"THE SOUL IN THE CELLULAR" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE SOUL IN THE CELLULAR by Andrej Koymasky © 2018
written on 3rd of February, 1995
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by MiMu


"Somebody who is also in the History books."

"Well, yes... I was Rolf, the Viking, or Dane, or Norseman chieftain as you prefer to say, and the first Duke of Normandy..."

"Never heard about him."

"Because you don't know history. It is the time just after the Danes besieged Paris. At the times of the siege I think I am fifteen years old. I fight with the soldiers since my coming of age, that is three years after my puberty. Since one year I'm the squire of the group chieftain, the strong Dubel, a man about thirty years old, a formidable warrior and a formidable lover."

"How did you become his lover?"

"In the most simple of ways. I am the son of one of his men, he notices me, so he takes me as his batman and right the first night, when he lies down, makes me undress, kneel between his powerful bare thighs and he tells me to suck it..."

"And you?" Eugenio asked amazed.

"He is our leader, he is the strongest warrior, I admire him, my father recommended me to obey him completely... so I do it without any hesitation. Rather, I feel him getting aroused and I feel honoured having been chosen by him for this intimate service, amongst the several batmen he has. Then he bodily turns me round, mounts me and fucks me..."

"Didn't he hurt you?"

"Yes, he is really well endowed. But a Viking doesn't complain. I feel he likes me a lot and I'm proud of that. I become his official lover."

"Official? You mean that everybody knew that? There is no problem in the relationship between two men?"

"Absolutely not. He is married, as everybody, he has children. But we Vikings are known, in our raids, to mount our enemies' girls or boys. And it is normal for an adult warrior, when he is far away from his family due to war, to have a boy lover, precisely a batman, that he trains in the weapons' use and war."

"But he also had other batmen, that is lovers..."

"Of course, he is the strongest warrior, the most admired one."

"And weren't you jealous?"

"No, even because little by little he becomes affectionate to me and prefers me to all the others. And now that I'm used to it, I like it and I'm happy when he calls me to his pallet. While we besiege Paris, we built a steady encampment, with poles, stones and earth, from where, on our horses, we ride through the fields, forests, plains and villages to get food. We kill whoever resists us, we pursue the youths and, having caught them, we mount them."

"You too?"

"Of course! Even if I always choose men. He, Dubel, doesn't make any distinctions, he takes whatever he gets. But then, we also often end up doing it together, he and I, before going back to the encampment with our plunder. At last, we decide to leave Paris, that still resists, and to find a land for us, to settle nearest to the sea, that remains for us an important landmark. Dubel founds a village for his men and their families. Notwithstanding that he is now reunited with his family, and in the meanwhile I have also married, he doesn't renounce me and we often make love together. His sons have died in war, therefore Dubel adopts me as a son to succeed to him after his death."

"But he continues to fuck you..."

"First of all we are lovers, right? Well, after a long serial of challenges, Dubel controls more and more of the neighbouring Norsemen's villages, who become his allies or that he subdues. I am at his side for the administration of our growing estate. I too have now a batman..."

"Didn't you make love with Dubel anymore?"

"Sure I do, but I also love to have a handsome boy on my bed to please me. Rather, once while I am taking my batman, he enters, sees us, gets aroused, comes to me and takes me. I really like that double sensation a lot, so sometimes we do threesomes again, with me in the middle..."

"You are a real pervert..."

"No, I just enjoy life. When Dubel dies because of a wound he received in a challenge that he won anyway, I assume his role and continue to widen my influence in the area. I know we need to be united if we want to resist to the France king who tries to chase us back to sea. I fortify the village, that now is rather a small town, and start to build my castle. I am now a man, I must be around thirty years old..."

"How is that you, always so exact about dates, are so approximate now?"

"Because I still don't know the calendar. I can give you the exact dates only after 911, when I sign a treaty with King Charles III the Simple, who recognizes me as Normandy Duke and entrusts all the Normandy land to me, and I recognize him as my king. To ratify the treaty, the king wants a group of noble Norsemen to go to live at his court, and a group of noble Francs to mine. While we discuss the various points of the treaty, I meet the eldest son of his Palace Master, a young Franc, seventeen years old, really wonderful, and I feel a strong liking for him. So I ask the king to have him also in the small group of nobles who will come with me to my castle. The king accepts, but asks that amongst my men stopping at his court, there is also my second son.

So it happens. I go back to my castle with my small group of guest-hostages. A period of peace starts. I want to conquer the young Angilbert, to whom I took a fancy..."

