A Father Worth Keeping

-Bobby Joe

This is a totally new piece of writing from a writer of several stories, herein, under several categories.


The story and the title belongs to the author, who has also written under the same pen-name in the past for "Handjobs" magazine, unfortunately no longer published.


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This story is loosely based on a story line I've seen in a film from Rock Candy studios [the un-official predecessors of Icon Male], and an incestuous bent I often experience through fantasy in my own private life. When I first saw the motion picture, the storyline hit me like the proverbial "ton of bricks," and the image conjured up afterward has not left me alone since, and that was more than two years ago! The names of the characters have been changed, to prevent accusations of plagiarism, however, the story is based on the plot of a movie about a man whose fiancι has a teenaged son who comes back from college and who he rather UN-intentionally falls in love with [the woman's son]. I am taking the plot from the end of the segment wherein the man and his fiancee's son have made wild, passionate love, and he realizes he loves his future step-son, however, he does not love the woman, or at least not as much as he thought he once did. The story picks up after a couple of weeks' time – and several miles away – from the younger man's home. The following story is written from the younger man's perspective.



Mother's former fiancι suddenly disappeared about two weeks ago, without saying goodbye, and she is not talking. We had already buried my father, a few years earlier, and on the Saturday following my brother's funeral – a somber occasion due to his suicide – I had pulled a sneaky maneuver and gone into my mother's desk in her bedroom, and found Levi's address on a piece of paper, apparently rather hastily scribbled down and shoved into a cubby with other letters. I don't know if she had forgotten it was there, however, I stuck it into a pocket, slowly and quietly leaving Mother's bedroom, so I did not arouse suspicions with the house staff. I was bound and determined to find the man I thought was going to be my future step-father, find out what had happened to make him disappear so fast, and why the disappearing act. It would be only an hour's walk from home, yet worth every minute of the trek. Passing the time on the way to Levi's new home, I thought about what I might say when he opened the door, however, figured I'd just have to make it up as it happened, for lack of a better reasoning behind my visit, which was – at least to me – a bit hasty, and not well thought out, yet all the more necessary, as I reasoned out our rather steamy rendezvous, just a few weeks prior.


"Clay? What on earth?"


"Sorry to intrude on your life this way, Levi, however, I believe you and I have some unfinished business, do we not?"


"Look, Clay, I am sorry things turned out the way they did, however, I don't believe it's a good idea to let you know how things went down between your mother and I, and what made me leave so suddenly."


"That is true, Levi, however, you don't seem to understand something here. You ran out on me, too, Levi, without even saying goodbye. And that really hurts! There I was, hoping against hope I would have a new father sometime soon, and all of a sudden, you were gone, without a trace, and without an explanation, as Mother refuses to tell me anything about it, either!"


By the time I said that, tears were streaming down my face. Levi motioned me into his new place, and invited me to sit down.


"My God, Clay, I am so sorry I had to leave like that, however, once your Mother's suspicions were raised with some things about me she did not like – and I am not sure who told her about it, as I certainly did not – I was rather abruptly shown the door, and in no uncertain terms."


"Well, Levi, I can honestly say it wasn't me who said anything about you and I, either, nor would I have. Someone else in the area may know who you are, maybe, and voiced their suspicions?"


"No doubt. People like to talk, and I know you know how fast rumors can spread. So, where does that leave me with you, and what brought you here, Clay? I don't think you came all the way over here just to chat."


"Indeed, not. C'mere, you!"


I grabbed Levi's collar and suddenly pulled him close, and kissed him, right on the mouth.


"Fuck! Clay! Now that was a shock!!! Where on earth did that come from?!?"


"My heart, Levi. My heart. My heart tells me I still want you as a father-figure. But it was also meant to tell you that I love you, and I don't want to live without you in my life. That day at the house was something I had actually been looking for, for quite some time, yet never said anything to anyone about. When you took me in your arms, I knew I had found someone to guide me through this attraction I have to other men, and you are someone I not only could look up to, yet more importantly, I want to look up to! I felt wanted, I felt, well...cared about, in a way Mother could never do, as she is not a man. I could not be who I am, before, as I had no model, yet now, I feel like my life has been given a purpose, and a meaning. I mean, I don't feel like I've been cut adrift anymore, like I have since my father died, a few years ago. God knows, my brother could not help me, as he was hurting far more than I was, obviously!"


"Yes, I realized he was hurting, very much, when he killed himself, and I am truly sorry I could not be there for you. Your mother was so angry with me about what she felt was dishonesty – or maybe worse, I don't know as I never even had the chance to discuss it with her – that I wasn't even able to go upstairs and say goodbye to you. It was `one, two, three, you're out!' and I was instant history in her eyes, and she made sure I knew she did not want me around!


"Well, I want you in my life, Levi, even if it means having to move out of Mother's house, and move in here with you!"


"Are you sure you want to do that, Clay? If she finds out...whew!!! We could both be in for a very hard time, as I believe she has it in her to make my life miserable if she gets angry enough, so heaven only knows what she may do if she finds you here, as well!"


