Warning: The following is a work of fiction and does not relate to any real person or event. It describes explicit sexual activities between adult men and young boys. If this is not what you are looking for, you have no excuse for reading any further. If it is, then enjoy!




My daddy stopped the car at the place where we were going to meet all the other daddies and sons and he turned to me, still strapped into the passenger seat.

`We're here now Timmy.'

I looked at the outside of the building. It looked very old, with big arch-shaped windows. There were two big columns either side of the doorway which had two very high wooden panelled doors.

`Is this the place?' I asked.

`Yes Timmy. Now you're sure you want to go through with this?'

`Yes Daddy.'

`Then I want you to remember what I told you...'

`Yes Daddy.'

`...that this is our secret. No one can ever know about what goes on here...'

`Yes Daddy.'

`...it is for us only.'

I nodded enthusiastically. I could see my daddy smiling down at me and I felt reassured.


`Yes Timmy.'

`Do you love me?'

`Yes Timmy. Daddy loves you very much.'

That was all I wanted to know. It was important for me to know that, no matter what was going to happen, he loved me.

We got out of the car and I held onto my daddy's hand as we walked across the car park. I noticed how my feet crunched on the gravel as we went. We were met at the steps by a man wearing a long robe. He looked like some kind of priest, except he wasn't a priest.

`Are you the Grand Master?' my daddy asked.

The man in the robe smiled kindly and held out a hand.

`No. I am the Grand Master's Adjutant.'

They shook hands and he looked down at me.

`Is this Timmy?'

`Yes,' my daddy said.

`Your son is very beautiful,' said the Adjutant, smiling down at me.

`Thank you,' my daddy replied.

He showed us into the building through the big double doors. He led us into a type of foyer, beyond which I could see a further set of double doors that were open just enough to see the cavernous room beyond. It looked like a big hall of some kind, with a very high ceiling. Like a church. But it wasn't a church because there were no crosses and there was no altar.

`Please wait. I will see if the Grand Master is ready for you,' the Adjutant said.

He disappeared into a door on the left. Then he came back a few moments later.

`The Grand Master will see you now.'

He showed us into the room. It had a deep, rich carpet and wooden panels on the walls. At the far end was a big ornate desk and behind that a very imposing man was sat there. He had a long, bushy white beard and he also had a long robe on, but his was more colourful and decorative than the Adjutant's.

My daddy led me in, holding my hand and the Grand Master surveyed me as we stood before him. He leaned forward from behind his desk. His eyes shone out brightly from his bearded face.

`You have decided to join us?'

`Yes,' my daddy said, and gestured to me, `This is Timmy.'

The Grand Master looked me up and down and seemed to be studying my face very closely.

`He is a boy of the highest quality,' he said, `He will be much admired.'

Then he turned to the Adjutant who was still hovering by the door.

`Prepare the boy,' he commanded.

`Yes Grand Master.'

My daddy gave him my hand. The Adjutant took me by the wrist and led me away. His hand felt very warm and soft.

`Come little one,' he said.

He led me into a side room and shut the door. Inside was a little bed, like the one at the doctor's office, but very high and with no sheets on it. I stood and waited. The Adjutant stepped towards me.

`Don't be afraid,' he said.

He knelt down before me, so that his long robe was splayed out on the floor and his face was level with mine. He reached out and unclipped my belt, then stripped my jeans down to my ankles, exposing my legs. I waited. Next, he took down my tighty-whiteys. When he slid my tight underwear down, my dickie was already hard and he saw that. It sprang up as it was released from the elastic waistband of my tighty-whiteys and the Adjutant seemed to gasp. He hesitated for a moment, looking at my dickie sticking out. He looked at my stiff dickie and then up at my face. He had that same look in his eyes that my daddy sometimes had when he did things to me. My daddy liked it when he did things to me, and I liked to please my daddy. Sometimes it hurt a bit, but my daddy always said he loved me when he did those things, so maybe the Adjutant loved me too.

He took me and lifted me up onto the high bed, and sat me down on the edge so that my feet were dangling. I could feel the cold plastic cover of the bed under my naked butt. Then he reached out and lifted my t-shirt off over my head, exposing my body. I felt the chill of the cold stagnant air of the room against my young skin, and I shivered a little.

