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For those of you who don't know ABS stands for "ADULT BOOK STORE"


By Fantasy Fiction

It was Saturday morning and thirty five year old Steve was driving to pick up Billy, his thirteen year old son for visitation. His ex became a nun five years ago (didn't want nun, wouldn't give him nun) and the lack of sex became such a strain after fifteen years of marriage they divorced. His ex had custody of Billy and moved fifty miles away for a better paying job.

As Steve drove he knew he was very early but hoped he could get his son and be on his way so he called his ex to ask her permission.

"It's only 10am, your aren't supposed to be here till noon" she said "Were at the Mall clothes shopping and getting a bite to eat, you can come by the apartment at noon and not before!"

"Still a bitch" he thought to himself "Guess I'll have to drive around for awhile, maybe get something to eat. He drove another two miles down the road and saw a large building on top of a hill with a big sign "ADULT". What the hell, I'll stop in there to kill some time.

Steve parked in front, but noticed there was a parking lot in back of the building full of cars "people to embarrassed their cars might be recognized" he thought to himself. He entered the front door and was surprised how big the place was, there were rows of DVD's for rent or sale, a large section of sex toys, a wall full of magazines and at the back a doorway with a sign above it read "VIDEO BOOTHS".

Steve headed to the magazine section, he had recently found some incest digests and looked to see if they had any. There were several dozen different titles and he chose six, hoping some of the stories had a bisexual theme, he had read a couple of bi stories and found them quite exciting. He noticed several digest magazines that said "Daddy-Boy" on the cover and added two of them to his pile and walked to the counter.

"Is this all for today?" the male cashier asked.

"What's the story with the video booths?" Steve asked.

"They take singles or five's and there are over thirty channels to choose from." he was told.

"Ok, well let me pay for these and get ten dollars in singles, can you hold these till I leave?" he asked.

"Sure, no problem, I'll have them in a bag behind the counter, you just let me know when your ready for them." the friendly guy said.

Steve took the singles and headed to the booth area and went through the door. There were several guys standing around, there had to be at least twenty booths along one side, a restroom on the other and a door marked "exit" at the back, he assumed all the cars were parked in back so patrons could make a hasty retreat through the exit door when they were ready to leave.

Steve headed to a middle booth and went in, there was a nice size video screen, a plastic chair, a wastebasket and a paper towel holder mounted to the wall. "Nice setup!" he also noted there were round five inch holes on either side, "Those must be glory holes" he said to himself."

Steve sat in the chair and fed some singles into the slot, the screen lit up with a list of movies and themes "Straight, Gay, Bisexual, She-male"

He decided to pick a she-male title, "chicks with dicks", he said to himself, "why not"

The screen lit up and the show started, he was amazed the she-males were so pretty, nice tits, stiff cocks and cute little asses. He pulled his seven inch cock out and started to stroke it. He was very horny, he hadn't been laid since the divorce and this was just what he needed, a hot fuck film with lots of cock sucking. As he got into the movie he saw something from the corner of his eye, a black cock was slowly coming through one of the glory holes. His breathing became faster and he felt lightheaded, here he was watching cocks getting sucked on the screen and now there was a real one only inches from him!

Steve had no control of his hand and watched it move toward the black cock, he put his hand around it and more cock came through the hole, it had to be at least ten inches long with a dark shaft and a pinkish brown head. There was a strand of pre cum coming from the tip and he moved his fingers to catch it and bring it to his mouth.

There was no real taste to it, but the slickness in his mouth made him want more, he pumped another strand into his hand and licked it off. He was high on lust from the slippery feel and leaned over to take the dripping cock head to his lips, smearing the pre cum across them. He stuck out his tongue, wanting more and started licking the oozing black cock head.

Steve never had a cock in his mouth before but couldn't help but take it further into his mouth, the feeling was amazing, it was thick, hard and warm and his mouth! He started moving his mouth down the thick black cock, mimicking the action on the video screen, fully understanding why the she-males seemed to love sucking cock! Steve kept his hand wrapped around the base of the cock, worried he would choke if it hit the back of his throat. He could hear moans and groans from the other side of the wall, it was not from a video but from the man on the other side. The moaning spurred him on, he felt powerful and wanted to make the cock cum!

