"THE SOUL IN THE CELLULAR" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE SOUL IN THE CELLULAR by Andrej Koymasky © 2018
written on 3rd of February, 1995
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by MiMu

On the following day, Eugenio asked his cellular for another story.

The voice started at once: "I am Denis, born in Nevers' country side around 1434. My parents are farmers, but the family is very numerous and we are rather poor. Often, in order to survive, we have to have recourse to small thefts. Especially my elder brother is very skilled - when he strolls in the market, he always comes back with his bag filled with food, skilfully stolen from various stalls.

When the dukes don't go hunting, we sometimes also put some little trap in the wood and catch some hare or pheasant, and then it is a festivity, we can eat well. But we have to be very careful that the duke's gamekeepers don't catch us, because we could pay even with our lives for what we do. It happened in past, but happily never in our family.

Twice a year the duke's son, Nicolas Philippe, comes with the constable and the soldiers to gather the tithe in kind. As we often are not able to pay them, he chooses one of my elder brothers and has him taken to the castle by his soldiers. My brother comes back after about ten days, sometimes even one month later. When I ask my father or mother what they did to that brother, the answer was that they had to work for the duke's son. But my third brother Jean, once tells me the truth - the duke's son likes boys, therefore he takes them in his bed and fucks them.

Therefore the young duke Nicolas did fuck, and more than once, three of my brothers. I wonder when my turn will come. Evidently the young duke likes boys around fourteen, fifteen years old, I am now twelve, therefore in a couple of years it could be my turn. I ask Jean what it is like to be fucked. He giggles and tells me that, especially the first times, it hurts somewhat. But that you can eat well, and sleep in a very soft bed, therefore it is worth it. He tells me that, all considered, he hopes that the duke's son chooses him again.

I am thirteen when I happen to catch my elder brother Robert who is behind a bush fucking my brother Michel, the second. They don't notice me, so I enjoy the scene, and I beat off, excitedly. When I tell it to Jean, he says it is natural - before marrying we can't do it but amongst boys. So I ask him why he doesn't do it with me. He giggles and says he will think about it.

A few days later, I am picking fruits in the undergrowth, Jean comes near me and tells me to follow him. I ask him where and why. He smiles cunningly, caresses my small ass and asks me if I changed my mind. I understand and follow him without hesitation. He takes me to a withdrawn place, he makes me lower my breeches and turn, he pulls out his member and here, standing, he puts it all inside me. Possibly because it is not yet so big, possibly because I desire it, but, besides a light initial annoyance, I like it and it doesn't hurt at all. He puts his hand on my belly and pulls me against himself, with his other hand he beats me off at the same rhythm he is pumping inside me, and it becomes more and more pleasurable.

Afterwards, I ask him if it was that way with the duke's son. He says that it's not exactly the same because the young duke took him always in his bed. Then he adds that the duke has a tool bigger than his own, and shows me the size with his hands. Then, he adds like in an afterthought, the duke also likes being sucked, and that is the thing he likes least. I don't know why, but the idea to be able to feel an erected virile tool in my mouth makes me, on the contrary, excited at once.

After that, I do it again with Jean, but Robert, who is seventeen, has a bigger tool than Jean and the memory of when I saw him taking Michel, excites me. So I decide to try it with him. One day as Robert goes to the spring to get water and asks one of us to help him, I at once offer myself. When we are at the spring, I ask him if he wants to show it to me. Robert slaps me and tells me that such things are not to be done. Then I tell him that I saw him doing things with Michel, and if he doesn't want me to tell everybody, he has to do it with me too...

So Robert takes me behind a rock and opens his breeches. I crouch in front of him and take his member in my hands - I caress it and see it swells, and think it is beautiful. So I start to lick it and I feel that Robert likes it. I also like it, especially when I take it all into my mouth and start to suck. He tells me with a hoarse voice not to let him feel my teeth, to move my tongue, to clasp my lips, he makes me move my head back and fort - in short he teaches me to do it properly. He makes me lick it again, lick his heavy balls, the lap fold, and tells me that I am a little pig, and that he likes it.

