This is my 5th story for Nifty. It is also my first story to be told in a single chapter. I chose this subject because for years, I have been fascinated with Ancient Greece. I have made every effort to keep this as close to being historically accurate as possible. However, some of the facts discussed in this story may not have been known at the time the story is set. This is one example of the use of Literary License. If I have gotten anything wrong, I sincerely apologize. Feel free to drop me an email so I may learn. I hope you enjoy this story.

As usual, I need to put in the normal disclosures. This story involves some sexual contact between an adult male and a minor boy. At the time that these events would have occurred there were no laws forbidding this type of activity. However, in our world of today, there are. I am in no way promoting any behavior which is illegal in your jurisdiction. This story is fiction that is based on factual data. If you are under 18, or in the presence of someone under 18, please read no further. If reading this material is unlawful where you reside, do not download the story or read further.

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I hope you enjoy "The Pederast"


"The Pederast"

Hello. My name is Doron. The English word for my name is Gift. I guess I was named this because I was a gift of Apollo to my parents. I am 12 years old and I live in Elis. It's a city in northwestern Peloponnese in what you would call Ancient Greece.

I have a good life. I have two loving parents. My father, Charis (Kindness) who is 30, and my Mother, Agape (Love) who is 27. Everyday, I play with my friends. We play games like Knucklebones, Dice, and Marbles. Sometimes we play Field Hockey. I have fun with my friends.

I am telling you this story because of something that happened to me a few days ago. I didn't know what it was at the time, but I was sent to see someone who explained everything to me. I will always remember him, and when I get married in a couple years and have a son, I want to be able to have him talk to someone like the man I will tell you about.

From what I have been told, things in your time aren't like they are now. I understand that a man who does what my friend did could get in a lot of trouble. I'm sorry for those in your time. I know that what I was taught will be helpful for me as now I will not be afraid of what is happening to me.

Well, I've avoided it long enough. Let me tell you about my friend. His name is Kratos, which in Greek means Power. Kratos is a Pederast. In our time, a Pederast is a man who teaches boys about the changes that happen to them as they grow up. They teach them about what to do and how it feels. They do not promote what you in your time call being Gay or Homosexual. They are simply teachers. I wish that it was so in your world.

So, you may be wondering how I came to know Kratos. Well it all started one morning not too long ago when my father came to wake me up. As it is with most Greek boys, I sleep naked. Heck, I'm naked almost all the time. Anyway, my father came in to wake me, and noticed something. It seems that I had my first ejaculation during the night, and the evidence was still on my body.

Charis got me out of my bed and helped me to get cleaned up. He took me to the main room of our house and we had our morning meal. During the meal, father was speaking to mother about me. He was always talking to her about me like I wasn't in the room so I felt it was nothing out of the ordinary. This day, he was telling Agape that our son was becoming a man. It was time he saw Kratos.

Agape turned to her husband and told him that it was a normal thing for a boy to see a Pederast so why even bring it up. I didn't know what a Pederast was but I knew better than to question my father.

After breakfast, father took me by the hand and led me out of the house. We went to the far end of the village. We arrived at a small house. It was separated from all the others which was not the usual way it was in our town. He knocked on the door and a man of about the same age as my father opened it. He invited us in but my father just told him that I was of the age and that he would come to collect me that afternoon.

I entered the house and looked at Kratos. He was a nice looking man, meaning he didn't look like he was mean. He had a face that looked gentle and caring. His smile made me comfortable and his voice was soft and kind. He asked me to remove my tunic.

I removed my tunic and stood before him naked. He looked at me as if he were inspecting an item in a shop before deciding how much to offer for it. He was mumbling something to himself the whole time. After a few minutes, he smiled again at me and asked me if I knew why I was there.

I told him I didn't have any idea. He sat down and told me to sit with him. He explained that when a boy started to mature, he became able to produce a substance which could create a baby in a woman. He said that it was produced here, and he gently touched my testicles. He said that it moves up from there and comes out here as he touched my penis.

I asked him how that happens and he asked me if my penis ever became rigid. I was a little embarrassed, but nodded my head indicating that it did. He asked me if I ever touched it when it got that way and I immediately said no. He chuckled at my response.

He said that it was a normal thing for a boy to play with his penis when it became erect. He said that it felt very good. I was a little puzzled by this and asked him why it felt good to do that.

His reply was it's better to show you than to tell you. He began rubbing my penis. When he did this, I got a funny feeling and my penis began to grow and become more rigid. After a few moments, it was as hard as it had ever been. Kratos continued rubbing on it and after a few more minutes, pulling my foreskin back and letting it go back over the head of my penis, I began to get a feeling. It was the best feeling I could remember ever having. He kept rubbing on it. Involuntarily I began to moan in pleasure.

About a minute later, I got a feeling like I needed to urinate, and I told Kratos that he should stop so I could pee. He said not to worry and continued rubbing on me. The feeling began to get more intense and a few seconds later, I felt my penis begin to spasm and out of it came a liquid that looked thicker than pee and a little milky in color. Along with this was the most intense feelings of pleasure I had ever experienced.

After I did this, Kratos stopped rubbing on my penis. I collapsed back against the chair trying to catch my breath. After I had recovered and was breathing normally, Kratos explained to me that what had happened was called an orgasm. When I had sexual relations with my wife, her body would stimulate my penis in much the same way his fingers had. During an orgasm, the man/boy ejaculates that substance which he called semen. In the semen are little things called sperm. The sperm are what goes into the woman to find an egg and to make a baby.

We ate some lunch and talked about what he had taught me. I was comfortable with him and we had a very long discussion about the physical makeup of both boys and girls, men and women. He told me that later he would show me several way for my wife to pleasure me. We had been talking for so long that Kratos said we needed to get started or we wouldn't have time to finish before my father returned.

Kratos told me to lie down on his bed. He walked up to me and told me that when I had a wife she could take my penis into her mouth to stimulate it. I couldn't believe anyone would do that. After all that is where pee comes from and you wouldn't want to get any in your mouth. Kratos laughed and knelt down. He moved his head over my penis, and took it into his lips.

It was a wonderful feeling and before long, my penis had lengthened and hardened again. The longer he moved up and down my penis with his mouth, and sucking on it, the better I began to feel. A little while later, I began to get that feeling again, and I told Kratos this. Again, I was moaning. Moaning so much that I was not able to tell Kratos that I was about to e-e-eja-ejaculate again.

He kept sucking on me, moving up and down, running his tongue all over my penis when I could hold out no longer and felt my muscles tense and I could feel myself ejaculating again in his mouth. He swallowed it and sat up. He asked me if I had liked the feeling and I told him that it felt very nice.

He told me that my father would be back very soon so I should get dressed. Once I was dressed we sat at the table and discussed what had happened that day. He told me that he should see me one or two more times and then my father arrived.

Charis spoke briefly to Kratos but I was unable to hear what they said. Father gave Kratos some money, took my hand, and we began walking back home. Along the way, father told me that I should remember the way to Kratos' house because I would be going back there once a week for a month.

I wanted to discuss what had happened, but father told me neither he nor my mother needed to hear it. He had already been through it when he was my age, and already knew what had happened.

We arrived home and mother had our evening meal prepared. We had our meal and I was sent to my bed. I stripped off my clothes and lay down on my bed thinking about what Kratos and I had done. While I was thinking, my penis became erect again so I decided to see what it felt like to rub it like Kratos had done.

I began to mimic what he had showed me and in no time, I had ejaculated again. It was a wonderful feeling to me to be able to give myself this much pleasure. I am sure I will do this often. I can't wait to go back to see Kratos again.