"Cum?" he hadn't really thought about that, he was too wrapped up just sucking that wonderful black cock "What should I do?" Just as he had that thought the cock started spurting in his mouth, he pulled back so the head was just between his lips and let it fill his mouth. When the cock stopped spurting and pulled from his mouth he looked at the wastebasket ready to spit, but the cum didn't taste bad, actually it was pretty good and he decided to swallow some "Fuck, this actually tastes really good" he thought and swallowed the entire load.

Steve turned his head and saw there was a cock sticking through the other hole, this one was white, about six inched long but very thick around. He did not even hesitate and moved his mouth over the thick cock, he could almost get all of it in his mouth and started sucking.

Heavy syrup started dripping from the cock, coating his tongue and flowing into his throat. He moved his head further down the cock till he felt it hit the back of his throat and he gagged a little. Suddenly the thick cock pulled back from the hole and he saw someone's eye looking at him.

"Can I come over and join you?" the voice whispered to him.

"Sure" Steve answered, he didn't know why he said it, it just came out, must have been from the lust building inside him. Steve stood up when the door to his booth opened and in walked a good looking guy in his early twenties, his hard cock sticking out of his pants. The young guy walked over and reached for Steve's cock and started stroking it.

"You have a nice dick, not too big, not too small, just right!" the stranger said and rubbed it against his own cock.

Steve felt dizzy and sat down, ready to suck this sexy guy off when another cock came through the hole that was vacated by the black cock he had sucked off only a few minutes ago. Another cock, Steve thought, another nice juicy cock for me to suck. The new cock had to be close to eight inches long, not as thick as the stranger's standing next to him and it had a tapered look, not the flared cock head most guys have.

The twenty something year old next to him said "By the way, I'm Chris. Go ahead and give that one a suck, I can tell you want it!"

Steve looked at the cock coming through the hole, yes he wanted it, he wanted to suck it and make it cum in his mouth! But he also wanted the cock on Chris! He pulled Chris closer to the hole till the two cocks were side by side and put his mouth over both of them. He was drunk with fuck lust as he sucked both cocks at the same time, his mouth was full of hot hardness and he loved it.

Chris pulled his cock from his mouth and got on his knees between Steve's legs "I need some of this cock!" he whispered and took Steve's cock all the way to the back of his throat. Chris pushed harder and Steve felt his cock go further down, "OMG" he thought to himself "His mouth feels like warm butter! What a great fuckin' blowjob!"

Steve hadn't stopped sucking the cock that was sticking through the glory hole, he was thrilled to have a cock in his mouth and a mouth around his cock "This must be what Heaven feels like!" he thought. A voice from the other side of the wall cried out "I'm getting close!" Chris stopped sucking Steve, pulled him off the glory hole cock and started jerking off, he shot a big load of jizz on the cock before pushing Steve's mouth over it.


Steve was sucking faster that ever, begging for a mouth full of cum from the glory hole cock to mix with Chris' cum load. He was not disappointed, his mouth was suddenly filled with the strangers cum, there was so much he knew he better start swallowing or he might drown in it! He gulped it down and sucked the last remaining drops form the softening cock.

Chris did not remained idle, he was back on his knees sucking Steve. He felt Steve's cock swell and knew he was about to unload in his mouth. Chris swirled Steve's cum in his mouth, savoring the creamy jizz before swallowing it.

"Thanks man, that was great!" Chris said and left the booth.

Steve got up on shaky knees, took a paper towel, wiped his cock, zipped up and left the booth. He was still a little lightheaded when he went to the counter, picked up his bag of magazines and headed to his car. He put the bag of porn in the trunk and drove away.

"I still have to wait forty five minutes to pick up Billy, better get a bite to eat and something to drink." he thought to himself. A few minutes later he pulled into a fast food place, ordered a double cheeseburger and a drink. He sat in silence as he ate and washed the remnants of cum from his mouth with cola. When he was finished he headed to pick up his son.

Steve knocked on the door at exactly noon, Billy opened it right away happy to see his Dad. "Hi Daddy!" he cried out "I missed you!"

"I missed you too Billy!" he said, his heart swelling with love for his only child. His ex wife Julie walked to the door with a duffel bag for Billy and said "Make sue you have him back tomorrow by 5pm, not one minute later!"

What a cold mean bitch she had become.

"No problem Julie, we'll be on time!" you fucking cunt, he thought.

