The Ways of Young Noblemen, Part II


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This story is set in an historical fictional environment in which sexually transmitted diseases do not exist. As always, in real life, please practice safe sex with consensual, adult, partners. This story is purely a work of historical fiction, and any similarity between real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

Finally, this is part of a series which explores love, belonging, growth, and relationships. Though sexual themes and elements will be present in every story, not every installment will have graphic sexual scenes.

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The journey to the estate His Majesty had set up took, as the king had said, the better part of a full day. We left the palace shortly after dawn, heading north in the rapidly warming summer air. Along the way, I discussed with the boys the subjects we were going to be studying. This included Latin and French, poetry, mathematics, science, history, anatomy and human sexuality. They all took it in stride, seeming very much unimpressed with the curriculum.

They seemed shy and nervous, unsure of what type of experience lay ahead of them. I had to admit to myself that I understood their apprehension. When I was about their age, my father sent me away to live with a tutor who would become both my teacher and father-figure for the next five years.

He was an older man older than I am now. He was stern, demanding, and expected absolute perfection and obedience from me. But, still, he was kind and gentle with me when the situation called for it. He taught me about the great poets of the past, taught me to recognize the constellations in the sky, and taught me the history of England. He was an amazing teacher, and I grew to respect and admire him quite a bit.

What I did not know was that my education would also include sexuality. I was unprepared for the night my tutor summoned me to his chambers and disrobed me. I did not expect his warm rough hand to begin to play with my young cock. I was very much surprised when, after several minutes of sitting on his lap and having him stroke me, I shot my first load all over the stone floor.

This became the routine. It was Latin or mathematics or history by day, and sexuality by night. I would study the royal lineage of England while the sun was up, and strip down and learn how the male body worked when the sun went down. For the majority of my time with him, one or both of us would have an orgasm each night. I began to bathe with him, to sleep in his arms. There were times over the warm summer months when I would not wear any clothing for weeks on end. We would spend our time in seclusion, working and studying in the nude. I knew his body as well as I knew my own.

There were times others were brought in, as well. I learned to give pleasure to a man or boy in every way I could. I learned to suck on a man's cock, and to lick and tongue a boy's hole. I practiced fucking and being fucked. I experienced it all, and I loved every minute of it.

This was what I wanted to give my charges. I wanted them to understand the importance of both their minds and their bodies. They needed to know where they came from historically as well as who they are physically.

It was all of this my goals, my history, my recollections of my own tutor which ravaged my thoughts as we drove onward across the countryside.

As the day wore on, and as we made our way further north, the sun began to beat down harder upon the parched summer landscape. It took very little time before young Henry and Philip were fidgeting uncomfortably.

"Mister Telfer," Henry said, pulling on the heavy cloth of his robe, "it is very hot in here. Do you have any other clothing I could wear? This is very warm."

I looked for a moment at the young prince, his face flushed and with a bead of sweat trickling down his cheek from his damp hair. Philip, though he remained silent about the situation, seemed equally uncomfortable.

"I'm afraid the rest of the clothing for you two has been sent ahead to the estate by your father," I say consolingly. "I'm sorry, but I do not have more with me."

I felt bad having to tell the young boy that I couldn't do anything for him, but it was what it was. I felt his discomfort, though. Inside my own heavy, black tutor's robes, I was beginning to get extremely sweaty and uncomfortable as well. Like the boys, though they did not know it, I was also nude beneath my robe (as was my practice most days, since the robe would obscure any clothing I was wearing anyway). I could feel the sweat matting my chest hair and trickling down my stomach toward my groin.

"I do have one option, though," I said to the boys, looking first at Henry and then at Philip.

"What is it, sir?" Philip asked, finally breaking his silence.

I considered our situation for a moment. We were in a nondescript carriage with a royal guard on the back, one on the front, and a royal footman driving us. All three were dressed modestly, as to not attract unwanted attention. From the outside, we looked like nothing more than a moderately-successful merchant carriage. Most would ignore our presence, if they noticed us at all.