Looking at the wall for a brief moment, he looked at me and asked what I believed was probably a very-easily-answered question:


"She doesn't know you're here, does she, Clay?"

"No, of course not! I walked over, so she could not find the car, and I don't believe she remembers the address here, which I found in her desk in her bedroom, hidden away in a cubby."

"I put that there for you, Clay, just in case you were to find it. It was a last-ditch effort to contact you, without her knowing."

"What? Are you kidding?!? She could have found it, you know."


"Now that's doubtful! That cubby had not been touched, nor the desk even opened, for months, maybe longer, as the whole thing was covered in dust. I watched her as she did her normal routine, and she never even went near it. It was like a poison apple, or something."


"Well, Father would sit there and write letters and pay bills sometimes, so maybe she kept seeing him sitting there, I don't know. Whatever the case, you obviously knew what you were doing, didn't you, when you did that?"

"Of course, because I wanted you to remain in my life, somehow, and I knew if you had become lonely enough, you would – most likely – come looking for me, and I couldn't take the chance of her seeing me slide a note under your bedroom door as I left, without making her suspicious about something that she clearly would not have understood. Women just don't understand those things, Clay."


"Well, it worked, thankfully, and I'm here now. So, what do you want to do with me?"


"A repeat performance of what we did that day?"


"Fuck yeah, Levi!"


Levi's arms surrounded me like a vise, and he somehow managed to pick me up and carry me into his bedroom, and with a deft hand, had my trousers open and my cock in his hands in mere seconds.


"Let me feast on that delicious piece of English sausage, dear boy... Your penis is too beautiful not to worship it, Clay!"


"Oh fuck Levi, I want your cock inside me, once more. Let me worship that wonderful piece of manhood between your legs, too, as you give me such wonderful feelings! I love your cock, Levi, just as much as you love mine!"


At least half an hour of mutual oral pleasure took place, before either of us had our climaxes, that first time in his bed. His eyes told me of his desire for me, and his desire to penetrate me, once more.


"You have an amazing bum, dear Clay. I want you to fuck me, though, too, and not have me just take, take, take...from you! Although it's been years since I've accepted another man inside me, since my early twenties, I still enjoy a man's pleasuring himself inside me, as I watch him thrust his wonderful manhood inside me!"


"Well, I've never done that before, however, if you want to, yes, I will fuck you, Levi, and give you such pleasure, as you gave me, that day at Mother's."


"It's `Mother's,' now, huh, and no longer `home,' Clay?"


"It hasn't been `home' since I left for school, more than four years ago. And with my brother gone, it will never be home, ever again."


"Did your Mother send you off to boarding school, or your Father?"


"Mother did. I got shipped off right after Christmas that year, and have never returned to live there full-time, just brief stays on school holidays, and even then, there wasn't much contact between Mother and I, just the house staff. It was like she didn't want me around anymore, so she could go do her things with her lady-friends. I'm not sure if she even knew all of what occurred when Father died. More than likely, she may not have even cared about him. They didn't seem to be getting along well back then, so it may be something she just cannot deal with. Well now, your cock is talking to me again, Levi. He tells me he wants in. Are you ready to penetrate my arse?"


"More than ready, my dear Clay."


"Well, you are in charge, here, and I am ready, so give it a go, whenever you are ready."


Having prepared myself and steeled myself for the invader, I thought I was well-poised for the assault. I said nothing as his penis was rammed into my bum like a rocket, and his thrusting began with a flourish.


"Fuck me, Levi. I want to feel your penis drilling for oil, hammering it home hard right now is the only thing I want more than that beautiful man-tool inside me! Harder, Levi. Make me your bitch, Levi. I want your cock!!!"


His hips went into hyperdrive in that moment, absolutely hammering my arse and thrusting with a speed I did not totally expect. If he was going to be gentle before we started, he had definitely changed tactics, and his penis was making my prostate leak pre-cum like a faucet. His kissing became furious then, and he nearly bit off my left nipple as I felt his cock rev up for the moon shot of cum about to wash my insides.


"Harder, Levi!!! I want your cum inside me. Harder, big guy! Make me feel your manhood stand up and salute when you shoot your load, man!!! Fucking spear me with that fucker, man!!! C'mon man!!! You can do it!!!"

Levi's mind went into The Zone at that moment, and his cockhead expanded, as his joy-juice ejaculated – rapid-fire – into my manhole. Immediately, I felt the hot burst of cream hit bottom, and my own ejaculate spewed out like a fire-hose, all over me, Levi and the wall behind us. Our breathing did not slow down for several minutes, as he lay on top of me and attempted to come back to Earth after what was certainly a mind-blowing orgasm, for the both of us!!!


"Fuck, boy. You know how to pull a man's load out of him!"

"Nothing that I did that you didn't want, was it now?"

"Certainly not!!! I was just amazed that you were able to pull me in more after I got started. Where did you learn that?"

