his daughter-in- law and three grandchildren, of which the one with him was the eldest. I asked him if his commerce was profitable and he answered that it would have been much more so if he had more arms to help; the dyers asked for many more roots and herbs than they were able to gather and nowadays there were really few gatherers left. Moreover, he boasted, his roots were the most valuable, because he knew how, where and when pick them. We chatted until late. When we decided to sleep, I thought again for a long while of this encounter. So, the morning after, after talking with Amin, I decided to ask the old man if he wanted to take us with him to help him in his work. The old man exclaimed:

"Oh, it would be Allah's blessing! You would really like to stop with us? I will teach you my secrets, I will share with you my home... Four more arms could harvest more than the double what I can do now... Come with me to the city to sell this load. After I have done some shopping then we will go to my mountains."

We followed them. The man went straight to the door of a dyer in the Bazaar and sold immediately his entire load obtaining good money. Then we wandered in the Bazaar where he purchased some provisions, bought some tools and showed me what I had to buy to start our work. The coins that my brother gave to me were few but enough, and enough remained so I could buy some sweets to share with the others. Then we climbed towards Mount Lawz where the old man lived. From the mountain, besides Tabuk, it was possible to see part of the Nafud desert. The small house was built near the totally dry bed of a water stream that only in the rainy season flowed with any force. Near the little house there was a deep water cistern and a scrubby patch of trees and bushes that surrounded a shabby little vegetable garden. They had also a couple of sheep. At the door of the house was his daughter-in-law, with a small child in her hands, she was still feeding at her breast, and another snot-boy who was clinging at her skirt. The woman was of medium height and under her clothes you could guess a rather sturdy build. She saw us coming and remained still, without any sign of a greeting - nor did she veil her face. The old man tied the donkeys and carrying his purchases, greeted the woman and said with a merry voice:

"I brought these two guests: they will stop here for a long while, to help me in the harvest. Prepare a place where they can sleep!"

The woman grumbled something and disappeared inside the house. The man showed us his place: the shelter for donkeys then the house. This had a kitchen, wide also if rather low, that opened into the other rooms: a tools store that was the room were the old man slept, a room for the woman and her three children, and a third one, cluttered up with old things, that the woman was trying to put in order to make a place for us to settle. All was rather wretched and not very clean, so I looked at my Lord with an interrogative expression. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled:

"We will tidy it and make of it our royal palace," he laughed.

I admired his sense of humor. In fact, after helping the man in the search of the various herbs and roots that he taught us to recognize, in our free time I started to restore, first the room we were using, then, little by little, all the house. The old man was very happy: besides having greatly increased his commerce (and he gave us always half of his proceeds), he was seeing his house going back to a decorous condition.

We had not long been settled there when our donkey mounted his mare. Amin watched with curiosity and attention, it was the first time for him to see such things.

"Look at him, how he is devoting himself to that! You think we would have a foal?"

"It is possible. I hope so."

"When will he be born?"

"In about one year."

"I'm longing to see it! Hey you, donkey, do well your duty, I command you!" Amin said in great earnest.

The donkey, just at that moment, brayed, and we burst in laughter.

In our free time we often did a lot of physical training: I was keen not only to maintain my training, but also so that my Lord, who was in his period of maximum physical development, could shape a solid and strong body and that he trained in the attack and defense techniques. We, as usual, used two strong sticks. I taught to my Lord also to jump, to somersault and everything that could improve his agility, reflexes and quickness. We climbed, we ran, we jumped hurdles, and sometimes we did hand to hand fighting. The old man, who sometimes watched us doing our exercises, did not understand either the meaning or the usefulness of this.

After we had lived there for one year, our mare gave birth to a foal. Amin was fascinated by the event and while I helped the mare to deliver, filled me with questions, but also tried to be useful. The foal was beautiful and Amin wanted to be the only one to take care of him. The woman, whose name was Aiesha, in the beginning seemed sullen and sulky, but little by little she started to confide in us, especially when she noticed that we treated well her three children. One night I was waken up by a hand touching me delicately but provocatively. It was dark and I could se nothing, so I asked:

"Who is that?"

"Quiet! It is I..." Aiesha answered in a whisper.

"What are you doing? Go back to your bed!"