As well, the three royal servants accompanying us were being sent to serve us for the duration of the boys' tutelage. There was a cook already at the estate, no doubt busy preparing a late supper for us for when we arrived, and a stable boy would be arriving to care for the horses and the hunting dogs already on the estate. The footman would serve as our butler, and the guards would keep us safe. Per the king's mandate, all servants on the estate were male. He did not want any female presence to distract the boys while they studied, a decision I agreed with and supported.

Each servant was told, as the king assured me, that they were to not interfere in my lessons and were to treat my orders as though they came from His Majesty himself. This boded well for the idea I had, as I knew this meant the three with us currently could be trusted.

"Well," I said, continuing, "it is just the three of us in the carriage and we have many hours left to ride. Since it is so hot in here, why don't we all disrobe and continue the journey nude? We can keep much cooler that way than in these heavy robes."

"Drive nude, sir?" Philip asked, blushing.

"Yes, why not?" I asked, smiling at the nervous young lord. "After all, haven't I already seen you two in that state?"

"Yes, sir," Henry said, speaking on behalf of himself and his young cousin and friend, "but we have not seen you that way, sir."

"No time like now, I think," I said, reaching up and beginning to unbutton my robe. It took only a minute, but soon I was slipping the robe off my shoulders and leaving it draped over the seat beneath me.

The breeze coming through the windows as we trotted through the countryside felt marvelous. It cooled the sweat on my body and gave me goosebumps. My nipples began to harden, and soon my cock stiffened a bit as well. I was sporting a semi-erection quickly.

I looked over at the boys, who hadn't yet moved to disrobe.

"Okay, boys," I said sternly but kindly, "I want you to both take your robes off. We will be spending the rest of this trip nude."

Part of me expected an argument. I was used to arguments and exasperated sighs from royalty and nobility, especially when being given an order from a "commoner" like me. But, to my surprise, neither boy protested in the slightest.

Dutifully and silently, both boys reached up and unbuttoned their robes, letting them fall to the side as I did with my own. Their smooth, soft, porcelain skin was on full display. I marveled at the beauty of their youth two young boys whose bodies seem cut from the smoothest, softest marble available to an artist. They looked like living portraits done by Botticelli, and I was in awe of them.

I watched as each boy sighed in relief as the cool air hit their youthful skin. Henry closed his eyes and reached down between his legs, adjusting his thick boyhood. Philip simply spread his legs and allowed the breeze through the windows to caress his nude form. Both boys seemed to be following my lead, as both their youthful cocks began to reach a semi-erect state near immediately.

"Now, doesn't that feel better boys?" I asked, my eyes taking in their perfection.

"Yes, sir," Henry said, smiling at me. "It feels a lot better."

"Yes, sir," Philip echoed, "I like it."

In that moment, I wanted to do more. I wanted to see what these boys were capable of sexually, find out what their bodies tasted like. But, from experience, I knew that I had to pace myself and teach them properly. The first step was to get them to fully embrace their bodies and the comfort of being nude around other men.

For the next hour or more, we rode along in silence. Each of us relaxed in the carriage and let ourselves feel the freedom of nudity and the joy of the breeze and warm sunlight. It was a moment of utter calm and abandon, and I was proud of my young charges for embracing it.

That calm was interrupted, however, when the carriage came to a sudden stop.

"Pardon me, sir," one of the guards said, opening the carriage door beside the young prince, "but the horses need a brief rest and some water. There is a stream nearby we wish to take them to, with your permission."

"Of course," I said, not bothering to hide my body from the young guard.

"Thank you, sir," he said, closing the door.

I noticed, as the guard closed the door, that he was no longer looking at me. Instead, his eyes were focused on the nude form of the two boys sitting side-by-side across from me. To his credit, however, he did not say a word.