After a while he makes me stand up, he lowers my breeches to my knees, makes me turn and bend ninety degrees, he insalivates my small hole and pushes it inside me. Yes, it is bigger than that of Jean, it hurts a little bit, but I like it too much. Robert is strong, he hammers in me with vigour but after a few strokes he cums, pushing himself completely inside me, and then I beat off rapidly so I can cum before he withdraws.

Afterwards, he repeats that I am really a little pig, but that he liked me. I make him promise me, without effort, that he will do it again with me. Robert tells me that if I learn to suck well, he will make me happy. Michel never wanted to suck him. Then I ask him what he had to do with the young duke. These things, Robert answers giggling, then he adds: "You'll see, in a while it will be your turn."

Appetite comes with eating. At this point I want to do it also with Michel, who is now fifteen. The occasion rises a few days later. We are coming back from Nevers, where we went to sell roots at the market. Michel says at a certain point that he has to pee and stops behind a tree. I say I also have to, and go near him and pull it out, and look at his groin. But I, instead of peeing, start to beat off. Michel looks at me and asks me what the hell I'm doing and what I have to look at him there. I stretch my arm and caress his little ass. He jolts and tells me not to be a moron. Then I tell him that I saw that he lets Robert fuck him, and that I want to do it with him. He blushes, says it is not true. I take his prick in my hand and feel it. This time he lets me do.

I have to insist for some time, but at last I persuade him to come between the bushes with me, and here we sit on the ground and I bend between his legs to suck it - I really like doing that. He moans and lets me do it, and he even caresses my hair. And after a while, he asks me to fuck his ass. I don't need to be told twice, he goes on his knees and stretches is nice little ass towards me. I kneel behind him and take him... and I understand why Robert and Jean like fucking so much! I am so excited that I cum almost immediately. Michel seems somewhat disappointed, but then asks me to make him cum with my lips. I satisfy his wish and when I feel him cumming, and feel the rather sour taste of his cream and I feel really happy.

So, hiding one from the other, my three elder brothers urge me to secret meetings and almost never a day passes without me doing it with one of them.

I am fourteen when the duke Nicolas finally chooses me. I am happy, and secretly excited. A soldier rises me bodily and puts me on the saddle in front of him. He takes me to the castle and entrusts me to a servant, just telling him that I am for the duke Nicolas. The servant takes me to the stables, makes me undress, sit in a tub of cold water, and with a kind of currycomb and soap, vigorously washes my whole body. He is silent, efficient. He makes me come out, dry, he combs me, then he makes me wear a simple short cloth tunic.

He takes me up a stairway, to a room where a table is already set. And he gives me my instructions. I have to pull out my tunic and wait, naked as the day I was born, standing up near the table. And when the young duke will arrive, he could ask me anything, I have to obey him without hesitation if I don't want to end my days starving in the dungeons. Then he leaves.

I pull off my short tunic and, naked, I am waiting near the table. After a while the duke enters. He doesn't wear the attire anymore he had when riding, now he wears a kind of wide silk gown tied at his waist, long to his ankles, with very wide sleeves. He looks at me and asks my name and my age. He sits at the table and tells me to start to serve him. While he eats and drinks, he feels me, first caressing my buttocks, then rummaging between my legs, then brushing my nipples so that soon I am aroused, and this seems to please him. I am sincerely somewhat embarrassed being there totally naked while he is not, but this also has its exciting side.

Also his looks filled with lust are exciting. He tells me that, later, I can eat his leftovers - there is enough to satisfy the hunger of three people, I think merrily. He turns on his chair towards me, opens his legs and tells me to kneel between them. I guess what for, and I obey. He orders me to open his dress - what appears to my eyes makes me widen them. An erect, hard, throbbing pole rises from a thicket of brown curled hair, adorned by the heavy sack of his balls. He asks me if I like it and, with complete sincerity, I answer yes. He orders me to caress it. I take it in my hands - it is warm, smooth like silk, shuddering. He orders me to lick it, and I bend to do it with real pleasure, remembering Robert's lessons.

The young duke appreciates my job, tells me I am skilled, and that he likes it. He orders me to suck it and I let it slip between my tight lips, being careful not to make him feel my teeth, moving my tongue around it, making it all enter until it's tip is in my throat, then I start to move my head back and forth in rhythm. The young lord moans, pleasured, and while he caresses the nape of my neck and shoulders, he abandons himself against the tall chair's back, spreading his legs more. I caress the internal part of his thighs, his groin, his lap, his balls, continuing to suck at it, full of pleasure. It is big, long, hard, and I think that yes, it will hurt me, but it will also give me a lot of pleasure.