Steve and Billy left, it would take about an hour to get to his apartment, and he had plenty of time to think about what had happened in the video booth. He half heard Billy talking about school, the latest movies and video games he played. Steve loved his son, but his mind kept going back to the glory hole. He felt empowered with a new confidence, after five years of being in a cold sexless marriage someone actually wanted him for sexual pleasure! Even if it was a faceless stranger on the other side of a glory hole, it was intimate human contact, something he hadn't felt for a long time. "But that good looking guy Chris saw me when he came into my booth" he thought to himself "Chris looked at me and wanted to suck my cock and I sucked his, he wasn't faceless at all!" He knew he was going to stop back tomorrow after dropping his son off with the cold bitch of an ex wife.

When Steve and Billy got to his apartment, Steve started to apologize "I know this place is small, there's only one bed, you can sleep on the couch or share the bed with me."

"This is great Dad" Billy said "You have the big screen TV, we can play video games and watch movies. I would rather sleep in a real bed with you than on a couch, it does not look very comfortable!"

They played some video games, lost track of time and before they knew it, it was way past dinner time. "Let's go out for pizza." Steve said, Billy agreed that was a great idea so they went out and didn't get back till almost nine pm. The two sat on the uncomfortable couch and watched the latest superhero movie on DVD. When it ended Steve said "Ok Billy, time for bed! We have a big day tomorrow at the water park, you remembered you suit didn't you?"

"Mom bought me a new one at the Mall this morning, my old one was way out of style, she wasn`t too thrilled with the one I picked out, but got it for me anyway!" he laughed.

The two went to bed wearing boxers and t-shirts, Billy fell asleep right away but Steve's mind drifted back to the glory hole and he jacked off next to his sleeping son. He caught his cum in his hand instead of a tissue and licked it off his fingers, "not bad tasting if I do say so myself." he thought and fell asleep.

Sunday morning Steve and Billy woke up excited to go to the water park, it was the largest in the state and would provide hours of fun and food for the afternoon.

Steve and Billy went to the changing rooms, there was only one empty one and Billy called "dibs" on changing first. Steve's mouth dropped open when his son came out in a small speedo style suit and he could clearly see the outline of his soft cock.

"I can see why your Mom gave you a hard time about this suit, it is kinda revealing!" he told him.

"Dad, don't be so old fashioned, all the kids are wearing these now, you should see what the girls wear!"

"I guess I will when I get out there." he mumbled to his son "You go find us a couple of lounge chairs and I'll be right out." Steve went in the changing room to put on his old fashioned board shorts. A small hole in the wall to the connecting changing room caught his eye, all holes in walls would get his attention after what happened yesterday he thought to himself.

Steve looked through the hole and couldn't believe his eyes, there was a man about his age sucking the cock of a young boy! The boy was pumping his cock into the man's mouth, he was holding the man's head and pounded his young cock as fast as he could in the man's mouth.

"Gonna cum Dad!" Steve could hear the boy through the wall "Gonna cum!"

"Do it Timmy, cum in my mouth, give Daddy your boy juice!"

"OMG!" Steve thought, "that guy is sucking his son's cock right here in a changing room!" Steve watched as the boy shot off in his dad's mouth, the man swallowed every drop. Steve left the changing room to look for Billy and found him guarding two lounge chairs. "Alright, you got us chairs in a great spot overlooking the pool!" he congratulated his son, even though there were plenty of other chairs around he wanted his son to know he did a good job.

"I'm gonna check out the slides and tubes, Dad. See you in awhile!" Billy said as he ran off to get in line for a slide.

"Are these chairs taken?" Steve heard a voice ask about some empty chairs next to him.

"No, help yourself" he answered and turned to look at the person asking. It was the man who he had just watched sucking off his son in the changing room.

"I'm Dan and this is my son Timmy" he said, reaching out with his hand.

He took his hand and said "I'm Steve, and that young man over there is my son Billy" he said pointing.

"Timmy, why don't you go over and introduce yourself." Dan told his son "Maybe you'll make a new friend!"

Steve looked at Timmy, he was wearing an almost identical speedo suit that hugged his cute little boy ass. Timmy bounded over to Billy and started talking and pointing in their direction. Steve waved to them both and smiled. "Pretty outgoing kid you got there!" he said "Billy's always been pretty shy, but it looks like the two of them are getting along great!"