Royal protocol. He has been trained well not to comment on anything he observes. He is there to serve, not to judge or comment. It is obvious he takes his job seriously. The boys, on the other hand, barely noticed his presence. I suppose that, when you are raised among servants who regularly bathe and dress you, you no longer think about being nude in front of them. You probably barely acknowledge them. That, I thought to myself, would have to change.

"You know, boys," I said to the two nude youths after a few minutes, "If there is a stream nearby, perhaps you'd like to take a brief swim? It could help cool you off."

This seemed to pique their interest, as both boys instantly smiled and began to shift in their seats. I swung open the door to the carriage and escorted them out, offering a hand to each as we exited in to the warm summer sun.

The carriage had been stopped in a clearing, fields of wild grass and trees surrounding us on all sides. I could see the stream nearby, with our horses contentedly standing on the shore and lapping at the clear water.

"The boys are going to take a brief swim in the stream," I said to the guards standing at the rear of the carriage. "We won't be long, and then we can get underway again."

Both nodded their understanding and fell in line behind us, keeping a respectful but still safety-conscious distance. They understood their roles well; keep far enough back as to not interfere, but close enough to protect should the need arise.

As we walked through the field of grass toward the stream, I could only imagine the thoughts of the guards as they watched a fully nude teacher walk hand-in-hand with the equally nude crown prince and heir to Cambridge. All three of us were on full display, and that is how I liked it. I needed the boys to understand that nudity, particularly males being nude around one another, was never something to be ashamed of. They needed to see that their bodies were perfect just as they were and that they should never feel the need to hide their forms from other men and boys.

"Alright boys, you go swim. I will join you momentarily," I said, placing a hand on each of their round, smooth, and succulent bottoms. A boy's backside was, without a doubt, my favorite thing in the world.

The boys scampered off gleefully, bounding in to the water and momentarily startling the horses. Luckily, the horses realized there was no threat and went back to drinking from the stream.

I watched in silence for a few minutes, enjoying the breeze caressing my skin and relishing the view of the boys' wet bodies as they swam, jumped, and played in the cool and clear waters. It was a sight that was both pure and innocent and, perhaps due solely to my own desire for male flesh, erotic and stimulating. I felt my cock began to stiffen on the shore as I watched them.

It was only as my manhood reached full mast that I realized the young footman was watching me, his eyes seeming to focus on my throbbing cock. He was a fine looking young lad barely over five and a half feet tall and with wavy brown hair and creamy skin and I knew that he was going to be nearby quite a bit through the course of Henry and Philip's studies. There would be things he would see that, should they get out, may embarrass the king. I could not have that. The boys' studies were private, especially their studies of anatomy and sexuality.

"What is your name?" I asked the footman as I took the few steps needed to close the distance between us.

"Christopher, sir," the boy responded quietly, his eyes now averted and looking to the ground. I couldn't tell if this was from embarrassment of having been caught staring at me, discomfort from being this close to a nude and erect man, or from a mistaken idea that I was of noble-birth.

"Christopher," I said, trying to bring warmth and comfort to my voice, "will you walk with me for a moment? I think we should speak privately."

"Yes, sir," he said, falling in to step next to me as I guided us briefly away from the stream and the guards.

Once we had covered a sufficient distance and I was confident we could not be overheard, I turned to face him.

"How old are you, my boy?" I asked as we stopped walking.

"Sixteen, sir," he answered dutifully, his eyes not yet meeting mine.

"A good age. Tell me, have you been told much about my role here, Christopher?" I asked as I turned to fully face him.

"No, sir," he said, blushing slightly as his eyes very clearly roamed up and down my body. "I've only been told that you are here to tutor Prince Henry and Lord Philip."

"That is true," I answered, "but have you been told the nature of my role as tutor?"

"No, sir."

"I have been asked by His Majesty to teach the boys in all subjects; Latin, history, mathematics, the sciences...even anatomy and sexuality. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir. I think so."