He makes me stop, he stands up and makes me stand up. He takes me to the near room where there is a wide tester bed. He unties his gown and lets it glide on the floor. He has a muscled and strong body, lightly hairy on his forearms and legs but hairless elsewhere. And at its centre that beautiful pole, fiercely pointing forward. He sees my glance and smiles, and asks me if I like what I'm seeing, and if I want it into my little ass. I eagerly say yes. He makes me climb on his bed, he lies on it and orders me to lick all over his body. Meanwhile he caresses me, he feels me, he teases me between my buttocks with his finger, and soon he pushes little by little deeper and deeper inside me, preparing me for another, bigger invasion. I quiver all over in the wait, a little afraid of the size of that imposing pole, but also excited about the idea that in a while he will take me.

And finally he has me on all fours, with two fingers he spreads something on my hole, he seizes me at my waist and I feel that his pole rummages, hard and tense, until he finds my hole. He pushes, I moan. He gives a sharp stroke and starts to invade me, I am not able to retain a yell, but I want it inside me, I try to endure. He gives another stroke and sinks some more inside me. It hurts, but I like it too much.

On instinct I push myself against him, and he continues to open his way in me little by little. I moan, I whine, but I receive it with growing pleasure. It is a strange sensation, this feeling of pain and pleasure at the same time. Finally I feel his groin strongly pressing against my buttocks. He is deeply embed in me. He stops, almost as if he wants to savour the completed conquest, then he slowly starts to withdraw, to slip all inside me again with a vigorous push and a loud pleasure moan. The young duke takes me deeply, with calm, with virile pleasure, so different from my unskilled brothers.

Even when I feel he is close to reaching his orgasm, the shudders of his body tell me so, he continues with unchanged strength and calm to glide in and out of me, until I feel his whole body vibrate and he starts to fill me with his load, slightly panting. After he comes, he doesn't stop, he gives me several slow strokes until I feel it becomes soft again and withdraws from me. So he pulls it out, lies down and tells me that if I want I can go to have my meal.

I feel appetite, so I go back to the other room and eat with pleasure. After a while, I feel watched and rise my head. The young duke is in the door, his open gown on his shoulders, it almost frames his beautiful virile body. He smiles at me and tells me that he likes me. He says that amongst the many boys he had, I am one of the few who allow to be taken without any fuss, and with evident pleasure. He comes near me and caresses my ass, still a little hurting. He asks me if he did hurt me. I say yes, a little, but that I really liked it. He notices I am looking between his legs and asks me to lick it again. I don't need to be asked twice, he stands close to me while I am still sitting at the food table, so his pole is at the right level.

I take it in my hands and start to lick it, to kiss it, to suckle at it with real pleasure, which increases as his tool is rising again, quivering and powerful. I take all of it into my mouth and then he seizes my head between his strong hands and starts to slowly fuck me between my lips. I caress his swollen balls, his thighs, his sides, his belly, his twitching buttocks, savouring that tasty pole. He ruffles my hair, caresses the nape of my neck, my shoulders. I start to beat off, as I didn't cum before, while I enjoy that strong pole with my lips, tongue and mouth.

When he cums again, I savour, like a thirsty man at a spring, that warm and sweet liqueur, that floods my mouth, that pleasurably flows in my throat, and I also cum. It tastes so good, I confusedly think that it is because he is a lord... I greedily suck until the last drop, until the young duke parts from me with a deep sigh. He asks my name again, caressing my cheek, he asks me if I ate enough. I say yes, so he tells me to go in his bed. I hear him calling a page to take away the leftovers. I wait for him to come, but he is late. The wide bed is incredibly soft, agreeable, and unwillingly, I fall asleep.

When I wake up, the room is dark. I feel the heat of the duke's body near mine and from his breathing I understand he is sleeping. He has his arm across my body. I don't move, not to wake him. Through the window the gentle light of the moon creeps into the room. Shyly, I lower my hand between my young lord's legs and caress his soft tool, which is still big, with a warm pleasure. But then I stop and I sweetly fall asleep again.

