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Gay love story. Beginnings/College/Incest. Explicit sex.
A gay virgin finds an appalling lack of privacy in his college dorm for his only sexual outlet. This is a blessing, forcing him to explore his sexuality and expand his sexual horizons.


I was an only child, so my first love was my penis. I had my own room at home and the privacy to make love to myself as much as I wanted. Most afternoons and evenings of my junior high and high school years, I would lock myself in my room, strip down and stroke leisurely for an hour or so. It's not surprising, therefore, that when I moved into a dormitory--with a roommate--here at the university that my masturbation routine was severely upset. After four weeks of extremely unsatisfying quickie sessions in the shower, I decided to rectify the situation.
I looked high and low, but there was no place private for me to indulge myself, other than renting a motel room, which I couldn't afford. Then, I saw an ad in a throw away newspaper for a jack off club. The ad promised hours of masturbatory pleasure with like-minded men. I had never masturbated with or in front of another guy, so I scrapped any idea of joining. Still, the hornier I became, the more the concept appealed to me.
Finally, I screwed up my courage and decided to check the place out. Man, it was located in the crappy part of downtown! Nevertheless, I found the interior of the place neat, clean and well appointed. I bought a membership, checked my clothes in a locker and cautiously crept into the club.
The sight of several dozen naked, hunky men stroking each other in various combinations might have frightened me enough to beat a hasty exit, but I chanced to lock eyes with one particular guy. I don't know what happened. Perhaps it was his big puppy-dog eyes gazing at me from his kind, handsome face, or perhaps it was his confident stance as he leaned against the wall. Part of it was probably his tall, well-formed body and his rock-hard eight-inch shaft. Whatever it was, I stood rooted on the spot until he strolled over to me and introduced himself.
He smiled and stuck out his hand. "Hi, I'm Jake. Welcome," he said in that soft baritone voice.
I could do nothing but respond in kind. I smiled and grabbed his hand. "Hi yourself. I'm Cory. Glad to meet you."
"I could tell you were a new member. You looked like you were about to turn and run," he chuckled. "Happens all the time."
I blushed, "Yeah, this type of place is new to me."
I noticed that he still held my hand and his hard dick was brushing my stomach. "Well, you're too good looking to loose, and I would hate for you to waste your membership fee. So, how about I show you around?" He flashed me a dazzling smile that I couldn't refuse.
He drew me over to a corner where we could see all of the clubroom. He pointed to a section with rows of benches facing a bank of TV screens. "You can sit there and stroke off with a buddy while you watch porn videos." He gestured to another corner to a padded platform surrounded by a series of carpeted steps. Several guys were lounging on the steps leisurely masturbating each other. "There, you can stroke with several partners at the same time."
"And if you're shy," he continued, pointing to a wall of glory holes, "you can simply stick your penis through a hole and someone will stroke you off." I noticed a half dozen hard cocks sticking out of the holes in the wall and a like number of guys were kneeling before them, stroking away.
"There's more to see," he smiled at me, "but you came here to stroke. Let me guess," his eyes glittered in the dim light, "you enjoy a long, leisurely session with a big climax."
I smiled at him, "You guessed it Jake."
He chuckled softly. "Have you ever jerked off with another guy before?" I shook my head. Suddenly, the smile slid from his face. "Would you like to jack off with me?" he asked as his puppy dog eyes grew larger.
I began to shake like a leaf. I grasped his arm to steady myself and managed to stutter, "I think I would like to do that."
He exhaled expansively and favored me with another dazzling grin. "Great! Let's move over here." He guided me to a small overstuffed love seat set in a recess in the wall.
As we sat down, he placed a muscular arm around my shoulders and leaned us back into a comfortable­ position, drawing us so close that we touched from shoulder to foot. His lips came close to my ear and he purred, "Just relax Cory. All the guys you can see out there are here for the same reason. They all love to jack off just as much as you and I do." He carefully placed my right hand on his hard cock and then grasped mine. We both moaned with pleasure.
He rested his head next to mine so that our cheeks touched. Our eyes stared down in wonder at the beauty of our lean, muscular fists slowly pumping our huge cocks. We stroked for perhaps five minutes and then began to vary our style. We skinned our foreskin back and rubbed the head of our dicks with our fingertips, sending sparks of sensation through our bodies. We tried every stroke we could think of, eventually working ourselves close to climax.
