"THE SOUL IN THE CELLULAR" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE SOUL IN THE CELLULAR by Andrej Koymasky © 2018
written on 3rd of February, 1995
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by MiMu

The day after, having finished his dinner, Eugenio asked his cellular for a new story.

"So, Eugenio, do you want to know about when I was the lover of Pericles the Athenian? Is he famous enough for you?"

"Pericles? Was he gay?"

"In this period, in Greece, there is no gay and not gay. Pederasty is normal, is an important part of the educational system of boys. As it is normal to marry after this."

"But there were also adult men decidedly preferring adult males, that is not just pederasts?"

"Sure there are, and I am one of them. Pericles... more or less. I mean that he was presumed to stop having sex with me at my coming of age, but instead, he continues, even if more and more seldom... So, are you interested in my story?"

"Yes, go on, tell me."

"I am the son of Philon, the votive offerings and amulets maker, and my name is Demetratos. When I come to life, Pericles is fourteen years old. Our house and shop are near the Ephaesteion, at the beginning of the road to the Acropolis. I am born just one year before the Salamina Battle, a difficult moment for Athens. Luckily we win, in spite of having just one third of the ships the Persians have, and when I am two years old even the land army of our proud enemy is defeated and a long peace period starts. Democracy wins out over despotism, thanks to our gods' help. Well, today I think it has been the force of desperation to make us win, but at this time I am convinced, like everybody, that only the gods' help allowed us to win against such an enemy, incredibly superior to us.

I am nine years old when in Olympia the Zeus temple is restored by the contribution of all Greek towns and the panhellenic games start again. My father takes me to see them. It's here that I meet Pericles, for the first time. He is twenty-three years old, he wears just the very short tunic and is admiring the huge Zeus statue with other Athenians. He greets my father, caresses my hair and asks me my name, and I'm lost in fascination for him. I see him again, this time completely naked, while he contends in the games, And I'm even more fascinated. He is beautiful, from hair to toe, a perfect athlete. And he is also very skilled. I cheer for him, and not just because he is Athenian.

I know that in a few years my father will have to find me an eromenon, and I want him to be Pericles. So, after the games, while he is cleaning up himself with the other athletes, using a bone strigil, I go near him and tell him my hope.

"Pericles, I would like very much becoming your erastai... please..."

He smiles and tells me: "Ah, Demetratos, now just think of growing older, and at the right age, we will talk again about that. Moreover, it is your father who has to choose your eromenon, and possibly he has somebody else in mind."

I don't want it to be another man, so I also tell my father. He shakes his head and tells me that Pericles is from a too important family to accept, at the right moment, to be my eromenon. But I don't surrender at all. If I grow up well, promising, Pericles will accept me, I think with conviction. Therefore, as we are back home, and when I am enrolled in the gymnasion, I resolutely apply myself.

I am thirteen years old when Pericles passes in the gymnasion. So I go near him, recall him who I am and ask him to go to see my father and to ask him to become my eromenon. He again smiles, but answers me that it is up to my father to go to ask him and not vice versa. Then I ask him if he yet got an erastai. He laughs and says that no, he still has none, but that he is thinking about getting one. So I ask him to wait until my father asks him to take care of me. He promises me he will wait, but not more than three months.

I then go to see my father and beseech him to go to meet Pericles and to ask him to become my eromenon. But my father answers that he cannot do such a thing. I insist, but it is useless. But I don't surrender, for sure. When I go with my father to the Agora, where his name is drawn by lot as one of the representatives of our phylai for that year, I see that Pericles is there also, so I go and call him, telling him that my father wants to talk to him. Pericles follows me, and when he is in front of my father, my hero asks what my father wants to tell him.

My father is confused, he apologises for my impertinence, scolds me, but Pericles smiles and asks him:

"Can I do something for your son?"

I answer: "Yes, become my eromenon."

Pericles asks my father: "Is this what you desire for your son?"

Well, my father, even if ashamed, in the end asks him if he accepts to take me as his erastai, Pericles accepts without any problem, and I am happy.

This thing settled, I wait for Pericles coming to take me at the gymnasion. I don't have to wait long. He takes me in his beautiful house, in his private room, he makes me lay near him and finally he starts my initiation..."

"That is he fucks you."

"No, not yet. That happens almost one year later. At the beginning he just caresses me, makes me caress him, while we talk, because the eromenon is, first of all, is a real educator. He explains to me many things, he answers my questions, he asks me questions... He really has at heart my formation into an adult, and meanwhile he also leads me, little by little, up to sexuality. Our spiritual and physical intimacy grows little by little. My meetings with him are the most beautiful moments of my day, the long walks, the discussions, the visits, the physical exercise together, and also when we lay in his room and we caresses each other.