"Don't send me away... You are a handsome man and for too long I have had no husband..."

"Not too long, your youngest child is not yet two years old!"

"And it seems a short time to you? And I'm tired of having to always satisfy that old satyr, my father- in-law. I too need someone as beautiful and young and strong as you are. Don't send me away!"

"Keep your hand out or I will wake up everyone! Behave as an honest woman!"

"What wrong is there in this? I am a widow! I don't cheat on anybody! And then, see how your body reacts... your pole is rising..."

"-Distrust woman's caresses- is written in the Al Qur'an..."

I murmured, feeling lost because of those intimate caresses, but she continued undaunted. I did not have the strength to reject her, so I recited again:

"-... but if nature's voice drives you to submit to her desires, the Lord is lenient and merciful...-"

"Yes, this is wisdom!" she chuckled.

I tried a last defence: "My brother sleeps nearby..."

"We will not wake him up. Let go..."

I remained rigid and tense, but I was by now completely incapable of opposition and I let her have her way until I felt bare skin against bare skin and a fire of passion overwhelmed me and I covered her body with mine, taking her with ardour. When all was consummated and we lay sated, she went away as silently as she had arrived. I remained still but awake for a long time: in my twenty one years of life, that was my first sexual experience. It had been nothing but an outburst, without any tenderness, without any affection: pure physical pleasure, intense, that had left in me a sense of satisfaction but also of dismay.

The day after, in a moment when I was alone with the woman, I said to her that I did not like what she had induced me to do and commanded her not to try any more. She stared at me wide open eyes, and said in a fake surprised voice:

"What are you talking about? I am an honest woman!"

Amin did not notice anything, but I felt the need to talk him about it: I do not really know why, maybe because I did not want to have secrets from him, maybe because he was the only person to whom I could open my heart... Anyway he was now sixteen and I could tell him these matters without problems.

"So, you did not like it?" he asked.

I shook my head: "Physically yes, I must admit, I enjoyed it very much. But she is not my woman, and then... it was not a nice thing. My body reacted to her caresses, but my soul was absent, far away. I do not want it to happen again."

"You think she would try again?"

"I am afraid she will. And I do not want to cause a scandal. Moreover, I know she has intercourse with the old man and I fear, if he comes to know about this, he will be furious with me."

Amin nodded solemnly, then said: "I understand her desiring you: you are indeed a handsome man and she has to feel lonely. What do you think you should do?"

"I really do not know. Perhaps we can lock the door from the inside when we go to bed..."

"That could be a good idea: yes, it is the simplest solution. But she really does not attract you? Not even a little?"

"No! And she stinks!" I exclaimed.

Amin bursted into laughter then asked me: "But... at least, is she good at it?"

"What do I know? It is the first time that it has happened. Her caresses were not unpleasant, but..."

After that once, it never happened again. We closed the door from inside locking it with a branch. She tried several times to enter but at last she gave up.

At the end of the second year our mare delivered a new foal. We had put aside several coins, bought clothes, and all was well. Almost all. The woman had started to tease me and she did not lose any opportunity to provoke me. And she did that not only with me, but now also with Amin who confided to me:

"You are right, she really is a nuisance, that woman. And when I told her to leave me in peace, that I was absolutely not interested in her, she mocked me, saying: I think that you and your brother do it between you; who is the wife, you?"

I stared at him amazed hearing how shameless that woman had become and asked:

"And what did you answer?"

"I started to laugh and said: No, we do it with the mare, she is lots more pleasurable than just thinking about doing it with you!"

I laughed aloud and asked: "And she?"

"Oh, she was furious and shouted obscenities. But not even after that did she refrain from teasing me."

"Perhaps it will be better to leave before the situation becomes unmanageable for both of us. I noticed too that the old man is beginning to look at her in a strange manner: he must have guessed something."

"That is good. I am tired of staying here. Will we continue our journey towards the north?"

So we did. We farewelled the old man, and left them. The man did not seem surprised by our decision to leave and did nothing to detain us.

We went down to the city with a load of herbs and roots, some bundles with all our belongings and our four donkeys. We sold that last load, and decided to buy with all our money the dyed pieces of cloth produced in Tabuk to sell in some northerly city, hopefully for a profit, and resumed our journey north.


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