We were breathing heavily when Jake said, "We're too close. Let's rest a minute and move over there." He pointed to the padded platform that was currently unoccupied. "We can lie down and get into different positions there."
By that time, I was so horny I would have agreed to jack off in the street with him. He took my hand and led us across the room. He sat down on the platform and leaned back against the carpeted wall. He motioned me to sit on the first step beside him and spread his legs wide. With a grin he said, "I'm all yours Cory. Do anything that you want except suck me. That's against the club rules."
I smiled and lay across his muscular thigh, taking his massive ball sack in one hand and his cock in the other. I began to massage them, alternating pressure from one hand to the other. Jake gasped and moaned with delight.
A few minutes later, I felt a hand on my dick. My head whipped around in time to see a good-looking blond kid kneeling between my legs stoking my cock, staring at us.
He smiled and said, "I've been watching you guys. You're so sexy! Are you brothers?" We looked at each other in surprise, then back at him, shaking our heads. "Really? You look so much alike, same hair, same eyes, same coloring, and your dicks are twins." We glanced down at our dicks. "Please, they're so beautiful. Can I jack them off together? Please?"
I looked nervously at Jake, unsure what to do. He simply pulled me up close beside him and slid an arm around my shoulders. He gestured to the boy, "Our dicks are yours dude. Make us all happy."
Clearly delighted, the blond-haired boy straddled our legs. He bent his head over our identical dicks and went to work. A cock in each hand, he began to perform miracles. I had considered myself an accomplished masturbator, but this guy was an expert. I was in awe. I had to touch him. I reached out and stroked his hair in benediction, blessing him for the pleasure he was giving me. In fifteen minutes, he had Jake and me moaning. Five minutes later, we shouted and blasted ropes of cum, striking our noses, mouths, chins and painting our heaving chests.
While we recovered, the boy went to a dispenser on the wall, returned with a double handful of paper towels, and began to clean us. As he swiped at Jake's nose and chin, Jake leaned forward and kissed the boy lovingly. Breaking the kiss, he said, "Thank you. That was wonderful."
The blond smiled shyly, "No, thank you. You two are beautiful. It was my pleasure."
Impulsively, I leaned forward and kissed him too. "We all enjoyed it, but you haven't cum yet." I pulled him across our laps and settled his head in Jake's arms. He smiled in anticipation as I grabbed his slim cock and tried to give him as much technique as I knew. He was so hot that he didn't last long, giving up several streams of pale essence that landed on all three of us.
As his spasms subsided, we laughed heartily. He jumped up and retrieved more paper towels and we cleaned ourselves once more. He gave each of us a peck on the lips and sprinted off.
Jake looked at me curiously. "Well, it didn't take long for you to get into the swing of things here," he said with a laugh. I blushed furiously. He stroked my burning cheek with his fingertips and asked, "Did you enjoy yourself?"
"Yes Jake. Very much," I replied honestly. He smiled and favored me with a gentle kiss that sent my head spinning. It was my first soul kiss and it was a doozy. As he pulled away, I stared at him in wonder. He looked at me quizzically. "Would you like to go have a cup of coffee with me?"
I smiled in return, stood up and pulled him to his feet. We dressed, returned to our cars and I fol­lowed him to a coffee shop in a safer part of town. I had no idea why I was doing this. I had just spent two hours with strangers engaged in activities entirely outside of my experience. As I slid into a booth opposite Jake, I could only conclude that for some reason I felt completely at ease with him.
We had a wonderful conversation. I discovered that he was nineteen and was a university student like me, but a year ahead of me. He lived with his brother, two years younger than him, in the house left to them by their parents. I was delighted to find that we had many common interests, in addition to masturbation.
But, the evening eventually came to a close. Jake shook my hand, promised to see me at the club soon and drove away into the night. As I drove back to my dorm, I tried to organize my thoughts into a coherent impression of what had happened to me tonight.
I decided that I liked it. I had enjoyed myself in spite of the strange surroundings. Most of all, I had enjoyed Jake, in many ways. I wanted to see him again. Then, I became a little depressed. I realized that I didn't know his last name, his address, his phone number or whether I would ever see him again.