He then makes me discover my own body, his beautiful body. He teaches me the most erogenous parts, how to awake them, how to arouse the pleasure. It is a kind of crescendo, you know, like in music. And one day we also cum, and it is very pleasurable. Then he starts to have with me what is called the interfemural intercourse: he embraces me from my front, he slides his powerful rod between my tight femurs thighs and moves back and forward, his groin brushing my erect dick, until we both come. And while doing this kind of union, he starts to probe my back hole with his fingers, with some perfumed ointment, and he starts to penetrate me with his finger, preparing me little by little. And he teaches me to be master of my desire, and not its slave.

His finger inside me is so pleasant, and he knows how to move it so that he brushes a special spot, giving me not only a great pleasure, but also the desire to have something more substantial in there... His finger becomes two, he is little by little teaching me to relax, to open to his visits, to prepare for the last step. And meanwhile he says me gentle words, or rather sweet, because I can feel they come from his hearth.

And finally, one day, instead of the incomplete intercourse he was having with me, he makes me turn around and he scoops on my back and takes me, I feel so happy that I almost cry. What I so much desired, is happening, Pericles is really and completely making me his own lover. I feel him sliding into me, without any pain; gently but steadily he fills me. And how good it feels when he starts to undulate his pelvis pushing his wonderful rod in and out of me, in a firm, strong, perfect rhythm.

For us a new, different period starts, where I feel that he too is now fully satisfied with me. And after each union, he now caresses me for a long time, saying me sweet words that fill my heart with a deep joy. I feel that I belong to him, that my life belongs to him, because he is making a man of me in all the meanings. When I can be near him, with him, I feel really realized.

Pericles starts to take interest in politics. As you probably know, he has a rapid success. I grow older, and he receives requests from other influential families to become the eromenon of their sons. I have to marry, I am of the right age. I don't want to, but Pericles persuades me and it is him who finds me a girl to marry. A poor wife she is, I don't satisfy her so often, even if we have two children. I start to be requested in my turn to accept my erastai: being a close friend of Pericles the requests are frequent and from good families.

>From time to time I meet again with Pericles and, when we are alone in the intimacy of his or my home, it is not uncommon that we make love again. To tell you the truth, the initiative always starts from me, but he never steps back, even if, afterwards, he gently tells me that we have to stop with that... But when I slide my hand between his legs, he at once gets aroused and cunningly smiles. And so we start making love. Anyway, it is always him to take me and never the opposite way. I like being penetrated very much, but also a lot to penetrate, but for that I have to content myself with my erastai. I don't complain, anyway.

I am now thirty-years old, and one of my successive erastai, a boy named Philetos, falls in love with me. He is a very sound and strong boy, well shaped, with a nice character. When he grows up, just like it happened between me and Pericles, he continues making love with me even over the age that our society admits. He grows handsome and strong and he becomes one of Athens' best athletes. And he is more and more in love with me. He is jealous of my erastai, even of my wife, and happily he knows nothing of what's going on between me and Pericles, even if the meetings with Pericles now are more and more rare.

When we make love, Philetos and I, it is wonderful. He is able to give me pleasure as nobody else can... he is passionate, loving, caring. He knows me, I can say, better than myself..."

"But this doesn't prevent you from taking your pleasure, for what I understand, with Pericles and with your boys..."

"Well, no, you are right. The fact is that I'm sexually very active, I must admit it. Sometimes it even happens that I have three intercourses the same day, but anyway never less than one, that is with Philetos. For what I know, he on the contrary is completely faithful to me. That is not because I ask him to be, he is just madly in love with me.

But life has always its sad points - nobody can escape them. My Philetos dies in the first Peloponnese war. Just after his death I realize how important he had become to me. I miss him terribly. I realize that I too was indeed in love with him. Sadly, it is too late. And two years later, Pericles also dies, because of the pestilence epidemic. Those two deaths shake me deeply. After that I don't want to have sex with anybody else. I don't accept anymore erastai. I close in myself, feeling dead with the two men I loved. Nine years after Pericles death, finally, I too find a glorious death on the battle field..."

Eugenio emitted a sigh and for a while both kept silent.

Then Eugenio said to the voice: "You know, I grew affectionate to this Demetratos, I quite regret he is dead..."

"What's that, does he resemble you?"

"Not at all... I just liked him, because..."

"I like all of them, because all are 'I'. Even those dying as children, or even those dead before being given birth..."

"Before being born? But those don't count, right?"

"Why not? Of course they count. They all are my lives."

"But you don't have a conscience in a body in gestation, right? Therefore..."

"You are wrong. I have sensations: noises, sounds, shakes, at times even lights... fears, peace... the formation of the new being really starts there. And being detached from that body still in formation for me, has the same value as being detached from a fully formed body. Moreover, it is a missed occasion for a new experience. No, even if these lives don't have such a long story, don't even have a name, I cannot say they don't count."


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