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This is for you, Justin.

Acorns only get to germinate when they’re moved away from the parent tree, as being too close deprives them from the needed sunlight.


"Got any dibs for dinner?"

"Huh?" I was eyeing the nutritional value on a box of low-carb energy bars I wanted to buy so I didn't hear him.

"I'm thinking meatballs with pasta. Would you want some meatballs?" Dad asks again scratching his moustache. "You can eat meatballs, right?"

"Will they be handmade?" I decide against the bars and place the box back in the shelf filled all the snacks I can't eat. "If they're frozen, let me take a look first."

"They can be. I can grab some flour and make the pasta by hand if you want them like that too." He's holding the overflowing shopping basket. We were supposed to be here for only milk but half an hour later we've hit almost every aisle. His wide knuckles shine red from the weight. A pale band runs on his ring-finger where his wedding ring used to be.

"Nah I can't eat those dad." I've been staying with him for only a couple of weeks so he's still getting used to my diet. It was all impromptu so I don't blame him.

"Eh I don't really like your diet, kiddo." He scratched his moustache again. His haze eyes were looking up at the soft crescent light of the supermarket, his thick eyebrows turned into a frown.

"Well good thing you're not the one doing it." I laugh. He locks eyes with me. He laughs back but I can still the frown lines between his eyebrows, and some crow's feet at the corner of his eyes. Still, he was a handsome man.

"I'm just saying you don't need it," dad trails off. He walks ahead of me. We're the only one on the aisle and I enjoy the way the two food shelves frame him. He's got that "dad next door" look with his weathered blue denim cap and short-sleeve-shirt-with-jeans-no-belt combo he's got on.

"I'd get soda too but you definitely won't drink that. Maybe I shouldn't either." I catch up to him. He touches his beer belly that protrudes through his plain shirt. I chuckle and take the shopping basket from his hand. His fingers are calluses from construction. The basket is heavier than I thought.

"Thanks kiddo." Dad smiles. He adjusts his hat with his now empty hand that's starting to regain its color. His hands are hairy. I should buy him some lotion to help with his dry skin.

We walk to the cash register. The cashier is some girl from school and we recognize each other. I nod at her and she gives it back. I begin to place the items on her desk. Milk, cereal, frozen veggies, the usual. She's clicking her purple nails on the table as if hurrying me up.

"Um so, Isaac, have you heard?" I look up and she's eyeing me down with daggers. Is that a smile forming on her lips? "Jane got a girlfriend."

I say nothing. Thankfully dad knows not to say anything either. He's also looking at me for an answer.

"Uh okay." I don't even know her like that.

"Yeah I heard she's pretty, like real pretty." She takes out her phone. The corner of screen is cracked, the rest of the screen oily. "Do you want to see a pic of her?"

No of course not, what the fuck. She's gay? What? Did I made her gay? Was I that bad?

"Sure." I wish we didn't have so many groceries just so I could get this over with.

"Yeah I thought she'd be like heart-broken and shit since y'all were together for how many months? Almost a year right? Anyhow. I mean she should've at least had the decency to wait a month before getting back out there -"

I chuckle nervously and keep putting the groceries on the desk. My hands are a bit shaky and I'm sure I'm starting to sweat. Dad looks around nervously. He always gets nervous whenever Jane gets brought up.

"Look." A photo is shoved on my face.

Well, Jane's new girlfriend really is pretty. No questions about it. She's proper skinny and got's dimple and long eyelashes and, to be honest, looks like a good kisser so she's kinda the things I never was.

"What do you think? I mean, she's a girl, never thought Jane went for that team..."


Before I get the chance to make some dumb reply I feel my dad's heavy hand on my shoulder.

"Hey kiddo I think we forgot eggs, can you uh get some?" He came for my rescue.

Thank God.

"Oh hey Mr. Isaac's dad," I hear the girl mumble. She's back to clicking her nail on the desk, bored.

I leave and go to the dairy section. I pick a carton of dozen eggs. I inhale deeply and exhale with force. Jesus Christ. She's bold for doing that. I mean we're not friends, but also never had beef together. I wonder if Jane sent her? But like, people don't need a reason to start drama. I open the carton and check the eggs. They're all good.