The following Wednesday, after my last class at the university, I went to the club again for some stroking time. To my delight, Jake was there. He smiled broadly when he saw me, and gave me a big hug and peck on the lips as we met in the center of the room. My dick sprang to life at the touch of his embrace. We immediately retired to an alcove and began to stroke each other. But, we found that our hands couldn't confine themselves to our cocks. Our fingers roamed every inch of skin we could reach. Finally, our mouths locked in a passionate kiss that blew my mind. His lips were soft and sweet. His tongue thrilled the interior of my mouth. I began to tremble and Jake pulled back, looking at me inquisitively.
I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks. He smiled and looked down at me with his big brown eyes. “You like that?” I nodded my head. “Well, it was wonderful. You're a natural born kisser mister.” We chuckled and resumed the kissing lesson.
Finally, we came up for air and just sat and talked quietly for a while. Jake looked at his watch, the only article of clothing he was wearing, and swore softly. “I'm sorry, but I have to meet my brother and I'm late.”
We both looked at our hard cocks forlornly. Jake looked into my eyes for a second, took a deep breath and said, “Cory, I'm gonna say this before I loose my nerve. I want to do more than just jack you off. It's not enough any more. Would you like to get together soon and spend an evening together?”
My heart began to thunder in my chest. I wanted nothing more than to spend some “quality” time with him; but, I was scared to death because I had no idea what to do with a man in bed. Nevertheless, I screwed up my courage and stammered, “Sure, my roommate is going home for the weekend. Come over to my dorm Friday night.”
His eyes crinkled up into a wonderful smile. “That would be perfect.” I gave him my address and room number. He nodded as he memorized the information. “I'll be there at seven, and I'll bring dinner. But, I've got to run now,” he said as he pulled away from me and stood up. He paused and looked searchingly at my dick and then at my eyes. “Your dick could use some tender loving care. The blond guy that jerked us off the other day is here. You could have a repeat performance from him.”
I glanced at my throbbing cock and back at his kind face, then shook my head. “Naw, my dick needs more than a stroking. It can wait until Friday.”
Jake's face broke into a wide smile. I stood up and we walked arm in arm to the locker room.
At five minutes to seven Friday night, I looked around my tiny space. No dormitory room had ever been so clean. I sighed with satisfaction and looked at myself in the mirror critically. Yes, the walking shorts and polo shirt would do. I looked down at my bare feet, then back at my reflection in the mirror. I wondered if he would think I was being too bold to admit him without shoes or underwear. Naw, I decided, we both knew why we were having this meeting. The fewer clothes to get out of the better.
My decision was confirmed minutes later when I opened the door to find Jake wearing a big grin, cargo shorts, polo shirt and sandals. I mentally bet that he wasn't wearing underwear either.
He handed me the heavy basket he was carrying as he stepped into the room. “I remembered that dorm rooms don’t usually have tables, so I thought we could have a picnic.”
I smiled in return, giving him a quick kiss on the lips. “Excellent idea Jake. Come in.”
I set the basket on my desk and grabbed the comforters off the two beds. I spread them on the floor in the only open space in the room and tossed down all the pillows we had.
Jake moved the basket to one corner of our nest on the floor and sat down Indian style, motioning for me to do the same. He took the cover off the basket and began to identify the contents: a dozen sandwiches of three varieties, fresh sliced veggies, quiche and three bottles of wine, two red and one white. My mouth watered; I was starved. Then, he extracted a jumble of napkins, silverware, glasses and a corkscrew.
He looked up at me and said, “This should hold us a while.” I looked into his liquid eyes and silently hoped it would hold us for about a week.
We each ate our first sandwich sitting on opposite sides of the nest. When he served the quiche, we moved closer together. I refilled his wine glass and sat next to him. A few minutes later, he refilled my wine glass and instead of handing it to me, he pulled off our shirts and leaned me back against his chest. He spent the next while feeding me slices of veggies dipped into my glass of wine. Between each bite, he either stroked my chest or delivered a kiss.
He made this activity so sensuous that, within about fifteen minutes, I was tingling with anticipation and the crotch of my shorts was tented. Jake unzipped them and released my hard cock, now dripping pre-cum.
Hmmm, desert.”