The two dad's started talking, Dan was thirty six, Timmy was fourteen. Steve told him he was thirty five and Billy was Thirteen. Steve shared his story that his "wife became a nun" and Dan laughed at the corny joke. Dan told Steve that he got divorced because his wife was getting more pussy than he was, she liked pussy better than cock, got married to another woman and didn`t want their son around.

Like their son's the two men were really hitting it off, laughing and joking with each other. "Steve, Dan said "I know you saw Timmy and me in the changing room." I saw you watching us through the hole, I opened the door and saw you leave. Timmy needed some relief, I couldn't let him come out here in that little speedo with a hard on now could I? I just want to thank you for not being freaked out by what you saw and talking to me like a friend instead of some pervert."

"Dan, to tell you the truth, I was a little freaked out at first, freaked out but also turned on, what happened between you two was beautiful, a son couldn't ask for a more loving father."

"Thanks Steve, I have a feeling you and I are going to be good friends. Hey, would you like to bring Billy over for a cookout next weekend, we have a big pool and he and Timmy can swim and play video games, it looks like Billy could use a friend with all he's been through."

"I only have visitation every other weekend, so next week is out, but I'll ask him about the following weekend if that's ok with you."

"That would be great Steve, I know the two boys will have lots of fun together."

The four of them ate lunch together, the two boys never stopped talking the whole time and before they knew it, it was time for Steve to get Billy's bag and head down the road to his Mother's for the five pm deadline! Before they left the two men shared each other's contact information. Both their boys were excited about the future cookout and said their goodbyes.

Billy talked about Timmy the whole drive back to his Mom's, how much fun he had at the park, how they liked the same movies, the video games Timmy had that he didn't, on and on Billy talked. Steve was happy his son had a new friend, he didn't seem as shy as when he picked him up yesterday morning.

They got to Julie's three minutes early, she was waiting at the door for them. "Can I pick up Billy a little early next time?" Steve asked "We are invited to a cookout at his new friends house and want to make the most of it."

"Sure Steve, you can get him at eleven thirty that morning instead of twelve." she snarled.

"Thirty minutes early! What a fucking bitch!" he thought to himself "Ok, thanks Julie, I'll be here at eleven thirty!" he cheerfully said aloud so as not to piss her off, the fucking cunt!

Steve left and headed directly to the adult store on the hill, knowing he would find some human contact and get his mind off that icy cold bitch of a ex wife, he felt sorry for his son having to be in that environment.

It was after seven pm when Steve left the adult store on the hill, he had sucked four black cocks, three white ones, and received two amazing blowjobs himself. He forgot about his ex and felt pretty good about himself, his self confidence had returned.

When Steve got home he remembered to get the bag of magazines from the trunk of the car, he threw it on his bed and went to take a shower. After he dried off he lay naked in his bed, the cool sheets felt great on his sunburned skin.

He opened the first digest and looked at the story titles, nothing looked like it was a bisexual story so he opened the next and found a story about two brothers caught sucking each other off by their younger sister, she blackmailed them into eating her pussy and asshole in exchange for not telling their parents. Not a bad story, but not what he was looking for, thought Steve.

The next one he pulled out was called "Handjobs: Daddy-Boy Stories" Ok, lets see what this is all about he said and read the story titles. "Trucker Dad", "A Willing Son", "Grandpa's Favorite Game" were just a few of the stories inside. He picked one called "While Daddy Slept" turned to the page and started reading. It was about a boy who snuck into his father's bedroom at night to play with his Daddy's cock, he liked the way it felt in his hand and eventually the boy sucked his father off while he slept. The boy liked the taste of cum and sucked his father's cock almost every night after that. Steve was so horny from reading that story, when he jerked off cum flew from his cock and hit him in the face, he caught some in his mouth and cried out loud "FUCK, FUCK, YEAH SUCK YOUR FATHER'S COCK YOU LITTLE COCKSUCKER! EAT DADDY'S JIZZ YOU LITTLE CUM SLUT!" He scooped the remaining cum from his chest and cock and put it in his mouth. He was exhausted and fell asleep, dreaming about the events of the last two days.

It was Friday and Steve got a text from Dan "Cooking ribeye steaks on the grill, want to come over for dinner?"

"Is that a trick question?" Steve texted back, steaks on the grill, who could refuse!

Dan texted him the address followed by "Dinner at six thirty pm, come early if you can."