"I need you to understand that you may, as you are going to be serving in the estate the king has set aside, witness these studies from time to time. There may be times, like today, when the studies you are witnessing do not seem as though they are part of any formal education. But, I need you to trust me that everything I do, including asking the boys to be nude in front of us all as well as me being nude with them is a part of their education."

"Yes, sir. I understand."

"Part of this education," I continued on, making sure it was all clear to him, "will include teaching the boys what their bodies are capable of. This includes sexual teachings as well."

"I understand, sir."

"I need to know, Christopher, whether you are comfortable witnessing this. Would you be uncomfortable or embarrassed to witness me or the boys engaged in sexual acts?"

"No, sir," he said promptly, almost emphatically.

"And if I asked you to assist in those teachings, would you feel up to the task?"

"Assist? Assist how, sir?" he asked, a look of confusion and slight concern crossing his smooth and still child-like face.

"Well, I'll give you an example," I said, realizing the perfect opportunity to teach the boys some anatomy. "Are you circumcised?"

Circumcision was not a common practice, at least outside the nobility. It was an archaic practice for kings and nobleman to be circumcised to show commitment to their positions as leaders of men. To be in charge is to sacrifice for the good of your people, and circumcision was an ancient way to symbolize this. While the practice had fallen out of favor throughout Europe, I knew that it was still widely, though not universally, practiced among the English elites. After all, His Majesty, Prince Henry, and Lord Philip were all circumcised. I was as well, but for medical reasons as my foreskin was too tight to fully slide over the tip of my cock when I was erect.

Most Englishmen, however, were not circumcised. I suspected that young Christopher was not, and I thought this may be a good opportunity to teach the boys the difference between a circumcised and uncircumcised penis.

"No, sir," he said quietly, "I am not."

"Would you mind assisting me with a lesson on that subject? I don't believe the boys have ever seen an uncircumcised penis, and I believe they should."

I could see him nervously considering the request. He was, I imagined, waging an internal battle between his training to serve and his training to maintain a respectful distance.

"I know," I said in response to the obvious conflict going on inside him, "that what I am asking you is not common."

Christopher nodded and bit his lower lip, his apparent discomfort growing.

"But," I continued, "I know that what I am asking will help the boys. The king has given me full control over all education and he supports whatever decisions I make. So, can you help me?"

"I suppose so, sir," he said after a moment's hesitation.

"Good," I answered, smiling at him and placing my hand on the back of his neck, effectively closing the distance between us. "Come with me."

I led the young footman back to the shore of the stream, finding a spot near where the two young boys were frolicking in the water. There were several large rocks nearby, perfect for makeshift seating.

"Henry! Philip!" I cried out to them, getting their attention and ceasing their splashing and giggling. "Please, come join me."

Dutifully, my two charges left the stream and walked toward the footman and me. Their smooth and supple bodies gleamed in the hot sun as the water from the stream dripped off of them. The coolness of the water had caused their nipples to harden and their youthful cocks and balls to grow a bit smaller. They looked pure, innocent, and beautiful.

Once they were by my side, I directed them to look at my new assistant.

"This is Christopher. He will be our footman and assist us when we reach our new home. But, for now, he is going to assist me in your first formal lesson."

Both of the boys smiled at him, nodding their understanding.

"Christopher, please remove your clothes," I asked, making sure my voice sounded as official and professorial as possible. While this may be sexual in nature, it was still a formal lesson and I needed the boys to understand they were here to learn at the moment.

The three of us watched as the teenage boy stripped off his doublet, his shirt, and finally his hose. It took only a minute or two before he was standing nude before us.

His body was as smooth as the boys', except for his crotch. Nestled amidst a small tuft of hair was a beautiful and flaccid uncut penis. In his soft state, he was about three inches. His balls were starting to grow hair, and they were quite sizeable and full.

"Boys," I said, continuing my impromptu lecture, "I want you to look at Christopher's body. What do you notice about him that is different than you or me?"

