"THE SOUL IN THE CELLULAR" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE SOUL IN THE CELLULAR by Andrej Koymasky © 2018
written on 3rd of February, 1995
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by MiMu

Eugenio asked the voice: "But were you always a honest, gentle, passionate lover?"

"Well, more or less... For instance, as Kunrath..."

"Who was he? When did he live?"

"I'm the son of a Norse knight. I'm born in 938. When I'm ten years old my father, I don't know for what reason, falls into disfavour and, to escape the Normandy duke's wrath, he flees with all the family. He is a valiant knight, so he enters the service of Duke Otto the Great, who is fighting against the neighbouring duchies to get the throne in place of the late Carolingian Sovereign.

The Duke has a liking for my father, so that it could be said that I grow up with his son Otto the Young. At court there are several young knights and pageboys, and I soon start to feel a strong attraction towards several of them. At the beginning it is more some kind of great admiration for these vigorous, strong, a little rough, self-confident, powerful youths. I look at them training in the weapon's use, wrestling, often with bare chests. I like them, I get a peculiar feeling admiring them. Some in particular attract me, and I never lose sight of them, quite as if I want to learn the secret of their fascination. It is so that, when I am almost fourteen, I catch one of the young knights withdrawing with a pageboy. The secrecy of their air makes me curious, so I spy upon them.

I see the knight undressing the page, then himself, I see them caressing each other, touching with intimacy, and at last I see the knight penetrate the boy. The scene excites me, the two beautiful naked bodies intertwined, getting evident reciprocal pleasure, entices me. I fancy being in place of one of them... mainly of the knight who seems to be the one getting more pleasure from that union.

For some time I content myself with spying upon others in their meetings, and while they have sex, I masturbate. But then I say to myself that, if the pageboy is ready to do those things with the knight, perhaps he would do them with me also... So one day I stop him in a corridor and tell him to follow me, because I need his help. I take him where he normally withdraws with the knight and tell him to undress, because I want to take him. The pageboy asks me what I'm talking about, pretending not to understand, but I'm excited and tell him that, if he allows the knight to take him, he has now to do the same with me.

The boy turns pale, beseeches me not to tell anybody what he does with the knight. So, he surrenders to my request, undresses and lets me take him. He bends, I go at his back and penetrate him. I enter him without difficulty and I like it very much. The heat I feel, the warmth waving at each thrust in that little welcoming ass, excites me more and more. The sound rhythm with which I take him, at a certain point becomes disorderly, violent, and finally I reach a very strong orgasm inside him, an orgasm I never before thought possible to feel, in all my life. While we dress again, I say to him I will never tell what he does to anybody, as long as he let's me take him each time I feel like... He accepts.

That first success arouses my appetite and so I want to do it also with other pageboys, especially with one called Winfred, who has my same age. But as well as I spy on him, it seems that he has no sexual relations with anybody, so I cannot blackmail him to bend him to my desires. Therefore I decide to try it with other tactics.

I start to show a lot of attention and kindness towards him, until I see he starts to reciprocate. Then, one day, while we are alone, I tell him to be careful, because I heard that a knight was telling another knight that he took a fancy for him and that he wanted to take him in his bed. Winfred asks me who that man is, but I, having invented the whole story, don't tell him. He then says that he knows that these things happen at court, and that he thought that, sooner or later, it could happen to him too. And he asks me my advice.

I tell him that, in my opinion, he can do nothing but accept the knight court... he seems thoughtful, but he doesn't say no. I then ask him if he never had sex with a man. He answers that he had neither with a man nor a woman had sex until now. I tell him I did, and with a man. He looks at me, amazed for my confession, and asks me how it is. I tell him it is very beautiful... and propose him to try it with me. He acts coy and answers with a no.

But I am back in charge, telling him that it will be better for him to try it with me, before he is in the condition to not be able to deny himself to a knight. And at last, one day, he surrenders. As soon as I touch him, he is aroused. He tells me it feels weird, but lets me have my way. I am really excited, I undress him little by little, and I involve him. I kiss him and he reciprocates. Then I start to wet his little back hole, which is my goal, and it seems that he likes it. I bring him to feel intense sensations, and finally I try to penetrate him. After some hesitations from his part, at last I succeed in taking him and slowly sink inside him, while I jack him off. He continues to murmur "no" but my impression is that he really wants to continue. He is incredibly tight, and soon I am no more able to control myself, so I let give in to orgasm. I perceive that he too is nearing to reach the maximum pleasure. We both intensely rejoice.

But then, for several days, he avoids me, he seems to be ashamed of me. Until one day it is him who comes to look for me and, half way between shy and excited, he asks me to do it again...

This time he gives himself to me with sheer passion, and I like it very much. After that time, it is always him looking for me, begging me to have sex with him. So I persuade him also to suck me, to do for me anything I like, and Winfred surrenders to any of my requests, he is completely subdued to me. This gives me even more pleasure, a sense of power.

A new pageboy comes to court, Lambert, a cousin of Winfred. He is fourteen-years old that is two years younger than us. I like this new boy, I want him. So I order Winfred to do so that I can take him. Winfred, not to lose my favour, promptly obeys.

The project he thinks of is simple: Winfred starts involving Lambert in sexual games, then I "catch" them and so I can subdue Lambert to my will and desires. In fact the two boys are in a room, united in what you now call a sixty-nine, half naked, when I enter that room. Winfred acts very skilfully, he pretends to be frightened, he beseeches me not to denounce them. I answer that I will keep silent only if they both give themselves to me. Winfred immediately agrees, and Lambert, really frightened, follows suit. So I order them to continue what they were doing, and while Winfred keeps his little cousin in the right position, I penetrate Lambert with sheer pleasure, heedless of the faint pain wails of the boy I am deflowering. Then I take also Winfred, whose wails are surely not of pain...