I moved my hand and felt the tent in his shorts. The zipper was only half way down when his hard eight inches popped out. I drooled. “How thoughtful of you to bring sweet cream in a stick.”
He set the wine glass aside and moved into a sixty-nine position. I stared at his cock, bobbing inches away from my face, with trepidation. He sensed the turn in my thoughts and asked, “What’s the matter?”
Without looking at him, I stammered, “I’ve never done oral sex.”
He gathered me into his arms and looked into my eyes. “I saw the hungry look on your face just now when you saw my dick. Do you want it?” I nodded. “Then, don’t worry, you’ll know exactly what to do with it. Didn’t I tell you before that you’re a natural?” I nodded once more. He smiled, gave me a peck on the lips and said in a smoky voice, “Then, put those sweet lips and that delicious mouth to work, because I’m about to eat desert.”
He lay down and began to lick the pre-cum from my dick. God, the feeling was indescribable! I had to give him the same feeling. I grasped his cock and studied it. It had to be one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen. I kissed it and licked it. The scent was thrilling. I rubbed my face all over it. Then, I sucked the foreskin forward and nipped it with my teeth. I burrowed the tip of my tongue under it and explored the expanding head of his dick.
Jake and I moaned in concert, because he was doing the same thing to my shaft.
We began to unfasten our shorts at the same time. Now naked, we commenced to move about, exploring each other’s nether regions. He was doing things to me that no one had ever done before, and it felt wonderful. But, I was like a child with a new toy. I couldn’t get enough of Jake’s body. He stopped sucking me and gave himself up to me completely as I explored the whole of Jake. I kissed, licked, stroked, petted and groped every square inch of his velvety skin, much to his enjoyment. When I returned to his cock, he exploded in my mouth. And, I proved him correct; I was a natural. My tongue swirled around his cock head, milking shot after shot of cum from him.
When the bolts of his essence subsided, I licked his dick clean and kissed my way up to his heaving chest, where I rested. He stroked my back lightly until he regained his composure; then, he pulled me on top of him and shared a tender kiss. “Yes, you are a natural,” he confessed. “Thank you Cory. That was wonderful,” he crooned as he stroked my hair. “Did you like it?”
Jake, having your dick in my mouth and drinking your cum felt so good, so right and so natural, like I’d been doing it all my life. But, the main thing is, it was YOUR cock and YOUR cum, that made it so good.”
He smiled and kissed me again. “I haven’t tasted you yet. I want to see if it makes me feel the same way.” With that, he rolled me onto my back and knelt between my legs, admiring the view.
About thirty minutes later, I lay curled in his arms thoroughly sated. Every inch of skin on my body tingled. I had never felt so happy and satisfied. I looked up into Jake's eyes. We grinned at the same time, no doubt thinking the same thing, feeling the same way. Still staring at each other, we slowly closed our eyes and slept.
I woke the next morning in a tangle of pillows and comforters, still wrapped in Jake's arms. I sighed and drank in his scent. Opening my mouth, I tentatively stuck out my tongue and licked several square inches of his chest, savoring the sweet-salty taste of his skin. In the process, my lips found one of his large brown nipples, and I began to suckle.
"Um, what a wonderful way to wake up," he breathed. His fingertips began to stroke my back and side. "Morning Cory."
"Guph manin," I mumbled, reluctant to release the juicy morsel I had found. His chest began to heave as he laughed out loud, and my lips broke free. I tried to pout, but began to chuckle along with him.
He sat up and checked his watch. My eyes followed him. God, I wanted to renew the feeling I discovered last night. He looked at my hound dog expression and smiled. Without breaking eye contact, he reached out and stroked my cheek lightly. An array of emotions slowly played across his face. Finally, he sighed heavily and spoke. "God, I've enjoyed being with you. I'd love to spend the weekend with you; but, I've got to go. I'm leaving with my brother for a fishing trip up the river in an hour, and we won't be back until late tomorrow night." He paused for a second, thinking. "We've got exams next week, so we'll be tied up. But, how about we spend next weekend together?"
"I'd like that," I breathed.
He smiled broadly. "Great!" He licked his lips tentatively. "How about I pick you up at nine, Saturday morning? Be thinking about what you would like for us to do."
I smiled seductively. "I won't have to give that much thought."