I make my way back to dad. The girl is texting on her phone, probably just waiting to scan the eggs. Dad is talking a man whom got his arm on his shoulder. The man's smile is wide, as if they haven't seen each other in a while. They see each other every week. Or so have been their pattern since I moved in with dad for the summer. They'd probably see each other more often but now I'm taking dad's guest room.

The big man, Jules, is probably been the only stable thing on my dad's life ever since the divorce. Well, apart from me, I suppose.

Jules looks at my direction. The second he sees me he lights up, which I thought impossible since he was already pretty happy looking at dad. Redheads get excited easily, I guess. His face becomes all smile and drags his fingers down his jungle of a beard as he calls after me. He slaps my dad's shoulder.

"Isaac, my man!" Jules yells. He's got a deep voice, as if he's a Tibetan monk that's perpetually stuck humming at low-frequent. When I was little he used to put me to sleep. "How's everything? Got the eggs? Nice!" He slaps my dad's shoulder once again. Dad's all smiles, too.

My dad's a big man but I bet even Jules' big slaps hurt for him after a while. He doesn't show it though.

I hand the carton to dad and the girl scans the item. She doesn't look at me, almost as if I wasn't there. She's bored, once again. I simply give Jules the 'nod'.

"I can't believe I caught you two here!"

Dad laughs. His shoulder gets slap once again.

"Had to do some dinner shopping for tonight." My dad chuckles scratching his moustache.

"You gotta respect a man that still likes homecooking," Jules tells me as he places his hand around my shoulders. "I practically live off takeout."

And he's looks like it, too. Jules' body type is endomorph, if you know about that. He used to be a quarterback back in high school and still got the shoulders for it, although his torso have been overtaken by a wide belly. He laughs.

"Ah well, you see, not everyone has the luxury of a home gym. Some of us have to watch our figure," dad started picking up the bags, one on each hand. Jules laughs as he places his big hands on his even bigger belly.

"You're always welcome to drop by any time you want, Tommie." Jules roars. He's picked up the last bag even though I was reaching for it. "You too, Isaac. Gotta get some muscle on you."

"I'm more of a runner," I say. Which is true, even though I haven't had the chance to run for a few weeks due to the weather. It's been rainy the whole month.

"Believe it or not but your dad used to workout harder than me back in college," Jules says as we make our way to the exit. He continues on but I tune him out as he's probably telling a story from their college years I've heard before. Right before I leave the market I hear the girl call me.

"Hey Isaac!" she says. For a second she looks up her phone and we make eye contact. She smiles. "Jane says hi, by the way."


I help Jules put the groceries on the trunk of the car while dad starts the engine.


"How come you were you at the market?" I ask right before closing the door. He smiles as he massages his long beard.

"I wanted to buy a new case of beer since I ran out, my man, but your dad said he's got some home."

"Oh you're joining us for dinner?"

"If you'd have me," He grins once again as we lock eyes. He's cheeks are plump. He's got long eyelashes, which oddly goes well with such a manly guy. His forehead is kinda wide as he's got a widow peak but he's so tall most people don't notice. Wavy red hair covers the rest.

"Well of course?" Jules is always a fun guy to be around, especially when drunk. "Dad's cooking meatballs."

"My man!" He roars and slaps my shoulder. Ouch.


I lay on the backseat as I look up at the roof. Dad and Jules are talking although I'm tuning them out. My eyes are fixated on the blank blackness of the roof. My phone vibrates. It's a message from Mom. I haven't been answering her phone calls.

I suppose I should. I think the last time we talked was when Jane and I broke up. She was the first one I told about the breakup. To be honest, I didn't think dad was able to provide the necessary emotional support? But she is kinda asphyxiating at times. I suppose I shouldn't have picked a side during the divorce. I'm living with dad for the summer just to try and figure out my feelings, I suppose. I-  

"Isaac, my man!" Jules roars. I almost jump from the scared. Jesus. "What's Tommie saying about you not eating pasta?"

"Uh well cuz the carbs -"

"Excuse me?"

"The carbs -"

"Excuse -"

"Carbs, pasta is carbs-"

"Pasta is fucking good, is that what you're trying to say?"

Dad laughs, but actually laugh. I can see where the crow's feet came from.

"Ugh whatever Jules," I say in a preppy voice, smiling. "I'm just trying to lose weight." Jules pops over the car seat.