I continue to amuse myself with the two boys, at times both together, at times one of them. They are always ready to satisfy my desires, to comply to my orders. On my request, they involve another pageboy I like, so that he too becomes soon my prey. I feel strong, powerful - I have now three boys under my control, to satisfy my sexual pleasure. The third boy is Heintz, he is the warmer and more passionate one of the three. And also the most clever. He desires to penetrate me, but I don't let him. So, he repays me with my same money.

When Heintz becomes aware that there is a knight who desires him, without me knowing it, he gives himself to the man. The knight is very fond of Heintz. So the pageboy tells him his desire to take me, and that I don't allow him, and asks his help. The knight, amused, accepts. So, one day, while I am taking Heintz, the knight arrives and catches us. Not to denounce us, he orders me to suck his member, and while I am on all fours in front of him to satisfy him, he orders Heintz to take my ass. I am surprised when I feel a great pleasure feeling the hard rod of the boy rummaging in my back entrance, invading me, shaking inside me. And also when the two swap their places, I like the big member of the knight widening my burning little hole and I feel a strong pleasure...

Some years elapses, the knight and Winfred leave, I continue with Lambert and Heintz, then with others. I am now twenty years old, I am a knight and I don't have difficulties to take this page or that page in my bed. My techniques are now refined, I know now how to seduce, how to understand who is worth to try ensnaring. Then also Lambert leaves, and after him, also Heintz, but I am for sure never alone.

In 962 I follow king Otto and his army to Italy where, after a short confrontation, he succeeds in deposing Berengario of Friuli, king of Italy. Then I follow the king to Rome, where Otto makes the pope John XII crown him Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of Occident. All along our way, there are not a few young noble men I persuade to come in my bed to please me.

In Rome I meet Emo, a noble Lombard of the Southern Duchies and I am crushed by his fascination. He too is not insensible to me so, little by little, our intimacy grows until he, one evening, in the garden, tells me that he is in love with me. I embrace him, kiss him, he reciprocates with hot passion. He is breathless, he barely succeeds in whispering to me to go to his room. There, he feverishly undresses me, I undress him, he pulls me on his bed and for the first time we make love.

He is so excited that his face and shoulders are reddened, he is dewy with sweat, his eyes shine like stars, he is beautiful. I like feeling him sinking in me and taking me with vigour, while his hands clasp me, he shakes on me, his breath is heavy. Emo is perhaps the most virile of all my past lovers. Then he asks me to take him, and also when he is under me, he is full of energy and passion. We take each other several times, before we finally surrender to orgasm. Afterwards, while relaxing, he embraces me, kisses me, holds me tight against him, in rapture.

When Otto resumes his route to the North, I ask my Emperor to be allowed to remain in Rome. And when Emo, my young Lombard, decides to go back to Crotone, his native city, I follow him without hesitation. But the fact to follow him doesn't exempt me from looking for new secret adventures with nice young men or boys. Until one day Emo catches me in bed with one of his pageboys. He makes me a jealousy scene. All seems settled again, until he catches me again in intimacy with a young stable boy of his estates that I am merrily taking on the hayloft. This time the breaking off is irremediable.

Therefore I abandon Crotone and I board a ship going to the North. I am now twenty eight years old. But our ship is attacked by Arabic ships and, in spite of our strenuous resistance, we are defeated and all the survivors are kept prisoner and brought to Sicily. More than prisoners, it would be better to say that we are slaves. In fact I become the slave of a rich Arab merchant of Messina, who uses me to load and unload his merchandises from the ships.

Amongst the slaves there are men of different lands, young and handsome, and as it is not allowed for slaves to have women, they often have sex between them. So I can, with no difficulties, bring to my pallet and take more than one my companion slaves who are in the flower of youth and full of desire.

All considered, even if I have to work hard, I don't feel so bad. Especially when I meet young Leo, a twenty-year-old Byzantine slave just caught prisoner. I like him very much, and when I propose him to spend the night in my pallet, he at once accepts. The night he comes to my place and gives himself to me with real passion. It seems that Byzantines are famous for their sensuality, sure is that Leo is fantastic in bed. Our passionate encounters repeat, and in a short while we become a steady couple and official lovers. Amongst us slaves it is not rare that such steady couples form, without needing to hide it, I mean.

I live with him for five years. It is not that I'm completely faithful to him, but while the other little stories come and go, I never interrupt my relation with him. Also because Leo never makes jealousy scenes. He understands that even if I need every now and then a little adventure, the one I really love is him, therefore he serenely accepts my one night stands with other slaves.

Leo is twenty-five, I'm ten years older than him. One day, while we are loading merchandises on a ship, he slips from the gangway and falls in the water with his load. The bale gets entangled in his clothes and draws him under water. As I see that, I immediately put down my load and dive in to rescue him. I can reach him under water, he is struggling scared, I succeed in freeing him but, while we go up again, as we did eat just little before, I'm seized with a cramp in my stomach that immobilizes me, I start swallowing water and, before somebody can rescue me, I drown..."

"That's why you did reincarnate in Sicily, then..."

"Yes. That time has been my longest period out of a body, I had to wait little more than six years inside one of the iron rings of the wharf before being again united to a body... You can understand, that place is not that suitable so it could be common for a man to make pregnant a woman..."

"So then, you incarnated in an Arab..."

"In a half breed, mother Sicilian and father unknown, but for sure an Arab; after him in a pure Arab; then in Selim, about whom I told you; then again in a half breed; and after that in the son of a Norseman merchant, but he died at six; and then in Adelbert, you do remember him, right?"


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