`Are you cold?' asked the Adjutant.

I nodded shyly. He gave me a sympathetic smile.

`It will soon be over little one, be brave.'

He untied my laces and removed my sneakers, then my socks, and finally pulled my jeans off completely. When I was totally naked, the Adjutant stood back and admired me. He looked my body up and down and I knew from his eyes that he liked me.

`You are very beautiful Timmy.'

`Thank you sir,' I said.

He helped me down, and I hopped back onto the floor, standing there naked. Then he went over to the little cupboard on the other side of the room and opened it. There were clothes hanging on a rail. He picked one of the hangers from the rail and turned towards me. It was a pretty gown, with bright, shiny colours, and was exactly the right size for me. The Adjutant came over and held it up against my naked body.

`This will fit you, little one. Here, put it on.'

I put on the gown. The material was cool and smooth against my skin. I liked the feel of it. It also had a little sash around the waist which the Adjutant knelt down and tied for me, pulling it tight against my tummy. Then he stood, took my hand and led me back out into the Grand Master's room. But it was empty.

`Where's my daddy gone?' I asked.

`He is waiting for you with the others,' said the Adjutant, `Come.'

He led me by the hand back out into the foyer and towards the double doors of the big hall, which were now closed. He stood with me and composed himself for a moment. Then he pushed the big doors open.

Inside was a long room with a very high ceiling and I could see two rows of people standing facing each other in the middle of the room. They were standing either side of a big rectangle of smooth white stone. My daddy told me later it was a sarcophagus. I could barely say the word. I had never heard it before. At the far end was a big chair, like a throne, and it was sitting on top of a row of flat, wide steps. On the chair was the Grand Master, in his long colourful robe, his beard resting on his chest. He raised his hand and beckoned us forward.

The Adjutant led me into the room by the hand. I could feel the cold stone beneath my bare feet as we walked in. As we neared the sarcophagus, I could see that the people standing on either side were all men. And each man had in front of him a young boy. The boys seemed to be of all different ages. Some looked like they were bigger boys, but others were as small as me. Each boy stood there facing the sarcophagus with a man behind him. Some of the men were hugging their boys from behind. Others just rested their hands on their boys' shoulders. The one thing I was most aware of, however, was that all the boys were naked. Everyone was looking at me. My dickie was very stiff under the gown.

When we reached the sarcophagus, the Adjutant pulled the sash of my gown loose, so that the front fell open, then he pulled it off me, threading it down my arms. There was an audible gasp from the assembled men and boys. They were all staring at me. I had never been naked in front of so many people before. My dickie had never been so hard.

The Adjutant slung my gown over his arm and gestured for me to get onto the sarcophagus. It was quite high, so he helped me step up and laid me down on my tummy. The stone surface was cold and I gasped loudly as my stiff dickie pressed into the hard stone beneath me. I settled myself face down with my head turned to one side. My arms were alongside me with my palms facing up. There was silence in the big echoey room. My cheek was resting on the grimy stone and I laid there naked, just waiting. I focused on the boy that was standing nearest to me in the line. He was a little older than me, maybe 9 or 10, and his dickie was very hard. He tried to play with it but the man standing behind him wouldn't let him. He looked down at the boy -- was he his son? -- and snatched the boy's hand away, as if to let him know that he shouldn't do that right now. The boy turned and looked up at him. The man shook his head to confirm it. The boy seemed annoyed. He dutifully put his hands back down by his sides and instead stared plaintively at his hard dickie, which was still sticking out in front of him. He was a very nice boy. He had long brown hair that was almost down to his shoulders, and green eyes that were bright and sparkling. He was watching me intently, waiting for the proceedings to start. He smiled at me. I liked him. I wanted to be friends with that boy.

Then I saw my daddy enter the room from a side door somewhere behind the big chair where the Grand Master was sitting. He was barefoot and wearing a colourful gown too, which was tied with a sash around the waist. He removed the gown, and underneath he was naked. The Adjutant moved towards him and took the gown, again draping it over his arm. My daddy's dickie was big, like it was when he did things to me. He had that same look in his eyes. The look he had when it was just him and me alone and we went to that special place in his imagination that made him sometimes a little rough with me and when he sometimes shouted out rude words when he splashed me with the cream from his dickie. I liked those times when it was just him and me alone.