He blushed beautifully. "Oh boy, that came out with a double meaning didn't it? Let's just say I'd like to see you in the daylight with some clothes on for a change." He leaned in for a long kiss. "At least for a few minutes anyway." And winked at me.
True to his word, he knocked on my door at eight fifty-nine the next Saturday morning. I had been cooped up studying and taking exams for a week, so I was ready to bolt free for a weekend of recreation. I pulled him into the room for a quick kiss and said, "Let's get out of here."
Jake pulled his patented smile and said, "Amen to that buddy. My eyes are almost permanently crossed from reading and writing exams."
We jogged out to Jake's pickup truck and sped off down the street. As he dialed up some tunes on the radio, I took the opportunity to look at him. Being a warm fall day, we both had dressed in shorts and T-shirts. His were form fitting, giving me a grand view of his body. God, he looked great!. My eyes traveled to his crotch. Ah ha, he wasn't wearing underwear either.
He stopped for a traffic light and glanced at me. "Like what you see sailor?" he drawled, leaning seductively against the truck door and laying a muscular paw lightly over his bulging crotch.
I played along by lowering my eyelids about half way and licking my lips. "You got a mighty delicious looking bod there mister. I'd like to play Tarzan and swing on your vine."
He burst out laughing just as the light turned green. The car behind us honked before he could control himself to get us moving again.
We drove on in companionable silence for a few minutes before he said shyly, “I missed you this week.” Tentatively, he placed his hand on my bare thigh and began stroking it lightly. My dick sprang to attention down the leg of my shorts, at a very painful angle.
"Oh shit!" I moaned.
His hand jerked away. "What's the matter?"
"You just gave me a major boner."
He glanced down at my hard dick. “Well, I guess you missed me too.” He slowly unzipped my shorts. "You better take care of that before it breaks off. Go ahead. Take it out. I want to see that part of you in the light of day too."
With a shy grin, I fished my eight inches out and stroked it lovingly. Jake stared at it for a few seconds, then jerked the steering wheel sharply to avoid running up onto the curb. He laughed self-consciously and took over stroking me. “Maybe this is the safest way while we're driving.”
In turn, I reached over to free his throbbing pole. The rows of houses passed in review as the truck slowly glided down the street. We stared out of the windshield, neither of us looking down as our hands made tender love to our cocks.
After a while, our ministrations had us heaving ragged breaths of lust. Jake glanced at me and said thickly, “Is there some place in particular you want to go?” I shook my head. “Okay then.” He suddenly made a series of turns down side streets.
Five minutes later, he pulled into a driveway and pressed a button on the sun visor to open the garage door. He eased the truck into the garage in time to startle a good looking young guy washing his hands and arms in a sink on the workbench. The boy turned and flashed us a dazzling smile when he saw Jake. God, he was good looking, even dressed in grease stained T-shirt and shorts. As he sauntered over, I took my hand off Jake's dick. When he saw Jake's hand on my cock, he leaned into the truck with a big grin.
Jake said, “Will, this is Cory. Cory, this is my brother Will.”
Will and I said “Hi.” He gave me a questioning look and a thorough going over with his big brown eyes. Then, the huge grin returned to his face and he suggested that we get out and stay a while. I was so horny by this time that I was game for anything. Jake pressed the control to close the garage door, and we stepped out of the truck in time to see Will shuck his T-shirt and shorts. Yep, he was Jake’s younger brother all right. He was tall and lean where Jake was tall and beefy, but the family resemblance was unmistakable in the crotch area. His stiff dick was an uncut eight inches.
Jake took my hand and strolled over to Will. We stood in a close circle facing each other and began to skin our uncut dicks back and forth. I noticed that all three of us had thick foreskin and bright red heads. Each dick was slightly flat on top with a big cum tube on the under side. My dick and Jake’s dick were the same thickness from root to head, whereas Will’s dick tapered from a thick root to a somewhat narrower head.
Jake and I paused long enough to shed our clothes.
Will began to pull on Jake’s boner. Then, Jake reached over and began to work on my dick. And, I reached over and began to stroke Will’s cock slowly. We stood there with our feet spread apart, stomachs sucked in and chests puffed out, breathing hard as our hands manipulated our pleasure tools faster and faster.