"You trying to what? What fat? This is just skin, my man!" He tries to pinch the skin on my belly.

"What the fuck!" I start laughing. I'm very ticklish. "Leave me alone you weirdo." He doesn't stop.


"This is just skin my man," he keeps repeating as he laughs. He keeps reaching out until I fall off the seat as Jules keep laughing.

"Leave my kid alone, Jules," dad laughs while keeping the eye on the road.

"What? You're next, Tommie!" Jules turns to dad and starts pinching his sides too.

"Yo! Jules! I'm driving, stop it, stop it -" Dad keeps laughing. Jules puts his hand inside dad's shirt and I can see some of his chest hair. I'm still on the floor of the car trying to get up. "Stop it Jules!"

"What's the matter, Tommie? You ticklish too huh-"

Dad let's go of the car wheel as he tries to get rid of Jules. Dad's got tears on his eyes and he finally catches one of Jules' hands as it goes up his chest rather than tickle him.

Then the car swerves.

"Oh shit-"


Dad turns his face back to the road and hits the breaks hard. My head hit the back of Jules' seat. Dad's got both his hands on the wheel now.

"You okay kiddo?"

"Sorry man I didn't mean to-"

"I'm okay."

"It's okay."

"You okay, my man?"

"I'm okay."

I get up to the seat. Dad looks a bit flustered. Of course, no hard feelings to Jules. Dad looks back at me and we share eye contact, but it's like I've got two dads, or rather I see two of him and it's hard to focus on a single one. I shake my head. He scans me to make sure I'm okay.

"I'm okay, dad."

He turns and faces the road. Jules apologizes one time.

After apologizing Jules places his hand on top of my dad's thigh and leaves it there the whole way home.


Dad parks in front the house and opens the trunk for Jules to bring the groceries home.

"Guess I play around too much huh," Jules says scratching his head. He genuinly looks apologetic. "You won't tell your ma about what happened, right Isaac? That woman always hated me."

"I'm not a snitch, Jules," I reply. I keep picturing Jules' hands on dad's thigh as I got out of the car.

"That's my man!" Jules roars. He slaps the back of my shoulder as he laughs. He goes to pick up the groceries and carries all three bags with one hand. Now it's just my dad and I alone. It's awfully bright out here.

"Hey kiddo?" Dad calls as he walks my way.

"Uh yeah?"

"Wanna talk about it?"


"Is this about the pasta again?" I ask dad. I try to play it cool but I just picture the way his thigh contoured to Jules hand.

"No. This is about-"

Jules putting his hand up your chest?

"- Jane."

"What about her dad? We broke up a month ago."

"And now she's dating someone new. Do you want to talk about that?"

"I mean I don't care." I lean on the car door to look cool.

"It's okay if you do kiddo. I once dated a girl and she turned out to be a lesbian."

"I mean I don't care about that. I'm glad she's living her truth now?" Why is he being awkward. I just want dinner.

"Sometimes it takes a while for people to find out who they are. Who they really are. You know that, right?"

"Yeah dad. And I'm like I'm totally okay with it - I mean, her - I mean, with her being it - I mean with her being gay - lesbian. I'm okay with it. I've got gay friends." I don't. I never met a gay person. And like, Jane wasn't a tomboy. I mean, my dick got hard for her. She's lady like as lady like go. I mean, we all know what gay people look like. Like, you can tell when someone is gay. Right?

And I mean, if she wasn't my ex I honestly would be happy for her.

"You okay?"

Dad looks me in the eye. I wonder if if my eye would ever have as much love for someone as his does for me. It's kinda hard to look him in his hazel eyes because I know he's scanning me to decipher me but sometimes I don't know how even I feel. He places his hand on my shoulder.

"I'm here if you need to talk, okay?"

I gulped. I think of Jules having his hands on his upper thigh. I mean that's totally a thing guys do, right?

"Yeah I know dad."

"Tommie!" I hear Jules roar from our kitchen. "You never put the beers on the fridge you dick!"

Dad's trance breaks. He looks back at the house. He smiles.

"I guess I forgot to mention that part," he says at a normal tone so only I can hear him. He smiles again and starts walking to the porch. I follow him.