In the morning I wake up and the duke is still asleep, but now his pole is hard and straight. I move on the bed so that I can reach it with my mouth and start to lick it. I understand he is awake when I feel him caressing my hair. So I suck it with enthusiasm, until he stops me, turns me on my side and, from behind, he enters me, pulling me against himself with one of his hands on my belly and the other on my chest. I beat off to the rhythm of his fast and short strokes. I feel his warm breath in my ear, and hear him whispering pleasure words, calling me by name. Then he pulls my hand away from my prick, seizes it and beats me off, continuing to pump inside me with growing pleasure. And when, trembling and moaning, he cums inside me, without pulling out, he turns on his back, keeping me lying on his body, and continues to beat me off until I also cum. Then he makes me glide to his side and comes on top of me. And he tells me that I am born to make love.

For days, I practically remain naked, in his rooms. I eat after him. When the servants bring the tub with hot water, I bathe with him, wash him, then myself, and often we also make love there, inside the tub. He has sex with me at different times of the day, he seems inexhaustible, insatiable. When he goes out, I have to stay in his rooms waiting for him. Once he is absent, his page tells me that he never saw his master so taken by a boy, until then, but he tells me not to delude myself, sooner or later he will get tired of me and look for another boy.

Anyway, duke Nicolas keeps me with him for two months, which is longer than the boys he usually takes. And, instead of sending me back home with my old rags, he makes me take new clothes. When the charged soldier brings me home, my three elder brothers want me to tell them everything. Not seeing me go back after the usual month, they worried about me.

I resume my old life, and the contrast is remarkable. The food, the bed, everything seems miserable to me now. And also when I start having sex with my brothers again, in comparison with how it was with duke Nicolas, it seems poor to me. But I have to adapt myself again. So, three months elapse, when one day three of the duke's soldiers come, and one asks who is Denis. He tells me that the duke wants me at the castle, and, taking me up as I am, he brings me back to the castle. The same servant takes me then to the rooms of the duke.

This time I remain there just for five weeks before he sends me back home. But the page tells me that, after he had me, the duke doesn't seem to appreciate the other boys he chooses in the villages of his land. Four months elapse again, and then I am taken and brought to the castle again. When the young lord has me, he seems to get tired of me, but when I am not there, he regrets not having me and he misses me.

This continues for almost two years, but then I'm growing up, becoming more and more a man, and the duke doesn't send for me again. Rather, after less than one year after my last time he wanted me at the castle, it is the turn of my brother Alain to be picked up and taken to the castle. When Alain is back, just two weeks later, he seems rather upset - he didn't like what happened, it seems. I ask myself how that could be, I liked it so much...

First my brother Robert, then also Michel, marry, so they stop having sex with me. Alain, not even to hint it. So it remains just Jean, but he also is more and more talking about girls and I understand that soon I will lose him also...

I am seventeen, almost eighteen, when one Sunday, after the Mass, a servant from the castle approaches me and asks me if I am Denis, son of Lois. I say yes. That servant draws me to a corner and tells me that the duke Nicolas wants me immediately at the castle. I look at him in surprise, but I cannot but follow him. Along the way I wonder what he could want from me - for sure now he is no more interested in me, unfortunately...

The servant takes me to the great castle kitchen and tells me to wait there. After a while duke Nicolas comes and makes me a gesture to follow him in the yard and here, strolling, he explains to me that one of his dearest friends, the Viscount Du Berry, who is now his guest, likes boys of my age very much and that therefore he wants me, as long as the Viscount remains at his castle, to become his personal page. I tell him that I would like to do that, more than willingly, but that I never was a page, and so I don't know if I will be up to that task. He smiles and tells me that my main task would be to do more or less what I did with him, so there will be no problem.

He makes me wash, and wear a page livery, then he takes me to the rooms of his guest, where the Viscount waits for me. When I enter, he tells his friend that my name is Denis (I am pleased he still remembers my name!) and that along his stay he will have me at his disposal for any of his wishes. The Viscount turns and I remain to look at him agape - he is of an incredible beauty, he is younger than the duke, he could be twenty-two years old, rather less than more. His eyes are of a gilded green, shining, and he has a bright smile..."