I noticed that each of us was slightly hairy, with a dusting of fir on our chests, tapering down to a thick bush of pubic hair. But, none of us had hair on our big, low-hanging balls. That meant that Jake and Will shaved their balls like I did. I couldn’t wait to find out if they shaved their butts and asses the same as me.
With my free hand I began to tweak my nipples and moan slightly. I noticed that Will’s nipples had popped up, looking juicy and ripe for the eating. Jake’s nipples had been standing attention all morning. I reached over and began to brush my fingertips across Will’s right nipple.
He closed his eyes and breathed, “Oh Cory that feels so good!”
My balls were slowly drawing up to my root and beginning to send those telltale signals. I took one step forward and the guys did the same. We were so close now that we could only point our dicks upward and jack them up and down with our fists.
I felt warm lips on my right nipple. I sucked in a lung full of air. Small electric impulses skittered across my chest and down to my cock as Jake nursed gently on me.
I turned my head to the left to find Will’s lips next to mine. He parted my lips with his tongue and kissed me deeply. My moan of ecstasy rang in his throat.
I pulled away from his sweet mouth and breathed into his ear, “I’m so close Will. I can’t hold out much more.”
He pointed my dick at his stomach and whispered, “On me. Please cum on me.” Then to Jake, “Jake, I’m close. I want to cum on you.”
I pointed Jake’s cock at my stomach and he nodded. His breath was coming fast and hard. “That’s it Cory…I’m close…Take it all on your stomach…Don’t waste a drop.”
My nerves suddenly wrenched, my balls churned and I stared helplessly, open mouthed and sucking air, as my dick spurted a long rope of cum on Will’s chest, clinging to it from his left nipple down to his pubes. A second and third rope spewed forth, followed by four more jets that settled in the vicinity of his belly button. As he continued jacking me, more dribbles and spurts flowed over his fingers.
I swayed slightly and regained my voice long enough to whisper, “Please, no more.”
He squeezed my cock with his soft fingers, looked at Jake and rasped, “Oh fuck Jake,” and shot eight perfect ropes of sweet smelling cum on Jake’s chest. The silvery strands clung to the soft down while Jake gently pumped his little brother dry.
As the last of Will’s cum coated his fingers, Jake’s head snapped back to a pose familiar to me. I knew he was about to shoot his wad. I changed my grip to a feathery touch and stripped his fore­skin back. When my fingers came into contact with the sensitive head of his cock, his knees buckled slightly and he thrust his hips forward. In machine gun fashion, his dick began to spurt huge drops of cum all over my chest and stomach. I rapidly brushed the head of his cock with my fingers, prolonging his orgasm, and he continued to shoot, as Will looked on in disbelief.
Finally, he turned loose of Will’s dick and leaned against me. “Oh shit! Stop! I’m dry Cory.” Then he kissed me softly.
We held our poses until our breathing returned to normal. I opened my eyes to find them staring at me. Suddenly, I felt awkward standing there holding the dick of a perfect stranger. Jake smiled at me as he released my cock and brought his hand to his lips. He winked at me as he licked my cum from his fingers.
Will and I broke into smiles too, and both of us brought the hand that had created so much pleasure for his partner to our mouths and licked the sweet nectar from our fingers.
As he sucked his fingers, Will winked at me and said, “You taste just like Jake.”
Jake gave me a surprised look and said, “It just dawned on me that you taste just like Will.”
I realized that I felt very comfortable with these guys and a mischievous idea dawned on me. I laughed and moved my lips toward Jake’s hairy chest, “Well then, I’ll just have to see if Will tastes like Jake.” With that, I began to lovingly lap Will’s cum from Jake’s nipples. I licked and ate my way down his barrel-like ribcage to his narrow waist until his body was clean of the lovely stuff. “Um Will, you do taste like your brother.”
Will grinned wickedly, “Now I’m not so sure you taste like Jake after all. So, I’ll have to run the test again.” With that, he swiped a couple of fingers through my cum on his chest and licked them. Then, he leaned forward and systematically licked and sucked every drop of Jake’s cum from my body. The sensation of his soft lips and firm tongue seemed to draw every nerve to the surface. As Will ministered to me, I purred contentedly and wove my fingers in his dark curly hair.