Steve was off work at four pm that day, he went home, took a shower, put on shorts, a casual shirt, deck shoes and entered the address in his iPhone. It would take about twenty minutes to get there.

Steve drove down the wooded street, it was a cul-de-sac with a big house at the end, well that's the address he gave me. Steve pulled in the driveway, double checked the house address and got out of the car. He noticed there were no homes on either side of the house, there was an eight foot fence around the backyard and beyond that was a heavily wooded area, the whole place was as beautiful and private as you could get.

Steve rang the doorbell, still not sure he had the correct address. Dan opened the door, he was wearing shorts, t-shirt and was barefoot.

"Glad you could make it" he said and they shook hands.

"Wasn't sure I had the right address, you didn't tell me you were wealthy, why would you want to hang out with a guy like me? I live in a small one bedroom apartment and my salary probably wouldn't even pay the taxes on this place!"

Dan's look turned serious and he said "Look Steve, a person's true character isn't measured in dollars, I don't tell people I'm well off when I meet them, there are lots of people out there who would lie to my face just to take advantage of my good fortune. You, my friend, are not one of those shallow people. Come on in and I'll get the grill started!" Dan said and smiled.

Steve followed Dan to the backyard patio to get the grill fired up, he saw Timmy was swimming in a beautiful pool with a attached hot tub, Timmy saw him and waved, Steve smiled and waved back. The huge backyard was completely fenced in by a eight foot high wood fence and lush green grass covered the ground.

"Let me give you the twenty five cent tour." Dan said and walked him inside the house, first pointing out where the bathrooms were located if he needed one, Dan showed him the kitchen, living room with a built in bar, a game room, his home office, home theatre room with a huge movie screen, assorted bedrooms, Timmy's room and finally his bedroom. "The grill should be hot by now, let's throw the steaks on!"

It was over an hour later when they finished one of the best meals Steve had eaten. Timmy chatted throughout the meal, he asked about Billy, he talked about school, and how he was doing in his latest video game. The three of them were very relaxed with each other and it felt like they had known each other for years instead of days. Timmy helped clear the table and they all cleaned up the kitchen.

It was going on eight pm when Dan suggested they watch an action movie in the theatre room on the big screen. It was well after ten when the movie ended and Dan told Timmy it was time for bed, Timmy gave them both a kiss on the mouth goodnight and headed to his room. "Hope Timmy's kiss didn't bother you, as I said he is very outgoing, and a good judge of character like me."

"It didn't bother me at all, it was nice to have some affection. I really miss not having Billy around and it was almost as if he were here."

The two men sat and talked like old friends, Dan told Steve he became wealthy by starting a security business years ago and it took off, he didn`t have to work, but he loved what he was doing. He mainly just did consulting work with high end clients and his employees did all the installation. He paid them very well, not to buy their loyalty but because they worked hard and deserved to live a nice lifestyle.

The more Dan talked, the more Steve respected him. "Dan, can I ask you a question?"

"It's about what you saw in the changing room, isn't it?" Dan said as if reading his mind "Timmy and I have a very special relationship, I would do anything for him and he would do the same for me. What you saw was a father's love for his son. Timmy's a beautiful boy and I can't refuse his strong sexual urges."

Steve felt the need to share a personal experience with Dan and told him about the time he spent in the video booth before he picked up Billy. He confided how he felt empowered when he was sucking those men off, his confidence had finally returned after years of his wife's indifference and coldness. He told Dan he thought Timmy was a beautiful boy and wished he had such a loving relationship with Billy.

It was past midnight and Dan said "Follow me." Steve followed him into Timmy's bedroom, the young boy lay on top of the sheets completely naked, his pubic area was completely hairless and his four inch soft cock lay against his thigh. Steve could see the true beauty of the boy, he had a deep tan that contrasted with the alabaster white of the area his speedo didn't cover. Dan whispered "Watch this," he got on his knees and blew warm air on Timmy's cock. Steve was amazed as Timmy's cock started to grow to over five inches and angled over his stomach like a hard nail. "Doesn't take much for a kid his age to get hard!"

Steve got on his knees next to Dan, he stared at the hard boy cock and hairless balls in front of him. "OMG, it's amazing! What a beautiful cock, I can understand why you can't resist it!"

Dan looked in Steve's eyes then down to Timmy's cock and nodded his head "Go ahead, I know you want to, you have my full permission and he`s a heavy sleeper." he whispered.