I help dad unpack the groceries while Jules starts putting a beer case on the freezer. Dad is humming to himself. He's getting ready to do his meatballs and he always hums right before cooking.

Jules opens a beer for both dad and himself. He looks at me and then back at dad.

"What you don't think I'm old enough?" I ask.

"Hey your dad makes the rules here."

I turn to dad and he nods. Jules uncaps the beer bottle and smiles. "My man!" he says as he hands me the beer. I laugh and shake my head and we all drink.

"I've drank before, you know." Eh, that’s half a lie.

"Oh really? What brand?" Jules says. Dad has one eyebrow up as he scratches his moustache.

"I forgot I was so drunk." Jules laughs and messes up my hair.

Dad starts cutting up some veggies as I just drink the beer bottle on my own. Jules leaves so he can make himself home in the living room and I can hear him take off his shoes.

"Hey kiddo do we have any new messages?"

I take another sip and I go to the voicemail. It's kinda hard to focus on the number. I think there's two messages? Or three? There's a halo effect around the LED screen. I press the button and the first message runs.

"Uh.... Tom?" It's my mom's voice. She sounds hoarse as if she's been crying for a while now. She's sounded like that since the divorce. "Cab you get Isaac to reply to my calls? He hasn't - I don't know if you're telling him to not to but - he's still my kid, TOM! So if you are please stop - just tell him to answer my calls, Tom -" I cut the message short.

Dad looks at me. His cap is pushed back and I can see some of his curly hair popping out. He removes his cap and pushes his hand through his hair being putting his cap back on.

"You should probably start answering your mom's phone calls."

"But can you see why I don't?" I joke but my dad doesn’t laugh.

"Tommie!" Jules enters the kitchen. He's taken off his fennel and is only on his tanktop. Coarse red hair is coming from his torso. "Tommie was that your -"

"Yeah." He cuts Jules short. "Isaac, I told you that you still need to talk to your mom. She is your mother and I honestly don't want her calling me because-"

"Let's relax Tommie." Jules puts his big hand around dad's shoulders and dad exhales sharply.

It was a bad divorce.

I gulp down the rest of the beer and place it down.

"I'll think about it."

I turn around and try to make way to the second floor to go to my bedroom but there’s one too many staircases and I can’t really know where to step and then everything turns black.


I open my eyes, or at least I think I do. It’s pitch-black outside. There’s a burning sensation coming from where my head hit the back of the car seat. It comes and leaves in waves.

I get up in the dark. I stumble on clothes and my desk as I make my way to the bathroom. God I’m so thirsty. My throat is burning.

I turn on the bathroom light and rush to the sink. I get a cup of faucet water and wolf it down. Then I take a look at the reflection on the mirror. My hair is an absolute mess, never quite as curly as dad yet not straight either like mom’s. Just an unruly mess. But the thing that draws the most attention is the red bump on the top corner of my forehead, probably right where I hit my head

It was hot to the touch but not really tender. I poured myself another cup of water and wolfed it down. My throat was burning a bit less. Some dripped from my chin to my socks. I watch it spread through the fabric.

I guess remember trying to make climb the stairs but then blacking out. It's both hilarious and sad to think of dad, or Jules probably as he's the only one strong to carry me, bringing me up the stairs to my bed and tucking me in, and taking off my shoes but not taking off the socks to make sure I don't get cold.

Downstairs the TV is playing I think. There are mumbled sounds as I start making my way down the stairs. A laugh track from some old sitcom. Must be past midnight for old reruns to be on.

All the lights are also off. I see a couple of takeout bags and receipts. Perhaps dad never finished his meatballs once I knocked out. I believe Jules just talked him into order takeout. The sour taste of beer is slightly hanging on the back of my throat. I see a lot more beer bottles loitering the room, an empty case on the corner. And I see dad's shoes, with Jules', which isn't odd as we don't allow shoes on the house anyhow.

But this does feel odd. The TV is on, the rest of the house is pitch black. I know not to make a sound.

I then see dad's pants and I remember how his thigh contoured to Jules' heavy hand.

A few inches across dad's pants I see Jules'. They're just thrown on the floor.

Then I notice that mixed with the TV's sound is a sloppy, wet sound. Voices are murmuring and it almost mixes with the dialogue from the random sitcom that's on. They’re almost like kisses, like two grown drunk men kissing -

My throat is suddenly dry again. I stop. Should I go back to my room?