The boys didn't understand at first and I watched as they looked him up and down, starting with his head and making their eyes dance all the way to his bare feet. It didn't seem that they understood, at least at first.

"His penis," Philip said finally, a bit unsure if he was giving the right answer. "His penis looks different, Mister Telfer."

"That's correct, Philip," I said, smiling and touching the young lord's shoulder. "His penis does look a bit different than ours. Do you know why?"

"He's not circumcised," Henry added, having been clued in to the difference by his friend and cousin.

"Very good, Henry," I complimented, reaching over to touch Henry's shoulder the same way I had Philip's. "Most men and boys in England, and throughout Europe, are like Christopher here. Most are not circumcised. You and your fathers are because it is a common practice among nobility and royalty in England. I am because I had to be. But, most men are not."

The boys stayed silent, staring at Christopher's cock while they listened.

"He has a foreskin, which covers the tip of his penis. We, on the other hand, do not. Our foreskins have been removed."

Again, the boys nodded their understanding.

"Tell me," I said, turning my attention to the boys and directing them to look at me, "other than each other and me, how many penises have you seen in person?"

"Just my father's," Henry said matter-of-factly.

"My father's too," Philip added.

"Have either of you," I began, a bit nervous to continue my question, but knowing it was necessary, "ever touched a penis other than your own?"

"My father let me touch his a few times," Henry responded, smiling with pride. It was as if touching the king's cock was a prize which, in a way, it was and he was the winner.

"No, sir," Philip added softly, a bit dejected to not have the same experience as his friend. "My father has touched mine a few times, but he hasn't let me touch his yet. He says I can when I'm older, though."

"Here's what I would like you to do, then," I said, giving my first assignment to them. "I would like each of you to take a few minutes to examine my penis. Touch it, look at it, examine it however you wish. I want you to know what a man's penis feels like when it is circumcised."

I had softened in the last few minutes, but I knew that once the boys began to touch me, I would harden up considerably.

Philip reached over first, eager to touch a penis other than his own for the first time. His soft hand wrapped around my flaccid dick and began to lightly squeeze it. I could feel myself firming rapidly in the young boy's grasp. I moaned softly as his hand caressed my manhood, his fingers tracing circles around the head of my cock. I let him explore, one hand on my cock and the other gently massaging my balls, for a couple minutes.

"Alright," I said, reluctantly, "now let's give Henry a turn."

Philip stepped back and allowed the prince to do the same thing to me. His hands were as soft as his friend's, and he wrapped both of them around my shaft.

"You're very hard," he said as his hands began to stroke me softly.

"Yes, I am," I sighed in pleasure, "do you like it?"

"Yes," Henry said, his eyes not leaving my package, "it feels very nice in my hands."

"Good," I said, feeling my balls pull up tighter against my body. I was going to spill my seed right here if the stroking didn't stop. I didn't want least, not yet.

"Alright, Henry, let's stop for now," I said after a few minutes of blissful stroking.

Hesitantly, Henry let go of my cock. When he did, his hands caressed my cock head and a rush of precum started to flow out of me, dripping down on to the sandy shore of the stream and mixing with the fresh, cool water.

"Okay, boys, now it is time to examine Christopher's penis. I want you to see how an uncircumcised man feels. Are you ready for that, Christopher?"

I looked over at the footman, who seemed extraordinarily nervous. His cock was fully flaccid, and his face was flushed with a crimson tint. Still, he nodded his consent to me as the boys both stood in front of him.

Henry was first this time, reaching down and feeling Christopher's fat, uncut cock. He began to slowly stroke it, like he had mine. Henry, I could imagine, was trying to urge the footman's dick to harden in his young hands. Christopher, whether he wanted to or not, did not disappoint the young prince.

Before our eyes, Christopher's thick teenage member began to stiffen and pulse in the prince's grip. A steady stream of clear, salty, and sweet liquid began to ooze from his head. With each stroke, Henry ran his foreskin over the tip and collected more of that precious fluid under the skin.