Steve's breath caught in his throat, Dan was telling him it was ok to suck Timmy's cock! That beautiful hard, smooth, hairless boy cock! He moved his face close and breathed in the sent of his first boy cock, the smell made him dizzy! Steve leaned in and licked Timmy's cock from his sweet balls and up the shaft to the tip. A pearly drop of pre cum started to drip down the side and Steve caught it on his tongue, his senses reeled and he moved his mouth to cover Timmy's cock head. The hot hardness of the boy's cock traveled across his tongue and he whipped it around Timmy's cock, searching for more pre cum.

"It's amazing isn't it, a young boys cock throbbing in your mouth, suck him off Steve, wait till you get your first taste of boy jizz, it's hot, sweet and the best stuff you will ever taste!" Dan continued talking dirty in Steve's ear which made Steve suck faster, eager to taste the young boy's cum. "He's gonna cum Steve, I can tell he's getting ready! He's gonna fill your mouth with his boy jizz!"

Steve felt the first spurts of cum hit his tongue, he didn't swallow because he wanted to know the feeling of a mouth full of boy spunk. When the spurts stopped, Steve swirled the boy cum around in his mouth, rubbing it over his teeth and savoring the creamy texture before swallowing the boys load down his throat.

"That was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced! Thanks Dan, you`re a good friend." They quietly left the room. Timmy opened his eyes and smiled when the door shut behind them.

"I guess I better get on the road." Steve sadly said to Dan.

"It's late Steve, why don't you spend the night? I have a big bed and from the look of that bulge in your shorts you could use some of the same relief as Timmy. Please stay tonight, we could both use the company."

"With an offer like that, how could I refuse." Steve said. The two men went into Dan's bathroom and showered per Dan's suggestion, soaping each other up and running their hands over each other's hard cocks. Dan soaped his hand and ran it between Steve's ass cheeks, rubbing his middle finger across his sensitive asshole. "No one's ever done that before" Steve said "It feel real nice." Dan slid his finger up Steve's ass, searched for his prostrate and massaged it.

"Let's move to the bed." Dan said. For the next two hours Steve and Dan explored each other's bodies, rubbing their cocks together, sucking each other and finally sharing a deep passionate kiss. Steve hadn't kissed his wife like that for years and his passion flowed into Dan's mouth as well as his tongue. Dan moved between Steve's legs and rimmed him, then he slowly fucked his asshole as a lover would. Dan jerked Steve's cock as he fucked his ass and the two men shot off at the same time. They both passed out and awoke to sunshine streaming in the bedroom window and the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the air.

The two men showered, dressed and walked into the kitchen. Timmy took the freshly brewed pot of coffee and poured a cup for each of them. Timmy was in his speedo, planning to go for a morning swim. Steve looked at him, saw the cock bulge under his suit and thought to himself "I sucked that cock last night, I actually sucked his hard boy cock and swallowed his cum!" Steve felt his cock start to chub up and tried to think of something else.

"I'm glad you spent the night Steve, I really like you and Billy! Can't wait till next week!" Timmy exclaimed "Can you stay with us today?"

"Yeah Steve" Dan said "If you don't have anything pressing to do we would love to have your company today!" It was Saturday, Steve didn't have a damn thing to do and accepted the offer.

After breakfast the three of them headed out to the pool. Dan and Steve sat in chairs sipping coffee while watching Timmy swim in the pool.

"Come on in, the water's fine!" Timmy called out to them.

"Sorry Timmy, I didn't bring a suit." Steve answered back.

"Who needs one!" Timmy laughed and threw his speedo at the two of them.

Dan laughed "Like I told you, Timmy's very outgoing and not shy at all!" Dan pulled off his shorts and shirt, Steve looked at his sexy nude body, sucked in his breath, stood up and removed all his clothes. The two naked men went into the warm water with an equally naked Timmy.

It wasn't long before Timmy was swimming between Dan and Steve's legs, he would grab Steve's cock when he went through and Steve soon had a throbbing hard on.

"You'll never guess what I found Dad!" Timmy said to his father.

"I have a pretty good imagination Timmy and I'm sure I can guess what you found." Dan said,

"You found Steve's cock didn't you! I bet it's hard, isn't it?"

"Yep Dad, it sure is!" Timmy answered "Dad, I don't think it's fair Steve sucked my cock last night and I haven't sucked his!"