When Will finished, Jake poked me in the ribs and said, “You know what Will tastes like and you know what I taste like. Will says you taste like us both.” Pointing to my cum covering Will’s chest, “Now, I think you ought to find out if you do taste like us.”
I couldn’t agree more,” I said as I moved in on Will’s succulent nipples. Jake moved behind Will and placed a hand on either side of his waist to steady him. Jake knew how sensitive Will’s nipples were and how he would react.
As I sucked Will’s right nipple into my mouth, Will’s hands clamped hard on the back of my head and he mewled like a kitten. I released the nipple and licked my way across his broad chest to the other teat, drinking my cum as I went along. Drunk with the taste and smell of my own love juice, I attacked his left nipple, sucking hard on the sweet morsel. He cried out in sheer de­light as I laved the delicacy with my lips and tongue. God, he tasted like heaven! And they were right. My cum did taste exactly like theirs.
Not wanting to admit this fact just yet, I moved down to Will’s pubes and began licking my way up his chiseled abs, pausing briefly to give his deep belly button a thorough cleaning, and slowly moving upward to my target, his right nipple. As I moved upward, he tensed his muscles in anticipation. His keening turned to loud moans as my lips met his teat.
I repeated this maneuver twice more until I had laved all of my cum from him. As I licked the last drop, his nerves gave out. He crushed my head to his chest and whimpered, “Oh please, no more. I can’t stand it.”
I held still and he slowly released my head, not sure if I would continue. I brought my lips to his and kissed him, softly and gently, to let him know I was finished.
As my mouth parted from his, I smiled, “Yes, all three of us taste exactly alike.” And we per­formed a quiet, satisfying group hug.
Presently, Jake pulled away and suggested we go into the house for a beer. We strode single file through the door into the kitchen, and, as we gathered in front of the refrigerator, I noticed that none of us had lost our erections. I didn't know what that meant and that confused me. I was supposed to be on a weekend date with Jake and I had just had a three-way with him and his brother. And our cocks were standing at attention, ready for more. My sexual horizons were broadening faster than I could comprehend.
Jake led us into the living room and sat on the carpet resting his back against the sofa. He motioned for me to sit beside him. Will sat Indian style facing us. Jake put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close for a gentle kiss. He looked into my eyes and said, “Well, you've met me and my family. What do you think?”
I glanced at a grinning Will, took a deep breath and said, “Yes, I've met your family and I now know him, in the biblical sense too.”
The smiles slid off both their faces. Jake frowned and murmured, “Did that bother you?”
I surveyed all of our hard cocks and smiled. “Obviously not, but this is all so new to me. I'm supposed to be on a date with you and I wind up in a three-way with your brother.”
Will found something interesting to look at in the carpet and Jake scratched his head. Finally, he looked into my eyes and smiled. “Well, that just sort of happened. Usually, it's just a brother thing. Ya see, Will and I have explored our sexuality with each other all our lives. It just seemed to be a natural part of our being brothers. After our folks died in an accident last year, we became even closer, not lovers, but we took comfort in each other and sex was a part of it. It's just second nature for us now.”
Jake and Will smiled lovingly at each other; then, Jake looked at me shyly. “And, I've told Will a lot about you, so when we showed up here today with big hard-ons and our hormones raging, his teenage glands kicked into high gear and we all had a three-way.”
I chuckled. “I understand. So, you've told Will a LOT about me?”
Yeah and for a very good reason.” He got to his feet. “I want to show you something. I'll be back in a minute.” He gave me a quick peck on the lips and strolled down the hall.
Will immediately tugged on my foot to get my attention. He leaned close and spoke in a low conspiratorial voice. “Talk about you? Cory, he hasn't talked about anything else,” he said laughing. Then, he turned serious. “Cory, how do you feel about him?”
I didn't need to think about my answer. “Will, I think I'm falling for him. I've never been IN love with anyone but my dick up until now, but I think about him every minute. I get a comfortable feeling I've never experienced before every time I'm in his presence. Is that love?”
Will's face broke into a wide smile. “If it's not, it sounds like it's pretty damn close.” He became serious once more. “Listen Cory, I think he's falling for you too. And, he needs someone to love. Ever since our folks died, he's focused all his feelings on taking care of me. That's why he goes to that jerk off club instead of dating. And I appreciate that he wants to take care of me, but I'm a big boy now. It's his turn to be happy.” We could hear Jake coming back down the hall. Will whispered, “If you like him, go for it!”