My daddy got up onto the sarcophagus and he knelt down astride my legs. I could feel him putting his dickie between my ass cheeks. It was hot and very hard. He rubbed it along my crack and I could see the eyes of the brown haired boy widening as he watched. He was smiling and licking his lips. His dickie was still hard. His hand was itching to touch it, but he couldn't, so his dickie was pulsing away on its own, and he waggled it a couple of times. My daddy was above me breathing hard and moving his dickie in my ass crack. He stabbed it roughly between my thighs. Then the Grand Master spoke.

`You must penetrate the boy,' he said.

`I've never done that,' my daddy said.

`You must de-virginise him,' the Grand Master continued.

`Is it really necessary?' my daddy asked.

`Are you serious about joining us?'

`Oh yes,' my daddy pleaded, `Very much.'

`Then you must enter him.'

`Can I ask...?' my daddy hesitated, `That someone other than me...?'

`No!' said the Grand Master, sounding almost angry, `It must be his own flesh and blood that takes him for the first time. That is our law.'

`I don't know if I can.'

`A shame,' said the Grand Master, `Your son is very beautiful. He will be very popular.'

`Do it!' said the daddy of the brown haired boy, `Make him prove his love for you.'

`Yes, do it,' another clamoured.

`I am sorry Timmy,' my daddy said softly, `This is going to hurt a bit, okay?'

`Yes Daddy.'

`I will try and be gentle, but I want you to be brave for me.'

`Yes Daddy.'

I knew my daddy loved me, and I knew he wouldn't hurt me for no reason. I loved my daddy and I would have done anything for him. So, I was prepared to suffer a little just to please him.

I could feel my daddy pressing his dickie into a place where it had never gone before. He pressed it really hard and it hurt a bit. When he pressed it in further I squealed really loudly. I tried to be brave. I really did. I didn't want to cry in front of all those people, but it hurt too much. After that I don't remember much. I closed my eyes until it was over. My daddy moved his dickie in and out faster and faster until I could hear him breathing real fast, and suddenly he stopped, frozen still, and he let out a loud cry that echoed around the big hall. He pulled his dickie out and I felt the warm spatters of his cream peppering my back, and I knew he had got his feeling. When I felt the wetness on my skin, he was usually finished for the night. Once he got his feeling, he wasn't interested in me anymore. After that he would leave me alone.

As my daddy stopped squirting his cream on my back, the brown haired boy gasped.

`Cool! Spunk!' he cooed.

`Shh!' his daddy chided.

The brown haired boy remembered where he was and put his hand to his mouth.

My daddy kissed me on the back of the head. He was still astride me and I could feel his softening dickie resting on my ass, smearing his cream into my crack. He was stroking my hair and rubbing my back comfortingly.

When I got up from the sarcophagus, I could see the little pool of slimy blood that had leaked from my hole, and it was stinging a little. I thought my daddy must have broken something deep inside me because it was hurting way up in my little hole. But the Grand Master was pleased with me. And so was the brown haired boy. Afterwards, they all gathered around and congratulated us. I tried to smile, even though I was crying. They applauded me and my daddy, and they all wanted to stroke my head and touch my dickie. I remember the brown haired boy reached in and squeezed my dickie real hard, and at that moment I wanted him to do it again because it felt good when he did it and I liked him touching me there. I wondered if maybe he was like me. Maybe his daddy did things to him too. All the other daddies were happy, and they were touching the boys all over, stroking them and kissing them, and squeezing their dickies. The boys seemed to like that because their dickies were getting hard. They played with their boys' dickies, like my daddy sometimes played with mine. I remember that I wanted to stay because I liked looking at the other boys' dickies. I was almost disappointed when the Adjutant led me back out and told me I had to get dressed to go home.

Afterwards, when we were sitting in the car outside, I stopped crying. My daddy strapped me into the passenger seat. My face was dirty where I had been crying and rubbed my face into the grime from the sarcophagus. My daddy stroked my head affectionately and smiled.

`You did very well Timmy. Daddy is pleased with you.'

I looked around at him.

`Do you love me Daddy?'

`Yes Timmy. You are a good boy. Daddy loves you very much.'


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