"So, the little bugger was awake the whole time" Steve laughed to himself.

"You're right Timmy!" Dan said "Steve, my son wants to suck your cock, what do you say to that?"

"Are you sure Timmy? You really want to suck my cock?" Steve was elated that the young boy wanted to suck him off.

"Hell yeah! I do it all the time!" Sit on the edge of the pool and I'll show you. Steve sat on the edge of the pool and Timmy went between his legs, he grabbed Steve's cock, studied it then he lowered his mouth over Steve's it.

Steve was filled with a wonderful warm feeling as he felt Timmy engulf his cock, the boy was an expert and sucked him all the way down to his balls. Dan swam over and watched as his son sucked their new friend.

"Feels great, doesn't it Steve? A young boy's mouth swallowing your cock all the way to your balls? It's awesome isn't it? Timmy's a great cock sucker, just relax and enjoy it. When you're ready to cum, just let it go, Timmy loves a mouth full of Jizz, don't you Timmy?"

Timmy just moaned through his cock stuffed mouth, expertly sucking and coaxing Steve's cock to shoot a load in his mouth.

"Oh fuck!" Steve cried out "I'm getting close!"

"CUM STEVE! SHOOT IT!" Dan cried out as he watched his little boy sucking, he knew the dirty talk would intensify their lust and shouted: "SUCK HIM TIMMY! SUCK HIS FUCKING COCK! SUCK HIM OFF AND GET A NICE MOUTH FULL OF HIS HOT JIZZ! SHOOT YOUR SPUNK IN MY SON'S MOUTH, STEVE! FILL HIM UP!"

Steve tensed and his cock throbbed, shooting gobs of spunk into the young boy's mouth. True to his word, Timmy swallowed all his jizz. Steve lay back on the pool deck, his feeling of belonging overwhelmed him. He heard Timmy get out of the pool and the next thing he knew the young boy was sitting on his upper chest, his hard cock pointed at his mouth.

"My turn Steve" he said and slid his boy cock into Steve's open mouth. "Do it Steve, suck my little hard boy cock, pretend it's your son you're sucking!"

Steve shuddered, Billy's cock! Yes he wanted to suck his son's cock, he wanted to feel it squirt in his mouth, to swallow his jizz!

Timmy got into the role as Steve's son, he knew exactly what to say as he slid his cock in and out of Steve's hot mouth "Suck it Daddy, suck my cock, it feel's so good Daddy! Do you like sucking your little boy?" he whispered. All Steve could do was groan and shudder as Timmy started fucking his mouth. "I'm gonna fuck your mouth Daddy! I'm gonna fuck your mouth and squirt my boy juice, I'm gonna whitewash your throat Daddy and watch you swallow it all!"

Dan was just as turned on as Steve and Timmy, he kneeled above them and started jerking off, stroking his juice dripping cock faster and faster as he listened to his son talk nasty to their new friend "OH SHIT! I'M CUMMING!" Dan cried out and shot his spooge all over his son's cock on an outstroke.

When Timmy saw his Dad was done shooting his load, he thrust his cum covered cock in Steve's mouth. Steve sucked Dan's jizz from Timmy's cock, he ran his tongue all over it, getting every drop of cum slime from it and swallowed. The feeling and visual of Steve eating his father's cum from his cock was too much for the boy and he started filling Steve's mouth with his sweet tasting boy juice.

"SWALLOW IT DADDY, EAT MY FUCKING COCK JUICE!" Timmy cried out, still playing the role as Steve's son.

"So, you really want to suck Billy's cock don't you? You want to suck his cock and eat his boy juice, don`t you?" Timmy asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yes, Yes I do, but I don't think he would want me too and I'm afraid it would ruin our relationship forever, he would never talk to me again if I even tried." Steve choked out the words to Timmy and Dan.

"Look Steve, you two should spend the night next Saturday, by Sunday morning I`ll know if Billy has the same feelings for you as I have for my Dad. Then we can go from there and see where things go, if he doesn`t feel that way at least you`ll know, if he does, maybe you two can join our monthly Father/Son weekend get together."

Steve looked at Dan, "Father/Son get together?"

"I'll tell you all about it next Saturday night after the kids go to bed, better yet, we can watch my video's! As I told you, I'm in the security business, there are cameras all over this place recording EVERYTHING!"

End of part one!

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