"That is his foreskin," I said, reaching down to guide the prince's fingers to Christopher's tip. "Roll it around over his cock head. Feel how it slides and collects the lubrication he is making."

Henry nodded and did as I instructed, slowly sliding the teen's foreskin over his sensitive tip. This elicited moans of appreciation from the young footman.

"Does that feel good, Christopher?" I asked, looking down at the beautiful nude teen.

"Yes, sir," he said, closing his eyes and biting his lower lip.

"Good. I'm glad. But, Henry," I said, turning my attention to the nude younger boy, "let's let Philip have a go."

Like a good boy, Henry withdrew and let his friend continue. Philip, like he had for me, placed one hand on Christopher's throbbing member and cradled the lad's heavy testicles with the other. It seemed the young lord had a fondness for a boy's balls. I liked that. It's good to develop a sense of what you like about yourself and others.

Philip followed the same instruction I had given to Henry, rolling the foreskin back and forth over the sensitive tip. Christopher, in appreciation, moaned and sighed more loudly.

Without saying anything, I guided Henry's hand up to join his friend in stroking our beautiful subject.

"Sir," Christopher panted, his hand reaching up to touch my bare thigh, "I don't think I can take this much more. I may shoot if they continue!"

I said nothing, instead I simply moved the boy's hand from my thigh to my own throbbing cock, urging him to stroke me in time to the young lads' stroking of his own dick.

In an unspoken agreement, Henry took over stroking Christopher's cock while Philip fondled and gently tugged on the teen's sagging and heavy balls. This seemed to put Christopher over the edge. His hand grasped my cock and squeezed tightly, coaxing a very appreciative moan out of me, as his cock began to let loose a torrent of teenage juice.

The first volley of cum landed on his chest, the second on his stomach, the third oozed out of his cock and dribbled down his shaft on to both boys' hands. It was sticky and filled the air around us with the unmistakable aroma of boyhood sex.

The sight of the teen cumming like that caused my own self-control to disappear, and soon my own cum was shooting from the tip of my cock. Four thick, hot spurts of spunk shot from my manhood and mixed with Christopher's as they landed on his chest and stomach. The mixed puddle of delicious cum began to drip down the boy's belly and puddle in to the sand beneath him.

"That," I said as my cock dripped out its last few drops of juice, "is what happens when a man has an orgasm. When we finish, we produce our sperm. Did you like seeing that, boys?"

Both Henry and Philip smiled and nodded. It was clear they were still a bit entranced, as their own youthful peckers bobbed up and down at fully erect status. I could see drops of precum forming at the slits of each of their youthful penises. I would have to see whether they could cum or not...but, not yet.

I helped Christopher up, his knees still shaking slightly from the experience.

"Alright boys," I said to my two nude companions, "go back to the carriage and wait. I'll be right along."

The boys nodded and began to make their way back to the carriage, their throbbing members leading the way like a compass and bouncing with each step.

"How do you feel, Christopher?" I asked as I held the teen's hand to keep him steady. He was breathing hard and looked flushed, an expected response to what had happened.

"I feel good, sir. I am sorry I could not control myself longer," he offered, his face downcast.

"No apologies needed, my boy. You did marvelously. I may call on you again to assist in lessons with the boys. Would you be up for that?"

"Yes, sir...anything you ask."

It was clear that I had moved him past any reservations he had prior.

"Thank you," I said, leaning forward and kissing him gently on the cheek. "That is most appreciated. Now, why don't you rinse off in the stream and redress. Once you have the horses ready, we can be underway."

"Yes, sir," he said, blushing and smiling at me softly.

I made my way back to the carriage and to my charges. The guards opened the door for me and helped me inside, dutifully not saying a word about the sexual display they just witnessed. They were well trained.

Within a few minutes, we were ready to be underway again. Christopher reattached the horses to the carriage, took up his post as our driver, and we set off. For the remainder of our trip, my young charges napped while I contemplated future lessons and admired their youthful beauty.