But the need to know is a bit too much, too inciting. I know I shouldn’t but I keep going. On the last step the wood creaks and the kissing sound drop. There's icy silence that's then broken by a cheesy laugh track from the TV.

‘Turn around,’ I hear Jules whisper from the living roommates .

I try to gulp down the saliva hanging on the back of my throat but it’s like there’s a knot. Fuck. I feel like blushing, like a little kid that got caught doing something bad. I definitely feel blood rushing to various parts of my body.

Right across from me is a mirror to shows the living room but I can't make anything out, just shadows. I keep walking until I'm right in front of it. Here in the dark I almost look like my dad.

I turn around to view the living room. The only thing lighting the house are two dimmed lamps, each on the opposite corner of the room, as well as the brightness from the TV.

A mount of clothes lay scattered on the hallway between where I stand to the sofa on the living room - dad's shirt, Jules' tanktop, dad's cap, Jules' socks, dad's boxers, Jules' jockstrap, dad’s socks, Jules’ belt. Blood rush to my face, as well as the bulge on my pant although I don't know why. My breathing is slow but heavy.

The sound of a smack rings throughout.

My eyes fixate on the sofa facing the TV. There's two bodies standing - well, there's my naked dad on all four on top the sofa. His body is bare and the light of the TV contrast the rest of the darkness so well that I can see all the nudges of his body - any ridge where his muscles meet, the hairs on his legs, the way his toes are curly with pleasure, the way his back is arched and sprayed with thin hairs, just how his neck is twisted so he's looking up, and how the neck of his hair melt with his actual curly hair so smoothly. I can see how Jules' big hands wrap a huge chunk of his curly hair with force.

I hear smacking again and I'm brought down to reality.

Oh shit.

I don't know if it was the instinct to hide or if it was because my knees went weak but I find myself falling down on the floor quietly. I don't know what this is. I fixate on all the clothes laying around. Dad's underwear. Jules jockstrap. I look at my pants. There's a bulge growing.

Another smack. And I look up to see Jules slapping dad's face. He's the one standing in front of him. His huge belly full of coarse chest hair that creeps all over the place, running up to his pecs and down to his dick. His pubes were wild and unkempt, mixing with his chest hair. Both his pecs look full yet still muscular and well define. He slaps dad one more time and dad opens his mouth willfully, his moustache shining. He sticks out his tongue.

Jules uncut dick slaps dad's tongue with force. It's pretty big, around seven inches, and just like Jules, his dick is thick. Dad licks the head like it was a lollipop, as if teasing. He smiles and looks up at Jules, smiling.

And gets slapped.

And my own dick jumps at the notion of my dad getting slapped, even if they’re soft. I’m ventilating and my hand on its own moves to my fly and opens it.

Dad starts licking the insides of Jules foreskin. Jules has other ideas, though, and rams it directly into dad without mercy. He moans.

"Fuck, Tommie. I love your throat."

Dad throat bulges. He lays still as Jules holds him down, however everyone needs to breath. Slowly, he begins to tap against Jules big thighs, then tries to push, twenty seconds go by, then 30, then forty.

"Come on you know you can do better than that."

A minute goes by and Jules finally lets go. Dad gasps and gasps for air.

"You fucker," he croaks, his eyes kinda vengeful, but then goes back to sucking Jules dick. He's in heaven and lets go of Dad's hair. He opts our to putting both his hands behind his head and lets dad take over. His armpits are heavy with long hair, his biceps are well defined. By now I’m fully jerking off, wishing my cock was uncut like Jules.

This definitely isn't dad's first time doing this as he moves his head constantly in circle while sucking Jules' thick dick with almost no need to take a break to breath. His hands move from massaging Jules' big balls to him playing with his own nipples.

I never imagined dad to be that hairy - I myself am not - but from here I could see that his pecs were covered with short hair and a treasure trail ran downward to a trimmed pube area. There I saw his dick - the one that made me - completely hard and gleaming with precum despiste dad not touching himself once.

Jules started thrusting into dad's mouth more and more. He starts tacking reigns once again and slaps his face one more. Every slap makes my dad's cock gets hard and jump.