"You, dear boy. Your cock makes me want it even more fully in my arse than ever. You get started pounding me, and the cock feels so natural inside there that all I want is your cock, buried inside me. Oh man...I wish we could stay like this forever!!!"


"Not possible, big boy. My cock deflates after a while and needs a breather, even after a wonderful workout like that. Your bum will certainly keep me occupied, for years to come. You want that, Clay?"


"Hell yeah, Dad...you are definitely worth keeping around. And with that wonderful thing between your legs, you will certainly keep me satisfied! I won't want anyone else after that!!!"


"What are you going to tell your Mother, Clay?"

"That I am moving in with a friend. No reason for her to know who it is. If she finds out, it will be too late, anyway, and besides, she was the one who kicked you out, remember? She holds no claim to you. And now, I've got you all to myself, and I couldn't possibly be any happier!!!"


Later that evening, my new Dad and I were sitting on the sofa, listening to the stereo, when he began to play with my cock, again. Instantly, my little soldier stood at rapt attention.

"You know if you get me going again, you're gonna pay for it, right?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way, Big Boy!" His Carol Mansfield voice was hysterically funny in the moment, and I gave him a wink.


"Well, then, c'mere, Mister, and give Junior some pleasure! He needs some loving attention from someone who knows what the fuck they're doing!"


"Ahhh, man, this mantool of yours is magnificent, Clay! Beautiful, wonderfully textured, nice big head, nice thick shaft, I know my arse is just itching to please Junior. Your cock is awesome, man!!!"


Fully engorged, my tumescent tool was primed and ready, dripping pre-cum to beat all hell.


"C'mere, boy! You want it? You've got it!!!"


Plunging into his ass, I pushed in with all my weight. His arse opened like a jar, and immediately closed around it.

"Do it, man!!! DO IT!!! DO IT!!! DOOOOOO IIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!"


"You got it, Mister!!! How hard do you want it?!?!?"


"As fast and as hard as you want to go, Big Boy! You've got the reins, so you're the driver. Hump me, boy! Give your Dad a douche with that cum!!! Spray it inside me and let it come out the sides!!!"


All along, we had had music on in the background, and I matching a crescendo in the music, I drove the plow into his arse with a profoundly rhythmic pounding, and pulling half his asshole out when I withdrew, only to land on top of him with all my weight and drive my penis as far in as it would go. His grunting was nearly as loud as mine was, and his breathing was becoming erratic.


"Oh yeah, Big Boy!!! Bottom out inside your Dad!!! Harder!!! Don't be afraid, boy...you won't break me!!! Thrust, boy, thrust!!! Make me feel that big ol' cockhead of yours, and that thick shaft ream me a new one!!! Yeah, boy!!! Bitch fuck me, Big Boy!!! Make me know I've got a man's penis inside me!!! Give it to me, rapid-fire, boy!!!"


Increasing speed, exponentially, I took it to the next level, and landed on top of Dad with a solid thud!!!




I could hold back no longer, as my penis began spewing cum inside his hole so fast, I pulled it out and shot two spurts of it onto his bum, then re-inserted Junior for another few hard thrusts...... It sent me into a frenzy, and I held onto him for dear life, lest we fall off the bed. I arched my back as I came inside him, and had grabbed onto his shoulders with my hands for leverage as I had been thrusting into him so hard that I nearly passed out when the cum started flowing.


"Jesus, Dad!!!! I can't seem to stop spewing cum!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH...FFFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!!!!"


I could feel his arse filling up fast, and the cum was now flowing out around my cock, and onto his perineum.

"Yeah, that's my boy!!! You hit The Zone, son, and really messaged my prostate. I came when you did...LOOK!!!"

Sure enough, the sheet below us was covered in white, gooey man-cream. Dad and I went to town then, licking it up and sharing his cum in an extra-sloppy kiss. I grabbed his pectorals and yanked on his nipples just then, and the last bit of joy-juice left in his cock spat me square in the face.


"Mmmmm...yeah, Daddy!!! Fresh man-cream! Right from the source!!!!! YUM!!!"


"Yours is just as tasty, boy!!! You should save yours up so I can drink it all at one time..."


"Well, then, here..."


Wiping off his derriere, and pulling whatever of my load that I could out of his pucker, I smeared his face with my fresh cum.

"Haven't been baptized in cum in quite a few years, boy......want to give me another few loads of that wonderful stuff?"

"HELL yeah, Dad!!! Got at least six more in storage for ya! All you have to do is figure out a way to pull it out of the storage tanks!"

"C'mere, boy...Oh, trust me, I can think of several ways of extracting that liquid gold from those big ol' nuts of yours! You up to it?"


"Really, Dad? Do you really have to ask an eighteen-year old that question?"

Six more loads of cum were delivered, all over Dad's face, and just as enthusiastically removed from his face as it was to place it all there! We shared it with the other, then fell asleep in each other's arms, him covered in his own cum as well as mine, as every cum load I spewed on his face, he spewed yet another on his chest.


"Hell, Dad!!! Eight loads?.......Really?"