"Didn't you simply mount him as you Vikings used to do?" Eugenio ironically asked.

"No. We are becoming civilized, and he is a noble hostage. Moreover I'm not only interested in having sex with him, I want him to become my lover. I like him, he is learned, gentle, beautiful. I start to discretely court him, I always want him at my side. I have the feeling he likes me. But each time I try to reach some degree of intimacy with him, he seems to escape from me.

I feel more and more attracted to the young Franc and I can't understand why he, who anyway seems also attracted by me, escapes me each time he understands what I would like to have from him. So, one day, I decide to speak with him frankly. We are alone between the tower battlements admiring my land and the nearby sea. So I tell him about my love for him, about my desire. He smiles and says he did understand. Then I ask him why he does always escape: perhaps he doesn't like me? Or he is not inclined to men's love?

He answers that he, more than willingly, would be mine, and my heart gives a start in my chest, but he adds that I have my batman, my wife, that I have also occasional adventures... He will be only for the man who oaths him fidelity. I make him remember that I'm the Lord of all this land and that I recognize to be superior only king Charles. He smiles like to a slow witted child and tells me that he is not asking from me fidelity as a Duke, but as Rolf, as a man. He says that as a Duke he will always obey me... and also as a lover, just if I have nobody else.

To me this is like a challenge. If that's the price he asks me to be mine, he will get it. First, I make a gift to my batman and I send him back to his family honourably. Then I order to my wife to go to live in our castle in West Normandy with our children. Then I summon Angilbert and tell him: "Now there are no more obstacles, accept to be my lover." He asks me to take him in my bedroom. He locks the doors, slowly undresses in front of me, looking at me with a sweet smile. I feel burning with desire, he is of a god-like beauty. He says: "Here I am, do with me all you want, as you please." I too undress, I draw near him, I caress him like in a daydream. He becomes aroused.

I take him in my arms, raise him against my chest, take him to my bed where I lay him down. He looks at me with desire filled eyes, smiling, awaiting. I go to the bed, hold him tightly against me and start to enjoy his fresh and strong body. He offers himself to me, so at last I start to push my way inside him. I am quite amazed: I used hundreds of asses in my life, I took hundreds of boys and youths and men... and yet it is something different, something new, incredible. I slowly invade him, and he welcomes me inside him. He gives himself to me transported with delight. He really wants me, he not just lets me have my way with him. He caresses all my body, he kisses and licks all parts of my body he can reach while I move in and out of him. He makes me feel how much he does like having me inside him. He is tender, passionate, he is able to read my desire in my eyes and to promptly answer to it, or rather, he knows how to stir up my desire... I don't regret at all the sacrifices and renounces he asked of me, on the contrary, he plentifully repays me.

His way to make love, refines my way to make love. Francs at this time are a lot more civilized than we Norsemen. Angilbert is so sensual, and even if he receives me in him, he remains so manly... He is sensual, he makes me discover the intensity and beauty of a total donation, he always gives himself to me, and yet, I feel that he... owns me. And notwithstanding my pride, and I have a strong pride, I must admit, I feel happy to belong to him. I never thought that loving, and having sex, with another man could give such an intense pleasure and such a strong feeling of being complete at last.

I love his way to take care of my body, I learn from him how to give, and receive, the maximum of pleasure, how to transform each love encounter in a living poem, in a real paradise. Sex, I discover thanks to him, is not just fucking, it is a lot more. He cares so much about me as no wife, no batmen could have cared. He is really living for me, but now I am also living for him. And not just when having sex, but all day long. And my days are radiant.

We live together, happily, for eleven years. I have now white hair, he is a mature man, and yet we continue to make love like the first time he gave himself to me. I feel like an old man, nowadays, but when he is in my arms, when I am in his arms, I still feel like a young man. As he often says to me, I am his stud... I never get tired of making love with him.

But then I fall ill. When I realize I'm near to my end, I summon my eldest son into my presence and I make him solemnly swear, in front of all my vassals, that he will treat Angilbert like a dear brother and like the most precious of all his subjects. My son swears, and I read in his eyes that he is sincere, so I close my eyes, and finally I can pass away, in peace. It is the year 922, 12th of June, in the afternoon."

"Another romantic story..."

"What's up, don't you like them?"

"Yes... and this Rolf, first Duke of Normandy, is the most famous person you ever was?"

"Eh, yes, you have to be content with that. But I have been also the lover of more famous men, if you want I can tell you..."

"Yes, but not now, tomorrow. Now I'm a little busy..." Eugenio answered, bid farewell to the voice and closed his cellular.


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