"I think I gotta piss," Jules says. Dad laughs. "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah man I can't hold it," Jules takes his dick out of dad. He slaps it on dad's face and drags it across his tongue, making sure to hit his moustache. He spits on dad's face. Dad's just a hole to Jules. ‘I killed almost the whole basket of beer on my own, Tommie.’ Dad just nods as Jules keeps hitting him with his cock head.

"I'm starting," Jules says and dad knows to lock his lips around Jules' uncut head. At first it was like nothing happened but I can see in Jules' face that he was relieving himself. Dad kept swallowing and swallowing like it was nothing, like his throat burned and he needed water. Dad opens his lips and he lets some of the piss stream down his chin and even get into his moustache.

He's just a hole. He's Jules' hole.

Jules looks serene as dad continues sucking his dick. Then he manhandle dads like he was nothing and brings turns him upside down.

"Fuck you're good, Tommie. You treat me so good Tommie," is all Jules can say. He presses dad against his crotch and dad simply begins licking all of Jules' area - his dick, his balls, his head. Dad fixates on Jules' balls and begin taking them one by one on his mouth. He sucks them and lets them go and then moves to the next one, and then tries to put both of them on his mouth. Dad takes care to lick up and down Jules' bull balls and then kissing them, stretching them, while Jule presses his head deeper into hi crotch.

Jules takes this opportunity to put his whole weight on dad and begins to suck his dick as well. They both work each other with hunger. Jules takes all of my dad's dick at once and I wonder how his beard must feel around dad's crotch. Dad begins thrusting into Jules harder and harder to the point that thrusting is his only focus. While he's still jerking Jules off and playing with his balls, his mind is only on fucking Jules mouth. He pounds into Jules' face with all his force.

Jules, of course, takes it without skipping a beat. He also massages dad's balls and keeps putting his hand lower and lower until he reaches dad's taint and hole and inserts one finger in with no issues, then two, and keeps them inside until he's finger-fucking dad's hole as dad fucks his mouth.


Dad begins breathing very hard and moans slightly - but still keeps his volume down thinking I'm sleeping downstairs.

"I'm cuming soon," he says while thrusting. Jules keeps on sucking. "Jules - I'm- I'm gonna cum." Jules keeps working his finger magic inside dad's asshole.

"If you don't stop I'll come inside of you, Jules if you don't,"

Jules doesn't move so dad keeps pounding like there's no tomorrow. He places both his hands on top of Jules' head and holds him down. Payback. Jules try to shake him off without avail. Seeing Jules struggle against dad makes me precum like crazy. Dominating Jules must tick dad off as well as he starts moaning softly as he cums. Eventually he lets go of Jules and he stands up. He spits some of dad's come onto the floor, but some stays hanging on his bottom lip.

"Fuck that was good," dad says as his breath calms down. He sits up and I can see every muscle on his back. Jules is simply jerking himself off. By this point Jules is facing my direction but his eyes were looking down at my dad, his eyes were hungry, his tender cuck pointing at my dad's mouth.

Dad starts sucking Jules once more. Jules closes his eyes, once again letting dad take control.

By now I myself was also on the edge, ready to go. I never lasted this long before. I picture myself as Jules, being taken by dad and I wonder how his mouth feels, and I picture feeling his moustache against

my body with every thrust. Just the thought alone makes me go wild to the point that I'm shooting all over my shirt, with some even on my neck and cheek, but I don't care.

I open my eyes and see Jules looking right into me.

I swallow down nervous but then I notice that he's looking at me but doesn't see me. He looks so drunk and gone. Some of my dad's cum still hangs from his bottom lips. He closes his eyes as he yells oh fuck, oh god, take it tommie, take it. And dad gladly does. Jules comes for a few seconds and I think dad swallowed it all as he's not spitting anything out.

Jule opens his eyes again and he looks my way. I follow his gaze and I see that he's actually looking right behind me, at the mirror. He's simply staring at his own reflection as he gets his cock sucked  again by dad, who wants every drop of his cum. His eyes shift and he actually looks at me. He looks so drunk and so gone. His eyes shine in the dark. We share eye contact for a second before he simply looks down at my dad and slaps his shoulder.

"You did good, Tommie."

I scurry back to my room so I can clean myself.