Jake returned with a framed picture. He sat beside me once more and drew me into his arms. “Cory, did you ever wonder why I picked you out of the crowd at the jack off club?” I shook my head. He turned the picture toward me. “This is why.”
I took the picture from him and saw myself smiling at the camera with my hands on the shoulders of two cute little boys. I turned my puzzled frown toward a grinning Jake. “That's my dad with Will and me when we were kids. You look just like my dad when he was in his early twenties.”
I looked at the picture again. I could only say, “Wow!” Jake and Will giggled.
Jake said quietly, “When I saw you that day, I almost passed out. Of course, I had to meet you. Then, I got to know you, and you turned out to be such a wonderful guy . . .” His voice trailed off.
Will cleared his throat and quickly stood up. “Well, I've got to go take a shower and scrub some of this car grease off me. I'll see you guys later.” With that, he took off down the hall like a shot.
I smiled at Jake. “I think that's our cue to enter into a meaningful discussion.”
Jake laughed. “I trained him to be very diplomatic.” Then, he turned serious, looking at me with those puppy dog eyes. “Ah, Cory, I like you very much, and I'd like to see a lot of you.”
Jake, would you be my boyfriend?” I blurted out, giving him my set of puppy dog eyes.
Jake pulled me into a rib-crushing hug. “Oh damn, will I? You bet.” He pulled away and stared at me with child-like wonder. “You've just made me the happiest guy on earth.” He lay me down on the floor with him and planted hundreds of tiny kisses on my face and neck. I was in heaven. We kissed and caressed each other until our breaths came in short gasps.
Presently, a voice said, “Guys, did you ever hear the expression 'get a room'?”
We looked up to find Will kneeling beside us, hair damp, wearing a towel around his waist.
We sat up, looked at each other, and flipped him the bird. He fell back on his butt laughing like a hyena. We just sat there with goofy grins.
Will sat up and stared at us speculatively for a second. Then, his gaze focused on me. “I'm serious. Jake has the master bedroom . . . with a king sized bed . . . and a big walk-in closet.” Jake gave him a what-are-you-up-to look, but Will continued with a sly grin. “Why don't you stay for the rest of the weekend Cory, and try it out?” He gestured with his arms to include the entire house. “You might like it.”
Huh?” was all I could manage.
Will smirked at me and gave me a playful punch on the shoulder. “You already look like a member of the family, maybe you should become part of it.” He got to his feet and chuckled at our gaping mouths. With the tips of his fingers, he closed Jake's mouth and kissed his brother on the forehead. He turned to me, but pointed to Jake. “He's too shy to ask.” With that he walked back to his room.
I looked at Jake's face and burst into a fit of giggles. “You trained him to be very diplomatic, huh?”
Jake blushed furiously, but favored me with a shy smile. “Well, we never did decide where we were going to go or what we were going to do this weekend. Want to stay here?”
I leaned forward and hugged him. “I'd can't think of anything else I'd rather do.”
Jake took my hand and pulled us both to our feet. Still wearing that shy smile, he scooped me into his arms and carried me to his bedroom. Laying me gently on the bed, he gathered me into an embrace and crooned, “Then, this is where you'll stay.” At that moment, we heard Will close the door softly.
Jake nibbled at my lower lip while his hands began to caress my body. I shivered with delight and gave him a deep, soul kiss. He came up for air and smiled sweetly at me. “Happy?” I nodded and returned his smile. “Do you think you would like to stay here? I mean, live here?”
As your boyfriend, yes. I'm that sure about you and me. But, if we're a couple, where does Will figure into it?”
He would become your little brother too. And I would hope that you would love him as I do.”
Yeah, but would you expect him to have sex with us?”
Jake chuckled. “No, that would end. He's a big boy now. I would expect him to go out and find himself a girlfriend.”
Girlfriend?” I blurted.
He laughed heartily. “Yes, he's straight. I told you that sex with me was just a brother thing. He definitely prefers the opposite gender.”
My heart swelled and I pulled Jake into a tight embrace, crushing our identical cocks together. “Then, consider me a member of the family.” I planted a soul kiss on Jake that I hoped would last forever.

The End

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