"Always very beautiful, your lovers, aren't they?" Eugenio said, sneering.

"I already explained to you that the concept of beauty is relative, personal. Possibly you would not have liked him, or anyway less than me, but to me he was beauty in person..."

"All right, all right... and then?"

"And then... the young Viscount thanks the duke, who leaves us. The Viscount asks me how old I am, he looks my body up and down, then he asks me to undress. He turns me around, feels me, studies me with care. It has a strange effect on me, it seems quite like a client at the livestock market, and the cattle is me. When I lower my breeches, he feels between my legs until he arouses me, then he says I am a little too thin, but that I am all right. He makes me dress again and he laughs when he sees that I have difficulties to settle my hard prick in the very tight breeches.

It is strange, but that young man gives me pleasurable and disagreeable sensations at the same time, I can't understand why. Anyway, it doesn't matter - I am just a servant and he is a lord and I have to do my best to please him. For sure he physically attracts me very much, especially when he smiles, but in other moments he seems cold and off-putting. I am longing for him to take me in his bed, to see how is making love with him. He goes to his bedroom where he changes for supper, then he goes downstairs. A servant brings me some food, and after a while he comes to take away my leftover.

Waiting, I feel bothered, but at last he comes. He is merry, perhaps the effect of wine, but he is not at all drunk. He asks me to help him undress - finally I can see his body and that at once arouses me very much. Naked, he lies on his back on the bed and tells me to undress. I rapidly free myself from the livery and go to him on the bed. He stays on his back, his legs widespread. I bend between his legs and start sucking him, and feel he likes very much what I'm doing for him. I lick his balls, and also under them, so he brings his legs against his chest and orders me to lick his hole. Somewhat hesitant, I obey, and I discover that it is pleasurable, feeling his hole shuddering under my laps.

And finally, he asks me to penetrate him! I'm afraid I misunderstood him, but he repeats his order, impatient. So then... I busy myself on him. He seems to transform, he becomes hot, passionate. He sucks my nipples, while I continue to take him with increasing pleasure, he holds me tight, he moans like in a frenzy. And when I cum inside him, pushing with all my means, he also cums, squirming and moaning.

Afterwards, he asks me to hold him tight between my arms, to caress him, he cuddles against me and falls asleep in this position. In the following days, little by little I understand what he likes, what he wants from me, what instead bothers him and I conform to his wishes. He seems more and more happy with my services, he loves the way I fuck his nice ass, so that when he has to leave the castle, he asks to take me with him, to keep me as his personal page.

We arrive at his castle, and he makes me wear a new livery with the colours of his house. I am practically his secret lover. He treats me very well and, even if during the day he always assumes his haughty air, I understand that it is just to hide from the others what he really feels for me.

I am at his service for six months, and I am really happy. I like making love with the young Viscount very much, who seems to grow more and more affectionate to me. In fact, one day..."

The voice suddenly became silent. Eugenio, stupefied, waited for it to resume the narration, then urged: "Hey, one day... what? Why did you stop? Shit, the phone is not broken, now..."

He tried to call a friend, it worked perfectly, the phone was alright. He tried to call the voice again, but to no avail.

Then, a sudden idea came to his min - he tried to remember what day he first heard the voice and how many days it said had to pass before it could reincarnate, and saw that the prescribed days had elapsed...

He also remembered that, just on the other side of his bedroom wall, there was the bedroom of the neighbouring apartment, and that a young couple lived there, married just two months before... sometimes, in the night, especially the first days, Eugenio heard them making love, then they seemed to have calmed down... but that didn't mean they didn't continue to fuck.

Therefore, if he was right, that night, around eleven twenty, he did make her pregnant and the soul in his cellular was now in the just fertilized cell.

In the following months, Eugenio observed her, until he saw she was really pregnant... so he approached her, greeting her, and told her that a nice boy was going to be born, and he told her also in what month. She smiled, said that the month was right, but that it was not possible to know if the baby would be a boy or not - she would prefer a girl, after all.

"No, no, believe me, it will be a boy." Eugenio insisted with a mysterious smile and said goodbye, he went downstairs waving his cellular. And merrily he thought: "And he will be gay!"


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